MGM Album Discography, Part 5
E-3601 to E-3800 (1957-1960)

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Peter Preuss
Last update: November 23, 2007

The MGM E-3000 series of 12" albums started in 1953. MGM mixed their classical and pop albums into the same series, and we have only listed the non-classical albums in this discography. It was in the year 1958 that MGM started issuing stereophonic record albums.

The MGM album label from 1953-1959 was yellow with black printing. When MGM began issuing stereo records late in 1958, the same yellow label was used, but "STEREO" was added above the album number on the left side of the label. On the right side, above the side designation, was "45/45 STEREO DISC". The "45/45" referred to the groove specifications for a stereo disc, that is, the groove was cut with the sides at a 45-degree angle so the stereo stylus could pick up signals from each side of the groove. When MGM changed to the black label later in 1959, the "45/45 Stereo Disc" was retained for a while, but was dropped by about 1961.

The stereo designations on the record jackets themselves varied as MGM got into this new area. At first, MGM used a square gold foil sticker on the front of the same jacket that was used for the mono albums. The sticker said, "MGM Stereo Disc". Shortly thereafter, MGM designed a stereo banner for the top of the record jacket for stereo albums. This also said "MGM Stereo Disc". MGM also used the old gold foil sticker on later albums (at least as late as 1960) when they ran out of mono covers for the stereo records.

By 1960, the large banner had been changed to one with two arrows and just "STEREO," which lasted a relatively short time before the banner itself disappeared and just "STEREO" appeared on the upper right corner of the cover. By 1965, MGM went with their now-famous "Sounds great in Stereo," which was found on many of the 1964-65 British Invasion albums. Ironically, many of these were electronically rechanneled fake stereo, which gave "Sounds great in Stereo" a completely different, and sarcastic, meaning to record collectors.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

E-3601 - [unissued]

E-3602 - Among My Souvenirs - Joni James [1957] Always/When You Were Sweet Sixteen/Let Me Call You Sweetheart/Alice Blue Gown/Among My Souvenirs/When I Grow Too Old To Dream//The Aniversary Song/Together/Something To Remember You By/Greensleeves/Till We Meet Again/Lullaby

E-3603 - Reflections in the Water - David Rose & His Orchestra [1957] Reflections in the Water/Only Trust Your Heart/Love Me, Love Me, Love Me Tonight/On a Misty Day/Ariane/Uma Casa Portugesa/You're So Sweet to Remember/You Are Too Beautiful/Ca C'est L'Amour/Love is Eternal/Kiss Is Forever/Betty

E-3604 - Far Away Places - Lloyd Green & His Orchestra [1957] Avalon/Biarritz/Where The Mountains Meet The Sky/Shangri-La/Blue Hawaii/Bala/October Hill/Moon Of Manakoora/Mediterranean Serenade/Isle Of Innisfree/Monte Carlo Calling

E-3605 - The Immortal Hank Williams - Hank Williams & His Guitar [1957] There's No Room In My Heart (For The Blues)/The Waltz Of The Wind/Pan American [with the Drifting Cowboys]/With Tears In My Eyes/I Wish I Had A Nickel/Fly Trouble [with the Drifting Cowboys]//Please Don't Let Me Love You/I'm Satisfied With You [with the Drifting Cowboys]/No One Will Ever Know/Faded Love And Winter Roses/The First Fall Of The Snow/California Zephyr [with the Drifting Cowboys]

E-3606 - Piano Hi-Fi: Dick Hyman at the Harpsichord - Dick Hyman [1957] When You're Smiling/Threepenny Tango/Junglero/Mandolins Of Venice/Red Cat/Gimme A Little Kiss Will Ya Huh?/Blue Danube Bounce/Red Head/Blue Whistler/Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo/Tokyo Alley/Good Times

E-3607 - Lush Life - Sam (The Man) Taylor [unissued]

E-3608 - Music for Crazy Mixed-Up People - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra [1957] Dancing On The Ceiling/Strange Interlude/Sweet Madness/Gloomy Sunday/I've Got You Under My Skin/Bewildered/Bewitched/I Didn't Know What Time It Was/Mixed Emotions/I Had The Craziest Dream/I'll Never Be The Same/Why Was I Born?

E-3609 - Music for a Man and His Dreams - Acquaviva [unissued]

E-3610 - Scene Tzigane (Gypsy Airs) - Harry Horlick & His Orchestra [unissued]

E-3611 - Forty-Eight Stars of Jazz - Various Artists [1957] Leo The Lion - Woody Herman/St. Louis Blues - Metronome All-Stars/King Philip Stomp - Buddy DeFranco/That's A Plenty - Kai Winding/Comet - Ralph Burns and Leonard Feather/Honest Abe - Richard Wess/Here's Pet - Leonard Feather's East Coast Jazz Stars//Kingfish - Lionel Hampton/Battle of the Blues - Dizzy Gillespie/Feedback Fugue - Leonard Feather & Dick Hyman/Move - George Shearing/Beverly Hills - Leonard Feather's West Coast Jazz Stars/Marv - Dick Hyman Trio/Cat Meets Chick - Clark Terry

E-3612 - Music from Jamaica - David Rose & His Orchestra [1957] Savannah/Cocoanut Sweet/Little Biscuit/Take It Slow Joe/Push De Button/I Don't Think I'll End It All Today/Monkey In The Mango/Pretty To Walk With/What Good Does It Do/Napoleon

E-3613 - The Swingin' Seasons - Dick Hyman & Leonard Feather/Ralph Burns Orchestra [1957] Sounds of Spring, Summer Sequence, Early Autumn - Dick Hyman Trio//Winter Sequence: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen - Leonard Feather & Ralph Burns Orchestra

E-3614 - Cats vs. Chicks - Clark Terry Septet/Terry Pollard Trio [1957?]

E-3615 - (Classical music)

E-3616 - Hi-Fi Dixieland - Art Mooney & Dixieland All-Stars [1957?] Sweet Georgia Brown/Lassus Trombone/New Orleans/Hindustan/I've Gotta Be On My Way/Battle Hymn Of The Republic/Beale Street Blues/American Patrol/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Dixieland Rock/South Rampart Street Parade/12th Street Rag

E-3617ARC - William Faulkner Reads from "Light in August" and "The Sound and the Fury" - William Faulkner [1958]

E-3618ARC - Sir Ralph Richardson Reads Joseph Conrad - Sir Ralph Richardson [1958] Selections from "Youth" and "Heart of Darkness"

E-3619ARC - Carson McCullers Reads from Her Works - Carson McCullers [1958]

E-3620ARC - Alec Guinness Reads Jonathan Swift - Alec Guinness [1/58]

E-3621 - Moanin' the Blues - Hank Williams [unissued] Perhaps this was to have been a reissue of E-3330?

E-3622 - Journey into Love - Gary Alan [unissued]

E-3623 - Ti Voglio Bene... (I Love You) - Joni James [1958] Santa Lucia (Neopolitan Folk Song)/I Have But One Heart (O Marenariello)/Non Dimenticar (Don't Forget)/Torna A Sorriento (Come Back To Sorrento)/You're Breaking My Heart (Mattinata)/Anema E Core (With All My Heart And Soul)//O Sole Mio (You Are My Sunlight)/Dicitencello Vule (Just Say I Love Him)/Chitarra Romana (Roman Guitar)/Luna Rossa (Blushing Moon)/Per Un Bacio D'Amor (Tell Me You're Mine)/Arriverderci Roma (Goodbye Rome)

E-3624 - [unissued]

E-3625 - [unissued]

E-3626 - [number not assigned]

E-3627 - Music for a Shining Hour - Gary Alan & His Orchestra [1958] Let's Make Memories Tonight/At The End Of A Kiss/When Love Was New/Rendezvous/In Love/Now Is The Hour/My Shining Hour/Bewitched/It's Magic/While We're Young/We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye/What Is There To Say

E-3628 - Sunrise to Sunrise - Art Mooney & His Orchestra [unissued] Released as E- 3649 with a different title.

E-3629 - [unissued]

E-3630 - (Classical music)

E-3631 - (Classical music)

E-3632 - [unissued]

E-3633 - [unissued]

E-3634 - [unissued]

E-3635 - The Lost Continent (Soundtrack) - Francesco Lavagnino Orchestra & Chorus [1958]

E-3636 - [unissued]

E-3637 - (Classical music)

E-3638 - [unissued]

E-3639 - [unissued]

E/SE-3640 - David Rose Plays Music From "Gigi" - David Rose [1958] The Night They Invented Champagne/Thank Heaven for Little Girls/Say a Prayer For Me Tonight/Waltz at Maxim's Parisans/I Remember It Well/A Toujours/I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore/It's a Bore

E/SE-3641ST - Gigi (Soundtrack) - Andre Previn [1958] Overture/Thank Heaven For Little Girls - Maurice Chevalier/It's A Bore Maurice Chevalier & Louis Jourdan/The Parisians - Leslie Caron/Waltz At Maxim's (She Is Not Thinking Of Me)/The Night They Invented Champagne - Leslie Caron, Louis Jourdan & Hermione Gingold//I Remember It Well - Maurice Chevalier & Hermione Gingold/Say A Prayer For Me Tonight - Leslie Caron/I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore - Maurice Chevalier/Gigi - Louis Jourdan/Thank Heaven For Little Girls (Finale)

E-3642 - The Dick Hyman Trio Plays "Gigi" - Dick Hyman Trio [1958] The Night They Invented Champagne/Gigi/Thank Heaven For Little Girls/Say A Prayer For Me Tonight/Waltz At Mazim's/Parisians/I Remember It Well/A Toujours/I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore/It's A Bore

E-3643 - How Blue the Night - Johnny Gregory & His Orchestra [unissued]

E/SE-3644 - Best Of Burlesque (Original Cast) - Herb Harris [1958]

E/SE-3645 -The Music of Miklos Rozsa - Frankenland Symphony Orchestra [1958] Vinter's Daughter/North Hungarian Peasant Songs And Dances/Hungarian Serenade

E-3646 - Trouble In Tahiti (TV Soundtrack) - Leonard Bernstein [1958]

E-3647 - Holy, Holy, Holy - Richard Ellsasser [1958]

E-3648RP - A Recorded Portrait: Eleanor Roosevelt in Conversation with Arnold Michaelis - Eleanor Roosevelt [1958]

E-3649 - Art Mooney and His Orchestra in Hi-Fi Play for Dancing - Art Mooney & His Orchestra [1958]

E-3650 - Oh Captain - Leonard Feather & Dick Hyman All-Stars [1958] Femininity/You're So Right For Me/You Don't Know Him/Hey Madame/We're Not Children/All The Time/Life Does A Girl A Favor/Give It All You Got/Keep It Simple

E-3651 - Eddie Condon Is Uptown - Eddie Condon & His Boys [1958] Lady's In Love With You/3rd Street Blues/Ginger Brown/Wherever There's Love/Newport News/Trouble From Music Man/Everybody's Moving/Ain't Misbehavin'/Albatross/St. Louis Blues/Blue Lou/Eddie And The Milkman

E-3652 - (Classical music)

E-3653 - [unissued]

E-3654 - [unissued]

E-3655 - [unissued]

E-3656 - [unissued]

E-3657 - [unissued]

E-3658 - [unissued]

E-3659 - [unissued]

E-3660 - [unissued]

E-3661 - [unissued]

E-3662 - [unissued]

E-3663 - [unissued]

E-3664 - [unissued]

E-3665 - [unissued]

E-3666 - [unissued]

E-3667 - [unissued]

E-3668 - (Classical music)

E-3669 - [unissued]

E-3670 - [unissued]

E-3671 - [unissued]

E-3672 - [unissued]

E-3673 - [unissued]

E-3674 - (Classical music)

E-3675 - [unissued]

E-3676 - Red Hot Harp - Robert Maxwell, His Harp & His Orchestra [1958] Bing Bang Boomerang/Johnson Rag/Runnin' Wild/Just Foolin' Around/Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe/Sing, Sing, Sing/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Second Avenue Scene/Tarantula/Lullaby In Rhythm/One O'clock Jump/Goodnight, Sweetheart

E-3677 - In Paris in Love - Roger Roger & His Orchestra [unissued]

E-3678 - The Eden Street Skiffle Boys - Eden Street Skiffle Boys [unissued]

E-3679 - [unissued]

E-3680 - [unissued]

E-3681 - Safari - D'Artega [unissued]

E-3682 - The Music of Harry Warren - Johnny Gregory & His Orchestra [unissued]

E-3683 - (Classical music)

E-3684 - (Classical music)

E-3685 - [unissued]

E-3686 - Who's Sorry Now - Connie Francis [1958] Who's Sorry Now?/I'm Nobody's Baby Now/It's The Talk Of The Town/I Miss You So/I Cried For You/Heartaches//I'm Beginning To See The Light/My Melancholy Baby/You Always Hurt The One You Love/How Deep Is The Ocean/If I Had You/I'll Get By

E-3687 - Oh, Captain! (Original Cast) - Jay Livingston/Ray Evans [1958] With Rosemary Clooney & Jose Ferrer. Captain Henry St. James/Very Proper Town/Life Does a Man a Favor/Give It All You Got/Three Paradises/Keep It Simple/Morning Music of Montmartre/Hey, Madame/It's Never Quite the Same/We're Not Children/Suprise/All the Time/You've So Right For Me

E-3688RP - A Recorded Portrait: Oscar Hammerstein II in Conversation with Arnold Michaelis - Oscar Hammerstein II [1958]

E-3689RP - A Recorded Portrait: Richard Rodgers in Conversation with Arnold Michaelis - Richard Rodgers [1958]

E-3690 - Hansel and Gretel (Original TV Cast) - Original Cast [1958] Also contains Orchestral Suite. Hansel And Gretel Song/Market Today/Men Rule The World/Evening Song/Eenie, Meenie, Mynie Moe/What Are Little Girls Made Of/Finale

E-3691 - [unissued]

E-3692 - [unissued]

E-3693 - [unissued]

E-3694 - Confetti: Johnny Green on the Hollywood Sound Stage - Johnny Green [1958] Confetti/Heather On The Hill/Lygia/Sunday Jumps/Song Of Raintree County/An American In Paris Ballet/Silk Stockings/Serenade For A New Baby/Invitation/Cinderella's Wedding Cake/Wilt Thou Have My Hand/Theme From Power And The Prize

E-3695 - Seltzer on the Rocks - Lee Tully [1958] Livak Polka/Humintash Lane/Oomglick Blues/Manhattan Basement/Essen/Catskill Mountain Square Dance/Lone Stranger/Livak And Galitz/Trikina Bainer (Dry Bones)/Today I Am A Man/Chicken Flickers Ball

E-3696 - A Man and His Dream - Acquaviva & His Orchestra [1958] Always The Sea/This Might Be Love/Every Day/One Moment More/NY In A Nutshell/Man With A Dream/Road Show/Alone With You/Am I In Love/Joni/Prayer For Peace

E-3697 - The Weary Blues - Langston Hughes [1958] Blues Montage, Parts 1-3/Opening Blues/Blues Montage/Commercial Theatre/Morning After/Could Be Testament/Consider Me/Stranger/Midnight Stroll/Backstage/Dream Montage/Weird Nightmare/Double G Train/Jump Monk

E-3698 - This Is Sheila - Sheila Guyse [1958]

E-3699 - Jazz in Black Tie - Morty Craft & His Orchestra [1958] Artistry In Rhythm/Perdido//Wonderin'/It's Melody Time/Midnight Sun/Take The "A" Train/Lullaby Of Birdland/Soon/Early Autumn/Misty/Robbins Nest

E-3700 - [unissued]

E-3701RP - A Recorded Portrait: Chester Bowles in Conversation with Arnold Michaelis - Chester Bowles [1958]

E/SE-3702P - Maurice Chevalier "Yesterday" - Maurice Chevalier [1958] Mimi/My Ideal/Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' In The Moonlight/I Was Lucky/Walkin' My Baby Back Home/Louise//You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me/Valentine/One Hour With You/Hello, Beautiful/Isn't It Romantic/The Yankee Doodle Boy

E/SE-3703P - Maurice Chevalier "Today" - Maurice Chevalier [1958] Something's Gotta Give (S)/He Loves And She Loves (S)/The Best Things In Life Are Free (S)/Fascination (S)/There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder (S)/Some Of These Days (S)//You Made Me Love You (S)/Lucky Day (S)/You Were Meant For Me (S)/You Will Find Your Love In Paris (By The River Seine) (S)/If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight) (S)/I'm Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover (S)

E/SE-3704 - The Fanny Brice Story In Song - Kaye Ballard [1958] I'm An Indian/Rose Of Washington Square/Becky Is Back At The Ballet/When You Know You're Not Forgotten/Oh How I Hate That Fellow Nathan/My Man/Sheil of Avenue B/Song Of The Sewing Machine/Second Hand Rose/Ain't That The Way/Lovie Joe

E/SE-3705 - Music in the Jimmy Lanin Manner - Jimmy Lanin [1958] Medley of 60 songs.

E-3706 - Joni James Award Winning Album, Volume 2 - Joni James [1958] When You Wish Upon A Star/Danny Boy/Day Dreaming/I'll Be Waiting For You/You're Fooling Someone/How Lucky You Are//You Belong To Me/Everyday/I Give You My Word/Is This The End Of Time/In A Garden Of Roses/Dansero

E-3707 - Hymn Time - Roy Acuff, Jr. & Smokey Mountain Boys [1958] Were You There When They Crucified My Lord/How Beautiful Heaven Must Be/Thank God/Uncloudy Day/Jesus Dies For Me/Hold To God's Unchanging Hand/Take My Hand, Precious Lord/Shake My Mother's Hand For Me/Where Could I Go/Where The Soul Never Dies/Lord Build Me A Cabin/This World Is Not My Home

E/SE-3708 - Theme Songs of the Great Swing Bands in Hi-Fi - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra [1958] Flying Home/Contrasts/Ciribiribin/Smoke Rings/Cherokee/Snowfall/Let's Dance/I Can't Get Started/Take The "A" Train/Nightmare/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/Moonlight Serenade

E-3709 - The Ferrers at Home - Rosemary Clooney & Jose Ferrer [1958] Rosemary Clooney Reads "The Story Of Celeste" - Rosemary Clooney//Joes Ferrer Reads "Tubby The Tuba" - Jose Ferrer

E-3710 -(Classical music)

E-3711 -(Classical music)

E-3712 - [unissued]

E-3713 - [unissued]

E-3714 - (Classical music)

E/SE-3715 - Love on the Rocks - Jane Russell [1958]

E/SE-3716 - Secret Songs for Young Lovers (Like Young) - Andre Previn & David Rose [1958] Blame It On My Youth (S)/Young Man's Lament (S)/You Make Me Feel So Young (S)/Young And Tender (S)/While We're Young (S)/Too Young To Be True (S)//Last Night When We Were Young (S)/Like Young (S)/Younger Than Springtime (S)/A Year Of Youth (S)/Too Young To Go Steady (S)/Love Is For The Very Young (S)

E/SE-3717 - This One Is the Toni - Toni Carroll [1958] Note: The LP title is in reference to a TV commercial running at the time. The woman on the commercial would ask if they could tell the difference between a professional hair style and a home job done with a Toni hair product, asking, "Which one is the Toni?" I'm In The Mood For Love/I Only Have Eyes For You/Toni/I Don't Know Why/'S Wonderful/Why Can't This Night Go On Forever/Why Can't This Night Go On Forever/Very Thought Of You/Hidden Body/Please Be Kind/It's Been A Long Long Time/This Is Always/Goodnight, Oh My Darling

E/SE-3718 - Je T'Aime (I Love You) - Joni James [1958] I'll Be Yours (J' Attendrai) (S)/The River Seine (La Seine) (S)/April In Paris (Avril 'a Paris) (S)/The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart?) (Chanson Du Film "Moulin Rouge") (S)/Under Paris Skies (Sous Le Ciel De Paris) (S)/Speak To Me Of Love (Parlez-Moi D'Amour) (S)//I Love Paris (S)/Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes) (S)/Under The Bridges Of Paris (Sous Les Ponts De Paris) (S)/La Vie En Rose (S)/Mademoiselle De Paris (S)/The Last Time I Saw Paris (S)

E/SE-3719 - Debutante Party - Ben Cutler & His Orchestra [1958] Medley: There's A Small Hotel/Just in Time/Summertime/plus 36 others

E/SE-3720 - Sing a Song of Goodman - Randy Van Horne Singers [1958] Let's Dance/Slipped Disc/Stompin' At The Savoy/And The Angels Sing/Air Mail Special/King Porter Stomp.Soft Winds/Down South Camp Meetin'/Smooth One/Sing, Sing, Sing/Mission To Moscow/Good- Bye

E-3721 - Marvin Rainwater Sings With a Heart/With a Beat- Marvin Rainwater [1958] Nothin' Needs Nothin' Lucky Star/My Love Is Real/(Don't Be) Late For Love/Look For Me (I'll Be Waiting For You)/Moanin' The Blues//Whole Lotta Woman/I Dig You Baby/Dance Me Daddy/My Brand Of Blues/Gamblin' Man/Baby Don't Go

E-3722 - Tom Thumb (Soundtrack) - Muir Mathieson [unissued] Released as Lion L- 70084.

E/SE-3723 - Hello Tiger - Sallie Blair [1958] Witchcraft/Whatever Lola Wants/When The Sun Comes Out/Fever/That Old Black Magic/Daddy/Early Winter/Don'cha Go 'Way Mad/When The World Was Young/I'm Through With Love/Ev'rything I Have Is Yours

E-3724 - 60 Great Songs That Say I Love You - Dick Hyman [1958] People Will Say We're In Love/So Beats My Heart/My Romance/I Love You/Can I Forget You/Someday I'll Find You/Most Beautiful Girl In The World/Falling In Love With Love/plus 52 others

E-3725 - 60 Songs from Broadway Musicals - Dick Hyman [1958] Keep It Gay/All In Fun/Leave It To Jane/Babes In The Woods/Mutual Admiration Society/Buckle Down Winsock/Young And Foolish/I Could Write A Book/plus 52 others

E-3726 - 60 Great Continental and Classical Favorites - Dick Hyman [1958] Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy/Tales Of The Vienna Woods/Liebestraum/La Paloma/Barcarolle/Londonderry Air/O Sole Mio/plus 52 others

E/SE-3727 - The Great Themes from the Great American Movies - Metropolitan Jazz Quartet [1958] High Noon/Spellbound/When You Wish Upon A Star/Broadway Melody/It Might As Well Be Spring/Moonglow And Theme From Picnic/Tara's Theme/Continental/High And The Mighty/Laura/Around The World

E/SE-3728 - Great Themes from Great Broadway Shows - Metropolitan Jazz Quartet [1958] It's Alright With Me/Makin' Whoopee/Taking A Chance On Love/Little Girl Blue/Mountain Greenery/Soliloquy/Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries/Song Is You/Strike Up The Band/They Say It's Wonderful/Bye Bye Baby/My Heart Belongs To Daddy

E/SE-3729 - The Great Themes from TV Shows - Metropolitan Jazz Quartet [1958] Blue Star/Mickey Mouse March/Loretta/Jack Paar Theme/Sentimental Journey/Treasure Hunt/Romantic Guy, I/Playhouse 90/Love And Marriage/This Is My Song/Buttons Bounce/Dream Along With Me

E/SE-3730 - Great Themes from the Classics - Metropolitan Jazz Quartet [1958] Anitra Swings/Love And Dreams/Choppin' At Chopin/Romeo Meets Juliet/Rachmaninoff Meets Paganini/Goin' With Carmen/Concerto For Four/Brahms In Blue/Mountain Kingery/Night Song/Cool Fantasy

E/SE-3731 - Great Themes from Foreign Movies - Metropolitan Jazz Quartet [1958] Non Dimenticar/Lt. Kije/Warsaw Concerto/Meet Mr. Callahan/Besame Mucho/Green Eyes/Little Red Monkey/Perfidia/Under Paris Skies/What A Diff'rence A Day Made/Anna

E/SE-3732 - It's All in the Game - Tommy Edwards [1958] It's All In The Game/The Morningside Of The Mountain/I'll Always Be With You/You Win Again/Mr. Music Man/Please Mr. Sun//Please Love Me Forever/That's All/My Sugar My Sweet/Love Is A Sacred Thing/A Fool Such As I/Love Is All We Need

E-3733 - The Unforgettable Hank Williams - Hank Williams [1959] Originally issued in mono only. Electronic stereo version issued in 1972 as MGM SE-3733. I Can't Get You Off My Mind/I Don't Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes)/Dear John/My Love For You (Has Turned To Hate)/On The Banks Of The Old Ponchartrain/We Live In Two Different Worlds/I'll Be A Bachelor 'Til I Die/Let's Turn Back The Years/I'd Still Want You/Never Again (Will I Knock On Your Door)/Blue Love (In My Heart)/Leave Me Alone With The Blues

E-3734 - Country Pickin' and Hillside Singin' - Osborne Brothers & Red Allen [1959] Ruby, Are You Mad/She's No Angel/If You Don't, Somebody Else Will/My Destiny/No Honey, Ho/Two Lonely Hearts/Once More/Della Mae/It Hurts To Know/Down In The Willow Garden/Lost Highway/Love Pains

E-3735 - [number not assigned]

E-3736 - [number not assigned]

E/SE-3737 - Lisa Kirk Sings at the Plaza - Lisa Kirk [1959] I Travel Light/I'm Sitting On Top Of The World/Anything Goes/You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To/Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo/How Come You Do Me Like You Do/Why Can't You Behave/Good Little Girls/Far Away Places/Riviera/Limehouse Blues

E/SE-3738 - Maurice Chevalier Sings Broadway - Maurice Chevalier [1959] Give My Regards To Broadway/I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face/C'est Magnifique/Just In Time/Some Enchanted Evening/It's All Right With Me/Get Me To The Church On Time/I Love Paris/New-Fangled Tango/All Of You/Do It Again/Almost Like Being In Love

E/SE-3739 - Joni James Sings Songs of Hank Williams - Joni James [1959] Your Cheatin' Heart (S)/Half As Much (S)/Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (S)/There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight (S)/I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) (S)/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (S)//Cold Cold Heart (S)/Hey, Good Lookin' (S)/My Heart Would Know (S)/Why Don't You Love Me (S)/I'm Sorry For You, My Friend (S)/You Win Again (S)

E-3740 - Murray Arnold Entertains at the Sahara - Murray Arnold [1959] From This Moment On/April In Portugal/I Concentrate On You/Easy To Love/Ca, C'est L'Amour/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/You'd Be So Nice To Come Home to/Medley: Porgy & Bess, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, And Rodgers & Hart

E/SE-3741 - Flamenco Fury - Jose Greco [1959] Cabales Del Tablado/Alegria En Cadiz/Sol Cubanito/Vente Pa La Nina, Vente/Cana De Los Cabales/Fiesta Jerezana/Filigranas/Llama Y Fuego/Querente/Trovadores/Recuerdos/Encuentro/Falito De Son

E/SE-3742 - Dick Roman Sings - Dick Roman [1959]

E/SE-3743 - 8 Brass, 5 Sax, 5 Rhythm - Skip Martin & His Orchestra [1959] Until The Real Thing Comes Along/East Of The Sun/Truckin'/Bye Bye Blackbird/Bidin' My Time/Best Things In Life Are Free/Do-Do-Do/Drivin' Home/You Turned The Tables On Me/There's Danger In Your Eyes, Cherie/I Concentrate On You/Vilia

E/SE-3744 - Conway Twitty Sings - Conway Twitty [1959] It's Only Make Believe/Hallelujah I Love Her So/First Romance/Make Me Know You're Mine/Sentimental Journey/I Vibrate (From My Head To My Feet)//The Story Of My Love/I'll Try/You'll Never Walk Alone/Don't You Know/My One And Only You/Mona Lisa

E/SE-3745-OC - Whoop-Up! (Original Cast) - Various Artists [1959] Includes: Moose Charlap, Norman Gimble. Overture/Glenda's Place/When The Tall Man Talks/Nobody Throw Those Bull/Chief Rocky Boy/Love Eyes/Men/Never Before/Flattery/Caress Me, Possess Me, Perfume/Girl In Your Arms/Best Of What This Country's Got/I Wash My Hands/Sorry For Myself/Quarrel-Tet/What I Mean To Say/'Til The Big Fat Moon Falls Down/Montana

E/SE-3746 - David Rose Plays the Music from "Whoop Up!" - David Rose & His Orchestra [1959] Sorry For Myself/Caress Me, Possess Me, Perfume/Nobody Throw Those Bull/What I Mean To Say/Love Eyes/When The Tall Man Talks/Flattery/Chief Rocky Boy/Never Before/Best Of What This Country's Got

E/SE-3747 - Dick Hyman Swings Music from "Whoop Up!" - Dick Hyman [1/59] Nobody Throw Those Bull/When The Tall Man Talks/Men/Never Before/Chief Rocky Boy/I Wash My Hands/Love Eyes/Sorry For Myself/Flattery

E/SE-3748 - David Rose Plays David Rose - David Rose & His Orchestra [1959] Stringopation/Sad, Sad Rocking Horse/One Love/Holiday For Strings/Concerto/4:20 A.M./Stereophonic March/Romantic Waltz/Majorca/Christmas Tree/Deserted City

E/SE-3749 - Joni Sings Irish Favorites (The Joni James Irish Album) - Joni James [1960] Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral/How Are Things In Glocca Morra/When Irish Eyes Are Smiling/Molly Malone/Rose Of Tralee/Peg O' My Heart/My Wild Irish Rose/Did Your Mother Come From Ireland/Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms/Danny Boy/Mother Machree/Galway Bay

E/SE-3750 - Jay White Reminisces in Rhythm - Jay White [1959] Wagon Wheels/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/Harbor Lights/Honey/I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time/My Melancholy Baby/Moonlight Bay/Shine On Harvest Moon/Red Sails In The Sunset/Heart Of My Heart/For Me And My Gal/Cuddle Up A Little Closer

E/SE-3751 - Edie Adams Sings Music to Listen to Records By - Edie Adams [1959] Whiffenpoof Song/My Heart Sings/School Days/Indian Love Call/Blue Tail Fly/Lo, Here The Gentle Lark/Serenade/Singin' In The Rain/Stout-Hearted Men/Paradise/Autumn Leaves/Tip-Toe Thru' The Tulips With Me

E/SE-3752 - Moore's Tour: An American in England - Phil Moore [1959] Falstaff's Hat Dance/Dawn At Dover/Ruins At Stonehenge/Daffy Down Dae/Partly Cloudy/Land's End/Revolutionary Ballet/Gadabout/My Friend Big Ben/Oxford Blues/Waltz In Four/Echo/Piccadilly Parade

E/SE-3753 - Music from the Modern Screen - Leroy Holmes [1959] The Old Man And The Sea/Bistro Bounce/Katsumi Love Long/No Time For Sergeants/Indiscreet/Too Much Too Soon/Hong Kong Affair/Almost In Your Arms/My Rebel Heart/True Love/Wild Is The Wind/Bock-a-Bye Baby

E-3754 - There Goes My Heart - Joni James [unissued]

E/SE-3755 - 100 Strings and Joni - Joni James [1959] My Heart Tells Me (S)/Imagination (S)/All Through The Day (S)/Too Young (S)/It Never Entered My Mind (S)/Body And Soul (S)//I Can Dream, Can't I (S)/Hi Lili, Hi Lo (S)/But Beautiful (S)/Wait And See (S)/It Could Happen To You (S)/Maybe You'll Be There (S)

E-3756 - Marching on Hi-Fi Street - William Marschner Band [1959] Old Comrades/German Master Regiment/March Of The Kings Huntsmen/Our Guard My Regiment/Crusader Fanfare/Free City March/Children Of The Regiment/Comrades Salute/Our Navy/German March/Hipp, Hipp, Hurra

E-3757 - Waltzing Time - Frederick Lehar [1959]

E/SE-3758 - College Prom - Leroy Holmes [1959]

E-3759 - The Music of Matty Malneck - Matty Malneck [unissued]

E/SE-3760 - For Young Lovers - Tommy Edwards [1959] My Melancholy Baby/A Teardrop On A Rose/Paradise/I Looked At Heaven/She Sends Her Regards/It All Belongs To You//Music, Maestro, Please/Take These Chains From My Heart/Once There Lived A Fool/Up In A Cloud/It's Only The Good Times/Welcome Me

E/SE-3761 - The Exciting Connie Francis - Connie Francis [1959] Come Rain Or Come Shine/Time After Time/Hallelujah, I Love Him So/How Did He Look/All By Myself/Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me/Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody/That's All/There Will Never Be Another You/Blame It On My Youth/The Song Is Ended/Melancholy Serenade

E/SE-3762 - Billy Daniels at the Stardust, Las Vegas - Billy Daniels [1959] Who's Sorry Now/I Got It Bad/Tenderly/Ol' Man River/Beat Generation/Don't Worry 'Bout Me/Oh, Lady Be Good/Birth Of The Blues/I've A Tendency To Fall In Love/Star Dust/temptation/Begin The Beguine

E-3763 - Green Mansions (Soundtrack) [unissued]

E/SE-3764 - Billie Holiday - Billie Holiday [1959] All Of You/When It's Sleepy Time Down South/Don't Worry 'Bout Me/Baby Won't You Please Come Home/Sometimes I'm Happy/You Took Advantage Of Me/There'll Be Some Changes Made/'Deed I Do/All The Way/Just One More Chance/It's Not For Me To Say/I'll Never Smile Again

E/SE-3765 - Charlie Digs Paree - Charlie Shavers et Son Orchestre [1959] C'est Si Bon/I Love Paris/Mam'selle/Last Time I Saw Paris/Petite Fleur/Song From Moulin Rouge/Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup/My Man/I Kiss Your Hand, Madam/Domino/Comme Ci, Comme Ca/I Love Paris

E-3766 - Tommy O'Brien Sings - Tommy O'Brien [1959] Love, Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere/Dancing In The Dark/My Heart Is A Drum/If You Don't Love Me/Yours/Afterglow/Sorrento And You/All The Things You Are/Afraid Of Love/Take Me In Your Arms/This The Moment Divine/Let Us Live For Tonight

E-3767ST - Show Boat/An American in Paris (Soundtracks) - Adolph Deutsch/Johnny Green [1959] Make Believe/Bill/Life Upon The Wicked Stage/You Are Love/Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man/I Might Fall Back On You/Why Do I Love You/Ol' Man River/'S Wonderful/Love Is Here To Stay/I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise/I Got Rhythm/American In Paris Ballet

E-3768ST - Annie Get Your Gun/Three Little Words (Soundtracks) - Adolph Deutsch/Harry Ruby [1960] I've Got The Sun In The Morning - Betty Hutton/You Can't Get A Man With A Gun - Betty Hutton/Doin' What Comes Natur'lly - Betty Hutton/Girl That I Marry - Howard Keel/My Defenses Are Down - Howard Keel/There's No Business Like Show Business - Hutton, Keel, Louis Calhern, Keenan Wynn/Three Little Words - Fred Astaire/Thinking Of You - Anita Ellis/My Sunny Tennessee - Fred Astaire, Red Skelton/All Alone Monday - Gale Robbins/Neverless - Astaire, Skelton, Ellis/I Love You So Much - Arlene Dahl/Where Did You Get That Girl - Fred Astaire, Ellis/I Wanna Be Loved By You - Helen Kane/Who's Sorry Now - Gloria De Haven/So Long, Oo-Long - Astaire, Skelton

E-3769ST - Rose Marie/Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Soundtracks) - George Stoll/Adolph Deutsch [1960] Right Place For A Girl - Howard Keel/Free To Be Free - Ann Blyth/Love And Kisses - Bert Lahr, Marjorie Main/Indian Love Call - Ann Blyth, Fernando Lamas/Rose Marie - Howard Keel/I'm A Mountie Who Never Got His Man - Bert Lahr/Mounties - Howard Keel/I Have The Love - Ann Blyth & Fernando Lamas/Bless Your Beautiful Hide - Howard Keel/Wonderful, Wonderful Day - Jane Powell/June Bride - Virginia Gibson & Girls/Lonesome Polecat - Bill Lee & Brothers/Goin' Co'tin' - Jane Powell & Brothers/Sobbin' Woman - Howard Keel & Brothers/Spring, Spring, Spring, - Brothers & Girls/When You're In Love - Jane Powell & Howard Keel

E-3770ST - Singin' in the Rain/Till the Clouds Roll By (Soundtracks) - Lennie Hayton [1960] Singin' In The Rain - Gene Kelly/You Were Meant For Me - Gene Kelly/Make 'Em Laugh - Donald O'Connor/All I Do Is Dream Of You - Debbie Reynolds/Fit As A Fiddle - Gene Kelly & Donald O'Connor/Moses - Lennie Hayton Orchestra/Good Morning - Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, & Debbie Reynolds/You Are My Lucky Star - Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds/'Till the Clouds Roll By - Lennie Hayton Orchestra/Look For The Silver Lining - Judy Garland/Who - Judy Garland/Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man - Lena Horne/Leave It To Jane And Cleopatterer - June Allyson/Who Cares If My Boat Goes Upstream - Tony Martin/Ol' Man River - Cales Peterson/Life Upon The Wicked Stage - Virginia O'Brien/Make Believe - Tony Martin & Kathryn Grayson

E-3771ST - Good News/Words and Music (Soundtracks) - Lennie Hayton [1960] The Best Things In Life Are Free/Just Imagine/Pass That Peace Pipe/Lucky In Love/Good News/French Lesson/He's A Ladies Man/Varsity Drag/Manhattan - Mickey Rooney/Johnny One Note - Judy Garland/There's A Small Hotel - Betty Garrett/Lady Is A Tramp - Lena Horne/Where's That Rainbow - Ann Southern/I Wish I Were In Love Again - Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney/Thou Swell - June Allyson

E/SE-3772 - Joni Swings Sweet - Joni James [1959] Somebody Loves Me/After You've Gone/Too Marvelous For Words/Blue Moon/How About You/Sentimental Journey/Moonglow/Zing, Went The Strings Of My Heart/I Don't Know Why/It Had To Be You/You Make Me Feel So Young/Blue Room

E/SE-3773P - A Tribute to Al Jolson - Maurice Chevalier [1959] California, Here I Come/My Blushin' Rose/I'll Say She Does/Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody/Sonny Boy/My Mammy/Swanee/It All Depends On You/Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye/When The Red, Red Robin/For Me And My Gal/Waiting For The Robert E. Lee

E/SE-3774 - Slow and Easy - Jaye P. Morgan [1959] Original pressings have the yellow label. Should I (S)/I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You) (S)/Be Careful, It's My Heart (S)/When My Dream Boat Comes Home (S)/You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To (S)/Let's Fall In Love (S)//I Get The Blues When It Rains (S)/I Thought About You (S)/Just For Two (S)/For All We Know (S)/Another Martini, Another Call (S)/Did I Remember (S)

At approximately this point, the MGM label changes from the yellow label to the black label.

E/SE-3775 - Let's Start Over - Clyde McPhatter [1959] Let's Start Over Again/Bless You/Stay As Sweet As You Are/I Need You So/How Deep Is the Ocean/Trust In Me//I'll Never Be Free/Don't Cry Baby/The Glory of Love/There Will Never Be Another You/Don't Take Your Love From Me/Everybody Needs Somebody

E/SE-3776 - My Thanks To You - Connie Francis [1959] My Thanks To You/The Bells Of St. Mary's/Try A Little Tenderness/Garden In The Rain/Tree In The Meadow/Now Is The Hour/I'll Close My Eyes/Very Thought Of You/These Foolish Things/Cruising Down The River/Gypsy/Good Night Sweetheart

E/SE-3777 - This Is Jimmy Newman - Jimmy Newman [1959] I'd Just Be Fool Enough/Jambalaya/To The Moon In A Rocket/Outside Your Door/Making Believe/What 'Cha Gonna Do/You're Makin' A Fool Out Of Me/Jolie Blon So Soon/Crying Over You/Lonely Girl/Please Accept My Love

E/SE-3778 - Harry James and His New Swingin' Band - Harry James [1959] Shiny Stockings/How Deep Is The Ocean/Slats/Blues Like/Cottontail/Too Close For Comfort/King Size Blues/M-Squad Theme/Deep Purple/Walkin'/Get Off The Stand

E/SE-3779 - I'm in the Mood for Strings - Ray Ellis & His Orchestra [1959] Secret Love/There Goes My Heart/The Nearness Of You/The Touch Of Your Lips/The Night We Met/Someone To Watch Over Me/If I Could Lose You/You're My Everything/I Get The Blues When It Rains/Very Much In Love/Melancholy Serenade/Don't Worry 'Bout Me

E/SE-3780 - Billy Mure's "Supersonic Guitars" - Billy Mure [1959] Hindustan/Lover's Guitar/Limehouse Blues/Marie/Pagan Love Song/Tiger Guitars/High Tide Boogie/Guitars In Space/Granada/Pennies From Heaven/El Cumbanchero/Linger Awhile

E/SE-3781 - The Musical World of Lerner and Loewe - Starlight Symphony Orchestra [1959] On The Street Where You Live/I Talk To The Trees/The Night They Invented Champagne/Thank Heaven For Little Girls/I Remember It Well/Wouldn't It Be Loverly/Another Autumn/With A Little Bit Of Luck/Get Me To The Church On Time/I Could Have Danced All Night/Come To Me, Bend To Me/We're On Our Way/Heather On The Hill/Almost Like Being In Love/I Still See Elisa/They Call The Wind Maria/I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face/Gigi

E/SE-3782 - Hymns from the Heart - Rosemary Clooney [1959] Rock Of Ages/In The Garden/Sweet Hour Of Prayer/It Is No Secret/Old Rugged Cross/Nearer, My God To Thee/Little Brown Church In The Vale/Jesus Loves Me/Onward Christian Soldiers/Softly And Tenderly/Ninety And Nine/What A Friend

E/SE-3783 - More Blue Mist - Sam (The Man) Taylor [1959] Tenderly/Prelude To A Kiss/I'm In The Mood For Love/If I Ever Love Again/Reflections/Stella By Starlight/Love Me/Willow Weep For Me/This Love Of Mine/She's Funny That Way/I Should Care/Close Your Eyes (Brahms Lullaby)

E-3784 - Cindy and I - Joey & Cindy Adams [1959]

E/SE-3785 - Fashions in Music - Bess Myerson [1959] Bewitched/Jersey Bounce/Hello Young Lovers/"A" You're Adorable/Dancing In The Dark/Makin' Whoopee/Ain't She Sweet/Love Is A Many Splendored Thing/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Whispering/I'll String Along With You/I Don't Want To Walk Without You Baby

E/SE-3786 - Saturday Night with Conway Twitty - Conway Twitty [1959] Danny Boy (S)/Heavenly (S)/She's Mine (S)/Blueberry Hill (S)/Hey Little Lucy! (S)/Half Way To Heaven (S)//Hey Miss Ruby (S)/You Win Again (S)/Restless (S)/Beachcomer (S)/Judge Of Hearts (S)/Goin' Home (S)

E-3787 - Gigi (Soundtrack, Spanish version) - Andre Previn [1959] The complete musical score in Spanish.

E-3788 - Benny Goodman Treasure Chest, Volume 1 - Benny Goodman [1959] Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/When Buddha Smiles/Can't We Be Friends/Dear Old South Land/Madhouse/Chicago/Three Little Words/I Know That You Know/Whispers In The Dark/I Surrender Dear/Diga Diga Doo/Tea For Two

E-3789 - Benny Goodman Treasure Chest, Volume 2 - Benny Goodman [1959] Hallelujah/Big John's Special/Honeysuckle Rose/If Dreams Come True/Bach Goes To Town/Marie/Nobody's Sweetheart/Avalon/Remember Me/Limehouse Blues/I Got Rhythm/Space Man

E-3790 - Benny Goodman Treasure Chest, Volume 3 - Benny Goodman [1959] Camel Hop/Remember/Sleepy Time Down South/Alexander's Ragtime Band/I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm/Chlo-e/So Rare/Handful Of Keys/Smiles/Some Of These Days/Twilight In Turkey/AC-DC Current

E/SE-3791 - Connie Francis Sings Italian Favorites - Connie Francis [1959] (2-60, #4) Anema E Core/Arriverderci Roma/Ciao Ciao Bambina/Come Back To Sorrento/Comm'e Bella A Stagione/Do You Love Me Like You Kiss Me (Scapricciatiello)/I Have But One Heart/Mama/Non Dimenticar (Don't Forget)/Santa Lucia/There's No Tomorrow/Toward The End Of Day/Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)/You Alone (Solo Tui)

E/SE-3792 - Christmas in My Heart - Connie Francis [1959]

E-3793 - Connie's Greatest Hits - Connie Francis [1959] (2-60, #17) Who's Sorry Now/Fallin'/Happy Days And Lonely Nights/Stupid Cupid/Carolina Moon/Plenty Good Lovin'//Frankie/You're Gonna' Miss Me/Lipstick On Your Collar/If I Didn't Care/My Happiness/I'm Sorry I Made You Sorry

E/SE-3794 - Connie Francis Sings Rock 'n' Roll Million Sellers - Connie Francis [1959] Hearts Of Stone/Tweedle Dee/I Almost Lost My Mind/I Hear You Knockin'/Just A Dream/Don't Be Cruel/Stupid Cupid/Ain't That A Shame/Sincerely/Silhouettes/I'm Walkin'/It's Only Make Believe

E/SE-3795 - Connie Francis Sings Country & Western Golden Hits - Connie Francis [1959] Singing The Blues/Tennessee Waltz/Young Love/Your Cheatin' Heart/Bye Bye Love/Peace In The Valley/Anytime/Hearts Of Stone/Half As Much/Cold, Cold Heart/Let Me Go Lover/My Special Angel

E-3796 - You're Hearing the Best of George Shearing - George Shearing Quintet [1960] I Hear Music/Tenderly/There's A Lull In My Life/Caravan, Parts 1 & 2/Hallelujah/Easy To Love/Lady Is A Tramp/Summertime/Don't Blame Me/They All Laughed/Body And Soul/Stranger In Paradise

E-3797 - Singing Through the Seasons - Ray Charles Singers [1960] Spring, Spring, Spring/It Might As Well Be Spring/When The Red Red Robin/In The Good Old Summertime/Winter Wonderland/Cruising Down The River/Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow/Autumn Leaves/Button Up Your Overcoat/September Song/Summertime

E/SE-3798 - Shorty Rogers Meets Tarzan: Tarzan the Ape Man (Soundtrack) - Shorty Rogers [1960] Elephants Wail/Los Barbaros/Paradise Found/Trapped/Los Primitivos/Oomgawa/Tarzanic Suite

E/SE-3799 - A Night in Vienna - Robert Stolz & His Orchestra [1960] The Blue Danube/Dreaming By The Danube/Schrammel Selections/Radetzky March/Herreinspaziert/Tales From Vienna Woods/Nechledil March/Schmutzer Tanze/Spring Parade March/Greetings From Vienna/Bells Of St. Stephens

E/SE-3800 - Joni James at Carnegie Hall - Joni James [1960] Give Me A Song To Sing/Your Cheatin' Heart/Have You Heard/My Love, My Love/There Goes My Heart/When I Grow Too Old To Dream/Why Don't You Believe Me/Danny Boy/Come Back To Sorrento/Let There Be Love/Purple Shades/May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You

Thanks to Paul Benkimoun.

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