A&M Album Discography, Part 13
SP 5300-5403 (1990-1992)

By Patrice Eyries, Dave Edwards, & Mike Callahan
Last update: February 6, 2007

Tracks on each album are listed in the order they appear on the album. An asterisk (*) before the record number indicates we do not have information on the correct playing sequence of the tracks, and consequently they are listed in alphabetical order for that album.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents









75021-5308-1 - Blues Traveler - Blues Traveler [1991] (3-91, #136) But Anyway/Gina/Mulling It Over/100 Years/Dropping Some NYC/Crystal Flame/Slow Change/Warmer Days/Gotta Get Mean/Alone/Sweet Talking Hippie

75021-5309-2 - The Best of '81 to '85 - Y&T [1991] Compact disc issue. From The Moon/Open Fire/Hurricane/Mean Streak/Rescue Me/Black Tiger/Dirty Girl/Forever/Midnight In Tokyo/Hang 'Em High/Lipstick And Leather/Summertime Girls/Beautiful Dreamer/25 Hours A Day/Barroom Boogie/I Believe In You

75021-5310-1 - Stolen Moments - John Hiatt [1990] (7-90, #61) Real Fine Love/Sweet Little Indians/Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder/Back Of My Mind/Stolen Moments/Bring Back Your Love To Me//The Rest Of The Dream/Thirty Years Of Tears/Rock Back Billy/Listening To Old Voices/Through Your Hands/One Kiss


75021-5312-1 - Brother's Keeper - Neville Brothers [1990] (8-90, #60) Brother Blood/Brother Jake/Steer Me Right/Fearless/Sons And Daughters/Fallin' Rain//Jah Love/River Of Life/Witness/My Brother's Keeper/Sons And Daughters (Reprise)/Mystery Bird/Bird On A Wire

75021-5313-1 - Extreme II-Pornograffitti - Extreme [1990] (8-90, #10) Decadence Dance/Li'l Jack Horny/When I'm President/Get The Funk Out/More Than Words/Money (In God We Trust)//It ('s A Monster)/Pornograffitti/When I First Kissed You/Suzi (Wants Her All Day What?)/He-Man Woman Later/Song For Love



75021-5316-1 - Romantic? - Human League [1990] Kiss The Future/A Doorway?/Heart Like A Wheel/Men Are Dreamers/Mister Moon And Mister Sun//Soundtrack To A Generation/Rebound/The Stars Are Going Out/Let's Get Together Again/Get It Right This Time


75021-5318-1 - Soul Asylum and the Horse They Rode in On - Soul Asylum [1990] Spinnin'/Bitter Pill/Veil Of Tears/Nice Guys (Don't Get Paid)/Something Out Of Nothing/Gullible's Travels//Brand New Shine/Easy Street/Grounded/Be On My Way/We 3/All The King's Friends

75021-5319-1 - Crazy Rhythms - Feelies [1990] CD & cassette only. The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness/Fa C-La/Loveless Love/Forces At Work//Original Love/Everybody's Got Something To Hide (Except Me And My Monkey)/Moskow Nights/Raised Eyebrows/Crazy Rhythms

75021-5320-2 - Peace Of Mind - Breathe [1990] (9-90, #116) CD issue only. I Hear You're Doing Fine/Say A Prayer/Does She Love That Man?/Mississippi Water/Will The Circle Be Unbroken?/Woman/Got To Get By/Say Hello/Where Angels Fear/Without Your Love/A Perfect Love/Say A Prayer (Remix)

75021-5321-1 - Heart In Motion - Amy Grant [1991] (3-91, #10) Good For Me/Baby Baby/Every Heartbeat/That's What Love Is For/Ask Me/Galileo//You're Not Alone/Hats/I Will Remember You/How Can We See That Far/Hope Set High

75021-5322-1 - Every Dog Has Her Day - Denise Lopez [1991] Don't You Wanna Be Mine/Communicate/Causa U/Land Of The Living/Love Come Down//It's Just My Heart That's Breakin/Loving You A To Z/I Want U 2 Know/Layin' Down The Law/Everlasting Love

*75021-5323-1 - Multikulti - Don Cherry [1990] Birdboy/Dedication To Thomas Mapfumo/Divinity-Tree/Flute/Melodica/Multikulti Soothsayer/Multikulti Soothsayer Player/Pettiford Bridge/Piano-Trumpet/Rhumba Multikulti/Trumpet/Until The Rain Comes


75021-5325-2 - F.U.N. '90 - Mekons [1990] CD only. Makes No Difference/Having A Party/Sheffield Park//One Horse Town/Hashish In Marseilles (Tony Biker Reads Walter Benjamin)/One Horse Dub


75021-5327-1 - Edge Of The Century - Styx [1990] (10-90, #63) Love Is The Ritual/Show Me The Way/Edge Of The Century/Love At First Sight/All In A Day's Work//Not Dead Yet/World Tonite/Carrie Ann/Homewrecker/Back To Chicago




75021-5331-1 - Try My Love - Wooten Brothers [1990] Try My Love/Friendz/Tell Me/We Could Be Together/I'll Wait//I'd Rather Be With You/Closer (Never Too Close) (With Jenny Douglas McCrae)/Looks/Physical Contact/Love Or Lust

75021-5332-2 - Live at the Knitting Factory, Vol. 4 - Various Artists [1990] CD & cassette only. Rai-Hop - Ned Rothenberg Double Band/Freight Train - The Universal Congress Of/The Sprawl - Last Exit/Strom - Iva Bittova & Pavel Fajt/Erghen Diado - Framework/Cave Man - Spanish Fly/Jersey Devil - Miniature/Fast Forward - X Legged Sally/1990 - Bob Holman/Farm Life - New & Used






75021-5338-1 - Dangerous - Andy Taylor [1990] Don't Believe A Word/Stone Cold Sober/Feel Like Making Love/Lola/Space Station No.5//Sympathy For The Devil/Mustang Sally/Violence/Cocaine/Live Wire

*75021-5339-1 - Jam Harder: The A&M Undergorund Dance Compilation - Various Artists [1990] (12-90, #131) CD & cassette only. Coming Back For More (Back off Girl) - L.A. Mix Featuring Problem Child/Feel The Rhythm - Jazzi P/Got 2 Be Free - New Life/Groove Me - Seduction/Hip House Party - Overweight Pooch/I'm The One - Steve Harvey/Tom's Diner - DNA Featuring Suzanne Vega/Won't Stop Loving You - A Certain Ratio





75021-5344-1 - Time For A Witness - Feelies [1991] Waiting/Time For A Witness/Sooner Or Later/Find A Way/Decide//Doin' It Again/Invitation/For Now/What She Said/Real Cool Time

75021-5345-1 - North on South St. - Herb Alpert [1991] Jump Street/It's The Last Dance/Passion Lady/North On South Street/Paradise 25//Na Na Na/Funky Reggae/Where's Tommy?/City Terrace/I Can't Stop Thinking About You

75021-5346-1 - Slinky - Milltown Brothers [1991] Apple Green/Here I Stand/Sally Ann/Which Way Should I Jump?/Nationality//Never Come Down Again/Something Cheap/Seems To Me/Sandman/Real

*75021-5347-1 - Special - Vesta [Williams] [1991] Can't Get Enough Of Your Love/Compassion/Do Ya/Don't Trip/I Don't Wanna Cry Anymore/I Promise Love/Person To Person/Special/Thank You For The Chance/The Rib Joint/TLC/Where Does The Love Go'



75021-5350-1 - Temple of the Dog - Temple of the Dog [1991] (6-92, #5) Say Hello 2 Heaven/Reach Down/Hunger Strike/Pushin Toward Back/Call Me A Dog//Times Of Trouble/Wooden Jesus/Your Saviour/Four Walled World/All Night Thing


From this point, CD numbers are used unless a vinyl release is certain.

75021-5352-2 - Real Life - Simple Minds [1991] (5-91, #74) Real Life/See The Lights/Let There Be Love/Woman/Stand By Love//African Skies/Let The Children Speak/Ghostrider/Banging On The Door/Travelling Man/Rivers Of Ice/When Two Worlds Collide


*75021-5354-2 - Warm Your Heart - Aaron Neville [1991] (6-91, #44) Angola Bound/Ave Maria/Close Your Eyes/Don't Go Please Stay/Everybody Plays The Fool/I Big You Goodnight/It Feels Like Rain/La Vie Dansante/Louisiana 1927/Somewhere, Somebody/That's The Way She Loves/Wram Your Heart/With You In Mind



75021-5357-2 - Home Again - David Wilcox [1991] Advertising Man/Burgundy Heart-Shaped Medallion/Chet Baker's Unsung Swan Song/Covert War/Distant Water/Farther To Fall/Last Chance Waltz/Let Them In/Mighty Ocean/She's Just Dancing/Top Of The Roller Coaster/Wildberry Pie/(You Were) Going Somewhere

75021-5358-2 - House Of Hope - Toni Childs [1991] (7-91, #115) I've Got To Go Now/Next To You/House Of Hope/Daddy's Song/Heaven's Gate//The Dead Are Dancing/I Want To Walk With You/Where's The Light/Put This Fire Out/Three Ways


75021-5360-1 - Blood from Stone - Dare [1991] Wings Of Fire/We Don't Need A Reason/Surrender/Chains/Lies//Live To Fight Another Day/Cry Wolf/Breakout/Wild Heart/Real Love




75021-5364-2 - Imagine It - One 2 One [1992]



75021-5367-2 - Waking Up the Neighbours - Bryan Adams [1991] (10-91, #6) (2 LP set or one CD) Is Your Mama Gonna Miss Ya?/Hey Honey-I'm Packin' You In!/Can't Stop This Thing We Started/Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven//Not Guilty/Vanishing/House Arrest/Do I Have To Say The Words?//There Will Never Be Another Tonight/All I Want Is You/Depend On Me/(Everything I Do) I Do It For You//If You Wanna Leave Me (Can I Come Too?)/Touch The Hand/Don't Drop That Bomb On Me

75021-5368-2 - Perspex Island - Robyn Hitchcock & Egyptians [1991] Oceanside/So You Think You're In Love/Birds In Perspex/Ultra Unbelievable Love/Vegetation And Dimes/Lysander/Child Of The Universe/She Doesn't Exist/Ride/If You Go Away/Earthly Paradise

75021-5369-2 - Up and Crumbling - Gin Blossoms [1991] Allison Road/Angels Tonight/Just South Of Nowhere/Keli Richards/Mrs. Rita

75021-5370-2 - Fountain of Youth - Wendy Maharry [1991]

*75021-5371-2 - Wild America - Tora Tora [1992] (6-92, #132) Amnesia/As Time Goes By/City Of Kings/Cold Fever/Dead Man's Hand/Dirty Secrets/Faith Healer/Lay Your Money Down/Nowhere To Go But Down/Shattered/Wild America

*75021-5372-2 - Lulu - Trip Shakespeare [1991] Bachelorette/Bonneville/Down My Block/'Down The Dusty Road/Graveyard/If You Miss Me/Jill Can Drive/Look At The Moon/Lulu/None Of The Regular Rules Were True?/Patricia/Today You Move/Will You Be Found/Your Mouth

75021-5373-2 - Travelers And Thieves - Blues Traveler [1991] (9-91, #125) The Tiding/Onslaught/Ivory Tusk/What's For Breakfast/I Have My Moments/Optimistic Thought/The Best Part/Sweet Pain/All In The Groove/Support Your Local Emperor/Bagheera/Mountain Cry

75021-5374-2 - Badmotorfinger - Soundgarden [1991] (10-91, #39) Rusty Cage/Outshined/Slaves And Bulldozers/Jesus Christ Pose/Face Pollution/Somewhere/Searching With My Good Eye Closed/Room A Thousand Years Wide/Mind Riot/Drawing Flies/Hly Water/New Damage



*75021-5377-2 - Put Me In Your Mix - Barry White [1991] (11-91, #96) Break It Down With You/Dark And Lovely (You Over There)/For Real Chill/Let's Get Busy/Love Is Good With You/Love Will Find Us/Volare/We're Gonna Have It All/Who You Giving Your Love To




75021-5381-2 - Finally - Ce Ce Peniston [1992] We Got A Love Thang/Finally (7" Choice Mix)/Inside That I Cried/Lifeline/It Should Have Been Me//Keep On Walkin'/Crazy Love/I See Love/You Win, I Lose, We Lose/Virtue


75021-5383-2 - Gallus On The World - Gun [1992] Steal Your Fire/Money To Burn/Long Road/Welcome To The Real World/Higher Ground//Borrowed Time/Freedom/Won't Back Down/Reach Out For Love/Watching The World Go By

*75021-5384-2 - Family Groove - Neville Brothers [1992] (5-92, #103) Day To Day Thing/Family Groove/Fly Like An Eagle/I Can See It In Your Eyes/It Takes More/Let My People Go/Line Of Fire/Maori Chant/On The Other Side Of Paradise/One More Day/Saxafunk/Take Me To Heart/True Love

*75021-5385-2 - Change Everything - Del Amitri [1992] (9-92, #178) Always The Last To Know/As Soon As The Tide Comes In/Be My Downfall/Behind The Fool/First Rule Of Love/I Won't Take The Blame/Just Like A Man/Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere/Sometimes I Just Have To Say Your Name/Surface Of The Moon/To Last A Lifetime/When You Were Young






75021-5391-2 - Midnight Sun - Herb Alpert [1992] Midnight Sun/All The Things You Are/Someone To Watch Over Me/In The Wee Small Hours/Friends/A Taste of Honey/Mona Lisa/I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face/Silent Tears and Roses/Smile

*75021-5392-2 - Triage - David Baerwald [1992] A Bitter Tree/A Brand New Morning/A Secret Silken World/AIDS And Armageddon/Born For Love/China Lake/Nobody/The Got No Shotgun Hydra Head Octopus Blues/The Postman/The Water




75021-5396-2 - Greatest Hits - Brenda Russell [1992] Piano In The Dark/So Good, So Right/Kiss Me With The Wind/Get Here/Dinner With Gershwin/Stop Running Away/If Only For One Night/Way Back When/Justice In Truth/Le Restaurant




75021-5400-2 - Travelers and Thieves - Blues Traveler [1992] The Tiding/Onslaught/Ivory Tusk/What's For Breakfast/I Have My Moments/Optimistic Thought/The Best Part/Sweet Pain/All In The Groove/Support Your Local Emperor/Bagheera/Mountain Cry

75021-5401-2 - Badmotofinger - Soundgarden [1992] Rusty Cage/Outshined/Slaves And Bulldozers/Jesus Christ Pose/Face Pollution/Somewhere/Searching With My Good Eye Closed/Room A Thousand Years Wide/Mind Riot/Drawing Flies/Hly Water/New Damage


75021-5403-2 - New Miserable Experience - Gin Blossoms [1992] CD & cassette only, although vinyl singles were issued from this LP. Lost Horizons/Hey Jealousy/Mrs. Rita/Until I Fall Away/Hold Me Down/Cajun Song/Hands Are Tied/Found Out About You/Allison Road/29/Pieces Of The Night/Cheatin'

At this point, the regular series switches to a PolyGram numbering system.

Thanks to Benjamin Edge.

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