Laurie Album Discography, Part 1:
The Original Albums (1958-1971)

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: September 21, 2012

Laurie's first LPs were issued in the LLP-1000 series. By the time they had issued both the Chris Barber [LLP-1001] and the Dion and the Belmonts [LLP-1002] LPs, Laurie decided to have two separate series, one for jazz and blues (LLP-1000) and the other (LLP-2000) for popular music. They reissued the Dion and the Belmonts LP as LLP-2002, changing only the number in the jacket graphics. Around this time, they also shifted from the early "black print on gold background" label to a more stylized one which featured a gold pentagon on a black background. The 2000 series quickly became the mainstay of the label's releases, with the 1000 series having only 10 issues or so, and the 5000 (Comedy) series being used for a 1962 release and then resurrected for a 1975 album. They also issued one LP on the Abel label, after Dion had left Laurie, trying to cash in on his Columbia hits.

There were two issues of the first Dion and the Belmonts album. LLP-1002 (far left), issued in 1959, which had the original gold label (see below), and the renumbered LLP-2002 (near left), issued in 1960, which had the new gold and black "pentagon" label. The only apparent difference in the record jacket was the different catalog number at the top right.
The original Laurie label (far left), used only in 1959, was gold with black print, with "LAURIE" around the top of the label and "MASTERSOUND" around the bottom. The second (and final) Laurie label, used from 1960 to the 1980s, had two superimposed alternating gold pentagons on a black background, with "LAURIE RECORDS" at the top in white lettering, and "SETTING THE PACE IN MODERN MUSIC" at the bottom.
Original pressings of albums from the early-to-mid 1960s had the early Laurie logos, either the rectangle used up to LLP-2012, or the "part of a 45 label" logo used from LLP-2013 to LLP/SLP-2044. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, many of the original albums were reissued, often in electronic stereo, using the later logo introduced in 1968. The record labels on the reissues were the same as the originals, so the jacket logo is an indication of a later reissue. At far left, the original 1962 pressing of LLP-2013 in mono, with the early 1960s logo near the bottom right. Rechanneled stereo reissue as SLP-2013 (near left) has the post-1968 logo at the top left with an "Enhanced Stereo" designation.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

LLP-1000 Jazz Series:

LLP-1001 - Petite Fleur - Chris Barber's Jazz Band [2/59] Petite Fleur/When The Saints Go Marching In/Olga/Sweet Georgia Brown/Wabash Blues//Wild Cat Blues/Texas Moaner/Thriller Rag/Bugle Call Rag/Old Rugged Cross

LLP-1002 - Presenting Dion and the Belmonts - Dion And The Belmonts [5/59] Plain gold label with black lettering. Later reissued as LLP-2002. I Wonder Why/Where Or When/You Better Not Do That/Just You/I Got The Blues/Don't Pity Me//A Teenager In Love/Wonderful Girl/A Funny Feeling/I've Cried Before/That's My Desire/No One Knows

LLP-1003 - Trad Jazz Vol. 1 - Chris Barber's Jazz Band [8/60] Remember When/There'll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight/Golden Striker/I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair/Hiawatha Rag/Darlin' Nellie Gray/Give Me Your Telephone Number/Hot House Rag/Creole Song/Swanee River/Don't Go 'Way Nobody/Look Back In Anger

LLP-1004 - Bandwagon Plus 2 - Dave Carey Quintet [10/59] By Myself/I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plans/Shine On Your Shoes/Louisiana Hayride/Smile/That's Entertainment/I Love Louisa/Dancing In The Dark/New Sun In The Sky/Misty

LLP-1005 - All the Best for Christmas from Jack Carroll - Jack Carroll [11/59] Jingle Bells/Sleigh Ride/I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/Winter Wonderland/I'll Be Home For Christmas/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Home For The Holidays/Frosty The Snowman/White Christmas/Let It Snow/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/Silent Night

LLP-1006 - Modern Jazz For People Who Like Original Music - Bernard Peiffer [2/60] Rondo/Poem For A Lonely Child/Tired Blues//Lafayette Nous Voici/Strip Tease/Exodus

LLP-1007 - Lady Bird - Lodi Carr [5/60] The Masquerade Is Over/Tumble-In-Down/When I Fall In Love/For You, Just For You/My Ship/Lady Bird/I'm Lost/There Will Never Be Another You/If I Should Lose You/Deed I Do/Blue Room

LLP-1008 - Bernard Peiffer Plays Cole Porter's Can Can - Bernard Peiffer [3/60] Come Along With Me/It's All Right With Me/Just One of Those Things/You Do Something To Me//Let's Do It/I Love Paris/Montmarte/C'est Magnifque

LLP-1009 - Chris Barber's "American" Jazz Band - Chris Barber's Jazz Band [1962] Down Home Rag/Tishomingo Blues/Oh Baby/Baby, Won't You Please Come Home//You Tell Me Your Dreams, I'll Tell You Mine/Li'l Liza Jane/See See Rider Blues/Sweetheart On Parade

LLP-1010 - Chris Barber's Best Yet - Chris Barber's Jazz Band [1962] King Kong/We Shall Walk Through The Streets Of The City/Basin Street Blues/Chiquita/Lazy River/Revival//It Looks Like A Big Night Tonight/Gonna Build A Mountain/Yvette/It Ain't What You Do/Stevedore Stomp/I Can't Give You Anything But Love

LLP-2000 Popular Music Series:

LLP-2001 - Not Issued

LLP-2002 - Presenting Dion and the Belmonts - Dion and the Belmonts [10/60] Reissue of LLP-1002. Same cover and same lineup, but label is the "gold pentagon" label rather than the plain gold label with black letters. I Wonder Why/Where Or When/You Better Not Do That/Just You/I Got The Blues/Don't Pity Me//A Teenager In Love/Wonderful Girl/A Funny Feeling/I've Cried Before/That's My Desire/No One Knows

LLP-2003 - Marina and Other Italian Favorites - Rocco Granata [1960] Marina/O Ciucciariello/Manuela/Vola Colomba/Julia/Torna A Sorriento/Bella La/Na Vota Cas Ci Na Vota Ca No/Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)/Souvenir D'Italie/Tango Delle Rose/O Marenariello

LLP-2004 - Alone with Dion - Dion [1960] Includes gatefold cover. Lonely Teenager/After The Dance/P.S. I Love You/Save The Last Dance For Me/Little Miss Blue/Havin' Fun//Close Your Eyes/Fools Rush In/My One And Only Love/North East End Of The Corner/One For My Baby/Then I'll Be Tired Of You

LLP-2005 - All the Best for Christmas from Jack Carroll - Jack Carroll [Not issued; issued as LLP-1005 instead.]

LLP-2006 - Wish Upon a Star With Dion and The Belmonts - Dion and the Belmonts [1960] When You Wish Upon A Star/In The Still Of The Night (Writer: Cole Porter)/A Lover's Prayer/My Private Joy/My Day/Swinging On A Star//All The Things You Are/It's Only A Paper Moon/In Other Words/I'm Through With Love/When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along/September Song

LLP-2007 - The Citizens Sing About A City of People - Citizens [1961] A City Of People/The Island/From The Bowery To The Bronx/East River/Brooklyn/I'm For You You're For Me//Somebody Sang In Sing Sing/Red Light/The Day We Almost Beat Tammany/Jobs/The Ballad Of Seymour/Even Cities Go To Sleep

LLP-2008 - Not Issued

LLP-2009 - Runaround Sue - Dion [1961] (12-61, #11) Runaround Sue/Somebody Nobody Wants/Dream Lover/Life Is But A Dream/The Wanderer/Runaway Girl//The Majestic/Little Star/Lonely World/(I'll Remember) In The Still Of The Night (Writer: Fred Parris)/Kansas City/Take Good Care Of My Baby

LLP-2010 - Great Groups, Great Records - Various Artists [1961] I Wonder Why - Dion & Belmonts/Since I Don't Have You - Skyliners/Hushabye - Mystics/Where Or When - Dion & Belmonts/(I'll Remember) In The Still Of The Night - Five Satins/I Only Want You - Passions//Over The Rainbow - Demensions/I Remember - Five Discs/Stardust - Skyliners/Just To Be With You - Passions/When You Dance - Turbans/Pennies From Heaven - Skyliners

LLP-2011 - Twist Calling with Chubby Jackson - Chubby Jackson [1962] Side one has Chubby Jackson giving you a cross between someone calling a square dance and an Arthur Murray instructional record. Side two are the same songs, only they're instrumentals. Callin' The Twist/You Call It/Follow The Caller//Callin' The Twist (instrumental)/You Call It (instrumental)/Follow The Caller (instrumental)

LLP-2012 - Lovers Who Wonder - Dion [1962] (7-62, #12) First pressings did not have the sticker referring to "Little Diane," which was placed on the album covers when that song became popular in late summer 1962. First pressings also had the originally planned title of the album, Born to Cry on the album spine. Lovers Who Wander/Come Go With Me/King Without A Queen/The Twist/Little Diane/Stagger Lee//Shout/Tonight Tonight/(I Was) Born To Cry/Queen Of The Hop/Sandy/Lost For Sure

At this point, Laurie cover logo changes, from the rectangle with name and LP number in it, to the piece of a 45-rpm label. The album label remains the same.

LLP-2013 - Dion Sings His Greatest Hits - Extra Added Attraction: The Belmonts - Dion [1962] (12-62, #29) Original jacket cover featured the Laurie logo at bottom right. Reissued in the late 1960s as SLP-2013 in electronic stereo, with the logo at upper left. The reissue featured essentially the same cover (except for the logo information), but the three pictures on the back cover were different. A Teenager In Love - Dion & Belmonts/Teen Angel - Dion & Belmonts/Little Miss Blue - Dion/Don't Pity Me - Dion & Belmonts/That's My Desire - Dion & Belmonts/Where Or When - Dion & Belmonts//I Wonder Why - Dion & Belmonts/Lonely Teenager - Dion/In The Still Of The Night (Writer: Cole Porter, although jacket mistakenly credits Fred Parris) - Dion & Belmonts/No One Knows - Dion & Belmonts/When You Wish Upon A Star - Dion & Belmonts/A Lover's Prayer - Dion & Belmonts

LLP-2014 - The Greatest Golden Goodies - Various Artists [1962] Reissued in the late 1960s as SLP-2014 in electronic stereo. A Little Bit Of Soap - Jarmels/When You Dance - Turbans/I Only Want You - Passions/Hushabye - Mystics/(I'll Remember) In The Still Of The Night - Five Satins/I Wonder Why - Dion & Belmonts//Where Or When - Dion & Belmonts/Pennies From Heaven - Skyliners/Over The Rainbow - Demensions/I Remember - Five Discs/Just To Be With You - Passions/Since I Don't Have You - Skyliners

LLP-2015 - Dion Sings Love Came to Me - Dion [1963] Love Came To Me/So Long Friend/Heaven Help Me/Then I'll Be Tired Of You/Kissin' Game/Candy Man//Little Girl/I'm Gonna Make It Somehow/P.S. I Love You/Little Miss Blue/Could Somebody Take My Place Tonight/Save The Last Dance For Me

LLP-2016 - By Special Request: Dion & The Belmonts "Together" on Records - Dion And The Belmonts [1963] We Belong Together/Every Little Thing I Do/Meant To Be/Come Take A Walk With Me/Tag Along/Teen Angel//Such A Long Way/We Went Away/I Can't Go On (Rosalie)/That's How I Need You/Will You Love Me Still/Faith

LLP-2017 - Dion Sings to Sandy (and All His Other Girls) - Dion [1963] (6-63, #115) Sandy/Teen Angel/Little Diane/Runaway Girl/My Private Joy/Wonderful Girl//Queen Of The Hop/I've Cried Before/Love Came To Me/Just You/I Can't Go On (Rosalie)/Little Girl

LLP-2018 - He's So Fine - Chiffons [1963] (5-63, #97) He's So Fine/Will You Love Me Tomorrow/Oh My Lover/Why Do Fools Fall In Love/My Block/ABC 1-2-3//Lucky Me/Why Am I So Shy/See You In September/Wishing/Mystic Voice/When I Go To Sleep At Night

LLP-2019 - Dion Sings the 15 Million Sellers - Dion [1963] Reissued in the late 1960s as SLP-2019 in electronic stereo. Fly Me To The Moon/Kansas City/In The Still Of The Night/Queen Of The Hop/Come Go With Me/The Twist/Stagger Lee/Shout//Save The Last Dance For Me/Dream Lover/P.S. I Love You/Tonight Tonight/Take Good Care Of My Baby/Candy Man/Little Star

LLP-2020 - One Fine Day - Chiffons [1963] One Fine Day/It's My Party/Locomotion/Tonight I Met An Angel/Only My Friend/Da Doo Ron Ron//I Wonder Why/Foolish Little Girl/I Dry My Eyes/Did You Ever Go Steady/When Summer's Through/Love Is Like A Merry-Go-Round

LLP-2021 - Pick Hits of the Radio Good Guys - Various Artists [1963] (1-64, #80) Reissued in the late 1960s as SLP-2021 in electronic stereo. He's So Fine - Chiffons/Denise - Randy & Rainbows/The Wanderer - Dion/Over The Rainbow - Demensions/Quarter To Three - Gary "U.S." Bonds/Just To Be With You - Passions//Runaround Sue - Dion/One Fine Day - Chiffons/A Little Bit Of Soap - Jarmels/New Orleans - U.S. Bonds/Hushabye - Mystics/Please Write - Tokens

LLP-2022 - More of Dion's Greatest Hits - Dion [1963] Original jacket had logo at lower right. Reissued in the late 1960s as SLP-2022 in electronic stereo, with logo at upper left. Runaround Sue/Little Diane/Love Came To Me/(I Was) Born To Cry/Somebody Nobody Wants/Lonely World//The Wanderer/Sandy/Lovers Who Wander/The Majestic/Heaven Help Me/Runaway Girl

Swingle Singers LP on Philips LLP-2023 - More of the Greatest Hits of Bach - Robert Mandell & Metropolitan Pops Choir [1964] Of course, Laurie had never issued a Greatest Hits of Bach album for this to be a "More Of." Instead, this was a blatant attempt to cash in on the Swingle Singers' surprise hit album Bach's Greatest Hits (on the Philips label, shown at right) by confusing unsophisticated record buyers. Laurie even used a similar drawing for the cover artwork! Not surprisingly, this album was not a hit. Prelude In C Major/Prelude In A Minor/Two Part Invention In A Minor/Largo From Piano Concerto In F Minor/Versus II From Cantata #4//Sheep May Safely Graze/Musette/Little Prelude In F Major/Aria From The Coffee Contata/"Little" Fugue In G Minor

LLP-2024 - Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying - Gerry and the Pacemakers [1964] (7-64, #29) Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying/I'm The One/Away From You/Jambalaya/Maybellene/You'll Never Walk Alone//How Do You Do It/You're The Reason/Don't You Ever/Summertime/Slow Down/Show Me That You Care

LLP-2025 - Zabka's Themes from Television - Stan Zabka [1964] Stan wrote a number of TV themes. Liner notes are by Johnny Carson. Chimes/Sentimental Tango/Take Thou My Heart/Searching Wind/Noreen/Silhouette Of A Dream//Key Theme/So This Is Love/Razz Ma Tazz/Open Your Eyes/Wondrin' & Dreamin'/Sunrise Over Paris

LLP-2026 - Pick Hits of the Radio Good Guys, Volume II - Various Artists [1964] Reissued in the late 1960s as SLP-2026 in electronic stereo. Sailor Boy - Chiffons/Party Girl - Bernadette Carroll/Tra La La La Suzy - Dean & Jean/I Wonder Why - Dion & Belmonts/Molly - Bobby Goldsboro/School Is Out - Gary "U.S." Bonds/Lucky Me - Chiffons/Ivory Tower - Cathy Carr/A Teenager In Love - Dion & Belmonts/Dartell Stomp - Mustangs/Heart - Kenny Chandler/Not Me - Gary "U.S." Bonds

LLP-2027/SLP-2027 - Second Album - Gerry and the Pacemakers [1964] (11-64, #129) This is the first Laurie album to have been initially issued in both mono and stereo. The "stereo" version is all electronic stereo. I Like It (E)/A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (E)/Where Have You Been (E)/Here's Hoping (E)/Pretend (E)/The Wrong Yo-Yo (E)//Chills (E)/You Can't Fool Me (E)/It Happened To Me (E)/It's All Right (E)/Slow Down (E)/Jambalaya (E)

LLP-2028 - Radio Smash Flashbacks: Drive Time - Various Artists [1964] Reissued in the late 1960s as SLP-2028 in electronic stereo. Let The Little Girl Dance - Billy Bland/Gee Whiz - Carla Thomas/So Fine - Fiestas/I'll Be Home - Flamingos/Tra La La La Suzy - Dean & Jean/He's So Fine - Chiffons//Book Of Love - Monotones/Without Love - Clyde McPhatter/Ten Commandments Of Love - Moonglows/This Magic Moment - Drifters/A Little Bit Of Soap - Jarmels/Human - Tommy Hunt

LLP-2029 - Radio Smash Flashbacks: Prime Time - Various Artists [1964] Reissued in the late 1960s as SLP-2029 in electronic stereo. I Wonder Why - Dion & Belmonts/(I'll Remember) In The Still Of The Night - Five Satins/Hushabye - Mystics/I Only Want You - Passions/When You Dance - Turbans/Stardust - Skyliners//Since I Don't Have You - Skyliners/Just To Be With You - Passions/I Remember - Five Discs/Over The Rainbow - Demensions/Pennies From Heaven - Skyliners/Where Or When - Dion & Belmonts

LLP-2030/SLP-2030 - I'll Be There - Gerry and the Pacemakers [1965] (2-65, #120) I'll Be There (E, US 45 version)/What'd I Say (E)/Rip It Up (E)/You Win Again (E)/You You You (E)/Now I'm Alone (E)//My Babe (E)/Reelin' And A Rockin' (E)/I Count The Tears (E)/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (E)/It'll Be Me (E)/Skinny Minnie (E)

LLP-2031/SLP-2031 - Greatest Hits - Gerry and the Pacemakers [1965] (5-65, #44) Ferry Cross The Mersey (E)/How Do You Do It (E)/I'm The One (E)/My Babe (E)/Away From You (E)/I'll Be There (E, US 45 version)//It's Gonna Be Alright (E)/Pretend (E)/I Like It (E)/Chills (E)/It'll Be Me (E)/Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (E)

LLP-2032/SLP-2032 - In Love - Petula Clark [1965] In Love (E)/Les Chants de L'ete (E)/I Will Follow Him (E)/J'ai Tout Oublie (E)/Quelli Che Hano Un Cuore (E)/Darling Cheri (E)//Plaza De Torros (E)/Casanova Baciami (E)/The Road (E)/Jumble Sale (E)/Gigolo Gigolino (E)/Elle Est Finie (E)

LLP-2033/SLP-2033 - The Barbarians - Barbarians [1965] This was the first LP issued in true stereo on the Laurie label. Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl (S)/Mr. Tambourine Man (S)/House Of The Rising Sun (S)/Maria Elena (S)/Bo Diddley (S)/Memphis Tennessee (S)//What The New Breed Say (S)/Take It Or Leave It (S)/I'll Keep On Seeing You (S)/Linguica (S)/Susie Q (S)/I've Got A Woman (S)

LLP-2034/SLP-2034 - The Dirty Game - Robert Mellin & Gian-Piero Reverberi [1966] Main Theme/Arrival At Airport/Forever In My Heart/Day By Day (Vocal by Hoagy Lands)/Waiting/The Hospital/Never Before (Vocal by Hoagy Lands)//Italian March/The Escape/Exchange Of Prisoners/Continental Blues/Forever In My Heart (Vocal by Hoagy Lands)/Submarine Search/Paris Theme

LLP-2035/SLP-2035 - Take That! You No Good... - Vaughn Meader [1966] Vaughn Meader, of course, was best known as the JFK soundalike on the 1962 comedy album The First Family. Kennedy's assassination effectively ended Meader's career, as he was so identified as a Kennedy impersonator that he could no longer find work doing anything else. He tried several other non-Kennedy comedy albums such as this one, but to no success. Of all his 1960s work, this is one of the most obscure, as it rarely even shows up on places such as e-bay. His other albums, including the two First Family volumes on Cadence, the two Verve albums Have Some Nuts and If the Shoe Fits, and his Kama Sutra label album The Second Coming are fairly commonly seen. TV Or Not TV/From Out Of The Past/Bats, Bothered & Bewildered/Sea-Shells-She Sells/Really Big Show/Cops & Robins/Knock-Knock/Q-Company/Thundering Hoofbeats/What Evil Lurks/Holy Humor/Should Auld Acquaintance/To A Lover It's Kent/Where Are They Now?

LLP-2036/SLP-2036 - Sweet Talkin' Guy - Chiffons [1966] (8-66, #149) Sweet Talkin' Guy (S)/Up On The Bridge (S)/Nobody Knows What's Goin' On (In My Mind But Me) (E)/Thumbs Down (S)/Just A Boy (S)/Down Down Down (S)//Out Of This World (S)/My Boyfriend's Back (S)/Open Your Eyes (I Will Be There) (S)/March (S)/Keep The Boy Happy (M)/See You In September (E)

LLP-2037/SLP-2037 - Girl on a Swing - Gerry and the Pacemakers [1966] Girl On A Swing (S)/The Way You Look Tonight (S)/Guantanamera (S)/Pretty Flamingo (S)/(At) The End (Of A Rainbow) (S)/Looking For My Life (S)//The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine (S)/See You In September (S)/Who Can I Turn To (S)/Without You (S)/Strangers In The Night (S)/La La La (S)

LLP-2038/SLP-2038 - Snoopy Versus The Red Baron - Royal Guardsmen [1966] (2-67, #44) Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron/Li'l Red Riding Hood/The Battle Of New Orleans/Alley Oop/Bo Diddley/Peanut Butter/The Jolly Green Giant/Liberty Valence/Road Runner/Sweetmeats Slide/Baby Let's Wait/Bears

LLP-2038/SLP-2039 - Return of The Red Baron - Royal Guardsmen [1967] Return Of The Red Baron/Gimme Some Lovin'/I'm A Man/So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star/Airplane Song/Any Wednesday/Shoot Down/I'm Not Gonna Stay/Om/Searchin' For The Good Times/I Need You Girl/Leaving Me

LLP-2040/SLLP-2040 - Little Bit O' Soul - Music Explosion [1967] (8-67, #178) Let Yourself Go (S)/Everybody (S)/Light Of Love (S)/What Did I Do To Deserve Such A Fate (S)/Good Time Feeling (S)/One Potato Two (S)//Little Bit O' Soul (S)/Can't Stop Now (S)/Patch Of Dawn (S)/Sha La La La (S)/Love Love Love Love Love (S)/96 Tears (S)

LLP-2041/SLLP-2041 - Laurie Golden Goodies - Various Artists [1967] Little Bit O' Soul - Music Explosion (S)/He's So Fine - Chiffons (E)/The Return Of The Red Baron - Royal Guardsmen (S)/New Orleans - U.S. Bonds (E)/Runaround Sue - Dion (S)/Hushabye - Mystics (S)//Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron - Royal Guardsmen (S)/Sweet Talkin' Guy - Chiffons (S)/Quarter To Three - Gary (U.S.) Bonds (E)/A Teenager In Love - Dion & Belmonts (S)/A Little Bit Of Soap - Jarmels (S)/Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying - Gerry & Pacemakers (S)

LLP-2042/SLLP-2042 - Snoopy and His Friends - Royal Guardsmen [1967] (12-67, #46) The Story Of Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron (S)/Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron (S)/The Story Of The Return Of The Red Baron (S)/Return Of The Red Baron (S)/The Story Of Snoopy's Christmas (S)/Snoopy's Christmas (S)//I Say Love (S)/Down Behind The Lines (S)/It's Sopwith Camel Time (S)/So Right (To Be In Love) (S)/Airplane Song (My Airplane) (S)/It Kinda Looks Like Christmas (S)

LLP-2043/SLP-2043 - Petula Clark Sings For Everybody - Petula Clark [1967] Reissue of Laurie SLP-2032 with a new title and cover. In Love (E)/Les Chants de L'ete (E)/I Will Follow Him (E)/J'ai Tout Oublie (E)/Quelli Che Hano Un Cuore (E)/Darling Cheri (E)//Plaza De Torros (E)/Casanova Baciami (E)/The Road (E)/Jumble Sale (E)/Gigolo Gigolino (E)/Elle Est Finie (E)

LLP-2044/SLP-2044 - Rock & Roll: Evolution or Revolution? - Various Artists [1967] Narration about the history of rock and roll by Norm N. Nite, with portions of many songs included. Nite's voice is on one track, mono songs on the other. Songs used include: When You Dance - Turbans/In the Still Of The Night - Five Satins/Tonight Tonight - Mello Kings/Stay - Maurice Williams & Zodiacs/Smokey Joe's Cafe - Robins/Searchin' - Coasters/There Goes My Baby - Drifters/Hully Gully Callin' Time - Jive Five/Shake Rattle And Roll - Bill Haley & Comets/Rock Around The Clock - Bill Haley & Comets/Love You So - Ron Holden/Those Oldies But Goodies - Little Caesar & Romans/Earth Angel - Penguins/Come Go with Me - Dell Vikings/Speedo - Cadillacs/Do You Want To Dance - Bobby Freeman/Get A Job - Silhouettes/The Twist - Hank Ballard/I Wonder Why - Dion & Belmonts/Hushabye - Mystics/A Teenager In Love - Dion & Belmonts/New Orleans - U.S. Bonds/Dear Lady Twist - Gary (U.S.) Bonds/He's So Fine - Chiffons/Little Bit O' Soul - Music Explosion/Sh-Boom - Crewcuts/Little Darlin' - Diamonds/One Summer Night - Danleers/Roll With Me Henry - Etta James/Eddie My Love - Teen Queens/Shop Around - Miracles/Since I Don't Have You - Skyliners/Bongo Rock - Preston Epps/Gee - Crows/Why Do Fools Fall in Love - Frankie Lymon & Teenagers/A Thousand Miles Away - Heartbeats/Little Girl Of Mine - Cleftones/Tears On My Pillow - Little Anthony & Imperials/You Talk Too Much - Joe Jones/Tutti-Frutti - Little Richard/Twist and Shout - Isley Brothers

At this point, Laurie cover logo changes, although the label remains the same. Reissues of earlier albums with the new cover logo, especially in electronic stereo, date from the late 1960s or later.

LLP-2045/SLP-2045 - Unequaled = Equals - Equals [1967] President label LP in a Laurie jacket. Giddy-Up-A Ding Dong/Can't Find A Girl to Love Me/I Get So Excited/Ding-Dong/My Life Ain't Easy/Hey Baby It's Time You Got Going//I Won't Be There/You Lied Just To Save Your Name/To The Church/Fire/I'm A Poor Man/Can't You Hear That Melody

Albums issued after this point are "compatible stereo" only.

SLP-2046 - Snoopy for President - Royal Guardsmen [1968] (8-68, #189) Snoopy For President (S)/Cry Like A Baby (S)/The Letter (S)/Bonnie And Clyde (M)/By The Time I Get To Phoenix (S)/Bottle Of Wine (S)//The Biplane Evermore (S)/Come On Down To My Boat (S)/Simon Says (S)/Honey (S)/Yummy Yummy Yummy (S)

SLP-2047 - Dion - Dion [1968] (12-68, #128) Abraham Martin And John (S)/Purple Haze (S)/Tomorrow Is A Long Time-Everybody's Talkin' (S)/Sonny Boy (S)/The Dolphins (S)//He Looks A Lot Like Me (S)/Sun Fun Song (S)/Both Sides Now (S)/Sisters Of Mercy (S)/Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (S)

SLP-2048 - Not Issued

SLP-2049 - Montage - Montage [1968] Unipak fold-open cover. Montage was a quartet made up of Bob Steurer (lead vocals), Vance Chapman (lead vocals, drums), Mike Smyth (lead guitar, vocals), and Lance Cornelius (bass, vocals). The album was produced by ex-Left Banke and future Stories keyboardist Mike Brown, who also wrote or co-wrote most of the songs on the album. I Shall Call Her Mary (S)/She's Alone (S)/Grand Pianist (S)/Men Are Building Sand (S)/Desiree (S)//The Song Is Love (S)/Tinsel And Ivy (S)/An Audience With Miss Priscilla Gray (S)/My Love (S)/Wake Up Jimmy (Something's Happening Outside) (S)

SLP-2050 - Selling Is Money and It's Yours for the Taking - Bud Collyer [1968] Spoken word album featuring the well-known Beat the Clock television host with his most avaricious face on, giving tips on sales.

SLP-2051 - Collector's Records of The 50's & 60's - Various Artists [1969] I Remember - Five Discs (E)/Gloria - Passions (E)/He's So Fine - Chiffons (E)/Denise - Randy & Rainbows (E)/White Cliffs Of Dover - Mystics (E)/Ring A Ling - Carlo (E)/Teen Angel - Dion & Belmonts (E)/The Wanderer - Dion (E)//Over The Rainbow - Demensions (E)/Teardrops Follow Me - Del-Satins (E)/A Little Bit Of Soap - Jarmels (E)/I Can't Believe - Dino & Diplomats (E)/Molly - Bobby Goldsboro (E)/This I Swear - Skyliners (E)/Please Write - Tokens (E)/A Teenager In Love - Dion & Belmonts (E)

SLP-2052 - Encounter - Think [1971] "Think" was Lou Stallman and Bob Susser, who went around the country and recorded comments parents had about their children and vice versa. They put this album together based on their findings. Once You Understand (S)/Gather (S)/My Children (S)//Gotta Get To Know Each Other (S)/The Road (S)/Let Him Go (S)/We'll See It Through (S)

LC-5000 Comedy Series:

LC-5000 - That Other Family - Larry Foster and Marty Brill [1962] (12-62, #27) Issued in mono only. The Phone Call/The Radio Commercial/In The Shop/The Visit//The Press Conference/The Talent Show/In The Department Store/Another Saturday Night/The Television Show/The Bedtime Story


LCS-5002 - The Missing Tapes - Marty Brill [1975] Spaced Out/Plugging The Leaks/The Godfather/Zeigler/Camp David And Goliath/Zeigler #2/Smut!/Zeigler #3/Confidentially Speaking/Zeigler #4/Showdown At Credibility Gap/Hot Line #1/The Spirit Of '76/Hot Line #2/Psalm Of These Days/Doctor Quackenbusch/From Soup To Nuts/Spaced Way-Out

Thanks to Doug Schenker, David Edwards, Dennis Dioguardi, John Grecco, Steve Goddard, George Ferguson, Gene Schwartz, Mark Edwards, Ian Slater, Randy Price, Tom McKeon, Fred Clemens and Tom Daly.

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