Crown Album Discography, Part 7:
Christmas Series & Early Mono-Stereo Index

By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Tim Neely, Patrice Eyries and Randy Watts
Last update: November 5, 2010

Courtesy of Billboard Magazine Crown was on the stereo bandwagon by mid-1958. Their stereo releases before the end of 1960 were pressed on red vinyl, or as they say in the Billboard ad at left from November 17, 1958, "the most expensive material obtainable." Whether red vinyl made any difference to the sound quality was debatable, but since Tops, another budget label, was pressing their stereo records (on their Mayfair label) in yellow vinyl, it was worth a try. Surprisingly, Crown's claims of true stereo as opposed to rechanneled stereo was generally correct, at least at this early stage. Many of the records issued in stereo had been recorded in stereo recently, and the old masters from the 1940s and early 1950s were released as mono-only. Alas, by the early 1960s, demand for stereo was such that Crown started issuing all releases in both mono and "stereo," whether they had true stereo masters or not.
Courtesy of Billboard Magazine In this Billboard ad, just in time for Christmas, Crown showed their first 25 stereo releases, as well as packaging many of these into six "box sets" of three to five albums each, with some overlap between sets. Many of the first stereo albums issued were film music, classical, or other easy listening orchestral music. The originals of these albums came out in 1957 for the most part. Since all the orchestras were still under Crown's reach (Thomas M. Davis, aka Maxwell Davis, was actually the A&R man for Crown), it is possible, even probable, that Crown merely re-recorded the albums in stereo. Orchestral music is pretty easy to recreate, after all, for the undiscerning ear.

The early Crown stereo releases used a separate numbering system that did not correspond to the monaural numbering system. The following is a listing of the releases by stereo number. At approximately CLP-5250 the numbering system was changed to a more understandable system where the stereo number was the last 3 digits of the monaural number, for example if CLP-5250 was the monaural release, CST-250 was the stereo release.

The first Crown stereo label (far left) was black with silver print, with large "STEREO" at the top above a British Imperial-type crown. At about CST-224, the label changed to the black label with multi-color lettering shown at near left. There was a large "STEREO" notation in red at the bottom of the label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Crown CST-1 Christmas Series:

CST-1 (stereo)/CLP-5081 (mono) - Christmas Carols - Robert Evans Chorus [11/58] Original pressings of CST-1 were on red vinyl. Mono reissued as Crown CMX-100. Silent Night/The First Noel/O Come All Ye Faithful/Away In A Manger/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear//Hark The Herald Angels Sing/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Joy To The World/We Three Kings/Deck The Halls/O Holy Night

CST-2 (stereo)/CLP-5194 (mono) - Christmas Carols - Gregg Smith Singers [11/60] Original pressings of CST-2 were on red vinyl. Deck The Halls (Welsh)/O Sanctissima (Sicilian)/N'ia Gaire Quei Auvit (French)/Allon, Gay Bergeres(French)/Coventry Carol (Early English)/The Twelve Days Of Christmas (Early English)//Pastores A Belen(Spanish)/Nu Ar Det Jul Igen(Swedish)/Joseph Lieber, Joseph Mein(German)/O Tannenbaum (German)/A Virgin Unspotted (Early American)/There Is No Rose (Early English)

CST-2 (stereo)/CMX-200 (mono) - Christmas for All - Voices of Christmas [1962] Retitled reissue of CST-3, below. Silent Night/Hark, The Herald Angels Sing/The First Noel/O Come All Ye Faithful/O Holy Night/We Three Kings/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Away In A Manger/Joy To The World

CST-3 (stereo)/CLP-5195 (mono) - Sing Along Christmas Carols - Voices of Christmas [11/60] Original pressings of CST-3 were on red vinyl. Silent Night/Hark, The Herald Angels Sing/The First Noel/O Come All Ye Faithful/O Holy Night/We Three Kings/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Away In A Manger/Joy To The World

CST-3 (stereo)/CMX-300 (mono) - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Other Christmas Favorites - No Artists Identified [1962] Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Jingle Bells/T'Was The Night Before Christmas/Silent Night/Joy To The World//The First Noel/Away In A Manger/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/O Little Town Of Bethlehem

CST-4 (stereo)/CLP-5196 (mono) - Christmas Favorites - Fred Kirby Pipe Organ [11/60] Original pressings of CST-4 were on red vinyl. Reissued as Crown CMX-400. Silent Night/Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem/Good King Wenceslaus/Angels We Have Heard On High/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/We Three Kings/Oh Come All Ye Faithful//Oh Holy Night/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/The First Noel/Joy To The World/Deck The Halls/Away In A Manger

CST-5 (stereo)/CMX-500 (mono) - White Christmas - George Jenkins Conducting the Sounds of a Thousand Strings [1963] Reissue of Crown CLP-5131/CST-164 with new title and revised artist credit. Deck The Halls/Joy To The World/The First Noel/Good King Wenceslas/O Holy Night/We Three Kings//White Christmas/Silent Night/Come All Ye Faithful/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/O Little Town Of Bethlehem

CST-6 (stereo)/CMX-600 (mono) - Merry Christmas - Johnny Cole & Robert Evans Chorus [1963] Reissue of Crown CLP-5132/CST-165 with a new title and revised artist credit. Shepherds/I Wonder As I Wander/Ring Out Wild Bells/Here We Go Awassailing/The Shepherds Carol/Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella//Jingle Bells/Auld Lang Syne/Oh Tannenbaum/12 Days Of Christmas/Silent Night/The First Noel

CST-7 (stereo)/CMX-700 (mono) - Silent Night - William Daly Organ & Chimes [1963] Originally issued as CLP-5086 in mono with the title Merry Christmas. Silent Night/The First Noel/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/O Come All Ye Faithful/Jingle Bells/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/O Holy Night/Joy To The World/Away In A Manger/O Christmas Tree/Auld Lang Syne

CST-8 (stereo)/CMX-800 (mono) - Joy to the World - Ivan Ditmars (Organ and Chimes) [1963] Reissue of Crown CLP-5049. O Come All Ye Faithful/Silent Night/Joy To The World/The First Noel/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/Angels We Have Heard On High/Deck The Hall With Holly/Carol Of The Shepherds/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/Away In A Manger/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/O Holy Night/Good King Wenceslas

CST-9 (stereo)/CMX-900 (mono) - The Little Drummer Boy - Voices of Christmas [1963] Original cover at left; reissue cover at right. The Twelve Days Of Christmas, I' Come All Ye Faithful. Joy To The World. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. The Firs Noel. The Little Drummer Boy. Silent Night. Deck The Halls. Hark The Herald Angels Sing. O' Little Town Of Bethlehem

CST-10 (stereo)/CMX-1000 (mono) - Christmas with the Mexicali Brass - Mexicali Brass [1964] Jingle Bells/O' Little Town Of Bethlehem/The First Noel/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen//White Christmas/O' Come All Ye Faithful/Deck The Halls/Joy To The World/Silent Night

Crown CST-100 Main Stereo Series (Red vinyl until 1961):

CST-101 stereo, CLP-5030 mono - Around the World In 80 Days - Hans Hagan & His Orchestra [11/58] Around The World/Passepartout/Paris Arrival/Sky Symphony/Invitation To A Bull Fight/Entrance Of The Bull March/India Country Side//The Pagoda Of Pillagi/Temple Of Dawn/Prairie Sail Car/Land Ho/Around The World

CST-102 stereo, CLP-5062 mono - The Music Man - Studio Cast with Orchestras conducted by Thomas M. Davis [Maxwell Davis] & Hans Hagan. [11/58] Cast included Ken Harp, Donna Cook, Connie Conway, Don Grilbey, the Cornhuskers, and Patti Steale. Overture And Rock Island Rock/Ya Got Troubles/Good Night My Someone/Seventy Six Trombones/Marian The Librarian/Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little & Good Night Ladies//Wells Fargo Wagon/Shipoopi/Lida Rose & Will I Ever Tell You/Gary, Indiana/Till There Was You

CST-103 stereo, CLP-5064 mono - Gigi - Studio Cast with Bernie Anders Orchestra [11/58]

CST-104 stereo, CLP-5047 mono - A Toast to Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey - Maxwell Davis & Members of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra [11/58] On The Sunny Side Of The Street/Deep River/Song Of India/Swanee River/Boogie Woogie/Swing Low Sweet Chariot//So Rare/Green Eyes/Marie Elena/Tangerine/Marie/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

CST-105 stereo, CLP-5070 mono - Roaring 20's - Billy Randolph & His High Hatters [11/58] Goody Goody/Varsity Drag/Deep River/Ma He's Making Eyes At Me/Give My Regards To Broadway/Rings On My Fingers/Dixie/East Side West Side/Bedelia/The Bowery

CST-106 stereo, CLP-5036 mono - Oklahoma! - Irene Cummings & Lloyd Hanna with Orchestras conducted by Thomas M. Davis [Maxwell Davis] and Hans Hagan [11/58] Oh What A Beautiful Morning - lloyd Hanna/Oklahoma - Lloyd Hanna & Don Ralke Chorus/I Can't Say No - Deeda Patrick & Don Ralke Chorus/People Will Say We're In Love - Lloyd Hanna & Irene Cummings//The Surrey With The Fringe On Top - Lloyd Hanna & Irene Cummings/Kansas City - Jack Cassidy, Deeda Patrick & Don Ralke Chorus/Out Of My Dreams - Irene Cummings/Finale - Complete Cast

CST-107 stereo, CLP-5042 mono - My Fair Lady - Irene Cummings & Lloyd Hanna with Orchestras conducted by Thomas M. Davis [Maxwell Davis] and Hans Hagan [11/58]

CST-108 stereo, CLP-5048 mono - Paris Nite Life - Pierre Legendre and the Paris International Orchestra [11/58] Can Can/Paris Night Life/Autumn In Paris/Under Paris Stars/Sad Pierre/The Love Of Paris//Cocktails Champs Elysees/Rue De La Paix/Left Bank Lovers/Lovers Only/Love On The Seine/Paris Paradise

CST-109 stereo, CLP-5069 mono - The Gay 90's - Johnny O'Toole and His Naughty Naughty Band [11/58] Buffalo Gals-Show Me The Way To Go Home/Bicycle Built For Two/Dear Old Girl/You're A Grand Old Flag/She May Have Seen Better Days//Harrigan/You Tell Me Your Dream/After The Ball Was Over- The Band Played On/Will You Love Me In December As You Did In May/Silver Threads Among The Gold

CST-110 stereo, CLP-5053 mono - Pal Joey - Duke Hazlett & Adele Francis with Orchestras conducted by Tom Davis and Hans Hagan [11/58] Overture/There's a Small Hotel/I Could Write A Book/The Lady Is A Tramp/My Funny Valentine/Bewitched/Zip/I Didn't Know What Time It Is

CST-111 stereo, CLP-5054 mono - South Pacific - Hans Hagan & His Orchestra with Studio Cast [11/58] Overture/A Wonderful Girl/There Is Nothin' Like A Dame/Some Enchanged Evening/Dites Moi//I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair/Younger Than Springtime/Bali Hai/This Nearly Was Mine/Finale

CST-112 stereo, no mono counterpart - Gold Record Award Album, Volume 1: Each Selection over 1,000,000 Seller - Various Artists [11/58] Back cover title is Gold Record Award, Vol. 1: 12 Top Hits. These are knockoffs of hits by studio artists, the same ones included on the CLP-5038 series called 12 Top Hits, but this does not correspond to any one of those records. Yakety Yak/High School Confidential/Big Man/Do You Want To Dance/The Purple People Eater/Secretly/Chu Hua Hua/Sugar Moon/Jeannie Lee/Who's Sorry Now/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/Let The Bells Keep Ringing

CST-113 stereo, CLP-5044 mono - Aloha Hawaii - Polynesians [11/58] To You Sweetheart Aloha/Song Of The Islands/Lovely Hula Hands/Beyond The Reef/Kalua/Tomi Tomi/Loch Lomond/Beauty Hula/Pulupe/Aloha Oe

CST-114 stereo, no mono counterpart - Gold Record Award Album, Volume 2: Each Selection over 1,000,000 Seller - Various Artists [11/58] Back cover title is Gold Record Award, Vol. 2: 12 Top Hits. These are knockoffs of hits by studio artists, the same ones included on the CLP-5038 series called 12 Top Hits, but this does not correspond to any one of those records. Twilight Time/All I Have To Do Is Dream/Tumbling Tumbleweeds/For Your Love/The Little Blue Man/Billy/Kewpie Doll/Witch Doctor/Looking Back/Johnny B. Goode/Don't You Just Know It/Wear My Ring Around Your Neck

CST-115 stereo, CLP-5068 mono - A Tribute to Glenn Miller: In the Miller Mood - Les Howard and Members of the Glenn Miller Orchestra [11/58] When Johnny Comes Marching Home/Battle Hymn Of The Republic/This Is The Story Of A Starry Night/Habenera/Anitra's Dance/Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto//Blue Champagne/Serende To You/Bugle Call Rag/Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair/Polonaise/Swingin Mood

CST-116 stereo, CLP-5076 mono - Symphony of the Sea - Hans Hagan & Vienna World Pops Symphony Orchestra [1958] How Deep Is The Ocean/Harbor Lights/Ebb Tide/Sea Chanty//Sleepy Lagoon/Off Shore/Over The Waves/Asleep In The Deep

CST-117 stereo, CLP-5077 mono - Symphony of the Golden West - Buddy Bregman & Brussels World's Fair Pops Symphony Orchestra [11/58] Song Of The Golden West/Streets Of Laredo/Bury Me Not On The Lone Prarie/Colorado Trail/The Cowboy/Whoopee Ti-Yi-Yo//Billy Boy/Red River Valley/Home On The Range/The Old Chisholm Trail/No Use For Women/Jessie James

CST-118 stereo, CLP-5078 mono - Symphony of the Blues - Hans Hagan & Vienna World Pops Symphony Orchestra [11/58]

CST-119 stereo, CLP-5085 mono - Port of Suez: Exotic Music of the Middle East - (Artist not identified) [11/58] Stardust At Dawn/Warm Wind/Dancing Girls/Suez/Sand Dunes//Night Madness/Summer Rain/Harem Girls/Rebel Camp/Desert Caravan

CST-120 stereo, CLP-5089 mono - Honky Tonk Piano, Volume 2 - The Crazy Guy [11/58] Meet Me In St. Louis, Louie/School Days/Ida/Under The Bamboo Tree/My Wild Irish Rose/In My Merry Oldsmobile/Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight/Red Wing/(others)

CST-121 stereo, CLP-5090 mono - Salute to Benny Goodman - Maxwell Davis & Members of the Benny Goodman Orchestra/Brussels World's Fair Orchestra [11/58] Sing Sing Sing/Jumpin' At The Woodside/In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree/Bugle Call Rag/King Porter Stomp/School Days/Loch Lomond/East Side West Side

CST-122 stereo, CLP-5084 mono - Hymns - Johnny Cole with the Robert Evans Chorus [11/58] Rock Of Ages/Mighty Fortress/Holy God/Goodnight Sweet Jesus/The Rosary/Father Father//Onward Christian Soldiers/The Faith Of Our Fathers/Abide With Me/Nearer My God To Thee/Holy Holy Holy/Prayer Of Thanksgiving

CST-123 stereo, CLP-5092 mono - Tribute to Benny Goodman - Maxwell Davis & Members of the Benny Goodman Orchestra/Brussels World's Fair Orchestra [11/58] Don't Be That Way/When The Saints Go Marching In/I Love You Truly/Down Hill Special/Bring Back My Bonnie//And The Angels Sing/Lonesome Road/Christopher Columbus/Let's Dance/Careless Love

CST-124 stereo, CLP-5087 mono - College Songs - Studio Group [11/58]

CST-125 stereo, CLP-5080 mono - Holiday in Hawaii - Hawaiians [11/58] Hawaiian War Chant/Moon Of Manakoura/Kalakawa Hula/Luau Lei/Hawaiian Rock/Red Sail In The Sunset/Hawaiian Love Song/Kula Ha/Drowsy Waters/Aloha Oe

CST-126 stereo, CLP-5096 mono - Cocktails for Two - Louis Martinelli & the Continentals [3/59] Arrivederci Roma/Around The World In 80 Days/La Mer/Cocktails/Camin De Paris//Maria Dolores/Histoire D'un Amour/Lovely/Johnny Guitar/La Gondolier

CST-127 stereo, CLP-5091 mono - Organ Rhapsody - William Daly [3/59] All The Things You Are/If I Loved You/In The Still Of The Night/Button Up Your Overcoat/I Love A Lassie/Barcarole//This Can't Be Love/Strange Music/Silver Threads Among The Gold/I Love You Truly/Shine On Harvest Moon/Mary

CST-128 stereo, CLP-5093 mono - Salute to Stan Kenton - Maxwell Davis & Members of the Stan Kenton Orchestra [3/59] Artistry In Rhythm/Peanut Vendor/Intermission Riff/Come Back To Sorrento//Dark Eyes/Estrellita/Elegy/Martha

CST-129 stereo, CLP-5097 mono - A Toast to Benny Goodman - Maxwell Davis & Members of the Benny Goodman Orchestra [3/59] Sugar Foot Stomp/One O'clock Jump/Hand Me Down My Walking Cane//Jersey Bounce/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/My Wild Irish Rose/Carry Me Back/Frankie And Johnny

CST-130 stereo, CLP-5095 mono - The Moon Is Blue (Soundtrack) - Hershel Burke Gilbert/Sylvia Fine [3/59] The Moon Is Blue/A Cute Pick-Up/Enter Cynthia/Pretty Moon Is Blue/Hat And Bra With A Kiss/With All My Heart/(others)

CST-131 stereo, CLP-5094 mono - A Tribute to Charlie Barnet - Maxwell Davis & Members of the Charlie Barnet Orchestra [3/59] Cherokee/Pompton Turnpike/Skyliner/Redskin Rhumba/Charlestown Alley/East Side West Side/Lonely Street/Really/Claude Reigns/Charlie's Other Aunt

CST-132 stereo, CLP-5060 mono - Fury of the Brave Bulls - Luiz Jiminez [5/59] La Virgen De La Macarena/Gallito/Cielo Andaluz/Novillero/La Corrida/No Me Toques//España Cani/La Sorella/El Relicario/Banderilla/Angelillo/Grenada

CST-133 stereo, CLP-5103 mono - Tribute to Woody Herman - Maxwell Davis & Members of the Woody Herman Orchestra [5/59]

CST-134 stereo, CLP-5102 mono - Tribute to Artie Shaw - Maxwell Davis & Members of the Artie Shaw Orchestra [5/59] Stardust/Temptation/La Paloma/(others)

CST-135 stereo, CLP-5104 mono - Porgy and Bess - Dave Nogell and Hollywood Studio Orchestra & Chorus [5/59] Overture/Summertime/I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'/Bess, You Is My Woman Now/It Ain't Necessarily So//A Woman Is A Sometime Thing/My Man's Gone Now/There's A Boat Leavin' Soon For New York/Oh Lawd I'm On My Way/Finale

CST-136 stereo, CLP-5105 mono - Flower Drum Song - Johnny Cross Quartet [5/59] Artists include: Lynn Shizuko, Taruka Taketa, Jodie Elaine Moore, Gwen Richards, Anabell Lake, Jeffrey Lane, Don Vesta, and Orchestra conducted by John Benton Cross. Overture/You Are Beautiful/100 Million Miracles/I Enjoy Being A Girl/I Am Going To Like It Here/Like A God//Don't Marry Me/Grant Avenue/Love Look Away/The Other Generation/Ballet/Finale

CST-137 stereo, CLP-5106 mono - Mambo Jambo - Bobby Gil and Members of the Perez Prado Orchestra [5/59] Reissue of Prado Mania. Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White/Mambo No. 5/La Paloma/Estrellita/La Cucaracha//Mambo Jambo/Patricia/Historia De Un Amor/La Golondrina/Chaponacas

CST-138 stereo, CLP-5101 mono - Peter Gunn TV Themes By Mancini - Ted Nash and Orchestra [5/59] Peter Gunn/Sorta Blue/The Brothers Go To Mothers/Dreamsville/Soft Sounds//Fallout/The Floater/Mission At Pete's Pad/A Profound Case/Brief And Breezy

CST-139 stereo, CLP-5107 mono - Compositions of Lionel Hampton and Others... - Maxwell Davis [5/59] Hamp's Boogie/Cool Train//Flying Home/Air Mail Special/Midnight Sun

CST-140 stereo, CLP-5108 mono - Dreams of Italy - Johnny Cole [5/59] Viene Surmar/Torno A Sorrento/Arrivederci Roma/Santa Lucia/O Sola Mio//3 Coins in the Fountain/Oh Maria/La Mattinata/I Have But One Heart/Chitara Romano

CST-141 stereo, CLP-5109 mono - Flamenco - Jose Barroso [6/59] Farruca/El Vito/Soleares/Serenata Española/Nostalgia/Tanquillo//Malagueña/Cuadros en Aragon/Pagina Romantica/Soleares Opus 10/Fandanguillos/Tango Español

CST-142 stereo, CLP-5110 mono - Kapu - Milt Raskin [6/59] Kapu (Forbidden)/Lehua/Lanikai (Heavenly Sea)/Koko Head/Iolani (Bird Of Heaven)//Maika/Moon Festival/Mileka/Leani (Diamond Head)/Yelani (Evening Star)

CST-143 stereo, CLP-5111 mono - Compositions of Count Basie and Others - Members of the Count Basie Orchestra, B.B. King, Guest Vocalist [6/59] Everyday I Have The Blues/Red Bank Boogie/Jumpin At The Woodside/Every Tub/April In Paris/Basie Boogie/John's Idea/One O'Clock Jump

CST-144 stereo, CLP-5112 mono - The Ink Spots Greatest Hits - Ink Spots [6/59] If I Didn't Care/Maybe/I Love You Truly/Shine On Harvest Moon/Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall//It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/We Three/When You Were Sweet Sixteen/You Tell Me Your Dream/You Always Hurt The One You Love

CST-145 stereo, CLP-5113 mono - A Tribute to George M. Cohen - John R. Williams & Orchestra [6/59] Yankee Doodle Dandy/So Long Mary/I Was Born In Virginny/45 Minutes From Broadway/When We Are M-A-Double R-I-E-D/Harrigan//Give My Regards To Broadway/Mary's A Grand Old Name/You're A Grand Old Flag/Always Leave Them Laughing/Over There

CST-146 stereo, CLP-5114 mono - A Tribute to Harry James - Charlie Barnet [6/59] Two O'Clock Jump/You Made Me Love You/Cherry/Just Lucky/Palladium Party//Trumpet Blues/Ultra/Bangtail/Here's One/Ciribiribin

CST-147 stereo, CLP-5115 mono - B.B. King Wails - B.B. King & His Orchestra [6/59] Sweet Thing/I've Got Papers on You Baby/Tomorrow is Another Day/Come By Here/The Fool//I Love You So/The Woman I Love/We Can't Make It/Treat Me Right/Time to Say Goodbye

CST-148 stereo, CLP-5116 mono - Your Invitation to Stereo - Antoine deTreville & Thousand Strings Orchestra [6/59] La Cucaracha/Love Affair/Journey Into Space/Dance Chinoise/Romance/Wayfaring Stranger//A Texan In Paris/Exotic Island/Minute Waltz/Grandfather's Clock/Dance De Mirlitons/Little Brown Jug

CST-149 stereo, CLP-5079 mono - Tchaikovsky Concerto No. 1 - Igor Kousevsky (Conductor), Wilhelm Strauss (Piano) & International Symphony Orchestra [6/59]

CST-150 stereo, CLP-5117 mono - Sing Along - Unidentified Male Chorus probably the same as the "Sing-A-Long Gang" [1959] Twenty-seven one-verse singalong songs. (Side 1 not in order.) Daisy Daisy/After The Ball/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/Shine On Harvest Moon/East Side West Side/I Want A Girl/On The Banks Of The Wabash/The Bowery/I've Been Working On The Railroad/She Wore A Yellow Ribbon/My Wild Irish Rose/In The Evening By The Moonlight/There's A Tavern In The Town/There'll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight//On Top Of Old Smoky/There's Where My Money Goes/Blue Tail Fly/The Old Grey Mare/Deep River/Oh Dem Golden Slippers/Bill Bailey/Shortnin' Bread/Sweet Rosie O'Grady/Little Annie Rooney/America The Beautiful/For He's A Jolly Good Fellow/Good Night Ladies

CST-151 stereo, CLP-5118 mono - The Mighty Pipe Organ - William Daly [1959] Where Or When/Johnny One Note/Oh Promise Me/Mighty Like A Rose/Wish You Were Here//Dark Eyes/At Dawning/Tell Me Pretty Maiden/If This Isn't Love/Roamin' In The Gloamin'/My Funny Valentine

CST-152 stereo, CLP-5119 mono - B.B. King Sings Spirituals - B.B. King [1959] Precious Lord/Save A Seat For Me/Ole Time Religion/Sweet Chariot/Servant's Prayer//Jesus Gave Me Water/I Never Heard A Man/Army Of The Lord/I Am Willing To Run All The Way/I'm Working On The Building

CST-153 stereo, CLP-5120 mono - Warsaw Concerto/1812 Overture - Karl Jergens & Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra [1959] 1812 Overture//Warsaw Concerto

CST-154 stereo, CLP-5121 mono - A Tribute to Hank Williams - Johnny Williams & the Singing Cowboys [1959] Jambalaya/Cold Cold Heart/Never Get Out Of This World Alive/Half As Much/Prisoner's Song/I Won't Be Home Anymore//Your Cheatin' Heart/Hey Good Lookin'/Kawliga/Honky Tonk Blues/Red River Valley/I Can't Help It

CST-155 stereo, CLP-5122 mono - Nearer to God - George Johnson & Robert Evans Chorus [1959] Lord I'm Coming Home/God Be With You Till We Meet Again/Take Time To Be Holy/Sweet Peace The Gift Of God's Love/Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere/I Need Thee Every Hour//Now The Day Is Over/Whispering Hope/Nearer My God To Thee/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/Jesus Savior Pilot Me/What A Friend We Have In Jesus

CST-156 stereo, CLP-5123 mono - Memories of Glenn Miller - Members of the Glenn Miller Orchestra [1959] In The Mood/Little Brown Jug/String Of Pearls/American Patrol/Lover's Serenade//Moonlight Serenade/Tuxedo Junction/Pennsylvania 6- 5000/Gypsy Dance/Swingin' At The Ritz

CST-157 stereo, CLP-5124 mono - Ravel's Bolero/Tchaikovsky's March Slav - Karl Jergens & Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra [1959] Ravel's Bolero//Tchaikovsky's Marche Slav

CST-158 stereo, CLP-5125 mono - Beautiful Viennese Waltzes - Viennese Colonade Orchestra [1959] Blue Danube Waltz/Emperor Waltz/Eat, Drink, And Be Merry/Voices Of Spring/Deliberation Waltz//Tales From The Vienna Woods/Wine, Women And Song/About Life/Die Fliedermaus/Moderno Journale

CST-159 stereo, CLP-5126 mono - Exciting Sounds of the Name Bands - Various Artists [1959]

CST-160 stereo, CLP-5127 mono - Charlie Barnet Presents a Salute to Harry James - Charlie Barnet [1959] Sleepy Lagoon/Easter Parade/One On The House/Flatbush Flanagan//Music Makers/Back Beat Boogie/The Mole/Blues For Sale

CST-161 stereo, CLP-5128 mono - Night in Madrid: The Music of Spain - Jose Barroso Troupe [1959]

CST-162 stereo, CLP-5129 mono - Kings of Dixieland, Volume Two - Kings of Dixieland [1959] New Washington And Lee Swing/Somebody's Stole My Gal/Lassa's Trombone/When The Saints Go Marching In/Royal Garden Blues//South Rampart Street Parade/Careless Love/Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie/High Society/Dixieland Blues

CST-163 stereo, CLP-5130 mono - Blue Hawaii - Polynesians [1959] Ke Kali Nei Lau (Hawaiian Wedding Song)/Blue Hawaii/Isle Of Golden Dreams/Mauna Wili Hula/Aua Chant//Sweet Leilani/Makala Pua/Maui And Maui Girl/Island Moon/Kou Kino Mambo

CST-164 stereo, CLP-5131 mono - Sounds of a Thousand Strings Play for Christmas - Sounds of a Thousand Strings [1959] Silent Night/O Come All Ye Faithful/Hark The Herald Angels Sing/White Christmas/God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Deck The Halls/Joy To The World/The First Noel/Good King Wenceslas/O Holy Night/We Three Kings

CST-165 stereo, CLP-5132 mono - Wishing You a Merry Christmas - Johnny Cole & His Chorus [1959] 'Twas The Night Before Christmas/Shepherds/I Wonder As I Wander/Ring Out Wild Bells/Here We Go Awassailing/The Shepherds Carol/Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella/Santa Claus Gets A Letter/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer/Jingle Bells/Auld Lang Syne/Oh Tannenbaum/The Twelve Days Of Christmas/Silent Night/The First Noel

CST-166 stereo, CLP-5133 mono - La Tino Cha Cha Cha - Tino LaTino & His Orchestra [1959] La Virgen De La Macarena/Llanura Cubana/Vamo A' Bailar/Obsession//Cansao/Canto Misterio/Guajira De Mi Cuba/Tuxedo Mambo/Lullaby Of The Leaves

CST-167 stereo, CLP-5134 mono - On Stage - Charlie Barnet [1959] Opening Theme-Caravan/Let The Good Times Roll/I've Got It Bad And That Ain't Good/Goon With The Wind/E-O-Leven Blues//Skyliner/Rockin In Rhythm/One For My Baby/The Lady Is A Tramp/Mughunters Ball-Closing Theme

CST-168 stereo, CLP-5135 mono - The Sound of Music - Sounds of a Thousand Strings [1959]

CST-169 stereo, CLP-5136 mono - Polynesia - Polynesians [1959] Festival/Tamure/Marcelle A Vahini/Minoi Minoi/Vana Vana//Cafe Au Lait/Papio/Vahine Anamite/Tanga Tika/Maruru A Vau

CST-170 stereo, CLP-5137 mono - New World Symphony - Karl Jergens & Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra [1959] First Movement/Second Movement//Third Movement/Fourth Movement

CST-171 stereo, CLP-5138 mono - Dance Tempo Cha Cha Cha - Manuel Rivera & His Orchestra [1959] Esperanza/Marcheta/Shine On Harvest Moon/Ida/Chop Sticks//You Know I Love You/The Girl In My Dreams/Woke Up This Morning/Cherry Pie/Eddie My Love

CST-172 stereo, CLP-5139 mono - Kings of Dixieland Volume 3 - Kings of Dixieland [1959]

CST-173 stereo, CLP-5140 mono - Exciting Sounds of the Name Bands, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1959]

CST-174 stereo, CLP-5141 mono - Dine and Dance with George Liberace at the Beverly Hilton - "Music By George" [Liberace] [1959] Thanks/You're My Friend Ain't Cha?/The Night They Invented Champagne/Peanut Vendor/Nevertheless/Silver Threads Among The Gold/When The Saints Go Marching In//Blue Danube Waltz/True Love/Chopin Waltz/They Can't Take That Away From Me/Did You Ever See A Dream Walking/George Liberace Mambo/My Heart Will Always Cry/Stardust And Starlight/Thanks

CST-175 stereo, CLP-5142 mono - Ink Spots - Ink Spots [1959] To Each His Own/I'm Making Believe/The Gypsy/Whispering Grass/Frankie & Johnny//We'll Meet Again/I'd Climb The Highest Mountain/With My Eyes Wide Open/Back Home In Indiana/When The Saints Go Marching In

CST-176 stereo, CLP-5146 mono - The Latin Touch of Dave Bacal - Dave Bacal [1960] El Delicardo/Malaguena/The Breeze And I/La Paloma//La Cumparcita/Dengozo/Estudiantina/Chiapanecas/La Golondrina

CST-177 stereo, CLP-5147 mono - The Grand Canyon Suite - Karl Jergens & Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra [1960]

CST-178 stereo, CLP-5148 mono - Sounds of a Thousand Strings Play Cole Porter's Can Can - Sounds of a Thousand Strings Orchestra with Glenn Hart, Barbara Newcomb, and the Lido Can Can Singers and Dancers [1960] Overture/C'est Magnifique/I Love Paris/I Am in Love/Come Along With Me/Montmart'//Allez-Vous-En, Go Away/Live and Let Live/It's All Right With Me/Can-Can/Apache Dance/Montmart' Finale

CST-179 stereo, CLP-5149 mono - Beethoven's Fifth Symphony - Sounds of a Thousand Strings [1960]

CST-180 stereo, CLP-5150 mono - Heart of Spain - Juan Escobar & Sounds of a Thousand Strings [1960] Granada/España/Cordoba/Ravel's Bolero/Diva Navarra//Estudiantina/Estrellita/La Paloma/Serenata Español/Capriccio Español

CST-181 stereo, CLP-5151 mono - George Liberace Goes Latin - George Liberace [1960] Thanks/Green Eyes/Cubanacan/Anna/Munequita Linda/Pontiac Cha Cha Cha//Mi Amor/Besame Mucho/You Know/Taboo/George Liberace Cha Cha Cha/Thanks

CST-182 stereo, CLP-5152 mono - I Remember Paris - Pierre Legendre conducting the Sounds of a Thousand Strings Orchestra [1960] I Love Paris/Can-Can/The Last Time I Saw Paris/The Parisians/Reverie//C'Est Magnifique/Allez-Vous-En Go Away/Paris In The Spring/Musetta's Waltz/Claire De Lune

CST-183 stereo, CLP-5153 mono - Compositions of Duke Ellington & Others - Maxwell Davis and B.B. King [1960] Cotton Tail/Solitude/Jack The Bear/Sophisticated Lady/Jeep Blues//Take The "A" Train/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Main Stem/Moon Indigo/Eastside Westside

CST-184 stereo, CLP-5154 mono - Schubert: Unfinished Symphony/Symphony #3 - Sounds of a Thousand Strings: Karl Jergens conducting the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra [1960] Unfinished Symphony//Symphony #3

CST-185 stereo, CLP-5155 mono - Polka Party - Sig Kowalski & the Magic Strings [1960] Happy Holiday Polka/The Flying Polka/Dance Time Polka/Tip Toe Polka/Laughing Polka//Lovers Polka/Red Shoe Polka/Pretty Tulip Polka/Flap Jack Polka/The Golden Polka

CST-186 stereo, CLP-5158 mono - Country and Western - Rex Trailer & the Playboys [1960] Brahma Bull/Blue Tail Fly/Golden Slippers/Big Rock Candy Mountain/Wagon Master//Ridin Down The Canyon/Red River Valley/Big Corral And Railroad Corral/Sweet Betsy From Pike/Home On The Range

CST-187 stereo, CLP-5159 mono - Jazz Heat Bongo Beat - Latin All Stars [1960] Latin All Stars were Tony Reyes, Tommy Tedesco, Darias, Carlos Mejia, Eddie Cano, Larry Bunker and Buddy Collette. Jazz Heat Bongo Beat/Azul/Selvatico/Guajiro Cha Cha Cha/Tobasco//Bongosville/Rapture/Pesadilla/Tenura/Goza Nena

CST-188 stereo, CLP-5160 mono - Barrel House Piano - The Crazy Guy [1960] Barcarole/Fantasie Impromptu/Minuet In G/Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto/Melody In F/Brams' Hungarian Dance//Danube Waves/Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony Theme/Polonaise/Liebestraum/Rachmaninoff Concerto/La Cinquantina & Anitra's Dance

CST-189 stereo, CLP-5161 mono - Bizet's Carmen Suite Schumann Manfred Overture - Karl Jergens & Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra [1960]

CST-190 stereo, CLP-5162 mono - Little Band Big Jazz - Conte Candoli All Stars [1960] All Stars include Secondo "Conte" Candoli, Buddy Collette, Vince Guaraldi, Leroy Vinnegar and Stan Levey. Recorded in Hollywood on February 3, 1960. Muggin' The Minor/Mambo Diane/Countin' The Blues//Zizanie/Macedonia/Little David

CST-191 stereo, CLP-5163 mono - The Magic of Hawaii - Robert Krewson with the Sounds of a Thousand Strings & the Voices of Hawaii [1960] Moon Of Manakoora/Red Sails In The Sunset/Beyond The Reef/Hawaiian War Chant/Maori's Farewell//Sweet Leilani/Drowsy Waters/Blue Hawaii/Dark Dawn/Aloha Oe

CST-192 stereo, CLP-5164 mono - Arríba - Tito Guererra & His Latin American Orchestra [1960] Caballo Negro/Silbando/Amapola/El Merenge/Cubano Cha Cha Cha//Koldoba/Port Au Prince/Mascarado/Gallegos/Tarde De Amor

CST-193 stereo, CLP-5165 mono - L'Amore D'Italia - Louis Martinelli & the Continentals [1960]

CST-194 stereo, CLP-5166 mono - Cloud Nine - Sounds of a Thousand Strings [1960] Autumn Leaves/Sleepy Lagoon/I Love You For Sentimental Reasons/My Only Love/My Heart I Give To You//That Old Black Magic/Beseme Mucho/So Much In Love/Loving You This Way/Lovers Waltz

CST-195 stereo, CLP-5167 mono - King of the Blues - B.B. King [1960] I've Got A Right To Love My Baby/What Way To Go/Long Nights/Feel Like A Million/I'll Survive//Good Man Gone Bad/If I Lost You/You're On The Top/Partin' Time/I'm King

CST-196 stereo, CLP-5170 mono - Twangy Guitars - Billy Boyd [1960] Shuffle Boogie/Night Rock/When The Lights Are Low/Jivin' At The Savoy/Stompin' At The Crossroads/Diggin' The Blues//Mambo Boogie/South Hampton/Bolero Boogie/Duck Walk/Oop Shank/Drifting

CST-197 stereo, CLP-5171 mono - Latin Twist - Louis Martinelli & the Continentals [1960] Love Song/Poinciana/Besame Mucho/April In Portugal//Blue Night/Adios Muchachos/Longing For You/Moonlight/La Cumparsita/Beautiful One

CST-198 stereo, CLP-5172 mono - Chopin Favorites - Lillie Wollin [1960] C# Minor Scherzo/F Major Ballade//Bb Major Mazurka, Op.7 No.1/A Minor Mazurka Op.68 No.2/F# Major Nocturne Op.58 No.2/C# Minor Nocturne Op.27 No.1/Fantasie Impromptu

CST-199 stereo, CLP-5173 mono - Music for Big Dame Hunters - Sounds of a Thousand Strings [1960] Cover features actress Irish McCulla, star of the 1950s TV series Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. That Old Black Magic/Besame Mucho/When The Lights Go On/Imagination/I'll Walk Alone//I Hear A Rhapsody/Sweet Sue/Ida/Till Dawn (Starlight Cruise)/Star Bright

CST-200 stereo, CLP-5174 mono - Harmonica Favorites - Harmonica Hot Shots [1960] Isle Of Capri/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/No Other Love/Love Walked In/The Man On The Flying Trapeze//Sampson And Delilah/Yama Yama Man/To A Wild Rose/Humoresque Novelty/La Cucaracha

CST-201 stereo, CLP-5176 mono - A Salute to Tommy Dorsey - Members of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra; B.B. King, Guest Vocalist [1960]

CST-202 stereo, CLP-5177 mono - Gypsy Love Songs - Sounds of a Thousand Strings [1960]

CST-203 stereo, CLP-5178 mono - Ooh La La Liberace - "Music by George" [Liberace] [1960]

CST-204 stereo, CLP-5179 mono - Sterling Blythe Sings - Sterling Blythe [1960] Ghost Town/Little Town Of St. Marie/Nothing But The Night/Three Miles Out Of Town/Everybody Knows/Love For Gold//Hello Sweet Thing/Gate Post/Cabaret Queen/Our Folks/Gunslinger/Picture On The Wall

CST-205 stereo, CLP-5180 mono - New Swingin' Herman Herd - Woody Herman [1960] Monmart Bus Ride/Aruba/Darn That Dream/Crown Royal/I Can't Get Started//The Grind/Off Shore/Single O/Afterglow/Hermosa Beach

CST-206 stereo, CLP-5181 mono - Coleman Hawkins - Coleman Hawkins [1960] Bean In Orbit/After Midnight/Hassle//Moodsville/Stalking

CST-207 stereo, CLP-5182 mono - Kings of Dixieland, Volume Four - Kings of Dixieland [1960] After The Ball/Oh Dem Golden Slippers/My Wild Irish Rose/Ida/Swing Low Sweet Chariot//Give My Regards To Broadway/Shine On Harvest Moon/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen/Carry Me Back To Old Virginia/Battle Hymn Of The Republic

CST-208 stereo, CLP-5183 mono - Chubby Jackson Discovers Maria Marshall - Chubby Jackson [1960] You Fall In Love With Everybody/Like I'm The Laziest Chick In Town/The Wheel Beneath Your Hand/Kiss Me My Fool/Be Prepared//T'Ain't Nobody Else But You/I Can't Figure You Out/Rocksville Center/Beatnick Baby/I Want To Yawn

CST-209 stereo, CLP-5184 mono - Latin Hurricane - Los Cinco Caballeros [1960] Poco Poco/Pen Pen Yoi/Una Aventuta Mas/Limpiabotas/Banana//Eso Es El Amor/Soy Como Soy/Panama/Barlovento/Virgencita Del Consuelo

CST-210 stereo, CLP-5185 mono - Swan Lake Ballet - Karl Jergens & Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra [1960] Swan Lake Ballet/Waltz/Scene//Dance Of The Swans/Scene/Hungarian Czardas Dance

CST-211 stereo, CLP-5186 mono - A Salute to Hank Williams - Johnny Williams [1960] Lovesick Blues/Wedding Bells/My Buckets Got a Hole in It/Rosewood Casket/Red River Valley//Crazy Heart/Window Shopping/Letter Edged in Black/Can I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight/I Won't Be Home Any More

CST-212 stereo, CLP-5189 mono - Exotic Percussion - Milt Raskin [1960] Koko Head/Lanikai/Maika/Telani/Leahi/Moon Festival/Kapu/Lehua/Iolana/Mileka

CST-213 stereo, CLP-5190 mono - The Heart of Spain, Vol. 2 - Sounds of a Thousand Strings [1960] Donna Vatra/A Night In Madrid/Tango Serenata/La Golondrina/Adios Muchachos//La Paloma/Moonlight In Seville/Barcelona/La Cumparsita/El Choclo

CST-214 stereo, CLP-5191 mono - Beautiful Hawaii - Polynesians [1960] Pagan Love Song/Orchid Lei/Lei Makamae (Original Hawaiian Wedding Song)/Te Manu Pukarua/Kamahula//Moon Of Manakura/Utere Utere/Farewell And Aloha/Ua Like No A Like/Na Hala

CST-215 stereo, CLP-5192 mono - Jimmy Witherspoon Sings the Blues - Jimmy Witherspoon [1960] Stormy Monday/I'll Never Be Free/She Moves Me/Card Playing Blues/Please Hurry Home//Jelly Jelly/Riding Blues/The Blues Came Falling Down/Sad Life/River Blues

CST-216 stereo, CLP-5193 mono - Predominant Percussion - Percussion All Stars [1960] Percussion On Parade/Blue Star/Aloha Oe/La Cumparsita/Hawaiian War Chant/Song Of India/Adios Muchachas/Londonderry Air/(others)

Note: At about this point, red vinyl is discontinued for stereo issues (except for CST-224).

CST-217 stereo, CLP-5197 mono - Sensational Ink Spots - Ink Spots [1961] Diane/Always/If I Painted Your Picture/To Me/Crazy Heart//Among My Souvenirs/Beyond The Reef/Sorrento/Ida/Walk In The Sun

CST-218 stereo, CLP-5198 mono - Hawaiian Paradise - George Liberace [1961] Thanks/Blue Hawaii/Sweet Leilani/My Hula Doll/Our Hawaiian Love/Hawaiian War Chant//To You Sweetheart Aloha/Hawaiian Waterfall/Lovely Hula Hands/Hawaii For Me/Aloha Oe/Thanks

CST-219 stereo, CLP-5199 mono - Gaite Parisienne - Karl Jergens & Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra [1961] La Vie Parisienne/Overture: La Perichole//Ballet Parisien Overture: Valse-Gallop-Valse-Finale/Overture: Orpheus In The Underworld

CST-220 stereo, CLP-5200 mono - Kings of Dixieland Volume 5 - Kings of Dixieland [1961] On The Banks Of The Wabash/King Fish Blues/Merry Widow Waltz/East Side, West Side/The Band Played On//The Stars And Stripes/Bicycle Built For Two/You Tell Me Your Dreams/Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis/Dark Eyes

CST-221 stereo, CLP-5201 mono - Organ Favorites - Jim Day at the Hammond Organ [1961] Give My Regards To Broadway/In The Good Old Summertime/When You Were Sweet Sixteen/Yellow Rose Of Texas/You're A Grand Old Flag/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/My Wild Irish Rose/Merry Widow Waltz/Ida/(others)

CST-222 stereo, CLP-5205 mono - Drink-A-Long Sing-A-Long Gang - Studio Group [1961] Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight-There Is A Tavern In The Town-Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here/Here's To Good Old Beer-The Quartermaster Corps/Glorious Beer-Comrades/Sweet Adeline/Little Brown Jug-For He's A Jolly Good Fellow//Drunk Last Night/John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt-Viva L'Amour/She May Have Seen Better Days-She's More To Be Pitied Than Censured-Let He Sleep Under The Bar/Auld Lang Syne/99 Bottles-Goodnight Ladies

Note: At about this point, label changes to the black label with multi-color lettering.

CST-223 stereo, CLP-5206 mono - Hawaii Calling - Polynesians [1961] Little Grass Shack/My Yellow Ginger Lei/Princess Pupule/Lullabye Of Birdland/Tanga Ta Hura Hura//Little Brown Girl/Lehua/At The Barefoot Bar/Hawaiian War Chant/Tahiti Nui

CST-224 stereo, CLP-5207 mono - The Hawk Swings - Coleman Hawkins [1961] Issued on red vinyl. Coleman Hawkins, tenor sax; Thad Jones, trumpet; George Duvivier, bass; Eddie Costa, piano & vibes; Osie Johnson, drums. Cloudy/Almost Dawn//Stake Out/Cross Town/Shadows

CST-225 stereo, CLP-5208 mono - Moonlight Sonata and Others - Lilie Wollin [1961] Moonlight Sonata/Chopin's Etude #3/Rachmaninoff's Prelude in G Minor

CST-226 stereo, CLP-5211 mono - Camp Fire Sing-A-Long Gang - Sing-A-Long Gang [1961]

CST-227 stereo, CLP-5212 mono - Modern Jazz Greats - Continental Octette [1961] Jumpin' With Symphony Sid - Lester Young/Soft Shoe - Gerry Mulligan/Freeway - Chet Baker/Confirmation - Charlie Parker/Po Po - Shorty Rogers//The Funky Shepherds - Bud Shank/Robbins Nest - Sir Charles Thompson & Illinois Jacquet/Stuffy - Coleman Hawkins/Onithology - Charlie Parker & Benny Harris

CST-228 stereo, CLP 5214 mono - Vacation in Hawaii - Hawaiians [1961] It Happened In Hawaii/Hawaiian Light/South Sea Island/Hawaiian Chant/Swinging Hati//Coconut Chant/Hawaiian Sunset/Swaying Palm Trees/Hawaiian Serenade/Waikiki Hula/Lava Lava

CST-229 stereo, CLP 5215 mono -

CST-230 stereo, CLP 5216 mono -

CST-231 stereo, CLP 5217 mono - The Princeton Trio - Princeton Trio [1961] Yellow Rose Of Texas/Battle Cry For Freedom/When Johnny Comes Marching Home/Goober Peas/Tenting Tonight//Aura Lee/The Girl I Left Behind/Tramp Tramp Tramp The Boys Are Marching/Marching Through Georgia/Bonnie Blue Flag/Battle

CST-232 stereo, CLP 5218 mono -

CST-233 stereo, CLP 5219 mono - Naughty Sing-A-Long Party - Sing-A-Long Gang [1961] A Roving/Black Eyed Suzzie/Poor Lil/No Hips At All/Gentle Johnny My Jingle O/The Chandler's Wife/Blow Candles Out/Frankie And Johnnie/Sweet Violets/Ta Ra Ra Boom De-A/It's The Same World Over/Mimi The College Widow/Foggie Foggie Dew

CST-234 stereo, CLP-5220 mono - Modern Jazz Greats, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1961] Scrapple From The Apple - Charlie Parker/Bounce With Me - Errol Garner/Big Girl - Jim Giuffre/Walkin Shoes - Gerry Mulligan/Moose The Mooche - Charlie Parker/Jazz Clarinet Concerto - Buddy DeFranco/Bernie's Tune - Bernie Miller/Dewey Square - Charlie Parker/Intermission Riff - Wetzel & Graham

CST-235 stereo, CLP-5221 mono - More Ink Spots - Ink Spots [1961] Stardust/Home On The Range/Clementine/East Side West Side/Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie//I'll Never Smile Again/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/Honeymoon/My Wild Irish Rose

CST-236 stereo, CLP 5223 mono - Musical Memories - Sounds of a Thousand Strings [1961]

CST-237 stereo, CLP 5225 mono -

CST-238 stereo, CLP 5228 mono - Organ Memories - William Daly [1961]

CST-239 stereo, CLP 5229 mono - Honky Tonk Piano, Volume 3 - The Crazy Guy [1961]

CST-240 stereo, CLP-5231 mono - Rock and Roll - Tony Allen and the Nite Owls [1961] Lovers Mountain/If Love Was Money/Dreamin'/Be My Love/Cute Thing//Have Faith In Me/If I Had Aladdin's Lamp/Why In The World/Home Wrecker/Give Me A Chance

CST-241 stereo, CLP 5233 mono - Western Songs and Gunfighter Ballads - Rex Wells [1961] Streets Of Laredo/Mr. Staggerly/Buckin' Bronco/Sam Bass/John Hardy/Barney And Clyde//Gamblin' Man/Jack O Diamonds/Old Chisholm Trail/Blood On The Saddle/Black Jack David/Patonia

CST-242 stereo, CLP 5235 mono - Square Dance with Call - Rounders [1961]

CST-243 stereo, CLP 5236 mono - Sister Rosetta Tharp - Sister Rosetta Tharp [1961] Nothing Between/Lily Of The Valley/Seeking For Me/Shine For Jesus/Never Alone/I Do Don't You//God Lead Us Along/Family Prayer/What Are They Doing/I Saw The Light/Blow You Trumpet Of Zion/On The Joy That Came To Me

CST-244 stereo, CLP 5237 mono - Roosevelt Sykes Sings the Blues - Roosevelt Sykes [1961]

CST-245 stereo, CLP 5239 mono - Happy Sing-A-Long - Kirby Stone Four/Sportsmen [1961] In The Good Old Summertime/Little Brown Jug/Just A Song At Twilight/When You And I Were Young Maggie/Oh Susanna/Kathleen/Juanita/Silver Threads Among The Gold/My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean/Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes/Inky Dinky Parley Vous/(others)

CST-246 stereo, CLP 5242 mono - Kings of Dixieland, Volume Six - Kings of Dixieland [1961]

CST-247 stereo, CLP-5245 mono - The Twist - Teddy Reynolds and the Twisters [1962] Do You Wanna Twist/She'll Only Twist For Me/Twist All Night/Twist With Me Baby/I Want To Twist With Baby//I'll Do The Twist/You Changed Me/Eyes On You/Louise/I Thought The War Was Over

CST-248 stereo, CLP 5246 mono - Doin' the Twist - Joe Houston [1962] Doing the Twist/Twisting the Twist/Crazy Twist/White House Twist/Chitlun's Twist//Rocking The Twist/Roy's Twist/Joe's Twist/Texas Twist/Casino Twist

Note: At this point, stereo numbering "catches up" to the mono numbers. Mono started with 5001 and stereo started with 101, so there were 100 fewer stereo albums to this point (to be precise, there were 98 considering there were two stereo-only releases with no mono counterparts). To avoid confusion, Crown decided to lock the two series together from this point onward, and the stereo catalog number becomes the last three digits of the mono catalog number.

Crown "This Is Stereo" Box Sets (Red vinyl):

No. 1 - This Is Stereo, Volume I: From Broadway to Hollywood in Stereo - Various Artists [11/58] 5-LP set containing Around the World in 80 Days [CST-101], The Music Man [CST-102], My Fair Lady [CST-107], Gigi [CST-103], and South Pacific [CST-111]

No. 2 - This Is Stereo, Volume II: Basic Stereo Library - Various Artists [11/58] 5-LP set containing A Toast to Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey [CST-104], A Tribute to Glenn Miller [CST-115], Roaring 20's [CST-105], Pal Joey [CST-110], and Aloha Hawaii [CST- 113].

No. 3 - This Is Stereo, Volume III: Symphony in Stereo - Various Artists [11/58] 3-LP set containing Symphony of the Golden West [CST-117], Symphony of the Sea [CST-116], and Symphony of the Blues [CST-118].

No. 4 - This Is Stereo, Volume IV: A World of Sound - Various Artists [11/58] 3-LP set containing A Toast to Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey [CST-104], A Tribute to Glenn Miller [CST-115], and Around the World in 80 Days [CST-101].

No. 5 - This Is Stereo, Volume V: Spectacular in Stereo - Various Artists [11/58] 3-LP set containing Around the World in 80 Days [CST-101], Gigi [CST-103], and South Pacific [CST-111].

No. 6 - This Is Stereo, Volume VI: Stereo on Broadway - Various Artists [11/58] 3-LP set containing The Music Man [CST-102], My Fair Lady [CST-107], and Oklahoma! [CST-106].

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