A&M Album Discography, Part 8
SP 4800-4899 (1980-1982)

By Patrice Eyries, Dave Edwards, & Mike Callahan
Last update: February 6, 2007

Tracks on each album are listed in the order they appear on the album. An asterisk (*) before the record number indicates we do not have information on the correct playing sequence of the tracks, and consequently they are listed in alphabetical order for that album.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

SP 4800 - Bryan Adams - Bryan Adams [1980] Hidin' From Love/Win Some Lose Some/Wait And See/Give Me Your Love/Wastin' Time//Don't Ya Say It/Remember/State Of Mind/Try To See It My Way

SP 4801 -

SP 4802 - Argybargy - Squeeze [1980] (4-80, #71) Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)/Another Nail In My Heart/Separate Beds/Misadventure/I Think I'm Go Go//Farfisa Beat/Here Comes That Feeling/Vicky Verky/If I Didn't Love You/Wrong Side Of The Moon/There At The Top

SP 4803 - Take A Little Rhythm - Ali Thomson [1980] (7-80, #99) Fools' Society/Take A Little Rhythm/Saturday Heartbreaker/We Were All In Love/African Queen//Live Every Minute/Jamie/Page By Page/The Hollywood Role/A Goodnight Song

SP 4804 -

*SP 4805 - You And Me - Rickie Robbins [1980] (6-80, #71) After Loving You/For The Sake Of A Memory/Girl I'm Gonna Get Ya/Hang Tough/I Never Knew/Lost In love Again/Point Of View/Together/You And Me

SP 4806 - Collins & Collins - Collins & Collins [1980]

SP 4807 - City Kids - Sterling [1980] It's Me/City Kid/And She's Mine/Good Girl/It's Only Love//Baby It's You/Robosexual/Are You Sleeping Alone/Phony People/Oh Yeah

SP 4808 - Formula 2 - Lazy Racer [1980]

SP 4809 - Me Myself I - Joan Armatrading [1980] (6-80, #28) Me Myself I/Ma-Me-O- Beach/Friends/Is It Tomorrow Yet/Turn Out The Lights//When You Kisses Me/All The Way From America/Feeling In My Heart (For You)/Simon/I Need You

*SP 4810 - Animalympics (Soundtrack) - Graham Gouldman [1980] Away From It All/Bionic Boar/Born To Lose/Go For It/Kit Mambo/Love's Not For Me (Rene's Song)/Underwater Fantasy/We've Made It To The Top/With You I Can Run Forever/Z.O.O.

*SP 4811 - Love Life - Brenda Russell [1981] (4-81, #107) Deep Dark And Mysterious/If You Love/Love Life/Lucky/Rainbow/Sensitive Man/Something I Like To Do/Thank You

SP 4812 - Big Boy - Mark Andrews & Gents [1980] West One/Say It's All Right/Talking With Your Body/Don't Let Go/Big Boy//Laid On A Plate/Born To Be Wild/Does It Get To You (Like It Gets To Me)/Show Me/Let Yourself Go/In A Jam

*SP 4813 - X Multiplies - Yellow Magic Orchestra [1980] (9-80, #177) Behind The Mask/Citizens Of Science/Day Tripper/Multiplies/Nice Age/Rydeen/Solid State Survivor/Technopolis

SP 4814 - No Fright - Live Wire [1980]

SP 4815 - Eastern Wind - Chris De Burgh [1980] The Traveller/The Record Company Bash/Tonight/Wall Of Silence/Flying Home//Shadows And Lights/Sailor/Some Things Never Change/Tourist Attraction/Eastern Wind

SP 4816 - R.A.F. - R.A.F. [1980]

SP 4817 - Savage Music - Tigers [1980] Promises, Promises/Worlds To Conquer/Kidding Stops/Fall For You/True Confessions/Make-Up Girl/Savage Music//Gone Like You/Big Expense, Small Income/Sexual Blanks/Ice Cold In Fulham/Take It Like A Man/Jack It Up/Watch This Space

SP 4818 - Feelin' All Right - New Riders Of The Purple Sage [1980] Night For Making Love/No Other Love/The Way She Dances/Tell Me/Fly Right//Crazy Little Girl/Full Moon At Midnite/Pakalolo Man/Day Dreamin' Girl/Saralyn

SP 4819 - Shine On - L.T.D. [1980] (9-80, #28) You Gave Me Love/Where Did We Go Wrong/Getaway/Will Love Grow//Love Is What You Need/Shine On/Lovers Everywhere/Lady Love/Don'tcha Know

SP 4820 - Breaking Glass - Hazel O'connor [1980] Writing On The Wall/Monsters In Disguise/Come Into The Air/Big Brother/Who Needs It?/Will You//Eighth Day/Top Of The Wheel/Calls The Tune/Blackman/Give Me An Inch/If Only

SP 4821 - Lookin' For Trouble - Toronto [1980] (8-80, #185) Even The Score/5035/Get Your Hands Off Me/You Better Run/Don't Stop Me//Lookin' For Trouble/Do Watcha, Be Watcha/Delirious/Shot Down/Tie Me Down

SP 4822 - True Colours - Split Enz [1980] (8-80, #40) Issued in red, yellow, or purple vinyl with laser etch. Shark Attack/I Got You/What's The Matter With You/Double Happy/I Wouldn't Dream Of It/I Hope I Never//Nobody Takes Me Seriously/Missing Person/Poor Boy/How Can I Resist Her/The Choral Sea

*SP 4823 - Hot Spikes - Myofist [1980] Alimony/Are You Crying/Hot Spikes/It's A Sin/Lord I Miss You/Money/Never Come Back/Rock And Roll Suicide/Teenage Love Affair/What Am I To Do?

SP 4824 - Seawind - Seawind [1980] What Cha Doin'/The Two Of Us/Love Him, Love Her/Everything Needs Love//Shout/Still In Love/Pra Vose/I Need Your Love/Long, Long Time

*SP 4825 - Bi-Coastal - Peter Allen [1980] (11-80, #123) Bi-Coastal/Fly Away/Hit In The Heart/I Could Really Show You Around/I Don't Go Shopping/One Step Over The Borderline/Pass This Time/Simon/Somebody's Angel/When This Love Affair Is Over

*SP 4826 - U.S. 1 - Head East [1980] (11-80, #137) Babie Ruth/Fight For Your Life/I Surrender/Look To The Sky/Love Me Now/Out Of The Blue/Sister Sister/Susan/You'll Be The One

SP 4827 -

SP 4828 - Play It Till It Hurts - Stanley Frank [1980]

*SP 4829 - Blush - Lani Hall [1981] Ain't Got Nothin' For Me/Come What May/I Don't want You To Go/In The Dark/Love Me Again/No Strings/Only You/Where's Your Angel?/Wish I Would've Stayed

SP 4830 - Simplicity - Tim Curry [1981] (8-81, #112) Working On My Tan/She's Not There/Simplicity/On A Roll/Take Me I'm Yours//Dancing In The Streets/Betty Jean/Out Of Pawn/Summer In The City/I Put A Spell On You

SP 4831 - Zenyatta Mondatta - The Police [1980] (10-80, #5) Don't Stand So Close To Me/Driven To Tears/When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around/Canary In A Coalmine/Voices Inside My Head/Bombs Away//De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da/Behind My Camel/Man In A Suitcase/Shadows In The Rain/The Other Way Of Stopping

SP 4832 -

*SP 4833 - Radiant - Atlantic Starr [1981] (3-81, #47) Am I Dreaming/Does It Matter/My Turn Now/Mystery Girl/Send For Me/Think About That/Under Pressure/When Love Calls

SP 4834 -

SP 4835 - Wild-Eyed Southern Boys - .38 Special [1981] (2-81, #18) Hold On Loosely/First Time Around/Wild-Eyed Southern Boys/Back Alley Sally/Fantasy Girl//Hittin' And Runnin'/Honky Tonk Dancer/Throw Out The Line/Bring It On

SP 4836 - Greatest Hits - Rita Coolidge [1980] (2-81, #107) Born Under A Bad Sign/We're All Alone/Fool That I Am/(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher/Nice Feelin'/The Way You Do The Things You Do//I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love/Words/Only You Know And I Know/I Don't Want To Talk About It/Fever/Am I Blue

SP 4837 - Beat Crazy - Joe Jackson Band [1980] (11-80, #41) Beat Crazy/One To One/In Every Dream Home (A Nightmare)/The Evil Eye/Mad At You//Crime Don't Pay/Someone Up There/Battleground/Biology/Pretty Boys/Fit

SP 4838 - Do a Runner - Athletico Spizz '80 [1980] Touched/New Species/Intimate/Effortless/European Heroes/Energy Crisis//Red And Black/The Rhythm Inside/Personimpersonator/Clocks Are Big/Airships

SP 4839 - Dean Conn - Dean Conn [1980]

SP 4840 - The Idolmaker (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1980] (12-80, #130) Here Is My Love - Jesse Frederick/Oo-Wee Baby - Darlene Love/Come And Get It - Nino Tempo/Sweet Little Lover - Jesse Frederick/I Can't Tell - Colleen Fitzpatrick/However Dark The Night - Peter Gallagher//Baby - Peter Gallagher/I Know Where You're Goin' - Nino Tempo/A Boy And A Girl - Sweet Inspirations & London Fog/I Believe It Can Be Done - Ray Sharkey/I Believe It Can Be Done (Instrumental) - Nino Tempo

SP 4841 - Leslie, Kelly & John Ford Coley - Leslie, Kelly & John Ford Coley [1980] Without You/Is It Any Wonder/American Boy/Go For The Heart/Somebody To Love/There's A Love//Long Distance Telephone/Come Back To Me/Let's Go To The Movies/Love Has Got To Start With Us/Don't Wake Me Now (I'm Dreaming)/Children's Prayer

SP 4842 -

*SP 4843 - Perfect Fit - Jerry Knight [1981] (4-81, #146) Easier To Run Away/Higher/Perfect Fit/Play Sista'/Rainbow/Too Busy/Turn It Out/Twilight

SP 4844 - The Fool Circle - Nazareth [1980] (2-81, #70) Dressed To Kill/Another Year/Moonlight Eyes/Pop The Silo/Let Me Be Your Leader//We Are The People/Every Young Man's Dream/Little Part Of You/Cocaine/Victoria

SP 4845 -

*SP 4846 - Deception Is An Art - Ali Thomson [1981] A Simple Song/Art Gallery/Don't Hold Back/Foolish Child/Man Of The Earth/Safe And Warm/Secrets Hide Inside/Shells Lay Scattered/Someone In Motion/The One And Only

*SP 4847 - Doc Holliday - Doc Holliday [1981] A Good Woman's Hard To Find/Ain't No Fool/I'm A Rocker/Keep On Running/Magic Midnight/Moonshine Runner/Never Another Night/Round And Round/Somebody Help Me/The Way You Do

SP 4848 - Waiata - Split Enz [1981] (5-81, #45) Hard Act To Follow/One Step Ahead/I Don't Wanna Dance/Iris/Wail/Clumsy//History Never Repeats/Walking Through The Ruins/Ships/Ghost Girl/Albert Of India

SP 4849 - Honi Soit... - John Cale [1981] (4-81, #154) Dead Or Alive/Strange Times In Casablanca/Fighter Pilot/Wilson Joliet/Streets Of Laredo//Honi Soit (La PremiŠre Le‡on De Fran‡ais)/Riverbank/Russian Roulette/Magic And Lies

SP 4850 - Foul Play - Dennis Brown [1981] On The Rocks/The Existence Of Jah/Come On Baby/The World Is Troubled/I Need Your Love (Rasta Children)//Foul Play/Your Man/If I Had The World/If I Follow My Heart/The Cheater

*SP 4851 - Passage - Passage [1981] Faith Walking People/Have You Heard The Word/I See The Light/Love Eyes/Open Up Your Heart/Power/The Great Flood/The Son Will Come Again/You Can't Be Livin'

SP 4852 - Sons and Lovers - Hazel O'Connor [1981]

SP 4853 - BMG - Yellow Magic Orchestra [1981] Ballet/Music Plans/Rap Phenomena/Happy End/1000 Knives//Cue/U.T./Camouflage/Mass/Loom

SP 4854 - East Side Story - Squeeze [1981] (5-81, #44) In Quintessence/Someone Else's Heart/Tempted/Piccadilly/There's No Tomorrow/Heaven/Woman's World//Is That Love/F- Hole/Labelled With Love/Someone Else's Hell/Mumbo Jumbo/Vanity Fair/Messed Around

*SP 4855 - MPG - MPG [1981] Always Something/Better Thing I Never Had/Can I Come Over Tonight'/Get Yours Tonight/Goodbye Cruel World/Hurt Me/Too Many Questions/Why Me/Workin' Overtime

SP 4856 - Changes Made - Live Wire [1981] Child's Eye/Don't Look Now/Sleep/Changes Made/Soundtrack//Anarchists In Love/Power/Running/Burn/Wait In The Shadows

SP 4857 -

SP 4858 - Immunity - Rupert Hine [1981] I Hang On To My Vertigo/Misplaced Love/Samsara/Surface Tension/I Think A Man Will Hang Soon//Immunity/Another Stranger/Psycho- Surrender/Make A Wish

SP 4859 - Don't Point Your Finger - Nine Below Zero [1981] One Way Street/Doghouse/Liquor Lover/Helen/Ain't Comin' Back/I Won't Lie//Treat Her Right/Three Times Enough/Sugar Mama/Don't Point Your Finger At The Guitar Man/Rockin' Robin/You Can't Please All The People All The Time

SP 4860 - Leyden Zar - Leyden Zar [1981] It's Alright/Sucking On Her Fingers/Still In The Race/I Want You Back//Don't Talk About Love/All To Myself/Out Of Touch/Communicate

SP 4861 - Spikey Dream Flowers - Spizzles [1981] Brainwashing Time/Five Year Mission (Featuring The Return Of Spock)/Dangers Of Living/Robot Holiday/Soldier, Soldier (Featuring Theme From Spikey Dream Flowers)//Downtown/Risk/Central Park/Melancholy/Scared

SP 4862 - Chas Jankel - Chas Jankel [1980] Ai No Corrida/Peace, At Last/Just A Thought/Lenta Latina//Fuse/Am I Honest With Myself Really?/Reverie

SP 4863 - Only A Lad - Oingo Boingo [1981] (8-81, #172) Little Girls/Perfect System/On The Outside/Capitalism/You Really Got Me//Only A Lad/What You See/Controller/Imposter/Nasty Habits

SP 4864 - You Want It, You Got It - Bryan Adams [1981] Lonely Nights/One Good Reason/Don't Look Now/Coming Home/Fits Ya Good//Jealousy/Tonight/You Want It, You Got It/Last Chance/No One Makes It Right

*SP 4865 - The Heat's On - R.A.F. [1981] Borrowed Time/Easy Come Is Easy Go/Holocaust/I Can't Get Started/Miracles/Miracles (Reprise)/Stop Her On Sight/Talking Pictures/The Heat's On/Tightrope/You Can't Hold Back Now

SP 4866 - Fiyo On The Bayou - Neville Brothers [1981] (8-81, #166) Hey Pocky Way/Sweet Honey Dripper/Fire On The Bayou/The Ten Commandments Of Love//Sitting In Limbo/Brother John-Iko Iko/Mona Lisa/Run Joe

SP 4867 - Earthshaker - Y & T [1981] Hungry For Rock/Dirty Girl/Shake It Loose/Squeeze/Rescue Me//Young And Tough/Hurricane/Let Me Go/Knock You Out/I Believe In You

SP 4868 - The Keys Album - Keys [1981] Hello Hello/It Ain't So/One Good Reason/Listening In/I Don't Wanna Cry/Saturday To Sunday Night//Spit It Out/If It's Not Too Much/Run Run Run/Greasy Money/Back To Black/World Ain't Turning

*SP 4869 - I Believe In Love - Rickie Robbins [1981] (9-81, #147) Act Of Love/For You, For Love/Give Our Love A Chance/I Believe In Love/I'll Turn To You/Look Before You Leap/My Old Friend/Nothing Like Love/Talk To Me/Time To Think

SP 4870 - T.R.A.S.H. (Tubes Rarities And Smash Hits) - Tubes [1981] (8-81, #148) Drivin' All Night/What Do You Want From Life?/Turn Me On/Slipped My Disco/Don't Touch Me There/Mondo Bondage//Love Will Keep Us Together/White Punks On Dope (W.P.O.D.) (Parts A & B)/Prime Time/I'm Just A Mess/Only The Strong Survive

SP 4871 - Joe Jackson's Jumpin' Jive - Joe Jackson's Jumpin' Jive [1981] (8-81, #42) Jumpin' With Symphony Kid/Jack, You're Dead/Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby/We The Cats (Shall Hep Ya)/San Francisco Fan/Five Guys Named Moe//Jumpin' Jive/You Run Your Mouth (And I'll Run My Business)/What's The Use Of Getting Sober (When You're Gonna Get Drunk Again)/You're My Meat/Tuxedo Junction/How Long Must I Wait For You

*SP 4872 - Head On - Toronto [1981] Head On/Silver Screen/Still Talkin' 'Bout Love/Someone Will Play The Blues/It Comes From You//Enough Is Enough/Master Of Disguise/Blackmail/Gone In A Flash

*SP 4873 - Mayday - Mayday [1981] Chicago Nights/Familiar Faces/Getaway/Innocent Bystander/Life In Space/Loco Love/Love Affair/New York City/Once Upon A Time/So Young So Bad

SP 4874 - I Want You - Booker T. [1981]

SP 4875 - Sheena & The Rockets - Sheena & Rockets [1980]

*SP 4876 - Walk Under Ladders - Joan Armatrading [1981] (10-81, #88) At The Hop/Eating The Bear/I Can't Lie To Myself/I Wanna Hold You/I'm Lucky/No Love/Only One/Romancers/Weakness In Me/When I Get It Right

*SP 4877 - Love's on Your Side - Jerry Knight [1981] Beautiful/Brand New Food/Do It All For You/Do You Really Mean It'/Fire/I'm Down For That/Nothing Can Hold Us Back/She's Got To Be (A Dancer)

*SP 4878 - Masked Madness - Dixon House [1981] All Too Clear/Automatic Pilot/Green Light/If You Wanna Go The Distance (Beat Them To The Punch)/Just One Kiss/Layanna/Masked Madness/Our Love/Too Late Belinda/Wait For The Night

SP 4879 -

SP 4880 - That's What Time It Is - Johnny "Guitar" Watson [1981]

*SP 4881 - Love Magic - L.T.D. [1981] (11-81, #83) April Love/Burnin' Hot/Cuttin' It Up/It Must End/Kickin' Back/Love Magic/Now/Stay On The One

From this point, an additional prefix "6" (or "9") is sometimes added to the catalog number. This was to differentiate prices for the albums. Normal series albums were $8.98 list price; the "6-" prefix meant it was $6.98 list, and the "9-" prefix denoted $9.98 list.

SP 6-4882 - Doc Holliday Rides Again... - Doc Holliday [1981] Last Ride/Good Boy Gone Bad/Don't Go Talkin'/Southern Man/Let Me Be Your Lover//Doin' (It Again)/Don't Stop Lovin' Me/Hot Rod/Lonesome Guitar

*SP 4883 - Brilliance - Atlantic Starr [1982] (3-82, #18) Circles/Let's Get Closer/Love Me Down/Love Moves/Perfect Love/Sexy Dancer/You're The One/Your Love Finally Ran Out

SP 6-4884 - Let It Rock - Johnny & Distractions [1981] (2-82, #152) Shoulder Of The Road/Complicated Now/Forever/Octane Twilight/In The Street//My Desire/Guys Like Me/City Of Angels/Break These Chains/Let It Rock

SP 6-4885 - Questionnaire - Chas Jankel [1981] 109/Johnny Funk/Now You're Dancing/Magic Of Music//Glad To Know You/Boy/Questionnaire/3,000,000 Synths

SP 4886 - Love Has Found Its Way - Dennis Brown [1982] Love Has Found Its Way/Get High On Your Love/Handwriting On The Wall/Weep And Moan/Blood, Sweat And Tears//Halfway Up, Halfway Down/Any Day Now/I Couldn't Stand Losing You/Why Baby Why/Get Up

SP 6-4887 - Harari - Harari [1982]

SP 4888 - Special Forces - .38 Special [1982] (5-82, #10) Caught Up In You/Back Door Stranger/Back On The Track/Chain Lightnin'//Rough-Housin'/You Keep Runnin' Away/Breakin' Loose/Take 'Em Out/Firestarter

SP 6-4889 - Late One Night - Robert Williams [1982] Late One Night/Within You Without You/Roseanna/Refuse To Suffer/Self Destruction//Let It Slide/Grinding The Gears/Gotta Be Nice/Hungry/Never Been In love

*SP 4890 - Special Delivery - Alvin Fields [1982] All In The Name Of Love/All That I Am/Any Way You Like It/Fire Of Life/Lucky Number Seven/Punk Funk/Share My Dream/Special Delivery

*SP 6-4891 - Hot 'N Sassy - Magic Lady [1982] Freaky/Get Off/Give It Up/Hold Tight/Red Hot Stuff/Sexy Body/Shake/Stand Up/When We Love

SP 4892 - Dare! - Human League [1981] (2-82, #3) The Things That Dreams Are Made Of/Open Your Heart/The Sound Of The Crowd/Darkness/Do Or Die//Get Carter/I Am The Law/Seconds/Love Action (I Believe In Love)/Don't You Want Me

*SP 4893 - Thunder In Rock - Myofist [1981] Better Way To Go/Double Or Nothing/Evil Cold/Fleet Street/It's Late/Leather And Lace/On The Radio/Open The Gates/Thunder In Rock

SP 4894 - Time And Tide - Split Enz [1982] (5-82, #58) Dirty Creature/Giant Heartbeat/Hello Sabdy Allen/Never Ceases To Amaze Me/Lost For Words/Small Town//Take A Walk/Pioneer (Instrumental)/Six Months In A Leaky Boat/Haul Away/Log Cabin Fever/Make Sense Of It

SP 4895 - Keepin' Love New - Howard Johnson [1982] (9-82, #122) Forever Falling In Love/Jam Song/Keepin' Love New/Say You Wanna/So Fine/So Glad You're My Lady/Take Me Through The Night/This Is Heaven

*SP 4896 - Jeffrey Osborne - Jeffrey Osborne [1982] (6-82, #49) Ain't Nothin' Missin'/Baby/Congratulations/Eenie Meenie/I Really Don't Need No Light/New Love/On The Wings Of Love/Ready For Your Love/Who You Talkin' To?/You Were Made For Love

SP 6-4897 - Suspicion - Lisa Bade [1982] No Way To Treat A Lady/When Things Go Wrong/Jersey Girl/Pile-Up On The Highway/Shakin' All Over//Suspicion/Murder At Midnight/You're The Weight/Losin' Feelin'/Willow

SP 4898 - Albany Park - Lani Hall [1982]

SP 4899 - Sweets From A Stranger - Squeeze [1982] (5-82, #32) Out Of Touch/I Can't Hold On/Points Of View/Stranger Than The Stranger On The Shore/Onto The Dance Floor/When The Hangover Strikes//Black Coffee In Bed/I've Returned/Tongue With A Knife/His House Her Home/The Very First Dance/The Elephant Ride

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