A&M Album Discography, Part 5
SP 4501-4599 (1975-1976)

By Patrice Eyries, Dave Edwards, & Mike Callahan
Last update: February 6, 2007

This series continues from the SP 3600 series.

Tracks on each album are listed in the order they appear on the album. An asterisk (*) before the record number indicates we do not have information on the correct playing sequence of the tracks, and consequently they are listed in alphabetical order for that album.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

SP 4501 -

SP 4502 - Plug Me Into Something - Henry Gross [1975] (2-75, #26) One More Tomorrow/I'll Love Her/Southern Band/The Driver's Engine/Travelin' Time//All My Love/Only One/Evergreen/Dixie Spider Man/Tomorrow's Memory Lane

*SP 4503 - Sunlight Shinin' - Arthur, Hurley & Gottlieb [1975] All The Time You Need/Give Me A Thrill/I Haven't Heard The Music/Just Getting Used To You/Loneliness/Sunlight Shinin'/Telephone Song/That's The Time I Miss You Most Of All/That's The Time I Miss You Most Of All (Reprise)/Tubin'/Waiting For This Moment

SP 4504 - High Street - Hustler [1974] Just Leave A Good Man/Piranhas/Let The Wind Blow/Uptight Tonight/Get Outa Me 'Ouse//Jack The Lad/Midnight Seducer/Miranda/The Hustler

SP 4505 -

SP 4506 - Ghosts - Strawbs [1975] (3-75, #47) Ghosts (Sweet Dreams-Night Light- Guardian Angel)/Lemon Pie/Starshine-Angel Wine (Starshine-Angel Wine)/Where Do You Go (When You Need A Hole To Crawl In)//The Life Auction (Impressions Of Southall From The Train-The Auction)/Don't Try To Change Me/Remembering/You And I (When We Were Young)/Grace Darling

SP 4507 - Who Do You Out Do - Lon & Derrek Van Eaton [1975] Singles issued from this album were credited simply to "Lon & Derrek". Who Do You Out Do/You Lose/Do You Remember/Music Lover/Let It Grow//Wild Fire/Dancing In The Dark/All You're Hungry For Is Love/Baby It's You/The Harder You Pull... The Tighter It Gets

*SP 4508 - Hello It's Me - Lani Hall [1975] Banquet/Corrida De Jangada/Exclusively For Me/Happy Woman/Hello It's Me/Peace In The Valley/Save The Sunlight/Sweet James And Jellies/Time Will Tell/Wheelers And Dealers

SP 4509 - Nils Lofgren - Nils Lofgren [1975] (7-75, #141) Be Good Tonight/Back It Up/One More Saturday Night/If I Say, It's So/I Don't Want To Know/Keith Don't Go (Ode To The Glimmer Twin)//Can't Buy A Break/Duty/The Sun Hasn't Set On This Boy Yet/Rock And Roll Crook/Two By Two/Goin' Back

SP 4510 - Southbound - Hoyt Axton [1975] (4-75, #188) I Love To Sing/Southbound/Lion In the Winter/Blind Fiddler/Pride of Man/Greensleeves/No No Song //Nashville/Speed Trap (Out of State Cars)/Roll Your Own/Whiskey/In a Young Girl's Mind/Sometimes It's Easy

SP 4511 - Hair Of The Dog - Nazareth [1975] (4-75, #17) Hair Of The Dog/Miss Misery/Love Hurts/Changin' Times//Beggars Day/Rose In The Heather/Whiskey Drinkin' Woman/Please Don't Judas Me

SP 4512 - Frampton - Peter Frampton [1975] (3-75, #32) Day's Dawning/Show Me The Way/One More Time/The Crying Clown/Fanfare//Nowhere's Too Far (For My Baby)/Nassau (Instrumental)/Baby, I Love Your Way/Apple Of Your Eye/Penny For Your Thoughts (Instrumental)/(I'll Give You) Money

SP 4513 - Armageddon - Armageddon [1975] Buzzard/Silver Tightrope/Paths And Planes And Futures Gains//Last Stand Before/Basking In The White Of The Midnight Sun: Warning Comin' On-Basking In The White Of The Midnight Sun-Brother Ego-Basking In The White Of The Midnight Sun (Reprise)

SP 4514 - Street Rats - Humble Pie [1975] (4-75, #100) Street Rat/Rock And Roll Music/We Can Work It Out/Scored Out/Road Hog/Rain//There 'Tis/Let Me Be Your Lovemaker/Countryman Stomp/Drive My Car/Queens And Nuns

SP 4515 - Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table - Rick Wakeman [1975] (4-75, #21) Also issued in quadraphonic as QU 54515. Arthur/Lady Of The Lake/Guinevere/Sir Lancelot And The Black Knight//Merlin The Magician/Sir Galahad And The Last Battle

SP 4516 - Far Beyond These Castle Walls... - Chris De Burgh [1975] Hold On/The Key/Windy Night/Sin City/New Moon//Watching The World/Lonesome Cowboy/Satin Green Shutters/Turning Round/Goodnight

SP 4517 - Right Or Wrong - Stealers Wheel [1975] Benediction/Found My Way To You/This Morning/Let Yourself Go/Home From Home//Go As You Please/Wishbone/Don't Get Me Wrong/Monday Morning/Right Or Wrong

*SP 4518 - Chase The Clouds Away - Chuck Mangione [1975] (4-75, #47) Also issued in quadraphonic as QU 54518. Can't We Do This All Night/Chase The Clouds Away/Echano/He Was A Friend Of Mine/Soft/Song Of The New Moon

*SP 4519 - Greatest Hits - Cat Stevens [1975] (7-75, #6) Also issued in quadraphonic as QU 54519. Another Saturday Night/Can't Keep It In/Father And Son/Hard Headed Woman/Moonshadow/Morning Has Broken/Oh Very Young/Peace Train/Ready/Sitting/Two Fine People/Wild World

SP 4520 -

SP 4521 - Coney Island - Herb Alpert & T.J.B. [1975] (4-75, #88) Coney Island/I Have Dreamed/Senor Mouse/Mickey (C'Est Ainsi Que Les Choses Arrivent)/Sweet Georgia Brown/Ratatouille (Rata Too Ee) (Coisa No. 1)//Catfish/This Masquerade/Carmine/The Crave/Vento Bravo/I Belong

SP 4522 - Lewis Furey - Lewis Furey [1975] Hustler's Tango/Last Night/The Waltz/Cleanup Time/Louise//Kinda Shy/Lewis Is Crazy/Closing The Door/Caught You/Love Comes

SP 4523 - Big Red Rock - Ayers Rock [1975] Ayers Rock was an Australian rock-jazz rock band. Lady Montego/Talkin' 'Bout You/Goin' Home/Crazy Boys - The Hamburger Song/Nostalgic Blues//Big Red Rock/Boogie Woogie Waltz/Get Out To The Country

SP 4524 - Last Tango - Esperanto [1975] Eleanor Rigby/Still Life/Painted Lady//Obsession/The Rape/Last Tango

SP 4525 - Back To The Night - Joan Armatrading [1975] No Love For Free/Travel So Far/Steppin' Out/Dry Land/Cool Blue Stole My Heart//Get In Touch With Jesus/Body To Dust/Back To The Night/So Good/Let's Go Dancing/Come When You Need Me

*SP 4526 - Mellow Madness - Quincy Jones [1975] (8-75, #16) Also issued in quadraphonic as QU 54526. Beautiful Black Girl/Bluesette/Cry Baby/Is It Love That We're Missin'/Just A Little Taste Of Me/Listen (What It Is)/Mellow Madness/My Cherie Amour/Paranoid/Tryin' To Find Out About You

SP 4527 - Diamonds And Rust - Joan Baez [1975] (5-75, #11) Also issued in quadraphonic as QU 54527. Diamonds And Rust/Fountain Of Sorrow/Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer/Children And All That Jazz/Simple Twist Of Fate//Blue Sky/Hello In There/Jesse/Winds Of The Old Days/Dida/I Dream Of Jeannie-Danny Boy (Medley)

SP 4528 - Pablo Cruise - Pablo Cruise [1975] (8-75, #174) Island Woman/Denny/Sleeping Dogs/What Does It Take/Rock N' Roller//Not Tonight/In My Own Quiet Way/Ocean Breeze

SP 4529 - Jamaica Say You Will - Joe Cocker [1975] (8-75, #42) (That's What I Like) In My Woman/Where Am I Now/I Think It's Going To Rain Today/Forgive Me Now/Oh Mama//Lucinda/If I Love You/Jamaica Say You Will/It's All Over But The Shoutin'/Jack-A-Diamonds

SP 4530 - Horizon - Carpenters [1975] (6-75, #13) Also issued in quadraphonic as QU 54530. Aurora/Only Yesterday/Desperado/Please Mister Postman/I Can Dream Can't I//Solitaire/Happy/(I'm Caught Between) Goodbye And I Love You/Love Me For What I Am/Eventide

SP 4531 - It's Only Love - Rita Coolidge [1975] (12-75, #85) Born To Love Me/I Wanted It All/Keep The Candle Burning/Don't Let Love Pass You By/It's Only Love//Star/Late Again/My Rock And Roll Man/Mean To Me/Am I Blue

SP 4532 - It's My Pleasure - Billy Preston [1975] (7-75, #43) Fancy Lady/Found The Love/That's Life/Do It While You Can//It's My Pleasure/Song Of Joy/I Can't Stand It/All Of My Life

SP 4533 - Storm At Sunup - Gino Vannelli [1975] (7-75, #66) Storm At Sunup/Love Me Now/Mama Coco/Father And Son//Where Am I Going?/Keep On Walking/Love Is A Night/Gettin' High

SP 4534 - The Tubes - Tubes [1975] (8-75, #113) Up From The Deep/Haloes/Space Baby/Malaguena Salerosa//Mondo Bondage/What Do You Want From Life/Boy Crazy/White Punks On Dope

SP 4535 - Worlds Collide - Hudson Ford [1975] Did Worlds Collide?/Mechanics/When Love Has Overgrown/As Hours Go By/Bootleg//Jesus Said/Day Without Love/Petro Rock/Mile High City/Keep Me Rolling

SP 4536 - Hummingbird - Hummingbird [1975] Music Flowing/You Can Keep The Money (Just Leave Me My Guitar)/Such A Long Ways/Horrors/I Don't Know Why I Love You//Maybe/For The Children's Sake/Ocean Blues/Island Of Dreams

SP 4537 - Flat As A Pancake - Head East [1975] (8-75, #126) Never Been Any Reason/One Against the Other/Love Me Tonight/City of Gold/Fly By Night Lady //Jefftown Creek/Lovin' Me Along/Ticket Back to Georgia/Brother Jacob

SP 4538 - See How The Years Have Gone By - Valdy [1975]

SP 4539 - Do You Wonder - Shawn Phillips [1975] (9-75, #101) Do You Wonder/Xasper/City To City/Blunt And Franck/Believe In Life//As All Is Played (Maestoso-Intermezzo- Tristesse)/Golden Flower/Looking At The Angel/Summer Vignette

SP 4540 - King Harvest - King Harvest [1975] Borderline/Vaea (Vy-Ya)/Country Pie/Shine On//Little Bit Like Magic/As Soon As We Can Get It Together/Rue Du Four Rag/Fly By/Old Friends/Jumbee

*SP 4541 - Feelings - Herb Ohta [1975] Beside Me/Blue Sky/Candice/Come Via Voce (How Are You)/Feelings/Fragments/Gonna Love You More/Kalalau (Garden Isle)/Kokoro Mayo (Feelings Of My Heart)/Le Temps De Mon P re/Loleado (When A Child Is Born)/Quiet Rain

SP 4542 - La Booga Rooga - Andy Fairweather-Low [1975] Also issued in quadraphonic as QU 54542. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/Jump Up And Turn Around/Halfway To Everything/La Booga Rooga/Champagne Melody//If That's What It Takes/8 Ton Crazy/Grease It Up/Wide Eyed And Legless/Inner City Highwayman

SP 4543 -

*SP 4544 - Nomadness - Strawbs [1975] (10-75, #147) Absent Friend (How I Need You)/Back On The Farm/Golden Salamander/Hanging In The Gallery/Little Sleepy/Mind Of My Own/Promised Land/So Shall Our Love Die?/To Be Free/Tokyo Rosie

SP 4545 - Listen To The City - Tim Weisberg [1975] (10-75, #105) Rainbow City/Discovery/Listen To The City/High Rise/The Chase/Love Maker/The Good Life//Street Party/The Passing/The Dealer/Conception/Lunch Break/Nikki's Waltz/Rush Hour (Friday, P.M.)/Weekend

SP 4546 - Lisztomania - Rick Wakeman Featuring Roger Daltrey [1975] (11-75, #145) Rienzi-Chopsticks Fantasia/Love's Dream/Dante Period/Orpheus Song/Hell//Hibernation/Excelsior Song/Master Race/Rape, Pillage And Clap/Funerailles/Free Song (Hungarian Rhapsody)/Peace At Last

SP 4547 - Mirrors - Peggy Lee [1975] Is That All There Is/Tango/I've Got Them Feelin' Too Good Today Blues/Longing For A Simpler Time Professor Hauptmann's Dogs//Ready To Begin Again (Manya's Song)/A Little White Ship Say It/Some Cats Know/Mary Jane/I Remember

*SP 4548 - Kim Carnes - Kim Carnes [1975] And Still Be Loving You/Bad Seed/Do You Love Her/Good Old Days/Hang On To Your Airplane (Honeymoon)/It Could Have Been Better/Nothing Makes Me Feel As Good As A Love Song/Somewhere In The Night/What Good Is Love (Later On The Equator)/Waiting For The Pain To Go Away/You're A Part Of Me

SP 4549 - The Car Over The Lake Album - Ozark Mountain Daredevils [1975] (11-75, #57) Keep On Churnin'/If I Only Knew/Leatherwood/Cobblestone Mountain/Mr. Powell/Gypsy Forest//Thin Ice/From Time To Time/Southern Cross/Out On The Sea/Whippoorwill + (7") Establish Yourself/Time Warp/Journey To The Center Of Your Heart

SP 4550 - Ordinary Fool - Paul Williams [1975] (12-75, #146) Flash/Lifeboat/Lone Star/Time And Tide/Even Better Than I Know Myself//Don't Call It Love/Lonely Heart (Theme From The Day Of The Locust)/Old Souls/Ordinary Fool/Soul Rest

SP 4551 - Vance Or Towers - Vance Or Towers [1975]

SP 4552 - Love Will Keep Us Together - Captain & Tennille [1975] Reissue of A&M SP 3405. Also issued in quadraphonic as QU 54552.

SP 4553 - Dan McCafferty - Dan Mccafferty [1975] Honky Tonk Downstairs/Cinnamon Girl/Great Pretender/Boots Of Spanish Leather/Watcha Gonna Do About It//Out Of Time/You Can't Lie To A Liar/Trouble/You Got Me Hummin'/Stay With Me Baby

SP 4554 - Rich Man's Woman - Elkie Brooks [1975] Where Do We Go From Here (Rich Man's Woman)/Take Cover/Jigsaw Baby/Roll Me Over/He's A Rebel//One Step On The Ladder/Rock 'N Roll Circus/Try A Little Love/Tomorrow

SP 4555 - Numbers - Cat Stevens [1975] (12-75, #13) Whistlestar/Novim's Nightmare/Majik Of Majiks/Drywood//Banapple Gas/Land O' Freelove And Goodbye/Jzero/Home/Monad's Anthem

SP 4556 - Play Loud - Hustler [1975] Money Maker/You Had It Coming To You/Boogie Man/Break Of Day/Who D'yer Think Yer Foolin'//Goin' Home/Strange Love/Little People/Night Creeper

*SP 4557 - Bellavia - Chuck Mangione [1975] (11-75, #68) Also issued in quadraphonic as QU 54557. Bellavia/Carousel/Come Take A Ride With Me/Dance Of The Windup Toy/Listen To The Wind/Torreano

SP 4558 - Say It Ain't So - Murray Head [1975] Say It Ain't So, Joe/Boy On The Bridge/Boats Away/When I'm Yours/Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat//She's Such A Drag/Never Even Thought/Silence Is A Strong Reply/Don't Forget Him Now/You're So Tasty

SP 4559 - Equinox - Styx [1975] (12-75, #58) Light Up/Lorelei/Mother Dear/Lonely Child//Midnight Ride/Born For Adventure/Prelude 12/Suite Madame Blue

SP 4560 - Crisis? What Crisis? - Supertramp [1975] (12-75, #44) Easy Does It/Sister Moonshine/Ain't Nobody But Me/A Soapbox Opera/Another Man's Woman//Lady/Poor Boy/Just A Normal Day/The Meaning/Two Of Us

SP 4561 - Por Amor Vivremos - Captain & Tennille [1975] Love Will Keep Us Together in Spanish.

SP 4562 - Close Enough For Rock 'N' Roll - Nazareth [1976] (5-76, #24) Telegram (On Your Way-So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star-Sound Check-Here We Are Again)/Vicki (Instrumental)/Homesick Again/Vancouver Shakedown//Born Under The Wrong Sign/Loretta/Carry Out Feelings/Lift The Kid/You're The Violin

SP 4563 - Daddy's Girl - Charlie & Pep Boys [1976] Daddy's Girl/Right As Rain/Still Thinking About You/Seven Come Eleven/Give Me More//Give Her Up/Walk Out/Despair/Lara/The Storm Has Passed

SP 4564 - Love Me By Name - Lesley Gore [1975] All tracks stereo. Sometimes [with Brothers Johnson]/Paranoia/Love Me By Name [with Herbie Hancock Orchestra]/Immortality/Can't Seem to Live Our Good Times Down//Don't Stop Me/Other Lady/Along the Way/Give It to Me, Sweet Thing/Love Me By Name (reprise)

SP 4565 - Beyond - Ayers Rock [1976] Moondah (Beyond)/A Place To Go/Catchanemu//Song For Darwin/Angel In Disguise/Little Kings

SP 4566 - Breakaway - Gallagher & Lyle [1976] Breakaway/Stay Young/I Wanna Stay With You/Heart On My Sleeve/Fifteen Summers//Sign Of The Times/If I Needed Someone/Storm In My Soul/Rockwriter/Northern Girl

SP 4567 - Look Out For #1 - Brothers Johnson [1976] (3-76, #9) I'll Be Good To You/Thunder Thumbs And Lightnin' Licks/Get The Funk Out Ma Face/Tomorrow/Free And Single//Come Together/Land Of Ladies/Dancin' And Prancin'/The Devil

SP 4568 - Spanish Train And Other Stories - Chris De Burgh [1976] Spanish Train/Lonely Sky/This Song For You/Patricia The Stripper/A Spaceman Came Travelling...//I'm Going Home/The Painter/Old Friend/The Tower/Just Another Poor Boy

SP 4569 - The Movies - Movies [1976]

SP 4570 - A Song Of Joy - Captain & Tennille [1976] (3-76, #9) Song Of Joy/Lonely Night (Angel Face)/Mind Your Love/Smile For Me One More Time/Shop Around/Going Bananas//Butterscotch Castle/Muskrat Love/Thank You, Baby/Wedding Song (There Is Love)/1954 Boogie Blues

SP 4571 - Fearless - Hoyt Axton [1976] (4-76, #171) Idol of the Band/Evangelina/Flash of Fire/Lay Lady Lay/Jealous Man/Paid in Advance //An Old Greyhound/A Stone and a Feather/Gypsy Moth/Beyond These Walls/Penny Whistle Song/The Devil

SP 4572 - Marriott - Steve Marriott [1976] Star In My Life/Are You Lonely For Me Baby/You Don't Know Me/Late Night Lady/Early Evening Light//East Side Struttin'/Lookin' For A Love/Help Me Through The Day/Midnight Rollin'/Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am

SP 4573 - Cry Tough - Nils Lofgren [1976] (4-76, #32) Cry Tough/It's Not A Crime/Incidentally... It's Over/For Your Love//Share A Little/Mud In Your Eye/Can't Get Closer (WCGC)/You Lit A Fire/Jailbait

SP 4574 - Stingray - Joe Cocker [1976] (5-76, #70) The Jealous Kind/I Broke Down/You Came Along/Catfish/Moon Dew//The Man In Me/She Is My Lady/Worrier/Born Thru Indifference/A Song For You

SP 4575 - Lifeline - Pablo Cruise [1976] (4-76, #139) Crystal/Don't Believe It/Tearin' Down My Mind/(I Think) It's Finally Over/Lifeline//Zero To Sixty In Five (Instrumental)/Look To The Sky/Never See That Girl Enough/Who Knows/Good Ship Pablo Cruise

SP 4576 - Happy In Hollywood - David Batteau [1976] Happy In Hollywood/Festival Of Fools/Oh, My Little Darling/My Morning Glory/Orph‚e (Or-Fay)//Walk In Love/Spaceship Earth/Dancing On Atoms/You Need Love/The Gates In Your Heart

SP 4577 - The Magic Flute - Svregies Radios Symfoniokester Radio Choir [1976] Overture/Introduction No. 1/Aria No. 3/Recitative And Aria No. 4/Quintet No. 5//Terzetto No. 6/Aria With Chorus No. 10/Quintet No. 12/Aria No. 13/Aria No. 20/Finale No. 21/Chorus No. 18/Finale No. 21

*SP 4578 - Sleepless Nights - Gram Parsons & Flying Burrito Bros. [1976] (5-76, #185) Angels Rejoiced Last Night/Brand New Heartache/Close Up The Honky Tonks/Crazy Arms/Dick Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)/Green, Green Grass Of Home/Honky Tonk Women/Sing me Back Home/Sleepless Nights/Together Again/Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down/Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven

SP 4579 - Get Yourself Up - Head East [1976] (5-76, #161) When I Get Ready/Separate Ways/This Woman's In Love/I Don't Want The Chance/Sailor//Monkey Shine/Jailer/Love My Blues Away/The Victim/Trouble

SP 4580 - Young And Rich - Tubes [1976] (5-76, #46) Tubes World Tour/Brighter Day/Pimp/Stand Up And Shout/Don't Touch Me There//Slipped My Disco/Proud To Be An American/Poland Whole-Madam I'm Adam/Young And Rich

SP 4581 - A Kind Of Hush - Carpenters [1976] (7-76, #33) There's A Kind Of Hush/You/Sandy/Goofus/Can't Smile Without You//I Need To Be In Love/One More Time/Boat To Sail/I Have You/Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

*SP 4582 - Rumplestiltskin's Resolve - Shawn Phillips [1976] Early Morning Hours/Hie Away/Rumplestiltskin's Resolve/Serendipity Peace/Spitefull/Today/Wailing Wall

SP 4583 - No Earthly Connection - Rick Wakeman & The English Rock Ensemble [1976] (5-76, #67) Music Reincarnate (The Warning-The Maker-The Spaceman-The Realisation)//Music Reincarnate (The Reaper)/The Prisoner/The Lost Cycle

SP 4584 - Taught By Experts - Peter Allen [1976]

SP 4585 - Dancer - Dancer [1976] Magical Eyes/Back Into Your Arms/Here I Go Again/A Million Ways To Cry/This Is The Love//Summersong/Any Old Time/A Game Called We're In Love/The Last 80 Years/Till Tomorrow

SP 4586 - Felix Pappalardi & Creation - Felix Pappalardi & Creation [1976] She's Got Me/Dreams I Dream Of You/Green Rocky Road/Preachers' Daughters/Listent To The Music//Secret Power/Summer Days/Dark Eyed Lady Of The Night/Ballad Of A Sad Cafe

SP 4587 - Billy Preston - Billy Preston [1976] Do What You Want/Girl/Bells/I've Got The Spirit/When You Are Mine//Bad Case Of Ego/Take Time To Figure It Out/Let The Music Play/Simplify Your Life/Let's Make Love/Ecstasy (Instrumental)

SP 4588 - Joan Armatrading - Joan Armatrading [1976] (10-76, #67) Down To Zero/Help Yourself/Water With The Wine/Love And Affection/Save Me//Join The Boys/People/Somebody Who Loves You/Like Fire/Tall In The Saddle

*SP 4589 - Love To The World - L.T.D. [1976] (8-76, #52) Get Your It Together/Let The Music Keep Playing/Love Ballad/Love To The World/Love To The World Prayer/The Word/Time For Pleasure

*SP 4590 - Mother, Jugs & Speed (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1976] Dance - Paul Jabara/Dance - Paul Jabara/Get The Funk Outa My Face - Quincy Jones/Mellow Out - Larry Carlton/My Soul Is A Witness - Billy Preston & Joe Green/No Love Today - Pete Jolly/No Love Today - Roger Nicholas/Show Me The Way - Peter Frampton/Star In My Life/Thunder Thumbs And Lightnin' Licks - George Johnson

SP 4591 - Just You And Me - Herb Alpert [1976] Promenade/Musique/Just You and Me/Grandpa Lou/Aria/Yankee Doodle/Spanish Nights/One Night Lover/The Lady Needs Romance/The Day Will Come

SP 4592 - Valdy & The Hometown Band - Valdy & The Hometown Band [1976] So Come On My Canada/Yes I Can (Anyway You Want Me)/Cold Water Castle/Old Home Place/Me And Martin Growin' Old/Weather'd Hands//Peter And Lou/Everyone Of Them Has Known The Sea/Blister/Hometown Band/Sometimes I Can't Believe/Allons Mon Canada (Instrumental)

SP 4593 - If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules - Budgie [1976] Anne Neggen/If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules/You're Opening Doors/Quacktors And Bureaucats//Sky High Percentage/Heaven Knows Our Name/Black Velvet Stallion

SP 4594 - Humours of Lewis Furey - Lewis Furey [1976] Cops Ballet/Rubber Gun Show/Top Ten Sexes/Lullaby/Clarabelle's Lament/Poetic Young Man//Casting For Love/Young Guy/Romance/Who Got The Bag/Haunted/Legacy/Reprise: Cops Ballet

*SP 4595 - We Can't Go On Like This - Hummingbird [1976] A Friend Forever/Fire And Brimstone/Gypsy Skys/Heaven Knows (Where You've Been)/Let It Burn/Scorpio/Snake Snack/The City Mouse/Trouble Maker/We Can't Go On Meeting Like This

SP 4596 - The Gist Of The Gemini - Gino Vannelli [1976] (8-76, #32) Love Of My Life/Ugly Man/A New Fix For '76/Omens Of Love/Fly Into This Night//Prelude To War (Instrumental)/The Battle Cry (Instrumental)/To The War/Carnal Question/After The Last Battle (Instrumental)/To The War (Reflection)/Summers Of My Life

*SP 4597 - Caliente! - Gato Barbieri [1976] (10-76, #75) Adios/Behind The Rain/Don't Cry Rochelle/Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)/Fiesta/Fireflies/I Want You/Los Desperados

SP 4598 - The End Of The Beginning - Richie Havens [1976] (10-76, #157) I'm Not In Love/We Can't Hide It Anymore/Dreaming As One/You Can Close Your Eyes/I Was Educated By Myself//Daughter Of The Night/If Not For You/Do It Again/Wild Night/Long Train Running

SP 4599 - Chords of Fame - Phil Ochs [1976]

Thanks to Thane Tierney, Eamonn Keane, Charles G. Hill, Richard Paul-Jones, and Gert Nielsen.

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