Sun International Album Discography, Part 1
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: July 18, 1999

When Shelby S. Singleton bought the Sun Label, he started one of the most intensive reissue campaigns ever. Many, many more albums were issued on Sun International than had been issued on Sun in the first place. Albums, singles, outtakes, unreleased material, it didn't seem to matter; Singleton mined it all in a series of albums easily outnumbering the original Sun LP output by tenfold. He also leased the masters extensively to other labels, notably Charly in England and Rhino here in the US.

After Sun was sold to Shelby Singleton, the label was similar in style and color to the original, using yellow with brown printing. The Sun rays fan out from the center hole to half the label, the music notes only go around the top perimeter of the label. At the bottom of the label is "Sun International Corp. - A Division of the Shelby Singleton Corp. - Nashville, U.S.A.".

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Sun Records, which is currently owned by Shelby Singleton. Should you want to contact Sun, or should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 1997, 1999 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

100 Series:

SUN-100 - Original Golden Hits, Volume I - Johnny Cash [1969] (9-69, #95) Folsom Prison Blues (E)/Hey Porter (E)/So Doggone Lonesome (E)/There You Go (E)/Next In Line (E)/Cry Cry Cry (E)//I Walk The Line (E)/Don't Make Me Go (E)/Train Of Love (E)/Home of the Blues (E)/Get Rhythm (E)

SUN-101 - Original Golden Hits, Volume II - Johnny Cash [1969] (9-69, #98) Ballad Of A Teen-Age Queen (E)/Come In Stranger (E)/The Ways Of A Woman In Love (E)/You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven (E)/I Just Thought You'd Like To Know (E)/Give My Love To Rose (E)/Guess Things Happen That Way (E)/Just About Time (E)/Luther's Boogie (E)/Thanks A Lot (E)/Big River (E)/Down The Street To 301 (E)/Life Goes On (E)

SUN-102 - Original Golden Hits, Volume 1 - Jerry Lee Lewis [1969] (9-69, #119) Crazy Arms (E)/End Of The Road (E)/Great Balls Of Fire (E)/It'll Be Me (E)/Move On Down The Line (E)/You Win Again (E)/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (E)/Little Queenie (E)/Lewis Boogie (E)/Teen Age Letter (E)/Breathless (E)

SUN-103 - Original Golden Hits, Volume 2 - Jerry Lee Lewis [1969] (9-69, #122) Fools Like Me (E)/Break-Up (E)/I'll Make It All Up To You (E)/Mean Woman Blues (E)/What'd I Say (E)/High School Confidential (E)/How's My Ex Treating You (E)/I'll Sail My Ship Alone (E)/I Could Never Be Ashamed of You (E)/Save the Last Dance For Me (E)

SUN-104 - Story Songs of Trains and Rivers - Johnny Cash [1969] (12-69, #197) Hey Porter (E)/Train of Love (E)/Blue Train (E)/I Heard That Lonesome Whistle (E)/Port Of Lonely Hearts (E)/The Wreck Of The Old 97 (E)/Rock Island Line (E)/Big River (E)/Wide Open Road (E)

SUN-105 - Get Rhythm - Johnny Cash [1969] (11-69, #164) Get Rhythm (E)/Mean Eyed Cat (E)/You Win Again (E)/Country Boy (E)/Two Timin' Woman (E)/Oh Lonesome Me (E)/Luther's Boogie (E)/Doin' My Time (E)/New Mexico (E)/Belshazah (E)/Sugartime (E)

SUN-106 - Showtime - Johnny Cash [1969] (12-69, #181) Songs on this album have an audience dubbed in. Ballad Of A Teen-Age Queen (E)/Guess Things Happen That Way (E)/The Wreck Of Ohe Old 97 (E)/Folsom Prison Blues (E)/Come In Stranger (E)/Rock Island Line (E)/I Walk The Line (E)/There You Go (E)/Cry Cry Cry (E)/Hey Porter (E)/Big River (E)

SUN-107 - Rockin' Rhythm and Blues - Jerry Lee Lewis [1969] C.C. Rider/What'd I Say/Little Queenie/Big Legged Woman/Good Rockin' Tonight/Good Golly Miss Molly/Save The Last Dance For Me/Sweet Little Sixteen/Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes/Hello Josephine/Johnny B. Goode

SUN-108 - The Golden Cream of the Country - Jerry Lee Lewis [1969] Invitation To Your Party/Jambalaya/Ramblin' Rose/Cold Cold Heart/As Long As I Live/Seasons Of My Heart//One Minute Past Eternity/I Can't Trust Me In Your Arms Anymore/Frankie And Johnny/Home/How's My Ex Treating You

SUN-109 - Raunchy and Other Great Instrumentals - Bill Justis [1969] Raunchy/College Man/The Stranger/Wild Rice/Cattywampus/Flip Flop and Bop//Scroungie/The Midnight Man/Summer Holiday/Cloud 9/Flea Circus

SUN-110 - Lonely Weekends - Charlie Rich [1969] Also issued as RCA Record Club edition R104421. Lonely Weekends (E)/Unchained Melody (E)/Stay (E)/C.C. Rider (E)/Rebound (E)/That's How Much I Love You (E)//Who Will The Next Fool Be (E)/Big Man (E)/I Need Your Love (E)/Break-Up (E)/Sittin' And Thinkin' (E)

SUN-111 - Original Golden Hits - Carl Perkins [1969] Blue Suede Shoes (E)/Boppin' The Blues (E)/Lend Me Your Comb (E)/Only You (E)/Tennessee (E)/Honey Don't (E)//Matchbox (E)/Dixie Fried (E)/Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo (E)/Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (E)/Your True Love (E)

SUN-112 - Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins [1969] Blue Suede Shoes (E)/Movie Magg (E)/Forever Yours (E)/All Mama's Children (E)/I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry (E)/Glad All Over (E)//Turn Around (E)/Gone Gone Gone (E)/Her Love Rubbed Off (E)/You Can't Make Love To Somebody (E)/Let Ohe Juke Box Keep On Playing (E)

SUN-113 - Original Sun Sound - Roy Orbison [1969] Rock House (E)/This Kind Of Love/It's Too Late (E)/Trying To Get To You (E)/You're Gonna Cry (E)/Sweet And Easy To Love (E)//Ooby Dooby (E)/You're My Baby (E)/Mean Little Mama (E)/I Never Knew (E)/Devil Doll (E)

SUN-114 - A Taste of Country - Jerry Lee Lewis [1970] I Can't Seem To Say Good-bye/I Love You So Much It Hurts/I'm Throwing Rice/Goodnight Irene/Your Cheatin' Heart//Am I To Be The One/Crazy Arms/Night Train to Memphis/As Long As I Live/You Win Again/It Hurt Me So

SUN-115 - The Singing Storyteller - Johnny Cash [1970] (5-70, #186) Good-Bye Little Darlin'/Hey Good Lookin'/I Can't Help It/I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You/I Couldn't Keep From Crying/I Love You Because/Come In Stranger/Give My Love To Rose/The Ways Of A Woman In Love/You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven

SUN-116 - Original Memphis Rock and Roll, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1970] Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On - Jerry Lee Lewis (E)/Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins (E)/You Are My Sunshine - Carl McVoy (E)/Rock and Roll Ruby - Warren Smith (E)/Honey Don't - Carl Perkins (E)/Mona Lisa - Carl Mann (E)//Raunchy - Bill Justis (E)/Ooby Dooby - Roy Orbison (E)/Lonely Weekends - Charlie Rich (E)/Great Balls Of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis (E)/Red Hot - Billy Lee Riley (E)

SUN-117 - Gentrys - Gentrys [1970] New recordings at Sam Phillips Recording Studios, by Sam Phillips son Knox Phillips. Why Should I Cry (S)/I Just Got the News (S)/Help Me (S)/Can't You See When Somebody Loves You (S)/Stroll On (S)/I Need Love (S)//South Bound Train (S)/Cinnamon Girl (S)/Tears (S)/Rollin' And Tumblin' (S)/He'll Never Love You (S)/I Hate to See You Go (S)

SUN 2-118 - The Legend - Johnny Cash [1970] (2-LP set) Reissue of Sun International 100 and 101 in a gatefold package. Disc 1: Folsom Prison Blues (E)/Hey Porter (E)/So Doggone Lonesome (E)/There You Go (E)/Next In Line (E)/Cry Cry Cry (E)//Ballad Of A Teen-Age Queen (E)/Come In Stranger (E)/The Ways Of A Woman In Love (E)/You The Nearest Thing To Heaven (E)/I Just Thought You'd Like To Know (E)/Give My Love To Rose (E); Disc 2: I Walk The Line (E)/Don't Make Me Go (E)/Train Of Love (E)/Home Of The Blues (E)/Get Rhythm (E)//Guess Things Happen That Way (E)/Just About Time (E)/Luther's Boogie (E)/Thanks A Lot (E)/Big River (E)

SUN-119 - Sunday Down South - Johnny Cash & Jerry Lee Lewis [1970] If The Good Lord's Willing/I Was There When It Happened/Remember Me/Belshazah/Goodnight Irene/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Old Time Religion/Carry Me Back To Old Virginia/When The Saints Go Marching In/Silver Threads

SUN-120 - Memphis Country - Various Artists [1970] I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash/Sittin' And Thinkin' - Charlie Rich/Sherry's Lips - David Houston/Ten Years - Jack Clement/Jump Out Of This Jukebox - Onie Wheeler/Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing - Carl Perkins/You Win Again - Jerry Lee Lewis/Cold Cold Heart - Barbara Pittman/Born To Sing The Blues - Conway Twitty/Rock N' Roll Ruby - Warren Smith/Sweet And Easy To Love - Roy Orbison/Guess I'd Better Go - Bill Strength

SUN-121 - Ole Tyme Country Music - Jerry Lee Lewis [1971] All Around the Watertank/Carry Me Back To Old Virginia/John Henry/Old Black Joe/My Blue Heaven/You're The Only Star (In My Blue Heaven)//The Crawdad Song/Hand Me Down My Walking Cane/You Are My Sunshine/If The World Keeps On Turning/Deep Elm Blues

SUN-122 - The Rough Cut King of Country Music - Johnny Cash [1970] Cold Cold Heart/Straight A's In Love/You're My Baby/I Forgot To Remember To Forget/Born To Lose/You Tell Me/Fools' Hall Of Fame/The Story Of A Broken Heart/others

SUN-123 - A Time For Tears - Charlie Rich [1971] Gentle As A Lamb/The Wedding's Over/You're Gonna Be Waiting/Midnight Blues/My Heart Cries For You//Good-Bye Mary Ann/Finally Found Out/Baby I Need You/It's Too Lake/I've Lost My Heart To You/My Baby Done Left Me

SUN-124 - Monsters - Jerry Lee Lewis [1971] Don't Be Cruel/Your Cheating Heart/Save The Last Dance For Me/Pink Pedal Pushers/Good Golly Miss Molly/Matchbox//Be Bop A Lula/Jailhouse Rock/Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/Honey Hush/Singing The Blues

SUN-125 - Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis Sing Hank Williams - Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis [1971] Hey Good Looking - Johnny Cash/I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You - Johnny Cash/I Can't Help It - Johnny Cash/I Heard That Lonesome Whistle - Johnny Cash/Cold Cold Heart - Johnny Cash//Lovesick Blues - Jerry Lee Lewis/You Win Again - Jerry Lee Lewis/Your Cheating Heart - Jerry Lee Lewis/Jambalaya - Jerry Lee Lewis/Settin' The Woods On Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis

SUN 2-126 - The Man-The World-His Music - Johnny Cash [1970] (2-LP set)

SUN-127 - Original Golden Hits Volume III - Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two [1971] Rock Island Line (E)/Oh Lonesome Me (E)/Country Boy (E)/You Win Again (E)/Straight A's In Love (E)/Doin' My Time (E)//The Wreck Of The Old 97 (E)/I Forgot To Remember To Forget (E)/Sugartime (E)/Story Of A Broken Heart (E)/Katy Too (E)

SUN-128 - Original Golden Hits Volume 3 - Jerry Lee Lewis [1971] One Minute Past Eternity (E)/Let's Talk About Us (E)/Your Lovin' Ways (E)/I Can't Trust Me In Your Arms Anymore (E)/Lovin' Up A Storm (E)//Love On Broadway (S)/Sweet Little Sixteen (S)/Invitation To Your Party (S)/I Love You Because (E)/As Long As I Live (E)/Good Golly Miss Molly (S)

SUN-129 -

SUN-130 - The Bull's Night Out - Sleepy LaBeef [1974]

SUN-131 - Golden Hits - Leroy VanDyke [1974] The Auctioneer/If A Woman Answers (Hang Up the Phone)/Be A Good Girl/Big Man In A Big House/Just A State Of Mind/Dim Dark Corner/Walk On By/Big Wide Wonderful World Of Country Music/Anne Of A Thousand Days/Black Cloud

SUN-132 - Charlie Rich: The Early Years - Charlie Rich [1974] Easy Money/Graveyardville/I've Lost My Heart To You/Philadelphia Baby/Right Behind You Baby//That's Right/Sad News/Big Man/Juanita/My Heart Cries For You

SUN-133 - The Memphis Sound - Charlie Rich [1974]

SUN-134 - Sun's Golden Treasures - Charlie Rich [1974]

SUN-135 - Sun's Best of Charlie Rich - Charlie Rich [1975]

SUN-136 -

SUN-137 -

SUN-138 - Western Gold - Sleepy LaBeef [1976]

SUN-139 - Johnny Cash Sings I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash

SUN-140 - Johnny Cash Sings Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash

SUN-141 - Johnny Cash Sings The Blue Train - Johnny Cash

SUN-142 - Johnny Cash Sings The Greatest Hits - Johnny Cash

SUN-143 - Rock - Bill Haley & His Comets [1981]

SUN-144 - Feelings - Orion (Jimmy Ellis) [1981]

SUN-145 - Roots - Jerry Lee Lewis [1982]

SUN-146 -

SUN-147 - Original Rockabilly - Johnny Cash [1982]

SUN-148 - Stars - Various Artists [1982] Includes Alabama, Jerry Lee Lewis, others.

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