Bang Album Discography
By Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: March 3, 2008

The story of Bang Records can be found on the Bang Story page.

The New York Years:

Bang used the same basic label design throughout their New York years, although there were minor variations. The label was red, with a yellow, red, and black derringer logo in the middle of a broad white stripe at the top. Originally, the album number and stereo designation were inside the white stripe at the left of the logo, and the album side designation was to the right of the logo. This was soon changed, and the album number and side were lowered to be within the red part beneath the white stripe, flanking the center hole. Later, some of the early label blanks were used and there was "BANG" in the white stripe without an album number. The stereo designation appeared under the album number or album side, which, depending on the album, could be either on the right or the left of the center hole. At the bottom of the label, it said, "Div. of Web IV Music, Inc., 1650 Broadway, New York, N.Y." We know of no promotional labels for this design.

Canadian issues of the early Bang albums used a yellow label, like the label used for singles. In the UK, Bang albums were issued on the London label.

The Atlanta Years:

The design for the Atlanta years used a sky and clouds background with ornate letters "BANG" curving around the top of the label. Except for album 400, at the bottom of the label, it said, "Div. of Web IV Music, Inc., 2107 Faulkner Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga." Promotional labels were the same, but said "PROMOTIONAL COPY" and "NOT FOR SALE" under the side designation and record number, respectively. The album numbers also had a "-DJ-" inserted between the prefix and album number (i.e., BLP-405 became BLP-DJ-405).

The CBS Years:

In the late 1970s, Bang was distributed by CBS, until in the early 1980s, Bang was sold outright to Columbia Special Products. The Bang/CBS label was a tan color with black print, with a red triangular Bang logo at the top. Around the bottom of the label it said, "DISTRIBUTED BY CBS RECORDS/CBS INC./51 W. 52 STREET, NEW YORK CITY". Promotional labels used the same design, but were white with black print.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Bang 200 Series (New York, yellow and red label):

LP-211 - I Want Candy - Strangeloves [1965] (11-65; #141) Issued in mono only, although there is a stereo banner covered over by the back slick. The album was originally planned to be issued in both stereo and mono, but the ultimate decision was to release it in mono only. Cara-Lin/No Jive/Hang On Sloopy/New Orleans/Sendin' My Love/I Want Candy//Night-Time/(Roll On) Mississippi/Satisfaction/Rhythm Of Love/It's About My Baby/Just The Way You Are

LP-212/S-212 - Hang on Sloopy - McCoys [1965] (11-65; #44) Meet The McCoys (S)/Hang On Sloopy (45 version 2:57)(E)/Fever (S)/Sorrow (S)/If You Tell A Lie (S)/I Don't Mind (S)/Stubborn Kind Of Fellow (S)//I Can't Help Fallin In Love (S)/All I Really Want To Do (S)/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (S)/I Can't Explain It (E)/High Heel Sneakers (S)/ Stormy Monday Blues (E)

BLP-213/BLP-S213 - The McCoys Featuring You Make Me Feel So Good - McCoys [1966] Say Those Magic Words (S)/Everyday I Have To Cry (S)/(You Make Me Feel) So Good (S)/The Dynamite (S)/Drive My Car (S)/ Mr. Summer (S)//Stagger Lee (S)/Sweets For My Sweet (S)/Smokey Joe's Cafe (S)/Little People (S)/ Runaway (S)/C'Mon Let's Go (S)

BLP-214/BLPS-214 - The Feel of Neil Diamond - Neil Diamond [1966] (10-66; #137) Solitary Man (version 1, i.e., the hit 45 version)(E)/Red Rubber Ball (S)/La Bamba (S)/Do It (E)/Hanky Panky (S, with studio talk)/Monday Monday (S)//New Orleans (S)/Someday Baby (E)/Oh No No [I Got The Feelin'] (S)/I'll Come Running (E)/Love To Love (S)/Cherry Cherry (S)

BLP-215/BLPS-215 -Golden Hits From The Gang at Bang - Various Artists [1967] Stereo content unavailable. Hang On Sloopy - McCoys/Fever - McCoys/Sorrow - McCoys/I Can't Explain It - McCoys/Solitary Man - Neil Diamond/Cherry Cherry - Neil Diamond/Monday Monday - Neil Diamond/Red Rubber Ball - Neil Diamond/A Little Bit Of Soap - Exciters/I'm Gonna Get Him Someday - Exciters/I Want Candy - Strangeloves/Cara-Lin - Strangeloves

BLP-216/BLPS-216 -Viva Arsenio! - Arsenio Rodriguez & the Afro-Cubano Sound [1967] Stereo content unknown. Hang On Sloopy/La Yuca/Baila Con Migo/Manisero y Marta/Que No Llegue la Noche y La Pared/La Bamba/Tres Marias/Cielito Lindo/Para Vailar el Montuno/Randy/El Elemento del Bronx Vaya P'al Monte

BLP-217/BLPS-217 - Just For You - Neil Diamond [1967] (9-67; #80) Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (S)/The Long Way Home (E)/Red Red Wine (S)/You'll Forget (E)/ The Boat That I Row (S)/Cherry Cherry (S)//I'm A Believer (version 1)(S)/Shilo (version 1)(S)/ You Got To Me (S)/Solitary Man (version 1)(E)/Thank The Lord For The Night Time (S)

BLP-218/BLPS-218 - Blowin' Your Mind - Van Morrison (10-67; #182) Original mono issues have the edited version of "Brown Eyed Girl," where the lyric is changed to "laughin' and a-runnin' behind the stadium" instead of "makin' love in the green grass behind the stadium." This was done by editing a line from earlier in the song and repeating it over the "offending" lyrics. The mix of the mono version is substantially different from the stereo version; the stereo version is thinner sounding with the instruments mixed back; it also seems to be missing a vocal overdub at the end where the fadeout mix is very different. In fact, the entire mono album is a different mix, with much more prominent bass. Original pressings of this album have a misprint on the back cover slick, where the LP number is given as "BLB 218," which was corrected to "BLP 218" on later issues. Brown Eyed Girl (S)/He Ain't Give You None (S)/T.B. Sheets (S)//Spanish Rose (S)/Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) (S)/ Ro Ro Rosey (S)/Who Drove The Red Sports Car (S)/Midnight Special (S)

At this point, album issues became stereo only, although mono deejay versions of later albums may exist.

BLPS-219 - Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits - Neil Diamond [1968] (8-68; #100) Cherry Cherry (S)/Oh No No [I Got The Feelin'] (S)/New Orleans (S)/Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (S)/Do It (version 1)(E)/You Got To Me (S)//Solitary Man (original pressings have version one [45 version] in electronic stereo. Later pressings substitute version two in true stereo.)/Kentucky Woman (E)/Thank The Lord For The Night Time (S)/Red Red Wine (S)/Hanky Panky (S)/ The Boat That I Row (S)

BLPS-220 - Bang And Shout Super Hits - Various Artists [1970] Cherry Cherry - Neil Diamond (S)/Brown-Eyed Girl - Van Morrison (S)/I Want Candy - Strangeloves (M)/ 365 Days - Donald Height (M)/Piece Of My Heart - Erma Franklin (E)//Hang On Sloopy - McCoys (M; long version)/ Cinnamon - Derek (E)/Are You Lonely For Me Baby - Freddie Scott (E)/Dear John - Jackie Moore (E)/ Karate Boo-Ga-Loo - Jerry-o (M)

BLPS-221 - Shilo - Neil Diamond [1970] (9-70; #52) Cover shows a series of "connect the dots" patterns which, when completed, result in a drawing of Neil Diamond with the neck of a guitar. Shilo (version 2) (S)/Kentucky Woman (E)/Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (S)/You Got To Me (S)/ Monday Monday (S)/Cherry Cherry (S)//Solitary Man (version 2) (S)/I'm A Believer (version 1)(S)/Red Red Wine (S)/Thank The Lord For The Night Time (S)/I'll Come Runniing (E)/Oh No No [I Got The Feelin'] (S)

BLPS-222 - The Best of Van Morrison - Van Morrison [1970] Spanish Rose (S)/It's All Right (S)/Send Your Mind (S)/The Smile You Smile (S)/The Back Room (S)//Brown-Eyed Girl (S)/Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) (S)/Ro Ro Rosey (S)/He Ain't Give You None (S)/Joe Harper Saturday Morning (S)

BLPS-223 - A Little Bit of Paul Davis - Paul Davis [1971] I Just Wanna Keep It Together (S)/Supernatural Power (S)/If I Wuz A Magician (S)/Pollyanna (S)/Sally's Sayin' Somethin' (S)//A Little Bit Of Soap (S)/Mississippi River (S)/Who's Gonna Love Me Tomorrow (S)/Rainy Sunday Mornin' (S)/Three Little Words (S)

BLPS-224 - Do It! - Neil Diamond [1971] (2-71; #100) Do It (version 2; added instruments to version 1)(S)/Solitary Man (version 2)(S)/Red Red Wine (S)/ I'll Come Running (E)/Love To Love (S)/Someday Baby (E)//Shot Down (E)/Crooked Street (E)/ The Boat That I Row (S)/I'm A Believer (version 1)(S)/You'll Forget (E)/The Long Way Home (E) (back cover error gives title of this cut as "Hanky Panky")

BLPS-225 - Alan James Eastwood - Alan James Eastwood [1971] Folk-rock. Musicians include Alan James Eastwood (guitar, harmonica, songwriter on all tracks), with Mike Ward (string bass and electric bass), Byron Lyefook (drums), George Kelly (congas), Chris Karan (tabla), and Brian Pickles (marimbas). She's Getting Married In August/Evenin' Rain/Les Paipplons/Virgin Morn/Seeds//Crystal Blue/Lady Carole/Lotus Child/Last Prayer/Hymn For Today

BLPS-226 - Paul Davis - Paul Davis [1972] Stereo content unknown, but presumably true stereo. What Would We Do Without Music/Love Don't Come Easy/Boogie Woogie Man/Let Me Be The One/Simple Man/One Night Lovers//Broken Hearted And Free/Keep Our Love Alive/Dream Of A Dreamer/Johnny Poverty/Gotta Find My Way Back/Come On Honey

BSD2-227 - Double Gold - Neil Diamond [1972] (1-73; #36) 2 LPs Disc 1: I'm A Believer (version 2)(S)/Monday Monday (S)/The Long Way Home (E)/I'll Come Running (E)/Red Red Wine (S)// Solitary Man (version 2)(S)/New Orleans (S)/Cherry Cherry (S)/Someday Baby (E)/Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (S); Disc 2: Shilo (version 1)(S)/Do It (version 2)(E)/Oh No No (I Got The Feeling)(S)/Love To Love (S)/Thank The Lord For The Night Time (S)//Kentucky Woman (E)/The Boat That I Row (S)/You Got To Me (S)/You'll Forget (E)/Crooked Street (E)/Shot Down (E)

Bang 400 Series (Atlanta, blue label):

BLP-400 - T.B. Sheets - Van Morrison [1973] (1-74; #181) These are mostly previously unreleased outtakes, recorded 1967. The exception is the "censored" deejay version of "Brown Eyed Girl," which had previously appeared on the mono album of the same name. The fidelity is very uneven, mostly bad. He Ain't Give You None (M, 5:11)/Beside You (M, 6:07)/It's All Right (S, 5:04)/Madame George (M, 5:13)//T.B. Sheets (M, 9:44)/Who Drove The Red Sports Car (M, 5:26)/Ro Ro Rosey (M, 3:07)/Brown-Eyed Girl (M, 3:05, "censored" version where "laughin' and a runnin'" replaces "makin' love in the green grass.")

BLP-401 - Ride 'Em Cowboy - Paul Davis [1974] (1-75; #148) Original record jacket was die cut to resemble a western-style denim shirt, with embossed patterns. The jacket opened in the front middle like a shirt. This was later replaced by a conventional record jacket. You're Not Just A Rose (S)/Midnight Woman (S)/Southern Man (S)/The Simple Country Life (S)/Thank You Shoes (S)/ Epilogue "Ten Little Indians" (S)//Ride 'Em Cowboy (S)/Bronco Rider (S)/Make Her My Baby (S)/I'm The Only Sinner (In Salt Lake City) (S)/Alabama (S)/Epilogue "Life Of A Cowboy" (S)

BLP-402 - Pyramid - Pyramid [1975] Sunshine Lady (S)/Sinful Man (S)/Know Yourself (S)/Hopocrite's Dream (S)/Blue Colored Days (S)/Wayside Train (S)//Make The Most (S)/Don't Call Me No Doctor (S)/Truth Of A Lie (S)/Pilgrim (S)/Hold On Sweet Jesus (S)

BLP-403 - Born to Get Down - Muscle Shoals Horns [1975] Open Up Your Heart (S)/Breakdown (S)/Where I'm Coming From (S)/Hustle To The Music (S)/Who's Gonna Love You (S)//Bump De Bump Yo Boodie (S)/Born To Get Down (S)/Get It Up (S)/Give It To Me (S)

BLP-404 - The Magical Musical World of Ronn Price - Ronn Price [1975] Mr. Magic (S)/Down The Road (S)/I Think You Better (Think About Forgetting Me) (S)/Country Girl (S)/Let There Be Music (S)/The Boy Next Door (S)//Isn't It Easy (S)/Dear Anna (S)/You've Got Eyes (S)/How Can I Let You Know (S)/Red Skies Over Mountain (S)/Don't Have To Say Goodbye (S)

BLP-405 - Southern Tracks and Fantasies - Paul Davis [1976] Superstar (S)/Medicine Woman (S)/Teach Me How To Rock & Roll (S)/Reggae Kinda Way (S)/Thinking Of You (S)// Long Haired Redneck (S)/Magnolia Blues (S)/Editorial (S)/Karma Baby (S)/Hallelujah Thank You Jesus (S)

BLP-406 - Harmony Grits - Street Corner Symphony [1975] Do It (S)/The Train (S)/I'm Not Ready (To Let You Go) (S)/Stevie's Wonder (S)/Nice Guys (S)/Earth Angel (S)//Something Funky's Goin' On (S)/Yes I'm Ready (S)/Wish That Love Was Magic (S)/Best Of My Love (S)/Someone Sweet As You (S)/Farewell My Love (S)

BLP-407 - This Honky's Nuts - Don Imus [1974] Stereo content unknown. Swear With Flair/Uptight White/Blind Date//Imus In Washington/The Russians/Reverend Billy "Sol" Hargus Confesses

BLP-408 - Good High - Brick [1976] (11-76; #19) Here We Come (S)/Music Matic (S)/Dazz (S)/Can't Wait (S)/Southern Sunset (S)//Good High (S)/Brick City (S)/Sister Twister (S)/What's It All About (S)

BLP-409 - Brick - Brick [1977] (9-77; #15) Ain't Gonna' Hurt Nobody (S)/Living From The Mind (S)/Happy (S)/We Don't Wanna' Sit Down (We Wanna' Get Down) (S)//Dusic (S)/Hello (S)/Honey Chile (S)/Fun (S)/Good Morning Sunshine (S)

BLP-410 - Singer of Songs-Teller of Tales - Paul Davis [1977] (1-78; #82) I Go Crazy (S)/I Never Heard The Song At All (S)/Darlin' (S)/Sweet Life (S)/Never Want To Lose Your Love (S)// Hallelujah Thank You Jesus (S)/I Don't Want To Be Just Another Love (S)/You're Not Just A Rose (S)/ Bad Dream (S)/Editorial (S)

CBS Consolidated Series (brown label):

JZ-35792 - Nigel - Nigel Olsson [1979] (3/79; #140) A Little Bit Of Soap (S)/You Know I'll Always Love You (S)/Dancin' Shoes (S)/Part Of The Chosen Few (S)/Say Goodbye To Hollywood (S)/All It Takes (S)/Thinking Of You (S)/Living A Fantasy (S)/Cassey Blue-Au Revoir (S)

JZ-35969 - Stoneheart - Brick [1979] (5/79; #100) Brick Intro (S)/Stoneheart (S)/By The Moonlight (S)/Magic Woman (S)/Life Is What You Make It (S)//Raise Your Hands (S)/We'll Love (S)/Dancin' Man (S)/To Me (S)

JZ-36094 - Paul Davis - Paul Davis [1980] (4/80; #173) Do Right (S)/Cry Just A Little (S)/He Sang Our Love Songs (S)/All The Way (S)//Too Slow To Disco (S)/Let Me Know If It's Over (S)/Do You Believe In Love (S)/So True (S)/When Everything Else Is Gone (S)

JZ-36262 - Waiting on You - Brick [1980] (7/80; #179) Push Push (S)/Get Started (S)/All The Way (S)/Don't Ever Lose Your Love (S)/Waiting On You (S)//Free (S)/Sweet Lips (S)/Let Me Make You Happy (S)/Get Fired Up (S)/Spread Love (S)

NJZ-36321 - Masqueraders - Masqueraders [1980] Desire (S)/Starry Love (S)/Ups And Downs (S)/I Love You, I Want You, I Need You (S)/Into Your Soul (S)//For The Sake Of Pride (S)/I'll Be Your Shoulder To Cry On (S)/It's So Nice (S)/Rock Jam (S)

JZ-36491 - Changing Tides - Nigel Olsson [1980] Saturday Night (S)/Fool Me Again (S)/Only A Matter Of Time (S)/If You Don't Want Me To (S)/That's How Long (S)//Showdown (S)/Should We Carry On (S)/Trapeze (S)/If This Is Love (S)

JZ-37471 - Summer Heat - Brick [1981] (9/81; #89) Sweat (Til You Get Wet) (S)/I Want You To Know (That I'm In Love With You) (S)/Wide Open (S)/Sea Side Vibes (S)//Right Back (Where I Started From) (S)/Babe (S)/The Happening (S)/Summer Heat (S)/Sure Feels Good (S)

FZ-37973 - The Best of Paul Davis - Paul Davis [1982] I Go Crazy (S)/Keep Our Love Alive (S)/Darlin' (S)/Superstar (S)/Sweet Life (S)//Do Right (S)/Cry Just A Little (S)/ Thinking Of You (S)/A Little Bit Of Soap (S)/Ride 'Em Cowboy (S)

FZ-38170 - After 5 - Brick [1982] Stick By You (S)/It's A New Day (S)/Let It Roll (S)/Wild & Crazy (S)//Peace Of Mind (S)/When You Believe (S)/Free Dancer (S)/Anymore (S)

Related LPs:

Frog King AAR-1 - Early Classics - Neil Diamond [1978] Columbia Record Club Issue. Frog King is Diamond's own label. To date, this is the only place where the original version of "Kentucky Woman" can be found in true stereo. Cherry Cherry (S)/I Got The Feelin' (Oh No No) (S)/Shilo (version 2)(S)/Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (S)/Do It (version 1)(M)/You Got To Me (S)//Solitary Man (version 3)(S)/Kentucky Woman (S)/Thank The Lord For The Night Time (S)/Red Red Wine (S)/The Boat That I Row (S)/I'm A Believer (version 2)(S)

Columbia PC-38792 - Classics: The Early Years - Neil Diamond [1983] (6-83; #171) Kentucky Woman (E)/Cherry Cherry (S)/Solitary Man (version 3)(S)/You Got To Me (S)/I Got The Feelin' (Oh No No)(S)/Thank The Lord For The Night Time (S)//I'm A Believer (version 2)(S)/ Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (S)/Shilo (version 2)(S)/Do It (version 1)(M)/Red Red Wine (S)/ The Boat That I Row (S)

Bang/GRT of Canada 9011-226 - Diamond's Diamonds - Neil Diamond [1972] (2 LPs) This is the Canadian version of the Double Gold album (BSD2-227). It has a slightly rearranged track sequence and an extra track, "Hanky Panky." Disc 1: I'm A Believer (version 2)(S)/Hanky Panky (S)/Monday Monday (S)/The Long Way Home (E)/I'll Come Running (E)/Red Red Wine (S)//Solitary Man (version 2)(S)/New Orleans (S)/Cherry Cherry (S)/Some Day Baby (E)/Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (S); Disc 2: Do It (version 2)(E)/Oh No No (S)/Love To Love (S)/Shot Down (E)/Thank The Lord For The Night Time (S)//Kentucky Woman (E)/The Boat That I Row (S)/You Got To Me (S)/You'll Forget (E)/Crooked Street (E)/Shilo (version 1)(S)

Thanks to Bob Hyde, Bud Buschardt, Randy Price, Doug Sahadi, David Jennings, Gianpaolo Banelli, Jim Hori, and Ed Bishop

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