Musicor Album Discography, Part 1:
Main Series MM 2000/MS 3000 to
MM 2099/MS 3099 (1962-1966)

By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: December 2, 2006

The first three albums listed here used the first (tan) Musicor album label. The remainder used the black Musicor label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

MM 2000/MS 3000 Popular Series:

MM 2000/MS 3000 - Bass Vibes Drums - Frankie Brown Trio [1962] Downbeat/Autumn Leaves/Round About Midnight/Willow Weep for Me//B.V.D,/Blue At Twilight/Pow/Well You Needn't

Canadian version of Musicor 2001 on United
Artists label MM 2001/MS 3001 - The Many Sides of Gene Pitney - Gene Pitney [1962] Canadian issues (right) were on the United Artists label.Town Without Pity (E)/I Wanna Love My Life Away (E)/ I Laughed So Hard I Cried (E)/Dream For Sale (E)/Twenty Two Days (E)/Today's Teardrops (E)//Hello Mary Lou (E)/Take Me Tonight (E)/Harmony (E)/A Greater Love (E)/Ever Breath I Take (E)/Sure Fire Bet (E)/Chance To Belong (E)

MM 2002/MS 3002 - One, Two, Three Waltz - Roger Wayne [1962]

MM 2003/MS 3003 - Only Love Can Break a Heart - Gene Pitney [1962] (12-62, #48) First cover. True Love Never Runs Smooth (S)/Cry Your Eyes Out (S)/Only Love Can Break A Heart (S)/Donna Means Heartbreak (S)/I Should Try To Forget (S)/My Heart, Your Heart (S)//Half Heaven-Half Heartache (S)/Tower Tall (S)/(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance (S)/Little Betty Falling Star (S)/If I Didn't Have A Dime (S)/Going To Church On Sunday (S)

MM 2003/MS 3003 - Only Love Can Break a Heart - Gene Pitney [1963] Second cover. True Love Never Runs Smooth (S)/Cry Your Eyes Out (S)/Only Love Can Break A Heart (S)/Donna Means Heartbreak (S)/I Should Try To Forget (S)/My Heart, Your Heart (S)//Half Heaven-Half Heartache (S)/Tower Tall (S)/(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance (S)/Little Betty Falling Star (S)/If I Didn't Have A Dime (S)/Going To Church On Sunday (S)

MM 2003/MS 3003 - Only Love Can Break a Heart - Gene Pitney [1966] Third cover. True Love Never Runs Smooth (S)/Cry Your Eyes Out (S)/Only Love Can Break A Heart (S)/Donna Means Heartbreak (S)/I Should Try To Forget (S)/My Heart, Your Heart (S)//Half Heaven-Half Heartache (S)/Tower Tall (S)/(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance (S)/Little Betty Falling Star (S)/If I Didn't Have A Dime (S)/Going To Church On Sunday (S)

MM 2004/MS 3004 - Gene Pitney Sings Just for You - Gene Pitney [1963] (5-63, #85) Teardrop By Teardrop/Mecca/Cornflower Blue/Not Responsible/Angels Got Together/Don't Let The Neighbors Know/Ship True Love Goodbye/House Without Windows/Aladdin's Lamp/Time And The River/Peanuts, Popcorn & Crackerjacks/Tell The Moon To Go To Sleep

MM 2005/MS 3005 - Gene Pitney Sings World Wide Winners - Gene Pitney [1963] (8- 63, #41) Mr. Moon, Mr. Cupid & I/Only Love Can Break A Heart/If I Didn't Have A Dime/(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance/Louisiana Mama/Every Breath I Take/Tower Tall/Hello Mary Lou/Half-Heaven, Half-Heartache/Garden Of Love/Town Without Pity/(I Wanna) Love My Life Away

MM 2006/MS 3006 - Blue Gene - Gene Pitney [1963] (11-63, #105) Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa/Autumn Leaves/Half the Laughter, Twice The Tears/I'll Be Seeing You/Lonely Night Dreams/Answer Me My Love//Blue Gene/Yesterday's Hero/Maybe You'll Be There/Keep Tellin' Yourself/I Can't Run Away/House Without Windows

MM 2007/MS 3007 - Dedicated to My Teen Queens - Gene Pitney [1964] First cover has a photo from the same session as was used with Musicor 2005/3005. This probably affected sales negatively, since those who had 2005/3005 might mistakenly think they already had the album. Those Eyes O' Liza Jane/Laurie/Brandy Is My True Love's Name/My Suli-Ram/Little Nell/Melissa And Me//Oh, Annie, Oh/Lyda Sue, Wha'dya Do/Carrie/Hey, Pretty Little Black Eyed Suzie/Song Of Lorena/Darlin' Corey, Ain't Ya Comin'/The Ballad Of Aura Mae

MM 2007/MS 3007 - Gene Pitney Meets the Fair Young Ladies of Folkland - Gene Pitney [1964] Musicor quickly reissued the above with a different cover and title. Those Eyes O' Liza Jane/Laurie/Brandy Is My True Love's Name/My Suli-Ram/Little Nell/Melissa And Me//Oh, Annie, Oh/Lyda Sue, Wha'dya Do/Carrie/Hey, Pretty Little Black Eyed Suzie/Song Of Lorena/Darlin' Corey, Ain't Ya Comin'/The Ballad Of Aura Mae

MM 2008/MS 3008 - Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen - Gene Pitney [1964] (4-64, #87) Ship True Love Goodbye/Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa/Only Love/Not Responsible/Teardrop By Teardrop/Donna Means Heartbreak/Aladdin' Lamp/Man Who Shot Liberty Valance/Keep Tellin' Yourself/Mecca/Town Without Pity/Tower Tall/Cry Your Eyes Out/True Love/Take Me Tonight/Half Heaven-Half Heartache

At this point, with the involvement of Art Talmadge and Pappy Daily, a new oval logo is used on the cover artwork. The old logo is used on several other subsequent albums, however, probably because their artwork was done in advance. The last known album cover with the old logo was MM 2026/MS 3026. It is at this point that all mention of United Artists is dropped from the packaging and the label.

MM 2009/MS 3009 - 51 Greatest Motion Picture Favorites - Vinnie Bell [1964] La Dolce Vita/How the West Was Won/Ruby/Laura/Three Coins In The Fountain/Hi Lili Hi Lo/High Noon/Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Love Is A Many Splendored thing/Affair To Remember/(41 others in medleys)

MM 2010/MS 3010 - 51 Greatest Broadway Favorites - Milton Delugg [1964] Also issued on reel-to-reel tape as MusicTapes MTR T-401. My Fair Lady/Roberta/Fanny/Can Can/Porgy & Bess/Showboat/Gypsy/Do Re Mi/Camelot/Bells Are Ringing/(41 others. There are five tracks on each side, named Medley #1, Medley #2, etc.)

MM 2011/MS 3011 - 51 Country Club Dance Favorites - Ralph Marterie [1964] Also issued on reel-to-reel tape as MusicTapes MTR-19. I Cried For You/Jada/Charmaine/Peg O' My Heart/Street of Dreams/Shangri La/Rum & Coca Cola/Stairway to the Stars/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/How Blue/41 others

MM 2012/MS 3012 - 51 Organ Skating Favorites - George Stone [1964] Oh, You Beautiful Doll/Charleston/Dancing In the Dark/Tea For Two/Cailifonia/Bye Bye Blackbird/Ain't She Sweet/Smile/Till We Meet Again/April in Paris/41 others

MM 2013/MS 3013 - Hula at Home - Sam Makia [1964] How to hula instructional record. Moon of Manakoora/Sweet Leilani/Aloha Oe/Song of the Islands/Cockeyed Mayor/Honolulu/Lovely Hula Hands/Blue Hawaii/I Want To Go Back/On the Beach/Hawaiian wedding Song/Hawaiian War Chant/others

MM 2014/MS 3014 - Music for Isometric Exercises - Earl L. Wallis [1964] Exercises/For 1 Person/For 2 Persons/Using Door Bar

MM 2015/MS 3015 - Gene Italiano - Gene Pitney [1964] Contentsa Poche Ore Da Te [Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa]/Citta Spietata [Town Without Pity]/Soldino [If I Didn't Have A Dime]/Ritorna [Half Heaven-Half Heartache]/Resta Sempre Accanto A Me [True Love Never Runs Smooth]/E Se Domani [If Tomorrow]/Che Sara Di Me [What Will Happen To Me]/Quando Vedrii La Mia Ragazza [When You See My Girl]/E Quando Viene La Notte [Come The Night]/Non Lasciamoci [Only Love Can Break A Heart]/Foglie Morte [Autumn Leaves]/Vorrei Capire Perche [Tell Me Why]

MM 2016/MS 3016 - Hello, Dolly Polka - Al Soyka & His Orchestra [1964]

MM 2017/MS 3017 - George Jones Country & Western Songbook - Jones Boys Orchestra [1964] You Gotta Be My Baby/Window Up Above/Your Heart Turned Left/Yearning/Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms/She's Lonesome Again/White Lightning/Sometimes You Just Can't Win/Dixieland For Me/Don't Stop The Music/The Race Is On/We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds

MM 2018/MS 3018 - Carnival of the Americas - Tito Rodriguez [1964] Avisale A Mi Contrario/Un Cigarrillo La Lluvia Y Tu/Todo Todo Termino/Piensalo Bien Y Santa/El Bigoton De Danilo/Mosaico De Panama//Que Sabes Tu De Mi/El Dia Que Me Quieras/Fue En Santiago/Tu No Comprendes/Ay Mulata Coqueta/Sacando Candela

MM 2019/MS 3019 - It Hurts to Be in Love and Eleven More Hit Songs - Gene Pitney [1964] (11-64, #42) I'm Gonna Be Strong (S)/Walk (E)/I Love You More (S)/Who Needs It (S)/Follow The Sun (S)/Lips Are Redder On You (S)//It Hurts To Be In Love (E)/Last Two People On Earth (S)/That Girl Belongs To Yesterday (S)/E Se Domani (S)/Hawaii (S)/I'm Gonna Find Myself A Girl (S)

MM 2020/MS 3020 - Music to Remember - Gian Franco Intra [1964] Hello Dolly/On the Street Where You Live/Maria/Some Enchanted evening/Wives & Lovers/Picnic/And I Love Her/Moon River/La Dolce Vita/More/People/As Long As He Needs Me

MM 2021/MS 3021 - 51 Belly Dancer Favorites - Adbul Ahmed [1964] Actual artist is Gus Vali. Authentic Turkish, Arabic, Greek & Israeli Belly Dance Music. Medley No. 1- Turkish & Greek: Kashlarin Inge Inge- Erzurum-Delilo-Beyruit-Adanaly-Verisario-Itya-Golfo/Medley No. 2 Greek & Turkish: Yelakaika-Nina Nay Nay-The Canary Song-Fiyeh Fiyeh-Oglan Oglan-Danny Lo Lo-The Maharajah-Moustafa- Vatikiotissa/Medley No. 3 Israeli: Hava Nagila-Shalom Alechem-Dayeynu-The Tailor-And The Angels Sing-I'll Take Two-The Peasant Dance-Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen//Medley No. 1 Turkish & Arabic: Tamzura-Shee-Marinella-Arabamin Atlari-Gelin Gelin-Ishtar-Marmara-Rampee/Medley No. 2 Turkish: The Procession of the Sardar-The Wheat Song-Sirun Archik-Timuraga-Kara Biberim-Dontor-Hos Bilezik- Tin Tin- Birini-Yavrum/Medley No. 3 Arabic: Farfara-Uskadar-Konyali-Habon Gonda-Shishkabob- Lookoomi-Arabic Delight-Lorge-Bachelerde

MM 2022/MS 3022

MM 2023/MS 3023

MM 2024/MS 3024 - 51 Polka Favorites - Al Soyka & His Orchestra [1965] Medley #1: Polkas/Medley #2: Polkas/Medley #3: Obereks/Medley #4: Polkas/Medley #5: Waltzes/Medley #6: Polkas//Medley #1: Polkas/Medley #2: Polkas/Medley #3: Czardas & Obereks/Medley #4: Polkas/Medley #5: Obereks/Medley #6: Polkas

MM 2025/MS 3025 - Tito Rodriguez Presents Vitin Aviles - Vitin Aviles [1965]

MM 2026/MS 3026 - Panic Button (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1965] Jayne Mansfield is pictured on the cover. Opening (Generique)/Flight To Rome/Venezia (Venice)/Traffic In Rome/Un Clochard Ma'dit/Mediterranean Samba/The Chase//Chase In Venice/Love Is Wonderful/Panic Button/Venezia (Nite Club)/On The Balcony/Finale

MM 2027/MS 3027 to MM 2041/MS 3041 - (possibly not issued)

At about this point, changeover of the logo on front covers to the oval Musicor logo is complete.

MM 2042/MS 3042 - The Favorite Twelve Organ and Chimes: The World's Most Honored Hymns - Les Barnett [1966] Be Still/Beautiful Garden/Onward Christian Soldiers/Sweet Bye & Bye/Wonderful Grace/Cleanse Me/When They Call the Roll/others

MM 2043/MS 3043 - Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen, Volume Two - Gene Pitney [1965] It Hurts To Be In Love (E)/Oh Annie Oh (S)/Today's Teardrops (E)/Fool Killer (S)/Laurie (S)/Hawaii (S)/Little Betty Falling Star (S)/Brandy Is My True Love's Name (S)//I'm Gonna Be Strong (S)/Hello Mary Lou (E)/I Love You More Today (S)/Half The Laughter, Twice The Tears (S)/Lyda Sue, Wha'dya Do? (S)/Not Responsible (S)/Every Breath I Take (E)/I Laughed So Hard I Cried (E)

MM 2044/MS 3044 - For the First Time: Two Great Stars - George Jones and Gene Pitney - George Jones & Gene Pitney [1965] (3-65, #141; 4-65, #3 C&W) First cover. I've Got Five Dollars and It's Saturday Night/Don't Rob Another Man's Castle/My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You/Wearing My Heart Away/Wreck on the Highway/I Really Don't Want To Know/I've Got a New Heartache/Sweeter than the Flowers/Things Have Gone To Pieces/One Has My Name/I'm a Fool To Care/Born to Lose

MM 2044/MS 3044 - For the First Time: Two Great Stars - George Jones and Gene Pitney - George Jones & Gene Pitney [1965] Second cover. I've Got Five Dollars and It's Saturday Night/Don't Rob Another Man's Castle/My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You/Wearing My Heart Away/Wreck on the Highway/I Really Don't Want To Know/I've Got a New Heartache/Sweeter than the Flowers/Things Have Gone To Pieces/One Has My Name/I'm a Fool To Care/Born to Lose

MM 2045/MS 3045 - I'll Always Love You - Tito Rodriguez [1965] Mi Version/Ya Son Las Doce/Olvidame/Ausencia/Locura/Amor Perdoname/Besar/Desvelo De Amor/Mala Noche/Flores Negras/Traicion/Aqui He Vuelto Otra Vez

MM 2046/MS 3046 - Mr. Country and Western Music - George Jones [1965] (6-65, #13 C&W) I Just Lost My Favorite Girl/What's Bad For You Is Good For Me/Don't You Ever Get Tired/How Proud I Would Have Been/Flowers For Mama/Gonna Take Me Away From You//I Can't Get Used To Being Lonely/Let A Little Love Come In/The Selfishness Of Man/Worst of Luck/Even The Bad Times Are Good/The Sea Between Our Hearts

MM 2047/MS 3047 - Big Sixteen Guitar Favorites - Vinnie Bell [1965] World Is Waitin' For the Sunrise/Ebb Tide/Just a Little Kiss/Lover/When We're Dancing/Tea For Two/Basin Street Blues/Never on Sunday/Brazil/Guitar Boogie/Lady of Spain/Golden Wildwood Flower/How High the Moon/Caravan/Bye Bye Blues/Carioca

MM 2048/MS 3048 - Tito Rodriguez Presents the Fabulous Los Hispanos Quartet - Los Hispanos Quartet with Tito Rodriguez Orchestra [1965] Amor Perdoname/Tu Y Mi Cancion/Si Supieras/Que Memoria Tienes/Soledad/Mi Equivocacion/La Novia/Divina Ilusion/Ojos Verdes/Cuando Llora Mi Guitarra/Maria/Cosas Del Alma

MM 2049/MS 3049 - Motion Picture Hits - Ralph Marterie [1965] Topkapi/Dear Heart/Gigi/Sound of Music/Black Orpheus/Goldfinger/My Fair Lady/House Is Not a Home/La Strada/More/Kiss Me/7th Dawn

MM 2050/MS 3050 - Motion Picture Music For Belly Dancers - Gus Vali [1965] Topkapi/Never on Sunday/Zorba the Greek/Charade/Cleopatra/Black Orpheus/Malamondo/Mondo cane/Lawrence of Arabia/Fiddler on the Roof

MM 2051/MS 3051 - Latin for Dancers - Joe Loss & His Orchestra [1965]

MM 2052/MS 3052 - Tito Rodriguez Presents a Latin in America - Nelson Pineda [1965] Que Te Vaya Bien/Los Toreros/Reflexion/Kalamary/El Tiempo Paso/Conociendo El Alma//Secreto/Limena/Nostalgia/Que Cosa Es El Amor/Aquella Noche/Corazon

MM 2053/MS 3053 - Country Cousins - George Jones, Gene Pitney, Roger Miller, Melba Montgomery & Tommy Cash, Connie Hall [1965] I've Got $5.00/My Shoes Keep Walking Back/I Can't Get Used To Loving You/Flowers For Mama/You're Forgetting Me/Our Little Secret/No Right/5 others

MM 2054/MS 3054 - Songs of the Islands - Hawaiian Surfers [1966] On the Beach/Song of the Islands/My Little Grass Shack/Hawaiian Wedding Song/Honolulu/On Treasure Island/Sing Me a Song/Pagan Love Song/Paradise/Drifting & Dreaming/Goodbye Hawaii/Aloha Oe

MM 2055/MS 3055

MM 2056/MS 3056 - I Must Be Seeing Things - Gene Pitney [1965] (7-65, #112) I Must Be Seeing Things/Marianne/Save Your Love/Down In The Subway/If Mary's There/Don't Take Candy From A Stranger//One Day/She's Still There/Just One Smile/There's No Livin' Without Your Lovin'/I Lost Tomorrow (Yesterday)/If I Never Get To Love You

MM 2057/MS 3057 - Hey! Louie - Lou Stein [1966] Play Melancholy Baby/Melancholy Baby/Muskrat Ramble/Alexander's Ragtime Band/Up the Lazy River/Hello Dolly/12th Street Rag/Somebody Stole My Gal/5 others

MM 2058/MS 3058 - 30 Skating Favorites - George Stone [1966] Hello Dolly/Dear Hearts & Gentle People/Mr. Sandman/Cruising Down the River/On Wisconsin/I'll Walk Alone/Tenderly/Drifting & Dreaming/22 others

MM 2059/MS 3059 - Go, Go, Go World (Soundtrack) - Nino Oliviero & Bruno Nicolai [1966] Cartoonist/Sexy Trumpet/Orleans/Music Ranger/A La Mozart/Toledo/Guitar/I Believe You/Indiscretion/Music Car/Street Walker/Picador/Frenzy

MM 2060/MS 3060 - New Country Hits - George Jones with the Jones Boys [1965] (10- 65, #17 C&W) The Jones Boys include Johnny Paycheck. Love Bug/Till I Hear From You/I Made Her That Way/I'm Wasting Good Paper/Along Came You/I'd Rather Switch Than Fight//Things Have Gone To Pieces/If You Won't Tell On Me ( I Won't Tell On You)/Memory Is/Feeling Single-Seeing Double/We're Watching Our Step/Take Me

MM 2061/MS 3061 - Old Brush Arbors: George Jones Sings 12 Beautiful New Sacred Songs - George Jones [1966] Old Brush Arbors/Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown/Leaning On The Everlasting Arm/Won't It Be Wonderful There/Lord You've Been Mighty Good To Me/The Selfishness In Man//I'll Fly Away/Where We Never Grow Old/If You Believe/The Lilly Of The Valley/How Beautiful Heaven Must Be/Well It's Alright

MM 2062/MS 3062 - Siempre Pensando en Ti/Always Thinking of You - Hispanos Quartet [1966] En La Intimidad/Certidumbre/Palabras Calladas/Cuando Te Fuiste De Mi/Di Que Has Hecho De Mi Amor/Quisiera Ser/Pena/Lo Sabes Tu/En Primavera/Refugiate En Mi/Debemos Olvidar/Por Siempre

MM 2063/MS 3063 - My Heart Sings For You - Tito Rodriguez [1965] Tres Veces Te Amo/Dios En Tus Ojos/Cada Vez/Sabor A Nada/Toda Una Vida/Cuando Te Fuiste De Mi//Pergamino/Aprendi De Ti/El Antifaz/El Ultimo Cafe/Lo Siento Por Ti/No Me Vayas A Enganar

MM 2064/MS 3064 - And All Ports East - Gus Vali [1965] Hatirimdan Cikmazasla/Etia/Fincan/Elath/Yiati Ylikia Mou Kles/Maya/Gazel/Sutictim/Manousakia/Babacigim/Indim Yarin Bahgesine/Tsakitzi

MM 2065/MS 3065 - It's Country Time Again - George Jones And Gene Pitney [1965] (10-65, #17 C&W) Mockin' Bird Hill/As Long As I Live/My Favorite Lies/Y'all Come/Someday You'll Want Me To Want You/Love Bug//Big Job/Your Old Standby/Why Baby Why/That's All It Took/Louisiana Man/I Can't Stop Loving You

MM 2066/MS 3066 - La Romantica Voz De Tito Rodriguez Y El Piano Artistico De Jose Melis/The Romantic Voice of Tito Rodriguez and the Piano Artistry of Jose Melis - Tito Rodriguez and Jose Melis [1965] Nuestro Balance/Numero Equivocado/Te Invito Al Cielo/La Tarjeta/Naufragio/Palabras De Mujer/Desconfianza/Tu Felicidad/Noche De Luna/Ojos Malvados/Las Oportunidades

MM 2067/MS 3067 - 51 Viennese Waltzes - Concert Masters String Orchestra [1966]

MM 2068/MS 3068 - Glory of Ireland - Brendan O'Dowda [1965] Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye/My Singing Bird/Gap In the Hedge/Bonnie Wee Lass/Love Thee/Good Roarin' Fire/others?

MM 2069/MS 3069 - Looking Through The Eyes Of Love - Gene Pitney [1965] (9-65, #43) Looking Through the Eyes of Love/Maria/Close To My Heart/More/On the Street Where You Live/All the Way//Tonight/Misty/Unchained Melody/Rags To Riches/Anywhere I Wander/As Long as She Needs Me

MM 2070/MS 3070

MM 2071/MS 3071 - Piano Classics the South American Way - Jose Melis [1966] Dance of the Comedians/Prelude In G.Hora Staccato/Variations of Anitra's Dance/Variations of Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2/Prince & the Princess/6 others

MM 2072/MS 3072 - Espanol - Gene Pitney [1966] A La Luna He Pedido Tu Amor [Mr. Moon, Mr. Cupid, And I]/Dile Que Vuelva [Tell Her To Come Back]/Mecca/Quiero Amor [I Wanna Love My Life Away]/Me Voy Para El Campo [Last Chance To Turn Around]/Mucho He De Llorar [I'm Gonna Be Strong]/Lagrimas Y Mas Sufrir [Half The Laughter, Twice The Tears]/24 Horas De Tulsa [Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa]/Si No Tuviera Dinero [If I Didn't Have A Dime]/La Gloria Y El Sufrimento [Half Heaven-Half Heartache]/Hojas Muertas [Autumn Leaves]/Solo El Amor [Only Love Can Break A Heart]

MM 2073/MS 3073 - Fiesta De Las Americas - Hispanos Quartet [1966] Alma Llanera/La Malaguena/Rica Pulpa/Tabu/Fina Estampa/6 others

MM 2074/MS 3074 - Country Girl - Melba Montgomery [1966] He's Out There With Her Somewhere/I'll Give A Lot Of Lovin' To You/He Stayed Away (As Long As He Could)Don't Let Me Wake Up Lonely/Love Is Where The Heart Is/My Room Is Like A River/There's No Need To Do It/The Day I Doubted You/Big Tears Are Comin'/My Man Happy/Nobody But You/Happy Tears

MM 2075/MS 3075 - En La Playa - Vitin Aviles [1966] Ritmo De Puerto Rico/Medley- Medo-Ayer/Cao Cao Mary Picao/Prietita/Baila Rumbero/Chaquita Bonita/La Puerta/El Jamaiquino/Vendre Por Ti/Asi Es La Vida/Eres Tu/Pa' Alante

MM 2076/MS 3076 - Big Sixteen Country and Western Favorites - Various Artists [1966] Four-O-Thirty-Three - George Jones/I Really Don't Want to Know - Gene Pitney/I Can't Stop Loving You - Gene Pitney/Born to Lose - Gene Pitney/My Lovin' Baby - Don Adams/Take It Back - Rex Allen/Can't Stop Loving You - Roger Miller/Take Me/others

MM 2077/MS 3077 - Being Together - Gene Pitney & Melba Montgomery [1966] Being Together/If I Were/We Haven't Tried/This Precious Love/There's Gonna Be More Loving/Don't Put an End to Me/Baby Ain't That Fine/I'm Looking For the Man/Lay Down Your Arms/Everybody Knew But You and Me/King and Queen/June is As Cold as December

MM 2078/MS 3078 - La Playa - Claude Ciari [1966] La Playa/There's Always Something To Remind Me/La Danse De Zorba/Wildwood Flower/Blowin' In the Wind/Soft Guitar/Sirinata/Ajaccina/Danny's Theme/Goldfinger/Amore Sousa Mi (My Love, forgive Me)/Troubadour/Horizon Tropical

MM 2079/MS 3079 - Famous Country Duets - George Jones, Gene Pitney & Melba Montgomery [1966] Baby Ain't That Fine/If I Were/I've Got A New Heartache/I'm A People/That's All It Took/Simply Divine//Feudin' And Fightin'/King And Queen/My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You/I'm Looking For The Man/Your Old Standby/Being Together

MM 2080/MS 3080 - Favorite Polish Polkas - Al Soyka [1966]

MM 2081/MS 3081 - My Eyes Have Seen The Glory - Brendan O'Dowda [1966] Little Road/Panis Angelicus/O Holy Night/Crimond/Lord's Prayer/Prayer Perfect/Bethlehem's Star/Palms

MM 2082/MS 3082 - 51 Accordions Play 30 Favorite Accordion Hits - Angelo DiPippo [1966] Tangos, Tarantellas, Polkas, Waltzes and Ballads.

MM 2083/MS 3083 - Popular Organ Skating Favorites - George Stone [1966] Everybody Loves Somebody/Where Did Our Love Go/Shangri La/Rag Doll/Bye Bye Baby/Dear Heart/Red Roses For a Blue Lady/All My Lovin'/Cara Mia/And I Love Her/Telstar/Blue Velvet

MM 2084/MS 3084 - Tito No. 1 - Tito Rodriguez [1966] Para Que Tu Lo Bailes/Blen, Blen, Blen/Ven Aqui a La Realidad/Abarriba Cumbiaremos/Tu Estas Fatal/Por Mas Que Quieras/No Me Beses Mas/Yo Se Que Sera/Esta Es Mi Noche de Suerte/Asi Pienso Yo/Azucon

MM 2085/MS 3085 - Big Sixteen Volume 3 - Gene Pitney [1966] (3-66, #123) Rags to Riches/Born to Lose/Last Chance To Turn Around/Amor Mio/Looking Through the Eyes/Remind My Baby of Me/I Can't Stop Loving You/I'm Afraid To Go Home//Stay/On the Street Where You Live/There's No Livin' Without Your Lovin/Princess In Rags/Unchained Melody/Close To My Heart/I Really Don't Want To Know/All the Way

MM 2086/MS 3086 - The Last of the Secret Agents - Steve Rossi [1966] If You Are But a Dream/'Till/Melinda/If I Ruled the World/More Than One Way/If You Are But a Dream/In Love With You/Since My Love Has Gone/Dolce Amore/Like Someone In Love/They Don't Believe Me/When Your Lover Has Gone

MM 2087/MS 3087 - Motivo D'amore - Pino Donaggio [1966] Cover shown is the import version on Columbia.

MM 2088/MS 3088 - Love Bug - George Jones [1966] (3-66, #7 C&W) Love Bug/Six Days On The Road/The Bridge Washed Out/Talk Back Trembling Lips/Don't Let Me Cross Over/Blue Side of Lonesome//Take Me/Don't Be Angry/Unfaithful One/King of the Road/My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers/Things Have Gone To Pieces

MM 2089/MS 3089 - Sigo Siendo De Ti - Ivan Rodriguez [1966] Sin Explicaciones/Por Que Me Niegas/Desperte Llorando/Pro Tus Ojos/Quiero Huir De Mi/No Vale La Pena//Cuando La Besas Tu/Mucho Corazon/Sigo Siendo De Ti/Mi Dicha Lejana/Que Sera De Ti/Muy Cerca De ti

MM 2090/MS 3090 - Sixteen Greatest Hits - Three Suns [1966] Till I Waltz Again With You/Moonlight and Roses/Third Man Theme/To Each His Own/Near You/Autumn Leaves/Twilight Time/Sleepy Lagoon//Peg O' My Heart/Arrivederci Roma/The Petite Waltz/Sleepy Time Gal/Under Paris Skies/Try To Remember/These Things I Offer You/Don't Take Your Love From Me

MM 2091/MS 3091 - I Love You 1,000 Times - Platters [1966] (7-66, #100) I Love You 1,000 Times (S)/Heaven On Earth (S, Musicor version)/If I Had You (S)/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (S, Musicor version)/Lovely (S)/If I Had a Love (S)//I Love You Because (S)/Only You (And You Alone) (S, Musicor version)/I'll Be Home (S)/Harbor Lights (S, Musicor version)/(You've Got) The Magic Touch (S, Musicor version)

MM 2092/MS 3092 - Turkish Delights - Gus Vali [1966] 51 Greek, Turkish-Greek, Lebanese-Turkish, Arabic, Jewish-Armenian Belly Dancer Favorites.

MM 2093/MS 3093 - Tiqui, Tiqui - Broadway Qrquestra [1966]

MM 2094/MS 3094 - Puerto Rico Canta Y Balia - Myrta Silva [1966]

MM 2095/MS 3095 - Backstage (I'm Lonely) - Gene Pitney [1966] Blue Color/Angelique/River Street/Eyes Talk/No Matter What You Do/California//Backstage/Conquistador/Turn Around/Dream World/Flamingo/Nobody Needs Your Love

MM 2096/MS 3096 - Judy Lynn Show Plays Again - Judy Lynn [1966]Moment of Silence/That's When/Your Picture/Prospector/Transistor tape Recorder/Looking For/4 others

MM 2097/MS 3097 - Hallelujah Road - Melba Montgomery [1966] Better Life Is Waiting/I'm Set Free/King Of Kings/I Believe He's The Son Of God/Key To Happiness/Call On God/Crossing Over Jordan/Life Beyond Death/Greatest Friend Of All/Hallelujah Road/Sinners Don't Say Someday You Will/Dead Shall Live Again

MM 2098/MS 3098 - Aidita Viles And Los Del Rio - Aidita Viles And Los Del Rio [1966]

MM 2099/MS 3099 - I'm A People - George Jones [1966] (6-66, #1 C&W) I'm A People/Blindfold Of Love/Don't Think I Don't Love You/The Lonely Know My Secret/World Of Forgotten People/I Don't Love You Anymore/If You Believe/Old Brush Arbors/ Four-O Thirty Three/Ship Of Love/I Woke Up From Dreaming/Once A Day

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