Rhino Album Discography, Part 11:
71000 Series

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: July 25, 2004

Rhino continued the 70900 series on to the 71000 series in late 1990. The 71000 series had a few issues in 1990 and 1991, but Rhino decided to use the 70700 series for the majority of its issues. The 71000 series was revitalized in 1992, and the rest of the 71000 series was used for reissues and compilations for the most part. We have listed the titles of the CDs for illustration purposes. There are significant gaps in the issued numbers. These may have been unissued or used for special issues like 71075 and 71076. The 71000 series was also the debut for the Rhino Special Editions label, a budget offering.

After 71099, the series bumped into Rhino's old RNDA 1100 series, which is covered on the Miscellaneous page. In the 1990s, Rhino issued an enormous amount of product, and went to several new series in the 71000s and 72000s. We have chosen to stop at this point, since we basically do vinyl record album discographies, and beyond this point, vinyl was discontinued.

From a discographical point of view, the oddity in the 71000 series is 71056, which was issued in 1986, years before the other numbers were used. It probably was a special number (or even an error), but Rhino did not repeat the number in the 1990s. It is also interesting to note that theoretically, a third volume of Summer of Love, the version subtitled Drop Out, was not issued by the socially conscious Rhino.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents




R2/R4 71003 - Get Down Tonight: The Best of T.K. Records - Various Artists [9/90] Crank It Up (Funk Town), Part 1 - Peter Brown (S)/Why Can't We Live Together - Timmy Thomas (M)/Rock Your Baby - George McCrae (S)/Rockin' Chair - Gwen McCrae (S)/Get Down Tonight - K.C. & Sunshine Band (S)/Shoorah! Shoorah! - Betty Wright (S)/Party Down, Part 1 - Little Beaver (S)/Get Off - Foxy (S)/Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me - Peter Brown (S)/Tonight Is The Night - Betty Wright (S)/Ring My Bell - Anita Ward (S)/I'm Your Boogie Man - K.C. & Sunshine Band (S)/Dance With Me - Peter Brown (S)/Rapp Payback (Where Iz Moses) - James Brown (S) [CD issue on R2 71003 has the following bonus tracks: Keep The Home Fire Burnin' - Latimore (S)/Gimme Some, Part 1 - Jimmy "Bo" Horne (S)/It's A Heartache - Ronnie Spector (S)/Hot Number - Foxy (S)]

R2/R4 71004 - The Best of the Duprees - Duprees [9/90] You Belong To Me (S)/Ginny (S)/(It's No) Sin (S)/Why Don't You Believe Me (S)/I Wish I Could Believe You (S)/I'm Yours (M)/Have You Heard (M)/My Own True Love (S)/Take Me As I Am (S)/I'd Rather Be Here In Your Arms (S)/The Things I Love (S)/Let's Make Love Again (S)/Exodus (S)/Gone With The Wind (M) [CD issue on R2 71004 has the following bonus tracks: September In The Rain (S)/So Many Have Told Me (S)/These Foolish Things (S)/Sunset To Sunrise (S)]

R2/R4 71005 - The Best of Lefty Frizzell - Lefty Frizzell [1991] If You've Got The Money I've Got The Time/I Love You A Thousand Ways/Look What Thoughts Will Do/Shine, Shave, Shower/I Want To Be With You Always/Always Late (With Your Kisses)/Mom And Dad's Waltz/Give Me More More More (Of Your Kisses)/Don't Stay Away (Till Love Grows Cold)/Forever (And Always)/I'm An Old Old Man (Tryin' To Live While I Can)/The Long Black Veil/Saganaw, Michigan/She's Gone Gone Gone [CD issue on R2 71005 has the following bonus tracks: Travellin' Blues/How Long Will It Take (To Stop Loving You)/Run 'Em Off/I Love You Mostly]

R2/R4 71006 - Best of the Bonzo Dog Band - Bonzo Dog Band [1991] The Intro And The Outro (S)/Ali-Baba's Camel (S)/Hello Mabel (S)/Kama Sutra (S)/Hunting Tigers Out In "Indiah" (S)/Shirt (S)/I'm Bored (S)/Rockaliser Baby (S)/Rhinocratic Oaths (S)/Tent (S)/Beautiful Zelda (S)/Can Blue Man Sing The Whites? (S)/The Bride Stripped Bare By "Bachelors" (S)/Look At Me, I'm Wonderful (S)/Canyons of Your Mind (M)/Mr. Apollo (S)/Trouser Press (S)/Ready-Mades (M)/We Are Normal (S)/I'm The Urban Spaceman (S)/Trouser Freak [Roger Ruskin Spear & His Giant Orchetral Wardrobe] (M)/The Sound Of Music (S)/Suspicion [Vivian Stanshall & His Gargantuan Chums] (S)/Big Shot(S)

R2/R4 71007 - Golden Throats 2: More Celebrity Rock Oddities - Various Artists [1991] John Shaft - Sammy Davis, Jr./Sunshine Superman - Mel Tormé/Light My Fire - Mae West/Hey Jude - Bing Crosby/All I Really Want To Do - Sebastian Cabot/Put A Little Love In Your Heart - Leonard Nimoy/It Was A Very Good Year - William Shatner/Dixie Chicken - Jack Jones/In The Ghetto - Sammy Davis, Jr./Nights On Broadway - Chad Everett/Stand By Me - Cassius Clay/Bridge Over Troubled Water - Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr./(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Phyllis Diller/Give Peace A Chance - Mitch Miller & the Gang

R4 71008 - Hollyword - Various Artists [9/90] Cassette issue only. Spoken word anthology of recordings by celebrities. 48 selections running 99 minutes.

R2/R4 71009 - Jumpin' at Capitol: The Best of the Nat King Cole Trio - King Cole Trio [9/90] Jumpin' At Capitol/Straighten Up And Fly Right/Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You/Sweet Lorraine/It's Only A Paper Moon/When I Take My Sugar To Tea/The Frim Fram Sauce/I'm A Shy Guy/Embraceable You/For Sentimental Reasons/What Is This Thing Called Love/Come To Baby Do/All For You/Get Your Kicks On Route 66 [CD issue on R2 71009 has the follwing bonus tracks: If You Can't Smile And Say Yes/For You My Love]

R2/R4 71010 - Comic Relief '90 - Various Artists [9/90] Richard Lewis/Paula Poundstone/Dennis Miller/Dana Carvey/Joan Rivers/Steven Wright/Rita Rudner/Bobcat Goldthwait/Robert Klein/Louie Anderson/Whoopi Goldberg/Paul Rodriguez/George Carlin/Robin Williams

R2/R4 71011 - 15th Anniversary Collection: Rocky Horror Picture Show - Various Artists [1990] (4-CD box set) Disc 1 - 1974 Rocky Cast Science Fiction-Double Feature/Dammit Janet/Over At The Frankenstein Place/Sweet Transvestite/Time Warp/The Sword of Damoclese/Charles Atlas Song/What Ever Happened to Saturday Night/Charles Atlas Song (Reprise)/Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me/Once In A While/Eddie's Teddy/Planet Shmanet Janet/Planet Hot Dog/Rose Tint My World/I'm Going Home/Super Heroes; Disc 2 - The Rocky Horror Picture Show Original Soundtrack: Science Fiction-Double Feature/Dammit Janet/Over at the Frankenstein Place/The Time Warp/Sweet Transvestite/I Can Make You A Man/Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul/I Can Make You A Man: Reprise/Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me/Eddie/Rose Tint My World: Floor Show-Fanfare-Don't Dream It/-Wild and Untamed Thing/I'm Going Home/Super Heroes/Science Fiction-Double Feature: Reprise/The Time Warp (Remix 1989 Extended Version)/The Time Warp (Music - 1 = Background Track + U Mix); Disc 3 - Rocky Horror International: Un Relato Bien Extrano Y Muy Pasado (from the Mexican Cast)/Damn It, Janet (from the Original New Zealand Cast)/Alltid Lys Hos Frankenstein (from the Original Norwegian Cast)/The Time Warp (from the Original London Cast)/Sweet Transvestite (from the Original London Cast)/The Sword Of Damocles (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)/I Can Make You A Man (from the Original New Zealand Cast)/Que Le Ha Pasado Al Sabado? (from the Mexican Cast)/Muskellmann Sangen: reprise (from the Original Norwegian Cast)/Toca Toca Toca Toca (from the Mexican Cast)/Once In A While (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)/Eddie's Teddy (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Audience Par-ti-ci-pation Album)/Planet Schmanet, Janet (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)/Rose Tint My World (from the Original London Cast)/I'm Going Home (from the Original London Cast)/Super Heroes (from the Original Australian Cast)/Un Relato: Reprise (from the Mexican Cast); Disc 4 - Songs from the Vaults The Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Trailer/Baby Love - Tim Curry/Rocky Horror Radio Commercial (Riff Raff) - 20th Century Fox RHPS Radio Spots/See You 'Round Like a Record - Little Nell/Rocky Horror Radio Commercial (Belt You About the Mouth) - 20th Century Fox RHPS Radio Spots/Just 14 - Tim Curry/Denton, U.S.A. - Shock Treatment Cast/Do the Swim - Little Nell/Biting my Nails - Tim Curry/Shock Treatment - Richard O'Brien (7-Inch Mix)/Fever - Little Nell/We Went as Far as we Felt Like Going - Tim Curry/Little Black Dress - Shock Treatment Cast/Beauty Queen - Little Nell/The Time Warp - The Laker Band with Announcer L.T.

R2/R4 71012 - I Thank You - Sam & Dave [1992] Reissue of Atlantic SD-8205. I Thank You/Everybody Got To Believe In Somebody/These Arms Of Mine/Wrap It Up/If I Didn't Have A Girl Like You/You Don't Know What You Mean To Me/Don't Turn Your Heater On/Talk To The Man/Love Is After Me/Ain't That A Lot Of Love/Don't Waste That Love/That Lucky Old Sun

R2/R4 71013 - Hip Hug Her - Booker T. & M.G.'s [1992] Reissue of Stax S-717. Hip Hug- Her/Soul Sanction/Get Ready/More/Double or Nothing/Carnaby St./Slim Jenkins' Joint/Pigmy/Groovin'/Booker's Notion/Sunny

R2/R4 71014 - Doin' Our Thing - Booker T. & M.G.'s [1992] Reissue of Stax S-724. I Can Dig It/Expressway (To Your Heart)/Doin' Our Thing/You Don't Love Me/Never My Love/The Exodus Song//The Beat Goes On/Ode To Billie Joe/Blue On Green/You Keep Me Hanging On

R2/R4 71015 - The Queen Alone - Carla Thomas [1992] Reissue of Stax S-718. Any Day Now/Stop Thief/I Take It To My Baby/I Want To Be Your Baby/Something Good (Is Going To Happen To You)/When Tomorrow Comes/I'll Always Have Faith In You/All I See Is You/Unchanging Love/Give Me Enough (To Keep Me Going)/Lie To Keep Me From Crying

R2/R4 71016 - The Buck Owens Collection (1959-1990) - Buck Owens [1992] (3-CD Box Set) Disc 1: Second Fiddle (M)/Under Your Spell Again (M)/Above And Beyond (S)/Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache) (S)/Foolin' Around (S)/Loose Talk [with Rose Maddox] (S)/Mental Cruelty [with Rose Maddox] (S)/Under The Influence Of Love (S)/Nobody's Fool But Yours (S)/Save The Last Dance For Me (S)/Kickin' Our Hearts Around (S)/You're For Me (S)/Act Na-turally (S)/Love's Gonna Live Here (S)/My Heart Skips A Beat (S)/Together Again (S)/Close Up The Honky Tonks (S)/Hello Trouble (S)/A-11 (S)/I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me) (S)/Buck's Polka (S); Disc 2: I've Got A Tiger By The Tail (S)/Cryin' Time (S)/Memphis (S)/Before You Go (S)/Only You (Can Break My Heart) (S)/Gonna Have Love (S)/Buckaroo (S)/Waitin' In Your Welfare Line (S)/Dust On Mother's Bible (S)/Think Of Me (S)/Open Up Your Heart (S)/ Sam's Place (S)/Your Tender Loving Care (S)/It Takes People Like You (To Make People Like Me) (S)/How Long Will My Baby Be Gone (S)/Sweet Rosie Jones (S)/Let The World Keep On A Turnin' [with Buddy Alan] (S)/I've Got You On My Mind Again (S)/Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass (S)/Johnny B. Goode (S, live, with intro); Disc 3: Tall Dark Stranger (S)/Big In Vegas (S)/We're Gonna Get Together [with Susan Raye] (S)/The Kansas City Song (S)/The Great White Horse [with Susan Raye] (S)/I Wouldn't Live In New York City (If They Gave Me The Whole Dang Town) (S)/Bridge Over Troubled Water (S)/Ruby (Are You Mad) (S)/Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms (S)/I'll Still Be Waiting For You (S)/Made In Japan (S)/You Ain't Gonna Have Ol' Buck To Kick Around No More (S)/Ain't It Amazing Gracie (S)/Streets Of Bakersfield (S)/Big Game Hunter (S)/On The Cover Of The Music City News (S)/(It's A) Monsters' Holiday (S)/Play "Together Again" Again [with Emmylou Harris] (S)/ Streets Of Bakersfield [with Dwight Yoakam] (S)/ Hot Dog (S)/Act Naturally [with Ringo Starr] (S)

R2/R4 71017 - The Complete 2000 Year Old Man - Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks [1994] (4- CD Box Set) Disc 1: 2000 Year Old Man/Fabiola/Astronaught/In A Coffee House: The Depressed One-The Actor-The Painter-The Folksinger/Peruvian/Psychiatrist; Disc 2: 2000 And Six Month Man/Tax Expert/Two Hour Old Baby/New Technique Psychiatric Society/Third Best Poet; Disc 3: Cannes Film Festival: Adolph Hartler-Frederico Fettucini-Tippy Skittles/Dr. Felix Wheird/2000 and Two Year Old Man/L.M.N.O.P. Ad Agency Disc 4: Intro/Will to Live/Slow Growth/Natural Foods/Phil/Asparagus/Origin of Words/Great Inventions/Strawberries/Miracle Fruits/Greatest Invention/Ancient Poetry/Fig Leaf/Paul Revere/Ma And Pa/Jesus And The Apostles/Generals/Winston Churchill/War Of The Roses/Dolly Madison/Lord Byron/21,000 Doctors/Jolson/America's Economic Plight/Hope For Mankind

The following seven numbers were used for the individual CDs in the box set Beat the Boots II [Rhino 70372] but were not sold as separate items.

R2 71017 - Disconnected Synapses - Frank Zappa [1992] Rhino/Foo-eee label. Penis Dimension/The Air/Dog Breath-Mother People/You Didn't Try To Call Me/King Kong/Who Are The Brain Police?

R2 71018 - Tengo Ná Minchia Tanta - Frank Zappa [1992] Rhino/Foo-eee label. Does This Kind Of Life Look Interesting To You?/A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)/Sleeping In A Jar (With Extensions)/Sharleena/The Sanzini Brothers/What Will The Morning Bring Me This Evening?/What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are?/Bwana Dik/Latex Solar Beef/Daddy, Daddy, Daddy/Little House I Used To Live In/Holiday In Berlin/Inca Roads-Easy Meat/Cruisin' For Burgers

R2 71019 - Electric Aunt Jemima - Mothers of Invention [1992] Rhino/Foo-eee label. Little House I Used To Live In-Dog Breath/Variations-Blue Danube Waltz-Hungry Freaks Daddy/What/Dog Breath/King Kong/Trouble Every Day/A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)/English Tea Dancing Interludes-Plastic People [music: "Louie Louie"]-King Kong-America Drinks-Wipe Out

R2 71020 - At the Circus - Frank Zappa [1992] Rhino/Foo-eee label. A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)/Baby Snakes/Dancin' Fool/Easy Meat/Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?/Mother People/Wonderful Wino/Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?/Seal Call Fusion Music/Bobby Brown/I'm On Duty/Conehead

R2 71021 - Swiss Cheese/Fire! - Frank Zappa [1992] (2 CDs) Rhino/Foo-eee label. Intro/Peaches En Regalia/Tears Began To Fall-She Painted Up Her face-Half-A-Dozen Provacative Squats/Call Any Vegetable/Anyway The Wind Blows//Magdalena-Dog Breath/Sofa/A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)/Wonderful Wino-Sharleena-Cruisin' For Burgers/King Kong/Fire!

R2 71022 - Our Man In Nirvana - Frank Zappa [1992] Rhino/Foo-eee label. Feet Light Up/Bacon fat/A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)/Sleeping In A Jar/The Wild man Fischer Story/I'm The Meany/Valarie/King Kong

R2 71023 - Conceptual Continuity - Frank Zappa [1992] Rhino/Foo-eee label. Stinkfoot- Dirty Love-Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station/The Torture Never Stops-City Of Tiny Lights

R2/R4 71024 - The Best of the Lovin' Spoonful - Lovin' Spoonful [1994] Rhino Special Editions label. Do You Believe In Magic/You Didn't Have To Be So Nice/Daydream/Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind/Rain On The Roof/Summer In The City/Nashville Cats/Darling Be Home Soon/Six O'Clock/She Is Still A Mystery

R2/R4 71025 - The Best of the Yardbirds - Yardbirds [1994] Rhino Special Editions label. For Your Love/Heart Full Of Soul/Shapes Of Things/You're A Better Man Than I/Evil Hearted You/The Train Kept A Rollin'/I Ain't Got You/I Wish You Would/Smokestack Lightning

R2/R4 71026 - The Best of Tommy James and the Shondells - Tommy James & Shondells [1994] Rhino Special Editions label. Hanky Panky/I Think We're Alone Now/Mony Mony/Mirage/Ball Of Fire/Crimson And Clover/Crystal Blue Persuasion/Sweet Cherry Wine/She/Draggin' The Line

R2/R4 71027 - The Best of the Turtles - Turtles [1995] Rhino Special Editions label. It Ain't Me Babe/Let Me Be/You Baby/You Know What I Mean/She's My Girl/Happy Together/She'd Rather Be With Me/Elenore/You Showed Me/You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain

R2/R4 71028 - The Best of K.C. and the Sunshine Band - K.C. & Sunshine Band [1994] Rhino Special Editions label. Get Down Tonight/That's The Way (I Like It)/(Shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty/Queen Of Clubs/I Like To Do It/I'm Your Boogie Man/Keep It Comin' Love/Boogie Shoes/Do You Wanna Go Party/Please Don't Go

R2/R4 71029 - The Best of Todd Rundgren - Todd Rundgren [1994] Rhino Special Editions label. We Gotta Get You A Woman/I Saw The Light/Hello It's Me/A Dream Goes On Forever/Bang The Drum All Day/Real Man/One World [Utopia]/Can We Still Be Friends/Be Nice To Me


R2/R4 71031 - Anthology - Rascals [1992] (2 CDs) Disc 1: I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (M)/Good Lovin' (M)/Do You Feel It (M)/Mustang Sally (M, 45 edit)/Baby Let's Wait (M)/In The Midnight Hour (M)/You Better Run (M)/What Is The Reason (M)/I've Been Lonely Too Long (M, 45 edit)/Come On Up (M)/Too Many Fish In The Sea (M)/Love Is A Beautiful Thing (M)/Groovin' (M)/A Girl Like You (M)/Find Somebody (M, mono master sounds quite different from stereo)/How Can I Be Sure (M)/If You Knew (M)/I'm So Happy Now (M)/Easy Rollin' (S)/Rainy Day (S)/It's Wonderful (M, 3:30, with instrumental coda from the commercial 45)/Silly Girl (S)/Finale: Once Upon A Dream (S)/A Beautiful Morning (S); Disc 2: People Got To Be Free (S)/Island Of Love (S)/Look Around (S)/A Ray Of Hope (S)/Heaven (S)/See (S)/I'd Like To Take You Home (S)/Temptation's 'Bout To Get Me (S)/Nubia (S)/Real Thing (S)/Carry Me Back (S)/Right On (S)/Ready For Love (S)/I Believe (S)/Glory Glory (S)/Love Me (S)/Happy Song (S)/Lucky Day (S)/Saga Of New York (S)/Brother Tree (S)

R2/R4 71032 - Texas Tornado: The Best of Doug Sahm's Atlantic Sessions - Doug Sahm [1992] Texas Tornado/Nitty Gritty/(Is Anybody Going To) San Antone/Poison Love/Wallflower/Dealer's Blues/Ain't That Loving You/San Francisco FM Blues/I Get Off/Juan Mendoze/Tennessee Blues/Your Friends/Hard Way/Chicano [CD issue on R2 71032 has the following bonus tracks: Box Car Hobo/The Image Of Me/Blue Horizon/A Song About Myself/Betty Joe]

R2/R4 71033 - Back in the USA - MC5 [1992] Reissue of Atlantic SD-8247. Tutti-Frutti/Tonight/Teenage Lust/Let Me Try/Looking At You/High School/Call Me Animal/The American Ruse/Shakin' Street/The Human Being Lawnmower/Back In The USA

R2/R4 71034 - High Time - MC5 [1992] Reissue of Atlantic SD-8285. Sister Anne/Baby Won't Ya/Miss X/Gotta Keep Movin'/Future, Now/Poison/Over and Over/Skunk (Sonicly Speaking)

R2/R4 71035 - Dusty in Memphis - Dusty Springfield [1992] Reissue of Atlantic SD-8214. Just a Little Lovin'/So Much Love/Son of a Preacher Man/I Don't Want to Hear It Anymore/Don't Forget About Me/Breakfast in Bed/Just One Smile/The Windmills of Your Mind/In the Land of Make Believe/No Easy Way Down/I Can't Make It Alone

R2/R4 71036 - A Brand New Me - Dusty Springfield [1992] Reissue of Atlantic SD-8249. Lost/Bad Case of the Blues/Never Love Again/Let Me In Your Way/Let's Get Together Soon/Brand New Me/Joe/Silly, Silly, Fool/The Star of My Show/Let's Talk It Over

R2/R4 71037 - Atlantic Sisters of Soul - Various Artists [1992] Dear Lover - Mary Wells (M)/I Don't Know - Baby Washington (M)/A Woman Will Do Wrong - Dee Dee Sharp (S)/Why (Am I Treated So Bad) - Sweet Inspirations (M)/(Until Then) I'll Suffer - Barbara Lynn (M)/Sister Pitiful - Judy Clay (M)/Shake A Hand - Toby Lark (M)/Mojo Hannah - Tammi Lynn (M)/Wish Someone Would Care - Mary Lou (M)/Can I Be Your Main Thing - Margie Alexander (S)/Wonderful Marvelous - Jackie Moore (M)/What A Man - Laura Lee (M)/Can I Hold You To It - Lorraine Johnson (S)/She Didn't Know (She Kept On Talking) - Dee Dee Warwicke (M)/Who Are You Gonna Love - Rozetta Johnson (M)/Unsatisfied Woman - Jean Battle (M)/Set Me Free - Esther Phillips (S)/Full Time Woman - Irma Thomas (M)/Your Turn To Cry - Betty LaVette (S)/Don't Try To Have The Fifth - Pointer Sisters (M)/Victim Of A Foolish Heart - Bettye Swann (S)/I Do Believe That I'm Losing You - One'sy Mack (S)/Sweet Surrender - Margie Joseph (M)


R2/R4 71039 - West Coast Rap: Renegades - Various Artists [1992] Bad Times, Part 2 (The Continuance) - Captain Rapp/Skin Tight - Madrock & Ohio Players/Egypt's Revenge - Egyptian Lover/The Basstronic - Unknown DJ/I. E. 's "N The House - Madrock/Ghetto Drama - King M.C./Your Chance To Rock - Rodney O & Joe Cooley/I Like It - Kid Solo/Naughty Boy - Uncle Jamm's Army/Tainted Love (Dance Re-Mix) - Excalibur (2)/Get Into My Groove - Kid Solo/Double-O Seven - King M.C./Hold Back The Tears - P.A.N.I.C./I Can't Stand It - Kimberly Ball/The First Dynasty (Mega-Mix) - Various Artists

R2/R4 71040 - Rap Declares War - Various Artists [1992] Rap Declares War - War & A Lighter Shade Of Brown, Hispanic M.C.'s, Proper Dos, Hi-C, Kid Frost/Funky 4 U - Nice 'N Smooth/Rock Dis Funky Joint - Poor Righteous Teachers/New Jack Swing - Wrecks N' Effect/Feels So Good - Brand Nubian/Potholes In My Lawn - De La Soul/Short But Funky - Too Short/Heartbeat - Ice-T/Young Black Male - 2Pac/Don't Let No One Get You Down - War featuring Hispanic M.C.'S/Lowrider (On The Boulevard) - Latin Alliance featuring War/Ya Estuvo (That's It) - Kid Frost/Slow Ride - Beastie Boys/Drums Of Steel - The 7A3/Rhyme Fighter - Mellow Man Ace/Summatymz Ova - Brotherhood Creed/Spill The Wine - A Lighter Shade Of Brown/Join Me Please (Home Boys Make Some Noise) - Mantronix

R2/R4 71041 - War - War [1992] Sun Oh Son/Lonely Feelin'/Back Home/War Drums/Vibeka/Fidel's Fantasy

R2/R4 71042 - All Day Music - War [1992] All Day Music/Get Down/That's What Love Will Do/There Must Be A Reason/Nappy Head (Theme From "Ghetto Man")/Slippin' Into Darkness/Baby Brother

R2/R4 71043 - The World Is a Ghetto - War [1992] The Cisco Kid/Where Was You At/City, Country, City/Four Cornered Room/The World Is A Ghetto/Beetles In The Bog

R2/R4 71044 - Deliver the Word - War [1992] H2 Overture/In Your Eyes/Gypsy Man/Me And Baby Brother/Deliver The Word/Southern Part Of Texas/Blisters

R2/R4 71045 - Past, Present, and Future - Al Stewart [1992] Old Admirals/Warren Harding/Soho (Needless To Say)/The Last Day Of June 1934/Post World War Two Blues/Roads To Moscow/Terminal Eyes/Nostradamus

R2/R4 71046 - Modern Times - Al Stewart [1992] Carol/Sirens Of Titan/What's Going On?/Not The One/Next Time/Apple Cider Re-Constitution/The Dark And The Rolling Sea/Modern Times


R2/R4 71048 - Secret Policemen's Other Ball - Various Artists [1992] Roxanne - Sting/Message In A Bottle - Sting/'Cause We've Ended As Lovers - Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton/Farther Up The Road - Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton/Crossroads - Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton/I Don't Like Mondays - Bob Geldorf/In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins/The Roof Is Leaking - Phil Collins/The Universal Soldier - Donovan/Catch The Wind - Donovan/I Shall Be Released - Secret Police

R2/R4 71049 - Dead Parrot Society: The Best of British Comedy - Various Artists [1993] Also Sprach Zarathrustra - Portsmouth Sinfonia/The Dead Parrot - Monty Python/The Courtroom, Scene I: The Charges - Monty Python/Memoirs Of A Miner, Part I: Which One's Marcel Proust? - Peter Cook/Protest Song - Neil Innes/Happy, Darling? - Eleanor Bron & John Fortune/The Courtroom, Scene II: Counsel For The Defence - Monty Python/Psychedelic Baby - Dudley Moore/Crunchy Frog - Monty Python/Memoirs Of A Miner, Part II: Sex And Violence Down The Mines - Peter Cook/The Oral Majority, Part I - Graham Chapman/William Tell Overture - Portsmouth Sinfonia/The Courtroom, Scene III: Police Constable Pan Am - Monty Python/The Audition - John Bird & John Fortune/Top Of The Form - John Cleese & Company/Transcendental Mastication - Peter Cook/The Courtroom, Scene IV: Counsel For The Prosecution - Monty Python/Overture-Pinball Wizard - Portsmouth Sinfonia/The Penultimate Supper?! - John Cleese & Jonathan Lynn/Take Off Your Clothes - "John & Yoko"/The Courtroom, Scene V: Very Expensive Gaiters - Monty Python/Memoirs Of A Miner, Part III: Final Judgment - Peter Cook/The Oral Majority, Part II - Graham Chapman/Balls! - Listen With Mother/ The Courtroom, Scene VI: There Goes The Judge - Monty Python/The Argument Clinic - Monty Python/Classical Massacre! - Portsmouth Sinfonia/The Lumberjack Song - Monty Python

R2/R4 71050 - Eric Burdon Declares War - Eric Burdon & War [1992] The Vision Of Rassan: Dedication/Roll On Kirk/Tobacco Road Medley: Tobacco Road-I Have A Dream-Tobacco Road/Spill The Wine/Blues For Memphis Slim: Birth-Mother Earth-Mr. Charlie-Danish Pastry-Mother Earth/You're No Stranger

R2/R4 71051 - Why Can't We Be Friends - War [1992] Don't Let No One Get You Down/Lotus Blossom/Heartbeat/Leroy's latin Lament (Medley): Lonnie Dreams-The Way We Feel-La Fiesta-Lament/Smile Happy/So/Low Rider/In Mazatlan/Why Can't We Be Friends?

R2/R4 71052 - Live - War [1992] Sun Oh Son/The Cisco Kid/Slippin' Into Darkness/Slippin', Part 2/All day Music/Bollero/Lonely Feelin'/Get Down

R2/R4 71053 - Anthology: Down in Birdland - Manhattan Transfer [1992] (2 CDs) All tracks stereo. Disc 1: Trickle Trickle/Gloria/Operator/Helpless/Ray's Rockhouse/Heart's Desire (live)/Zindy Lou (noisy)/Mystery/Baby Come Back To Me (The Morse Code Of Love)/Route 66/Java Jive/Chanson D'Amour/Foreign Affair/Smile Again/Spice Of Life/The Spoeak Up Mambo (Cuentame)/Soul Food To Go (Sina)/So You Say (Esquinas)/Boy From New York City/Twilight Zone-Twilight Tone; Disc 2: Four Brothers/Blee Blop Blues/Candy/A Gal In Calico/Love For Sale/On A Little Street In Singapore/Tuxedo Junction/That Cat Is High/Body And Soul/Meet Benny Bailey/Sing Joy Spring/To You/Down South Camp Meetin'/Until I Met You (Corner Pocket)/Why Not (Manhattan Carnival)/Another Night In Tunisia/Capim/A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square/Birdland

R2/R4 71054 - Pickin' Up the Pieces: The Best of the Average White Band (1974-1980) - Average White Band [1992] All tracks stereo. Pick Up The Pieces/Person To Person/Got The Love/You Got It/Work To Do/Cut The Cake/If I Ever Lose This Heaven/School Boy Crush/Queen Of My Soul [45 edit]/Cloudy [live]/A Love Of Your Own/Soul Searching/I'm The One [live]/Get It Up [with Ben E. King]/Your Love Is A Miracle/When Will You Be Mine/Let's Go 'Round Again/For You For Love

R2/R4 71055 - Greatest Hits - Firefall [1992] Livin' Ain't Livin/Cinderella/You Are The Woman/Mexico/Just Remember I Love You/So Long/Strange Way/Goodbye, I Love You/Sweet And Sour/Love That Got Away/Headed For A Fall/Staying With It/Always/Run Run Away [CD issue on R2 71055 has the following bonus tracks: It Doesn't Matter/Someday Soon/Break Of Dawn/Runaway Love]

RNLP/RNC 71056 - Runaway Hits! - Del Shannon [1986] LP and Cassette issue only. All tracks mono. Runaway/Jody/Hats Off To Larry/So Long Baby/The Answer To Everything/Hey Little Girl/Cry Myself To Sleep/The Swiss Maid//Little Town Flirt/Two Kinds Of Teardrops/Kelly/Sue's Gotta Be Mine/Handy Man/Do You Wanna Dance/Keep Searchin'/Stranger In Town

R2/R4 71057 - Billboard Doo Wop Christmas - Various Artists [12/92] Jingle Jangle - Penguins/White Christmas - Drifters/Santa Claus Is Coming to Town - Harmony Grits/Can This Be Christmas? - Falcons/It's Christmas Time - Five Keys/Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Cadillacs/You're My Christmas Present - Jimmy Beaumont/Merry Merry Christmas Baby - Margo Sylvia/Merry Twist-Mas - Marcels/Merry Christmas Darling (And A Happy New Year Too) - Uniques/Just a Lonely Christmas - Red Holloway Orchestra/(It's Gonna Be A) Lonely Christmas - Orioles/Christmas Long Ago [Jingle, Jingle] - Echelons/(It's A) Happy Holiday - Shells [CD issue on R2 71057 has the following bonus tracks: It's Christmas Once Again - Frankie Lymon & Teenagers/White Christmas - Statues/What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?- Orioles/After New Year's Eve - Heartbeats]

R2/R4 71058 - Alligator Stomp, Volume 4 - Various Artists [12/92] Jingle Bells - Henry Fontenot/What Christmas Means To Me - Camey Doucet/Up On The Housetop - Jambalaya Cajun Band/Christmas Bayou - Beausoleil/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear - Beausoleil/It's Christmastime In Louisiana - Johnnie Allan/Joy To The World - Jambalaya Cajun Band/Deck The Halls - Michael Doucet/Please Come Home For Christmas - Belton Richard/The Little Drummer Boy - Michael Doucet/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Cajun Gold/Blue Christmas - Belton Richard/Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Cajun Gold/Bonne Année - Michael Doucet/Jingle Bell Rock - Jambalaya Cajun Band/Silent Night - Jambalaya Cajun Band/Auld Lang Syne - Michael Doucet

R2/R4 71059 - Lost and Found - Jimmy Scott [1993] I Have Dreamed/Stay With Me/The Folks Who Live On The Hill/For Once In My Life/Dedicated To You/Day By Day/Unchained Melody/Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child/Exodus/I Wish I Knew

R2/R4 71060 - The Best of Sister Sledge - Sister Sledge [1992] Mama Never Told Me/Love Don't You Go Through No Changes On Me/Cream Of The Crop/Blockbuster Boy/He's The Greatest Dancer/We Are Family/Got To Love Somebody/Reach Your Peak/All American Girls/He's Just A Runaway (A Tribute To Bob Marley)/My Guy/All The Man I Need [David Simmons]/B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Baby)/Frankie/Lost In Music/Pretty Baby/Gotta Get Back To Love/Dancing On The Jagged Edge

R2/R4 71061 - Plimsouls...Plus - Plimsouls [1992] Lost Time/Now/In This Town/Zero Hour/Women/Hush, Hush/I Want What You Got/Nickels and Dimes/I Want You Back/Mini-Skirt Minnie/Everyday Things/Memory/Great Big World/Hypnotized/How Long Will It Take? [CD issue on R2 71061 has the following bonus tracks: Dizzy Miss Lizzy/Zero Hour [Original Version]/I Can't Turn You Loose/When You Find Out/Hush, Hush (Live)]

R2/R4 71062 - The Stiff Records Box Set - Various Artists [1992] (4-CD Box Set) Disc 1: So It Goes - Nick Lowe/Heart of the City - Nick Lowe/Between the Lines - Pink Fairies/Cincinnati Fatback - Roogalator/Styrofoam - Sean Tyla/New Rose - Damned/Blank Generation - Richard Hell/Stab Your Back - Damned/Less Than Zero - Elvis Costello/England's Glory - Max Wall/Maybe - Jill Read/One Chord Wonders - Adverts/Alison - Elvis Costello/Jo Jo Gunne - Dave Edmunds/Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric/Kill - Alberto y los Trios Paranoias/Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll - Ian Dury/Razzle in My Pocket - Ian Dury/Suffice to Say - Yachts/Let's Loot the Supermarket Again (Like We Did Last Summer) - Mick Farren/Watching the Detectives - Elvis Costello/My Old Man - Ian Dury/Police Car - Larry Wallis/Yankee Wheels - Jane Aire/Back to Schooldays - Graham Parker; Disc 2: I Love My Label - Nick Lowe/Marie Provost - Nick Lowe/What a Waste! - Ian Dury/I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself - Elvis Costello/Whoops-A-Daisy - Humphrey Ocean/I Think We're Alone Now - Lene Lovich/Jocko Homo - Devo/Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick - Ian Dury/Semaphore Signals - Wreckless Eric/I'll Get by in Pittsburgh - Jona Lewie/B-A-B-Y - Rachel Sweet/Lucky Number - Lene Lovich/Solitary Confinement - Members/Frozen Years - Rumor/Take the Cash (K.A.S.H.) - Wreckless Eric/They Don't Know - Kirsty MacColl/You'll Never Get Me Up in One of Those - Mickey Jupp/Who Does Lisa Like? - Rachel Sweet/Drive Friendly - Motor Boys Motor/Win or Lose - Lew Lewis & Reformer/Hop - Theatre of Hate/One Step Beyond - Madness/Emotional Traffic - Rumour/Inbetweenies - Ian Dury/Lucky Seven - Lew Lewis & Reformer; Disc 3: My Girl - Madness /Israelites - Desmond Dekker/Buena - Joe "King" Carrasco/Stupefaction - Graham Parker/You'll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties - Jona Lewie/Trouble With Love - Any Trouble/What Becomes of the Brokenhearted - Dave Stewart/Mercury Poisoning - Graham Parker/Let Go - Dirty Looks/Baggy Trousers - Madness/It's My Party - Dave Stewart/Green, Green Grass of Home - John Otway/Three Bells in a Row - Tenpole Tudor/Stop the Cavalry - Jona Lewie/Going Left Right - Department S/Is Vic There? - Department S/If You Need Me - Equators/Wunderbar - Tenpole Tudor/Allamana - Desmond Dekker/Pretend - Alvin Stardust/Loud Music in Cars - Billy Bremner/Throwing My Baby Out With the Bathwater - Tenpole Tudor/Just One Cornetto - Pookiesnackenburger/Who Likes Jazz? - Via Vagabond/You Broke My Heart in 17 Places - Tracey Ullman; Disc 4: Sign of the Times - Belle Stars/Sweet Memory - Belle Stars/Language Problems - Electric Guitars/Breakaway - Tracey Ullman/Like Dust - Passion Puppets/Dangerous Dreams - Jakko/Destination Lululand (Humdiddlededumhoowahayha) - King Kurt/Sick Bed of Cúchulaínn - Pogues/Pick Me Up - Inspirational Choir of the Pentecostal First-Born Church of the Living God/Here Is My Number - Makin' Time/Dark Streets of London - Pogues/Wild Child - Untouchables/New England - Kirsty MacColl/Pretty One - Jamie Rae/Free Yourself - Untouchables/Sally MacLennane - Pogues/Brilliant Mind - Furniture/Don't Wait Up - Dr. Feelgood/Killer Joe (Right Cross) - Tommy Chase/Shake Like Judy Says - Furniture/Hunting Shooting Fishing - Dr. Feelgood

R2/R4 71063 - Queen of Soul: The Atlantic Recordings - Aretha Franklin [1992] (4-CD Box Set) Disc 1: I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) (M)/Do Right Woman - Do Right Man (M)/Save Me (M)/Respect (M)/Baby, Baby, Baby (M)/Dr. Feelgood (Love Is A Serious Business) (M)/(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (M)/Soul Serenade (M)/Drown In My Own Tears (M)/Chain Of Fools (M, different guitar into from stereo version, which had one spliced on)/Baby I Love You (M)/Ain't Nobody (Gonna Turn Me Around) (S)/Since You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby) (S)/You Are My Sunshine (M)/Going Down Slow (M)/Never Let Me Go (S)/I Wonder (S)/Prove It (S)/Good Times (M)/Come Back Baby (S)/A Change (S)/You're A Sweet Sweet Man (S)/Good To Me As I Am To You (S)/People Get Ready (S)/Ain't No Way (S); Disc 2: Think (S)/See Saw (S)/The House That Jack Built (M)/Night Time Is The Right Time (S)/I Say A Little Prayer (S)/You Send Me (S)/My Song (M)/I Take What I Want (S)/I Can't See Myself Leaving You (S)/Night Life [live] (S)/Today I Sing The Blues (S)/Pitiful (S)/Tracks Of My Tears (S)/River's Invitation (S)/Share Your Love With Me (S)/It Ain't Fair (S)/Sit Down And Cry (S)/Honest I Do (S)/The Weight (M)/When The Battle Is Over (S)/Eleanor Rigby (S)/One Way Ticket (S)/Call Me (S)/Pullin' (S); Disc 3: Son Of A Preacher Man (S)/Try Matty's (S)/The Thrill Is Gone (From Yesterday's Kiss) (S)/Dark End Of The Street (S)/You And Me (S)/Let It Be (S)/Spirit In The Dark (S)/Why I Sing The Blues (S)/Don't Play That Song (S)/Young Gifted And Black (S)/Border Song (Holy Moses) (S)/A Brand New Me (S)/You're All I Need To Get By (S)/Spanish Harlem (S)/Rock Steady (S)/Oh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You Baby) (S)/Day Dreaming (S)/All The King's Horses (S)/Bridge Over Troubled Water (S)/Angel (S); Disc 4: Spirit In The Dark [reprise with Ray Charles] (S, live)/How I Got Over (S, live)/So Swell When You're Well (S)/Master Of Eyes (The Deepness Of Your Eyes) (S)/Somewhere (S)/I'm In Love (S)/Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing (S)/Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) (S)/Every Natural Thing (S)/Without Love (S)/With Everything I Feel In Me (S)/Mr. D.J. (5 For The D.J.) (S)/Look Into Your Heart (S)/Sparkle (S)/Rock With Me (S)/Break It To Me Gently (S)/Something He Can Feel (S)

R2/R4 71064 - Athens-Andover - Troggs [1992] Crazy Annie/Together/Tuned Into Love/Deja Vu/Nowhere Road/Dust Bowl/I'm In Control/Don't You Know/What's Your Game/Suspicious/Hot Stuff

R2/R4 71065 - Summer of Love 1: Tune In - Various Artists [1992] All tracks mono. San Francisco - Scott McKenzie/Reach Out Of The Darkness - Friend & Lover/Get Together - Youngbloods/The Flower Children - Marcia Strassman/Love Is All Around - Troggs/Groovin' - Young Rascals/The Rain The Park And Other Things - Cowsills/Up Up And Away - 5th Dimension/Windy - Association/Lazy Day - Spanky & Our Gang/59th Street Bridge Song - Harper's Bizarre/Groovy Summertime - Love Generation/Sunshine Girl - Parade/Neon Rainbow - Box Tops/King Midas In Reverse - Hollies/San Franciscan Nights - Eric Burdon & Animals

R2/R4 71066 - Summer of Love 2: Turn On - Various Artists [1992] I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) - Electric Prunes (M)/Incense And Peppermints - Strawberry Alarm Clock (M)/Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love In) - Chocolate Watch Band (M)/Epistle To Dippy -Donovan (M)/Renaissance Fair - Byrds (M)/Love Every Day - Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart (M)/The Beat Goes On - Sonny & Cher (M)/Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) - Hombres (M)/Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming to The Canyon) - Mamas & Papas (S)/Back On The Street Again - Sunshine Company (M)/Let's Live For Today - Grassroots (S)/That Acapulco Gold - Rainy Daze (M)/It's A Happening Thing - Peanut Butter Conspiracy (M)/My World Fell Down - Sagittarius (M, 45 version)/Six O'Clock - Lovin' Spoonful (S)/A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Procol Harum (M)

R4 71075 - Hap Palmer's Holiday Magic - Hap Palmer [1993] Cassette issue. Kid Rhino label. Jingle Bells-Jingle Song/Caroling, Caroling/The Angel Band/Merry Christmas Santa/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Chanukkah, Oh Chanukkah/Things I'm Thankful For/The Merry Hula/Feliz Navidad-Merry Christmas/The Baby's Carol/We Wish You A Merry Christmas

R4 71076 - Fun Rock! Kooky, Crazy, Classic Rock for Kids! - Various Artists [1993] Cassette issue. Kid Rhino label. Mr. Custer - Larry Verne/See You Later Alligator - Bill Haley & Comets/Surfin' Bird - Trashmen/The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Tokens/Name Game - Shirley Ellis/Alley-Oop - Hollywood Argyles/Green Tambourine - Lemon Pipers/Ahab The Arab - Ray Stevens/Simon Says - 1910 Fruitgum Co./Rockin' Robin - Bobby Day/Nashville Cats - Lovin' Spoonful/Mule Skinner Blues - Fendermen

R2/R4 71083 - Modern Acappella - Various Artists [1992] National Anthem - En Vogue/I Feel Good - Bobby McFerrin/Caravan Of Love - Housemartins/Spread Love - Take 6/Unomathemba - Ladysmith Black Mambazo/Silhouettes - Nylons/My Husband Was A Weatherman - Bobs/Papa-Oom- Mow-Mow - Persuasions/Mighty Love - Todd Rundgren/Leave It - Yes/Walk Like An Egyptian - Bangles/The Hallelujah Chorus - Roches [CD issue on R2 71083 has the following bonus tracks: Only You - Flying Pickets/Zombie Jamboree - Rockapella/Higher And Higher - Mint Juleps/Heaven - Longhouse]

R2/R4 71084 - You Don't Have to Be Jewish/When You're in Love the Whole World Is Jewish - Bob Booker & George Foster [1992] Reissue of two LPs on one CD. You Don't Have to Be Jewish: A Call From Long Island/Home From The Office/The Reading Of The Will/The Diamond/Quickies: The Astronaut-The School-The Confession/The Jury/The Presidents/The Cocktail Party/Final Discussion/More Quickies: Cry For Help-Panic-Two Husbands/The Convicts/The Housewarming/The Luncheon/Still More Quickies: The Storm-The Newspaper Reporter-The Home Remedy/Conversation In The Hotel Lobby/The Agony And The Ecstasy/My Son, The Captain/Secret Agent James Bondstein/Enough Already With The Quickies: Dinner-The Elevator-Classified Ad-Israeli Style/Goldstein; When You're In Love The Whole World Is Jewish: Would You Believe It?/The Hobby/My Husband, The Monster/The Ballad Of Irving/The Shoe Repair Shop/Divorce, Kosher Style/Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea/Things Might Have Been Different/A Call From Greenwich Village/The Great Bank Robbery/Discussion In The Airplane/Miami Beach/Schtick: The Traveler-The Panhandler-The Cemetery/The Kidnapping/The Bar Mitzvah/When You're In Love The Whole World Is Jewish

R2/R4 71085 - The Best of Betty Wright - Betty Wright [1992] Clean Up Woman/I'm Gettin' Tired Baby/It's Hard To Stop (Doing Something When It's Good To You)/Outside Woman/He's Bad Bad Bad/Baby Sitter/Ooola La/Pure Love/Let Me Be Your Lovemaker/When We Get Together Again/Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do/Slip And Do It/Cryin' In My Sleep/Secretary/Where Is The Love/Tonight Is The Night Pt. I (Rap) (45 edit)/Shoorah! Shoorah!/You Can't See For Lookin' (LP version)/Is It You Girl/Lovin' Is Really My Game (LP version)

R2/R4 71086 - The Best of Chic, Volume 2 - Chic [1992] Real People/Just Out Of Reach/Flash Back/Rebels Are We/What About Me/26/Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song)/Stage Fright/Hangin'/Give Me The Lovin'/At Last I Am Free/When You Love Someone/Your Love Is Cancelled/Believer/You Are Beautiful/You Can't Do It Alone/Tavern On The Green

R2/R4 71087 - Who's a Funkadelic? - Funkadelic [1992] Phunklords/You'll Like It Too/The Witch: Shade I: The Proclafunktion-Shade II: The Infunktation-Shade III: The Celefunktion/Connections And Disconnections/Come Back/Call The Doctor/Who's A Funkadelic

R2/R4 71088 - Golden Shower of Hits - Circle Jerks [1992] In Your Eyes/Parade Of The Horribles/Under The Gun/When The Shit Hits The Fan/Bad Words/Red Blanket Room/High Price On Our Heads/Coup D'Etat/Product Of My Environment/Rats Of Reality/Junk Mail/Golden Shower Of Hits (Jerks On 45) Medley: Along Comes Mary-Close To You-Afternoon Delight-Having My Baby-Love Will Keep Us Together-D-I-V-O-R-C-E

R2/R4 71089 - The Early Years, Volume 2 - Tom Waits [1993] Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You (M)/Ol' 55 (M, acoustic version different from WEA version)/Mockin' Bird (M)/In Between Love (M)/Blue Skies (M)/Nobody (M)/I Want You (M)/Shiver Me Timbers (S)/Grapefruit Moon (M)/Diamonds On My Windshield (S)/Please Call Me Baby (S)/So It Goes (M)/Old Shoes (M)

R2/R4 71090 - 50 Coastin' Classics - Coasters [1993] (2-CD Box Set) Disc 1: Robins: Riot In Cell Block #9/Wrap It Up/Framed/Whataya Want?/One Kiss/I Must Be Dreamin/The Hatchet Man/Just Like A Fool/Smokey Joe's Cafe; Coasters: Turtle Dovin'/Down In Mexico/One Kiss Led To Another [runs longer, doesn't really fade]/Brazil/Searchin'/Young Blood/Idol With The Golden Head/(When She Wants Good Lovin') My Baby Comes To Me/What Is The Secret Of Your Success?/Sweet Georgia Brown/Yakety Yak/Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart/The Shadow Knows/Sorry But I'm Gonna Have To Pass/Hey Sexy/Charlie Brown/Three Cool Cats; Disc 2: Along Came Jones/That Is Rock & Roll/I'm A Hog For You/Poison Ivy/What About Us/Run Red Run/Besame Mucho, Part 1/Stewball/Wake Me Shake Me/Shoppin' For Clothes/Thumbin' A Ride/Little Egypt (Ying-Yang)/Keep On Rolling/Girls Girls Girls, Part 2 [fast version]/Bad Blood [this is a different take from the stereo version on all previous stereo vinyls and CDs]/(Ain't That) Just Like Me/Teach Me How To Shimmy/The Slime [same backing track as "The Climb," but with a different vocal track]/Bad Detective/Hongry/Soul Pad/Down Home Girl/D.W. Washburn/Shake 'Em Up And Let 'Em Roll [with Jerry Leiber]


R2/R4 71092 - Living in Darkness - Agent Orange [1992] Bloodstains (Original Version)/Too Young To Die/Everything Turns Grey/Miserlou/The Last GoodBye/No Such Thing/A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad/Bloodstains (Darkness Version)/Living In Darkness/Pipeline/Breakdown/Mr. Moto/America/Bored Of You/El Dorado/Interview 1981

R2/R4 71093 - Better Days - Various Artists [1992] Rhino Special Editions label. A Beautiful Morning - Rascals (S)/Good Morning Starshine - Oliver (S)/The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) - Harpers Bizarre (M)/Daydream - Lovin' Spoonful (S)/Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - B.J. Thomas (S)/Lazy Day - Spanky And Our Gang (S)/Up-Up And Away - 5th Dimension (S)/Sunny - Bobby Hebb (M)/Happy Together - The Turtles (S)

R2/R4 71094 - Disco Hits, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1992] Rhino Special Editions label. The Hustle - Van McCoy/Rock Your Baby - George McCrae/Get Dancin' - Disco Tex & Sex-O- Lettes/Party Down - Little Beaver/Rockin' Chair - Gwen McCrae/Get Down Tonight - KC & Sunshine Band/More More More - Andrea True Connection/That's Where The Happy People Go - Trammps/Fly Robin Fly - Silver Connection/That's The Way (I Like It) - KC & Sunshine Band

R2/R4 71095 - Disco Hits, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1992] Rhino Special Editions label. (Shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty - KC & Sunshine Band/Disco Inferno - Trammps/Do What You Wanna Do - T Connection/Quiet Village - Ritchie Family/I'm Your Boogie Man - KC & Sunshine Band/Dance Dance Dance - Chic/Supernature - Cerrone/Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me - Peter Brown/Chattanooga Choo Choo - Tuxedo Junction

R2/R4 71096 - Disco Hits, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1992] Rhino Special Editions label. Le Freak - Chic/He's The Greatest Dancer - Sister Sledge/From East To West - Voyage/Get Off - Foxy/Ring My Bell - Anita Ward/Good Times - Chic/We Are Family - Sister Sledge/Please Don't Go - KC & Sunshine Band/Move On Up Up Up - Destination/Twilight Zone - Manhattan Transfer

R2/R4 71097 - The Best of Flo & Eddie - Flo & Eddie [1992] Goodbye Surprise/Feel Older Now/Nikki Hoi/Another Pop Star's Life/Just Another Town/Afterglow/You're A Lady/Marmendy Mill/Illegal, Immoral And Fattening/Rebecca/Let Me Make Love To You/Mama, Open Up/Keep It Warm/Moving Targets/This Could Be The Day/Getaway (Back To L.A.)

R2/R4 71098 - Mexican Power - Proper Dos [1992] They're At It Again/M.F.M./No Turning Back/Mexican Power/Aqui Para Frank V./Remember That Shit/One Summer Night/Kickin' Back/Firme Hina/Loked Out Latinos/Uno Ochenta Y Siete/Life Of A Gangster/First Day Of School/Hard Time

R2/R4 71099 - The Best of Rodney on the ROQ - Various Artists [1992] (Rodney is deejay Rodney Bingenheimer on KROQ in Los Angeles.) Spoken Word Introduction - Brooke Shields/I'm A Believer - Nina Hagen/Bloodstains - Agent Orange/Amoeba - Adolescents/Wild In The Streets - Circle Jerks/Pushin' Too Hard - Klan/Annette's Got The Hits - Redd Kross/Modern Machine - Crowd/You Make Me Feel Cheap - CH 3/Abolish Government-Silent Majority - T.S.O.L./Dead Heroes - Red Rockers/Preppy - J.F.A./Urban Struggle - Vandals/Are You Ready For The Sex Girls? - Gleaming Spires/The Kids Are Alright - Calamities/Private World - Dramarama/Bitchen Summer - Bangles/Miserlou - Agent Orange/Suicide Child - Nuns [CD issue on R2 71099 has the following bonus tracks: This Could Be The Night - Henry Diltz/Clean-Cut American Kid - Ill Repute/Barbie Doll Look - Sky Saxton/This City Of Vice - 39 Steps/The Outback - Rik L. Rik/This Is Goodbye - Characters

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