MGM Album Discography, Part 13
Children's Records

By Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: October 4, 2005

MGM had several childrens series over the years. They started with children's records in the main series and in the Lion reissue series in the late 1950s, then switched to a new CH-100 children's series in 1962. This shifted to the CH-500 series in 1963-64, then a special label, Leo the Lion (CH-1000 series) in 1965-1968. In 1966, a few albums were issued on the King Leo label, and in the 1970s, MGM issued records under the "Young Directional Series". A large number of the albums after the initial series were reissues of earlier albums.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

MGM Children's CH-100 Series (1962):

CH-100 - TV Storytime with Tom & Jerry - Bret Morrison [1962] Reissue of Lion L70074. Johann Mouse/Charlie the Choo Choo Train/Old MacDonald's Barnyard Band/Robin Hood

CH-101 - Mother Goose Sing-Along: 20 All-Time Favorites - Donald Dame/Betty Martin [1962] Reissue of Lion L70075. Medley: Good Morning-Mary Sunshine-Jack & Jill-Simple Simon-3 Little Kittens-Mistress Mary-Humpty Dumpty-Little Tommy Tucker-Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush- Hickory Dickory Dock-Little Jack Horner-Little Miss Muffett-Rock-A-Bye Baby-Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/Medley: Mulberry Bush-Did You Ever See a Lassie-Looby Lou/Medley: Farmer in the Dell-Little Bo Peep-Hey Diddle Diddle-London Bridge Is Falling Down/Baa! Baa! Black Sheep

CH-102 - Rip Van Winkle/Johnny Appleseed - Lionel Barrymore/Kate Smith [1962] Reissue of Lion L70078.

CH-103 - The Wonderful World of Fairy Tales - Robert Q. Lewis [1962] Reissue of Lion L70080. Pinocchio/Little Mermaid/Sleeping Beauty/Steadfast Tin Soldier/Thembelina/Pied Piper/Little Boy/Little Girl/Jack & the Beanstalk/Rapunzel/Ugly Duckling/Rumpelstiltskin/Beauty & the Beast/Wizard of Oz

CH-104 - Tom Thumb (Soundtrack) - Muir Mateison [1962] Reissue of Lion L70084. After All These Years/Tom Thumb's Tune/Talented Shoes/Yawning Song

CH-105 - 60 All-Time Favorites: Community Sing-Along - Robert Q. Lewis [1962] Reissue of Lion L70085. Medley: Sing a Song With Me-A-Hunting We Will Go-Alouette-Bobby Shaftoe-Dixie-Did You Ever See a Lassie?-Dooda Dooda-Hey Diddle Diddle/Medley: London Bridge-Hickory Dickory Dock- Alphabet Song-Old Gray Mare-Oh Were Has My Little Dong Gone-Ride a Cock Horse-Pussy Cat Pussycat-Mary Had a Little Lamb/Medley: Old MacDonald Had a Farm-Polly-Wolly-Doodle-Polly Put the Kettle On-Jack Horner-Baa! Baa! Black Sheep-I Love Little Pussy-Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be/Medley: Jack & Jill-Go In & Out the Window-Lazy Mry-Little Boy Blue-Looby-Loo-Jingle Bells-Down in the Valley-Oh Suzanna/Medley: Farmer in the Dell-Aunt Rhody-Sing a Song of Sixpence-Skip To My Lou-10 Little Indians-Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-A Tisket A Tasket-Mistree Mary Quite Contrary/Medley: Mulberry Bush-For He's a Jolly Good Fellow-Row Row Row Your Boat-Frere Jacques-Billy Boy-Little Bo Peep-Pop! Goes the Weasel/Medley: Yankee Doodle-3 Little Kittens-Rockabye Baby-Oats Peas Beans & Barley Grow-3 Blind Mice-She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain-Muffin Man-Ring Around a Rosy/Medley: My Lod Kentucky Home-Sailing Sailing-My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean-My Little Nut Tree-Old Folks at Home-Baby Bunting-Cradle Song-Sing a Song With Me

CH-106 - More TV Storytime with Tom & Jerry - Bret Morrison [1962] Reissue of Lion L70087. Fire Engine/Rocket Ship To the Moon/In the Wild West/Down On the Farm/Meet Santa Claus/Aladdin's Lamp

CH-107 - Bible Stories for Children - Arlene Francis [1962] Reissue of Lion L70101. Noah & the Great Flood/Abraham/Wife For Issac/Joseph & His Brothers/Moses/10 Commandments/Samson/Shadrach, Meshack & Abednego/Ruth & Noami/David & Goliath/24th & 100th Psalms

CH-108 - The Magic World of Circuses and Clowns - Robert Q. Lewis [1962] Reissue of Lion L70104. Entry of the Gladiators/Circus Clowns/Circus Band/Under the Double Eagle/Circus Elephants/Bombasto/Lion Tamer March/King Cotton/Circus Kids/Washington Post March/Circus Acrobats/Our Director March/Traveling With the Circus/Capitan March/Circus Side Show/Manhattan Beach March

CH-109 - Favorite Marches for Children - Children's Marching Chorus & Toyland Band [1962] Reissue of Lion L70105. Medley: On the Mall-Marines' Hymn-Betty Coed-Whistler's Song/Medley: Yankee Doodle March-Dixie-Jingle Bells March/Medley: Hail Columbia-America-Columbia the Gem of the Ocean/Medley: U.S. Air Force/Lassus Trombone-Stein Song-Pomp & Circumstance-Mr. Man/Medley: Caissons Go Rolling Along-Dixieland Style March-Stars & Stripes Forever/Medley: When Johnny Gomes Marching Home-I've Been Working on the Railroad-Pop! Goes the Weasel/Medley: Semper Fidelis- Thunderer-Invercargill/Medley: Camptown Races-Mulberry Bush March/Medley: America the Beautiful- Star Spangled Banner

CH-110 - Terrytoon's Mighty Mouse TV Playhouse - Tom Morrison [1962] Reissue of Lion L70115. Green Line/Date For Dinner/Watchdog/Sultan's Birthday Party/Smokey Joe/Angry Volcano

CH-111 - Tubby the Tuba/The Story of Celeste - Jose Ferrer/Rosemary Clooney [1962] Reissue of MGM E-3709.

CH-112 - A Christmas Carol/Beloved Christmas Hymns & Carols - Lionel Barrymore & Richard Hale/Canterbury Choir [1962] Reissue of Lion L70124.

CH-113 - The Bear That Wasn't/Drippy (The Runaway Raindrop)/Fantissimo - Keenan Wynn [1962] Reissue of Lion L70076.

CH-114 - Horton Hatches the Egg/Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves - Betty Garrett/Lionel Barrymore [1962]

CH/CHS-500 Childrens' Series (1963-1964):

CH/CHS-501 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/Sleeping Beauty/Rumplestiltskin [1963] Someday My Prince Will Come/Heigh Ho/Sleeping Beauty/Rumplestilskin

CH/CHS-502 - Cinderella/Hansel & Gretel [1963]

CH/CHS-503 - Pinocchio/Tom Thumb/The Gingerbread Boy [1963]

CH/CHS-504 - Mother Goose Nursery Rhimes - Judy Valentine [1963] Medley: 3 Little Kittens-Mistress Mary-Humpty Dumpty/Medley: Jack & Jill-Simple Simon-Little Tommy Tucker-Mulberry Bush/Medley: Hickory Dickory Dock-Little Jace Horner-Little Miss Muffet-Little Bo Peep/Looby Loo/Farmer In the Dell/Did You Ever See a Lassie?/Baa! Baa! Black Sheep/Good Morning Mary Sunshine/Medley: hey Diddle Diddle-London Bridge-Twinkle Twinkle/Rockabye-Baby/Mary Had a Little Lamb

CH/CHS-505 - Peter and the Wolf/The Story of Celeste/Tubby the Tuba [1963]

CH/CHS-506 - Bambi/Dumbo [1963]

CH/CHS-507 - The Little Engine That Could/Little Toot/The Little Red Caboose [1963]

CH/CHS-508 - Peter Pan/Alice in Wonderland [1963]

CH/CHS-509 - Jack in the Beanstalk/Three Little Pigs/Little Red Riding Hood [1963]

CH/CHS-510 - The Wizard of Oz/Babes in Toyland [1963]

CH/CHS-511 - Ali Baba and the Forty Theives/Aladdin's Lamp [1964]

CH/CHS-512 - The Ugly Duckling/The Brementon Musicians/Goldilocks and the Three Bears [1964]

CH/CHS-513 - Gulliver's Travels/Rapunsel/Puss 'N Boots [1964]

CH/CHS-514 - The Pied Piper/The Shoemaker and the Elves/The Fisherman and His Wife [1964]

CH/CHS-515 - Robin Hood/The Prince and the Pauper [1964]

CH/CHS-516 - Flipper's New Adventure [1964]

CH/CHS-517 - 'Twas the Night Before Christmas/The Little Firetree/The Night the Animals Talked [1964]


C/CH-1000 - 4 Musical Adventures of TVs Favorite Cat and Mouse: Tom & Jerry - Bret Morrison [1965] Reissue of MGM CH-100.

C/CH-1001 - Flipper, The King of the Sea [1965] Reissue of MGM CH-516.

C/CH-1002 - Mighty Mouse to the Rescue! - Tom Morrison [1965] Reissue of MGM CH- 110.

C/CH-1003 - Meet Merry Mother Goose - Betty Martin/Donald Dame [1965] Reissue of MGM CH-101.

C/CH-1004 - This Old Man (Great Parade Marches and Songs) - MGM Marching Band & Chorus [1965] Reissue of MGM CH-109.

C/CH-1005 - Tubby the Tuba/Gulliver's Travels [1965]

C/CH-1006 - The Wizard of Oz/Babes in Toyland [1965] Reissue of MGM CH-510.

C/CH-1007 - Cinderella/Hansel & Gretel [1965] Reissue of MGM CH-502.

C/CH-1008 - The MGM Treasury of Bedtime Stories [1966]

C/CH-1009 - Grimm's Fairy Tales - Robert Q. Lewis & MGM Players [1965]

C/CH-1010 - Little Red Riding Hood [1965] Reissue of MGM CH-509.

C/CH-1011 - French Spoken Here [1966]

C/CH-1012 - ABC, 1-2-3: Counting Rhymes, Alphabet Songs, Riddles and Tongue Twisters - Lande, Denning and MGM Orchestra [1966]

C/CH-1013 - Horton Hatches the Egg/Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves [1965]

C/CH-1014 - Smokey and His Friends - Smokey Bear [1966]

C/CH-1015 - [unissued]

C/CH-1016 - Dinosaurs! - Basil Rathbone [1966]

C/CH-1017 - Jolly Doctor Dollywell/Horatio, The Horsie-O [1966]

C/CH-1018 - The Songs of G.I. Joe [1966]

C/CH-1019 - The Official Adventures of Batman and Robin [1966]

C/CH-1020 - Teddy Bear's Picnic/The Bear That Wasn't [1966]

C/CH-1021 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs [1967] Reissue of MGM CH-501.

C/CH-1022 - The Official Adventures of Superman [1966]

C/CH-1023 - The Amazing TV Themes - Milton DeLugg/Wade Denning/Ron Marshall [1966]

C/CH-1024 - Let's Play School - Kay Lande [1966]

C/CH-1025 - Curtain Going Up - Richard Kiley & Julie Harris [1966]

C/CH-1026 - Old Mother Hubbard (A Collection of 20 Play Party Songs) - Peppermint Nine & MGM Orchestra [1966]

C/CH-1027 - More Official Adventures of Batman and Robin [1966]

C/CH-1028 - The Official Adventures of Flash Gordon - Buster Crabbe [1966]

C/CH-1029 - The Green Berets: Their Story and Heritage [1966]

C/CH-1030 - The Official Adventures of the Green Hornet [1966]

C/CH-1031 - Mowgli's Brothers/Tiger! Tiger! - Richard Kiley [1967]

C/CH-1032 - The MGM Treasury of Fairy Tales - MGM Players [1967]

C/CH-1033 - Curious George - Jimmy Blaine [1967]

C/CH-1034 - Johnny Appleseed/The Story of Celeste - Kate Smith/Rosemary Clooney [1967]

C/CH-1035 - Noah's Ark and Other Wondrous Bible Stories - Arlene Francis [1967] Reissue of MGM CH-107.

C/CH-1036 - The Magic Fishbone/The Happy Prince/The Potted Princess - Julie Harris & Richard Kiley [1967]

C/CH-1037 - Peter Pan - Robert Q. Lewis/Keenan Wynn [1967]

C/CH-1038 - The Farmer in the Dell - Robert Q. Lewis [1967] Reissue of MGM CH-105.

C/CH-1039 - Smitty the Clown - Robert Q. Lewis [1967] Reissue of MGM CH-108.

C/CH-1040 - The Official Adventures of Aquaman/The Green Lantern/The Flash [1967]

C/CH-1041 - The Official Adventures of The Phantom/Mandrake the Magician [1967]

C/CH-1042 - Canada (A History in Story and Song) - Sidney Paul [1967]

C/CH-1043 - Daktari (Soundtrack) - Original TV Cast [1967]

C/CH-1044 - Maya (TV Soundtrack) - TV Cast [1967]

C/CH-1045 - Space Stories and Sounds - Bill Stern [1967] Reissue of Lion L70086.

C/CH-1046 - Pinocchio [1968] Reissue of MGM CH-503.

C/CH-1047 - The Official Adventures of Prince Valiant [1968]

C/CH-1048 - The Official Adventures of The Shadow [1968]

C/CH-1049 - Tom Thumb [unissued]

C/CH-1050 - Story Hour with Shirley Booth - Shirley Booth [1968]

C/CH-1051 - The Walrus and the Carpenter/Carnival of the Animals [unissued]

C/CH-1052 - Goodnight, Moon: The Stories of Margaret Wise Brown - Margaret Wise Brown [unissued]

C/CH-1053 - Peter and the Wolf/Alice in Wonderland [1968]


LE/LES-900 - You're a Good Man Charlie Brown - Original Album Musical [1966]

LE/LES-901 - How the Grinch Stole Christmas (TV Soundtrack) - Original TV Soundtrack [1966]

LE/LES-902 - Tarzan (TV Soundtrack) - Ron Ely & Cast [1966]

LE/LES-903 - Children's Songs - Connie Francis & Kids Next Door [1966]


YDS-301 - Goody Two Shoes - Efram Zimbalist, Jr.

YDS-302 - The Adventures of Raggedy Ann - Ann Rutherford

YDS-303 - The Robin Hood of El Dorado - Lorne Greene

YDS-304 - The Astronauts: True Adventures in Space - Astronauts [unissued]

YDS-305 - Batman '71 [unissued]

YDS-306 - French Spoken Here [unissued]

YDS-307 - [number not assigned?]

YDS-308 - Dinosaurs' Journey

YDS-309 - ABC, 1-2-3 [unissued]

YDS-310 - The Ugly Duckling [unissued]

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