ABC-Paramount Album Discography, Part 10
AB 1000-AY 1141 (1976-1979)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 5, 2005

The fifth label had a purple center which graduated to a gold outer circle. The printing on the label was black. The ABC logo was white in a black circle. This label was used from approximately number 830 to 1090.

The sixth label was the same background with a 1/8th note with the ABC logo in it. The label was used from approximately number 1090 to the end of the label in 1979.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

AB 1000 - Avalanche - Avalanche [1976] Bermuda Triangle/Wizard Of Love/Annie/Overnight Sensation/Tie Your Laces/Landslide//Bar Room Ladies/Spark In The Dark/Closer To Love/Something I Need/Sweet Baby Brown Eyes

AB 1001 - Especially For You - Al Hudson & The Soul Partners [1977] I Got A Notion You Got The Motion/Real Love/You'reSo Wonderful/Feelings//Baby Let Me Love You/Trying To Prove My Love/Disco Lover/Let's Disco/When Something Is Wrong With My Baby

AB 1002 - Genuine Ruby - Ruby Andrews [1977] Queen of The Disco/A Love Feeling/My Imaginary Eye/A Change Is Gonna Come//A Little Fixin' Up (Will Keep Him From Messin' Up)/Let's Make Every Second A Memory/Merry-Go-Round/Cinderfella/I Wanna Be Near You

AB 1003 - Bautista - Roland Bautista [1977] Destination/Make Your Own Music/Gone/Diggin' It In//Tears From My Rainbow/Chanson A Denise/Vida Life/Manifestation

AB 1004 - Your Arms Too Short to Box With God (Original Cast) - Salome Bey, Clinton Derricks-Carroll, Sheila Ellis and Delores Hall [5/77]

AB 1005 - Toucan Do It Too - Amazing Rhythm Aces [1977] (4-77, #114) Never Been To The Islands/Never Been Hurt/Living In A World Unknown/Everybody's Talked Too Much/Last Letter Home/Who's Crying Now/Just Between You And Me And The Wall, You're A Fool/I'm Setting You Free/Geneva's Lullaby/You Can Do It Too

AA 1006 - Aja - Steely Dan [1977] (10-77, #3) Black Cow/Aja/Deacon Blues//Peg/Home At Last/I Got The News/Josie

* AB 1007 - Lifestyle (Living And Loving) - John Klemmer [1977] (6-77, #51) Caress/Forever/Lifestyle/Lovin' Feelings/Pure Love/Purity/Quiet Afternoon/Tough And Tender

AK 1008-2 - You Had To Be There - Jimmy Buffett [1978] (11-78, #72) Two record set. Son Of A Son Of A Sailor/Dialogue/Pencil Thin Mustache/Dialogue/Wonder Why We Ever Go Home/Landfall/Dialogue/Miss You So Badly//Dialogue/Havana Daydreamin'/Dialogue/Margaritaville/Dialogue/Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes/Dialogue/Come Monday/Dialogue/Perrier Blues//Dialogue/Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit/Dialogue/God's Own Drunk/Dialogue/He Went To Paris/Dialogue/The Captain And The Kid//Dialogue/Why Don't We Get Drunk (And Screw)/Dialogue/A Pirate Looks At Forty/Dialogue/Tampico Trauma/Dialogue/Morris' Nightmare/Dixie Diner/Dialogue

AB 1009 - Family Ties - Faragher Brothers [1977] Thanks A Lot/You're Making A Good- Bye Bad/Life Is Love/I'm Wakin' Up//He Wants To See You/Follow My Heart/Don't I Know/Fool In Love/You Know That

AB 1010 - Shake It Well - Dramatics [1977] (8-77, #60) Shake It Well/You Make The Music (I Just Dance Along)/My Ship Won't Sail Without You/Come Inside//Spaced Out Over You/That Heaven Kind Of Feeling/(I Like) Makin' You So Happy/Ocean Of Thoughts And Dreams/Music Is Forever

AB 1011 - Universal Child - Dianne Steinberg [1977]

1012 -

1013 -

AB 1014 - The Show Must Go On - Four Tops [1977] The Show Must Go On/I Can't Live Without You/Save It For A Rainy Day/Runnin' From Your Love//See The Real Me/Love Is A Joy/You'll Never Find A Better Man/Candy

AB 1015 - Brand New Day - Blood, Sweat & Tears Featuring David Clayton-Thomas [1977] Somebody I Trusted (Put Out The Light)/Dreaming As One/Same Old Blues/Lady Put Out The Light/Womanizer//Blue Street/Gimme That Wine/Rock And Roll Queen (A Tribute To Janis Joplin)/Don't Explain

AB 1016 - Richard Tate - Richard Tate [6/77]

AA 1017 - Levon Helm & The RCO All-Stars - Levon Helm & The RCO All-Stars [1977] (11-77, #142) Washer Woman/The Tie That Binds/You Got Me/Blues So Bad/Sing, Sing, Sing (Let's Make A Better World)//Milk Cow Boogie/Rain Down Tears/A Mood I Was In/Havana Moon/That's My Home

AB 1018 - Reflections In Blue - Bobby Bland [1977] (5-77, #185) The Soul Of A Man/I'll Be Your Fool Once More/Sittin' On A Poor Man's Throne/I Intend To Take Your Place/It Ain't The Real Thing//It's All Over/If I Weren't A Gambler/Five Years Long/I Got The Same Old Blues

1019 -

AB 1020 - Big Daddy's Place - Wayne Henderson [1977] Keep On Keepin' On/Reggae Disco/Foot Stompin' Music/Big Daddy's Place//Lush Life/Lady Bug/I'm Staying Forever

AB 1021 - Yes We Have No Mananas (So Get Your Mananas Today) - Kevin Ayers [1977] Star/Mr. Cool/The Owl/Love's Gonna Turn You Round/Falling In Love Again//Help Me/Ballad Of Mr. Snake/Everyone Knows The Song/Yes I Do/Blue

AB 1022 - Eloise - Eloise Laws [1977] (2-78, #156) Baby You Lied/His House And Me/1,000 Laughs/Someone Who Still Needs Me/Love Is Feeling//Number One/You're Incredible/Love Comes Easy/Forever Now

* AB 1023 - Choosing You - Lenny Williams [1977] (8-77, #99) Choosing You/I've Been Away From Love Too Long/Look Up With Your Mind/Please Don't Tempt Me/Problem Solver/Riding The High Wire/Shoo Doo Fu Fu Ooh!/Trust In Me

1024 -

1025 -

AB 1026 - The Two Of Us - Marylin McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. [1977] (8-77, #57) Look What You've Done To My Heart/Wonderful/My Reason To Be Is You/My Very Special Darling//Nightsong/The Times/The Two Of Us/In My Lifetime/Hard Road Down

AB 1027 - The Bitch Is Bad! - Denise Lasalle [1977] The Bitch Is Bad/Love Me Right/Before You Take It To The Streets/Fool Me Good//Move Your Body/A Love Magician/One Life To Live/Love Addict

1028 -

1029 -

AB 1030 - Floaters - Floaters [1977] (6-77, #10) Float On/You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/Got To Find A Way//I Bet You Get The One You Love/Everything Happens For A Reason/Take One Step At A Time/No Stronger Love/I Am So Glad I Took My Time

AA 1031 - Song For A Young Girl - Paul Parrish [1977]

AA1032 - All About Love - Younghearts [1977] Let's Fall In Love Again/Sho' Nuff Must Be Love/LoveFor Love/Queen Of My Heart/Back Street Love Affair//Number One Attraction/Make A Little Wish/Didn't I Give You Love/Ghost Town/If

AA 1033 - Nights - Nights [1977]

1034 -

AA 1035 - Cherish - Al Hudson & The Soul Partners [1977]

AB 1036 - The Wonder Of It All - Tompall Glaser [10/77] It Never Crossed My Mind/Bad Times/What Are We Doin' With The Rest Of Our Lives?/How I Love Them Old Songs?/On Second Thought//Drinking Them Beers/My Mother Was A Lady/Duncan And Brady/Easy On My Mind/Wonder Of It All

AA 1037 - Sky's The Limit - Rhythm Heritage [1978] Sail Away With Me/Had To Fall In Love/Skippin'/Language Of Love//Theme From Starsky And Hutch/Holdin' Out (For Your Love)/Hedge Hog/Float On By/Sky's The Limit

AB 1038 - Live And Direct - Mighty Clouds Of Joy [1977]

* AB 1039 - A Hard Core Package - John Mayall [1977] An Old Sweet Picture/Arizona Bound/Disconnected Line/Do I Please You/Give Me A Chance/Goodnight Dreams/Make Up Your Mind/Now And Then/Rock And Roll Hobo/The Last Time

1040 -

AB 1041 - Now Is The Time - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes [1977] Where's The Concern For The People/Baby, You Got My Nose Open/Let's Talk It Over/Feels Like Magic//Now Is The Time/Power Of Love/Today, Tomorrow, Forever/Try To Live A Day

AA 1042 - Crosby/Nash - Live - Crosby & Nash [1977] (11-77, #52) Immigration Man/The Leeshore/I Used To Be A King/Page 43/Fieldworker//Simple Man/Foolish Man/Mama Lion/Dj Vu

AA 1043 - Berkshire - Wha-Koo [1978] Rig-A-Marole/Fat Love/Mother Of Pearl/Midnight Kitchen/(You're Such A) Fabulous Dancer//Berkshire/I'm Here/Expire On Me/Dreaming As One

AB 1044 - Washington: Behind Closed Doors (TV Soundtrack) - Dominic Frontiere [1977] Washington: Behind Closed Doors (Main Title)/Love Theme/Behind Closed Doors Disco/Paint My Love Blue/Jamaican Holiday//Pennsylvania Avenue/Embassy Row/White House Lawn Party/American Nation Song/March Of The Elephants

AA 1045 - Lawrence Hilton Jacobs - Lawrence Hilton Jacobs [1977]

AA 1046 - Son Of A Son Of A Sailor - Jimmy Buffett [1978] (4-78, #10) Son Of A Son Of A Sailor/Fool Button/The Last Line/Livingston Saturday Night/Cheeseburger In Paradise//Coast Of Marseilles/Cowboy In The Jungle/Manana/African Friend

AA 1047 - Magic - Floaters [1978] (4-78, #131) Magic (We Thank You)/I Dedicate My Love To You/The Time Is Now//What Ever Your Sign/Let's Try Love (One More Time)/Anything That Keeps You Satisfied/I Just Want To Be With You

AA 1048 - Night People - Lee Dorsey [1978] Say It Again/God Must Have Blessed America/Soul Mine/Keep On Doing It To Me/Thank You//Night People/Can I Be The One/Babe/Draining

AA 1049 - Street Player - Rufus featuring Chaka Khan [1978] (2-78, #14) Street Player/Stay/Turn/Best Of Your Heart/Finale//Blue Love/Stranger To Love/Take Time (Instrumental)/Destiny/Change Your Ways

* AA 1050 - Rainbow Seeker - Joe Sample [1978] (2-78, #62) As Long As It Lasts/Fly With Wings Of Love/In All My Wildest Dreams/Islands In The Rain/Melodies Of Love/Rainbow Seeker/There Are Many Stops Along The Way/Together We'll Find A Way

AB 1051 - Hang On Feelin' - Red Steagall [1978]

AA 1052 - Shoot The Moon - Carter Robertson [1978] Something's Up (Love Me Like The First Time)/Stuck In Chicago/Tonight I'll Shoot The Moon/You Are Everything/Didn't Wanna Hurt Cha For Another Guy//Shelter/Early Morning Smile/By Your Side/Who Will The Next Fool Be/I'm Through With You

AB 1053 - Labor Of Love - Roy Clark [4/78] Reissued as MCA 675. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face/Shoulder To Shoulder/Happy Days/Southern Nights/Love Is A Beautiful Song// Where Have You Been All Of My Life/Me And The Elephant /One Of These Days/It Was Almost Like A Song/Love For All Seasons

AB 1054 - Tonight's The Night - Roy Head [5/78] Now You See Em, Now You Don't/She's The Shadow Of Jane/The Lady In My Room/Don't You Love Her/Come To Me//Tonight's The Night (It's Gonna Be Alright)/Dixie/Pieces Of My Life/Smooth Whiskey/Love Survived

AA 1055 - Portrait - Tom Bresh [5/78] Smoke Smoke Smoke (That Cigarette)/If Everyone Was Happy/Ways Of A Woman In Love/Huckleberry Weekend/(others)

AA 1056 - Shine On Me - John Wesley Ryles [1977]

1057 -

AA 1058 - Before The Dance - Orleans [1977]

AA 1059 - The One And Only (Soundtrack) - Patrick Williams [1977] The One And Only - Kacey Cisyk/A Chance Encounter/Medley: Football March, Glory March/Which I Happen To Love/The Big Tour/Mary Questions/Second Thoughts/Hitting The Big Apple//The One And Only/Why Him/Kansas City Downer/Late Night Visit/Andy's Goodbye/Andy's Theme/The One And Only

AA 1060 - Good, Bad And Funky - Shotgun [1978] (4-78, #172) Good, Bad And Funky/Love Attack/Danger Of The Stranger/I Wish I Could See You Again//I'm All Strung Out/Sister Love/Fire It Up/Space-N/All Spaced Out (All Funked Up)

AA 1061 - Midnight Believer - B.B. King [1978] (5-78, #124) When It All Comes Down (I'll Still Be Around)/Midnight Believer/I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone/Hold On (I Feel Your Love Is Changing)//Never Make A Move Too Soon/A World Full Of Strangers/Let Me Make You Cry A Little Longer

AA 1062 - Swamp Gold - Freddy Fender [1978]

AA 1063 - Burning The Ballroom Down - Amazing Rhythm Aces [1978] (4-78, #116) Burning The Ballroom Down/A Jackass Gets His Oats/Ashes Of Love/All That I Had Left (With You)/I Pity The Mother And The Father (When The Kids Move Away)//Della's Long Brown Hair/Out Of Control/Red To Blue (When Dreams Come True)/The Spirit Walk

* AA 1064 - Sex And Violins - Martin Mull [1978] (6-78, #157)Best Of You/Birds Gotta Swim (Vinyl Pt. I)/Cleveland (Revisited)/Dogs/Goodnight/Half Hour Of Heaven (And Eight Hours Of Sleep)/I Haven't Got The Vegas Idea/I'll Do The Samba/Mother-In-Law Song/Trailer Waltz/Vinyl World (Part II)/Westward Hot

AY 1065 - Room Service - Oak Ridge Boys [1978] (6-78, #164) If You Can't Find Love/But I Do/Callin' Baton Rouge/It Could Have Been Ten Years Ago/Lots Of Matchbooks/If There Were Only Time For Love//Cryin' Again/I'll Be True To You/Come On In/Lay Down Your Sword And Shield/I Can Love You

AY 1066 - Better Me - Tommy Overstreet [12/78] Better Me/Cheater's Kit/Stolen Wine/I Can't Love Without You/If This Is Freedom (Then I Went Out)//Fadin' In Fadin' Out/I Wanna Be There When The Lovin' Starts/One Lives My Life (One Lives In My Heart)/Shadows Of Love/Nice Guys Always Finish Last

AB 1067 - Let Me Be the One - Randy Gurley [10/78] Let Me Be The One/Song For The Life I Have Found/I'll Never Get Over Loving You/Only Diamonds Are Forever/While I'm Here//Lovin' Somebody On A Rainy Day/Faithless Love/Let Me Be Your Baby/Old Memories/Heartbreaker

* AA 1068 - Arabesque - John Klemmer [1978] (6-78, #83) Arabesque/Desire/Falling/Love Affair/Mardi Gras/Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again Forever/Paradise/Picasso/Walk In Love

AY 1069 - Expressions - Don Williams [1978] (1-79, #161) I Would Like To See You Again/You've Got A Hold On Me/Tears Of The Lonely/All I'm Missing Is You/Tulsa Time//Lay Down Beside Me/Give It To Me/Not A Chance/It Must Be Love/When I'm With You

1070 -

AA 1071 - Heat of the Wind - Roland Bautista [8/78]

AA 1072 - Do What You Wanna Do - Dramatics [1978] (5-78, #44) Why Do You Want To Do Me Wrong/Do What You Want To Do/Disco Dance Contest/California Sunshine//Jane/Stop Your Weeping/I Want You/Yo' Love (Can Only Bring Me Happiness)

AA 1073 - Spark Of Love - Lenny Williams [1978] (7-78, #87) I Still Reach Out/You Got Me Running/Midnight Girl/Think What We Have//'Cause I Love You/Changes/Half Past Love/Love Came And Rescued Me

1074 -

AA 1075 - Come Fly With Me - Bobby Bland [1978] (7-78, #185) Come Fly With Me/Lady Lonely/Night Games/To Be Friends/I'm Just Your Man//Love To See You Smile/You Can Count On Me/This Bitter Earth/Ain't God Something

AA 1076 - Pretty Baby (Soundtrack) - New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra [7/78] The Honey Swat Blues/Elite Syncopations/Heliotrope Bouquet/Pretty Baby/King Porter Stomp/Tiger Rag/Swipesy/Moonlight Bay/Heliotrope Bouquet (Orchestra Version)//Creole Belles/Shreveport Stomps/Winin' Boy Blues/After The Ball/Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight?/Big Lip Blues/The Ragtime Dance/At A Georgia Camp Meeting/Buddy Bolden's Blues/Mamie's Blues

AA 1077 - Up the Downstairs - Wilson Williams [8/78] Up The Downstairs/Thank You For Loving Me/Take Me The Way I Am/Faith Will Bring It Home/Groovy Feelin'//Sho You Rite/I Like Being In Love With You/I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine/All That Glitters Ain't Gold/The Greatest Story Ever Told

AY 1078 - Billy "Crash" Craddock Sings His Greatest Hits - Billy "Crash" Craddock [4/78] Rub It In/Broken Down In Tiny Pieces/Another Woman/There Won't Be Another Now/Ruby Baby/Think I'll Go Somewhere (And Cry Myself To Sleep)//Why Don't We Sleep On It/Easy As Pie/Knock Three Times/Walk Softly/Still Thinkin' Bout You/Don Juan

1079 -

AY 1080 - Inside Love - Narvel Felts [6/78] Reissued as MCA 699. Magic Moments/In The Still Of The Night/Love Won't Come My Way Again/Easy/Do You Want To Fly/Half Heaven Half Heartache/Save Me For The Last/Just Keep It Up And See What Happens/Lie To Me/That All Over Feeling

AA 1081 - Spreading Love - Al Hudson & The Soul Partners [1978]

AA 1082 - Bish - Stephen Bishop [1978] (9-78, #35) If I Only Had A Brain/Losing Myself In You/Looking For The Right One/Everybody Needs Love/Guitar Interlude/A Fool At Heart/What Love Can Do//Prelude/Vagabond From Heaven/Bish's Hideaway/Only The Heart Within You/Recognized/I've Never Known A Nite Like This/When I Was In Love

AA 1083 - The Best Of Joe Walsh - Joe Walsh [1978] (10-78, #71) Turn to Stone/Mother Says/Help Me Through the Night/Rocky Mountain Way//Meadows/County Fair/Funk #49 [James Gang]/Time Out/Walk Away [James Gang]

AY 1084 - Banjo Bandits - Roy Clark & Buck Trent [9/78] Earl's Breakdown/Bugle Call Rag/World Is Waiting For The Sunrise/John Cumberland Creek/Down Yonder//Jolly Ho Happy Hour/Black Mountain Rag/Beer Barrel Polka/Bluegrass Breakdown/Banjo Signal

AA 1085 - Night Dog - Danny Green [1978] Ask Her/Blue Lady/Stand With The Best/A Good Time Don't Come For Free/Final Showdown//Dreamin' Again/She Don't Want A Lover (She Just Need A Friend)/Take Me To The Islands/Slave Trader/Three Angels

AA 1086 - The Last Of The British Blues - John Mayall [1978]

AA 1087 - Under The Influence - Denise Lasalle [1978] P.A.R.T.Y. (Where It Is)/Feet Don't Fail Me/No Matter What They Say/Let's Stay This Way //Workin' Overtime/Underthe Influence/You Ought'a Thank Me/Talking 'Bout My Best Friend

* AB 1088 - Moods - Barbara Mandrell [1978] (5-79, #132) Don't Bother To Knock/Early Fall/I Believe You/I Feel The Hurt Coming On/(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right/It's A Crying Shame/Just One More Of Your Goodbyes/No Walls, No Ceilings, No Floors/Pity Party/Sleeping Single In A Double Bed

AA 1089 - Levon Helm - Levon Helm [1978] Ain't No Way To Forget You/Driving At Night/Play Something Sweet/Sweet Johanna/I Came Here To Party//Take Me To The River/Standing On A Mountaintop/Let's Do It In Slow Motion/Audience For My Pain

1090 -

AA 1091 - Very Best of the Mighty Clouds of Joy - Mighty Clouds of Joy [10/78] Two record set.

AA 1092 - At The Top - Four Tops [1978] H.E.L.P./Bits And Pieces/Seclusion/Put It On The News//This House/Just In Time/Inside A Brokenhearted Man/When Your Dreams Take Wings And Fly

AA 1093 - The Trip is Over - Harold Melvin [11/78]

1094 -

AY 1095 - Brand New Hank - Hank Thompson [1978] Reissued as MCA 689. I'm Just Gettin' By/Dance With Me Molly/Sings Of Love/Through the Bottom Of The Glass/Have A Good Time//I Hear The South Callin' Me/Point Of No Return/Tony's Tank-up Drive-In Cafe/That Want You Need You Got To Have You Feelin'/World's Greatest Feelin'

AA 1096 - Back To The Midwest Night - Arlyn Gale [1978] Back To The Midwest Night/Take The Night Flight/Tiger On The Lawn/Sunrise On Sunset//Ronee/Suspicious Fires/She's Alright/Halfway To Hell

1097 -

AA 1098 - Numbers - Rufus [1979] (2-79, #81) Ain't Nobody To Flame/You're To Blame/Keep It Together (Declaration Of Love)/Dancin' Mood/Red Hot Poker (Instrumental)//Don't You Sit Alone/Bet My Dreams/Pleasure Dome/Are We?/Life In The City

AA 1099 - Legend - Poco [1978] (11-78, #14) Boomerang/Spellbound/Barbados/Little Darlin'/Love Comes Love Goes//Heart Of The Night/Crazy Love/The Last Goodbye/Legend

AA 1100 - New Beginnings - Dells [1978] (9-78, #169) Super Woman/Drowning For Your Love/I Wanna Testify/All Your Goodies Are Gone//My Life Is So Wonderful (When You're Around)/Call Me (Right By Your Side I'll Be)/Cherish/Tripped , Slipped, Stumbled And Fell

AA 1101 - Lost In The Late Late Show - Traveler [1978] Who Are You Foolin'?/Lost In The Late, Late Show/Together Again/Genuine Feeling/Things Are Back To Normal//Don't You Blame It On Me/I'll Be Better/Roll On, Santa Fe/Everyone's Dancing But Me

AA 1102 - The Best of Crosby/Nash - David Crosby & Graham Nash [1978] (10-78, #150) Love Work Out/The Wall Song/Wild Tales/Carry Me/Out Of The Darkness//Southbound Train/Laughing/Chicago/Bittersweet/To The Last Whale (Critical Mass-Wind On The Water)

AA 1103 - Actor of Music - Mel Brown [1978]

AA 1104 - Clayton - David Clayton-Thomas [1978] Laying Down Rock And Roll/Fooled Ya/Homeward Bound/Sweet Sixteen/I'm A Free Man//Liberated Girls Don't Cry/Friday The 13th Child/Professor Longhair/Sugar Comes From Arkansas/Drown In My Own Tears

AY 1105 - Rose Colored Glasses - John Conlee [10/78] Reissued as MCA 3281 (and later as MCA 873). Rose Colored Glasses/Something Special/I'll Be Easy/Let Your Love Fall Back On Me/Backside Of Thirty//Lady Lay Down/She Loves My Troubles Away/Just Let It Slide/Some Old California Memory/Hold On

* AA 1106 - Cry - John Klemmer [1978] (11-78, #178) Cry/Ecstasy/Happiness/I Am/Infinity/Intimacy/Love/'Round Midnight/Waterfalls

AK 1107 - Gaucho - Steely Dan [Unreleased] This album was tied up in litigation over it's ownership, the Greatest Hits album was released in it's place. When it was finally released it was MCA 6102.

* AK 1107-2 - Greatest Hits - Steely Dan [1978] (11-78, #30) Two record set. Any Major Dude Will Tell You/Bad Sneakers/Black Friday/Bodhisattva/Do It Again/Doctor Wu/East St. Louis Toodle- Oo/The Fez/Haitian Divorce/Here At The Western World/Josie/Kid Charlemagne/My Old School/Peg/Pretzel Logic/Reeling In The Years/Rikki Don't Lose That Number/Show Biz Kids

AA 1108 - You Had to Be There: Jimmy Buffett Live - Jimmy Buffett [10/78] (2-LP set) Reissued as MCA2-6005. Disc 1: Son Of A Son Of A Sailor /Dialogue/Pencil Thin Mustache/Dialogue/Wonder Why We Ever Go Home/Landfall/Dialogue/Miss You So Badly/Dialogue/Havana Daydreamin'/Dialogue/Margaritaville/Dialogue/Changes In Latitudes Change In Attitudes/Dialogue/Come Monday/Dialogue/Perrier Blues; Disc 2: Dialogue/Grapefruit Juicy Fruit/Dialogue/God's Own Drunk/Dialogue/He Went To Paris/Dialogue/Captain And The Kid/Dialogue/Why Don't We Get Drunk And Screw/Dialogue/Pirate Looks At Forty/Dialogue/Tampico Trauma/Dialogue/Morris's Nightmare/Dixie Drinker

AA 1109 - We All Have A Star - Wilton Felder [1978] We All Have A Star/I Know Who I Am/Why Believe/The Cycles Of Time//Let's Dance Together/My Name Is Love/You And Me And Ecstasy/Ride On

AA 1110 - Pleasure - Sting [1978] Pleasure/Love Is The Answer/Can I Get It (When I Want It)//Do It In The Shower/Best Friend/Winning Number/Without Love (It Don't Mean A Thing)

AA 1111-2 - At the Hop - Various Artists [1978] Two record set. Disc 1: At The Hop - Danny & Juniors (M)/Honeycomb - Jimmie Rodgers (S, Dot re-recording)/Little Star - Elegants (M)/April Love - Pat Boone (S)/Eddie My Love - Fontane Sisters (M)/Young Love - Sonny James (S, Dot re-recording)/Dark Moon - Gale Storm (E)//Come Go With Me - Dell-Vikings (M)/Stagger Lee - Lloyd Price (M)/Born Too Late - Poni-Tails (M)/A Rose And A Baby Ruth - George Hamilton IV (E)/Who Put The Bomp - Barry Mann (S)/You Cheated - Shields (M)/Short Shorts - Royal Teens (E); Disc 2: Runaway - Del Shannon (E)/Sheila - Tommy Roe (S)/Pipeline - Chantays (S)/Wipeout - Surfaris (E)/Eve Of Destruction - Barry McGuire (S)/What Kind Of Fool - Tams (E)/It's Alright - Impressions (M)//California Dreamin' - Mamas & Papas (S)/Let's Live For Today - Grass Roots (S)/Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf (S)/Girl Watcher - O'Kaysions (E)/Hey There Lonely Girl - Eddie Holman (S)/MacArthur Park - Richard Harris (S)/Easy To Be Hard - Three Dog Night (S)

AY 1112 - Love's Sweet Pain - John Wesley Ryles [2/79] Reissued as MCA 798. Someday You Will/Patches/She's On My Mind/Some Kind Of Miracle/When It Begins To End//Love Ain't Made For Fools/Love Coming Down/It's Raining Outside Your Door/Don't Waste It On Me/Finders Keepers Losers Weepers

AA 1113 - Face To Face - Dells [1979] Face To Face/Hooked On Loving You/Thought I Could/(You Bring Out) The Best In Me//Changed Man/Love Me/Plastic People/Wrapped Up Tight

AA 1114 - Tilt (Soundtrack) - Bill Wray and Lee Holdridge [5/79]

AY 1115 - One Run for the Roses - Narvel Felts [1/79] Reissued as MCA 799. One Run For The Roses/Everlasting Love/In The Still Of The Night/You Got Your Troubles/You're A Heartbreaker//Slip Away/Let's Get Back On The Lovin' Tracks/Small Enough To Crawl/Stirrin' Up Feelin's/Never Again

* AA 1116 - Brazilia - John Klemmer [1979] (6-79, #172) Bahia/Brazilia/Copacabana/Heartbreak/My Love Has Butterfly Wings/Summertime/Tender Storm/Tropical Snowflakes

AA 1117 - Oliver's Story (Soundtrack) - Lee Holdridge [2/79]

AA 1118 - III - Shotgun [1979] (5-79, #163) Reissued as MCA 1118. Skate/Don't You Wanna Make Love?/Midnight Breakdown//Burnin' Passion/Special Lady/Big Legs/Stone Women

* AB 1119 - The Best Of Barbara Mandrell - Barbara Mandrell [1979] (2-79, #170) After The Lovin'/Hold Me/Love Is Thin Ice/Married But Not To Each Other/Midnight Angel/Sleeping Single In A Double Bed/Standing Room Only/That's What Friends Are For/Tonight/Woman To Woman

* AA 1120 - Moulin Rouge - Moulin Rouge [1979] Holiday/Lonely Days/Massachusetts/My World/Run To Me/To Love Somebody

AA 1121 - Pipedream - Pipedream [1979] Part Of It All/Love Don't Come Easy/Only Cause/Heather/Feel Free//Dance On Baby/Rosalie/How Long/Lazy Lucy/Lies

AA 1122 - Taking Off - Keane Brothers [1979] Is Love Not Enough/Dancin' In The Moonlight/You're Running Away/Contract On Love/One Thing On My Mind//Taking Off/Pure Love/I Wanna Be Where You Are/Rain Or Shine/Candy

AA 1123 - The Amazing Rhythm Aces - Amazing Rhythm Aces [1979] Love And Happiness/Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)/Homestead In My Heart/Say You Lied/The Lonely One//Pretty Words/If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody/Whispering In The Night/Rodrigo, Rita And Elaine

AA 1124 -

AA 1125 - Any Time-Any Place - Dramatics [1979] I Just Wanna Dance With You/Bottom Line Woman/That's My Favorite Song/I Think About You/Get With The Band And Dance//Life Is Just A Playground/I'm Hooked On You/Stranger (In My Life)/Love Birds/A Marriage On Paper Only

AA 1126 - Carmel - Joe Sample [1979] (2-79, #56) Carmel/Paintings/Cannery Row/A Rainy Day In Monterey//Sunrise/Midnight And Mist/More Beautiful Each Day

AA 1127 - All the Way Love - Lawrence Hilton Jacobs [1979]

1128 -

AA 1129 - Solar Heat - Solar Heat [5/79]

AA 1130 - Hallelujah Disco - Mildred Clark, Salem Travelers, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Inez Andrews and others [5/79]

* AA 1131 - Dancing In The Fire - Delilah [1979] Are You Ready/Dancing In The Fire/Give A Little Love/Showbiz Medley: Showbiz-The Stripper-Night Train

AY 1132 - Tex-Mex - Freddy Fender [3/79] You're Turning Down The Flame Of Love Too Low/Leaning/If That's All That's Worrying You/Just Because/I Really Don't Want You To Know/Walking Piece Of Heaven//She Came To The Valley/I'm A Fool To Care/She's Gone/Sweet Summer Day/Forgive/Cajun Stomp

1133 -

AA 1134 - Big City Rock - Atlantics [1979] One Last Night/When You're Young/Television Girl/I Can't Help It/Modern Times Girl//Nowhere To Run/Waitin' For My Baby/So Long/Teenage Flu/Big City Rock

AY 1135 - The Oak Ridge Boys Have Arrived - Oak Ridge Boys [1979] Sail Away/There Must Be Something About Me That She Loves/Sometimes The Rain Won't Let Me Sleep/I Gotta Get Over This/My Radio Sure Sounds Good To Me/Dream On/Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight/Every Now And Then/Dig A Little Deeper In The Well/Dancing The Night Away

AA 1136 - Happy Feet - Al Hudson & The Soul Partners [1979]

1137 -

1138 -

1139 -

1140 -

AY 1141 - The Best of Don Williams, Volume II - Don Williams [5/79] This is probably the last ABC release. Shortly after release, this was renumbered MCA 3096 (and later to MCA 25056). Turn Out The Light And Love Me Tonight/Till The Rivers All Run Dry/Rake And Ramblin' Man/I'm Just A Country Boy/Some Broken Hearts Never Mend/Tulsa Time/She Never Knew Me/Falling In Love/I've Got A Winner In You/You're My Best Friend/Say It Again

Thanks to Frank Frantik, Peter Preuss, and Bill Puig.

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