A&M Album Discography, Part 10
SP 5000-5099 (1984-1985)

By Patrice Eyries, Dave Edwards, & Mike Callahan
Last update: February 6, 2007

Tracks on each album are listed in the order they appear on the album. An asterisk (*) before the record number indicates we do not have information on the correct playing sequence of the tracks, and consequently they are listed in alphabetical order for that album.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

SP 5000 - Body And Soul - Joe Jackson [1984] (4-84, #20) The Verdict/Cha Cha Loco/Not here, Not Now/You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want)/Go For It//Loisaida/Happy Ending/Be My Number Two/Heart Of Ice

SP 5001 -

*SP 5002 - Man On The Line - Chris De Burgh [1984] (6-84, #69) Ecstasy Of Flight (I Love The Night)/Head And The Heart/High On Emotion/Man On The Line/Moonlight And Vodka/Much More Than This/Sight And Touch/Sound Of A Gun/Taking It To The Top/Transmission Ends

SP 5003 - Inside The Fire - Rita Coolidge [1984] Hit Me On The Loveside/Do You Believe In Love/I Can't Afford That Feeling Anymore/Games/Wishing Star//I'm Comin' Home/Something Said Love/Love From Tokyo/Survivor/Love Is Muddy Water

SP 5004 - In The Eye Of The Storm - Roger Hodgson [1984] (10-84, #46) Had A Dream (Sleeping With The Enemy)/In Jeopardy/Lovers In The Wind/Hooked On A Problem//Give Me Love, Give Me Life/I'm Not Afraid/Only Because Of You

SP 6-5005 - Action - Kiddo [1984]

SP 5006 - Desert Moon - Dennis DeYoung [1984] (10-84, #29) Don't Wait For Heroes/Please/Boys Will Be Boys/Fire//Desert Moon/Suspicious/Gravity/Dear Darling (I'll Be There)

SP 5007 - In Rock We Trust - Y&T [1984] (8-84, #46) Rock And Roll's Gonna Save The World/Life, Life, Life/Masters And Slaves/I'll Keep On Believin' (Do You Know)/Breakout Tonight!//Lipstick And Leather/Don't Stop Runnin'/(Your Love Is) Drivin' Me Crazy/She's A Liar/This Time

SP 5008 - The Flame - Annabel Lamb [1984] Sacraments Of Love/Hands Of The Hunter/Weapon Of Love/Dream Boy/What The Eye Sees//Things That I Fear/The Flame/So Lucky In Bed/Inside Of My Heart/Talking To Me

SP 5009 -

SP 5010 -

*SP 5011 - Bewitched - Andy Summers & Robert Fripp [1984] (10-84, #155) Begin The Day/Bewitched/Forgotten Steps/Guide/Image And Likeness/Maquillage/Parade/Train/Tribe/What Kind Of Man Reads Playboy

SP 5012 - Stoneage Romeos - Hoodoo Gurus [1984] I Want You Back/Tojo/Leilani/Arthur/Dig It Up//(Let's All) Turn On/Death Ship/In The Echo Chamber/Zanzibar/I Was A Kamikaze Pilot/My Girl

SP 5013 - Reckless - Bryan Adams [1984] (11-84, #1) One Night Love Affair/She's Only Happy When She's Dancin'/Run To You/Heaven/Somebody//Summer Of '69/Kids Wanna Rock/It's Only Love/Long Gone/Ain't Gonna Cry

SP 5014 - Brother Where You Bound - Supertramp [1984] (6-85, #21) Cannonball/Still In Love/No Inbetween/Better Days//Brother Where You Bound/Ever Open Door

SP 5015 - The Swimming Pool Q's - Swimming Pool Q's [1984] The Bells Ring/Pull Back My Spring/Purple River/The Knave/Some New Highway//Just Property/Silver Slippers/She's Bringing Down The Poison/Celestion/Sacrificial Altar

SP 5016 - Zazu - Rosie Vela [1986] Fool's Paradise/Magic Smile/Interlude/Tonto//Sunday/Taxi/2nd Emotion/Boxs/Zazu

*SP 5017 - Don't Stop - Jeffrey Osborne [1984] (11-84, #39) Crazy 'Bout Cha/Don't Stop/Hot Coals/Is It Right/Let Me Know/Live For Today/The Borderlines/The Power/You Can't Be Serious

SP 5018 -

*SP 5019 - As The Band Turns - Atlantic Starr [1985] (5-85, #17) Cool, Calm, Collected/Freak-A-Ristic/If Your Heart Isn't In It/In The Heat Of Passion/Let's Start It Over/One Love/Secret Lovers/Silver Shadow/Thank You

SP 5020 - Girls With Guns - Tommy Shaw [1984] (10-84, #50) Girls With Guns/Come In And Explain/Lonely School/Heads Up/Kiss Me Hello//Fading Away/Little Girl World/Outside In The Rain/Free To Love You/The Race Is On

SP 5021 -

SP 5022 - Bullish - Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass [1984] (8-84, #75) Bullish/Always Have A Dream (Pour Le Coeur, A Mon Pere)/Make A Wish/Maniac/Struttin' On Five/Love Without Words/Passion Play/Life Is My Song

SP 5023 - Far From The Hurting Kind - Tracie [1984] (I Love You) When You Sleep/Soul's On Fire/Nothing Happens Here But You/I Can't Hold On 'Till Summer/Dr. Love//Thank You/Moving Together/The House That Jack Built/What Did I Hear You Say/Far From The Hurting Kind

SP 6-5024 - Jesse Johnson's Revue - Jesse Johnson's Revue [1985] (3-85, #43) Be Your Man/I Want My Girl/She Won't Let Go/Just Too Much//Let's Have Some Fun/Can You Help Me/Special Love/She's A Doll

SP 5025 - Here's The World For Ya - Paul Hyde & Payolas [1985] (6-85, #144) Stuck In The Rain/You're The Only Love/It Won't Be You/Cruel Hearted Lovers/It Must Be Love//Little Boys/All That I Want/Here's The World/Rhythm Slaves/Never Leave This Place

*SP 5026 - A Day In The Life Of Captain Sensible - Captain Sensible [1984] Brenda (Pt. 1)/Brenda (Pt. 2)/Glad It's All Over/Happy Talk/I Love Her/I'm A Spider/It's Hard To Believe I'm Not/It Would Be So Nice/Martha The Mouth/There Are More Snakes Than Ladders/Wot

SP 5027 - Junk Culture - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark [1984] (11-84, #182) Junk Culture/Tesla Girls/Locomotion/Apollo/Never Turn Away//Love And Violence/Hard Way/All Wrapped Up/White Trash/Talking Loud And Clear

SP 5028 -

SP 5029 - Double Crossed - Jim Diamond [1985] Double Crossed/I Sleep Alone At Night/After The Fire/I Should Have Known Better/Stumblin' Over//New Generation/Co-Operation/She Is Woman/I'm Yours/Impossible Dream

SP 5030 - Hearts Of Fortune - Immaculate Fools [1985] Immaculate Fools (Acoustic Version)/Searching For Sparks/Nothing Means Nothing/Save It/Hearts Of Fortune/Immaculate Fools//What About Me?/I Feel/Counting On You/Day By Day/Waiting

SP 5031 -

SP 5032 -

SP 5033 - Geffery Morgan... - UB40 [1984] (11-84, #60) Riddle Me/As Always You Were Wrong Again/If It Happens Again/D.U.B./The Pillow//Nkomo A Go-Go (Instrumental)/Seasons/You're Not An Army/I'm Not Fooled So Easily/Your Eyes Were Open

*SP 5034 - Recurring Dream - Europeans [1984, U.K. issue only] Acid Rain/Burning Inside You/Don't Give Your Heart To Anybody/Home Town/Love Has Let Me Down/1001 Arguments/Writing For Survival/You Don't Want Me (In Your Life)

SP 5035 - Looking At You - Chaz Jankel [U.K. issue only] Issued in the U.S. as A&M SP 5050.

SP 5036 -

SP 5037 - Sleepless Nights - Alan Gorrie [1985] Up/Electric Between Us/Diary Of A Fool/That Kinda Girl/I Can Take It//The Girl Upstairs/Sleepless Nights/The Age Of Steam/In The Jungle

*SP 5038 - 2010 (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1985] (2-85, #173) Also Sprach Zarathustra/Bowman/Countdown/Earth/Earth Fallout/New Worlds (Theme)/Nova/Probe/Reactivating Discovery/Space/Space Linkup/2010 - Andy Summers/Visitation

SP 5039 -

*SP 5040 - Secret Secrets - Joan Armatrading [1985] (3-85, #73) Friends Not Lovers/Love By You/Moves/One Night/Persona Grata/Secret Secrets/Strange/Talking To The Wall/Temptation/Thinking Man

Gold Mountain GM 6-5041 - The Right to Rock - Keel [1985] (3-85, #99) Produced by Gene Simmons (of Kiss). The Right To Rock/Back To The City/Let 's Spend The Night Together/Easier Said Than Done/So Many Girls, So Little Time//Electric Love/Speed Demon/Get Down/You're The Victim (I'm The Crime)

Gold Mountain GM 6-5042 -

Gold Mountain GM 6-5043 -

SP 5044 - Without Walls - Michael Sembello [1986] What You Really Want/Last To Know/Funkabilly Swing/Is This The Way To Paradise/Burn It Up//Tear Down The Walls/Gravity (Special Dance Mix)/Wonder Where You Are/Dangerous

SP 5045 - The Breakfast Club (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1985] (3-85, #17) Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds/Fire In The Twilight - Wang Chung/We Are Not Alone - Karla DeVito/Heart Too Hot To Hold - Jesse Johnson & Stephanie Spruill/Waiting - Elizabeth Daily/Didn't I Tell You - Joyce Kennedy/I'm The Dude - Keith Forsey/Dream Montage - Gary Chang/The Reggae - Keith Forsey/Love Theme - Keith Forsey

SP 5046 - Boy Meets Girl - Boy Meets Girl [1985] (5-85, #76) Oh Girl/Don't Tell Me We Have Nothing/The Touch/Kissing, Falling, Flying/From Now On//Be My Baby/In Your Eyes/I Wish You Were Here/Pieces/Premonitions

SP 5047 -

SP 6-5048 - Wake 'Em Up In Tokyo - Karla Devito [1986] Money Can't Buy Love/Little America/The Hard Way/Whatever Will Be/Love I Can Taste//We Accelerate/Can't Change My Heart/Nobody Makes Me Crazy (Like You Do)/I Rocked The Boy/The Weakness In Me

SP 5049 -

SP 5050 - Looking at You - Chas Jankel [1985] Hard Music/Tonight's Our Music/Rhythm Of My Life/Little Eva/Eastern Light//Number One/Tell Me, Tell Me/Looking At You/The Boy On The Bridge/Love Rhythms

A&M/Word SP 5051 - Amy Grant - Amy Grant [1985] Recorded 1977. Beautiful Music/Mountain Top/Psalms 104/Old Man's Rubble/Brand New Start/Grape, Grape Joy/Walking In The Light/What A Difference/Father/I Know Better Now/The Lord Has A Will/On And On/He Gave Me A New Song

A&M/Word SP 5052 - My Father's Eyes - Amy Grant [1985] Father's Eyes/Faith Walkin' People/Always The Winner/Never Give You Up/Bridegroom/Lay Down/You Were There/O Sacred Head/All That I Need Is You/Fairytale/Giggle/There Will Never Be Another/Keep It On Going

A&M/Word SP 5053 - Never Alone - Amy Grant [1985] Look What Has Happened To Me/So Glad/Walking Away With You/Family/Don't Give Up On Me/That's The Day/If I Ever Have To Die/All I Ever Have To Be/It's A Miracle/Too Late/First Love/Say Once More

A&M/Word SP 5054 - Amy Grant in Concert - Amy Grant [1985] Beautiful Music/Giggle/Old Man's Rubble/Never Give You Up/Mimi's House/Father's Eyes/Faith Walkin' People/Walking Away With You/Mountain Top/All I Ever Have To Be/Singing A Love Song/Don't Give Up On Me

A&M/Word SP 5055 - Amy Grant in Concert, Vol. 2 - Amy Grant [1985]

A&M/Word SP 5056 - Age to Age - Amy Grant [1985]

*A&M/Word SP 5057 - A Christmas Album - Amy Grant [1985] (12-85, #5 Christmas charts, also charted 87-89, 91-92) Angels We Have Heard On High/Christmas Hymn/Christmas Song (Chesnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)/Emmanuel/Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/Heirlooms/Little Town/Love Has Come/Mighty Fortress/Preiset Dem Konig! (Praise The King)/Sleigh Ride/Winter Wonderland

A&M/Word SP 5058 - Straight Ahead - Amy Grant [1985] (4-85, #133) Where Do You Hide Your Heart/Jehovah/Angels/Straight Ahead/Thy Word/It's Not A Song/Open Arms/Doubly Good To You/Tomorrow/The Now And The Not Yet

A&M/Word SP 5059 -

A&M/Word SP 5060 - Unguarded - Amy Grant [1985] (6-85, #35) This album was issued with four different covers, each with a different pose from an Amy Grant photo shoot. The covers were coded with the letters W-O-R-D at the base of the spine of the record jacket. Above, from left, are the W, O, R, and D covers. Simulataneously issued on the Myrrh label, also with four covers. Love Of Another Kind/Find A Way/Everywhere I Go/I Love You/Stepping In Your Shoes//Fight/Wise Up/Who To Listen To/Sharayah/The Prodigal

A&M/Word SP 5061 - Petra - Petra [1985]

A&M/Word SP 5062 - Come and Join Us - Petra [1985]

A&M/Word SP 5063 - Washes Whiter Than... - Petra [1985]

A&M/Word SP 5064 - Never Say Die - Petra [1985]

A&M/Word SP 5065 - More Power to Ya - Petra [1985]

A&M/Word SP 5066 - Not of This World - Petra [1985]

A&M/Word SP 5067 - Beat the System - Petra [1985]

SP 5068 -

SP 5069 -

SP 5070 -

SP 5071 - Better Off Dead (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1985] With One Look (The Wildest Dream) - Rupert Hine/Arrested By You - Rupert Hine/Shine - Martin Ansell & Rupert Hine/Better Off Dead (Title Music) - Rupert Hine/Dancing In Isolation - Terri Nunn & Rupert Hine//Come To Your Rescue ' Thinkman/A Little Luck - E.G. Daily/The Falcon Beat (Instrumental) - Jamie West-Oram/One Way Love (Better Off Dead) - E.G. Daily/Race The K-12 (Instrumental) - Rupert Hine

*SP 5072 - Suzanne Vega - Suzanne Vega [1985] (6-85, #91)Cracking/Freeze Tag/Knight Moves/Marlene On The Wall/Neighborhood Girl/Queen And The Soldier/Small Blue/Some Journey/Straight Lines/Undertow

SP 5073 - Wanna Play Your Game! - Joyce Kennedy [1985] Too Much Smoke (Not Enuff Fire)/Do Me Right/Activate My Love/Never Let A Night Go By//Hold On (For Love's Sake)/Let Me Know (If Love's On Your Mind)/Oh/Wanna Play Your Game

SP 5074 -

SP 5075 - The Lost Weekend - Danny & Dusty [1985]

SP 5076 - Open Fire - Y&T [1985] (7-85, #70) Open Fire/Go For The Throat/25 Hours A Day/Rescue Me//Summertime Girls (Studio Version)/Forever/Barroom Boogie/I Believe In You

SP 5077 - Crush - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark [1985] (7-85, #38) So In Love/Secret/Bloc Bloc Bloc/Women III/Crush//88 Seconds In Greensboro/The Native Daughters Of The Golden West/La Femme Accident/Hold You/The Lights Are Going Out

SP 6-5078 - Ta Mara & The Seen - Ta Mara & The Seen [1985] Everybody Dance/Affecttion/Summertime Love/Lonely Heart//Thinking About You/Got To Have You/Long Cold Nights/Lonely Heart (Reprise)

SP 5079 - Down To Earth - The Jonzun Crew Featuring Michael Jonzun [1985] (reissue of Tommy Boy TBLP 1004) Tonight's The Night/We're Going All The Way/Lovin'/You Got The Lovin'//Mechanism/The Wizard Of Space/Time Is Running Out/Ugly Thing

SP 5080 - Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder - Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder [1985] Why Must The Show Go On?/In Transit (Instrumental)/Good-Bye Bad Times/Brand New Love (Take A Chance)/Valerie//Right Now/Together In Electric Dreams/Be My Lover Now/Shake It Up

SP 5081 - Wild Child - E.G. Daily [1986] Is Anybody Home?/Little Toy/Love In The Shadows/Just For You/Here There Rocky//Say It, Say It/Wild Child/Don't Let Them Take The Child Away/Waiting/Sunset People

SP 5082 - Wild Romance - Herb Alpert [1985] (8-85, #151) "8" Ball/Wild Romance/You Are The One/Lady Love/It's All For You/Catch Me/African Flame/Dancing In The Light/No Time For Time

SP 5083 -

*SP 5084 - The Rhythmatist - Stewart Copeland [1985] African Dream/Brazzaville/Coco/Franco/Gong Rock/Kemba/Koteka (Oh Bolilla)/Liberte/Samburu Sunset/Serengeti Long Walk

SP 5085 - Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti - Squeeze [1985] (9-85, #57) Big Beng/By Your Side/King George Street/I Learnt How To Play/Last Time Forever//No Place Like Home/Heartbreaking World/Hits Of The Year/Break My Heart/I Won't Ever Go Drinking Again (?)

SP 6-5086 - Unsophisticated Time - Marti Jones [1985] Lonely Is (As Lonely Does)/(If I Could) Walk Away/Show And Tell/Rhythm Of Shallow Breathing/Follow You All Over The World//Neverland/Hiding The Boy/Talk To Me/The Element Within Her/What Is Real/We'll All Be Gone

SP 5087 - A Walk Across The Rooftops - Blue Nile [1985] A Walk Across The Rooftops/Tinseltown In The Rain/From Rags To Riches//Stay/Easter Parade/Heatwave/Automobile Noise

SP 5088 - Undone - The Lucy Show [1985] Ephemeral (This Is No Heaven)/Resistance/Come Back To The Living/White Space/Wipe Out/Twister//Undone/Remain/Better On The Hard Side/Remembrances/Dream Days

Gold Mountain GM 5089 -

SP 6-5090 - Little Baggaridim - UB40 [1985] (8-85, #40) Don't Break My Heart/Hip Hip Lyrical Robot/I Got You Babe [with Chrissie Hynde]/Mi Spliff/One In Ten

SP 5091 -

SP 5092 - Once Upon A Time - Simple Minds [1985] (11-85, #10) Once Upon A Time/All The Things She Said/Ghost Dancing/Alive And Kicking/Oh Jungleland/I Wish You Were Here/Sanctify Yourself/Come A Long Way

SP 5093 -

*SP 5094 - Nomadic Sands - Lodgic [1985] Bringing Me Back/In The Cards/Linda Sue/Lonely Man/Nomadic Sands/Push So Hard/Red Light/Rise And Fall/Romance/Step Back

SP 5095 -

*SP 5096 - Mahvelous! - Billy Crystal [1985] (9-85, #65) Buddy Young Jr./Face/Fernando's Special Gift/Godammit, You... Bastard/Howard Cosell, Right There!/I Hate When That Happens/Live From The Bottom Line/Mind Of Its Own/Now!/Sammy For Africa/Where's Your Messiah Now?/You Look Marvelous

SP 5097 - What If - Tommy Shaw [1985] (10-85, #87) Jealousy/Remo's Theme (What If)/Reach For The Bottle/Friendly Advice/This Is Not A Test//See Me Now/True Confessions /Count On You/Nature Of The Beast/Bad Times

SP 5098 -

SP 5099 - Modern Marriage - Zummos [1985] 'Scusa Mi Please/An Obsession (Over You)/Do It Again/Nightmare/Please Stop Dancing//Fool For You/Leopards In love/Modern Marriage/Jaguar/No More Goodbyes

Thanks to Pieter Th. vanWingerden and Gert Nielsen.

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