TMG Consolidated Series Album Discography (1982-1988)
by David Edwards, Mike Callahan and Patrice Eyries
Last update: July 30, 2012

Starting in January 1982, the numbering for all the active Motown labels was consolidated under one system. All releases on Tamla, Motown and Gordy (TMG=Tamla/Motown/Gordy or "The Motown Group") used the same 6000 numbering system with a two letter designation after the number indicating the label, TL was Tamla, ML was Motown and GL was Gordy. In addition to these, there was Latino designated by LL. Morocco (MOtown ROCk COmpany) designated by CL, Motown Compact Disc designated by MD, Tamla Compact Disc designated by TD and Motown Cassette Tape designated by MC.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

6000ML - Tell Me a Lie - Bettye Lavette [1/82] Originally scheduled to be released as Motown M-964, but changed to the consolidated series. Right In The Middle (Of Falling In Love)Either Way We Lose/Suspicions/You Seen One You Seen 'Em All/I Heard It Through The Grapevine//Tell Me A Lie/I Like It Like That/Before I Even Knew Your Name (I Needed You)/I Can't Stop/If I Were Your Woman

6001TL - Yes It's You Lady - Smokey Robinson [1/82] (2-82, #33) Tell Me Tomorrow/Yes It's You Lady/Old Fashioned Love/Are You Still Here//The Only Game In Town/International Baby/Merry-Go Ride/I'll Try Something New/Destiny

6002TL2 - Stevie Wonder's Original Musiquarium I - Stevie Wonder [5/82] (5-82, #4) (2-LP set) Disc #1: Superstition (S)/You Haven't Done Nothin' (S)/Living For The City (S)/Front Line (S)//Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You) (S)/Send One Your Love (S)/You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (S)/Ribbon In The Sky (S); Disc 2: Higher Ground (S)/Sir Duke (S)/Master Blaster (Jammin') (S)/Boogie On Reggae Woman (S)//That Girl (S)/I Wish (S)/Isn't She Lovely (S)/Do I Do (S)

6003GL - Ambiance - Nolen & Crossley [3/82]

6004ML - Keep It Live - Dazz Band [2/82] (4-82, #14) Let It Whip/Gamble With My Love/I'll Keep On Lovin' You/Just Can't Wait Till The Night/Shake What You Got//Keep It Live (On The K.I.L.)/Just Believe In Love/Can We Dance/Let Me Love You Until

6005GL - Throwin' Down - Rick James [5/82] (6-82, #13) Dance Wit' Me/Money Talks/Teardrops/Throwdown//Standing On The Top/Hard To Get/Happy/69 Times/My Love

6006GL - So Right - High Inergy [4/82] Journey To Love/Don't Cha Love It/Wrong Man, Right Touch/Wanna Be Your Lady/First Impressions//So Right/Show Me How/Tired Of Being Alone/Take A Chance/Match Point

6007ML - Lionel Richie - Lionel Richie [1982] (10-82, #3) Serves You Right/Wandering Stranger/Tell Me/My Love/Round And Round/Truly/You Are/You Mean More To Me/Just Put Some Love In Your Heart

6008GL - Reunion - Temptations [4/82] (5-82, #37) Standing On The Top (Long Version) (Featuring Rick James)/You Better Beware/Lock It In The Pocket//I've Never Been To Me/Backstage/More On The Inside/Money's Hard To Get

6009ML - I've Never Been to Me - Charlene [3/82] (4-82, #36) There are two different covers for this album, the first had a soft focus picture of Charlene with a blue strip at the top with "I've Never Been to Me" in it and a purple strip down the right side of the album. The second cover had a different picture of Charlene with a red band across the top with the title, there is no purple strip on the right side. I've Never Been To Me/It Ain't Easy Comin' Down/Can't We Try/Hungry/Hey Mama//I Won't Remember Ever Loving You/Johnny Doesn't Love Here Anymore/After The Ball/I Need A Man/If I Could See Myself

6010ML - Trust Me - Jean Carn [5/82] Steady On My Mind/Don't Let Me Slip Away/Trust Me/Super Explosion//My Baby Loves Me/If You Don't Know Me By Now/Completeness/Better To Me

6011ML - Li'l Suzy - Ozone [7/82] (9-82, #152) Let the Ozone Take Your Mind/Comin' After Your Love/You'll Never Know How Much (I Love You) (featuring Mel Carter)/Ain't Got Far To Go/Funkin' On The One (Make Your Body Move)//Li'l Suzy/Aerobic Jamercise/She's A Ten/I'm Not Easy/Shake It Down

6012GL - All This Love - Debarge [7/82] (9-82, #24) I'll Never Fall In Love Again/Stop ! Don't Tease Me/I Like It/Can't Stop//All This Love/It's Getting Stronger/Life Begins With You/I'm In Love With You

6013 - [Unissued?]

6014ML - Strung Out on Motown - Regal Funkharmonic Orchestra [7/82] Strung Out On Motown Medley: Fingertips, Dancing In The Street, Uptight (Everthing's Alright), I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch), Going To A-Go-Go, I Second That Emotion, The Tears Of A Clown, Shotgun, ABC, I Want You Back, What's Going On, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, For Once n My Life, Sir Duke, Ain't No Mountain High Enough/Strung Out On The Supremes Medley: Reflections, You Keep Me Hangin' On, Where Did Our Love Go, Baby Love, Stop! In The Name Of Love, Stoned Love, i Hear a Symphony/Strung Out On The Temptations Medley: Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue), The Way You Do The Things You Do, Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, Get Ready, Psychodelic Shack, Cloud Nine, Runaway Child, Running Wild, Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today), (I Know) I'm Losing You//Strung Out On Four Tops Medley: It's The Same Old Song, I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch), Standing In The Shadows Of Love, Reach Out I'll Be There, Baby I Need Your Loving, Bernadette/Strung Out On Commodores Medley: Sail On, Easy, Three Times A Lady, Just To Be Close To You, Still/Strung Out On Rick James Medley: Mary Jane, You And I, Give It To Me Baby, Super Freak, Standing On The Top

6015TL - What's Your Pleasure - Gene Van Buren [1/83]

6016 - [Unissued?]

6017ML - Let Me Tickle Your Fancy - Jermaine Jackson [7/82] (8-82, #46) Let Me Tickle Your Fancy/Very Special Part/Uh Uh I Didn't Do It/You Belong To Me/You Moved A Mountain//Running/Messing Around/This Time/There's A Better Way/I Like Your Style

6018LL - Escenas De Amor - Jose Feliciano [7/82] Samba Pa Ti/En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor/Volvere Alguna Vez/No Hay Sombra Que Me Cubra (The Only Woman)/Malas Costumbres (Evil Ways)//La Balada Del Pianista/Para Decir Adios/Todo El Mundo Te Ama (Everybody Loves Me)/Y Hoy Se Que Volvere (I'm Coming Home Again)/Ahora Si Quiero Amar (I Wanna Be Where You Are)

6019ML - Love Changes - O.C. Smith [5/82] Also released on Motown-distributed South Bay SB 1001. I Betcha/If You Knew/Love Changes/Girl//Got To Know/That's One For Love/You're Still My Lady/We're Making Love, We're Making Music/I'm Glad I Fell In Love With You

6020ML - Pressin' On - Billy Preston [8/82] Pressin' On/I'd Like To Go Back Home Again/Loving You is Easy ('Cause You're Beautiful)/Turn It Out//I'm Never Gonna Say Goodbye/Thanks But No Thanks/Don't Try To Fight It/I Love You So/I Come To Rest In You

6021LL - Amor Secreto - Pedro Montero [8/82]

6022ML - Second to Nunn - Bobby Nunn [8/82] She's Just A Groopie/Get It While You Can/Got To Get Up On It//Sexy Sassy/The Party's Over/You Need Non-Stop Lovin'/Never Seen Anything Like You

6023GL - Blow: Rick James Presents Bobby M - Bobby Militello [1982] Alto Man/Let's Stay Together/How Do You Feel Tonight/Blow/Redliner/A Little Song For You/Charlie's Backbeat/Rome Tones

6024ML - The Sky Is the Limit - Charlene [1/83] The Sky's The Limit/The Loving Still Goes On/Rise Up/I Want The World To Know He's Mine/There Was Nothing To Believe In//Jesus Is Love/The Prayer/You Knew Just What I Needed/Cover Me

6025ML - Watch It Sucker! - Lawanda Page [Unissued]

6026ML - Himself (Soundtrack) - Bill Cosby [1982] (12-82, #64) Brain Damage/Chocolate Cake For Breakfast/The Dentist/The Grandparents/Kill The Boy/Natural Childbirth/Same Thing Happens Every Night

6027ML - Used to Be - Charlene [1982] (11-82, #162) Used To Be (with Stevie Wonder)/Heaven Help Us All/I Want To Go Back There Again/Rainbows//If You Take Away The Pain Until The Morning/The Last Song/Some Things Never Change/Richie's Song/You're Home

6028ML - All the Great Hits - Commodores [1982] (12-82, #37) Brick House/Easy/Lady (You Bring Me Up)/Machine Gun/Oh No/Painted Picture/Reach High/Still/Three Times A Lady

6029ML - Knife - Monalisa Young [11/83]

6030TL - Touch the Sky - Smokey Robinson [1/83] (1-83, #50) All My Life's A Lie/Dynamite/Even Tho'/Gimme What You Want/Gone Again/I've Made Love To You A Thousand Times/Sad Time/Touch The Sky

6031ML - On the One - Dazz Band [1/83] (2-83, #59) Bad Girl/Cheek To Cheek/Don't Get Caught In The Middle/Love Song/Nice Girls/On The One For Fun/Party Right Here/Stay A While With me/We Have More Than Love

6032GL - Surface Thrills - Temptations [2/83] (3-83, #159) Surface Thrills/Love On My Mind Tonight/One Man Woman/Show Me Your Love//The Seeker/What A Way To Put It/Bring Your Body Here (Exercise Chant)/Made In America

6033ML - Love Has Lifted Me - Stephanie Mills [1983] Love Has Lifted Me Love Is Everywhere/I Don't Want To Be Reminded/You Are The Melody Of My Life/This Empty Place/I Hope We Don't Run Out Of Music The Kingdom Within Everyone Simple Masterpiece

6034ML - Reachin' All Around - Thelma Houston [1983] You Never Were My Friend/Reachin' All Around My Love/I Can't Go Home Again/Lies/Don't Wonder Why//I Never Took No For An Answer/Rhythm Of Love/(I've Given You) The Best Years Of My Life/Little Bit A Heaven And A Little Bit A Hell/Stormy Weather-I Can't Stand The Rain

6035ML - Romance in the Night - Jose Feliciano [3/83] Lonely Teardrops/If You Have A Heart/Taking It All In Stride/Let's Find Each Other Tonight/One Night//So Into You/Play Me/I Feel Fine/Cuidado ! (Instrumental)/Romance In The Night

6036ML - Finis - Finis Henderson [4/83] Skip To My Lou/Making Love/Lovers/You Owe It All To Love/Blame It On The Night//Call Me/Crush On You/I'd Rather Be Gone/School Girl

6037ML - Glasses - Ozone [3/83] Glasses/You Don't Want My Love/I Can't Wait/Here I Go Again//Strutt My Thang/(Our Hearts) Will Always Shine/Don't Leave Me Now/Video King

6038ML - Kagny and the Dirty Rats - Kagny & Dirty Rats [3/83] Dirty Rats/Watchout (Somebody's Watching You)/At 15/Put Up Or Shut Up//Pocket Rocker/Playin' With Fire/Emotions/F.M. (Don'tcha Turn It Down)

6039TL - The Spell - Syreeta [4/83] Forever Is Not Enough/(You Are) The Spell/Freedom/To Know//Freddie Um Ready/Once Love Touches Your Life/Fall Apart/The Other Me

6040GL - Mary Jane Girls - Mary Jane Girls [4/83] (5-83, #56) Candy Man/Boys/Prove It/Jealousy//You Are My Heaven/On The Inside/All Night Long/Musical Love

6041GL - Groove Patrol - High Inergy [4/83] Dirty Boyz/Rock My Heart/He's A Pretender/Groove Patrol//Blame It On Love/Back In My Arms Again/So Right/Just A Touch Away

6042GL - Meet the Stone City Band! - Out from the Shadow - Stone City Band [7/83] Bad Lady/Love Hassles/Spend The Night/Telephone//Ladies Choice/Shake (Make Your Body Move)/Dance So Fine/Lover And Only Man

6043GL - Cold Blooded - Rick James [8/83] (8-83, #16) U Bring The Freak Out/Cold Blooded/Ebony Eyes (with Smokey Robinson)/1, 2, 3 (U, Her And Me)//Doin' It/New York Town/P.I.M.P. the S.I.M.P. (featuring Grand Master Flash)/Tell Me (What You Want (featuring Billy Dee Williams)/Unity

6044ML2 - Anthology - Commodores [5/83] (6-83, #141) (2-LP set) Originally scheduled for release as on December 6, 1981 as Motown M8-954M1. Brick House/Don't You Be Worried/Easy/Fancy Dance/Flying High/High On Sunshine/I Feel Sanctified/Just To Be Close To You/Machine Gun/Midnight Magic/Sail On/Slippery When Wet/Still/Sweet Love/This Is Your Life/Three Times A Lady/Too Hot Ta Trot/Wonderland/Young Girls Are My Weakness/Zoo (The Human Zoo)/Zoom

6045ML - I Can Make It Happen - Michael Lovesmith [5/84]

6046CL - Wolf and Wolf - Wolf & Wolf [5/84] Talk Of The Town/Katmandu/Don't Take The Candy/Living In A Boy's World/Doubleyou//The Water's Full Of Sharks/Too Much Or Too Little/Cracks In The Ceiling/Dumme Spiele/War Of Nerves

6047TL - People Move, Human Plays - Stevie Wonder [Unissued] Released as In the Square Circle [6134TL]

6048ML5 - The Motown Story: The First 25 Years - Various Artists [5/83] (7-83, #114) (5-LP boxed set) Commercial release of the first five discs of a 1981 6-LP promotional set [Motown PR- 84]. Narrated by Smokey Robinson. Each side has segments, which are indicated by a backslash. Side changes are denoted by the double slash as usual. Disc 1: The Roots Of Motown - Narration/Lonely Teardrops - Jackie Wilson/Bad Girl - Miracles/Money - Barrett Strong/Shop Around - Miracles/Signoff by Smokey Robinson - Narration/Bye Bye Baby - Mary Wells\Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/Following Mary Wells - Narration/Please Mr. Postman - Marvelettes/Do You Love Me? - Contours/Stubborn Kind of Fellow - Marvin Gaye/Two Lovers - Mary Wells//Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/You Really Got A Hold On Me - Miracles/Fingertips - Stevie Wonder/Come Get These Memories - Martha & Vandellas/Can I Get A Witness - Marvin Gaye\Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/The Way You Do the Things You Do/My Guy - Mary Wells/Every Little Bit Hurts - Brenda Holloway/Where Did Our Love Go - Supremes; Disc 2: Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/Baby I Need Your Loving - Four Tops/Dancing In The Street - Martha & Vandellas/How Sweet It Is - Marvin Gaye/My Girl - Temptations\Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/Shotgun - Jr. Walker/Stop! In The Name of Love - Supremes/Nowhere To Run - Martha & Vandellas/I Can't Help Myself - Four Tops//Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/I'll Be Doggone - Marvin Gaye/Tracks Of My Tears - Miracles/I Hear A Symphony - Supremes/Uptight - Stevie Wonder\Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/This Old Heart Of Mine - Isley Brothers/Beauty's Only Skin Deep - Temptations/What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted - Jimmy Ruffin/You Can't Hurry Love - Supremes; Disc 3: Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/Reach Out I'll Be There - Four Tops/Jimmy Mack - Martha & Vandellas/I Was Made To Love Her - Stevie Wonder/Reflections - Supremes\Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Gladys Knight & Pips/I Second That Emotion - Miracles/I Wish It Would Rain - Temptations/You're All I Need To Get By - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell//Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/Love Child - Supremes/Cloud Nine - Temptations/I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye/I'm Gonna Make You Love Me - Diana Ross & Supremes & Temptations\Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/For Once In My Life - Stevie Wonder/Baby Baby Don't Cry - Miracles/My Whole World Ended - David Ruffin/What Does It Take To Win Your Love - Jr. Walker; Disc 4: Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/Baby I'm For Real - Originals/Someday We'll Be Together - Diana Ross & Supremes/I Want You Back - Jackson 5\Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/Up The Ladder To The Roof - Supremes/Signed Sealed Delivered - Stevie Wonder/It's A Shame - Spinners/War - Edwin Starr//Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross/River Deep Mountain High - Supremes & Four Tops/I'll Be There - Jackson 5\Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/Tears Of A Clown - Smokey Robinson & Miracles/What's Going On - Marvin Gaye/Ben - Jackson 5/Just My Imagination - Temptations; Disc 5: Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - Stevie Wonder/Papa Was A Rolling Stone - Temptations/Neither One Of Us - Gladys Knight & Pips\Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye/You're A Special Part Of Me - Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross/Keep On Truckin' - Eddie Kendricks/Dancing Machine - Jackson 5//Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/Machine Gun - Commodores/Baby That's Backatcha - Smokey Robinson/Walk Away From Love - David Ruffin\Smokey Robinson Intro - Narration/Theme From Mahogany - Diana Ross/Love Machine - Miracles/Sweet Love - Commodores/Don't Leave Me This Way - Thelma Houston

6049ML2 - Anthology - Diana Ross [5/83] (6-83, #63) (2-LP set) Ain't No Mountain High Enough/Baby I Love Your Way/The Boss/Endless Love/Gettin' Ready For Love/Good Morning Heartache/I'm Coming Out/I'm Still Waiting/It's My Turn/Last Time I Saw Him/Love Hangover/Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)/Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)/Reach Out I'll Be There/Remember Me/Brown Baby-Save The Children/Surrender/Too Shy To Say/Touch Me In The Morning/Upside Down/Young Mothers

6050 - Smokey Robinson [Unissued]

6051ML - Private Party - Bobby Nunn [9/83]

6052ML - Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell [1/84] (2-84, #15) Somebody's Watching Me/Obscene Phone Caller/Taxman/Change Your Ways//Runaway/Wasting Away/Knife/Foreign Country

6053ML - Blow the House Down - Junior Walker [8/83] Sexpot/Rise And Shine/Closer Than Close/Ball Baby//T-OO (T Double O)/Urgent/In And Out/Blow The House Down

6054ML - Commodores 13 - Commodores [9/83] (10-83, #103) I'm In Love/Turn Off The Lights/Nothing Like A Woman/Captured//Touchdown/Welcome Home/Ooo, Woman You/Only You

6055LL - Me Enamore - Jose Feliciano [Unissued] Released on Profono Records SL-2014 under license from Motown. Ay Carino/Me Enamore/No Quiero Perder Tu Amor Tambien (Ready To Take A Chance Again)/Todo Volvio A Comenzar/Los Sonidos Del Silencio (The Sounds Of Silence)//Paso Lavida Pensando/Eterno Amor (Endless Love)/Quiero Estar A Tu Lado/Que Quieres Tu De Mi/El Condor Pasa

6056CL - Killer Instinct - Paul Sabu [Unissued]

6056CL - Kidd Glove - Kidd Glove [1984] Number was originally to be titled "Killer Instinct" by artist Paul Sabu; artist and title changed to "Kidd Glove". Good Clean Fun/Killer Instinct/Street Angel/Spirit Of The Night/Fade To Black//Hellzarockin'/Somewhere In A Song/Secrets/Susie Wants To Be A Star

6057GL - Don't Look Any Further - Dennis Edwards [1/84] (3-84, #48) I'm Fed Up With You/Don't Look Any Further (featuring Sarah Garrett)/(You're My) Aphrodisiac/Can't Fight It//Another Place In Time/Shake Hands (Come Out Dancin')/I Thought I Could Handle It/Just Like You/Let's Go Up

6058ML - Every Great Motown Hit of Marvin Gaye - Marvin Gaye [9/83] (10-83, #80) Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing [with Tammi Terrell]/Distant Lover/Got To Give It Up, Part 1/How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)/I heard It Through The Grapevine/If I Could Build My Whole World Around You [with Tammi Terrell]/Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)/Let's Get It On/Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)/That's The Way Love Is/Too Busy Thinking About My Baby/Trouble Man/What's Going On/You're All I Need To Get By [with Tammi Terrell]/Your Precious Love [with Tammi Terrell]

6059ML - Can't Slow Down - Lionel Richie [10/83] (11-83, #1) Original title was scheduled to be Positive Space. Can't Slow Down/All Night Long (All Night)/Penny Lover/Stuck On You//Love Will Find A Way/The Only One/Running With The Night/Hello

6060CL - Light the Night - Jakata [8/84] Living Like There's No Tomorrow/Hell Is On The Run/Golden Girl/Can't Take Your Games Anymore/Tell Him You're Leaving//Racing For The Dawn (Instrumental)/Light At The End Of The Tunnel/Jean Such A Scene/Don't Ever Let Go/Shadows Of The Night

6061GL - In a Special Way - Debarge [9/83] (10-83, #36) Be My Lady/Stay With Me/Time Will Reveal/Need Somebody//Love Me In A Special Way/Queen Of My Heart/Baby, Won't Cha Come Quick/I Give Up On You/A Dream

6062ML - The Big Chill (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [9/83] (10-83, #17) Issued on compact disc as 6062MD in 1984. I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye/My Girl - Temptations/Good Lovin' - Rascals/Tracks Of My Tears - Smokey Robinson & Miracles/Joy To The World - Three Dog Night//Ain't Too Proud To Beg - Temptations/(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman - Aretha Franklin/I Second That Emotion - Smokey Robinson & Miracles/A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Procol Harum/Tell Him - Exciters

6063CL - The Coyote Sisters - Coyote Sisters [7/84] I've Got A Radio/Nobody Moves Like Us/Straight From The Heart (Into Your Life)/Floating World/Once You Know//Anybody's Angel/See You Tonight/(Don't Listen To That) Reggae/Echo/I'll Do It

6064TL - Blame It on Love and All the Great Hits - Smokey Robinson [8/83] (9-83, #124) Baby Come Close/Being With You/Blame It On Love/Cruisin'/Don't Play Another Love Song/If You Wanna Make Love (Come 'Round Here)/Just A Touch Away/Just Like You/Let Me Be The Clock/Tell Me Tomorrow, Part 1

6065CL - Get Crazy (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [8/83] Get Crazy - Sparks/You Can't Make Me - Lori Eastside & Nada/Chop Suey - Ramones/It's Only A Movie (aka But, But) - Marshall Crenshaw/Little Sister - Lou Reed//I'm Not Gonna Take It - Lori Eastside & Nada/Hot Shot - Malcolm McDowell/The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock And Roll - Bill Henderson/Hoochie Coochie Man - Fear/Starscape - Michael Boddicker/Auld Sang Lyne - Howard Kaylan & Cast

6066ML - Back Where I Belong - Four Tops [10/83] Make Yourself Right At Home/I Just Can't Walk Away/Sail On/Back Where I Belong//What Have We Got To Lose (with Aretha Franklin)/The Masquerade Is Over/Body And Soul/Hang (with Temptations)

6067CL - Tiggi Clay - Tiggi Clay [1/84] Flashes/Top Of The World/The Winner Gets The Heart/Ali Baba//Billy Was A Good Time/Spooks In The House/That's The Way To Go/Roses For Lydia/Who Shot Zorro?

At this point, Motown begins compact disc releases with several anthology compilations, and also begins cassette-only reissues of their earlier albums.

6068MD - 14 Greatest Hits - Commodores [2/84] Compact disc release.

6069TD - 15 Greatest Hits - Marvin Gaye [2/84] Compact disc release.

6070MD - 18 Greatest Hits - Michael Jackson & Jackson Five [2/84] Compact disc release.

6071TD - 18 Greatest Hits - Smokey Robinson & Miracles [2/84] Compact disc release.

6072MD - 14 Greatest Hits - Diana Ross [2/84] Compact disc release.

6073MD - 20 Greatest Hits - Diana Ross & Supremes [2/84] Compact disc release.

6074MC - Machine Gun/Movin' On - Commodores [10/83] Double cassette tape.

6075MC - Four Tops/Reach Out - Four Tops [10/83] Double cassette tape.

6076MC - Live/Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye [10/83] Double cassette tape.

6077MC - Got to Be There/Ben - Michael Jackson [10/83] Double cassette tape.

6078MC - Come Get It/Fire It Up - Rick James [10/83] Double cassette tape.

6079MC - Meet the Temptations/Masterpiece - Temptations [10/83] Double cassette tape.

6080MC - Mr. Magic/Feels So Good - Grover Washington, Jr. [10/83] Double cassette tape.

6081MC - Signed, Sealed & Delivered/My Cherie Amour - Stevie Wonder [10/83] Double cassette tape.

6082MC - Touch Me in the Morning/Live at Caesar's Palace - Diana Ross [10/83] Double cassette tape.

6083MC - You're All I Need/United - Marvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell [10/83] Double cassette tape.

6084ML - Joystick - Dazz Band [11/83] (12-83, #73) Original title was to be "Vibrations"; title changed to "Joystick" before release. Joystick/Laughin' At You/Now That I Have You/Rock With me/Straight Out Of School/Swoop (I'm Yours)/T. Mata/To The Roof/Until You

6085GL - Back to Basics - Temptations [10/83] (4-84, #152) Miss Busy Body (Get Your Body Busy)/Sail Away/Outlaw/Stop The World Righjt Here (I Wanna Get Off)//The Battle Song (I'm The One) (with Four Tops)/Hollywood/Isn't The Night Fantastic/Make Me Believe In Love Again

6086ML - Christine (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [11/83] (1-84, #177) Bad To The Bone - George Thorogood & the Destroyers/Not Fade Away - Buddy Holly & the Crickets/Pledging My Love - Johnny Ace/We Belong Together - Robert & Johnny/Keep A Knockin' - Little Richard//I Wonder Why - Dion & Belmonts/Harlem Nocturne - Viscounts/Little Bitty Pretty One - Thurston Harris/Rock & Roll Is here To Stay - Danny & Juniors/Christine Attacks - John Carpenter & Alan Howarth/Boney Maroney - Larry Williams

6087 - You Got the Love - Tenna Marie [Unissued]

6088ML - Love in the Fire - Bobby King [2/84] Show Me Your Magic/Somewhere Along The Way/Close To Me (With Alfie Silas)/Lovequake//Ain't Never Met A Woman Like You/Sweet Love/Midnight Shine/Fall In Love/Love In The Fire

6089TL - Love Never Dies - Gene Van Buren [Unissued]

6089TL - Essar - Smokey Robinson [Unissued] Released as 6098TL.

6090ML - Hit and Run Lover - Charlene [7/84] We're Both In Love With You/When The Magic Dies/I Found In You (Something That I Lost In Me)/I'll Be Waiting/Escape//Hit And Run Lover/Payin' For Borrowed Time/Next Door Neighbor/I See The Music

6091ML - Making Trax: The Great Instrumentals - Various Artists [3/84]

6092ML - Only Four You - Mary Jane Girls [2/85] (3-85, #18) In My House/Break It Up/Shadow Lover Interlude/Shadow Lover/Lonely For You//Wild And Crazy Love/Girlfriend/I Betcha/Leather Queen

6093ML - Diamond in the Raw - Michael Lovesmith [4/84] Fast Girls/Lucky In Love/Sweetness/Gotta Get Out Tonight/Zapped//Diamond In The Raw/Be My Star/I Can't Give Her Up/He Only Looks The Part/A Promise Is A Promise

6094ML - More Songs from the Big Chill (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [4/84] (4-84, #85) Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival/Wouldn't It Be Nice - Beach Boys/It's The Same Old Song - Four Tops/When A Man Loves A Woman - Percy Sledge/Dancing In The Street - Martha Reeves & Vandellas/What's Going On - Marvin Gaye//In The Midnight Hour - Rascals/Quicksilver Girl - Steve Miller Band/Gimme Some Lovin' - Spencer Davis Group/Too Many Fish In The Sea - Marvelettes/The Weight - The Band

6095GL - Reflections - Rick James [8/84] (8-84, #41) Original title was to be "Shower of Hits", title changed to "Reflections" prior to release. Bustin' Out/Dance Wit' Me, Part 1/Fire And Desire/Give It To Me Baby/Mary Jane/Oh What A Night (4 Luv)/17/Super Freak, Part 1/You And I/You Turn Me On

6096ML - Ko Ko-Pop - Ko Ko-Pop [5/84] Baby Sister/Serious Side/I'm In Love With You/Make You Feel Better//I Wish It Would Rain/Make Up Your Mind/Baby On The Run/On The Beach

6097CL - White Knuckle Ride - Duke Jupiter [5/84] She's So Hot/Rescue Me/Don't Turn Your Back/Top Of The Bay/Backfire//Little Lady/A Woman Like You/Work It Out/Me And Michelle/(I've Got A) Little Black Book

6098TL - Essar - Smokey Robinson [5/84] (6-84, #141) And I Don't Love You/Train of Thought/I Can't Find/Why Are You Running From My Love//Gone Forever/Close Encounters Of The First Kind/Little Girl Little Girl/Girl I'm Standing There/Driving Thru Life In The Fast Lane

6099ML - 14 Greatest Hits - Michael Jackson And The Jackson 5 [5/84] (6-84, #168) Picture Disc. Jackson 5: ABC/Dancing Machine/I Want You Back/I'll Be There/Lookin' Through The Windows/The Love You Save/Mama's Pearl/Maybe Tomorrow/Never Can Say Goodbye; Michael Jackson: Ben/Got To Be There/I Wanna Be Where You Are/One Day In Your Life/Rockin' Robin

6100MC - 16 Greatest Hits - Michael Jackson And The Jackson 5 [5/84] Released as a cassette tape only.

6101ML - Farewell My Summer Love - Michael Jackson [5/84] (6-84, #46) Issued with two different covers, the reissue using the title "Farewell My Summer Love 1984." Don't Let It Get You Down/You've Really Got A Hold On Me/Melodie/Touch The One You Love/Girl You're So Together//Farewell My Summer Love/Call On Me/Here I Am (Come And Take Me)/To Make My Father Proud

6102ML - Wild Animal - Vanity [8/84] Issued with two different covers, both with same photo. First issue has "Vanity" written in orange and a small "Wild Animal" in blue at bottom; second cover has "Vanity" in red and a large white "Wild Animal" at the bottom. Flippin' Out/Pretty Mess/Samuelle/Strap On "Robbie Baby"//Wild Animal/Mechanical Emotion/Crazy Maybe

6103ML - Sam Harris - Sam Harris [8/84] (9-84, #35) Original title was to be "Out of Control". Out Of Control/Sugar Don't Bite/I've Heard It All Before/Hearts On Fire/I Will Not Wait For You//Pretender/Don't Look In My Eyes/You Keep Me Hangin' On/Inside Of Me/Over The Rainbow

6104ML - Mind Control - Kagny [9/84]

6105MD - All the Great Love Songs - Diana Ross [9/84] Compact disc release.

6106MD - 19 Greatest Hits - Four Tops [9/84] Compact disc release.

6107MD - All the Great Love Songs - Commodores [9/84] Compact disc release.

6108ML - The Woman in Red (Soundtrack) - Stevie Wonder [7/84] (9-84, #4) The Woman In Red/It's You (with Dionne Warwick)/It's More Than You/I Just Called To Say I Love You//Love Light In Flight/Moments Aren't Moments - Dionne Warwick/Weakness (with Dionne Warwick)/Don't Drive Drunk

6109MD - 17 Greatest Hits - Gladys Knight And The Pips [10/84] Compact disc release.

6110MD - Motown Grammy R&B Hits - Various Artists [10/84] Compact disc release.

6111MD - 14 Greatest Hits - Al Green [10/84] Compact disc release.

6112ML - Ain't No Turnin' Back - Phyllis St. James [8/84]

6113TD2 - Original Musiquarium Volume 1 - Stevie Wonder [1/85] Compact disc release.

6114TD - Original Musiquarium Volume 2 - Stevie Wonder [1/85] Compact disc release.

6115MD - Songs in the Key of Life, Volume 1 - Stevie Wonder [1/85] Compact disc release.

6116MD - Songs in the Key of Life, Volume 2 - Stevie Wonder [1/85] Compact disc release.

6117ML - Jukebox - Dazz Band [9/84] (10-84, #83) Dream Girl/Heartbeat/I've Been Waiting/Keep You Comin' Back For More/Let It All Blow/Main Attraction/She's The One/So Much Love/Undercover Lover

6118ML - Fresh - Bobby Nunn [Unissued?]

6119GL - Truly for You - Temptations [10/84] (11-84, #55) Running/Treat Her Like A Lady/How Can You Say That It's Over/My Love Is True (Truly For Your)//Memories/Just To Keep You In My Life/Set Your Love Right/I'll Keep My Light In My Window

6120MD - The Big Chill & Other Classic Hits - Various Artists [Unissued]

6121ML - Thomas McClary - Thomas McClary [11/84] Wild Imagination/Read Between The Lines/Thin Walls/Marianne//Man In The Middle/Contagious/Gonna Get You Back/Love Will Find A Way

6122ML - Captured... By an Evil Mind - Rockwell [1/85] (2-85, #120) Peeping Tom/He's A Cobra/T.V. Psychology/We Live In A Jungle//Captured (By An Evil Mind)/Don't It Make You Cry/Tokyo/Costa Rica

6123GL - Rhythm of the Night - Debarge [2/85] (3-85, #19) Heart Is Not So Smart/Who's Holding Donna Now/Give It Up/Single Heart//You Wear It Well/The Walls (Came Tumbling Down)/Share My World/Rhythm Of The Night

6124ML - Nightshift - Commodores [1/85] (2-85, #12) Animal Instinct (S)/Nightshift (S, 5:03)/I Keep Running (S)/Lay Back (S)//Slip Of The Tongue (S)/Play This Record Twice (S)/Janet (S)/The Woman In My Life (S)/Lightin' Up The Night (S)

6125GD - 17 Greatest Hits - Temptations [3/85] Compact disc release.

6126MF - At His Best - Grover Washington Jr. [3/85] Compact disc release.

6127TD2 - Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants - Steve Wonder [3/85] Compact disc release.

6128ML - The Last Dragon (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [3/85] (3-85, #58) The Last Dragon (Title Song From Berry Gordy's "The Last Dragon") - Dwight David/7th Heaven - Vanity/Star - Alfie/Fire - Charlene/The Glow - Willie Hutch//Rhythm Of The Night - DeBarge/Upset Stomach - Stevie Wonder/First Time On A Ferris Wheel (Love Theme From Berry Gordy's "The Last Dragon") - Smokey Robinson & Syreeta/Peeping Tom - Rockwell/Inside You - Willie Hutch with the Temptations

6129 - [Unissued?]

6130GL - Magic - Four Tops [5/85] (6-85, #140) I Can Feel The Magic/Don't Tell Me That It's Over/Sexy Ways/Easier Said Than Done//Don't Turn Away/I'm Ready For Love/Again/Maybe Tomorrow (Featuring Phyllis Hyman)/Remember Me

6131ML - The Flamingo Kid (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [12/84] (2-85, #130) Breakaway - Jesse Frederick/(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave - Martha & Vandellas/He's So Fine - Chiffons/Stranger On The Shore - Mr. Acker Bilk/Runaround Sue - Dion/Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard//Money (That's What I Want) - Barrett Strong/It's All Right - Impressions/Finger Poppin' Time - Hank Ballard & Midnighters/One Fine Day - Chiffons/Get A Job - Silhouettes/Boys Will Be Boys - Maureen Steele

6132MD - 25 No. 1 Hits From 25 Years - Various Artists [4/85] Compact disc release.

6133MD - Lady Sings the Blues - Diana Ross [4/85] Compact disc release.

6134TL - In Square Circle - Stevie Wonder [1985] (10-85, #5) Part-Time Lover/I Love You Too Much/Whereabouts/Stranger On The Shore Of Love/Never In You Sun//Spiritual Walkers/Land Of La La/Go Home/Overjoyed/It's Wrong (Apartheid)

6135GL - Glow - Rick James [4/85] (5-85, #50) Can't Stop/Glow/Melody Makes Me Dance/Moonchild/Rock And Roll Control/Sha La La La La (Come Back Home)/Somebody (The Girl's Got)/Spend The Night With Me

6136ML - If I Only Knew - Emotions [3/85] Supernatural/The Good Times/Miss Your Love/If I Only Knew Then (What I Know Now)/Just A Girl In Love//Shine Your Love On Me/Giving You All I Got/Closer To You/Eternally

6137MD - 20 Greatest Songs in Motown History - Various Artists [9/85] Compact disc release.

6138MD - Greatest Songs by Holland Dozier Holland - Various Artists [7/85] Compact disc release. You Can't Hurry Love - Diana Ross & Supremes/Reach Out I'll Be There - Four Tops/How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You - Marvin Gaye/You Keep Me Hangin' On - Diana Ross & Supremes/Standing In The Shadows Of Love - Four Tops/(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave - Martha Reeves & Vandellas/Where Did Our Love Go - Diana Ross & Supremes/Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) - Kim Weston/Stop! In The Name Of Love - Diana Ross & Supremes/It's The Same Old Song - Four Tops/Heaven Must Have Sent You - Bonnie Pointer/Baby Love - Diana Ross & Supremes/I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)/Reflections - Diana Ross & Supremes/This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) - Isley Brothers/I Hear A Symphony - Diana Ross & Supremes/Baby I Need Your Loving - Four Tops/My World Is Empty Without You - Diana Ross & Supremes/Can I Get A Witness - Marvin Gaye/Come See About Me - Diana Ross & Supremes

6139MD - Greatest Songs by Smokey Robinson - Various Artists [7/85] Compact disc release. The Tracks Of My Tears - Smokey Robinson & Miracles/My Girl - Temptations/Ooo Baby Baby - Smokey Robinson & Miracles/My Guy - Mary Wells/Shop Around - Smokey Robinson & Miracles/Get Ready - Temptations/You've Really Got A Hold On Me - Smokey Robinson & Miracles/The Way You Do The Things You Do - Temptations/Going To A Go-Go - Smokey Robinson & Miracles/Ain't That Peculiar - Marvin Gaye/I Second That Emotion - Smokey Robinson & Miracles/Don't Look Back - Temptations/More Love - Smokey Robinson & Miracles/The Tears Of A Clown - Smokey Robinson & Miracles/Crusin' - Smokey Robinson/Being With You - Smokey Robinson

6140MD - Greatest Songs by Ashford and Simpson - Various Artists [4/85] Compact disc release.

6141ML - Nature of the Beast - Maureen Steele [4/85] Nature Of The Beast/Physical Therapy/Save The Night For Me/Sneak Preview/Rock My Heart//Bad Girls Do It Better/Sidetracked/Do You Like It When I Hurt You/My Shy Lover/Boys Will Be Boys

6142ML - Making a Game Out of Love - Willie Hutch [6/85] She's Making A Game Out Of Love/Super Sexy/The Very Best Of Love/The Glow (Unedited Version)//Don't Act Like That/Sexy Feelin'/Always/Keep On Jammin'/Inside You (With The Temptations)

6143MD - Great Love Songs with the Commodores - Various Artists [7/85] Compact disc release.

6144TD - Love Songs: 20 Classic Hits - Stevie Wonder [7/85] Compact disc release.

6145ML - Rhymes Of Passion - Michael Lovesmith [5/85] I'm Good At It/Cover Girl/Break The Ice/You Ain't Been Loved Right/Love In The Combat Zone//Temporary Insanity/Haunted Heart/Ain't Nothin' Like It/We Will Both Have To Bend/Raider Of The Night

6146ML - That Look - Alfie [7/86] Come And Go Lover/I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend/Our Love/Just Gets Better With Time/Star//Somebody Turn On A Light/Give Me Your Love/That Look/So Good To Me/I Want You Baby

6147GL - Seduction - Val Young [7/85] Mind Games/If You Should Ever Be Lonely/Let's Fall In Love/Tellin' Me Lies/Come Hang Out//Seduction/Piece Of My Heart/Waiting On You/Make Up Your Mind

6148GL - Coolin' Out - Dennis Edwards [6/85] Try A Little Tenderness/State Of Limbo/Amanda/No Such Thing/Why Do People Fall In Love (with Thelma Houston)//Givin' So Much/Coolin' Out/Breakin' Loose/Wrap You

6149ML - Hot Spot - Dazz Band [6/85] (8-85, #98) If Only Your Were In My Shoes/Hot Spot/Paranoid/All The Way//S.C.L. & P. (Style,Class, Looks and Personality)/She Used To Be My Girl/When You Needed Roses/Slow Rap

6150ML - More Than You Can Handle - Lushus Diam & Pretty Vain [7/85] More Than You Can Handle/The One You Love/Be There For Me/The Rhythm Of Love/Flex//Pretty Poison/Attention Addict/Payback/For You

6151TD - Talking Book - Stevie Wonder [7/85] Compact disc release.

6152TD - Innervisions - Stevie Wonder [7/85] Compact disc release.

6153TD - 21 Classic Duets - Marvin Gaye [10/85] Compact disc release.

6154ML - A Crowd of One - Nick Jameson [Unissued] Released as Motown 6210ML.

6155ML - Secrets of Lonely Boys - Ko-Ko-Pop [9/85] Lonely Girl, Lonely Boy/Brand New Beat/First Impression/Sugar Pop Baby/Fallin' In Love//Tell Me That You're Mine/No More Secrets/(He's Got) Ulterior Motives/Nasty/Foolish Heart

6156TL - Smoke Signals - Smokey Robinson [1/86] (2-86, #104) Some People (Will Do Anything For Love)/Sleepless Nights/Because Of You (It's The Best It's Ever Been)/Be Kind To The Growing Mind (with Temptations)/Te Quiero Como Si No Hubiera Un Manana (I'm Gonna Love You Like There's No Tomorrow)//Hold On To Your Love/Photograph In My Mind/No Time To Stop Believing/Wishful Thinking/Hanging On By A Thread

6157ML - Truth for the Moment - Pal [Unissued in the United States] Issued in Europe as Motown ZL72398. Man About Town/Like It/Her Husband/On The Edge/Everybody's Nasty//Panic/Talk We Don't/Spellbound/Strange Dreams/Checkin' U Out

6158ML - Dancing on the Ceiling - Lionel Richie [8/86] (8-86, #1) Ballerina Girl/Dancing On The Ceiling/Deep River Woman [with Alabama]/Don't Stop/Love Will Conquer All/Say You Say Me/Se La/Tonight Will Be Alright

6159MD - Good Feeling Music of the Big Chill, Volume 1 - Various Artists [5/86] Compact disc release.

6160MD - Good Feeling Music of the Big Chill, Volume 2 - Various Artists [5/86] Compact disc release.

6161MD - Good Feeling Music of the Big Chill, Volume 3 - Various Artists [5/86] Compact disc release.

6162ML - Line of Your Fire - Duke Jupiter [10/85] Dancing On The Ice/(Come On, Baby) We Might Fall In Love/Only You/I Want To Love You/You're My Hero//The Line Of Your Fire/Since You've Been Gone/Turnin' Me On/Never Say Goodbye/Sounds Like Love

6163ML - Fade In, Fade Out - Warp 9 [10/85] Original title was to be "The Cutting Edge", title changed to "Fade In, Fade Out" prior to release. Skips A Beat/Dirty Looks/Big Fun /Reach For Your Star//The Cutting Edge/King Of Hearts/You'll Get Over It/To The Last Drop

6164GL - Touch Me - Temptations [11/85] (1-86, #146) Magic/Givehersomeattention/Deeper Than Love/I'm Fascinated/Touch Me//Don't Break Your Promise To Me (With Alfie)/She Got Tired Of Loving Me/Do You Really Love Your Baby/Oh Lover

6165ML - Sam-I-Am - Sam Harris [12/85] (2-86, #69) I'd Do It All Again/Forever For You/Heart Of The Machine/The Rescue/Suffer The Innocent//Ba-Boom Ba-Boom/Don't Want To Give Up On Love/In Your Eyes/Always-The Bells-I Need You/Stay With Me

6166ML - Getting a Grip on Love - Troy Johnson [3/86] You Make Me Lose My Head/If You've Got The Heart (I've Got The Love)/Mesmerized/Just Get A Grip/It's My Groove//It's You/The Wonders Of Your Love/Time Will Tell/Honest Lover

6167ML - Skin on Skin - Vanity [2/86] Under The Influence/Manhunt/Romantic Voyage/Confidential/Animals/Skin On Skin/Gun Shy/Ouch/In The Jungle

6168ML - Guinn - Guinn [3/86] Dreamin'/Open Your Door/I Can't Live Without You/Slow Down//Sincerely/Tell Me/People Will Be People/Give Everything You Got For Love

6169TD - 23 Greatest Hits - Marvelettes [2/86] Compact disc release.

6170GD - 26 Greatest Hits - Martha Reeves & Vandellas [2/86] Compact disc release.

6171MD - Mary Wells - 22 Greatest Hits [2/86] Compact disc release.

6172TL - Motown Remembers Marvin Gaye - Marvin Gaye [3/86] (5-86, #193) The World Is Rated X/Lonely Lover/Just Like A Man/I'm Going Home/No Greater Love//Dark Side Of The World/Love And Affection/I'm In Love With You/That's The Way It Goes/I Gotta Have Your Lovin'/Baby I'm Glad That Things Worked Out So Well/Baby (Don't You Leave Me) (With Kim Weston)

6173GD - Greatest Hits - Debarge [3/86] Compact disc release.

6174MD - Motown's Biggest Pop Hits - Various Artists - [3/86] Compact disc release.

6175TCDO - Original Musiquarium, Volume 1 - Stevie Wonder [Unissued]

6176TCDO - Original Musiquarium, Volume 2 - Stevie Wonder [Unissued]

6177MD - 15 Greatest Love Songs - Various Artists [4/86] Compact disc release.

6178MCDO - Mister Magic/Feels So Good - Grover Washington Jr. [Unissued] Originally scheduled to be a single compact disc combining two albums. Rescheduled and released as MCD-08009.

6178ML - The Genie - Rockwell [6/86] That's Nasty/Carmé/Baby On The Corner/Grow-Up !//Nervous Condition/Concentration/Man From Mars/Intro: Twilight Zone/Genie Of Love

6179ML - Fizzy Qwick - Fizzy Qwick [6/86] Girls In Motion/Young, Single And Tough/Somebody Save Me/Available//Cupid/Hangin' Out/You Want It Your Way, Always/A-OK

6180ML - A Fine Mess (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [4/86] (8-86, #183) A Fine Mess - Temptations/Walk Like A Man - Mary Jane Girls/Easier Said Than Done - Chico DeBarge/Can't Help Falling In Love - Christine McVie/Slow Down - Billy Vera & Beaters//Love's Closing In - Nick Jameson/Wishful Thinking - Smokey Robinson/Moving So Close - Second Generation/I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday - Los Lobos/Stan And Ollie - Henry Mancini

6181GL - El Debarge - Debarge [4/86] (6-86, #24) Who's Johnny (Short Circuit Theme)/Secrets Of The Night/I Wanna Hear It From My Heart/Someone/When Love Has Gone Away//Private Line/Love Always/Lost Without Her Love/Thrill Of The Chase/Don't Say It's Over

6182GD - 14 Greatest Hits - Teena Marie [8/86] Compact disc release.

6183MD - 20 Hard To Find Motown Classics, Volume 1 - Various Artists [4/86] Compact disc release.

6184MD - 20 Hard To Find Motown Classics, Volume 2 - Various Artists [4/86] Compact disc release.

6185GL - The Flag - Rick James [4/86] (7-86, #95) Freak Flag (Intro)/Forever And A Day/Sweet And Sexy Thing/Free To Be Me/Save It For Me/Freak Flag (Cue)//R U Experienced/Funk In America/Silly Little Man/Slow And Easy Interlude/Slow And Easy/Rick's Raga/Painted Pictures/Freak Flag (Reprise)

6186MD - Pippin - Original Cast [8/86] Compact disc release.

6187ML - Guys and Dolls - Original Cast [Unissued]

6188TCDO - I Heard It Through the Grapevine/I Want You - Marvin Gaye [Unissued] Rescheduled and released as TCD-08010.

6188MD2 - Anthology - Four Tops [8/86] Double compact disc release.

6189MCDO - Neither One of Us/All I Need Is Time - Gladys Knight and the Pips [Unissued] Rescheduled and released as MCD-08008.

6189MD2 - Anthology - Temptations [8/86] Double compact disc release.

6190MD - The Motown Story The First 25 Years - Various Artists [11/86] Compact disc release.

6191TD - Live at the London Palladium - Marvin Gaye [8/86] Compact disc release.

6192MCDO - Street Songs/Throwin' Down - Rick James [Unissued] Rescheduled and released as GCD-08012.

6192MD - You Can't Hurry Love - Various Artists [8/86] Compact disc release.

6193MD2 - 25th Anniversary - Supremes [8/86] Double compact disc release.

6194MD2 - Anthology - Jackson Five [8/86] Double compact disc release.

6195TCDO - Going to a Go-Go/The Tears of a Clown - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles [Unissued] Rescheduled and released as TCD-08004.

6195MD2 - Anthology - Michael Jackson [8/86] Double compact disc release.

6196MCDO - Where Did Our Love Go?/I Hear a Symphony - Diana Ross and the Supremes [Unissued] Rescheduled and released as MCD-08005.

6196TD2 - Anthology - Smokey Robinson & Miracles [8/86] Double compact disc release.

6197GCDO - Cloud Nine/Puzzle People - Temptations [Unissued] Rescheduled and released as GCD-08016.

6197MD2 - Anthology - Diana Ross [8/86] Double compact disc release.

6198MD2 - Anthology - Diana Ross & Supremes [8/86] Double compact disc release.

6199MD2 - Anthology - Marvin Gaye [8/86] Double compact disc release.

6200MD2 - Anthology - Gladys Knight And The Pips [8/86] Double compact disc release.

6201TD - 20 Greatest Hits - Marvin Gaye [8/86] Compact disc release.

6202TD - 22 Greatest Hits - Smokey Robinson & Miracles [8/86] Compact disc release.

6203MD - 19 Greatest Hits - Jr. Walker & All Stars [8/86] Compact disc release.

6204MD2 - 25th Anniversary - Temptations [8/86] Double compact disc release.

6205TD - Hotter than July - Stevie Wonder [8/86] Compact disc release.

6206MD - Compact Command Performances - Jimmy Reed [8/86] Compact disc release.

6207GL - To Be Continued... - Temptations [7/86] (8-86, #74) Lady Soul/Message To The World/To Be Continued/Put Us Together Again/Someone//Girls (They Like It)/More Love, Your Love/A Fine Mess/You're The One/Love Me Right

6208MD - Compact Command Performances - Little Richard [8/86] Compact disc release.

6209ML - Designs of the Heart - Jakata [Unissued]

6210ML - A Crowd Of One - Nick Jameson [7/86] Weatherman/Bring Your Love To Me/Gonna Hold You Tight/Last Act Of A Desperate Man//Love's Closin' In/Wishing My Way Back To You/The Whole Truth/I Don't Know Where I'm Going (The Train Song)/Save Your Heart

6211ML - Hot Nights - Four Tops [Unissued]

6212ML - Take Me All the Way - Stacy Lattisaw [8/86] (10-86, #131) Jump Into My Life/The Hard Way/Take Me All The Way/A Little Bit Of Heaven/Long Shot//Nail It To The Wall/Love Me Like The First Time/You Ain't Leavin'/Over The Top/One More Night

6213 - Conversation - Mary Jane Girls [Unissued]

6214GL - Chico Debarge - Chico Debarge [9/86] (11-86, #90) Original title was to be "Talk to Me"; title changed to "Chico Debarge" prior to release. Talk To Me/Who Are You Kidding/You Can Make It Better/Desperate/I'll Love You For Now//I Like My Body/The Girl Next Door/Cross That Line/You're Much Too Fast/If It Takes All Night

6215ML - Hits From the Legendary Vee-Jay Records - Various Artists [11/86]

6216GL - In Full Chill - General Kane [10/86] (11-86, #46R&B) Original title was to be "Return of the Gar"; title changed to "In Full Chill" prior to release. Hairdooz/Wrassle/Buffaloes/Can't Let Go//All The Way Up/Crack Killed Applejack/The Ticket/Cuttin' It Up/The General Speaks

6217GL - In Love - Bunny Debarge [1/87] (3-87, #172) Save The Best For Me/Fine Line/So Good For You/Dance All Night/A Woman In Love/Never Let Die/Let's Spend The Night/Life Saver/I Still Believe

6218ML - Compact Command Performances - Duane Eddy [1/87] Jamie recorded material.

6219ML - 25 Hard to Find Motown Classics Volume 3 - Various Artists [1/87]

6220ML - Compact Command Performances (His Greatest Speeches) - Dr. Martin Luther King [12/86]

6221MMCDO - Rock Gems: 24 Enduring Classics from the Small Label Era of Rock Music - Various Artists [Unissued] Scheduled compact disc.

6222ML - The Return of Bruno - Bruce Willis [12/86] (2-87, #14) Comin' Right Up/Respect Yourself/Down In Hollywood/Young Blood/Under The Boardwalk//Secret Agent Man//James Bond Is Back/Jackpot (Bruno's Bop)/Fun Time/Lose Myself/Flirting With Disaster

6223ML - Carrie McDowell - Carrie McDowell [8/87] Uh Uh, No No Casual Sex (Part 1)/Secret Fire/When A Man Loves A Woman/Just Dance//It's The Power Of Your Love (Growing On Me) (With Rick Riso)/Fly (White Bird Fly)/The Tracks Of My Tears/I'm Here For You/Up The Down Side Of Love

6224ML - Blake and Hines - Blake & Hines [1/87] Racer/Sherry/Movie Queen/Big Beat//The Whole World Is Pink/Road Dog/Cards And Letters/When I'm With You

6225ML - Give Her What She Wants - F.G.O. (For Girls Only) [Unissued]

6226ML - One Heartbeat - Smokey Robinson [3/87] (3-87, #26) Just To See Her/One Heartbeat/It's Time To Stop Shoppin' Around/Why Do Happy Memories Hurt So Bad/You Don't Know What It's Like//What's Too Much/Love Brought Us Here Tonight/Love Don't Give No Reason/Keep Me

6227ML - Live! At the Desert Inn - Bobby Darin [3/87]

6228 - Turn Up the Heat - Angela Cole [3/87]

6229ML - Sexappeal - Georgio [3/87] Sexappeal/Lover's Lane/1-429/Menage A Trois//Bedrock/Tina Cherry/Hey U/I Won't Change

6230ML - Motown Dance Party Volume 1 - Various Artists [4/87]

6231ML - Motown Dance Party Volume 2 - Various Artists [4/87]

6232ML - Motown Dance Party Volume 3 - Various Artists [4/87]

6233ML - The Rodgers and Hart Collection - Diana Ross and the Supremes [4/87]

6234ML - Feels Good to Feel Good - Garry Glenn [8/87] Do You Have To Go/Torch For You/Running Away/Out Of A Dream/I'm Still Waiting//Feels Good To Feel Good/You Don't Even Know/Lonely Night/Can't Get Enough Of Love/Love Makes It Right

6235ML - Citizens on Patrol (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [4/87] Rock The House - Darryl Duncan/It's Time To Move - S.O.S. Band/Dancin' Up A Storm - Stacy Lattisaw/Let's Go To Heaven In My Car - Brian Wilson/Police Academy Theme-Montage - High Flyers//Citizens On Patrol - Michael Winslow & The L.A. Dream Team/Rescue Me - Family Dream/I Like My Body - Chico DeBarge/Winning Streak - Garry Glenn/Shoot For The Top - Southern Pacific

6236ML - Kim O'Leary - Kim O'Leary [Unissued?]

6237ML - Heaven - Darryl Duncan [1/88] Boomerang/Phone #/Rock Me/James Brown//Bestfriend//Girlfriend/My Dream/One Touch/Heaven

6238ML - Wide Open - General Kane [6/87] Girl Pulled The Dog/Flashlight/Woppity- Wop/Love Knee Deep/Close Your Eyes//House Party/The Grown Up/Wide Open/Friction

6239ML - Motown Dance Party '88 - Various Artists [Unissued]

6240ML - Real Love - El DeBarge [Unissued]

6241ML - Meant to Be - Ada Dyer [6/88] Heartthrob/I Bet Ya, I'll Let Ya/Lovin' Overtime/I Don't Feel Like Cryin'//Run To Me/Lifetime Warranty/Star Love/Boy Meets Girl

6242ML - Family Dream - Family Dream [Unissued]

6243ML - The Superiors - Superiors [Unissued]

6244ML - American Soul Man - Wilson Pickett [8/87] A Thing Called Love/When Your Heart Speaks/Love Never Let Me Down/A Man Of Value/(I Wanna) Make Love To You//In The Midnight Hour/Don't Turn Away/Just Let Her Know/Can't Stop Now

6245ML - Dancing with Strangers - Chris Rea [8/87] Joys Of Christmas/I Can't Dance To That/Windy Town/Gonna Buy A Hat/Curse Of The Traveller//Let's Dance/Que Sera/Loving You Again/That Girl Of Mine /September Blue

6246ML - Together Again - Temptations [9/87] (10-87, #112) Look What You Started/I Wonder Who She's Seeing Now/10X10/Do You Wanna Go With You//Little Things/I Got Your Number/Every Time I Close My Eyes/Lucky/Put Your Foot Down

6247ML - Personal Attention - Stacy Lattisaw [12/87] Personal Attention/Lovetown/Let Me Take You Down/Ain't No Mountain High Enough (With Howard Hewett)/He's Got A Hold On Me//Find Another Lover/Changes/Every Drop Of Your Love/Call Me /Electronic Eyes

6248ML - Characters - Stevie Wonder [10/87] (12-87, #17) You Will Know/Dark N' Lovely/In Your Corner/With Each Beat Of My Heart/One Of A Kind//Skeletons/Get It (With Michael Jackson)/Galaxy Paradise/Cryin' Through The Night/Free

6249ML - Kiss Serious - Chico Debarge [9/87] I've Been Watching You/Don't Move So Fast/Will You Be Mine/Kiss Serious/Rainy Nights//Love Addiction/Let's Hook It Up/After Hours/One Track Heart/Shame, Shame

6250ML - The Original Soul of Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson [9/87] Twenty-Five Miles/Dancing Machine (With The Jackson 5)/It's Too Late To Change The Time (With The Jackson 5)/Melodie/Ain't No Sunshine/Got To Be There//Doggin' Around/Rockin' Robin/If You Don't Love Me This Way (With The Jackson 5)/You've Got A Friend/Forever Came Today (With The Jackson 5)

6251ML - Just Like That - Brownmark [12/87] Next Time/I Can't Enough Of Your Love/Want You Back/I Used To Be In Love/She Don't Care//Contagious/What Do You Want From Me/Put A Smile On Your Face/Why Can't We Be Alone/Stakeout (Instrumental)

6252ML - Magic Lady - Magic Lady [4/88] Betcha Can't Lose (With My Love)/Love Overdrive/Misty-Eyed/Yes I'm Ready/I Will Be His Fool//Hit And Run/Cupid/Wait A Minute/Paradise/Summer Love

6253 - [Unissued?]

6254 - [Unissued?]

6255ML2 - A Musical Testament 1964-1984 - Marvin Gaye [4/88] Two record set.

Series continues as CD-only issues...

Thanks to Bill Morgan, Paul Sabu, Clayton Edmunds, John Hester and Robert Rostkowski.

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