A&M Album Discography, Part 11
SP 5100-5199 (1985-1988)

By Patrice Eyries, Dave Edwards, & Mike Callahan
Last update: February 6, 2007

Tracks on each album are listed in the order they appear on the album. An asterisk (*) before the record number indicates we do not have information on the correct playing sequence of the tracks, and consequently they are listed in alphabetical order for that album.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

GM 5100 -

SP 5101 - Down For The Count - Y&T [1985] (11-85, #91) In The Name Of Rock/All American Boy/Anytime At All/Anything For Money/Face Like An Angel//Summertime Girls (Studio Version)/Looks Like Trouble/Your Mama Don't Dance/Don't Tell Me What To Wear/Hands Of Time

*SP 5102 - Going Away - Al Green [1985] Be With Me Jesus/Building Up/Going Away/He Is The Light/I Feel Like Going On/Nearer My God To Thee/Power/True Love/You Brought The Sunshine

SP 5103 - Emotional - Jeffrey Osborne [1986] (6-86, #26) We Belong To Love/You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)/Soweto/In Your Eyes/Room With A View//Emotional/A Second Chance/Love's Not Ready/We Should Have Guessed/Come Midnight

SP 9-5104 - Lost In The Stars-The Music Of Kurt Weill - Various Artists [1985] Intro From Mahagonny Songspiel - Steve Weisberg/The Ballad Of Mac The Knife - Sting & Dominic Muldowney/The Cannon Song - Fowler Brothers With Stanard Ridgway/Ballad Of The Soldier's Wife - Marianne Faithfull & Chris Spedding/Johnny Johnson Medley (Overture-Johnny's Melody-Aggie's Sewing Machine) - Van Dyke Parks/Alabama Song - Ralph Schukett With Richard Butler, Bob Dorough, Ellen Shipley & John Petersen/Youkali Tango - Armadillo String Quartet/Der Kleine Leutnant Des Lieben Gottes (The Little Lieutenant Of Loving God) - John Zorn//September Song - Lou Reed/Lost In The Stars - Carla Bley With Phil Woods/What Keeps Mankind Alive? - Tom Waits/Surabaya Johnny - Dagmar Krause/Oh Heavenly Salvation - Mark Bingham With Johnny Adams & Aaron Neville/Call From The Grave-Ballad In Which Macheath Begs All Men For Forgiveness - Todd Rundgren With Gary Windo/Speak Low - Charlie Haden & Sharon Freeman/In No Man's Land - Van Dyke Parks

SP 5105 - Falco 3 - Falco [1986] (3-86, #3) Rock Me Amadeus (The Gold Mix)/America (The City Of Grinzing Version)/Tango In The Night (The Heart Mix)/Munich Girls (Just Another Paid One)/Jeanny (Sus-Mix-Spect Crime Version)//Vienna Calling (Wait For The Extended Mix)/Manner Des Westerns-Any Kind Of Land (Wilde Bube Version)/Nothin' Sweeter Than Arabia (The Relevant Madhouse Danceteria Jour-Fix-Mix)/Macho Macho (Sensible Boy's Song)/It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (No Mix)

SP 5106 - Control - Janet Jackson [1986] (3-86, #1) Control/Nasty/What Have You Done For Me Lately/You Can Be Mine//The Pleasure Principle/When I Think Of You/He Doesn't Know I'm Alive/Let's Wait Awhile/Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)

SP 5107 - Blue Tomorrow - Swimming Pool Q's [1986] Now I'm Talking About You/She's Lookin' Real Good (When She's Lookin')/Pretty On The Inside/Laredo Radio/Wreck Around//More Than One Heaven/Corruption/Blue Tomorrow/A Dream In Gray/Big Fat Tractor

SP 5108 - Feargal Sharkey - Feargal Sharkey [1985] (3-86, #75) A Good Heart/You Little Thief/Ghost Train/Ashes And Diamonds/Made To Measure//Someone To Somebody/Don't Leave It To Nature/Love And Hate/Bitter Man/It's All Over Now

SP 5109 - Back To The World - Dennis DeYoung [1986] (3-86, #108) This Is The Time/Warning Shot/Call Me/Unanswered Prayers//Black Wall/Southbound Ryan/I'll Get Lucky/Person To Person

SP 6 5110 - The Search Is Over - Tramaine [1986] Heaven's Gate (Interlude)/Fall Down/Child Of The King/In The Morning Time/With All Of My Heart//How I Got Over The Search Is Over/Everybody Ought To Know/I Know Him

SP 5111 - Money Isn't Everything - Michael Jonzun [1986]

SP 5112 - Hai Hai - Roger Hodgson [1987] (10-87, #163) Right Place/My Magazine/London/You Make Me Love You/Hai Hai//Who's Afraid?/Desert Love/Land Ho/House On The Corner/Puppet Dance

SP 5113 -Pretty In Pink (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1986] (3-86, #5) Also reissued as SP 3901. If You Leave - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark/Left Of Center - Suzanne Vega Featuring Joe Jackson/Get To Know Ya - Jesse Johnson/Do Wot You Do - Inxs/Pretty In Pink - Psychedelic Furs//Shell-Shock - New Order/Round, Round - Belouis Some/Wouldn't It Be Good - Danny Hutton Hitters/Bring On The Dancing Horses - Echo & The Bunnymen/Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want - Smiths

SP 6-5114 - Talking In Code - Glen Burtnick [1986] Crank It Up/Talking In Code/Little Red Clouds/Perfect World/Hole In My Pocket//Brave Hearts/Hold Back The Night/Talk That Talk/Heart On The Line/We're Alright

SP 5115 - Strength In Numbers - .38 Special [1986] (5-86, #17) Somebody Like You/Like No Other Night/Last Time/Once In A Lifetime/Just A Little Love//Has There Ever Been A Good Goodbye/One In A Million/Heart's On Fire/Against The Night/Never Give An Inch

SP 5116 -

SP 5117 -

At this point, the label changes from the silver label to the black label.

SP 5118 - Vesta - Vesta Williams [1986] Something About You/Sweet Thang/Don't Blow A Good Thing/Get Out Of My Life/I Can Make Your Dreams Come True/Suddenly It's Magic//My Heart Is Yours/You Make Me Want To (Love Again)/It's You/Don't Let Me Down/Once Bitten Twice Shy

*SP 5119 - Echo Park (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1985] Chase Scene/Give And Take/Imagination/Immortal Strut/My Eyes Have Seen/Need/She's About A Mover/Tomorrow's Gonna Be/Twice As Hard/Wild Roses

SP 5120 - The Lines Are Open - Arrows [1985] Heart Of The City/Talk Talk/Bad Reputation/Tell It To My Heart/Wild One//I Told You So/Chains/I Can't Let Go/Hampton Avenue

SP 5121 - Into The Light - Chris De Burgh [1986] (9-86, #25) Last Night/Fire On The Water/The Ballroom Of Romance/The Lady In Red/Say Goodbye To It All//The Spirit Of Man/Fatal Hesitation/One Word (Straight To The Heart)/For Rosanna/The Leader/The Vision/What About Me?

SP 5122 - Shockadelica - Jesse Johnson [1986] (10-86, #70) Change Your Mind/Crazay [with Sly Stone]/Baby Let's Kiss/A Better Way/Do Yourself A Favor//She (I Can't Resist)/Addicttion/Tonight/Burn You Up/Black In America

SP 6-5123 - Suburbs - Suburbs [1986] Superlove/Heart Of Gold/Every Night's A Friday Night/Never Stop (To Say Goodbye)//America Sings The Blues/#9/Like Is Like/Want That Girl

SP 5124 - Bricklin - Bricklin [1986]

SP 5125 - Keep Your Eye On Me - Herb Alpert [1987] (4-87, #18) Keep Your Eye On Me/Hot Shot/Diamonds/Trafic Jam/Cat Man Do//Pillow/Our Song/Making Love In The Rain/Rocket To The Moon/Stranger On The Shore

SP 5126 -

SP 5127 - The Lover Speaks - Lover Speaks [1986] Every Lover's Sign/No More I Love You's/Never To Forget You/Face Me And Smile/Absent One//Love Is: I Gave You Everything/This Can't Go On!/Still Faking This Art Of Love/Tremble Dancing/Of Tears

SP 5128 - Discovery - Shanice Wilson [1987] (11-87, #149) I Think I Love You/No Steppin'/(Baby Tell Me) Can You Dance/Spend Some Time With Me//He's So Cute/I'll Bet She's Got A Boyfriend/Do I Know You/Just A Game/The Way You Love Me

SP 5129 - Crash - Human League [1986] (10-86, #24) Money/Swang/Human/Jam/Are You Ever Coming Back?//I Need Your Loving/Party/Love On The Run/The Real Thing/Love Is All That Matters

SP 5130 - Sleight Of Hand - Joan Armatrading [1986] (7-86, #68) Kind Words (And A Real Good Heart)/Killing Time/Reach Out/Angel Man/Laurel And The Rose//One More Chance/Russian Roulette/Jesse/Figure Of Speech/Don Juan

SP 5131 -

SP 5132 -

SP 5133 - Blue - Double [1986] (7-86, #30) Woman Of The World/I Know A Place/The Captain Of Her Heart/Your Prayer Takes Me Off//Rangoon Moon/Urban Nomads/Love Is A Plane/Tomorrow

SP 5134 - Boomtown - David & David [1986] (8-86, #39) Welcome To The Boomtown/Swallowed By The Cracks/Ain't So Easy/Being Alone Together//A Rock For The Forgotten/River's Gonna Rise/Swimming In The Ocean/All Alone In The Big City/Heroes

SP 5135 - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '86 - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '86 [1986]

SP 5136 - Solitude Standing - Suzanne Vega [1987] (5-87, #11) Tom's Diner/Luka/Ironbound-Fancy Poultry/In The Eye/Night Vision//Solitude Standing/Calypso/Language/Gypsy/Wooden Horse (Caspar Hauser's Song)/Tom's Diner (Reprise)

SP 5137 - Rat In The Kitchen - UB40 [1986] (8-86, #53) All I Want To Do/You Could Meet Somebody/Tell It Like It Is/The Elevator/Watchdogs Of The Night//Rat In Me Kitchen/Looking Down At My Reflection/Don't Blame Me/Sing Our Own Song

SP 5138 - Match Game - Marti Jones [1986] We're Doing Alright/Chance Of A Lifetime/Be Myself Again/Just A Memory/Touch Tone/Foolish Lies//Inside These Arms/Whenever You're On My Mind/Crusher/It's Too Late/Soon I Will Be Gone/Soul Love

SP 5139 -

SP 5140 - Wah! Wah! - Quick [1986] Adventures Tonight/Down The Wire/We Can Learn From This/Cry Baby/Poise//I Needed You, You Needed Me/The Big Decision/Last Victim/Sharon/Bed Of Nails

SP 5141 - Secret Lovers: The Best Of Atlantic Starr - Atlantic Starr [1986] Circles/Silver Shadow/Send For Me/Secret Lovers/Love Me Down/Stand Up//When Love Calls/Am I Dreaming?/Touch A Four Leaf Clover/One Love/Gimme Your Lovin'/If Your Heart Isn't In It

SP 5142 -

A&M/Word SP 5143 - Back to the Street - Petra [1986] Back To The Street/You Are I Am/Shakin The House/King's Ransom/Whole World//Another Crossroad/Run For Cover/Fool's Gold/Altar Ego/Thankful Heart

SP 5144 - The Pacific Age - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark [1986] (10-86, #47) Stay (The Black Rose And The Universal Wheel)/(Forever) Live And Die/The Pacific Age/The Dead Girls/Shame//Southern/Flame Of Hope/Goddess Of Love/We Love You/Watch Us Fall

SP 5145 - Blah-Blah-Blah - Iggy Pop [1986] (10-86, #75) Real Wild Child (Wild One)/Baby, It Can't Fall/Shades/Fire Girl/Isolation//Cry For Love/Blah-Blah-Blah/Hideaway/Winners And Losers

SP 5146 -

SP 5147 -

SP 5148 - What Price Paradise - China Crisis [1986] (3-87, #114) It's Everything/Arizona Sky/Safe As Houses/Worlds Apart/Hampton Beach//The Understudy/Best Kept Secret/We Do The Same/June Bride/A Day's Work For The Dayo's Done

SP 5149 - Bedrock Vice - Thrashing Doves [1987] Beautiful Imbalance/Matchstick Flotilla/The Grinding Stone/Killer For You/Rochdale House//Biba's Basement/Castroville Street/Magdalena/Tinderbox Man/Northern Civil War Party/Jesus On The Payroll

SP 5150 - Soul Survivor - Al Green [1987] Everything's Gonna Be Alright/Jesus Will Fix It/You Know And I Know/Yield Not To Temptation/So Real To Me/Introduction-Soul Survivor//Soul Survivor/You've Got A Friend (Al Green & Billy Preston)/He Ain't Heavy/23rd Psalm

SP 5151 - Dumb Poet - Immaculate Fools [1987] Never Give Less Than Everything/Tragic Comedy/One Minute/Dumb Poet/So Much Here//Wish You Were Here/Don't Drive The Hope From My Heart/Pretty Size Now/Stay Away

SP 5152 -

SP 5153 - Blueberry Gossip - Ta Mara & Seen [1987] Blueberry Gossip/Excite My Life/Betcha She Don't Want You/True Ecstasy/Captured By Your Spell//Tuff Girl/Everyday People/I Saved My Love/Gone In Love/Tears

SP 5154 - The Right Night And Barry White - Barry White [1987] (11-87, #159) Sho' You Right/For Your Love (I'll Do Most Anything)/There's A Place (Where Love Never Ends)/Love Is In Your Eyes/Theme//The Right Night/I'm Ready For Love/Theme/Share/Who's The Fool

SP 5155 -

SP 5156 - Electricity - Paul Janz [1987] One Night (Is All It Takes)/Electricity/I Won't Cry/We Touch/I'll Be Your Eyes/Send Me A Miracle//Believe In Me/I Go To Pieces/Angel/Alien/One Last Lie

*SP 5157 - Gossip - Paul Kelly & Messengers [1987] Before The Old Man Dies/Before Too Long/Darling It Hurts/Don't Harm The Messenger/Execution/Incident In South Dowling/Last Train To Heaven/Leaps And Bounds/Look So Fine, Feel So Low/Somebody's Forgetting Somebody (Somebody's Letting Somebody Down)/Stories Of Me/Tighten Up

SP 5158 - Bring The Family - John Hiatt [1987] (7-87, #107) Memphis In The Meantime/Alone In The Dark/Thing Called Love/Lipstick Sunset/Have A Little Faith In Me//Thank You Girl/Tip Of My Tongue/Your Dad Did/Stood Up/Learning How To Love You

SP 5159 -

SP 6-5160 - Maria Vidal - Maria Vidal [1987] Bridges Of Innocence/The Real Feel/Do Me Right/I Am A Girl In Spain/House Of Love//Angel (In The Sway Of Those Summer Nights)/Soul Love/Sleep Won't Come/Make Believe/Life On The Train

SP 5161 - Babylon And On - Squeeze [1987] (10-87, #36) Hourglass/Footprints In The Frost/Tough Love/The Prisoner/853-5937/In Today's Room//Trust Me To Open My Mouth/Striking Matches/Cigarette Of A Single Man/Who Are You?/The Waiting Game/Some Americans

SP 5162 - Kickin' - Brothers Johnson [1988] Kick It To The Curb/Real Love/I Fresh/Still In Love/P.O. Box 2000 (Instrumental)//Ball Of Fire/We Must Be In Love/I'll Give It Up/This Is Our Love/Party Avenue

SP 5163 - All That Jazz - Breathe [1988] (6-88, #34) Jonah/All That Jazz/Monday Morning Blues/Hands To Heaven/All This I Should Have Known//Any Trick/Liberties Of love/Won't You Come Back?/For Love Or Money/How Can I Fall?

SP 5164 - Strong - John Adams [1987] Strip This Heart/Passion/Strong/Stranger Than Love/Message To Rudi//What Do You Want From Me/No Turning Back/Don't You Think It's Time/Someone To Believe In/Hold Back The Tears

SP 5165 - Wonderful Life - Black [1987] Wonderful Life/Everything's Coming Up Roses/Sometimes For The Asking/Finder/Paradise//I'm Not Afraid/I Just Grew Tired/Blue/Just Making Memories/Sweetest Smile

*SP 5166 - Heroes And Zeroes - Glen Burtnick [1987] (10-87, #147) Abalene/Day Your Ship Gets Thru/Follow You/Heard It On The Radio/Here Comes Sally/Love Goes On/Scattered/Spinning My Wheels/Stupid Boys (Suckers For Love)/Walls Came Down

SP 5167 - Freedom - Tramaine [1987] Freedom/The Rock/I Belong To You/Love Is Blind//Daniel/You And Only You/Just In The Nick Of Time/Power

SP 5168 - UB40 CCCP-Live In Moskow - UB40 [1987] (8-87, #121) All I Want To Do/Cherry Oh Baby/Keep On Moving/Watchdogs/Don't Blame Me/Tell It Like It Is/Please Don't Make Me Cry//Johnny Too Bad/I Got You Babe/Don't Break My Heart/If It Happens Again/Rat In Mi Kitchen/Sing Our Own Song

SP 5169 -

SP 5170 -

SP 5171 -

SP 5172 - An Old-Fashioned Christmas - Carpenters [1987] Reissue of A&M SP 3270; record says SP 3270 while jacket says SP 5172.

*SP 5173 - Christmas Portrait-The Special Edition - Carpenters [1987] Angels We Have Heard On High/Ave Maria/Carol Of The Bells/Christ Is Born/Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)/Christmas Waltz/First Noel/Frosty The Snowman/Gesu Bambino/Good King Wenceslas/Happy Holiday/Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas/Here Comes Santa Claus/Home For The Holidays/I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/I'll Be Home For Christmas/In Dulce Jubilo/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/It's Christmas Time/Little Altar Boy/Little Jesus/March Of The Toys/Merry Christmas Darling/Nutcracker Medley/O Holy Night/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town/Silent Night/Silver Bells/Sleigh Ride/White Christmas/Winter Wonderland

SP 5174 - The Royal Court Of China - Royal Court Of China [1987] It's All Changed/The Last Day/Do You Feel The Same/Tye/Trapped In Waikiki//Forget It/Hope/Tell Me Lies/My Babylon/Townsend, TN/Man In Black

SP 5175 - Union - Toni Childs [1988] (6-88, #63) Don't Walk Away/Walk And Talk Like Angels/Stop Your Fussin'/Dreamer/Let The Rain Come Down//Zimbabwae/Hush/Tin Drum/Where's The Ocean

SP 5176 -

SP 5177 -

SP 5178 - Get Here - Brenda Russell [1988] (3-88, #49) Gravity/Just A Believer/Piano In The Dark/This Time I Need You//Make My Day/Le Restaurant (Featuring David Sanborn)/Midnight Eyes/Get Here

SP 5179 -

SP 6-5180 - It's Alright - Chris Stamey [1987] Cara Lee/From The Word Go/When We're Alone/The Seduction/It's Alright/Big Time//Of Time And All She Brings To Mind/In The Dark/If You Hear My Voice/27 Years In A Single Day/Incredible Happiness

SP 5181 - Free As A Bird - Supertramp [1987] (10-87, #101) It's Alright/Not The Moment/It Doesn't Matter/Where I Stand/Free As A Bird//I'm Beggin' You/You Never Can Tell With Friends/Thing For You/An Awful Thing To Waste

SP 5182 - Globe Of Frogs - Robyn Hitchcock & Egyptians [1988] (3-88, #111) Tropical Fresh Mandala/Vibrating/Balloon Man/Luminous Rose/Sleeping With Your Devil Mask//Unsettled/Chinese Bones/A Globe Of Frogs/The Shape Between Us Turn Into Animals/Flesh Number One (Beatle Dennis)

SP 5183 -

SP 5184 - Wrong House - Cinema [1988] Put You In My Pocket/Wrong House/New Girl Now/Everybody Get Restless/Who's Gonna Tell//Cinema 6/Ribbon Street/Hold This Line/Don't Scare Me/Before The Moment Goes By

SP 5185 - Bonk - Big Pig [1988] (3-88, #93) Iron Lung/Hungry Town/Tin Drum/I Can't Break Away/Big Hotel//Nation/Charlie/Fine Thing/Money God/Devil's Song

SP 5186 - The Best Of OMD - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark [1988] (3-88, #46) Electricity/Messages/Enola Gay/Souvenir/Joan Of Arc/Maid Of Orleans/Talking Loud And Clear//Tesla Girls/Locomotion/So In Love/Secret/If You Leave/Forever Live And Die/Dreaming

SP 5187 - Think Out Loud - Think Out Loud [1988]

SP 5188 - Every Shade Of Love - Jesse Johnson [1988] (4-88, #79) Love Struck/No Misunderstood/I'm The One/Color Shock//Every Shade Of Love/Everybody Wants Somebody To Love/I'm Just Wanting You/Stop-Look-Listen

SP 5189 - Imperiet - Imperiet [1988]

SP 5190 - The Book Of Pride - Giant Steps [1988] (11-88, #184) Steamy/(The World Don't Need) Another Lover/Into You/Golden Hours (Bone)/Do You Still Care//Same Planet Different World/The Book Of Pride/End Of The War/Dance Away/Dream Wonderful

SP 5191 -

SP 5192 -

SP 5193 -

SP 5194 -

SP 5195 - Stop! - Sam Brown [1988] Walking Back To Me/Your Love Is All/Stop/It Makes Me Wonder/This Feeling/Tea//Piece Of My Luck/Ball And Chain/Wrap Me Up/I'll Be In Love/Merry Go Round/Sometimes You Just Don't Know

SP 5196 - Free To Be... A Family: Marlo Thomas & Friends - Various Artists [1988] And Superboy Makes 3 - Christopher Reeve, Elaine May & Mike Nichols/And That's The Truth (Pt. 1) - Lily Tomlin/And That's The Truth (Pt. 2) - Lily Tomlin/Another Cinderella - Marlo Thomas, Bea Arthur & Jane Curtin/Boy Meets Girl' Again - Mel Brooks & Marlo Thomas/Crowded Tub - Gilda Radner/Doris Knows Everything - Whoopi Goldberg/Free To Be' A Family - The Melody Makers/Friendly Neighborhood/I'm Never Afraid (To Say What's On My Mind) - Bonnie Raitt/It's Not My Fault - Soul Asylum/Jimmy Says - Pat Benatar/On My Pond - Kermit The Frog & The Muppets/Some Things Don't Make Any Sense At All - Steve Martin/Something For Everyone - Marlo Thomas, Kermit The Frog & The Muppets/Thank Someone - Amy Grant & John Hiatt/The Day Dad Made Toast - Robin Williams/The Stupid Song - Ladysmith Black Mambazo/The Turn Of The Tide - Carly Simon/Yourself Belongs To You - The Fat Boys

SP 5197 - Hang Time - Soul Asylum [1988] Down On Up To Me/Little Too Clean/Sometime To Return/Cartoon/Beggars And Choosers/Endless Farewell//Standing In The Doorway/Marionette/Ode/Jack Of All Trades/Twiddly Dee/Heavy Rotation

SP 5198 - Instinct - Iggy Pop [1988] (7-88, #110) Cold Metal/High On You/Strong Girl/Tom Tom/Easy Rider//Power And Freedom/Lowdown/Instinct/Tuff Baby/Squarehead

SP 5199 - Lead Me On - Amy Grant [1988] (7-88, #71) 1974/Lead Me On/Shadows/Saved By Love/Faithless Heart//What About The Love/If These Walls Could Speak/All Right/Sure Enough/Say Once More

Thanks to Rich Wong, Magnus Dahl, and Gert Nielsen.

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