MGM Album Discography, Part 12
(Soundtrack Series)

By Peter Preuss, Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: April 23, 2003

MGM had always released soundtracks in their main series, but in 1960 decided to start a special series for specially packaged soundtracks such as the Ben Hur box set. The first few titles in this series were available as box sets as well as regular albums with fold-open jackets, but by 1963 the boxes were discontinued in favor of packaging which featured booklets glued inside a fold-open cover. Reissues after the first printing usually had the gatefold cover, but not the booklet. Catalog numbers with "X" at the end usually were reissues where remastering had been done to change a track (see explanations in the album paragraphs below.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

1E1/S1E1 - Ben-Hur (Soundtrack) - Miklos Rosza [11/59] (4-60, #6) Either boxed edition with hardbound book or gatefold cover edition. Adoration Of The Magi/Burning Desert/Friendship/Leper's Search For The Christ/Love Theme/The Miracle (Finale)/Mother's Love/Naval Battle/Prelude/Procession To Calvary/Return To Judea/Roman March/Rowing Of The Galley Slaves/Victory Parade

1E2/S1E2 - King of Kings (Soundtrack) - Miklos Rosza [1961] (11-61, #10) Boxed set with booklet and four 8 x 10'' stills. Christ's Entry Into Jerusalem/Holy Of Holies/John The Baptist/King Of Kings Theme (Prelude)/Mary At The Sepulcher/The Miracles Of Christ/Mount Galilee/Nativity/Pontious Pilate's Arrival Into Jerusalem/Prayer Of Our Lord/Resurrection (Finale)/Salome's Dance/Scouraging Of Christ/Sermon On The Mount/Tempest In Judea/Temptation Of Christ/Virgin Mary/Way Of The Cross

1E3/S1E3 - The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (Soundtrack) - Gus Levene [1962] (2-LP set) Issued as boxed edition with booklet, gatefold cover edition. Contains dialog from the film and three fairy tales. Narration by Charles Ruggles.

1E4/S1E4 - Mutiny on the Bounty (Soundtrack) - Robert Armbruster [1962] (1-63, #14) Boxed set edition contains book and painting. Original pressings have "Bounty Theme" as final track on side 2, while second pressings have "Bounty Love Theme (Tahitian Chant)" as final track on side 2. Also issued with regular gatefold cover edition. Arrival In Tahiti/Christian's Death/Follow Me (Love Song)/Girls And Sailors/Leaving Harbor/The Mutiny/Mutiny On The Bounty (Theme)/Native Festival Music Medley/Outrigger Chase/Pitcarin Island/Portsmouth Harbor/Storm At Sea

1E5/S1E5 - How the West Was Won (Soundtrack) - Alfred Newman/Ken Darby [1963] (4-63, #4) Bereavement And Fulfillment/Cheyennes/Cleve And The Mule/Climb A Higher Hill/Come Share My Life/Entr'acte/Finale/He's Linus' Boy/Home In The Meadow/Main Title/Marriage Proposal/No Goodbye/Overture/Raise A Ruckus/River Pirates/What Was Your Name In The States?

1E6/S1E6 - Doctor Zhivago (Soundtrack) - Maurice Jarre [1965] (3-66, #1) Original 1965 issue contains booklet; 1966 reissue does not. First pressings and 1966 reissue have alternate music on the track "Yuri Writes a Poem for Lara". Later reissues, with the catalog number S16E-STX, have the original music restored to this track. Overture From "Doctor Zhivago" (S)/Main Title From "Doctor Zhivago" (S)/Lara Leaves Yuri (S)/At The Student Cafe (S)/Komarovsky And Lara's Rendezvous (S)/Revolution (S)//Lara's Theme From "Doctor Zhivago" (S)/The Funeral (S)/Sventytski's Waltz (S)/Yuri Escapes (S)/Tonya Arrives At Varykino (S)/Yuri Writes A Poem For Lara (S)

1E7/S1E7 - The Singing Nun (Soundtrack) - Debbie Reynolds with Harry Sukman Orchestra [1966] (4-66, #23) Alleluia/Avec Toi (With You I Shall Walk)/Beyond The Stars (Entre Les Etoiles)/Brother John/Dibwe Diambula Kabanda/Dominique/I'd Like To Be (Je Voudrais)/It's A Miracle (Une Fleur)/Kyrie/Lovely/Pied Piper (Petit Pierrot)/Put On Your Pretty Skirt (Mets Ton Joli Jupon)/Raindrops/Sister Adele (Soeur Adele)

1E/S1E-8ST - Grand Prix (Soundtrack) - Maurice Jarre [1966] Overture/Scott & Pat - Sarti & Louise/Theme From "Grand Prix"/Sarti's Love Theme (Bossa Nova)/The Zandvoort Race (Scott's Comeback)//The Clermont Race/Scott's Theme (Bossa Nova)/Sarti's Love Theme/In The Garden/The Lonely Race Track

1E/S1E-9OC - You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown! (Original Cast)- Joseph Raposo [1967] (7-67, #165) Book Report/Dr. Lucy/Happiness/Kite/Little Known Facts/My Blanket And Me/Peanuts Potpourri/Queen Lucy/Red Baron/Schroeder/Snoopy/Suppertime/T-E-A-M (Baseball Game)/You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

1E/S1E-10ST - Gone with the Wind (Soundtrack) - Max Steiner [1967] (10-67, #24) Original issue contained a 32-page color booklet; 1967 reissue had foldout cover, but no booklet. The "stereo" version of this album is rechanneled. Main Title/Scarlett & Rhett's First Meeting/Ashley & Scarlett/Mammy/Christmas During The War In Atlanta/Atlanta In Flames//Reconstruction/Ashley Returns To Tara From The War Prison/Scarlett & Rhett Rebuild Tara/Scarlett Makes Her Demands Of Rhett/Scarlett's Fall Down The Staircase/Bonnie's Fatal Pony Ride/Finale

1E/S1E-11ST - Far from the Madding Crowd (Soundtrack) - Marcus Dodds [1967] Fanny & Troy/Bushes & Briars/Bathsheba & Troy/Boldwood/Tinkers Song/Overture & Storm/Bathsheba/I Sowed the Seeds/Fanny Robin/Coffin/Bold Grenadier

1E/1SE-12ST - Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (Soundtrack) - Lawrence Foster [1968] The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich (Cantata)

From this point, albums were issued in stereo only. It is assumed that all tracks are stereo unless otherwise indicated.

S1E-13ST - 2001: A Space Odyssey (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1968] (7-68, #24) Reissue in 1968 as S1E-13STX has the concert version of "Atmospheres." Also Sprach Zarathustra - Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra/Requiem For Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, 2 Mixed Choirs And Orchestra - Bavarian Radio Orchestra/Lux Aeterna - Stuttgart Schola Cantorum/The Blue Danube - Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra//Gayne Ballet Suite - Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra/Atmospheres - Südwestfunk Orchestra/The Blue Danube - Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra/Also Sprach Zarathustra - Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

S1E-14ST - Ice Station Zebra (Soundtrack) - Michel Legrand [1968] The Overture/The Satellite Falls/The Russian Trawler/Tigerfish/The Crevasse//Entr'acte/The Lab/Through The Ice/The Fight/Mission Accomplished

S1E-15ST - The Shoes of the Fisherman (Soundtrack) - Alex North [1968] Overture/Arrival Of The Cardinals/The Election/Veni Creator Spiritus/Kiril Is Proclaimed Pope/Kiril's Loneliness/Celebration//Theme From "The Shoes Of The Fisherman"/Rome/The Pope Advises Dr. Faber/Reconciliation/The Gathering/Coronation

S1E-16ST - Where Eagles Dare (Soundtrack) - Ron Goodwin[1969] Main Title/Ascent On Cable Car/Pursued By The Enemy/The Booby Trap/Encounter In The Castle//On Enemy Territory/Descent & Fight On The Cable Car/The Chase To The Airfield/Three Incidental Pieces From The Film: (a) Beguine (b) Polka (c) Fox Trot

S1E-17ST - Mayerling (Soundtrack) [unissued]

S1E-18ST - "2" from the Siv Holm Novel "I, A Woman Part II" (Soundtrack) - Sven Gyldmark [1969] Sex Happening/Waltz Melancholic/Indian Bolero/Feelings In A Dive/Beguine Erotic//Petting Waltz/Strip-Tease Party/Lonesome And Scared/Forbidden Love

S1E-19STX - Goodbye, Mr. Chips (Soundtrack) - John Williams[1969] (12-69, #164) Overture/Fill The World With Love - Boys/Where Did My Childhood Go? - Peter O'Toole/London Is London - Petula Clark & Chorus/And The Sky Smiled - Petula Clark/Apollo - Petula Clark/When I Am Older - Boys/Walk Through The World - Petula Clark//Entr'acte and What Shall I Do With Today? - Petula Clark/What A Lot Of Flowers and Reprise - Peter O'Toole/Schooldays - Petula Clark & Boys/When I Was Younger - Peter O'Toole/You And I - Petula Clark/Fill The World With Love Reprise - Peter O'Toole & Boys/You And I (Orchestral Reprise)

1SE-20ST - The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart (Soundtrack)- Various Artists [1970] Nobody Knows - Bill Medley/Magic Mountain - Eric Burdon & War)Happy Together - Mike Curb Congregation/Keep On Keepin' That Man - Angeline Butler/Water - Michael Greer/Funny How It Happens - Stilroc//Sweet Gingerbread Man - Mike Curb Congregation/Time To Make A Turn - Crow/Blood - David Lucas/Peace On Earth - The Wheel/Sound Of Love - Angeline Butler

1SE-21ST - Zigzag (Soundtrack) - Oliver Nelson/Don Peake [1970] All You Did Was Smile - Bobby Hatfield/Main Title From "Zigzag"/Guilty, Your Honor/It Was You, It Was You/Love Theme (Bossa)/Earphones//Zigzag - Roy Orbison/The Other Car/Variation Of Themes/I Call Your Name - Bobby Hatfield/End Title

1SE-22ST - The Moonshine War (Soundtrack) - Soundtrack [unissued]

1SE-23ST - Kelly's Heroes (Soundtrack) - Lalo Schifrin [1970] Kelly's Heroes/All For The Love Of Sunshine - Hank Williams, Jr./Burning Bridges/Tiger Tank/Clairmont Waltz/Battle Hymn Of The Republic//Burning Bridges - Mike Curb Congregation/Quick Draw Kelly/All For The Love Of Sunshine/I've Been Working On The Railroad/Commando Opus

1SE-24ST - Dirty Dingus Magee (Soundtrack)- Jeff Alexander [1970] Dirty Dingus Magee - Mike Curb Congregation/The Rounders/Strum!/A Very Square Dance/Indian Made/Rip Snortin' Main Title/Trouble At Yerkey's Hole//Dirty Dingus Magee - Jeff Alexander's Country Sound/Little Big Horny/Ring-A-Ding Dingus/Hoke-Y/Raunchy/No Trouble At Yerkey's Hole/Who Says A Horse Can't Talk?/Rip Snortin' End Title

1SE-25ST - [number not assigned]

1SE-26ST - The Outlaw Riders (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1970] (Featuring performances by Lenny McDaniel, Horsemen, Simon Stokes & the Night Hawks, Bob Correll)

1SE-27ST - Ryan's Daughter - Maurice Jarre [1970] (12-70, #199) Main Title/Where Was I When The Parade Went By (The Major)/You Don't Want Me Then/Michael's Theme/Ride Through The Woods/Obsession//Overture/The Shakes/Rosy On The Beach/Song Of The Irish Rebels/Rosy And The Schoolmaster/Michael Shows Randolph His Strange Treasure/It Was A Good Time (Rosy's Theme)

1SE-28ST - Brewster McCloud (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1970] Rock-A-Bye Baby - Sally Kellerman/White Feather Wings - Merry Clayton/Funeral - Merry Clayton/Lift Every Voice And Sing - Merry Clayton/Promise Not To Tell - John Phillips/Last Of The Unnatural Acts - John Phillips/First And Last Thing You Do - John Phillips/White Feather Wings - Merry Clayton//The Star Spangled Banner - Margaret Hamilton/Caged - House Of Representatives/Over The Rainbow - Gene Page Orchestra/Two In The Bush - Gene Page Orchestra/Brewster Don't Blow Your Mind - Gene Page Orchestra/Lost City - Gene Page Orchestra/Brester Don't Blow Your Mind - Gene Page Orchestra

1SE-29ST - Fortune and Men's Eyes (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1971]

1SE-30ST - The Last Run (Soundtrack) - Jerry Goldsmith [1971] The Last Run - Steve Lawrence/Main Title "The Last Run"/Border Crossing/Spanish Coast/Claudie Says Yes/Rickard Escapes//The Last Run/Double Cross/Yo Te Amo/Claudie's Stockings/The Trap/End Title

1SE-31ST - Wild Rovers (Soundtrack)- Jerry Goldsmith [1971] Medley: Early Morning- The Wild Rover - Ellen Smith/Wild Horses/Snow Country/Old Times/The Knife/Friendly Advice//Bronco Bustin'/Sleepless Night/Saturday Night/Medley: Final Destination-Texas Rangers - Ellen Smith/End Title "Wild Rovers"

1SE-32ST - The Boy Friend (Soundtrack) - Peter Maxwell Davies[1971] Overture "The Boy Friend"/Perfect Young Ladies/I Could Be Happy With You/Fancy Forgetting/Sur La Place/You Are My Lucky Star/It's Never Too Late To Fall In Love/Won't You Charleston With Me?//The You-Don't- Want-To-Play-With-Me-Blues/A Room In Bloomsbury/It's Nicer In Nice/All I Do Is Dream Of You/Safety In Numbers/Poor Little Pierrette/At The Riviera-The Boy Friend

1SE-33ST - The Last Picture Show - Hank Williams [1971] (Collection Of His Early 50s Recordings As Partly Used In The Original Soundtrack Of The Last Picture Show)

1SE-34OC - Grease (Original Cast) - Louis St. Louis [1972] Alma Mater/Alma Mater (Parody)/Summer Nights/Those Magic Changes/Freddy, My Love/Greased Lightnin'/Mooning/Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee/We Go Together//It's Raining On Prom Night/Born To Hand-Jive/Beauty School Dropout/Alone At A Drive-In-Movie/Rock'n'Roll Party Queen/There Are Worse Things I Could Do/Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise)/All Choked Up/We Go Together (Reprise)

1SE-35ST - Cool Breeze (Soundtrack) - Solomon Burke [1972] Cool Breeze/PSR 1983/The Bus/Love Affair/ICBYATHT W. T.? (Based On Overture From "William Tell")/Get Up And Do Something For Yourself//Love's Street And Fool's Road/It Must Be Love/Fight Back/Then I Want To Come Home (Instrumental)/Then I Want To Come Home (Vocal)/We're Almost Home

1SE-36ST - Shaft's Big Score (Soundtrack) - Dick Hazard [1972] (8-72, #100) Blowin' Your Mind - O. C. Smith/The Other Side/Smart Money/First Meeting/Asby-Kelly Man/Don't Misunderstand - O. C. Smith/Move On In - O. C. Smith//Symphony For Shafted Souls (The Big Chase): Take Off-Dance Of The Cars-Water Ballet (Part I)-Water Ballet (Part II)-Call And Response-The Last Amen

1SE-37ST - Outside In (Soundtrack) - Randy Edelman [1972]

1SE-38ST - Melinda (Soundtrack) - Jerry Peters [unissued] Released as Pride PRD- 006ST. Speak Truth To The People (Frankie's Theme) - Jerry Butler/Melinda Title Theme/Part III/Tank's Theme - Jerry Butler/Love Is - Jerry Butler//Melinda Latino/I Can't Let You Go/The Blues (Dope Pusher's Theme)/Music For Tank's Boat/Melinda Reprise - Jerry Butler

1SE-39ST - The Great Waltz (Soundtrack)- Roland Shaw [1972] Crystal And Gold/Nightfall/Warm/Wine, Women And Song/Love Is Music/Louder And Faster//With You Gone/Through Jetty's Eyes/Say Yes/Six Drinks/Indigo/Who Are You?/The Great Waltz In Boston (The Blue Danube)

2SES-40ST - Those Glorious MGM Musicals: "Singin' in the Rain" & "Easter Parade" (Soundtracks) - Lennie Hayton/Johnny Green (2-LP-Set) [1973] (9-73, #185)

2SES-41ST - Those Glorious MGM Musicals: "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" & "Rose Marie" - Adolph Deutsch/George Stoll (2-LP-Set) [1973] Disc 1: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: Bless Yore Beautiful Hide - Howard Keel/Wonderful, Wonderful Day - Jane Powell/Goin' Co'tin' - Jane Powell & Brothers/Sobbin' Women - Howard Keel & Brothers//Spring Spring Spring - Brothers & Girls/Lonesome Polecat - Bill Lee & Brothers/June Bride - Virginia Gibson & Girls/When You're In Love - Jane Powell & Howard Keel; Disc 2: Rose Marie: Rose marie - Howard Keel/Free To Be Free - Ann Blyth/The Right Place For A Girl - Howard Keel/Love And Kisses - Bert Lahr & Marjorie main//Mounties - Howard Keel/I Have The Love - Ann Blyth & Fernando Lamas/I'm A Mountie Who Never Got His man - Bert Lahr/Indian Love Call - Ann Blyth & Fernando Lamas

2SES-42ST - Those Glorious MGM Musicals: "Show Boat" & "Annie Get Your Gun" - Adolph Deutsch (2-LP-Set) [1973] (9-73, #184)

2SES-43ST - Those Glorious MGM Musicals: "The Pirate" & "Pagan Love Song" & "Hit The Deck" - Lennie Hayton/Adolph Deutsch/Johnny Green (2-LP set) [1973]

2SES-44ST - Those Glorious MGM Musicals: "The Band Wagon" & "Kiss Me Kate" - Adolph Deutsch/Andre Previn (2-LP-Set) [1973]

2SES-45ST - Those Glorious MGM Musicals: "Till The Clouds Roll By" & "Three Little Words" - Lennie Hayton/Various Artists (2-LP-Set) [1973]

1SE-46ST - The Soul Of Nigger Charley (Soundtrack) - Don Costa [1973] Main Title - Charley/Main Theme To Water Tower/A Lonely Summer (Love Theme)/Can You Dig It? (Working Music)/Sometime Day - Lou Rawls//The Lonely Summer/Train's Comin'/Lord, It's A Long Time Comin'/Fiesta/Sandoval/Morning Comes Around - Lou Rawls

1SE-47ST - Westworld (Soundtrack) - Fred Karlin [1973] The Western Warble/Theme From "Westworld"/Chase From "Westworld"/Welcome To Westworld/Robot Repair/Medieval World//Stagecoach Arrival/The Queen's Indiscretion/The Gunslinger/Bar Room Piano/Hovercraft Muzak/Chase From "Westworld", Part 2

1SE-48ST - Kazablan (Soundtrack) - Dov Seltzer [1973] Overture/Man Of Respect (Yehoram Gaon & The Gang)/We Are All Jews (The Cast)/Chassidic Rock (The Gang & The Girls)/There's A Place (Yehoram Gaon)/Democracy (The Cast)/Construction Rock Ballet (The Gang)//Jaffa (Aliza Azikri)/Hey, What's Up? (The Gang)/Rosa, Rosa (Yehoram Gaon & Aliza Azikri)/Kazablan (Get Off My Back) (Yehoram Gaon)/Getting Dressed Ballet (The Gang And Kaza)/Brith Milah Pageant (The Cast)

2SES-49ST - Those Glorious MGM Musicals: "Good News" & "In The Good Old Summertime" & "Two Weeks With Love" - Lennie Hayton/George Stoll (2-LP set) [1974]

2SES-50ST - Those Glorious MGM Musicals: "Lovely to Look At" & "Brigadoon" - Carmen Dragon/Johnny Green (2-LP set) [1974]

2SES-51ST - Those Glorious MGM Musicals: "Silk Stockings" & "The Barkleys Of Broadway" & "Les Girls" - Andre Previn/Johnny Green/Adolph Deutsch (2-LP set) [1974]

2SES-52ST - Those Glorious MGM Musicals: "Everything I Have Is Yours" & "Summer Stock" & "I Love Melvin" - David Rose/Johnny Green/George Stoll (2-LP set) [1974]

2SES-53ST - Those Glorious MGM Musicals: "Nancy Goes To Rio" & "Rich, Young And Pretty" & "Royal Wedding" - George Stoll/David Rose/Johnny Green (2-LP set) [1974]

2SES-54ST - Those Glorious MGM Musicals: "Deep In My Heart" & "Words And Music" - Adolph Deutsch/Lennie Hayton (2-LP set) [1974]

M3G-55OC - Lorelei (Original Broadway Cast) - Milton Rosenstock[1974]

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