Rhino Album Discography, Part 2:
100 Series

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: July 25, 2004

The RNLP-100 series began in 1981, with the first issues being California rock and surf albums or reissues. In 1982, the RNLP-151 series started with a series of reissues of White Whale albums by the Turtles. These "series" were soon used for general reissues and new product, and by 1989 all the numbers had been used.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Rhino RNLP 100 Series:
This series started with RNLP 100, then worked both forward and backward from there, with RNLP 099 being issued after RNLP 100, etc., and RNLP 101 being issued after RNLP 100, etc.

RNLP 100 - The Malabooz - Malabooz [1981] Sweet Surf Music/Too Young/The Surfin' Ghost/Gonna Hustle You/World's Fair Interview 1965/Goin To Malibu/The Lonely Surfer/Honey/The Sun Don't Have To Shine/Summer News/308/The Fluorescent Hearse/Hot Summer Nights '81

RNLP/RNC 101 - The Best of the Beau Brummels - Beau Brummels [1981] Laugh Laugh (S)/Just A Little (S)/You Tell Me Why (S)/Don't Talk To Strangers (M)/In Good Time (S)/Sad Little Girl (M)/Still In Love With You Baby (S)//Magic Hollow (S)/Are You Happy (S)/Deep Water (S)/Turn Around (S)/Lower Level (M)/Here We Are Again (M)/Fine With Me (M)

RNLP/RNC 70101 - The Best of the Beau Brummels 1964-1968 - Beau Brummels [1987] Reissue of RNLP/RNC 101 with some different tracks and a different playing order. Laugh Laugh (cold ending)/Just A Little/Still In Love With You Baby/You Tell Me Why/Don't Talk To Strangers/In Good Time/Sad Little Girl//One Too Many Mornings/Don't Make Promises/Magic Hollow/Are You Happy/Deep Water/Here We Are Again/Fine With Me

RNLP/RNC 102 - Introducing the Beau Brummels - Beau Brummels [1982] Reissue of Autumn SLP-103. Laugh Laugh/Still In Love With You Baby/Just A Little/Just Wait And See/Oh Lonesome Me/Ain't That Lovin' You Baby//Stick Like Glue/They'll Make You Cry/That's, If You Want Me To/I Want More Loving/I Would Be Happy/Not Too Long Ago

RNLP/RNC 103 - Los Angeles Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins [1982] California Mudslide/Rosie Mae/Los Angeles Blues/Easy On Your Heels/New Santa Fe/Jesus, Would You Come By Here//No Education/Antoinette's Blues/Change My Way Of Living/Los Angeles Boogie/Call On My Baby

RNLP 104 - From the Vaults - Beau Brummels [1982] I Will Go/Gentle Wandering Ways/She Loves Me/I Grow Old/Lonely Man/I'll Tell You/Sad Little Girl//Woman/Dream On/Good Time Music/She Sends Me/Love Is Just a Game/Can't Be So/The Jerk

RNLP 105 - Memories of the Cow Palace - Various Artists [1983] Recorded live; conducted by Phil Spector. All tracks mono. Bye Bye Love - George & Teddy/Don't Make Me Over - Dionne Warwick/My Babe - Righteous Brothers/On Broadway - Drifters/Cry To Me - Betty Harris//Let's Surf Again - Bobby Freeman/When The Saints Come Marching In - Jan & Dean/What'd I Say - Ronettes/Palisades Park - Freddy Cannon/Mashed Potato Time - Dee Dee Sharp

RNLP/RNC 106 - Best of Slim Harpo: The Original King Bee - Slim Harpo [1983] Baby Scratch My Back/Got Love If You Want It/I'm A King Bee/Shake Your Hips/Te Ne Nee Ni Nu/I've Been A Good Thing (For You)//Raining In My Heart/The Music's Hot/Mohair Sam/Tip On In/Moody Blues/The Hippy Song/Don't Start Crying Now/Rock Me, Baby

RNLP/RNC 107 - Best of the Standells - Standells [1983] Dirty Water/Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White/Why Pick On Me/Little Sally Tease/Mr. Nobody/Mainline//Have You Ever Spent The Night In Jail/Try It/Medication/Barracuda/Black Hearted Woman/Can't Help But Love You/All Fall Down/Animal Girl

RNLP/RNC 108 - Best of the Chocolate Watch Band - Chocolate Watch Band [1983] Let's Talk About Girls (M)/Sweet Young Thing (M)/No Way Out (M)/Baby Blue (M)/Expo 2000 (S)/In The Past (S)/I'm Not Like Everybody Else (S)//Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In) (M)/Don't Need Your Lovin' (M)/Misty Lane (M)/She Weaves A Tender Trap (M)/Sitting There Standing (M)/Milkcow Blues (M)/I Ain't No Miracle Worker (S) [CD issue on R2 70108 (5/89) has the following bonus tracks: Gone And Passes By/Dark Side Of The Mushroom/Uncle Morris/Voyage Of The Trieste]

RNLP/RNC 109 - Nazz - Nazz [1983] Reissue of SCG SD 5001. All tracks stereo. Open My Eyes/Back Of Your Mind/See What You Can Be/Hello It's Me/Wildwood Blues//If That's The Way You Feel/When I Get My Plane/Lemming Song/Crowded/She's Going Down [CD issued 1988 as R2 70109]

RNLP/RNC 110 - Nazz Nazz - Nazz [1983] Reissue of SCG SD 5002 on red vinyl. All tracks stereo. Forget All About It/Not Wrong Long/Rain Rider/Gonna Cry Today/Meridian Leeward/Under The Ice//Hang On Paul/Kiddie Boy/Feather-Bedding Lover/Letters Don't Count/A Beautiful Song [CD issued 1988 as R2 70110]

RNLP/RNC 111 - Nazz III - Nazz [1983] Reissue of SCG SD 5004. Some People/Only One Winner/Kicks/Resolution/It's Not That Easy/Old Time Lovemaking/Magic Me//Loosen Up/Take The Hand/How Can You Call That Beautiful?/Plenty Of Lovin'/Christopher Columbus/You Are My Window

RNLP 112 - Best of Tim Buckley - Tim Buckley [1983] Aren't You The Girl/Song For Janie/I Can't See You/Carnival Song/Goodbye And Hello/Dolphins//Happy Time/I Must Have Been Blind/The River/Strange Feelin'/Song To The Siren

RNLP 113 - Monkee Flips: The Best of the Monkees, Volume Four - 14 Swinging Songs - Monkees [2/84] You Told Me/Teardrop City/I Love You Better/Forget That Girl/Love Is Only Sleeping/Good Clean Fun/Zor And Zam//No Time/Oh My My/Dream World/Circle Sky/Little Girl/Daily Nightly/Gonna Buy Me A Dog

RNLP/RNC 114 - Best of the Lovin' Spoonful, Vol. II - Lovin' Spoonful [1985] Six O'Clock/Full Measure/Younger Girl/You Baby/Didn't Want To have To Do It/Lovin' You/Darling Be Home Soon//Pow! (Theme From "What's Up Tiger Lily?)/Money/You're A Big Boy Now/Amy's Theme/She's A Lady/Never Goin' Back/Me About You

RNLP 115 - Rarities - Standells [1983] Riot On Sunset Strip/19th Nervous Breakdown/Poor Shell Of A Man/When I Was A Cowboy/Get Away From Here/Rari/The Boy Next Door//Big Boss man/Soul Drippin'/Guilty/Little Sister/There's A Storm Comin'/Don't Tell Me What To Do/Don't Say Goodbye

RNLP/RNC 116 - Best of Nazz - Nazz [1984] Reissued in 1989 as Rhino R1-70116. Loosen Up/Open My Eyes/Gonna Cry Today/Kicks/Hello It's Me/Magic Me/Not Wrong Long//Train Kept A- Rollin'/If That's The Way You Feel/Forget All About It/Meridian Leeward/Under The Ice

RNLP 117 - Best of the Spencer Davis Group - Spencer Davis Group [1984] I'm A Man/Keep On Running/When I Come Home/Somebody Help Me/Every Little Bit Hurts/The Hammer Song/Georgia On My Mind/Gimme Some Lovin'/Searchin'/Back Into My Life Again/Midnight Special/Strong Love/I Can't Stand It/Lookaway

RNLP/RNC 118 - Best of the Troggs - Troggs [1985] Reissued in 1988 as Rhino R1-70118. Wild Thing/I Can Only Give You Everything/With A Girl Like You/From Home/Love Is All Around/Night Of The Long Grass/Cousin Jane//I Can't Control Myself/Give It To Me/You Can Cry If You Want/Little Girl/Lover/Come Now/Anyway You Want Me

RNLP/RNC 119 - Best of the Music Machine - Music Machine [1985] Talk Talk/The People In Me/Masculine Intuition/Trouble/Come On In/Advise And Consent/Mother Nature, Father Earth//The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly/Double Yellow Line/Absolutely Positively/You'll Love Me Again/Everything Is Everything/Black Snow/Dark White

RNLP/RNC 120 - Live on the BBC (1965-1967) - Zombies [1985] Tell Her No/Just Out Of Reach/Whenever You're Ready/Can't Nobody Love You/What More Can I Do/This Old Heart Of Mine/For You My Love//It's Alright-American Rap/Gotta Get Ahold Of Myself/Goin' Out Of My Head/When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through Her Eyes/You Must Believe Me/Soulville/I'm Goin' Home

RNLP 121 -Big Brother and the Holding Company Live - Big Brother & Holding Company [1985] Issued on LP only. Come On Baby, Let The Good Times Roll/I Know You Rider/Moanin' At Midnight/Hey Baby/Down On Me/Gutra's Garden/Harry//Whisperman/Women Is Losers/Blow My Mind/Oh My Soul/Coo-Coo/Ball And Chain

RNLP/RNC 122 - Pharaohization: Best of Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs - Sam the Sham & Pharaohs [1985] Wooly Bully (M)/Ju Ju Hand (M)/Don't Try It (M)/Pharaoh A Go-Go (S)/Green'ich Grendel (S)/Ring Dang Doo (M)/Oh That's Good, No That's Bad (M)//Lil' Red Riding Hood (M)/The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin (M)/Sorry 'Bout That (S)/Medicine Man (S)/How Do You Catch A Girl (M)/Black Sheep (S)/(I'm In With) The Out Crowd (M)

RNLP/RNC 123 - History of the Left Banke - Left Banke [1985] Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina/She May Call You Up Tonight/Ivy, Ivy/Desiree/Goodbye Holly/Foggy Waterfall//Love Songs In The Night/Two By Two/Myrah/Pedistal/And Suddenly/I'm Coming Home/Brother Louie

RNLP/RNC 124 - Best of the Easybeats - Easybeats [1985] The stereo cuts are somewhat of a disappointment, since the separation on the original UA LPs (Friday on My Mind, UAS-6588 and Falling Off the Edge of the World, UAS-6667) was significantly better, especially for the cuts from UAS-6667.] Sorry (M)/She's So Fine (M)/It's So Easy (M)/Women (Make You Feel All Right) (M)/Friday On My Mind (S)/Pretty Girl (S)/Made My Bed, Gonna Lie In It (S)//Gonna Have A Good Time (S)/Hello, How Are You? (S)/Fancy Seeing You Here (S)/Falling Off The Edge Of The World (S)/Come In, You'll Get Pneumonia (S)/Bring A Little Lovin' (M)/St. Louis (E)

RNLP/RNC 125 - Best of the Merry-Go-Round - Merry-Go-Round [1985] Live (S)/You're A Very Lovely Woman (S)/Had To Run Around (S)/Time Will Show The Wiser (M)/On Your Way Out (S)/She Laughed Loud (M)/Missing You (M)//Listen Listen (M)/Saturday Night (S)/Come Ride, Come Ride (S)/Mother Earth (S)/Pardon Me (S)/Hollypark (S, poor separation)/Till The Day After (S, poor separation)

RNLP/RNC 126 - Best of the Kingsmen - Kingsmen [1985] Louie Louie/Money/Little Latin Lupe Lu/Death Of An Angel/Jolly Green Giant/The Climb/Annie Fanny//Give Her Lovin'/Long Green/That's Cool, That's Trash/Genevieve/Killer Joe/Little Sally Tease/Trouble

RNLP/RNC 127 - Best of Ian Whitcomb - Ian Whitcomb [1985] This Sporting Life/You Turn Me On/N-N-Nervous/Too Many Cars On The Road/Lover's Prayer/The End/The Awful Tale Of Maggie May/Your Baby Has Gone Down The Plug Hole//Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night?/Heroes Of The Rocker Pack/Sally Sails The Sky/The Naked Ape/Notable Yacht Club Of Staines/The Star/Bye Bye

RNLP/RNC 70128 - The Yardbirds Greatest Hits, Voume 1 (1964-1966) - Yardbirds [1986] For Your Love/Putty (In Your Hands)/Evil Hearted You/Still I'm Sad/You're A Better Man Than I/Shapes Of Things/Heart Full Of Soul//I'm A Man/The Train Kept A-Rollin/A Certain Girl/I Ain't Got You/I'm Not Talking/I Wish You Would/Smokestack Lightning

RNLP/RNC 70129 - The Best of Bill Deal and the Rhondels - Bill Deal & Rhondels [1986] May I/What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am/Harlem Shuffle/I've Got My Needs/Are You Ready For This/Swingin' Tight//I've Been Hurt/Hey Bulldog/Tuck's Theme/Day By Day My Love Grows Stronger/Change My Mind/Nothing Succeeds Like Success

RNLP/RNC 70130 - Louder than God! The Best of Blue Cheer - Blue Cheer [1986] Summertime Blues/Out Of Focus/Parchment Farm/Feathers From Your Tree/Just A Little Bit/Babylon//Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger/Come And Get It/Peace Of Mind/Fruit And Icebergs/Fool/Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham

RNLP/RNC 70131 - The Best of Spanky & Our Gang - Spanky & Our Gang [1986] Sunday Will Never Be The Same/Making Every Minute Count/If I Could Only Be Me/Brother Can You Spare A Dime/It Ain't Necessarily Byrd Avenue/Lazy Day/Sunday Mornin'//Like To Get To Know You/Stardust/Three Ways From Tomorrow/Give A Damn/Yesterday's Rain/Anything You Choose/And She's Mine

RNLP/RNC 70132 - Best of the Outsiders - Outsiders [1986] Time Won't Let Me/Respectable/I'm Trying Not To Hurt You/I'll Give You Time (To Think It Over)/Gotta Leave Us Alone/Was It Really Real/Help Me Girl//Girl In Love/Good Lovin'/What Makes You So Bad, You Weren't Brought Up That Way/I'll See You In The Summertime/Little Bit Of Lovin'/We Ain't Gonna Make It/Lost In My World

RNLP/RNC 70133 - Precious Times: The Best of P.F. Sloan - P.F. Sloan [1986] This Precious Time/Eve Of Destruction/The Sins Of A Family/Here's Where You Belong/This Is What I Was Made For/What Exactly's The Matter With Me/I Get Out Of Breath//From A Distance/The Man Behind The Red Balloon/What Am I Doin' Here With You/Take Me For What I'm Worth/Lollipop Train (You Never Had It So Good)/When The Wind Changes/Halloween Mary

RNLP/RNC 70134 - The Best of Flo & Eddie - Flo & Eddie [1986] Goodbye Surprise/Feel Older Now/Another Pop Star's Life/Just Another Town/Afterglow/You're A Lady//Mama, Open Up/Keep It Warm/Rebecca/Let Me make Love To You/Nikki Hoi/Moving Targets

R1/R2/R4 70135 - Starr Struck: The Best of Ringo Starr, Volume 2 - Ringo Starr [1989] Wrack My Brain/In My Car/Cookin' (In The Kitchen Of Love)/I Keep Forgettin'/Hard Times/Hey Baby//A Dose Of Rock 'N' Roll/Private Property/Can She Do It Like She Dances/Heart On My Sleeve/Sure To Fall (In Love With You)/She's About A Mover [CD issue on R2 70135 has the following bonus tracks: Attention/Who Needs A Heart/Hopeless/You Belong To Me]

RNLP/RNC 70136 - Frat Rock! - Various Artists [1986] Issued in 1988 on CD as Rhino R2 75778 with substantially different content and playing sequence. Louie Louie - Kingsmen (M)/Wooly Bully - Sam The Sham & Pharaohs (M)/Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) - Swingin' Medallions (M)/Nobody But Me - Human Beinz (M)/Twist And Shout - Isley Brothers (S)/Hang On Sloopy - McCoys (M)//Wild Thing - Troggs (M)/I Want Candy - Strangeloves (M)/Little Latin Lupe Lu - Righteous Bros. (M)/Keep On Dancing - Gentrys (M)/Wipe Out - Surfaris (M)/Shout - Dynatones (S)

RNLP/RNC 70137 - The History of Rock Instrumentals, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1986] Wipe Out - Surfaris/Let There Be Drums - Sandy Nelson/Let's Go (Pony) - Routers/Out Of Limits - Marketts/Hawaii Five-O - Ventures/The Lonely Surfer - Jack Nitzsche/Sleep Walk - Santo & Johnny//Walk-Don't Run - Ventures/Bongo Rock - Preston Epps/Hot Pastrami - Dartells/The Happy Organ - Dave "Baby" Cortez/Nut Rocker - B. Bumble & Stingers/Red River Rock - Johnny & Hurricanes/Teen Beat - Sandy Nelson

RNLP/RNC 70138 - The History of Rock Instrumentals, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1986] Tequila - Champs/Rebel-'Rouser - Duane Eddy/Raunchy - Bill Justis & His Orchestra/Memphis - Lonnie Mack/Rumble - Link Wray & His Ray Men/Tall Cool One - Wailers/Twine Time - Alvin Cash & Crawlers//Raw-Hide - Link Wray & His Ray Men/Wham! - Lonnie Mack/(Ghost) Riders In The Sky - Ramrods/Because They're Young - Duane Eddy/Beatnik Fly - Johnny & Hurricanes/Topsy II - Cozy Cole/Harlem Nocturne - Viscounts

RNLP/RNC/RNCD 70139 - The Monkees Live 1967 - Monkees [1986] Last Train To Clarksville/You Just May Be The One/The Girl I Knew Somewhere/I Wanna Be Free/Sunny Girlfriend/Your Auntie Grizelda//Forget That Girl/Sweet Young Thing/Mary, Mary/I'm A Believer/Randy Scouse Git/(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone [CD issue on RNCD 70139 has the following bonus tracks: Cripple Creek/You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover]

RNLP 70140 - The Monkees - Monkees [1986] Reissue of Colgems COS-101. (Theme from) The Monkees/Saturday's Child/I Wanna Be Free/Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day/Papa Jean's Blues/Take A Giant Step//Last Train To Clarksville/This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day/Let's Dance On/I'll Be True To You/Sweet Young Thing/Gonna Buy Me A Dog

RNLP 70141 - More of the Monkees - Monkees [1986] Reissue of Colgems COS-102. She (S)/When Loves Comes Knockin' (At Your Door) (S)/Mary Mary (S)/Hold On Girl (S)/Your Auntie Grizelda (S)/(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (S)//Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) (S)/The Kind Of Girl I Could Love (S)/The Day We Fall In Love (S)/Sometime In The Morning (S)/Laugh (S)/I'm A Believer (S)

RNLP 70142 - Headquarters - The Monkees [1986] Reissue of Colgems COS-103. You Told Me (S)/I'll Spend My Life With You (S)/Forget That Girl (S)/Band 6 (S)/You Just May Be The One (S)/Shades Of Gray (S)/I Can't Get Her Off My Mind (S)//For Pete's Sake (S)/Mr. Webster (S)/Sunny Girlfriend (S)/Zilch (S)/No Time (S)/Early Morning Blues And Greens (S)/Randy Scouse Git (S)

RNLP 70143 - Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd. - Monkees [1986] Reissue of Colgems COS-104. Salesman (S)/She Hangs Out (S)/The Door Into Summer (S)/Love Is Only Sleeping (S)/Cuddly Toy (S)/Words (S)//Hard To Believe (S)/What Am I Doing Hangin' Round? (S)/Peter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Porky (M)/Pleasant Valley Sunday (S)/Daily Nightly (S)/Don't Call On Me (S)/Star Collector (S)

RNLP 144 - The Birds, the Bees, and the Monkees - Monkees [1985] Reissue of Colgems COS-109. Dream World (S)/Auntie's Municipal Court (S)/We Were Made For Each Other (S)/Tapioca Tundra (S)/Daydream Believer (S)/Writing Wrongs (S)//I'll Be Back Up On My Feet (S)/The Poster (S)/P.O. Box 9847 (S)/Magnolia Simms (E)/Valleri (S)/Zor And Zam (S)

RNLP 145 - Head (Soundtrack) - The Monkees [1985] Reissue of Colgems COSO-5008. Opening Ceremony (S)/Porpoise Song (Theme From Head) (S)/Ditty Diego-War Chant (S)/Circle Sky (S)/Supplicio (E)/Can You Dig It (S)/Gravy (S)//Superstitious (E)/As We Go Along (S)/Dandruff? (M)/Daddy's Song (S)/Poll (S)/Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again (S)/Swami-Plus Strings (S)

RNLP 146 - Instant Replay - Monkees [1985] Reissue of Colgems COS-113. Through the Looking Glass (S)/Don't Listen To Linda (S)/I Won't Be The Same Without Her (S)/Just A Game (S)/Me Without You (S)/Don't Wait For Me (S)//You And I (S)/While I Cry (S)/Tear Drop City (S)/The Girl I Left Behind Me (S)/A Man Without A Dream (S)/Shorty Blackwell (S)

RNLP 147 - The Monkees Present Mickey, David and Michael - Monkees [1985] Reissue of Colgems COS-117. The Monkees as a trio. Little Girl (S)/Good Clean Fun (S)/If I Knew (S)/Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye (S)/Never Tell A Woman Yes (S)/Looking For The Good Times Ladies Aid Society (S)/Listen To The Band (E)/French Song (S)/Mommy And Daddy (S)/Oklahoma Backroom Dancer (S)/Pillow Time (S)

RNLP 70148 - Changes - Monkees [1986] Reissue of Colgems COS-119. Now just a duo, Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones. Stereo information not available. Acapulco Sun/All Alone In The Dark/Do You Feel It Too/I Love You Better/I Never Thought It Peculiar/Midnight Train/99 Pounds/Oh My My/Tell Me Love/Ticket On A Ferry Ride/You're So Good To Me

R2 70149 - Chopped & Channeled - Dynatones [7/91] CD issue only. When I Think About Love/Shoot Your Shot/Tear The House Down/Savin' Up/Soul Twist/America Right Now/Hard Way To Go/Danger Zone/Your Love Is Such A Wonderful Thing/She's Got That Stuff/History Is Made At Night/Every Goodbye (Don't Mean I'm Gone)

RNLP/RNC 70150 - Missing Links - Monkees [1986] Apples, Peaches, Bananas And Pears/If You Have The Time/I Don't Think You Know Me/Party/Carlisle Wheeling/Storybook Of You//All Of Your Toys/Nine Times Blue/So Goes Love/Teeny Tiny Gnome/Of You/War Games [CD issued 9/88 as R2 70150 has the following bonus tracks: Rosemarie/My Share Of The Sidewalk/Lady's Baby/Time And Time Again]

RNLP/RNC 151 - It Ain't Me Babe - Turtles [1982] Reissue of White Whale WWS 7111. Wanderin' Kind/It Was A Very Good Year/Your Maw Said You Cried/Eve Of Destruction/Glitter And Gold//Let Me Be/Let Cold Winds Blow/It Ain't Me, Babe/A Walk In The Sun/Last Laugh/Love Minus Zero/Like A Rolling Stone

RNLP/RNC 152 - Happy Together - Turtles [1982] Reissue of White Whale WWS 7114, with "So Goes Love" added as a bonus track. Makin' My Mind Up/Guide For The Married Man/Think I'll Run Away/The Walking Song/Me About You/Happy Together//She'd Rather Be With Me/So Goes Love/Too Young To Be One/Person Without A Care/Like The Seasons/Rugs Of Woods And Flowers

RNLP/RNC 153 - You Baby - Turtles [1983] Modified reissue of White Whale WWS 7112, with "Can I Get To Know You Better" replacing "Let Me Be" and a scrambled playing order. You, Baby/Just A Room/I Know That You'll Be There/Can I Get To Know You Better/Give Love A Trial/Almost There//Down In Suburbia/House Of Pain/All My Problems/Pall Bearing, Ball Bearing World/Flyin' High/I Need Someone

RNLP/RNC 154 - Wooden Head - Turtles [1983] Reissue of White Whale WWS 7133, with "Grim Reaper of Love" and "Is It Any Wonder" added as bonus tracks and a different playing order. I Can't Stop/Grim Reaper Of Love/She'll Come Back/Is It Any Wonder?/On a Summer's Day/Come Back// Get Away/I Get Out of Breath/Tie Me Down/ Wrong from the Start/Say Girl/ We'll Meet Again

RNLP/RNC 70155 - Chalon Road - Turtles [1986] She's My Girl/You Know What I Mean/Sound Asleep/Can't You Hear The Cows/The Last Thing I Remember (The First Thing I Knew)/Umbassa And The Dragon//The Story Of Rock And Roll/Outside Chance/Chicken Little Was Right/The Owl/To See The Sun

RNLP/RNC 70156 - The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands - Turtles [1986] Reissue of White Whale WWS 7118. Battle Of The Bands/The Last Thing I Remember/Elenore/Too Much Heartsick Feeling/Oh, Daddy!/Buzzsaw//Surfer Dan/I'm Chief Kamanawanalea (We're The Royal Macadamia Nuts)/You Showed Me/Food/Chicken Little Was Right/Earth Anthem (All)

RNLP/RNC 70157 - Turtle Soup - Turtles [1986] Reissue of White Whale WWS 7124, with a different playing order. You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain/House On The Hill/Somewhere Friday Night/John And Julie/She Always Leaves Me Laughing/Torn Between Temptations//Love In The City/Bachelor Mother/Dance This Dance With Me/Come Over/Hot Little Hands/How You Love Me

RNLP/RNC 70158 - Shell Shock - Turtles [1986] Goodbye Surprise/Like It Or Not/There You Sit Lonely/We Ain't Gonna Party No More/Cat In The Window/Lady-O//Can I Go On/Dance This Dance/You Want To Be A Woman/If We Only Had The Time/Gas Money/Teardrops/Who Would Ever Think That I Would Marry Margaret?

RNLP/RNC 70159 - Turtle Wax: The Best of the Turtles, Vol. 2 - Turtles [1986] Reissued in 1988 as R1/R4 70159. CD version issued as R2 70159 is significantly different (see track listing below). Outside Chance/Grim Reaper Of Love/I Get Out Of Breath/Eve Of Destruction//Like The Seasons/We Ain't Gonna Party No More/Earth Anthem//Goodbye Surprise/House On The Hill/Somewhere Friday Nite/Guide For The Married Man/Surfer Dan/Me About You/Lady-O

R2 70159 - Turtle Wax: The Best of the Turtles, Vol. 2 - Turtles [1988] CD version. All tracks stereo. Goodbye Surprise/House On The Hill/Somewhere Friday Nite/We Ain't Gonna Party No More/There You Sit Lonely/We'll Meet Again/Makin' My Mind Up/Is It Any Wonder/Surfer Dan/Battle Of The Bands/Earth Anthem/Wanderin' Kind/Almost There/It Was A Very Good Year/Your Maw Said You Cried/Glitter And Gold/So Goes Love/I Get Out Of Breath/Just A Room/Like The Seasons

RNLP/RNC 160 - Turtles' Greatest Hits - Turtles [1982] It Ain't Me Babe (S)/Let Me Be (S)/You Baby (S)/She's My Girl (M)/Can I Get To Know You Better (S)/Love In The City (S)/Elenore (S)//Happy Together (S)/She's Rather Be With Me (S)/You Know What I Mean (S)/Sound Asleep (M)/You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain (E)/You Showed Me (S)/The Story Of Rock & Roll (S)

RNLP/RNC 161 - The Box Tops' Greatest Hits - Box Tops [1982] The Letter/I Met Her In Church/Cry Like A Baby/I Shall Be Released/People Gonna Talk/Turn On A Dream/Every Time//Soul Deep/Neon Rainbow/Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March/Choo Choo Train/The Happy Song/Let Me Go/Mi Sento Filice

RNLP/RNC 162 - The Searchers Greatest Hits - Searchers [1985] Reissued in 1989 as Rhino R1 70162. Sugar And Spice/Sweets For My Sweet/Needles And Pins/Don't Throw Your Love Away/When You Walk In The Room/Take Me For What I'm Worth/What Have They Done To The Rain//Love Potion Number Nine/Someday We're Gonna Love Again/He's Got No Love/Bumble Bee/have You Ever Loved Somebody/Goodbye My Love/Ain't That Just Like Me

RNLP/RNC 163 - Greatest Hits - Gary Lewis & Playboys [1985] This Diamond Ring/Count Me In/Save Your Heart For Me/Everybody Loves A Clown/She's Just My Style/Sure Gonna Miss Her/Green Grass//My Heart's Symphony/(You Don't Have To) Paint Me A Picture/Where Will The Words Come From/The Loser (With A Broken Heart)/Girls In Love/Jill/Sealed With A Kiss/Time Stands Still

R1/R2/R4 70164 - Hellooo Baby! The Best of the Big Bopper - Big Bopper [1987] Chantilly Lace/Big Bopper's Wedding/Little Red Riding Hood/Walking Through My Dreams/Beggar To A King/Crazy Blues/White Lightning//Bopper's Boogie Woogie/That's What I'm Talking About/Pink Petticoats/Monkey Song (You Made A Monkey Out Of Me)/It's The Truth Ruth/Preacher And The Bear/Someone Watching Over You [CD issue on R2 70164 has the following bonus tracks: Old Maid/Strange Kisses/The Clock/Purple People Eater Meets The Witch Doctor/Teenage Moon (Jape Richardson & Echoes)]

R1/R2/R4 70165 - The Best of the Blues Project - Blues Project [1987] No Time Like The Right Time/I Can't Keep From Crying/Wake Me Shake Me/Flute Thing/Steve's Song/Where There's Smoke, There's Fire//Goin' Down Louisiana/I Want To Be Your Driver/Mean Old Southern/Two Trains Running/Fly Away [CD issue on R2 70165 has the following bonus tracks: Lost In The Shuffle/Violets Of Dawn/Love Will Endure/Alberta/Flute Thing (Live 1973)]

R1/R2/R4 70166 - Fairy Tales & Fantasies: The Best of Nancy & Lee - Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood [1989] You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/Elusive Dreams/Greenwich Village Folk Song Salesman/Summer Wine/Storybook Children/Did You Ever?//Sundown Sundown/Jackson/Some Velvet Morning/Sand/Lady Bird/I've Been Down So Long (It Looks Like Up To Me) [CD issue on R2 70166 has the following bonus tracks: Down From Dover/Paris Summer/Arkansas Coal (Suite)]

R1/R2/R4 70167 - Greatest Hits - Village People [11/88] Y.M.C.A/Village People/Macho Man/San Francisco (You've Got Me)/Key West/Sodom And Gomorrah//In The Navy/Go West/My Roomate/Ready For The '80s/Liberation/Can't Stop The Music [CD issue on R2 70167 has the following bonus tracks: Hot Cop/Y.M.C.A. (Disco Mix)/In The Navy (Disco Mix)]

R1/R2/R4 70168 - The Newer Stuff - Michael Nesmith [1989] Total Control/Tanya/I'll Remember You/Formosa Diner/Dreamer/Eldorado To The Moon//Magic/Cruisin'/Light/Carioca/Rio [CD issue on R2 70168 has the following bonus tracks: Dreamer/Tahiti Condo/Chow Mein And Bowling/Casablanca Moonlight]

R1/R2/R4 70169 - The Best of Slim Harpo - Slim Harpo [5/89] Baby Scratch My Back/I Got Love If You Want It/I'm A King Bee/Little Queen Bee (Got A Brand New King)/Shake Your Hips/Buzz Me Babe/Blues Hang-Over//Rainin' In My Heart/Still Rainin' In My Heart/Late last Night/Tip On In, Part 1/Bobby Sox Baby/Don't Start Cryin' Now/Rock Me Baby [CD issue on R2 70169 has the following bonus tracks: Ti-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu/Buzzin'/I Need Money (Keep Your Alibis)/Strange Love]

R1/R2/R4 70170 - The Best of John Sebastian - John Sebastian [1988] Red-Eye Express/She's A Lady/Magical Connection/You're A Big Boy Now/The Room Nobody Lives In/I Had A Dream/Face Of Appalachia//Welcome Back/I Needed Her Most When I Told Her To Go/Didn't Wanna Have To Do It/The Four Of Us/Sitting In Limbo/Stories We Could Tell [CD issue on R2 70170 has the following bonus tracks: She's Funny/Well Well Well/Give Us A Break]

RNLP/RNC 70171 - The Best of the Beau Brummels (Golden Archive Series) - Beau Brummels [1987] Laugh Laugh/Just A Little/Still In Love With You Baby/You Tell Me Why/Don't Talk To Strangers/In Good Time/Sad Little Girl//One Too Many Mornings/Don't Make Promises/Magic Hollow/Are You Happy/Deep Water/Here We Are Again/Fine With Me

RNLP/RNC 70172 - The Best of the Spencer Davis Group (Golden Archive Series) - Spencer Davis Group [1987] I'm A Man/Keep On Running/When I Come Home/Somebody Help Me/Every Little Bit Hurts/The Hammer Song/Georgia On My Mind//Gimme Some Lovin'/Searchin'/Back Into My Life Again/Midnight Special/Strong Love/I Can't Stand It/Lookaway

RNLP/RNC 70173 - The Best of the Everly Brothers (Golden Archive Series) - Everly Brothers [1987] Bye Bye Love/Bird Dog/Problems/Take A Message To Mary/Wake Up Little Susie/('Til) I Kissed You/All I Have To Do Is Dream//Let It Be Me/Devoted To You/Claudette/Brand New Heartache/Poor Jenny/Like Strangers/When Will I Be Loved

RNLP/RNC 70174 - The Best of the Bobby Fuller Four (Golden Archive Series) - Bobby Fuller Four [1987] I Fought The Law/Baby My Heart/King Of The Wheels/The Magic Touch/It's Love, Come What May/Only When I Dream/Love's Made A Fool Of You//Let Her Dance/Julie/Another Sad And Lonely Night/My True Love/I'm A Lucky Guy/Fool Of Love/Never To Be Forgotten [CD issue (5/90) on R2 70174 has the following bonus tracks: Little Annie Lou/Don't Ever Let Me Know/Saturday Night/A New Shade Of Blue]

RNLP/RNC 70175 - The Best of Love (1966-1969) (Golden Archive Series) - Love [1987] My Little Red Book/Can't Explain/Hey Joe/Signed D.C./Stephanie Knows Who/She Comes In Colors/Your Mind And We Belong Together/Your Friend And Mine (Neil's Song)//Seven And Seven Is/Alone Again Or/Andmoreagain/Que Vida/Robert Montgomery/Orange Skies/Laughing Stock/Number Fourteen

RNLP/RNC 70176 - The Best of the Standells (Golden Archive Series) - Standells [1987] Dirty Water/Riot On Sunset Strip/Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White/Why Pick On Me/Mr. Nobody/Mainline/Have You Ever Spent The Night In Jail//Try It/Medication/Barracuda/Rari/Can't Help But Love You/All Fall Down/Animal Girl [CD issue on R2 70176 (5/89) has the following bonus tracks: Little Sally Tease/Black Hearted Woman/There's A Storm Comin'/Don't Say Goodbye]

RNLP/RNC 70177 - The Best of the Turtles (Golden Archive Series) - Turtles [1987] It Ain't Me Babe/Let It Be Me/You Baby/She's My Girl/Can I Get To Know You Better/Love In The City/Elenore//Happy Together/She'd Rather Be With Me/You Know What I Mean/Sound Asleep/You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain/You Showed Me/The Story Of Rock And Roll

RNLP/RNC 70178 - The Best of Ritchie Valens (Golden Archive Series) - Ritchie Valens [1987] La Bamba/Bluebirds Over The Mountain/In A Turkish Town/Ooh! My Head/Paddiwack Song/Stay Beside Me/Malagueña//Come On, Let's Go/Donna/Fast Freight/We Belong Together/That's My Little Suzie/Hurry Up/Little Girl

RNLP/RNC 70179 - The Best of the Girl Groups (Golden Archive Series) - Various Artists [1987] Leader Of The Pack - Shangri-Las/He's So Fine - Chiffons/Chapel Of Love - Dixie Cups/The Boy From New York City - Ad-Libs/The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) - Betty Everett/Sally Go 'Round The Roses - Jaynettes/Will You Love Me Tomorrow - Shirelles//Remember (Walkin' In The Sand) - Shangri-Las/One Fine Day - Chiffons/Party Lights - Claudine Clark/People Say - Dixie Cups/I Wanna Love Him So Bad - Jelly Beans/Baby It's You - Shirelles/Give Him A Great Big Kiss - Shangri-Las

RNLP/RNC 70180 - The Best of the Teen Idols (Golden Archives Series) - Various Artists [1987] Take Good Care Of My Baby - Bobby Vee/The Wanderer - Dion/Turn Me Loose - Fabian/Diana - Paul Anka/Why - Frankie Avalon/It Keeps Right On A Hurtin' - Johnny Tillotson/Runaway - Del Shannon//Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Paul Anka/Venus - Frankie Avalon/Tiger - Fabian/Runaround Sue - Dion/This Time - Troy Shondell/Run To Him - Bobby Vee/Young Love - Tab Hunter

RNLP/RNC 70181 - The Best of Doo Wop Ballads (Golden Archives Series) - Various Artists [1987] Issued on CD as Rhino R2 75763 with substantially different content and playing sequence. In The Still Of The Nite - Five Satins (M)/Oh What A Nite [1956] - Dells (M)/16 Candles - Crests (M)/My True Story - Jive Five (M)/Gloria - Cadillacs (M)/Where Or When - Dion & Belmonts (M)/Sincerely - Moonglows (M)//For Your Precious Love - Jerry Butler & Impressions (S)Earth Angel - Penguins (M)/Lover's Island - Blue Jays (M)/Angel Baby - Rosie & Originals (M)/Happy Happy Birthday Baby - Tune Weavers (M)/Tonite-Tonite - Mello-Kings (M)/Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite - Spaniels (M)

RNLP/RNC 70182 - The Best of Doo Wop Uptempo (Golden Archives Series) - Various Artists [1987] Issued on CD as Rhino R2 75764 with substantially different content and playing sequence. Come Go With Me - Dell- Vikings (M)/Rama Lama Ding Dong - Edsels (M)/At My Front Door - El Dorados (M)/Church Bells may Ring - Willows (M)/Buzz-Buzz-Buzz - Hollywood Flames (M)/I Wonder Why - Dion & Belmonts (M)/Unchained Melody - Vito & Salutations (M)//Book Of Love - Monotones (M)/Get A Job - Silhouettes (M)/When You Dance - Turbans (M)/Little Star - Elegants (M)/Step By Step - Crests (M)/Tonight I Fell In Love - Tokens (M)/Whispering Bells - Dell-Vikings (M)

RNLP/RNC 70183 - Frat Rock 2 - Various Artists [1987] Dance To The Music - Sly & Family Stone/Gimme Some Lovin' - Spencer Davis Group/Tequila - Champs/What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am - Bill Deal & Rhondels/Just Like Me - Paul Revere & Raiders/La Bamba - Ritchie Valens//Little Bit O' Soul - Music Explosion/I Fought The Law - Bobby Fuller Four/Farmer John - Premiers/La La La La - Blendells/Peanut Butter - Marathons/Reelin' And Rockin' - Chuck Berry

RNLP/RNC 70184 - Frat Rock 3 - Various Artists [1987] Surfin' Bird - Trashmen/Do You Want To Dance - Del Shannon/Shakin' All Over - Guess Who/Liar Liar - Castaways/Dirty Water - Standells/Barbara Ann - Beach Boys//Land Of 1000 Dances - Cannibal & Headhunters/Whittier Blvd. - Thee Midniters/What'd I Say, Part 1 - Ray Charles/Shake A Tail Feather - James & Bobby Purify/The Jolly Green Giant - Kingsmen/Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry

RNLP/RNC 70185 - Billy Vera: The Atlantic Years (1967-1970) Featuring Judy Clay - Billy Vera (& Judy Clay) [1986] Storybook Children/Country Girl, City Man/So Good (To Be Together)/Let It Be Me/Ever Since/When Do We Go?/Reaching For The Moon//With Pen In Hand/Are You Coming To My Party?/The Bible Salesman/I've Never Been Loved Like This Before/Good Morning Blues/Wishin' Bone/Lai Lai My Lady

RNLP/RNC/RNCD 70186 - Odyssey and Oracle - Zombies [1986] Care Of Cell 44/A Rose For Emily/Maybe After He's Gone/Beechwood Park/Brief Candles/Hung Up On A Dream//Changes/I Want Her She Wants Me/This Will Be Our Year/Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)/Friends Of Mine/Time Of The Season [CD issue on RNCD 70186 has the following bonus tracks: Imagine The Swan/I'll Call You Mine]

R1/R2/R4 70187 - Golden Throats: The Great Celebrity Sing-Off! - Various Artists [1988] Proud Mary - Leonard Nimoy (S)/It Ain't Me Babe - Sebastian Cabot (S)/Blowin' In The Wind - Eddie Albert (S)/Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - William Shatner (S)/A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Noel Harrison (S)/I Can See For Miles - Frankie Randall (S)/Try A Little Tenderness - Jack Webb (S)//Twist And Shout - Mae West (M)/House Of The Rising Sun - Andy Griffith (S)/Mr. Tambourine Man - William Shatner (S)/You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - Jim Nabors (S)/White Room - Joel Gray (S)/Like A Rolling Stone - Sebastian Cabot (S)/If I Had A Hammer - Leonard Nimoy (S)

R1/R2/R4 70188 - Sibling Revelry: The Best of the Smothers Brothers - Smothers Brothers [1988] Tom Dooley/Chocolate/Laredo/The Saga Of John Henry/Gnus/Crabs Walk Sideways/Mediocre Fred//Mom Always Liked You Best/You Can Call Me Stupid/The Military Lovers/I Talk To The Trees/Hangman/Michael, Row The Boat Ashore [CD issue on R2 70188 has the following bonus tracks: Pretoria/Daniel Boone/Cabbage/You Didn't Come In]

R1/R2/R4 70189 - Five Live Yardbirds - Yardbirds [1988] Too Much Monkey Business/Got Love If You Want It/Smokestack Lightning/Good Morning Little School Girl/Respectable//Five Long Years/Pretty Girl/Louise/I'm A Man/Here 'Tis

R1/R4 70190 - Frat Rock, Volume 4 - Various Artists [9/88] Devil With A Blue Dress On & Good Golly Miss Molly - Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels/Hot Pastrami - Dartells/Cool Jerk - Capitols/Mony Mony - Tommy James & Shondells/In The Midnight Hour - Wilson Pickett/Quarter To Three - Gary (US) Bonds//Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out) - Ernie Maresca/California Sun - Rivieras/Chug-A-Lug - Roger Miller/Bottle Of Wine - Fireballs/Shout, Parts 1 & 2 - Isley Brothers

R1/R2/R4 70191 - I Believe I'm Gonna Make It: The Best of Joe Tex (1964-1972) - Joe Tex [1988] Hold What You've Got/S.Y.S.L.J.F.M. (The Letter Song)/One Monkey Don't Stop No Show/I Believe I'm Gonna Make It/Papa Was Too/The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)/Buying A Book//Show Me/A Sweet Woman Like You/You Got What It Takes/You're Right Ray Charles/Skinny Legs And All/I Want To (Do Everything For You)/I Gotcha [CD issue on R2 70191 has the following bonus tracks: I've Got To Do A Little Bit Better/Don't Make Your Children Pay/Grandma Mary/Anything You Wanna Know]

R1/R2/R4 70192 - Christmas Classics (Golden Archive Series) - Various Artists [12/88] Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee/White Christmas - Drifters/Sleigh Ride - Ventures/Winter Wonderland - Aretha Franklin/Merry Gentle Pops, Part 1 - Barron Knights/Merry Christmas Baby - Charles Brown/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Cadillacs//Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms/Monster's Holiday - Bobby "Boris" Pickett & Crypt Kickers/Pretty Paper - Roy Orbison/Run Rudolph Run - Chuck Berry/Twistin' Bells - Santo & Johnny/Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto - James Brown/Please Come Home For Christmas - Charles Brown [CD issue on R2 70192 has the following bonus tracks: Gee Whiz It's Christmas - Carla Thomas/Back Door Santa - Clarence Carter/Santa Claus Is Watching You - Ray Stevens/A Not So Merry Christmas - Bobby Vee]

R1/R2/R4 70192 - Christmas Classics - Various Artists [1989] Reissue with slightly different content. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee/White Christmas - Drifters/Sleigh Ride - Ventures/Winter Wonderland - Aretha Franklin/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Supremes/Merry Christmas Baby - Charles Brown/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Cadillacs//Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms/Pretty Paper - Roy Orbison/Monster's Holiday - Bobby "Boris" Pickett & Crypt Kickers/Run Rudolph Run - Chuck Berry/Twistin' Bells - Santo & Johnny/Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto - James Brown/Someday At Christmas - Stevie Wonder [CD issue on R2 70192 has the following bonus tracks: Gee Whiz It's Christmas - Carla Thomas/Back Door Santa - Clarence Carter/Santa Claus Is Watching You - Ray Stevens/A Not So Merry Christmas - Bobby Vee]

R1/R4 70193 - Cool Yule, Volume 2 - Various Artists [12/88] (I Want A) Rock And Roll Guitar - Johnny Preston/Papa Noel - Brenda Lee/Please Come Home For Christmas - Uniques/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Harmony Grits/Jingle Bells Slide - Jack Scott/Rockin' Santa Claus - Martells/Merry Christmas Baby - Chuck Berry//Merry Twist-Mas - Marcels/Santa's Got A Brand New Bag - Gary Walker/Silent Night - Huey "Piano" Smith & Clowns/Jing Jing A Ling - Honey & Bees/Call Me For Christmas - Gary U.S. Bonds/Santa Claus - Sonics/Christmas Is My Time Of Year - Monkees (Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz, and Peter Tork)

R1/R2/R4 70194 - Santa's Got a Brand New Bag - James Brown [12/88] Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto/Santa Claus, Santa Claus/Christmas In Heaven/It's Christmas Time, Part 1/Go Power At Christmas Time/Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year//The Christmas Song (Version 2)/Soulful Christmas/Please Come Home For Christmas/Merry Christmas Baby/Merry Christmas, I Love You/Let's Unite The Whole World At Christmas [CD issue as R2 70194 has the following bonus tracks: Tit For Tat (Ain't No Taking Back)/Sweet Little Baby Boy, Part 1/Santa Claus Is Definitely Here To Stay/Hey America]

R1/R2/R4 70195 - Hillbilly Holiday - Various Artists [12/88] Christmas Time's A Coming - Bill Monroe/Christmas Carols By The Old Corral - Tex Ritter/I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus - Brenda Lee/I'll Be Walkin' The Floor This Christmas - Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadours/The Reindeer Boogie - Hank Snow, The Singing Ranger, And His Rainbow Ranch Boys/Gonna Wrap My Heart In Ribbons - Hank Thompson/Po' Folks Christmas - Bill Anderson//Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy - Buck Owens/Pretty Paper - Willie Nelson/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear - Louvin Brothers/My Mom And Santa Claus - George Jones/One Of You (In Every Size) - Marty Robbins/To Heck With Ole Santa Claus - Loretta Lynn/Daddy's Drinkin' Up Our Christmas - Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen [CD issue as R2 70195 has the following bonus tracks: I'm Gonna Tell Santa On You - Faron Young/They Shined Up Rudolph's Nose - Johnny Horton/Christmas Boogie - Davis Sisters/Christmas Time's A-Comin' - Buck Owens]

R1/R2/R4 70196 - It's a Spike Jones Christmas - Spike Jones [12/88] Jingle Bells Medley: Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town-The Christmas Song-Jingle Bells/All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Silent Night/Sleigh Ride/My Birthday Comes On Christmas/Snow Medley: The First Snow Fall-Let It Snow/Nuttin' For Christmas/Deck The Halls Medley: Deck The Halls With Holly-Away In A Manger-It Came Upon A Midnight Clear-The First Noel//White Christmas Medley: Winter Wonderland-Silver Bells-White Christmas/(I'm The) Angel In The Christmas Play/Christmas Cradle Song/Frosty, The Snow Man/Hark Medley: Hark The Herald Angels Sing-O Little Town Of Bethlehem-Joy To The World-O Come All Ye Faithful/Christmas Alphabet Medley: Christmas Alphabet-Merry Christmas Polka-Christmas In America/Santa Claus' Son/Christmas Island/Victor Young Medley: It's Christmas Time-Sleep Well Little Children/Here Comes Santa Claus/What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

R2/R4 70197 - BeBop & Bird, Volume 1 - Charlie Parker [9/88] (CD and cassette only) Move/Ornithology/'Round Midnight/Wahoo/The Street Beat/Cool Blues-52nd Street Theme/Bongo Bop, Take A/Bongo Bop, Take B/Charlie's Wig (Birdfeathers), Take E/Crazyology, Take D/Drifting On A Reed, Take E

R2/R4 70198 - BeBop & Bird, Volume 2 - Charlie Parker [9/88] (CD and cassette only) The Gypsy, Take A/Cool Blues, Take C/Cool Blues, Take D/Relaxin' At Camarillo, Take C/Relaxin' At Camarillo, Take E/Cheers, Take D/Carvin' The Bird, Take B/Moose The Moochie/This Time The Dream's On Me/Star Eyes/My Little Suede Shoes/Sly Mongoose/Lester Leaps In/Cool Blues/Rocker/Laura

R1/R2/R4 70199 - Rerun Rock: The Superstars Sing Television Themes - Various Artists (Celebrity Voices Impersonated) [1989] (The Ballad Of) Gilligan's Island - Rap/The Patty Duke Theme (Cousins) - "Bob Dylan"/Casper The Friendly Ghost - "Elvis Presley"/The Yogi Bear Song - "Cars"/George Of The Jungle - "Led Zeppelin"//The Addams Family - "Frank Sinatra"/Rawhide - "Michael Jackson"/I Married Joan - "Jimi Hendrix"/The Brady Bunch - "James Brown"/Bedrock Rap (Meet The Flintstones) - "Bruce Springsteen"

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