GNP-Crescendo Album Discography, Part 2:
Main Series GNP/GNPS 2000 to GNPS 2099 (1964-1977)

By Dave Edwards, Mike Callahan, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: August 24, 2007

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

GNP/GNPS-2000 Popular Music Series:

GNP/GNPS 2000 - The Best of Rene Touzet - Rene Touzet [1964] Manhattan/Te Beso/Lawrence Of Arabia/Pachanga/Julie/Loco Cha Cha/Mi Guajira/Pa Chimoso Tu/Tender Is The Night/Flamingo/Noche De Anoche/Ticklish Mambo/Midnight Sun/El Cid

GNP/GNPS 2001 - Sidewalk Surfing - Good Guys [1964] This group was later called the Challengers. This LP was reissued in 1975 as by the Challengers on GNPS 2093. Roller Derby (S)/Scratch (S)/Happy Guitars (S)/Lanky-Bones (S)/Small Fry (S)/Collision Course (S)//Kami-Kaze (S)/Duck Waddle (S)/The Wedge (S)/Surf-Ari (S)/Sidewalk Surfer (S)/K-39 (S)

GNP/GNPS 2002 - Dance with the Jet Set - Various Artists [1964] C'mon & Swim - Billy Strange/Kansas City - Billy Strange/Memphis - Billy Strange/Where Baby's Gone - Billy Strange/Tender Is the Night - Rene Touzet/Pa Chimoso Tu - Rene Touzet/Brothers Grimm-Theme - Rene Touzet/Duck Waddle - Good Guys/Pachuko Soul - Soul Kings/Exotic - Rhythm Kings/Aspres Corthellis - Yacoubian/Surfin' & Swingin' - Les Brown Jr.

GNP/GNPS 2003 - Hukilau Hulas, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1964] Issued on CD in 1992 as part of the 2-LP package Hukilau Hulas [GNP-Crescendo GNPD 35]. Keep Your Eyes On The Hands - B. Kaai/Sweet Someone V. Akina/Maui Girl - E. Tavares/Island Moon - B. Kaai/Paul Pilikia - B. Kaai/To Make You Love Me - B. Kaai/Hii Lawe - F. Tavares/He Ono La - Trio/Pupu O Nii Hau - V. Akina/Hano Hano Hanalei - E. Tavares/Minoi Minoi E - Trio/Hui Mawaho O Ka Waa - Trio

GNP/GNPS 2004 - The James Bond Theme/Walk Don't Run 64 - Billy Strange [1964] The James Bond Theme/Nobody I Know/In The Mood/Memphis/Wishin' & Hopin'/C'mon And Swim//Walk, Don't Run '64/The Girl From Ipanema/A Hard Day's Night/Bernie's Tune/007 Theme/House Of The Rising Sun

GNP/GNPS 2005 - Tear Down the Walls - Joe & Eddie [1964] Goodnight Irene/My Favorite Things/I'm A Drifter/Girls In Summer Dresses/Go Tell It On The Mountain/Lonesome Road/Jamaica Farewell/I'm A Rake/One For The Money/Road Song/House Of The Rising Sun

GNP/GNPS 2006 - Goldfinger - Billy Strange [1965] Also issued by Capitol Record Club as GNP-Crescendo T/ST-90082.Goldfinger/More/Paladin (Have Gun, Will Travel)/Goin' Out Of My Head/I Feel Fine/Theme For Pussy Galore//Peter Gunn/Dear Heart/Theme From The Munsters/The Jerk/Come See About Me/Man With The Golden Arm

GNP/GNPS 2007 - Live in Hollywood - Joe & Eddie [1965] All Night Long/Farewell/That's The Way It's Gonna Be/Skillet Good And Greasy/Water Boy/You Can Tell The World/Hey Nelly Nelly/Cherry Berry Wine/C.C. Rider/2:19 Blues/Ain't No Way (Grave)/There's A Meetin' Here Tonite

GNP/GNPS 2008 - Eartha Kitt in Person at the Plaza - Eartha Kitt [1965] Released on CD in 1987 (minus "Waray, Waray") as GNP-Crescendo GNPD-2008. All tracks live. Sell Me! (S)/I Wanna Be Evil! (S)/Waray, Waray (S)/The Touch (S)/How Could You Believe Me? (S)/Zhara Bee, Zha Zha (S)/Champagne Taste (S)/C'mon A My House! (S)/Old Fashioned Girl (S)/C'est Si Bon! (S)/Rumania, Rumania (S)

GNP/GNPS 2009 - English Hits of 65 - Billy Strange [1965] Mrs. Brown/I Know A Place/Can't Your Hear?/It's Not Unusual/Come And Stay With Me/Ticket To Ride/I'm Telling You Now/Game Of Love/Eight Days A Week/Tired Of Waiting/Silhouettes/The Last Time

GNP/GNPS 2010 - The Challengers at the Teenage Fair - Challengers [1965] Collision Course/When You Walk/Wedge/Do You Wanna Dance?/Duck Waddle/Mrs. Brown/Count Me In/Small Fry/Tired Of Waiting/Scratch/Come Right Back

GNP/GNPS 2011 - I Love a Banjo - Art Todd [1965] Bye Bye Blackbird/4-Leaf Clover/Bye Bye Blues/Hello Dolly!/Southern Medley/Hey Mr. Banjo/World Is Waiting For The Sunrise/Sweet Georgia Brown/Alley Cat/Tiger Rag/St. Louis Blues/Java/12th Street Rag

GNP/GNPS 2012 - Billy Strange Plays the Hits - Billy Strange [1965] Satisfaction/Catch The Wind/All I Really Want To Do/Engine, Engine No. 9/What The World Needs Now/What's New Pussycat/Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man/Hush, Hush/th Son/Trains & Boats & Planes/Remember Me/Nine More Miles


GNP/GNPS 2014 - Walkin' Down the Line - Joe & Eddie [1965] All I Really Want To Do/This Little Bird/You Were On My Mind/It Ain't Me Babe/Silver Threads And Golden Needles/Depend On Yourself/With You In Mind/This Beautiful Land/To Be Myself/That Was The Last Time/Michael, Row The Boat Ashore

GNP/GNPS 2015 - Dylan Jazz - Gene Norman Group [1965] Blowin' In the Wind/Masters of War/Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man/Don't Think Twice/Walkin' Down the Road/All I Really Want to Do/Like a Rolling Stone/A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall/Subterranean Homesick Blues/It Ain't Me Babe

GNP/GNPS 2016 - Folk Rock Hits - Billy Strange [1965] Original cover, shown at left, proved to be a bit too risqué for the mid-1960s, so the lettering was expanded to "cover" the model (shown at right). By 2001, there were no such sensitivities, as the same photo was used "uncovered" for the CD Sex and the Country [GNPD 2280]. Eve Of Destruction/You've Got Your Troubles/Summer Nights/It Ain't Me/Do You Believe In Magic/Later On/Like A Rolling Stone/You Were On My Mind/Colours/All I Really Want To Do/Bells of Rhymney/Let Your Love Hang Down


GNP/GNPS 2018 - The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - Challengers [1965] The Man From U.N.C.L.E./Walk With Me/You've Got Your Troubles/Everything To Me/Secret Agent Man/Catch Us If You Can/Streets of London/Tammy/Action/How Could I?/My Girl Sloopy/Summer Nights

GNP/GNPS 2019 - Secret Agent File - Billy Strange [1965] Thunderball/Man Alone/9th Man Theme/I Spy/Man From U.N.C.L.E./James Bond Theme/Our Man Flint/Spy Who Came In From The Cold/Run Spy/Get Smart/007 Theme/Goldfinger

GNP/GNPS 2020 - Funk Harmonica - Billy Lee Riley [1966] House Of The Rising Sun/Hang On Sloopy/Catch The Wind/You Were On My Mind/Blowin' In The Wind/Cotton Fields//Like A Rolling Stone/Colours/Eve Of Destruction/Tammy/Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man/Wildwood Flower

GNP/GNPS 2021 - Joe Gilbert & Eddie Brown: The Magic of Their Singing - Joe & Eddie [1966] Marianne/Summertime/Gabrielle/Black Is The Colour/Things I've Saved/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/Pearly Shells/Last Year/Waltzing Matilda/99 Years/Little Boy/When The Saints Go Marching In

GNP/GNPS 2022 - In the Mexican Bag - Billy Strange & the Mexicana Brass [1966] These Boots Are Made For Walkin'/Crying Time/Flowers On The Wall/Michelle/Caliente/Tijuana Taxi/Shadow Of Your Smile/Guillermo's Guitar/Adios/Spanish Eyes/Touch Of Tabasco/Have Tequila

GNP/GNPS 2023 - The Seeds - Seeds [1966] I Can't Seem To Make You Mine (E)/No Escape (E)/Lose Your Mind (E)/Evil Hoodoo (E)/Girl, I Want You (E)/Pushin' Too Hard (E)//Try To Understand (S)/Nobody Spoil My Fun (E)/It's A Hard Life (E)/You Can't Be Trusted (E)/Excuse, Excuse (E)/Fallin' In Love (S)

GNPD 2023 - The Seeds - Seeds [1987] CD issue contains both The Seeds [GNPS 2023] and Web of Sound [GNPS 2033]. I Can't Seem To Make You Mine (E)/No Escape (E)/Lose Your Mind (E)/Evil Hoodoo (E)/Girl, I Want You (E)/Pushin' Too Hard (E)/Try To Understand (S)/Nobody Spoil My Fun (E)/It's A Hard Life (E)/You Can't Be Trusted (E)/Excuse, Excuse (E)/Fallin' In Love (S)/Mr. Farmer (S)/Pictures And Designs (S)/Tripmaker (S)/I Tell Myself (S)/A Faded Picture (S)/Rollin' Machine (S)/Just Let Go (S)/Up In Her Room (S, 14:27)

GNP/GNPS 2024 - King of the Road: Roger Miller Hits - Billy Strange [1966] King Of The Road/It Happened Just That Way/In The Summertime/Lover Boy/England Swings/When Two Worlds Collide/Dang Me/Do-Wacka-Do/Engine, Engine No. 9/Yours Is A World I Can't Live In/Chug-A-Lug/Every Which-A-Way

GNP/GNPS 2025 - California Kicks - Challengers [1966] Kicks/Sloop John B/Crestline/I Spy/What Now My Love/One Track Mind/Louie Louie/Balboa/Our Man Flint/Shakin' All Over/North Beach/Gloria

GNP/GNPS 2026 - Turn Down Your Radio: Everyone Talks, Anything Goes - Various Artists [1966] Comedy album with pre-Laugh-In Arte Johnson, Bill Manhoff, Ken Sullet, Cliff Norton, Naomi Lewis, Hazel Shermet, and others.

GNP/GNPS 2027 - Pardon Me for Being So Friendly But This Is My First LSD Trip - Robert Baker [1966]

GNP/GNPS 2028 - Billy Lee Riley in Action - Billy Lee Riley [1966] Parchment Farm/Goodnight Irene/The Way I Feel/Rich Man's Spiritual/Kaw-Liga//St. James Infirmary/Come A Little Bit Closer/Early Mornin' Rain/Guess Things Happen That Way/House Of The Rising Sun

GNP/GNPS 2029 - Play, Buddy, Play - Jack Sheldon [1966] Reissue of GNP 60. Green Dolphin Street/I'm Also A Person/I Had The Craziest Dream/Arrivederci/Brown Cow/Anyhow/Julie Is Her Name/Aplomb/Sunset Eyes/J.S.

GNP/GNPS 2030 - Billy Strange & the Challengers - Billy Strange & Challengers [1966] Milord/Stranger On The Shore/What If It Should Rain/Somewhere My Love/Bitter Taste Of Love/Work Song/Sole Sole Sole/Strangers In The Night/Can I Trust You/Cast Your Fate To The Wind/Love Is/Pretty Flamingo

GNP/GNPS 2031 - Wipe Out - Challengers [1966] Wipe Out/The Lonely Bull/Igor's Theme/Tequila/Happy Time/Memphis//Rebel Rouser/Big Shot/The Cruel Sea/Small Fry/R.J. Mike/Pipeline

GNP/GNPS 2032 - The Best of Joe & Eddie - Joe & Eddie [1966] Most of these tracks were issued on CD as part of GNP-Crescendo GNPD 2032 (see below). There's A Meetin' Here Tonite (S)/The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face) (S)/(They Call The Wind) Mariah (S)/Children Go Where I Send Thee! (S)/I Laid Around [Gotta Travel On] (S)/Michael, Row The Boat Ashore [with Les Baxter Chorus] (S)//New Frankie & Johnnie Blues (S)/The Drinking Gourd (S)/Lonely And A Lonesome Traveler (S)/Summertime (S)/The Old Man (S)/Didn't It Rain [with the Chambers Brothers] (S)

GNPD 2032 - The Best of Joe & Eddie - Joe & Eddie [199?] CD compilation from several of their LPs. There's A Meetin' Here Tonite/Done Laid Around (Gotta Travel On)/Children Go Where I Send Thee!/The Drinking Gourd/Lonesome Traveler/The House Of The Rising Sun/What's That I Hear? (Freedom Calling)/Willie Jean (Solo: Eddie Brown)/Mariah/Down By The Riverside/Pearly Shells/Ox Driver's Song/The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face)/I Got Shoes/Summertime/Green Grass/Sing Hallelujah [with Les Baxter Chorus]/Roll On/Joshua/I'm A Drifter (Solo: Eddie Brown)/Michael, Row The Boat Ashore [with Les Baxter Chorus]/The Old Man/The Work Song (Solo: Eddie Brown)/Tzena, Tzena, Tzena/The Things I've Saved (Solo: Joe Gilbert)/Didn't It Rain [with the Chambers Bros.]

GNP/GNPS 2033 - A Web of Sound - Seeds [1966] Mr. Farmer (S)/Pictures And Designs (S)/Tripmaker (S)/I Tell Myself (S)/A Faded Picture (S)/Rollin' Machine (S)//Just Let Go (S)/Up In Her Room (S, 14:27)

GNP/GNPS 2034 - Psychotic Reaction - Fire Escape [1967] Psychotic Reaction/Talk Talk/Love Special Delivery/The Trip/96 Tears//Blood Beat/Trip Maker/Journey's Ender/Pictures And Designs/Fortune Teller


GNP/GNPS 2036 - Brazil Now - Les Baxter [1967] Issued on CD in 1991 (see below). A Felicidade/Canta De Ossanha/Balan Samba/Day Of The Roses/A Man And A Woman/Who Will Buy/Somewhere In The Hills/Goin' Out Of My Head/Tristeza/Berimbau/Laia Ladaia/Born Free

GNPD 2036 - Colors of Brazil/African Blue - Les Baxter [1991] CD issue containing both Brazil Now! [GNPS 2036] and African Blue [GNPS 2047]. Born Free/Yellow Sun/Flame Tree/Zebra/Dark River/Topaz/Tree Of Life/Girl From Uganda/Magenta Mountain/Johannesburg Blues/Jalaba/Azure Sands/Kalahari/A Felicidade/Canta De Ossanha/Balan Samba/Day Of The Roses/A Man And A Woman/Who Will Buy/Somewhere In The Hills/Goin' Out Of My Head/Tristeza/Berimbau/Laia Ladaia/A Banda

GNP/GNPS 2037 - The Best of Billy Strange - Billy Strange [1967] James Bond Theme/Mrs. Brown/Shadow Of Your Smile/You've Got Your Troubles/King Of The Road/Hava Tequila/Goldfinger/Walk Right In/House Of The Rising Sun/Caliente/Saturday/Walk Don't Run

GNP/GNPS 2038 - Future - Seeds [1967] Introduction/March Of The Flower Children/Travel With Your Mind/Out Of The Question/Painted Doll/Flower Lady And Her Assistant/Now A Man//A Thousand Shadows/Two Fingers Pointing On You/Where Is The Entrance Way To Play/Six Dreams/Fallin'

GNP/GNPS 2039 - James Bond Double-Feature - Billy Strange [1967] Also issued by Capitol Record Club as GNP-Crescendo T/ST-91200. You Only Live Twice/Alfie/A Few Dollars More/Born Free/Georgy Girl/Spanish Spy//Casino Royale/A Man And A Woman/In Like Flint/The Summer Scene/Peter Gunn

GNP/GNPS 2040 - A Full Spoon of Seedy Blues - Sky Saxon Blues Band [1967] Pretty Girl/Moth And The Flame/I'll Help You (Carry Your Money To The Bank)/Cry Wolf/Plain Spoken//The Gardener/One More Time Blues/Creepin' About/Buzzin' Around

GNP/GNPS 2041 - Railroad Man: The Songs and Sounds of the Steam Era - Billy Strange [1968] Issued on CD in 1992 as part of GNP-Crescendo GNPD 2041 (see below). Wabash Cannonball/Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe/This Train/Old Toy Trains/Last Train to Clarksville/Wreck of the Old '97/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Track Walkin'/Engine Engine #9/Midnite Special

GNPD 2041 - Railroad Man/Folk Hits - Billy Strange [1992] Reissue of two LPs on once CD. This includes both Railroad Man [GNPS 2041] and also 12 String Guitar [GNPS 94] (minus "Wabash Cannonball" which was repeated on Railroad Man), here titled Folk Hits. Railroad Man [GNPS 2041] Wabash Cannonball/Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe/This Train/Old Toy Trains/Last Train to Clarksville/Wreck of the Old '97/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Track Walkin'/Engine Engine #9/Midnite Special; Folk Hits [GNPS 94]: Walk Right In/Blowin' In The Wind/16 Tons/Silver Threads And Golden Needles/The Battle Of New Orleans/Green, Green/Tom Dooley/Wildwood Flower/If I Had A Hammer/Stranger In Town/Cotton Fields

GNP/GNPS 2042 - Love Is Blue - Les Baxter [1968] Love Is Blue/Watch What Happens/Kentucky Woman/Summer Rain/Beautiful People/Live For Life/I Say A Little Prayer/In And Out Of Love/Free Again/A Banda

GNP/GNPS 2043 - Raw and Alive: The Seeds In Concert at Merlin's Music Box - Seeds [1968] Introduction By "Humble" Harv/Mr. Farmer/No Escape/Satisfy You/Night Time Girl/Up In Her Room//Gypsy Plays His Drums/Can't Seem To Make You Mine/Mumble and Bumble/Forest Outside Your Door/900 Million People Daily All Making Love/Pushin' Too Hard

At this point, mono is discontinued and future albums are released in "Stereo Playable on Mono Phonographs."

GNPS 2044 - The Lament of the Cherokee Indian Reservation - Don Fardon [1968] Don Fardon was previously the singer for the British group The Sorrows, whose hit "Take A Heart" has a similar (unusual) drum sound to "Indian Reservation" on this LP. Indian Reservation (S)/Treat Her Right (S)/How Do You Break A Broken Heart (S)/Captain Man (S)/Dreamin' Room (S)/Sally Goes Round The Moon (S)//Sunshine Woman (S)/We Can Make It Together (S)/The Letter (S)/I Need Somebody (S)/Goodbye (S)/Mr. Stationmaster (S)

GNPS 2045 - Light My Fire with Classical Gas - Challengers [1968] Light My Fire/Classical Gas/Born To Be Wild/Grazing In the Grass/Sunshine of Your Love/Chitty Chitty Bang Bang/Before You/Color Me In/Behind These Stained Glass Windows/Lonely Little Girl/Water Country

GNPS 2046 - Great Western Themes: The Lusty Sounds of the Old West - Billy Strange [1969] Issued on CD with bonus tracks as GNP-Crescendo GNPD 2046 (see below). High Chaparral/High Noon/The Magnificent Seven/The Good ,The Bad And The Ugly/Bonanza/Cowboys And Indians//Gunsmoke/For A Few Dollars More/Paladin/Hang Em' High/Five Card Stud/Showdown At La Mesa

GNPD 2046 - Great Western Themes - Billy Strange [199?] CD issue of above with bonus tracks. Gunsmoke/The Magnificent Seven/The Good, The Bad And The Ugly/Bonanza/Cowboys And Indians/For A Few Dollars More/Paladin/Five Card Stud/Showdown at La Mesa/High Chaparral/High Noon/Hang 'Em High/The Wild Wild West [Neil Norman]/The Young Riders [John Debney]/Billy Strange Commercial: Secret Agent File

GNPS 2047 - African Blue - Les Baxter [1969] Issued on CD in 1991 as part of GNP- Crescendo GNPD 2036. Yellow Sun/Flame Tree/Zebra/Dark River/Topaz/Tree Of Life/Girl From Uganda/Magenta Mountain/Johannesburg Blues/Jalaba/Azure Sands/Kalahari

GNPS 2048 - Puente Now! The Exciting Tito Puente Band - Tito Puente [1969] Issued on CD in 1992 as GNP-Crescendo GNPD 2048. Guarija Flute/Ojos Negras/Carnival (From "Black Orpheus")/Pajaro Cho Gui/Ah-Vah/Baila Pachanga/Midnight Sun/Ven Morena/April In Paris/Negra Bon Bon/T. P. On The Strip

GNPS 2049 - After the Storm - Rainbow [1969] Debby's Party/The Ballad Of Captain Bob/Love Allusions/Milk And Honey/Lovin'/I Just Want To Make Love/Leaf Clover/Prelude To The Music Makers Concerto/Does Your Head Need Straightening?/Midnight Candle/Mary Lou/Everything's Cool

GNPS 2050 - Let's Dance/What a Way to Die - Ola & Janglers [1969] This group was a Swedish pop quintet. Let's Dance/I Want You/Tracks Of My Tears/Oh What A Lovely Day/What I Heard Today/Under The Ground//What A Way To Die/Put Your Little Hands Together/Little Green Apples/Stag- O-Lee/That's The Way I Cry/Chained & Bound

GNPS 2051 - All the Loving Couples (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1969] Main Title/Funky Love/Fun & Games/Gettin' In/Rock Love/Psyched Out/End Theme

GNPS 2052 - Gospel Truth - Joe & Eddie [1970]

GNPS 2053 - Moog Rock - Les Baxter [1970]

GNPS 2054 - Genesis - Delaney & Bonnie [1970] What The World Needs Now/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/Tomorrow Never Comes/Heartbreak Hotel/I Got A Woman//Lonely Me/Without Your Love/Liverpool Lou/You Never Looked Sweeter/I Can't Take It Much Longer

GNPS 2055 - The Best of Willie Smith: Alto Saxophonist Supreme - Willie Smith [1970] Uptown Blues/Who Can I Turn To/Ohio/I Remember You/Never On Friday/Billie's Blues/(plus one other)

GNPS 2056 - Vanilla Funk - Challengers [1970] Soulful Strut/Games People Play/For What It's Worth/Soul Deep/I'm Gonna Make You Love Me/Vanilla Funk//Mercy Mercy/The Weight/We'll All Get By/Wheels (Keep On Turning)/Camel Back

GNPS 2057 - Viva Tirado/Mr. Bongo - Jack Costanzo With Woo [1970]

GNPS 2058 - The Manzanilla Sound - Manzanilla (Ray Davies) [1971] Somebody Cares About Me/Close To You/I Just Can't Help Believin'/Make It With You/Ain't No Mountain High Enough/Far From The Maddening Crowd/Hear What I Say/Maybe It's Our Year/Alayor/The Bells Of San Fernando/Without Reason Or Rhyme

GNPS 2059 - Best of Bacharach & David - Wilders [1971]

GNPS 2060 - You're on the Air - Arte Johnson [1971] The Common Cold/Pedro The Hero/The Jewish Mother/Police Brutality//Flouridation/The P.U./Foreign Policy/The Bruise

GNPS 2061 - The Ranger's Waltz - Moms & Dads [1971] The Ranger's Waltz/Across The Alley From The Alamo/Alabama Jubilee/Somewhere, My Love/Judy/Ragtime Annie//Silver Moon/Quentin's E-Flat Boogie/Marie/Georgianna Moon/Anytime/Just A Closer Wall With Thee

GNPS 2062 - Make Mine Manzanilla - Manzanilla [1972]

GNPS 2063 - In the Blue Canadian Rockies - Moms & Dads [1972] In The Blue Canadian Rockies/Ever True Evermore/Cab Driver/White Silver Sands/Moon Wink/Skirts//Roses Of Picardy/Oh Lonesome Me/Blue Skirt Waltz/St. Louis Blues/Mom And Dads Schottische/Till We Meet Again

GNPS 2064 - Music from the Films of Charlie Chaplin - Michel Villard Orchestra [1972] Modern Times/City Lights/King Of New York/Great Dictator/Limelight/Pilgrim/Countess Of Hong Kong/Gold Rush

GNPS 2065 - Souvenirs - Moms & Dads [1972] Rippling River Waltz/Walking The Floor Over You/Darkness On The Delta/Lies/Beautiful Ohio/My Little Girl//Arizona Waltz/Alley Cat/Whispering/Varsovienne/Maggie Blues/Five Foot Two

GNPS 2066 - In a Broken Dream - Python Lee Jackson with Rod Stewart [1972] In A Broken Dream/Boogie Woogie Joe/Doin' Fine/Sweet Consolation/The Blues//Turn The Music Down/If The World Stopped Still Tonight/Your Wily Ways/If It's Meant To Be A Party/Second Time Around The Wheel

GNPS 2067 - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - Moms & Dads [1973] Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/White Christmas/Here Comes Santa Claus/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/Silver Bells//Jingle Bells/Winter Wonderland/Jingle Bell Rock/May You Have A Happy New Year/Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!/Auld Lang Syne

GNPS 2068 - The Moms & Dads Again - Moms & Dads [1973] Anniversary Waltz/I Only Want A Buddy/From A Jack To A King/Angry/Waltz You Saved For Me/In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree//Missouri Waltz/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/I'm A Fool To Care/San Antonio Rose/Just A Little Loving/An Evening Prayer

GNPS 2069 - Petula Clark at the Royal Albert Hall - Petula Clark [1973] Issued on CD in 1991 as GNP-Crescendo GNPD 2069. This Girl's In Love With You/Introduction/Medley from "Hair"/Don't Sleep in the Subway/My Name is Petula/Call Me/I Couldn't Live Without Your Love/Medley from "My Fair Lady"/Un Enfant/Hey Jude/Downtown

GNPS 2070 - Sing a Song of Watergate...Apocryphal of Lie! - Mort Sahl [1973] Watergate/Our Distinguished Leaders/Nixon's Odyssey/California Politics/Conventions/Foreign Policy/Candidates/Prisoners Of War/San Clemente/Nixon's Plane/Kennedy's Plane/Epilogue

GNPS 2-2071 - Soul'd Out - Billy Preston [1973] 2-LP set. Soul Meetin'/The Masquerade Is Over/Low Down/Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying/Steady Gettin' It//Drown In My Tears/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/Downtown/Shotgin//Let Me Know/If I Had a Hammer/The Octopus/(others)

GNPS 2072 - Reminiscing with the Moms & Dads - Moms & Dads [1984] When It's Springtime In The Rockies/Nobody's Sweetheart/Me And Bobby McGee/Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey/Melody Of Love/Bye Bye Blues//I'll Be All Smiles Tonight/Side By Side/Release Me/When You Wore A Tulip (And I Wore A Big Red Rose)/Let Me Call You Sweetheart/When The Saints Go Marching In

GNPS 2 2073 - Black Sax - Eddie Harris [1973] 2-LP set. Exodus/My Buddy/God Bless The Children/Gone Home/(others)

GNPS 2074 - Ice Fuse One - David Matthews [1984] Ice/Groovin' Song/A Lonely Smile/Just Funkin' Around/Requiem For Marvin/Fuse It

GNPS 2-2075 - Black Orpheus - Wayne Shorter [1973] 2-LP set. Issued on CD in 1991 as Wayne Shorter [GNP-Crescendo GNPD 2075]. Down In The Depths/Black Orpheus/A Moon Of Manakoora/Powder Keg/All Or Nothing At All/Calloway Went That-A-Way/Peaches And Cream/Dead End/Wayning Moments/Mack The Knife/Black Diamond/Seeds Of Sin/Scourin'

GNPS 2076 - Nepor's Theme - Emerals [1974]

GNPS 2077 - Rock and Roll - Bill Haley [1974] I'm Walkin'/Hi-Heel Sneakers/Blue Suede Shoes/Tossin' And Turnin'/Flip Flop And Fly/Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On/C.C. Rider/Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Bring It On Home To Me/Personality/Crazy Man Crazy/Rock & Roll Music

GNPS 2078 - Dance with the Moms & Dads - Moms & Dads [1973] Tennessee Waltz/Sweet Georgia Brown/My Happiness/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/Over The Waves/Yes Sir, That's My Baby//Moonlight On The Manitoulin/Red Wing/Who's Sorry Now?/You Call Everybody Darling/Wabash Cannonball/Amazing Grace

GNPS 2-2079 - Knockers Up/Songs for Sinners - Rusty Warren [1973] 2-LP set. Reissue of Jubilee JGM-2029 and Jubilee JGM-2024. Issued on CD as GNP-Crescendo GNPD 2079. Knockers Up/Songs For Sinners

GNPD 2079 - Knockers Up/Songs for Sinners - Rusty Warren [199?] Reissue of Jubilee JGM-2029 and Jubilee JGM-2024 on one CD. Knockers Up/Songs For Sinners

GNPS 2080 - Rusty Warren Bounces Back/Sin-Sational - Rusty Warren [1973] 2-LP set. Reissue of Jubilee JGM-2039 and Jubilee JGM-2034, with front cover (shown left) being the reproduction of one Jubilee cover, and the back cover (shown right) being the reproduction of the other Jubilee cover.

GNPS 2081 - Rusty Warren Lays It on the Line - Rusty Warren [1973] Let It All Hang Out/Everything Is Beautiful/My Way/This Is Life

GNPS 2082 - The Moms & Dads Play Your Favorite Hymns - Moms & Dads [1973] Also issued on CD as GNP-Crescendo GNPD 2082. Old Rugged Cross/When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder/Just A Little Closer Walk With Thee/Battle Hymn Of the Republic/Amazing Grace/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/In The Garden/It Is No Secret/Evening Prayer/When The Saints Go Marching In/At The Foot Of The Old Rugged Cross/Beyond The Sunset

GNPS 2083 - Country - Kay Starr [1974] Frankie And Johnny [with Tex Williams]/Your Cheatin' Heart/Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ole Oak Tree/Something Missing/Oklahoma Hills//Saturday Night/Ranger's Waltz/Blue Grass/Odds And Ends/Pain Down Deep

GNPS 2084 - Love Is a Beautiful Song - Moms & Dads [1974] Love Is A Beautiful Song/My Blue Heaven/Drifting And Dreaming/Darktown Strutters' Ball/Mexicali Rose/Sweet Jennie Lee//Allegheny Moon/Fraulein/Your Cheatin' Heart/Oklahoma Hills/That Naughty Waltz/Liechtensteiner Polka

GNPS 2085 - Organ Moods with Don Bliss - Don Bliss [1974] Somewhere My Love/Moonglow/Spanish Eyes/Arrividerci Roma/Mack the Knife/Easy Come, Easy Go/World Is Waiting for the Sunrise//I Left My Heart in San Francisco/Fascination/Peg O My Heart/Help Me Make It Through the Night/Hindustan/Liechtensteiner Polka/Alley Cat/Love Story

GNPS 2086

GNPS 2087 - The Best of the Moms & Dads - Moms & Dads [1976] Many of these tracks were included on the CD The Very Best of the Moms and Dads [GNP-Crescendo GNPD 2129]. The Ranger's Waltz/The Anniversary Waltz/In The Blue Canadian Rockies/Let Me Call You Sweetheart/Blue Skirt Waltz/Rippling River Waltz//Wabash Cannonball/Love Is A Beautiful Song/Moonlight On The Manitoulin/San Antonio Rose/Somewhere, My Love/Amazing Grace

GNPS 2088 - Knockers Up! 76 - Rusty Warren [1976] Rusty Lays It On The Line//Am I Getting Old?

GNPS 2089 - Saxy - Pat Salvador [1975] With Mike Collins, Connie Smith, Calvin Dufrene, Roegr Dufrene, Ralph Pecoraro, Less Domangue, Roddy Breaux, and Roland Arcement.

GNPS 2090 - Back to the Roots - Kay Starr [1975] Also issued on CD as GNP- Crescendo GNPD 2090. Exactly Like You/When A Woman Loves A Man/(What Can I Say) After I Say I'm Sorry?/You've Changed/After You've Gone/What Is This Thing Called Love?/I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plans/Limehouse Blues/Mean To Me/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/I'm Thru With Love/Crazy Rhythm/Good For Nothing Joe/Ain't Misbehavin'/Them There Eyes

GNPS 2091 - Puka Shells - Arthur Lyman [1975] Puka Shells/Skybird/Paoakalani/Gingele/My Eyes Adored You/Legend Of The Rain//Mystic Island/Guava Tree/Adios, Mariquata Linda/Loving Her Was Easier/Lonely Sky/Swingers Lullaby

GNPS 2092 - Dream with the Moms & Dads - Moms & Dads [1975] You Tell Me Your Dreams/Pick Me Up On Your Way Down/Elmer's Tune/Red River Valley/St. Paul Waltz/Margie//Kentucky Waltz/Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Sail Along Silvery Moon/Moonlight On The River Colorado/Pennsylvania Polka/I'll See You In My Dreams

GNPS 2093 - Sidewalk Surfing - Challengers [1975] Reissue of GNP-Crescendo GNPS 2001. Roller Derby (S)/Scratch (S)/Happy Guitars (S)/Lanky-Bones (S)/Small Fry (S)/Collision Course (S)//Kami-Kaze (S)/Duck Waddle (S)/The Wedge (S)/Surf-Ari (S)/Sidewalk Surfer (S)/K-39 (S)

GNPS 2094 - Dyn-O-Mite Guitar - Billy Strange [1975] Jaws/The Hustle/Love Will Keep Us Together/Star Trek/The Rockford Files/Dyn-O-Mite/I Believe I'm Gonna Love You/James Bond Theme/The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly/(others)B

GNPS 2095 - Greatest Hits - Dick Dale & His Deltones [1975] The Victor/Surf Beat/Sloop John B./King Of The Surf Guitar/Wedge/Let's Go Trippin'/Peppermint Man/Miserlou/Those Memories Of You/Scavenger/Surf Buggy/Hod Rod Racer/Grudge Run/Mr. Eliminator/Surfing Drums/Night Rider/Del-Tone Rock/Mag Wheels/Death Of A Gremmie

GNPD 2095 - Greatest Hits 1961-1976 - Dick Dale & the Deltones [1992] Compact disc reissue of GNPS 2095 with two bonus tracks (+). The Victor/Surf Beat/Sloop John B./King Of The Surf Guitar/Wedge/Let's Go Trippin'/Peppermint Man/Miserlou/Those Memories Of You/Scavenger/Surf Buggy/Hod Rod Racer/Grudge Run/Mr. Eliminator/Surfing Drums/Night Rider/Del-Tone Rock/Mag Wheels/Death Of A Gremmie/+Get Back The Feelin'/+Peter Gunn

GNPS 2096 - Memories - Moms & Dads [1976] Memories/Old Spinning Wheel/Maiden's Prayer/Music! Music! Music!/Are You Lonesome Tonight?/Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home/Alice Blue Gown/Isle of Capri/Does Your Heart Beat For Me?/Ma/Tears On My Pillow/Silver Bell

GNPS 2097 - Rock Around the Country - Bill Haley [1976]

GNPS 2098 - Action-Reaction - Ed Thigpen [1976] House of Poets/Danish Drive/Action- Reaction

GNPS 2099 - Nashville Sundown - Curly Chalker [1977]

Thanks to Ron Sterbenz, Bret A. Hetzel, Charles G. Hill, Dee Roser, and Tom Diehl.

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