Crown Album Discography, Part 3:
CLP-5201 to CLP-5299/CST-221 to CST-299 (1961-1963)

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: October 9, 2010

The first Crown label (far left) was black with silver print, with "crown" in lower case letters bending around the top edge of the label. Only the first few issues on this page had this label. Stereo issues corresponding to these first few had a slightly different black label design (near left), with a drawing of a British Imperial crown. The stereo issues on this page were originally on black vinyl.
From about 5207 to about 5255, Crown albums had a black label with the logo in block multi-color letters (far left). Corresponding stereo issues (near left) had the same label with large red "STEREO" around the bottom.
Starting somewhere between 5251 and 5258, the label again changed, to a grey label with black print. Stereo versions of labels on this page had a large "STEREO" on the bottom of the label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Crown CLP-5200 (mono)/CST-200 (stereo) Main Series:

CLP-5200/CST-220 - Kings of Dixieland Volume 5 - Kings of Dixieland [1961] On The Banks Of The Wabash/King Fish Blues/Merry Widow Waltz/East Side, West Side/The Band Played On//The Stars And Stripes/Bicycle Built For Two/You Tell Me Your Dreams/Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis/Dark Eyes

CLP-5201/CST-221 - Organ Favorites - Jim Day at the Hammond Organ [1961] Give My Regards To Broadway/In The Good Old Summertime/When You Were Sweet Sixteen/Yellow Rose Of Texas/You're A Grand Old Flag/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/My Wild Irish Rose/Merry Widow Waltz/Ida/(others)

CLP-5202 - More Oldies and Goodies - Various Artists [1961] Issued in monaural only. First cover had a black background; second cover had a white background (shown at right). Why Don't You Write Me - Jacks/Crazy Feeling - Etta James/Tick Tock - Marvin & Johnny/Kansas City Blues - Joe Turner/You Upset Me Baby - B.B. King//Good Rockin' Daddy - Etta James/My Desire - Jesse Belvin/Cherry Pie - Marvin & Johnny/Don't Feel Sorry For Me - Jimmy Beasley/Please Love Me - B.B. King

CLP-5203 - Wild Man of the Tenor Sax - Joe Houston [1961] Issued in monaural only. Joggin' Around/Doing the Madison/Hands Down/Turn Around/Joe's Lament/Time For the Blues/Yesiree/Stompin With Joy/Doggin' It/Got the Blues After Hours

CLP-5204 - Is This Your Rudy Vallee - Rudy Vallee [1961] Issued in monaural only.

CLP-5205/CST-222 - Drink-A-Long Sing-A-Long Gang - Sing-A-Long Gang [1961] Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight-There Is A Tavern In The Town-Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here/Here's To Good Old Beer-The Quartermaster Corps/Glorious Beer-Comrades/Sweet Adeline/Little Brown Jug-For He's A Jolly Good Fellow//Drunk Last Night/John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt-Viva L'Amour/She May Have Seen Better Days-She's More To Be Pitied Than Censured-Let He Sleep Under The Bar/Auld Lang Syne/99 Bottles-Goodnight Ladies

Note: At about this time, the label changes from the black and silver label to the black label with multi-color letters in the logo "CROWN." Not all plants changed at the same time, so some before this may have been initially issued with the multi-colored letters label, and a few after this may have the original black and silver label. Also at about this point, the mono records begin to have the "FULL COLOR HIGH FIDELITY" banner across the bottom of the front cover.

CLP-5206/CST-223 - Hawaii Calling - Polynesians [1961] Little Grass Shack/My Yellow Ginger Lei/Princess Pupule/Lullabye Of Birdland/Tanga Ta Hura Hura//Little Brown Girl/Lehua/At The Barefoot Bar/Hawaiian War Chant/Tahiti Nui

CLP-5207/CST-224 - The Hawk Swings - Coleman Hawkins [1961] Original stereo issues were on red vinyl with black label with multi-color letters. Coleman Hawkins, tenor sax; Thad Jones, trumpet; George Duvivier, bass; Eddie Costa, piano & vibes; Osie Johnson, drums. Cloudy/Almost Dawn//Stake Out/Cross Town/Shadows

CLP-5208/CST-225 - Moonlight Sonata and Others - Lilie Wollin [1961] Moonlight Sonata/Chopin's Etude #3/Rachmaninoff's Prelude in G Minor

CLP-5209 - Miss Etta James - Etta James [1961] Issued in monaural only. Dance With Me Henry/Do Something Crazy/Good Rockin' Daddy/Hey Henry/How Big A Fool/I Hope You're Satisfied/My One And Only/Strange Things/That's All/Woman

CLP-5210 - Spirituals - Rev. Ulric George and Jubilee Singers [1961] Issued in monaural only.

CLP-5211/CST-226 - Camp Fire Sing-A-Long Gang - Sing-A-Long Gang [1961]

CLP-5212/CST-227 - Modern Jazz Greats - Continental Jazz Octette [1961] Jumpin' With Symphony Sid - Lester Young/Soft Shoe - Gerry Mulligan/Freeway - Chet Baker/Confirmation - Charlie Parker/Po Po - Shorty Rogers//The Funky Shepherds - Bud Shank/Robbins Nest - Sir Charles Thompson & Illinois Jacquet/Stuffy - Coleman Hawkins/Onithology - Charlie Parker & Benny Harris

CLP-5213 - Oldies and Goodies: Country and Western, Vol. 1 - Various Artists [1961] Issued in monaural only. Half Past A Heartache - Doye O'Dell/Three Walls - Tom Tall/Napolean McGrew - Eddie Dean/I Want To Go Back To Mexico - Georgia Brown/Could You Would You - Okie Jones/Fender Bender - Oscar Hart//Lorena - Charlie Williams/Please Blue Heart - Lonnie Barron/Just Play The Juke Box - Wally & Don/Johnny's Coming Home - Myrna Jay/I'll Cry Again Tomorrow - Les York/Noah's Breakdown - Noah Chase

CLP-5214/CST-228 - Vacation in Hawaii - Hawaiians [1961] It Happened In Hawaii/Hawaiian Light/South Sea Island/Hawaiian Chant/Swinging Hati//Coconut Chant/Hawaiian Sunset/Swaying Palm Trees/Hawaiian Serenade/Waikiki Hula/Lava Lava

CLP-5215/CST-229 - Polka Time - Polka Dots [1961]


Kingston Trio cover CLP-5217/CST-231 - The Princeton Trio - Princeton Trio [1961] Complete with Kingston Trio knockoff cover. Yellow Rose Of Texas/Battle Cry Of Freedom/When Johnny Comes Marching Home/Goober Peas/Tenting Tonight//Aura Lee/The Girl I Left Behind/Tramp Tramp Tramp The Boys Are Marching/Marching Through Georgia/Bonnie Blue Flag/Battle Hymn


CLP-5219/CST-233 - Naughty Sing-A-Long Party - Sing-A-Long Gang [1961] A Roving/Black Eyed Suzzie/Poor Lil/No Hips At All/Gentle Johnny My Jingle O/The Chandler's Wife/Blow Candles Out/Frankie And Johnnie/Sweet Violets/Ta Ra Ra Boom De-A/It's The Same World Over/Mimi The College Widow/Foggie Foggie Dew

CLP-5220/CST-234 - Modern Jazz Greats, Volume 2 - Continental Jazz Octette [1961] Scrapple From The Apple - Charlie Parker/Bounce With Me - Errol Garner/Big Girl - Jim Giuffre/Walkin Shoes - Gerry Mulligan/Moose The Mooche - Charlie Parker/Jazz Clarinet Concerto - Buddy DeFranco/Bernie's Tune - Bernie Miller/Dewey Square - Charlie Parker/Intermission Riff - Wetzel & Graham

CLP-5221/CST-235 - More Ink Spots - Ink Spots [1961] Original issue had a white cover; later pressings had a black cover (shown at right). Stardust/Home On The Range/Clementine/East Side West Side/Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie//I'll Never Smile Again/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/Honeymoon/My Wild Irish Rose

CLP-5222 - Oldies & Goodies, Country and Western Vol. II - Various Artists [1961] Burning Bridges - Hometowners/Lonesome And Heartbroken - Bobby Bobo/Walk My Way back Home - Whitey Pullen/Better To Be Safe - Danny Richards/Tomorrow - Bud Titus/Orange Juice - Rovers//Put A Little - Frontiersmen/My Guitar And I - Clay Edgar/Yesterdays - Sterling Blythe/What To Do With A Memory - Goldie Fields/Lost John - Casey Clark/Pickin' Around - Ray Lunsford

CLP-5223/CST-236 - Musical Memories - Sounds of a Thousand Strings [1961]

CLP-5224 - Lightnin' Hopkins Sings the Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins [1961] Issued in monaural only. Just Sittin' Down Thinkin'/Jake Head Boogie/Lonesome Dog Blues/Tell Me Pretty Mama/Last Affair//Don't Keep My Baby Long/Santa Fe Blues/Give Me Back That Wig/Someday/Ain't It Lonesome


CLP-5226 - "Smokey" Hogg Sings the Blues - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg [1961] Issued in monaural only. Good Mornin' Little School Girl/Coming Back Home to You Again/Look in Your Eyes Pretty Mama/You Can't Keep Your Business Straight/Worryin' Mind//Runaway/You Just Gotta Go/It Rainin' Here/I Got Your Picture/When You Get Old/Goin' Back to Chicago

CLP-5227 - Rock 'N Roll Party: Oldies and Goodies - Various Artists [1961] Issued in monaural only. Reissue of Crown 5001.

CLP-5228/CST-238 - Organ Memories - William Daly [1961]

CLP-5229/CST-239 - Honky Tonk Piano, Volume 3 - The Crazy Guy [1961]

CLP-5230 - More B.B. King - B.B. King [1961] Issued in monaural only. Bad Case Of Love/Bad Luck Song/Baby Look At You/My Reward/Blues For Me/Get Out Of Here/Shut Your Mouth/You're Breaking My Heart/Don't Cry Any More/Just Like A Woman

CLP-5231/CST-240 stereo - Rock and Roll - Tony Allen and the Nite Owls [1961] Lovers Mountain/If Love Was Money/Dreamin'/Be My Love/Cute Thing//Have Faith In Me/If I Had Aladdin's Lamp/Why In The World/Home Wrecker/Give Me A Chance

CLP-5232 - John Lee Hooker Sings the Blues - John Lee Hooker [1961] Issued in monaural only. Hug And Squeeze You/I Love You Baby/The Syndicate/Boogie Woogie All Night Long/Good Rockin Mama//Let Your Daddy Ride/Turn Over A New Leaf/Don't You Remember Me/Driftin' From Door To Door/She Left Me On My Bended Knee

Marty Robbins cover CLP-5233/CST-241 - Western Songs and Gunfighter Ballads - Rex Wells [1961] Complete with knockoff Marty Robbins cover. Streets Of Laredo/Mr. Staggerly/Buckin' Bronco/Sam Bass/John Henry/Barney And Clyde//Gamblin' Man/Jack O' Diamonds/Old Chisholm Trail/Blood On The Saddle/Black Jack David/Patonia

CLP-5234 - The Best of Etta James - Etta James [1961] Issued in monaural only. Be Mine/Crazy Feeling/Don't You Remember/Hickory Dickory Dock/I'm A Fool/If It Ain't One Thing/Nobody Loves You Like Me/Tough Lover/We're in Love/You Know What I Mean

CLP-5235/CST-242 - Square Dance with Call - Rounders [1961]

CLP-5236/CST-243 - Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Sister Rosetta Tharpe [1961] Nothing Between/Lily Of The Valley/Seeking For Me/Shine For Jesus/Never Alone/I Do, Don't You//God, Lead Us Along/Family Prayer/What Are They Doing/I Saw The Light/Blow You Trumpet Of Zion/On The Joy That Came To Me

CLP-5237/CST-244 - Roosevelt Sykes Sings the Blues - Roosevelt Sykes [1961]

CLP-5238 - Blues Oldies and Goodies - Various Artists [1961] Issued in monaural only. 3 O'Clock Blues - B.B. King/You Upset Me Baby - B.B. King/Roll With Me Henry - Etta James/Crazy Feeling - Etta James/Boogie Chillen' - John Lee Hooker/I'm In The Mood - John Lee Hooker/Drifting From Town to Town - Bobby "Blue" Bland/Love You Yes I Do - Bobby "Blue" Bland/No Rollin Blues - Jimmy Witherspoon/Big Fine Girl - Jimmy Witherspoon

CLP-5239/CST-245 - Happy Sing-A-Long - Kirby Stone Four/Sportsmen [1961] In The Good Old Summertime/Little Brown Jug/Just A Song At Twilight/When You And I Were Young Maggie/Oh Susanna/Kathleen/Juanita/Silver Threads Among The Gold/My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean/Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes/Inky Dinky Parley Vous/(others)

CLP-5240 - Howling Wolf Sings the Blues - Howlin' Wolf [1962] Issued in monaural only. Riding In The Moonlight/Worried About My Baby/Crying At Daylight/Brown Skin Woman/Twisting And Turning//House Rockin' Boogie/Keep What You Got/Dog Me Around/Morning At Midnight/Backslide Boogie

CLP-5241 - Oldies and Goodies, Country and Western, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1961] Issued in monaural only. Hilo March - Tex Carman/Please Daddy Let's Go - Eddie Dean/Walkin' By Myself - Al Muniz/Hey Baby - Gabbard & Hart/I'm Not Shuckin' - Jimmie Patton/Everybody's Rockin' - Whitey Pullen//It's Too Late For Cryin' - Sterling Blythe/Like The Dickens I Do - Wayne West/O.K. Doll - Joan King/Lovable One - Lucky Pennies/Never No Never - Wally & Don/Pasport To Summer - Rovers

CLP-5242/CST-246 - Kings of Dixieland, Volume Six - Kings of Dixieland [1961]

CLP-5243 - Oldies and Goodies, Country and Western, Vol. 4 - Various Artists [1961] Issued in monaural only. Hocus Pocus - Bud Titus/This Island - Tom Tall/My Chapel Of Memories - Goldie Fields/Shalley Belle - Doye O'Dell/Honky Tonk Queen - Larry Thornton/Brownie - Rovers//The Great Foggy Mountain - Kelley/Sentimental Me Sentimental She - Lonnie Barron/Another Brew Bartender - Whitey Knight/Lost John - Casey Clark & Lazy Ranch Boys/I've Got The Blues - Evelyn Harlene/Red Wing - Ray Lunsford

CLP-5244 - Twist with Jimmy McCracklin - Jimmy McCracklin [1962] Issued in monaural only. I Can't Tell/I'm Gonna Tell Your Mother/My Mother Says/That Ain't Right/Please Forgive//Couldn't Be a Dream/Oh Baby/You Don't Seem To Understand/Reelin' and Rockin' Twist

CLP-5245/CST-247 - The Twist - Teddy Reynolds and the Twisters [1962] Do You Wanna Twist/She'll Only Twist For Me/Twist All Night/Twist With Me Baby/I Want To Twist With Baby//I'll Do The Twist/You Changed Me/Eyes On You/Louise/I Thought The War Was Over

CLP-5246/CST-248 - Doin' the Twist - Joe Houston [1962] Doing the Twist/Twisting the Twist/Crazy Twist/White House Twist/Chitlun's Twist//Rocking The Twist/Roy's Twist/Joe's Twist/Texas Twist/Casino Twist

CLP-5247 - Twist with Jimmy Beasley - Jimmy Beasley [1962] Issued in monaural only. I'm So Blue/She's Good to Me/No Love For Me/Rhumba Twist/Slow Twist//Don't Feel Sorry for Me/Don't Break This Heart of Mine/Good Lovin'/Once More/Ella Jane

CLP-5248 - Twist with B.B. King - B.B. King [1962] Issued in monaural only. You Upset Me Baby/Woke Up This Morning/Please Love Me/Bad Case of Love/Groovin' Twist//Bad Luck Soul/Do What I Say/Rockin' Twist/Come By Here/Oh Baby

Note: At this point, stereo numbering "catches up" to the mono numbers. Mono started with 5001 and stereo started with 101, so there were 100 fewer stereo albums to this point (actually, 98 considering there were two stereo-only releases with no mono counterparts). To avoid confusion, Crown decided to lock the two series together from this point onward, and the stereo catalog number becomes the last three digits of the mono catalog number. From this point, there are very few "mono only" releases, as rechanneled stereo was the order of the day if no true stereo masters were available.

CLP-5249 - Peppermint Twist - The Twisters & Various Artists [1962] Issued in monaural only. Peppermint Twist - Twisters/Jump With You Baby - B.B. King/Tick Tock - Marvin & Johnny/Mary Lou - Young Jessie/No More Doggin' - Rosco Gordon//Oop Shoop - Shirley Gunter & Queens/Rock Bottom - Flairs/Daddy Daddy - Dreamers/Blowin' The Twist - Joe Houston/Have A Ball - Jimmy Witherspoon

CLP-5250 - Twist with Etta James - Etta James [1962] Issued in monaural only. Twist With Me Henry/Good Rockin' Daddy/I'm a Fool/One Thing/That's All//Doin' Fine Henry/Be My Love/Hickory Dickory Dock/Feel So Good/Strange Things

Note: Somewhere between 5251 and 5258, the label changes to the grey label. CLP-5250 is known to have a black label and CLP-5258 is known to have a grey label. We suspect the label didn't change until at least CLP-5256, since the twist records were all probably issued at the same time.

CLP-5251/CST-251 - Twist with Steve Douglas and the Rebels - Steve Douglas [1962] Raunchy Twist/Twistin' Teen Time/Twist Around/Texas Twist/Peppermint Stomp//All American Twist/Casual Twist/Little Doggie Twist/Society Twist/Checkerboard Twist

CLP-5252/CST-252 - Twisting in Orbit - Joe Houston [1962] All Night Long Twist/Twistin' Time/Jumpin' Twist/Twistin' Shoes/Twisting In Orbit//Hangover Twist/Houston's Twist/Curtis Twist/Mexican Twist/La Paloma Twist

CLP-5253/CST-253 - Twist Party - Joe Barragan & the Twist Stompers [1962] Paramount Twist/Twistin' With Joe/Irish Twist/Let's Twist/Twistin' At Dino's//Guitar Twist/Twistin'/Twistin' The Twist/Luckey's Twist/Samba Twist

CLP-5254/CST-254 - Popeye-Twist-Stomp - Steve Douglas and the Rebel Rousers [1962] They Did The Popeye/If You're Ever In Doubt About Me/I Never Felt Like This/Surfers Twist/I Can't Believe It's True/Twistin' Round The Mountain/Popeye The Twistin' Man/Mashed Potatoes/Clap Your Hands/Baby You Just Wait And See

CLP-5255/CST-255 - Twist Contest - Mike Adams and the Red Jackets [1962] Red River Twist/Twistin' Irene/Clementine Twist/Greensleeves Twist/When the Saints Go Twistin' In//Blue Tail Twist/Shortnin' Bread Twist/Malabar Twist/New Orleans Twist/Twistin' at the Tailspin

CLP-5256/CST-256 - Organ Rhapsody - Chris Christian [1962] I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen/I Want a Girl/My Wild Irish Rose/You Tell Me Your Dream/I Dream of Jeannie//Cielito Lindo/The Band Played On/Dark Eyes/East Side West Side/Skaters Waltz


CLP-5258/CST-258 - Hillbilly Heaven - Eddie Dean [1962] Previously issued as Sage 16 in 1961. Walk Beside Me/Katmandu/Make Believe/Seeds Of Doubt/I Called And I Called//Hillbilly Heaven/Love The Way You Say It/Banks Of The Old Rio Grande/Impatient Blues/Tangled Lies/Iowa Rose


CLP-5260/CST-260 - Just for Listening - Sounds of a Thousand Strings [1962] Does Your Heart Beat For Me/Romance/In Love/Twilight Of Love/Heavenly//I've Got A Date With An Angel/Moonlight And Romance/Jealous Love/Dreamer's Lullaby/The Thrill Of Love

CLP-5261/CST-261 - Latin Dances and Rhythms - Manuel Rivera & His Orchestra [1962]


CLP-5263/CST-263 - Kings of Dixieland, Volume 7 - Kings of Dixieland [1962] When You And I Were Young Maggie/My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean/She Wore A Yellow Ribbon/Little Brown Jug/Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight//Hail Hail The Gang's All Here/Ramblin' Wreck From Georgia Tech/Auld Lang Syne/In The Good Old Summertime/Oh Suzanna

CLP-5264/CST-264 - Country Time - Doye O'Dell [1962] Burning Bridges/Take A Number/Diesel Smoke/Wish I'd Stayed In The Wagon Yard//Count Down/Half Past A Heartache/Shalley Bell/It Takes A Lot Out Of Me/If The Devil Wants To Talk

CLP-5265/CST-265 - Lovely Hawaii - The Polynesians featuring Harry Baty, Sam Kaapuni & Bob Nichols [1962] Song Of The Islands/Hawaiian China Doll/Nakulu/Mele Aumoe/Moana Lua//Shadows Of The Night/Lovely Lei Ilima/Stars Shining O'er Hawaii/Puuwai/Ue Ue O'tuu

CLP-5266/CST-266 - Country Jamboree - Frontiersmen: Hi, Wayne & Hal [1962] I'm Just A Drifting Dreamer/Lovin'/Hi Partner/Hi Ball The Gate Mate/She Was Kissin' Somebody Else//Sing Me A Song I Can Cry To/Whistlin' Kind Of Love/The Baby On The Doorstep/All Alone, Broken Hearted/Save Your Tears For Tomorrow


CLP-5268/CST-268 - Kay Starr and the Gerald Wiggins Trio - Kay Starr/Gerald Wiggins Trio [1962] Ain't Misbehavin'/Good For Nothing Joe/The Wig/Magnificent Affair/Them There Eyes/Here And There/Under A Blue Moon/I'll Remember You

CLP-5269/CST-269 - Polka Chips - Polka Dots [1962]

CLP-5270/CST-270 - Organ Encores - Chris Christian [1962] Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie/Sweet Rosie O'Grady/Sorrento/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/There Is A Tavern In The Town//In The Good Old Summertime/Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis/La Paloma/Londonderry Air/Polonaise

CLP-5271/CST-271 - Hawaiian Paradise - Polynesians [1962] Whispering Sea/Ka Inu Wai/E Hawaii/Kaluakaper/Land Of Flower//Coral Islands/In The Evening By The Sea/Rose Lani/Pua Violet/Paradise Lost


CLP-5273/CST-273 - Rockin' and Rollin' - Joe Houston [1962] Triple Jack Rock/Shake It Up/Coffee Time/Soft Shoe/Rattle Snake//Soul Blues/Funky Bug/Old Folks/Mashed Potato Rock/Pickets

CLP-5274/CST-274 - Canciones Mexicanas - Juan Manuel con El Mariachi [1962]

CLP-5275/CST-275 - Erroll Garner and the Maxwell Davis Trio - Erroll Garner/Maxwell Davis Trio [1962] Tenderly/Swanee River/Humoresque/Old Mill Stream/Carry Me Back/Lover/Paradise Hill/Reverie/Annie Laurie

CLP-5276/CST-276 - The Country Gentlemen - Larry Caldwell with Speedy Price & the Saddle Tramps [1962] John Henry/Molly Dancin'/Milk Can Blues/Letter Edged In Black/Gran Dad Song/Careless Love/Wabash Cannon Ball/Red River Valley/Home On The Range

CLP-5277/CST-277 - Harmonica and the Blues - Bill Riley [1962] Actually, rockabilly artist Billy Lee Riley with a collection of harmonica instrumentals. South Bound Train/Saints/Busters Theme/Rollin' River/Red River//Long Gone/Memphis Blues/Arkansas Traveler/Willie's Tune/Honey Girl

CLP-5278/CST-278 - Way Out Wardell - Wardell Gray [1962] Although the same title as CLP-5004, and the cover is an artist's rendering of the photo on CLP-5004, this has only two of the original songs, with five others. Artists include Wardell Gray, Erroll Garner, Barney Kessell, Buddy Collette, Gerald Wiggins. Blue Lou/Just You Just Me/What's Up/Zingo/A La Mode/Hideaway/Reunion

CLP-5279/CST-279 - Folk Songs - Sundowners [1962] Good Ole Mountain Dew/3 Links Of Chain/Fair You Well/Do Lord/Blew The Candle Out//John Henry/Blue River/Time Goes ByOh Hush My Love/Rock Island Line

CLP-5280/CST-280 - The Heart of Mexico - Trio Acapulco [1962] Error En Dano/Perdon/Luz Y Sombras/Malaguena/Ceilito Lindo//Destino Amargo/La Bamba/Perdon Y Olivido/To Tracion/Mi Mala Suerte

CLP-5281/CST-281 - Razz Ma Tazz Ragtime Piano - Earl Krause: The Crazy Guy [1962] Harrigan/You're A Grand Old Flag/Give My Regards To Broadway/Yankee Doodle Dandy/Mary Is A Grand Old Name//Do Da/Casey Jones/She Wore A Yellow Ribbon/Yellow Rose Of Texas/Little Brown Jug

CLP-5282/CST-282 - Latin Heat Wave - Wally Fernez [1962] Dulce Guillermo/Buen Gusto/Runidera/Facundo/Beloria/Memorias Borincanas/Mis Amores/Samba Con Gust o/Mambo Ala Fernez/Mundo Cruel


CLP-5284/CST-284 - Groovin' High - Erroll Garner/Stan Getz [1962] Groovin' High/These Foolish Things/Evergreen/Bye Bye/The Groove/Lucky Me

CLP-5285/CST-285 - Banjo Party - Frank Ovanin, the Banjo Man [1962] In The Good Old Summertime/Shine On Harvest Moon/Harrigan/Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight/Oh Susanna/Swanee River//Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie/Ida/Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis/Clementine/Bill Bailey/Campdown Races

CLP-5286/CST-286 - Easy Listening Blues - B.B. King [1962] Easy Listening (Blues)/Blues For Me/Night Long/Confessin'/Don't Touch/Slow Walk/Walkin'/Shoutin' The Blues/Rambler/Hully Gully (Twist)

CLP-5287/CST-287 - Roosevelt Sykes Sings the Blues - Roosevelt Sykes [1963] Slave for Your Love/Gone With The Wind/Wild Side/Out On A Limb/Honey Child//Never Loved Like This Before/Last Chance/Casual Friend/Your Will Is Mine/Hupe Dupe Do

CLP-5288/CST-288 - Dave Brubeck Quartet/Paul Desmond Quartet/Cal Tjader - Dave Brubeck Quartet/Paul Desmond Quartet/Cal Tjader [1963] At A Perfume Counter - Dave Brubeck (spliced in repeat improv to make the song take up the entire side)//Purple Mood - Paul Desmond (possibly same as "Sacre Blues")/Jazz Latino - Caj Tjader

Note: At about this point, the large "FULL COLOR HIGH FIDELITY" banner at the bottom of the cover, and the large multi-color STEREO banner at the top are discontinued in favor of a more subtle notice that just said "HIGH FIDELITY" or "STEREO" in smaller black type.

CLP-5289/CST-289 - Knights of the Square Table - Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker, Chico Hamilton, Buddy Collette & Gerald Wiggins [1963] Knights Of The Square Table ["Limelight" from Fantasy label with name changed]/Joggin'/Criss Cross/Grey Skies/X-15/Gerald's Train/Lights Out

CLP-5290/CST-290 - Johnny Horton Country Style with Billy Barton and Don Hughes - Johnny Horton/Billy Barton/Don Hughes [1963] Recorded February 13, 1952 for Abbott Records. Bawlin' Baby - Johnny Horton with Billy Barton/Somebody's Rockin' My Broken Heart - Johnny Horton with Billy Barton/Rhythm In My Baby's Walk - Johnny Horton/Betty Lorraine (Betty Lou) - Johnny Horton/I'm Goin' - Billy Barton & Don Hughes//Red River Valley - Billy Barton & Don Hughes/Letter Edged In Black - Billy Barton & Don Hughes/Teen Hoe Waltz - Billy Barton & Don Hughes/Molly Darlin' - Billy Barton & Don Hughes/Guitar Stomp - Billy Barton & Don Hughes

CLP-5291/CST-291 - Jimmy Dean and the Western Gentlemen - Jimmy Dean/Western Gentlemen [1963]

CLP-5292/CST-292 - Sonny Criss, Gerald Wiggins, Erroll Garner, and Stan Getz - Sonny Criss/Gerald Wiggins/Erroll Garner/Stan Getz [1963] I'll Get Away/Miss Beat/Hot House/How High The Moon

CLP-5293/CST-293 - Erroll Garner, Wardell Gray, Barney Kessell, and Gerald Wiggins - Erroll Garner/Wardell Gray/Barney Kessell/Gerald Wiggins [1963] The Grind, Part 1/The Grind, Part 2/Across Town//One O'Clock Jump/Little Girl

CLP-5294/CST-294 - King Curtis, Etta James, Jessie Belvin and Others - Various Artists [1963] All tracks rechanneled. I'll Be There - King Curtis/If You Don't Want My Lovin' - King Curtis/Lean Chicks - King Curtis/Hey Hey Little Girl - King Curtis/Good Rockin' Daddy - Etta James//Mary Lou - Young Jesse/Oop Shoop - Shirley Gunter/Eddie My Love - Teen Queens/My Desire - Jesse Belvin/No More Doggin' - Roscoe Gordon

CLP-5295 - Folk Blues - John Lee Hooker [1963] Issued in monaural only. Baby I'm Gonna Miss You/Half A Stranger/Shake Holler And Run/Down Child/Gonna Boogie//Bad Boy/Rock House Boogie/Let's Talk It Over/Baby You Ain't No Good/Lookin' For A Woman

CLP-5296/CST-296 - Viva Mexico - Trio Acapulco [1963] La Paloma/Preciosa/Facil Aventurera/Camino Marcado/Falsa/El Mexicano/Te Fuiste/Ni Con Dinero/Quien Como Tu

CLP-5297/CST-297 - Old Mexico - Trio Los Tajuarines [1963] El Rancho Grande/La Balentina/La Golondrina/La Borrachita/La Malaguena - Negra Consntida/La Cucaracha/La Paloma/Pajarillo Barranqueno/Cuatro Vidas


CLP-5299 - A Night in Mexico - Trio Los Tijuarines [1963] Fatalidad/La Loca Manuela/En Primer Lugar/El Abandonado/Mariquita Linda/A Sur De La Frontera/Rayando El Sol/La Vesina/La Bamba/Cancion Mexteca

Thanks to Bernd Kratochwil for providing many of the scans on this page. Other acknowledgements are listed on the Crown Records Story page.

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