A&M Album Discography, Part 6
SP 4600-4699 (1976-1977)

By Patrice Eyries, Dave Edwards, & Mike Callahan
Last update: February 6, 2007

Tracks on each album are listed in the order they appear on the album. An asterisk (*) before the record number indicates we do not have information on the correct playing sequence of the tracks, and consequently they are listed in alphabetical order for that album.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

SP 4600 - Live At Last! - Tim Weisberg [1976] (10-76, #148) The Good Life/Rainbow City/Discovery/Listen To The City/Your Smiling Eyes//Do Dah/California Memories (Sand Castles-The King's Highway)/Castille/The Chase

SP 4601 - Men From Earth - Ozark Mountain Daredevils [1976] (10-76, #74) Fly Away Home/You Know Like I Know/Breakaway (From Those Chains)/The Red Plum/Mountain Range//Watermill/Noah/It's How You Think/Arroyo/Homemade Wine

SP 4602 - Be Bop 'N' Holla - Andy Fairweather-Low [1976] Shimmie-Doo-Wah-Sae/Ain't No Fun Anymore/Da Doo Rendezvous/Hot Poop/Travellin' Light/Rocky Raccoon//Lighten Up/I Can't Take Much More/Rhythm 'N' Jazz/Checking Out The Checker/Be Bop 'N' Holla

SP 4603 - Gulf Winds - Joan Baez [1976] (11-76, #62) Sweeter For Me/Seabirds/Caruso/Still Waters At Night/Kingdom Of Childhood//O Brother!/Time Is Passing Us By/Stephanie's Room/Gulf Winds

SP 4604 - Crystal Ball - Styx [1976] (10-76, #66) Also issued on gold vinyl. Put Me On/Mademoiselle/Jennifer/Crystal Ball//Shooz/This Old Man/Clair De Lune-Ballerina (Instrumental)

SP 4605 - Flying - Hometown Band [1976] Flying/Mad Larry/Everybody Wants To Get To Heaven/Wingless Bird/I'm Ready//Spread 'Em All Around/Into The Night

SP 4606 - Sailin' - Kim Carnes [1976] The Best Of You (Has Got The Best Of Me)/Warm Love/All He Did Was Tell Me Lies (To Try To Woo Me)/He'll Not Come Home/Sailin'//It's Not The Spotlight/Last Thing You Ever Wanted To Do/Let Your Love Come Easy/Tubin'/Love Comes From Unexpected Places

SP 4607 - Target - Target [1976] Love Just Won't Quit/Bad Boy/Let Me Live/Just A Little Too Much/Can't Fake It//99«/You Need A Woman/Let Me Down Easy/Workin' Song/Are You Ready

SP 4608 - Alessi - Alessi Brothers [1976] Do You Feel It?/You Can Have It Back/I Was So Sure/Big Deal (Live Without You)/Don't Hold Back//Too Long To Forget/Sad Songs/Oh, Lori/Joanna/Seabird/Do You Feel It? (Reprise)

*SP 4609 - There's Music In The Air - Letta Mbulu [1976] (3-77, #192) Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady/Feelings/Let's Go dancing/Maru A Pula (Clouds Of Rain)/Music Man/Rainy Day Music/Sacred Drum/There's Music In The Air/Tristeza (Reuniao De Tristeza)/You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

SP 4610 - Play 'N' The Game - Nazareth [1976] (11-76, #75) Somebody To Roll/Down Home Girl/Flying/Waiting For The Man//Born To Love/I Want To Do Everything For You/I Don't Want To Go On Without You/Wild Honey/L.A. Girls

*SP 4611 - Milton - Milton Nascimento [1976] Cravo E Canela/Fairy Tale Song (Cade)/Francisco/Nada Sera Como Antes/One Coin (Tostao)/Os Povos (The People)/Ra a/Saidas E Bandeiras (Exits And Flags)/The Call (Chamada)

*SP 4612 - Main Squeeze - Chuck Mangione [1976] (11-76, #86) (Day After) Our First Night Together/Doin' Everything With You/I Get Crazy (When Your Eyes Touch Mine)/If You Know Me Any Longer Than Tomorrow/Love The Feelin'/Main Squeeze

SP 4613 - I Hear The Music - England Dan & John Ford Coley [1976] Used To You/Tell Her Hello/New Jersey/Idolizer/Mud and Stone //I Hear the Music/Legendary Captain/Miss Me/The Pilot/Carry On

SP 4614 - White Rock - Rick Wakeman [1977] (2-77, #126) White Rock/Searching For Gold/The Loser/The Shoot//Lax-X/After The Ball/Montezuma's Revenge/Ice Run

SP 4615 - Piper - Piper [1977] Out Of Control/Whatcha Gonna Do/The Road/Sail Away//Who's Your Boyfriend? (I Got A Feelin')/Telephone Relation/The Last Time/42nd Street/Can't Live With Ya-Can't Live Without Ya

SP 4616 - Anytime... Anywhere - Rita Coolidge [1977] (4-77, #6) (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher/The Way You Do The Things You Do/We're All Alone/I Feel The Burden (Being Lifted Off My Shoulders)/I Don't Want To Talk About It//Words/Good Times/Who's To Bless And Who's To Blame/Southern Lady/The Hungry Years

SP 4617 - Sweet Bird - Lani Hall [1977]

SP 4618 - Bandolier - Budgie [1977] Breaking All The House Rules And Learning All The House Rules/Slipaway-A Parrot Fashion Ball/Who Do You Want For Your Love?-Never Turn Your Back On A Friend//I Can't See My Feelings-Rock Climbing/I Ain't No Mountain/Napoleon Bona (Part One-Part Two)/Napoleon Bona (Part Three)

SP 4619 -

SP 4620 - Love On The Airwaves - Gallagher & Lyle [1977] Love On The Airwaves/The Runaway/Every Little Teardrop/Had To Fall In Love/Street Boys//Never Give Up On Love/Dude In The Dark/Head Talk/Call For The Captain/It Only Hurts When I Laugh

SP 4621 - Gap Mangione - Gap Mangione [1977]

SP 4622 - Futures - Burt Bacharach [1977] I Took My Strength From You/Futures/Us/Where Are You/We Should Have Met Sooner/No One Remembers My Name/The Young Grow Younger Every Day/Another Spring Will Rise/Seconds/When You Bring Your Sweet Love To Me/Time And Tenderness

SP 4623 - Hard Nutz - Nutz [1977] Seeing Is Believing/I Know The Feeling/Loser/From Here To Anywhere/Wallbanger//Pushed Around/Beast Of The Field/Sick And Tired/Down On My Knees/One More Cup Of Coffee

SP 4624 - Gettin' Lucky - Head East [1977] (4-77, #136) Gettin' Lucky/Back In My Own Hands/Show Me I'm Alive/Take It On Home/Dancer Road//Don't Let Me Sleep In The Morning/Sands Of Time/Call To Arms And Legs/Time Has A Way/Every Little Bit Of My Heart

SP 4625 - A Place In The Sun - Pablo Cruise [1977] (3-77, #19) A Place In The Sun/Whatcha Gonna Do?/Raging Fire/I Just Wanna Believe/Tonight My Love//Can You Hear The Music?/Never Had A Love/Atlanta June/El Verna

*SP 4626 - Roots - Quincy Jones [1977] (2-77, #21) Behold, The Only Thing Greater Than Yourself (Birth)/Boyhood To Manhood/Free At Last? (The Civil War)/Jumpin' De Broom (Marriage Ceremony)/Many Rains Ago (Oluwa)/Many Rains Ago (Oluwa)/Middle Passage (Slaveship Crossing)/Motherland/Oh Lord, Come By Here/Ole Fiddler/Roots Medley/Roots (Mama Aifambeni), Main Title/Toubob Is Here! (The Capture)/What Shall I Do? (Hush, Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name)/You In Americuh Now, African

SP 4627 - Herb Alpert & The T.J.B. Greatest Hits Vol. 2 - Herb Alpert & T.J.B. [1977] What Now My Love/The Work Song/Brasilia/Jerusalem/So What's New/Last Tango In Paris/My Favorite Things//This Guy's In Love With You/A Banda/Flamingo/Cabaret/Zazueira/Bitersweet Samba/Wade In The Water

SP 4628 - I Came To Dance - Nils Lofgren [1977] (3-77, #36) I Came To Dance/Rock Me At Home/Home Is Where The Hurt Is/Code Of The Road//Happy Ending Kids/Goin' South/To Be A Dreamer/Jealous Gun/Happy

SP 4629 - Ghost Writer - Garland Jeffreys [1977] (3-77, #140) Rough And Ready/I May Not Be Your Kind/New York Skyline/Cool Down Boy/Ghost Writer//Lift Me Up/Why-O/Wild In The Streets/35 Millimeter Dreams/Spanish Town

SP 4630 - Never Too Tender - Offenbach [1977]

SP 4631 - Two Days Away - Elkie Brooks [1977] Love Potion No. 9/Spiritland/Honey, Can I Put On Your Clothes/Sunshine After The Rain/Pearl's A Singer//Mojo Hannah/Do Right Woman, Do Right Man/You Did Something To Me/Night Bird/Saved

SP 4632 - Now - Tubes [1977] (5-77, #122) Smoke (La Vie En Fum‚r)/Hit Parade/Strung Out On Strings/Golden Boy/My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains//God-Bird-Change/I'm Just A Mess/Cathy's Clone/This Town/Pound Of Flesh/You're No Fun

SP 4633 -

SP 4634 - Even In The Quietest Moments... - Supertramp [1977] (4-77, #16) Give A Little Bit/Lover Boy/Even In The Quietest Moments/Downstream//Babaji/From Now On/Fool's Overture

SP 4635 - A Simpler Time - Michael Katakis [1977] As The First Time/Rainbow Song/New England Lullabye/The Dance/Tragedy In Mime//A Simpler Time/I Was So Sure/I Got No Lights/We Are All Dancers/Old People's Home/Seasons

SP 4636 - Five Times The Sun - Dingoes [1977]

SP 4637 - The Grand Illusion - Styx [1977] (7-77, #6) The Grand Illusion/Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)/Superstars/Come Sail Away//Miss America/Man In The Wilderness/Castle Walls/The Grand Finale

SP 4638 - .38 Special - .38 Special [1977] (5-77, #148) Long Time Gone/Fly Away/Around And Around/Play A Simple Song/Gypsy Belle//Four Wheels/Tell Everybody/Just Hang On/Just Wanna Rock And Roll

*SP 4639 - Ports - Perry Botkin, Jr. [1977] Bridges/Don't Believe The Laughter/Eternal Sunrise/Gymnopedies No. 1/Lady Ice/Looking For Home/Lovers/Low Tide/Nadia's Theme-Bless The Beasts And Children/Ports/You've Gone Away

SP 4640 -

SP 4641 - Mirage - Richie Havens [1977] Live It Up (One Time)/Shadows Of The Past/I Don't Complain/Touch The Sky/Billy John//We All Wanna Boogie/Avalon/Aviation Man/Nobody Left To Crown/The End

SP 4642 -

*SP 4643 - Hot Tracks - Nazareth [1977] (7-77, #120) Born To Love/Broken Down Angel/Carry Out Feelings/Go Down Fighting/Hair Of The Dog/I Want To Do Everything For You/Love Hurts/My White Bicycle/Razamanaz/Shanghai'd In Shanghai/This Flight Tonight/Vancouver Shakedown

*SP 4644 - Right On Time - Brothers Johnson [1977] (5-77, #13) Brother Man/Free Yourself, Be Yourself/Love Is/Never Leave You Lonely/Q/Right On Time/Runnin' For Your Lovin'/Strawberry Letter 23

SP 4645 - No Accidents - Driver [1977]

*SP 4646 - Something To Love - L.T.D. [1977] (8-77, #21) Age Of The Showdown/(Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again/If You're In Need/Make Someone Smile, Today!/Material Things/Never Get Enough Of Your Love/We Party Hearty/(Won't Cha) Stay With Me/You Come First At Last

SP 4647 - At The End Of A Perfect Day - Chris De Burgh [1977] Broken Wings/Round And Around/I Will/Summer Rain/Discovery//Brazil/In A Country Churchyard (Let Your Love Shine On)/A Rainy Night In Paris/If You Really Love Her, Let Her Go/Perfect Day

SP 4648 - IV (Rattus Norvegicus) - Stranglers [1977] Sometimes/Goodbye Toulouse/London Lady/Princess Of The Streets/Hanging Around//Peaches/(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)/Ugly/Down In The Sewer (Falling-Down In The Sewer-Trying To Get Out Again-Rats Rally)

SP 4649 - Coming Outta Nowhere - Malcolm Tomlinson [1977] Cut Across Country Ride/Rolling All Over/Fiddler's Green/I'm Going Home/Erica Leigh/Knocking My Head/Hard At It/Drop Me A Line/San Fernando/Celebrate It

*SP 4650 - Spaced - Shawn Phillips [1977] All Your Love/From All Of Us/I Don't Want To Leave You, I Just Came To Say Goodbye/Italian Phases/Light From Between Your Eyes/Parisian Plight I/Prelude To A Leaving/Rant/Stranded

SP 4651 - Victim Of Romance - Michelle Phillips [1977] Aching Kind/Let The Music Begin/Victim Of Romance/Trashy Rumors/There She Goes//Paid The Price/Baby As You Turn Away/Lady Of Fantasy/Just One Look/Where's Mine

SP 4652 - Captured - Target [1977] It's Only Love/Shine The Light/Runaway/Just For You//Maybe In Time/Make Our Dreams Come True/Holdin' On/Rock And Roll Laureate

*SP 4653 - Earthdance - Paul Winter [1977] Africanus Brasileiras Americanus/Ballad In 7-8/Big Hug (Un Abraco)/Fantasy, Fugue And Ghost Beads/General Pudson's Entrance/Icarus/Jenny/Little Train Of The Caipira/My Horse Knows The Way

SP 4654 - Can't Wait - Piper [1977] Can't Wait/Drop By And Stay/See Me Through/Little Miss Intent/Now Ain't The Time//Bad Boy/Comin' Down Off Your Love/Anyday/Blues For The Common Man

*SP 4655 - Ruby, Ruby - Gato Barbieri [1977] (10-77, #66) Adios/Blue Angel/Latin Reaction/Midnight Tango/Ngiculela-Es Una Historia-I Am Singing/Nostalgia/Ruby/Sunride

SP 4656 - A Whole New Thing - Billy Preston [1977] Whole New Thing/Disco Dancin'/Complicated Sayings/Attitudes (Instrumental)/I'm Really Gonna Miss You//Wide Stride (Instrumental)/You Got Me Buzzin'/Sweet Marie/Happy (Instrumental)/Touch Me Love/You Don't Have To Go

SP 4657 - All For A Reason - Alessi [1977] Love To Have Your Love/All For A Reason/Farewell/Avalon/Air Cushion/London//Hate To Be In Love/You Can Crowd Me/Make It Last/Here Again

*SP 4658 - Feels So Good - Chuck Mangione [1977] (10-77, #2) XIth Commandment/Feels So Good/Hide And Seek/Last Dance/Maui-Waui/Theme From Side Street

SP 4659 - No More Heroes - Stranglers [1977] I Feel Like A Wog/Bitching/Dead Ringer/Dagenham Dave/Bring On The Nubiles/Something Better Change//No More Heroes/Peasant In The Big Shitty/Burning Up Time/English Towns/School Mam

SP 4660 - Rick Wakeman's Criminal Record - Rick Wakeman [1977] (12-77, #128) Statue Of Justice/Crime Of Passion/Chamber Of Horrors//Birdman Of Alcatraz/The Breathalyser/Judas Iscariot

SP 4661 - Diamond Nights - Hummingbird [1977]

SP 4662 - Don't Look Down - Ozark Mountain Daredevils [1977] (11-77, #132) River To The Sun/Crazy Lovin'/Giving It All To The Wind/The Fox/Backroads//Snowbound/Following The Way That I Feel/Love Makes The Lover/True Believer/Moon On The Rise/Stinghead (Instr.)

SP 4663 - Show Some Emotion - Joan Armatrading [1977] (10-77, #52) Woncha Come On Home/Show Some Emotion/Warm Love/Never Is Too Late/Peace In Mind/Opportunity/Mama Mercy/Get In The Sun/Willow/Kissin' And A Hugin'

SP 4664 - A Pauper In Paradise - Gino Vannelli [1977] (11-77, #33) Mardi Gras/Valleys Of Valhalla/The Surest Things Can Change/One Night With You/A Song And Dance//Black And Blue/A Pauper In Paradise (In Four Movements)

SP 4665 - Supertramp - Supertramp [1978] (3-78, #158) Reissue of A&M SP 4274. Surely/It's A Long Road/Aubade-And I Am Not Like Other Birds Of Prey/Words Unspoken/Maybe I'm A Beggar/Home Again//Nothing To Show/Shadow Song/Try Again/Surely

SP 4666 - Expect No Mercy - Nazareth [1977] (11-77, #82) Expect No Mercy/Gone Dead Train/Shot Me Down/Revenge Is Sweet/Gimme What's Mine//Kentucky Fried Blues/New York Broken Toy/Busted/Place In Your Heart/All The King's Horses

*SP 4667 - Captain & Tennille's Greatest Hits - Captain & Tennille [1977] (12-77, #55) Can't Stop Dancin'/Circles/Come In From The Rain/Disney Girls/I Write The Songs/Lonely Night (Angel Face)/Love Will Keep Us Together/Muskrat Love/Shop Around/The Way I Want To Touch You/We Never Really Say Goodbye/Wedding Song (There Is Love)

*SP 4668 - The Best Of John C. Baez - Joan C. Baez [1977] (12-77, #121) Children And All That Jazz/Diamonds And Rust/Forever Young/Gracias A La Vida (Here's To Life)/Imagine/Love Song To A Stranger/Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer/Please Come To Boston/Prison Trilogy (Billy Rose)/Simple Twist Of Fate/Sweeter For Me/The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

SP 4669 - Road Songs - Hoyt Axton [1977] No No Song/Boney Fingers/In A Young Girl's Mind/Telephone Booth/Paid In Advance/Lion In The Winter//I Love To Sing/When The Morning Comes/Lay, Lady, Lay/Sweet Misery/Flash Of Fire/Less Than The Song

*SP 4670 - Joe Cocker's Grestest Hits - Joe Cocker [1977] (12-77, #114) Black Eyed Blues/Cry Me A River/Darling Be Home Soon/Delta Lady/Feeling Alright/High Time We Went/I Think It's Going To Rain Today/Jealous Kind/The Letter/With A Little Help From My Friends/Woman To Woman/You Are So Beautiful

SP 4671 - Hometown Band - Hometown Band [1977] What Would I Do/Feel Good/Just A Moment/Let The Music Play/Never Ending Tomorrows//Daybreak/Sweet Emma/Song For A Dreamer/Halleluja, Do Ya...

SP 4672 -

SP 4673 - Touch Me - Cory Wells [1978] Waiting For You/When You Touch Me This Way/You're My Day/Everything's Right For Love/Midnight Lady (Hiding In The Shadows)//Starlight/Throw A Little Bit Of Love My Way/I Know You're Willin' Darlin'/Change Of Heart/Lady Put The Light Out

SP 4674 - Wondergap - Wondergap [1978]

SP 4675 - Impeckable - Budgie [1978] Melt The Ice Away/Love For You And Me/All At Sea/Dish It Up/Pyramids//Smile Boy Smile/I'm A Faker Too/Don't Go Away/Don't Dilute The Water

SP 4676 -

SP 4677 - Spinozza - David Spinozza [1978] Prelude To the Ballerina/The Ballerina/Doesn't She Know By Now/Airborne/On My Way to the Liquor Store/Edge of the Sword/Country Bumpkin/High Button Shoes/Superstar

SP 4678 - Randy Richards - Randy Richards [1978] This features the usual LA studio musicians (Kunkel, Haskell, Korchmar, Keltner, etc.) but also features Steve Cropper on several tracks and one track with Eric Carmen on piano. There's Always a Goodbye/Just Be You/I Can't Stop Loving You/Money Doesn't Make You Nice/Spaceman//Any Way That You Want Me/Inside Of Me/Ride/Sweet Sympathy/Silver Bullets

SP 4679 - Showdown - Gallagher & Lyle [1978] Showdown/In Your Eyes/You're The One/Hurts To Learn/It's Over//Heartbreaker/Backstage/All Grown Up/Throw-Away Heart/Next To You

SP 4680 - Head East - Head East [1978] (3-78, #78) Open Up The Door/Man I Wanna Be/Nothing To Lose/Since You Been Gone/Pictures//Get Up And Enjoy Yourself/I'm Feelin' Fine/Dance Away Lover/Elijah

SP 4681 - One-Eyed Jack - Garland Jeffreys [1978] (4-78, #99) She Didn't Lie/Keep On Tryin'/Reelin'/Haunted House/One-Eyed Jack//Scream In The Night/No Woman No Cry/Oh My Soul/Desperation Drive/Been There And Back

SP 4682 - Grand Arrival - Bryn Haworth [1978] Come See What Love/Nothing Without Love/Woman Friend/Moments/We're All One//Grand Arrival/Sing To The Lord/Full Day/Summer Wine/Beans On Toast

*SP 4683 - It's Just A Lifetime - Craig Nuttycombe [1978] It's Just A Lifetime/It's Much Easier/Malibu Bay/My Singing Mudlark/Rainy Eyes/So Close For Being Far Away/Sunny Carmel Valley Day/Sunshine/When My Time Comes/Without Any Hold

SP 4684 - Special Delivery - .38 Special [1978] I'm A Fool For You/Turnin' To You/Travelin' Man/I Been A Mover//What Can I Do/Who's Been Messin'/Can't Keep A Good Man Down/Take Me Back

*SP 4685 - Sounds... And Stuff Like That!! - Quincy Jones [1978] (6-78, #15) I'm Gonna Miss You In The Morning/Love, I Never Had It So Good/Love Me By Name/Stuff Like That/Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)/Takin' It To The Streets/Tell Me A Bedtime Story

*SP 4686 - You're OK, I'm OK - Billy Swan [1978] Bloodstream/Forever In Your Love/Hello Remember Me/Let The Rain Keep Fallin'/Lonely Avenue/Never Go Lookin' Away/No Way Around It (It's Love)/Please Help Me, I'm Falling/That's America/You Make My Soul Rock 'N' Roll/You're OK, I'm OK

SP 4687 - U.K. Squeeze - Squeeze [1978] Also issued in red vinyl. Sex Master/Bang Bang/Strong In Reason/Wild Sewerage Tickles Brazil/Out Of Control/Take Me, I'm Yours//The Call/Model/Remember What/First Thing Wrong/Hesitation (Rool Brittania)/Get Smart

SP 4688 - Letta - Letta Mbulu [1978] Open Up Your Heart/Buza (There's a Light At the End of a Tunnel)/I Need You/Baile Baneso //I Can Depend on You/Hareje/Mamani

SP 4689 - New Day - Airwaves [1978] Love Stop/Let Me In/The Cat/Keep Away The Blues/Hope You Won't/You Are The New Day//So Hard Living Without You/Nobody Is/Hideaway/Don't Let The Daylight In/Go Better

SP 4690 - Natural Act - Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge [1978] (2-79, #106) Also issued as a picture disc. Blue As I Do/Not Everyone Knows/I Fought The Law/Number One/You're Gonna Love Yourself (In The Morning)/Loving You Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)//Back In My Baby's Arms/Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends/Hoola Hoop/Love Don't Live Here Anymore/Silver Mantis

SP 4691 -

SP 4692 - Three's A Crowd - Tarney-Spencer Band [1978] (7-78, #174) Bye Bye Now My Sweet Love/Takin' Me Back/It's Really You/We Believe In Love/Maybe I'm Right//I Can Hear Love/Set The Minstrel Free/Magic Still Runs Through Your Head/Capital Shame/Easier For You

SP 4693 - Smitty - William D. Smith [1978] Sweetie Pie/Where Did You Come From/Midnight Eyes/Genevieve/Right Feeling At The Wrong Time//Girl Of A 1,000 Dreams/Waiting Just For You/Forgive A Fool In Love/Special Person/This And That

SP 4694 - Suite Lady - Gap Mangione [1978]

SP 4695 - Shooting Star - Elkie Brooks [1978] Only Love Can Break Your Heart/Be Positive/Since You Went Away/Putting My Heart On The Line/Stay With Me//As/Learn To Love/Too Precious/Shooting Star/Just An Excuse

*SP 4696 - She Loves to Hear the Music - Sylvia Sims [1978] After The Lovin'/I'm In You/If You Really Love Me/It Had To Be You/She Loves To Hear The Music/Sweet Georgia Brown/Teach Me Tonight/Touch Me In The Morning/When It Was Done

SP 4697 - Worlds Away - Pablo Cruise [1978] (6-78, #6) Worlds Away/Love Will Find A Way/Family Man/Runnin'//Don't Want To Live Without It/You're Out To Lose/Always Be Together/Sailing To Paradise/I Go To Rio

*SP 4698 - Common Ground - Paul Winter [1978] Ancient Voices (Nhmamusasa)/Common Ground (Velho Sermao)/Duet/Eagle/Icarus/Lay Down Your Burden/Midnight (Minuit)/Ocean dream/The Promise Of A Fisherman (Iemanja)/Trilogy/Trio/Wolf Eyes

SP 4699 - Love Me Again - Rita Coolidge [1978] (6-78, #32) You/Slow Dancer/Sweet Inspiration/Love Me Again/It Just Keeps You Dancin'//Bye Bye, Love/The Jealous Kind/Hello Love, Goodbye/You're So Fine/Songbird

Thanks to Gert Nielsen, Eamonn Keane, Brenda Weaver-Kingsley, and Danny Howgain.

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