Specialty Album Discography, Part 1:
SB-100, SP-100, SP/SPS-2100 Main Series
by David Edwards, Mike Callahan and Randy Watts
Last update: January 9, 2009

Specialty apparently released one 10-inch album, Stairway to the Stars by Buddy Baker and His Orchestra, using the number "SB-100." A reader sent the following comment about the disc: "This is certainly unusual material for Specialty. By comparison, Mantovani rocks." Actually, Norman "Buddy" Baker was on staff with Walt Disney and led orchestras that played on many Disney movies, which explains "When You Wish Upon a Star" being included in the album. The connection with Art Rupe is not clear, although they were both obviously located in the same area.

The albums from the early years were issued in mono only. When the label began reissuing albums in 1968, they were billed as "Plays On All Phonographs," which for the most part meant that they were rechanneled. There were occasional true stereo tracks on the reissues, but these were rare and were sometimes due to overdubs.

The first Specialty album label (far left) was white with black printing. The center two and a half inches of the label is white, with a one-eighth inch yellow band around it and a half-inch black band around the outside. "Specialty" is in script above the center hole in yellow. At the bottom of the label is "LONG PLAYING MICRO-GROOVE" in white. This label was probably used only on SP-100. The second label (near left) was gold with black printing. The upper third of the label is black with a script "Specialty" in gold, below the logo is "natural sound" in white. There is sometimes a thin white line under the black top. A the bottom of the label is "HIGH FIDELITY" under this is "SPECIALTY RECORDS, INC HOLLYWOOD 46, CALIF. MADE IN U.S.A." in very small letters. This label was used up through the early 1970s.
There were some variations of the gold label, especially after 1968. After 1968, some reissues had "HI FI" in black capital letters, or "STEREO" in black caps, instead of the white "HIGH FIDELITY". The type font used for the "STEREO" designation sometimes varied.
Occasionally, Specialty noted (fake) stereo by adding "stereo" before the "natural sound" in the top half of the label (far left). The third Specialty label (near left) was white with black printing; the upper half of the label is black with a yellow script with "Specialty" above the center hole. This label was used for 1970s and '80s reissues. This label is patterned after the label on the Specialty 45s of the 1950s. Also in the 1970s and 1980s, Specialty issued some 12-inch disco singles, using the third label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Specialty SB-100 Series (10-inch LP):

SB-100 - Stairway to the Stars - Buddy Baker & His Orchestra [3/52] Issued in mono only. Stairway To The Stars/Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star/Star Dust//Stars Fell On Alabama/Beyond The Stars/When You Wish Upon A Star

Specialty SP-100 Series:

SP-100 - Here's Little Richard - Little Richard [3/57] Issued in mono only. Tutti Frutti/True Fine Mama/Can't Believe You Wanna Leave/Ready Teddy/Baby/Slippin' And Slidin'//Long Tall Sally/Miss Ann/Oh Why?/Rip It Up/Jenny Jenny/She's Got It

Specialty SP/SPS-2100 Series:

SP-2100 - Here's Little Richard - Little Richard [1957] (8-57, #13) Specialty SP-2100 is a reissue of Specialty SP-100. Originally issued in mono only. The cover graphics were almost the same except SP-100 has a black and white oval with Specialty in script in the upper right corner. On SP-2100 the black and white oval is replaced with a black script "Specialty." The change of number may be related to confusion between the 10-inch Buddy Baker album (SB-100) and the original Little Richard album (SP-100). Tutti Frutti/True Fine Mama/Can't Believe You Wanna Leave/Ready Teddy/Baby/Slippin' And Slidin'//Long Tall Sally/Miss Ann/Oh Why?/Rip It Up/Jenny Jenny/She's Got It

SP-2101 - Around the World in 80 Days - Gerald Wiggins Trio [1/58] Originally issued in mono only. Circle logo says "Specialty Jazz Series." With Eugene Wright and Bill Douglass. Around The World, Part 1/Aouda/Passepartout/Around The World, Part 2//La Coquette/Around The World (Beguine)/The Royal Barge/'Way Out West

SP-2102 - Barroom Music With a Broad Appeal - Hal Hidey & His Honky-Tonkers [1958] Originally issued in mono only. Cecilia/Bernie's Tune/Sugar Foot/Across The Alley From The Alamo/Mockingbird Hill/The Stars And Stripes Forever//Steel Guitar Rag/Tennessee Waltz/Shoo-Fly Pie/Mary/The Kerry Dancers/The Yellow Rose Of Texas

SP-2103 - Little Richard - Little Richard [7/58] Originally issued in mono only. Keep A Knockin'/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/Send Me Some Lovin'/I'll Never Let You Go/Heeby-Jeebies/All Around The World//Good Golly Miss Molly/Baby Face/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey/Ooh! My Soul/The Girl Can't Help It/Lucille

SP-2104 - The Fabulous Little Richard - Little Richard [1959] Originally issued in mono only. Shake A Hand/Chicken Little Baby/All Night Long/The Most I Can Offer/Lonesome And Blue/Wonderin'/She Knows How To Rock//Kansas City/Directly From My Heart/Maybe I'm Right/Early One Morning/I'm Just A Lonely Guy/Whole Lotta Shakin'

SP-2105 - Lloyd Price - Lloyd Price [4/59] Originally issued in mono only. Reissued on CD in 1989 as Specialty SPCD-2105-2. Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Tell Me Pretty Baby/Baby Come Home/Jimmie Lee/I'm Goin' Back/I Wish Your Picture Was You/Where You At//Chee-Koo Baby/Oh, Oh, Oh/Too Late For Tears/Country Boy Rock/So Long/Carry Me Home/Mailman Blues

SP-2106 - The Soul Stirrers, Featuring Sam Cooke - The Soul Stirrers [1959] Originally issued in mono only. Wonderful/Be With Me Jesus/The Love Of God/Come And Go To That Land/By And By, Part 2/He'll Welcome Me//Touch The Hem Of His Garment/It Won't Be Very Long/Sinner Run To Jesus/Let Me Go Home/Feel Like My Time Ain't Long/I'm So Glad

SP-2107 - He's Calling Me - Original Gospel Harmonettes [1959] Originally issued in mono only. He's Calling Me/One Morning Soon/You Better Run/No Hiding Place/When I Reach My Heavenly Home/Get Away Jordan/I'm Sealed/That's Enough/Where Shall I Be/Jesus Laid His Hand On Me/He's Right On Time/99

SP-2108 - Too Close to Heaven - Alex Bradford [1959] Originally issued in mono only. Too Close to Heaven/I Can't Tarry/Without A God/Lord! Lord! Lord!/I Won't Sell Out/Holy Ghost//He'll Wash You Whiter Than Snow/He's Everything To Me/The Lifeboat/If Mother Knew/God Searched The World/What Did John Do?

SP-2109 - Here's Larry Williams - Larry Williams [1959] Originally issued in mono only. Reissued on CD as Specialty SPCD-2109-2. Short Fat Fannie/Make A Little Love/Kootchy-Koo/Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Peaches And Cream/Give Me Love//Bony Moronie/Little School Girl/Dizzy Miss Lizzy/Teardrops/You Bug Me Baby/Ting A Ling

SP-2110 - Dizzy Atmosphere - Al Grey & Billy Mitchell All-Stars [1960] With Lee Morgan, Wynton Kelly, Billy Root, Paul West, and Charlie Persip. Reissue of SP-5001. Originally issued in mono only. Dishwasher/Someone I Know/D.D.T./Whisper Not//About Time/Day By Day/Rite Of Swing/Over The Rainbow

SP-2111 - His Biggest Hits - Little Richard [1960] Originally issued in mono only. Rip It Up/Lucille/Jenny Jenny/All Around The World/Good Golly Miss Molly/Long Tall Sally//Slippin' And Slidin'/Send Me Some Lovin'/Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo/True Fine Mama/Keep A Knockin'/Tutti Frutti

SP-2112 - Our Significant Hits - Various Artists [1960] Originally issued in mono only. I'll Come Running Back To You - Sam Cooke/Lovable - Sam Cooke/That's All I Need To Know - Sam Cooke/Long Tall Sally - Little Richard/Send Me Some Lovin' - Little Richard/Rip It Up - Little Richard//Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Lloyd Price/Where You At? - Lloyd Price/Baby Come Home - Lloyd Price/Bony Moronie - Larry Williams/Just Because - Larry Williams/Short Fat Fannie - Larry Williams

At this point, Specialty ceased issuing albums in this series for eight years. When they resumed, it was with a large number of albums from their back catalog, issued in "compatible stereo."

SPS-2113 - Little Richard's Grooviest 17 Original Hits! - Little Richard [1968] Long Tall Sally (E)/Send Me Some Lovin' (E)/Good Golly Miss Molly (E)/She's Got It (E)/Jenny Jenny (E)/Miss Ann (E)/Ready Teddy (E)/Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! (E)/Slippin' And Slidin' (E)//All Around The World (E)/Tutti Frutti (E)/Lucille (E)/Ooh! My Soul (E)/True Fine Mama (E)/Heeby-Jeebies (E)/Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo (E)/Rip It Up (E)

SPS-2114 - Doo Wop - Various Artists [1969] Pretty Little Girl - Chimes/Our School Days - Monitors/Bad Boy - Larry Williams/Sweet Breeze - Vernon Green & Phantoms/Dream Girl - Jesse & Marvin/Flip - Marvin & Johnny/Wheel Of Fortune - Four Flames/Moose On The Loose - Roddy Jackson/Cherokee Dance - Bob Landers/That Mellow Saxophone - Roy Montrel/Drunk - Jimmy Liggins/The Animal Song - King Perry/Cleo - Rene Hall/The Traffic Song - Joe Lucher

SPS-2115 - Ain't That Good News - Various Artists [1969] My Rock - Swan Silvertones/No Hiding Place - Original Gospel Harmonettes/Marching Up To Zion - Original Five Blind Boys of Alabama/Touch The Hem Of His Garment - Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers/Whosoever Will - Bessie Griffin/Stay With Me Jesus - Chosen Gospel Singers//Ain't That Good News - Meditation Singers/I Wouldn't Mind Dying - Original Gospel Harmonettes/I've Got A New Home - Pilgrim Travelers/Jesus Is A Friend - Swan Silvertones/There Is A Fountain - Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama/He Won't Deny Me - Swan Silvertones

SPS-2116 - The Gospel Soul of Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers, Volume 1 - Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers [1969] Jesus Wash Away My Troubles/Jesus I'll Never Forget/Nearer To Thee/One More River/Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone/Any Day Now//He's My Friend Until The End/I'm Gonna Build On That Shore/Just Another Day/Someday Somewhere/Jesus Paid The Debt/Peace In The Valley

SPS-2117 - This Is How It All Began: The Specialty Story, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1970] Gospel: It's Getting Late In The Evening - Chosen Gospel Singers (E)/By And By - Soul Stirrers (E)/Somebody Touched Me - Alex Bradford (E)/Trouble In My Way - Swan Silvertones (E); Country Blues: Don't Trust Nobody - John Lee Hooker (E)/Married Woman - Frankie Lee Sims (E)/One Room Country Shack - Mercy Dee (E)//City Blues: R.M. Blues - Roy Milton (E)/Pink Champagne - Joe Liggins (E); Ballads: Please Send Me Someone To Love - Percy Mayfield (E)/Tabarin - Four Flames (E); Jump & Boogie: X-Temperaneous Boogie - Camille Howard (E)/The Huckle-Buck - Roy Milton & His Solid Senders (E)/Shuffle-Shuck - Jimmy Liggins & His Drops Of Joy (E)

SPS-2118 - This Is How It All Began, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1970] Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Lloyd Price (E)/The Things That I Used To Do - Guitar Slim (E)/Dream Girl - Jesse Belvin & Marvin Phillips (E)/Nite Owl - Tony Allen & Champs (E)/Tutti Frutti - Little Richard (E)/Short Fat Fannie - Larry Williams (E)//Keep A-Knockin' - Little Richard (E)/I'll Come Running Back To You - Sam Cooke (E)/Bony Moronie - Larry Williams (E)/Cha Dooky-Doo - Art Neville (E)/Koko Joe - Don & Dewey (E)/Lights Out - Jerry Byrne (E)

SPS-2119 - The 2 Sides of Sam Cooke - Sam Cooke [1970] Reissued on CD as Specialty SPCD-2119-2. Gospel:The Last Mile Of The Way/Touch The Hem Of His Garment/Jesus Gave Me Water/Were You There/Pilgrim Of Sorrow/He's My Guide//Pop: I'll Come Running Back To You/I Don't Want To Cry/Lovable/That's All I Need To Know/Forever/Happy In Love

SPS-2120 - The Things I Used to Do - Guitar Slim [1970] The Things That I Used To Do/Bad Luck Blues/Well I Done Got Over It/Something To Remember You By/Trouble Don't Last/Guitar Slim//The Story Of My Life/I Got Sumpin' For You/Reap What You Sow/Our Only Child/A Letter To My Girl Friend/Sufferin' Mind

SPS-2121 - Best Of The Pilgrim Travelers, Vol. 1 - Pilgrim Travelers [1970] I Was There When The Spirit Came/Blessed Be The Name/Standing On The Highway/Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb/I've Got A Mother Gone Home/Jesus I'm Thankful/Straight Street/Mother Bowed/The Old Rugged Cross/Something Within Me/A Soldier's Plea/Satisfied With Jesus

SPS-2122 - Love Lifted Me - Swan Silvertones [1970] Trouble In My Way/How I Got Over/After Awhile/Prayer In My Mouth/Glory To His Name/I'm A-Rollin'//Let's Go/Jesus Changed This Heart Of Mine/I'm Coming Home/Love Lifted Me/Heavenly Light Shine On Me/The Day Will Surely Come

SPS-2123 - Oh Lord Stand By Me - The Original Five Blind Boys of Alabama [1970] Oh Lord-Stand By Me/You Got To Move/Lord Have Mercy/Living For My Jesus/Precious Lord/I'll Fly Away//This May Be The Last Time/Alone And Motherless/Since I Met Jesus/Our Fathers' Praying Ground/Broken Heart Of Mine/Here Am I

SPS-2124 - Lucy Mae Blues - Frankie Lee Sims [1970] Lucy Mae Blues/Married Woman/Jelly Roll Baker/I'm So Glad/Boogie Across The Country/Frankie's Blues//Don't Take It Out On Me/I Done Talked And I Done Talked/Cryin` Won't Help You/Raggedy And Dirty/Lucy Mae Blues, Part 2/Long Gone

SPS-2125 - Alone - John Lee Hooker [1970] Rollin' Blues/I Need Lovin'/Do My Baby Think Of Me/Build Myself A Cave/Black Cat Blues/Alberta/Boogie Chillen # 2//Momma Poppa Boogie/Sailing Blues/Graveyard Blues/Huckle Up Baby/Three Long Years Today/Walkin' This Highway/Burnin' Hell

SPS-2126 - Best Of Percy Mayfield - Percy Mayfield [1970] Please Send Me Someone To Love (E)/Lost Mind (E)/Memory Pain (E)/Louisiana (E)/Cry Baby (E)/Strange Things Happening (E)//What A Fool I Was (E)/Nightless Lover (E)/Prayin' For You Return (E)/Loose Lips (E)/Lost Love (Baby Please Come Back to Me) (E)/The River's Invitation (E)

SPS-2127 - Goin' Down Highway 51 - John Lee Hooker [1971] My Baby's Got Something/Grinder Man/Four Women In My Life/Goin' Down Highway 51/Sail On Little Girl/Miss Sadie Mae/Alberta, Part 2//21 Boogie/Find Me A Woman/Hastings Street Boogie/Canal Street Blues/Strike Blues/War Is Over (Goodbye California)/Henry's Swing Club

SPS-2128 - Gospel Soul of Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers, Volume 2 - Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers [1970] The two stereo tracks here have an added choir. Christ Is All (S)/Wonderful (E)/Until Jesus Calls Me Home (E)/Come And Go To That Land (E)/Let Me Go Home (E)/I'm So Glad (Trouble Don't Last Always) (E)//I'm On the Firing Line (S)/He'll Make A Way (E)/Be With Me Jesus (E)/It Won't Be Very Long (E)/How Far Am I From Canaan (E)/Farther Along (E)

SPS-2129 - Original Rock Oldies, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1970] Rip It Up - Little Richard (E)/Bad Boy - Larry Williams (E)/Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Lloyd Price (E)/Book Of Love - Monotones (E)/I'll Come Running Back To You - Sam Cooke (E)/Long Tall Sally - Little Richard (E)//Over The Mountain Across The Sea - Johnnie & Joe (E)/Short Fat Fannie - Larry Williams (E)/Gloria - Arthur Lee Maye & Crowns (E)/Zindy Lou - Chimes (E)/I - Tony Allen & Champs (E)/Leavin' It All Up To You - Don & Dewey (E)

SPS-2130 - Original Rock Oldies, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1970] Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard (E)/Hi-Heel Sneakers - Tommy Tucker (E)/Slow Down - Larry Williams (E)/Nite Owl - Tony Allen & Champs (E)/Justine - Don & Dewey (E)/Boppin' The Rock - Clifton Chenier (E)//Bony Moronie - Larry Williams (E)/Haunted House - Johnny Fuller (E)/Lucille - Little Richard (E)/Tears On My Pillow - Chimes (E)/Baby Please Come Home - Lloyd Price (E)/Forever - Sam Cooke (E)

SPS-2131 - Don and Dewey - Don & Dewey [1970] Koko Joe/Leavin' It All Up To You/Big Boy Pete/Mammer-Jammer/When The Sun Has Begun To Shine/Justine//Pink Champagne/Little Sally Walker/Farmer John/Jungle Hop/Kill Me/The Letter

SPS-2132 - Search Me Lord - Brother Joe May [1974] Search Me Lord/Our Father/Workin' On The Building/Speak Lord Jesus!/Christ Is All/Lead Me! Guide Me!/Do You Know Him/The Old Ship Of Zion/Sell Out/I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About In My Song/The Day Is Past And Gone/There Must Be A Heaven Somewhere

SPS-2133 - The Best Of Alex Bradford - Alex Bradford [1970] Lord, Lord, Lord/He'll Wash You Whiter Than Snow/If Mother Knew/Holy Ghost/Too Close to Heaven/I Can't Tarry//What Did John Do?/Without A God/He's Everything To Me/God Searched the World/I Won't Sell Out/The Lifeboat

SPS-2134 - The Best Of Dorothy Love Coates and the Original Gospel Harmonettes, Volume 1 - Dorothy Love Coates & Original Gospel Harmonettes [1970] He's Calling Me/One Morning Soon/You Better Run/No Hiding Place/When I Reach My Heavenly Home/Get Away Jordan//I'm Sealed/That's Enough/Ninety-Nine And A Half/Where Shall I Be/Jesus Laid His Hand On Me/(You Can't Hurry God) He's Right On Time

SPS-2135 - Kingdom - Kingdom [1970] Waiting, Hesitating/Everybody's Had The Blues/Back To The Farm/Seven Fathoms Deep/If I Never Was To See Her Again//Seasons/Prelude/No Time Spent/Have You Seen The Lady/Morning Swallow

SPS-2136 - Well Alright! - Little Richard [1971] The stereo versions here have overdubs. Poor Boy Paul (S)/Directly From My Heart (E)/The Girl Can't Help It (E)/Wonderin' (E)/Bama-Lama Bama-Loo (S)/Kansas City (E)//Keep A-Knockin' (E)/All Night Long (E)/Well Alright! (E)/She Knows How To Rock (E)/Annie Is Back (S)/Shake A Hand (S)

SPS-2137 - The Original Soul Stirrers - Soul Stirrers [1971] Jesus Gave Me Water/Out On A Hill/Sinner Run To Jesus/Faith And Grace/Pilgrim Of Sorrow/In A Few More Days//Touch The Hem Of His Garment/Fell Like My Time Ain't Long/The Lord Is My Shepherd/The Love Of God/By And By/He'll Welcome Me

SPS-2138 - Marching Up To Zion - Five Blind Boys Of Alabama [1970] Marching Up To Zion/Servant's Prayer Amen/Count Me In/When I Lost My Mother/There Is A Fountain/I've Been Born Again//He'll Be There/Think About Me/Does Jesus Care/Fix It Jesus/Goodbye Mother/I've Got A Home

SPS-2139 - Bayou Blues - Clifton Chenier [1970] Reissued on CD as Specialty SPCD- 2139. Boppin' The Rock/The Things I Did For You/Yesterday/Clifton's Squeeze-Box Boogie/I'm On My Way, Part 1/Eh, Petite Fille//All Night Long/Opelousas Hop/I'm On My Way, Part 2/Think It Over/Zodico Stomp/The Cat's Dreamin'

SPS-2140 - Best Of The Pilgrim Travelers, Vol. 2 - Pilgrim Travelers [1970] My Old Home/Jesus Met The Woman At The Well/What A Blessing In Jesus I've Found/I Want My Crown/God Shall Wipe All Tears Away/Weary Traveler/I'll Tell It/He Will Remember Me/Lord Help Me Carry On/Now Lord (Yes My Lord)/Lord Hold My Hand

SPS-2141 - Best Of Dorothy Love Coates and the Original Gospel Harmonettes, Volume 2 - Dorothy Love Coates & Original Gospel Harmonettes [1970] Jesus Knows It All/You Must Be Born Again/These Are They/Why Not/I Shall Know Him/Every Day Will Be Sunday (By And By)//I Wouldn't Mind Dying/Lord Don't Forget About Me/There's A God Somewhere/Just To Behold His Face/Am I A Soldier/Heaven

SPS-2142 - Thank You Lord for One More Day - Brother Joe May [1970] Thank You Lord For One More Day/How Much More Of Life's Burden Can We Bear/Just Call His Name/I Want A Double Portion Of God's Love/Precious Lord/Mercy Oh Lord/What Do You Know About Jesus/It Don't Cost Very Much/Doctor Jesus/I'll Serve You Lord/I Just Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes/He'll Be Waiting At The End For Me

SPS-2143 - He Lifted Me - Alex Bradford [1970] Somebody Touched Me/He Lifted Me/I Dare You/This May Be The Last Time/Oh Lord, Save Me/Just The Name Jesus//I Don't Care What The World May Do/Life's Candlelight/He Leads Me Safely Through/Don't Let Satan Turn You 'Round/The Bells Keep On Ringing/Feel Like I'm Running For The Lord

SPS-2144 - Greatest Gospel Songs, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1970] The Last Mile Of The Way - Soul Stirrers with Sam Cooke/Search Me Lord - Brother Joe May/Mother Bowed - Pilgrim Travelers/Oh Lord, Stand By Me - Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama/Too Close To Heaven - Alex Bradford/Get Away Jordan - Dorothy Love Coates & Original Gospel Harmonettes/My Rock - Swan Silvertones/Let God Abide - Robert Anderson/Prayer For The Doomed - Chosen Gospel Singers/The Ball Game - Sister Wynona Carr/By And By - Soul Stirrers/He's Calling Me - Dorothy Love Coates & Original Gospel Harmonettes

SPS-2145 - Greatest Gospel Songs, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1970] Lord, Lord, Lord - Alex Bradford/The Love Of God - Soul Stirrers with Johnnie Taylor/I'm Determined - Meditation Singers/Touch The Hem Of His Garment - Soul Stirrers with Sam Cooke/Straight Street - Pilgrim Travelers/I'll Fly Away - Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama/Do You Know Him - Brother Joe May/Jesus Met The Woman At The Wall - Pilgrim Travelers/I'm Sealed - Dorothy Love Coates & Original Gospel Harmonettes/Lead Me, Guide Me - Pilgrim Travelers with Brother Joe May/Jesus Is A Friend - Swan Silvertones/Now The Day Is Over - Reverend James Cleveland

SPS-2146 - That's Heaven To Me - Soul Stirrers with Sam Cooke [1970] That's Heaven To Me/I Gave Up Everything To Follow Him/My Lord Done Just What He Said/I'm So Happy/Come, Let Us Go Back To God/I Have A Friend Above All Others//Mean Old World/Joy, Joy To My Soul/All Right Now/Wait On Jesus/Jesus Will Lead Me To That Promised Land/Lord, Remember Me

SPS-2147 - Stand Up And Testify - Pilgrim Travelers [1970] Did You Stop To Pray This Morning?/I've Got A New Home/Peace Of Mind/It Is No Secret/Shake My Mother's Hand/Good News//Look To The Hills/How Jesus Died/I Love The Lord/Your Mother Is Your Friend/Amazing Grace/After While

SPS-2148 - My Rock - Swan Silvertones [1971] My Rock/Since Jesus Came Into My Heart/I Cried/What Do You Know About Jesus?/Milky White Way/He Won't Deny Me//Jesus Is A Friend/Motherless Child/Man In Jerusalem/Keep My Heart/Oh, How I Love Jesus/This Little Light Of Mine

SPS-2149 - Dark Muddy Bottom Blues - Various Artists [1971] Nothin' But Trouble - John Lee Hooker/A Woman Acts Funny - Pinebluff Pete/Rather Be Sloppy Drunk - Big Joe Williams/Black Cat Bone - Lightnin' Hopkins/Ain't Done Nothin' Wrong - Clarence London/Hollywood Boogie - Country Jim a.k.a. Hot Rod Happy//Dark Muddy Bottom Blues - Mercy Dee/Ride My New Car With Me - Big Joe Williams/Uncle Sam Blues - Pinebluff Pete/I Need Love So Bad - John Lee Hooker/Dial 110 Blues - Country Jim a.k.a. Hot Rod Happy/Dark And Cloudy - Lightnin' Hopkins

SPS-2150 - Going Back To The Lord Again - Soul Stirrers [1972] Going Back To The Lord Again/What Good Am I/So Glad He's On My Side/We've Got To Have Love/Free At Last/Set Me Free//The Same Train/Sweet Sunshine/Suddenly A Light Appears/Let It Be/A Country Road In Heaven/We've Got To Have Freedom

SPS-2151 - In Loving Memory of Brother Joe May: A Collection of His Most Famous Recordings - Brother Joe May [1974] There Must Be A Heaven Somewhere/Lead Me! Guide Me! [with Pilgrim Travelers]/Do You Know Him?/I See Jesus [with Sister Wynona Carr]/He's Able To Carry You Through [with Sallie Martin Singers]/He'll Be Waiting At The End For Me//Search Me Lord/Thank You Lord For One More Day/The Old Ship Of Zion/Going Home [with Pilgrim Travelers]/What Do You Know About Jesus? [with Sister Wynona Carr]

SPS-2152 - To Mother: Gospel Superstars Sing About Mother - Various Artists [197?] Mother Bowed - Pilgrim Travelers/If My Mother Knew - Alex Bradford/Alone And Motherless - Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama/Mother, Don't Cry About Your Son - Detroiters/Goodbye Mother - Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama/I've Got A Mother Gone Home - Pilgrim Travelers//I'm Living On Mother's Prayers - Soul Stirrers/Your Mother Is Your Friend - Pilgrim Travelers/Blessed Mother - Bessie Griffin/When I Lost My Mother - Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama/Motherless Child - Swan Silvertones/Shake My Mother's Hand - Pilgrim Travelers

SPS-2153 - Gospel Stars in Concert - Various Artists [1971] It's Getting Lake In The Evening - Dorothy Love Coates & Original Gospel Harmonettes/Get Away Jordan - Dorothy Love Coates & Original Gospel Harmonettes/How I Got Over - Brother Joe May/I'm Happy Working For The Lord - Brother Joe May/Straight Street - Pilgrim Travelers/Mother Bowed - Pilgrim Travelers//I Have A Friend Above All Others - Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers/Be With Me Jesus - Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers/Nearer To Thee - Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers

SPS-2154 - The Essential Little Richard - Little Richard [1972] Two record set. Reissued on CD as Specialty SPCD-2154. Disc 1: Tutti Frutti/Long Tall Sally/Rip It Up/Jenny Jenny/Good Golly Miss Molly//Ready Teddy/Slippin' And Slidin'/The Girl Can't Help It/I Got It/Heeby-Jeebies; Disc 2: Lucille/Keep A Knockin'/Miss Ann/Ooh My Soul/True Fine Mama//Directly From My Heart/Hey Hey Hey Hey/Send Me Some Lovin'/Baby Face/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

SPS-2155 - The Golden Groups - Various Artists [1972]

SPS-2156 - Personality Plus - Lloyd Price [197?] Stagger Lee/Why/Laurelle/Carry Me Home/Oh Love/Woe Ho Ho/Personality//Lawdy Miss Clawdy/Heavy Dream/What A Fire/Ain't It A Shame/Mailman Boogie/Lloyd's Lament (Old Echo Song)/Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)

SPS-2157 - Jump Jack Jump - Wynona Carr [197?] Jump Jack Jump/'Til The Well Runs Dry/Boppity Bop (Boogity Boo)/Should I Ever Love Again/I'm Mad At You/Old Fashioned Love/Hurt Me/It's Raining Outside//Nursery Rhyme Rock/Ding Dong Daddy/Someday, Somewhere, Somehow/Act Right/What Do You Know (About Love)/Now That I'm Free/Heartbreak Melody/Please Mr. Jailer

SPS-2158 - The Unreleased Larry Williams - Larry Williams [1974] Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu [with Art Neville]/She Said Yeah/High School Dance/Iko Iko/Jelly Belly Nellie/Just Because/I Can't Stop Loving You//Slow Down/Zing Zing/Took A Trip/You Bug Me Baby/Marie Marie/Bad Boy/Oh Baby

SPS-2159 - R. M. Blues - Roy Milton [1974] Milton's Boogie/R.M. Blues/True Blues/Rainy Day Confession Blues/What's The Use/Wakin' Up Baby/Train Blues//Information Blues/The Numbers Blues/Where There Is No Love/Junior Jives/Sad Feeling/Night And Day/What Can I Do

SPS-2160 - Joe Liggins and His Honeydrippers - Joe Liggins [1974] Reissued in 1986 as AP-2160. Pink Champagne/I've Got A Right To Cry/The Honeydripper/Rhythm In The Barnyard, Part 1/Little Joe's Boogie/So Alone/Rain, Rain, Rain//Boogie Woogie Lou/Tanya/Dripper's Boogie/Freight Train Blues/The Big Dipper/Whiskey, Women and Loaded Dice/Do You Love Me Pretty Baby?

SPS-2161 - Free for All - Frank Rosolino [1974] With Harold Land, Victor Feldman, Leroy Vinnegar, and Stan Levy. Reissued as OJC compact disc OJC-1763 with three alternate takes (denoted by "+") as bonus tracks. Love For Sale/Twilight/+Don't Take Your Love From Me/+Chrisdee//Stardust/Free For All/+There Is No Greater Love/Sneakyoso

SPS-2162 - Hocus Pocus! - Larry Williams [1974] Dizzy Miss Lizzy/Hey Now, Hey Now!/Make A Little Love/Heebie Jeebies/I Was A Fool/Let Me Tell You Baby/Love Charms//Hocus Pocus/The Dummy/Steal A Little Kiss/Should I Laugh Or Should I Cry/Bad Boy Cha Cha/Baby, Your Love Is Driving My Crazy/Short Fat Fannie

SPS-2163 - Walkin' The Track - Lloyd Price [1974] Reissued in 1986 as AP-2163. Forgive Me, Clawdy/They Say/Oo Wee Baby/Night And Day/If Crying Was Murder/I Yi Yi Gomen A Sai//Operator/Barnyard Rock/All Alone/Frog Legs/What's The Matter Now?/I'm Too Young I'm Too Glad

SPS-2164 - Forever - Sam Cooke [1974] You Send Me/Lovable/I Don't Want To Cry/I'll Come Running Back To You/You Were Made For Me/It's Time To Say Goodbye//Forever/(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons/Happy In Love/That's All I Need To Know/I Need You Now/(What A) Wonderful World

SPS-2165 - That Old Time Rock 'N' Roll - Art Neville [197?] That Old Time Rock & Roll/Cha Dooky-Doo/I'm A Fool To Care/Please Listen To My Song/What's Going On/Standing On The Highway/The Dummy//Let's Rock/Back Home To Me/Zing Zing/Lover's Story/Arabian Love Call/Bella Mae/Oooh-Whee-Baby

SPS-2166 - Buzz Buzz Buzz - Hollywood Flames [198?] Buzz Buzz Buzz/Crazy/My Confession/So Good/This Heart Of Mine/A Little Bird/Chains Of Love//Strollin' On The Beach/Ooh Baby Ooh/Much Too Much/Just For You/Two Little Bees/Frankenstein's Den/I'll Be Seeing You

SPS-2167 - Lay That New Orleans Rock 'N' Roll Down - Various Artists [1988] Lay That Rock 'N' Roll Down - Ernie K-Doe/Just To Hold My Hand - Big Boy Myles & Shaw Wees/Little Bea - Lloyd Price/You Never Miss A Good Woman - Ernie K-Doe/Oooh-Whee Baby - Art Neville/Bunny Hug - Bobby Marchan/Oooh-Wow! - Roy Montrell//Rock Around The Clock - Li'l Millet/My Commandments Of Love - Bobby Marchan/Who's Been Fooling You - Big Boy Myles & Shaw Wees/Doomed To End This Way - Larry Williams/So Glad You're Mine - Ernie K-Doe/Hickory Dickory Doc - Big Boy Myles/Sweet Sue - Edgar Blanchard

At this point, vinyl is discontinued. Subsequent issues are on compact disc and cassette only, distributed by Fantasy Records.

SPCD-2168 - Creole Kings Of New Orleans - Various Artists [1992] All tracks mono. Going Back To New Orleans - Joe Liggins & Honeydrippers (alternate take)/Louisiana - Percy Mayfield/River's Invitation - Percy Mayfield (alternate take)/Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Lloyd Price (alternate take)/Where You At - Lloyd Price/Frog Legs - Lloyd Price/Teachin' And Preachin' - Royal Kings/The Things That I Used To Do - Guitar Slim/'Til I Say Well Done - Kings/Ay-Tete Fee [aka "Eh! Petite"] - Clifton Chenier (alternate take)/Oh How I Need Your Love - Alberta Hall/Send Me Some Lovin' - Leo Price (demo)/Do Baby Do - Ernest Kador [Ernie K-Doe]/Who's Been Fooling You - Big Boy Miles & Sha-Weez/Rich Woman - Li'l Millet And His Creoles/Whistlin' Joe - Lloyd Lambert feat. Joe Tillman/No Buts No Maybes - Professor Longhair/Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand - Professor Longhair/(Every Time I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone - Roy Montrell/Bop Sit-In Blues - Edgar Blanchard (with studio talk and countoff)/Just To Hold My Hand - Big Boy Miles/Lights Out - Jerry Byrne/Cha Dooky-Doo - Art Neville/I'm A Fool To Care - Art Neville/Jockamo [aka "Iko Iko"] - Larry Williams/Bad Boy [aka "Junior Behave Yourself"] - Larry Williams (alternate take)

SPCD-2169 - Regal Records In New Orleans - Paul Gayton & Annie Laurie [1991] All tracks mono. I'll Never Be Free - Paul Gayten & Annie Laurie/Yeah Yeah Yeah - Paul Gayten/You Ought To Know - Paul Gayten/You Shouldn't - Paul Gayten/Confused - Paul Gayten/Bear Hug - Paul Gayten/Oooh La La - Paul Gayten/My Last Goodbye - Paul Gayten/I Ain't Gonna Let You In - Paul Gayten & Annie Laurie (2 takes)/Kickapoo Juice - Paul Gayten/Each Time - Paul Gayten/Fishtails - Paul Gayten/Suzette - Paul Gayten/Happy Birthday To You - Paul Gayten/For You My Love - Paul Gayten (demo)/Back Trackin' aka Dr. Daddy-O - Paul Gayten/Gold Ain't Everything - Paul Gayten/Baby What's New - Annie Laurie/My Rough And Ready Man - Annie Laurie/Low Down Feeling - Annie Laurie (demo)/3 x 7 = 21 - Annie Laurie (demo)/Don't Marry Too Soon - Annie Laurie (demo)/Messy Bessy - Dave Bartholomew (demo)/Nickel Wine - Dave Bartholomew (demo)/Riding High - Roy Brown/Brand New Baby - Roy Brown

SPCD-2170 - Regal Records Live In New Orleans - Little Jimmy Scott & Paul Gayten Band [1991] With John Hurt, Ray Abrams, Numa "Pee Wee" Moore, Teddy Brannon, Thomas Legange, and Wesley Landis. All Of Me/When Your Lover Has Gone/Everybody's Somebody's Fool/The Loneliest House On The Street/Anytime Anyplace Anywhere/Dueling Tenors/Body And Soul/Flying Home

SPCD-2171 - Cornbread and Cabbage Greens - Joe Houston [1991] Cornbread And Cabbage Greens/Jay's Boogiue/Sentimental Journey/Celebrity Club Drag/All Night Long/Flying Home/Walkin' Home/Lester Leaps In/I Cover The Waterfront/Troubles And Worries/Huggy Boy Radio Ad/Rockin' And Boppin'/She's Gone/Anything/Richie's Roll/Teenage Hop/Well Well My Love/Mambo/Blues After Hours/Gordon's Knot/Ruth's Rock/Flying Home (alternate take)/Thom's Tune/Shake It Up/Coastin'/Midnight

SPCD-2172 - Blues from Dolphin's of Hollywood - Various Artists [1991] All tracks mono. The Darkest Hour - Pee Wee Crayton/Forgive Me - Pee Wee Crayton/Pappy's Blues - Pee Wee Crayton/Lovin' John - Pee Wee Crayton/Boogie Bop - Pee Wee Crayton/You Can't Bring Me Down - Little Caesar/WDIA Station ID - Percy Mayfield/Look The Whole World Over - Percy Mayfield/The Monkey Song - Percy Mayfield/Treat Me Like I Treat You - Memphis Slim/My Country Girl - Memphis Slim/Worried Life Blues - Memphis Slim/Big Family Blues - Jimmy Witherspoon/Cain River Blues - Jimmy Witherspoon/S.K. Blues - Jimmy Witherspoon/Oh Baby - Floyd Dixon/Cadillac Funeral - Peppermint Harris/Crying And Walking - Pee Wee Crayton/Baby Pat The Floor - Pee Wee Crayton/I'm Your Prisoner - Pee Wee Crayton/Fillmore Street Blues - Pee Wee Crayton/Cadillac Baby - Little Caesar/Pete's Boogie - Memphis Slim/Teenage Party - Jimmy Witherspoon/Never Know When A Woman Changes Her Mind - Floyd Dixon/Treat Me Like I Treat You - Peppermint Harris

SPCD-2173 - Doo Wop From Dolphin's of Hollywood, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1991] All tracks mono. The Goose Is Gone [aka The Nest Is Warm]- Turbans/Tick Tock A Woo - Turbans/No No Cherry - Turbans/When I Return - Turbans/Two Things I Love - Voices [Hollywood Flames]/Why - Voices [Hollywood Flames]/Crazy - Voices [Hollywood Flames]/Takes Two To Make A Home - Voices [Hollywood Flames]/Radio Ad - Hunter Hancock/My Aching Feet - Gassers/Why Did You Leave Me - Gassers/Tell Me - Gassers (with studio talk, false start)/Beloved - Gassers (with studio talk)/Hum-De-Hum - Gassers (with false start)/Untitled Blues - Bobby Relf/Our Love - Bobby Relf/Honey Bun - Turks [Hollywood Flames]/It Can't Be True - Turks [Hollywood Flames]/How To Be A Lover - Gaynell Hodge & Blue-Aires/Love You Right - Gaynell Hodge & Blue-Aires/One Time Is Enough - Bobby Byrd/Hold Me Baby - Bobby Byrd/A Girl Named Joe - Miracles [Jaguars] (with studio talk)/My Angel - Miracles [Jaguars]/9 Boogie - Miracles [Jaguars]/Let Us Be As One [aka Sweet Thing] - Miracles [Jaguars]

SPCD-2174 - Doo Wop From Dolphin's of Hollywood, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1991] All tracks mono. I'll Be Home Again - Hollywood Arist-O-Kats/Amazon Beauty - Hollywood Arist-O-Kats/Radio Ad - Hunter Hancock/Emily - Turks [Hollywood Flames]/Fare Thee Honey Fare Thee Well - Turks [Hollywood Flames]/Wagon Wheels - Turks [Hollywood Flames]/I'm Leavin' (Clickety Clack) - Turks [Hollywood Flames]/Dot-Dot-Do-Wah - Unknown Group/Do It Yourself [muffled] - Unknown Group/Give Me A Chance - Unknown Group/I Need You So - Grady Chapman & Suedes/ Don't Blooper - Grady Chapman & Suedes/This Is Our Love - Possibly Hollywood Flames/Little House On The Hill - Possibly Hollywood Flames/My Confession - Possibly Hollywood Flames/ Fortune Teller - Possibly Hollywood Flames/It Makes No Difference Now - Clyde "Thin Man" Tillis/Soft Soft Lips - Sunrisers/Behold A Dream - Sunrisers/Let's Live Together As One - Bobby "Baby Face" Byrd & Birds/The Truth Hurts - Bobby "Baby Face" Byrd & Birds/Stormy Weather - 5 Bars/(I Wish You) The Very Best Luck In The World - Ebonaires

SPCD-2175 - Pachuko Hop - Chuck Higgins [1992] Broke/Eyeballin'/Special Tea/I'll Be There/Something's Going On In My Room/Let Me Come Back Home/Is It Real/Irene/Aw-Aw Baby/Dye-Ooh Mambo/One More Time/Rock 'N Roll [aka Oh Yeah]/Come Back Home/Pachuko Hop/Rock/Tonk/I Know What You're Talking About/One Chord Instrumental/Middle Of The Mambo/Good Luck

SPCD-2176 - Flipped Out - Marvin And Johnny [1992] All tracks mono. Wine Woogie/Old Man's Blues/Dream Girl/As Long As You're Satisfied/My Baby Won't Let Me In (with studio talk)/Sun Was Shining/Baby Doll/I'm Not A Fool/Jo Jo/Honey (2 takes)/How Long She Been Gone/If I Should Lose You (with studio talk)/Boy Loves Girl/School Of Love/I Want Lovin'/Day In-Day Out/What's The Matter (aka Hey Baby) (with studio talk and countoff)/Flip/Hunter Hancock Radio Ad/Mamo Mamo/Ding Dong Baby/Tell Me Darling/Yak Yak Woman/Pretty One/Bye Bye My Baby

Thanks to Tyrone Settlemier.

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