Casablanca Album Discography, Part 3:
NB 7100-7199 (1978-1980)

By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, and Mike Callahan
Last update: February 15, 2006

The 7100 issues used the same Casablanca Record and Film Works label as previously (far left). There would occasionally be custom labels, such as for NBLP 2-7161, A Night at Studio 54, which was also offered on TV through I&M Teleproducts.

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CASABLANCA ALBUM DISCOGRAPHY, PART 3 Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

NBLP 7100-2 - Double Platinum - Kiss [1978] (7-78, #22) Two record set. Strutter '78/Do You Love Me/Hard Luck Woman/Calling Dr. Love/Let Me Go, Rock N Roll//Love Gun/God Of Thunder/Firehouse/Hotter Than Hell/I Want You//Deuce/100,000 Years/Detroit Rock City/She/Rock And Roll All Nite//Beth/Makin' Love/C'mon And Love Me/Cold Gin/Black Diamond

NBLP 7101 - Got a Feeling/I Love America - Patrick Juvet [1978] (7-78, #125) Got A Feeling/Another Lonely Man/Where Is My Woman//I Love America

NBLP 7102 - Keeping Time - Paul Jabara [1978] Didn't The Time Go Fast/Saturday Matinee/Trapped In A Stairway/Take Good Care Of My Baby-What's A Girl To Do (Medley)/Dancin' (Lifts Your Spirit Higher)//Last Dance/Pleasure Island/Something's Missing (In My Life)

NBLP 7103 - Forever Yours - Sylvers [1978] (9-78, #132) Don't Stop, Get Off/Love Changes/Forever Yours/Swept For You Baby/Play This One Last Record//Come Dance With Me/Come On Down To My House/Diamonds Are Rare/Love Won't Let Me Go/Just A Little Bit Longer

NBLP 7104 - Love's in You, Love's in Me - Giorgio & Chris [1978] Giorgio Moroder & Chris Bennett. Love's In You, Love's In Me/Keep It Together/I Can't Wait//Hurt Now, Love Later/Burning The Midnight Oil/Let This Night Go On For Days

*NBLP 7105 - Confidential Affair - Harvey Scales [1978] Confidential Affair/Eye Games/I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Look No Further Than Me/Shake-A- Matic/Universal Love/Visiting Rights/Where Can I Meet You

NBLP 7106 - Our Ms. Brooks - Pattie Brooks [1978] After Dark/This Is The House Where Love Died//Heartbreak In Disguise/Medley: Come Fly With Me-Let's Do It Again/The Backup Singer

NBLP 7107 - I Wanna Make It on My Own - Evelyn Thomas [1978] I Wanna Make It On My Own/It's The Magic Of Your Touch//Look No Further/Thanks For Being There/Back To Reality

NBLP 7108 - Josephine Superstar - Phylicia Allen [1978] Prologue/Saint Louis/Broadway/Star Of Paris/Around The World//Two Loves Have I (J'Ai Deux Amours)/Josephine Superstar/Colors/Don't Cry Mommy

NBLP 7109 - Beauty - Santa Esmeralda Featuring Jimmy Goings [1978] (9-78, #141) The Wages Of Sin (Part 1)/Danse De La Beaut (Part 1)/The Wages Of Sin (Part 2)/Danse De La Beaut (Part 2)/The Wages Of Sin (Part 3)//Only Beauty Survives/Learning The Game (Epilogue)/Hey! Joe

NBLP 7110 - Gypsy Woman - Leroy Gomez [1978] Gypsy Woman/Let Me Change Your Mind//Spanish Harlem/Mama Told Me/Foolin' You

NBLP 7111 - Deliverance - Space [1978] Prison/Let Me Know The Wonder/Running In The City/Air Force/Baby's Paradise/ Deliverance

NBLP 7112 - Wright Brothers Flying Machine - Wright Brothers Flying Machine [1978] Leatherman's Theme/Skywriter/I've Got Love In My Heart//Only If You Want To/Love Is My Friend/Love And Affection/Don't Let Them Take You Away

NBLP 7113 - Callin' - Pips [1978] Baby I'm Your Fool/Callin'/Mister Blue/The Lights Of The City//Anything (Just Ask Me)/I Don't Have The Heart/Don't Stop/I Think You Ought To (Let me Love You Tonight)

*NBLP 7114 - Midnight Express (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1978] (11-78, #59) Cacaphoney/Chase (Giorgio Moroder)/Istanbul Blues/Istanbul Opening/Love's Theme/The Wheel/Theme From Midnight Express/Theme From Midnight Express

NBLP 7115 - Pleasure Train - Teri DeSario [1978] Stuff Dreams Are Made Of/Back In Your Arms Again/Pleasure Train/It Takes A Man And A Woman/Save Me, Save Me//Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You/Just Another Song And Dance Man/Sometime Kind of Thing/Baby I Don't Want Your Love/Loving You The First Time

NBLP 7116 - Paris Connection - Paris Connection [1978] Eloise/K's Theme/Eloise (Reprise)/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/Trident Suite/Lansdowne Suite

NBLP 7117 - Trocadero Bleu Citron (Soundtrack) - Alec Costandinos [1978] Trocadero Suite/Trocadero Lemon Blue/You And Me/Moments Of Love/Pupuce/Grooves

NBLP 7118 - Cruisin' - Village People [1978] (10-78, #3) Also released as a picture disc [Casablanca NBPIX 7118]. Y.M.C.A./Medley: The Women-I'm A Cruiser//Hot Cop/My Roomate/Ups And Downs

NBLP 7119-2 - Live and More - Donna Summer [1978] (9-78, #1) Two record set. Also released as a single picture disc as The Best Of Live And More [NBPIX 7119]. Once Upon A Time/Fairy Tale High/Faster And Faster To Nowhere/Spring Affair/Rumour Has It/I Love You//Only One Man/I Remember Yesterday/Love's Unkind/My Man Medley: The Man I Love-I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good-Some Of These Days/The Way We Were/Mimi's Song//Try Me, I Know We Can Make It/Love To Love You Baby/I Feel Love/Last Dance//MacArthur Park/One Of A Kind/Heaven Knows/MacArthur Park (Reprise)

NBLP 7120 - Gene Simmons - Gene Simmons [1978] (1-78, #22) Solo LP by Kiss vocalist/bassist, released simultaneously with solo LPs by the three other members. Also released as a picture disc [Casablanca NBPIX 7120]. Radioactive/Burning Up With Fever/See You Tonite/Tunnel Of Love/True Confessions//Living In Sin/Always Near You-Nowhere To Hide/Man Of 1000 Faces/Mr. Make Believe/See You In Your Dreams/When You Wish Upon A Star

NBLP 7121 - Ace Frehley - Ace Frehley [1978] (10-78, #26) Solo LP by Kiss guitarist, released simultaneously with solo LPs by the three other members. Also released as a picture disc [Casablanca NBPIX 7121]. Rip It Out/Speedin' Out To My Baby/Snow Blind/Ozone/What's On Your Mind?//New York Groove/I'm In Need Of Love/Wiped-Out/Fractured Mirror

NBLP 7122 - Peter Criss - Peter Criss [1978] (10-78, #43) Solo LP by Kiss drummer, released simultaneously with solo LPs by the three other members. Also released as a picture disc [Casablanca NBPIX 7122]. I'm Gonna Love You/You Matter To Me/Tossin' And Turnin'/Don't You Let Me Down/That's The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes//Easy Thing/Rock Me, Baby/Kiss The Girl Goodbye/Hooked On Rock And Roll/I Can't Stop The Rain

NBLP 7123 - Paul Stanley - Paul Stanley [1978] (10-78, #40) Solo LP by Kiss vocalist/guitarist, released simultaneously with solo LPs by the three other members. Also released as a picture disc [Casablanca NBPIX 7123]. Tonight You Belong To Me/Move On/Ain't Quite Right/Wouldn't You Like To Know Me/Take Me Away (Together As One)//It's Alright/Hold Me, Touch Me (Think Of Me When We're Apart)/Love In Chains/Goodbye

NBLP 7124 - Hunchback of Notre Dame (Soundtrack) - Alec R.Costandinos [1978] Pope Of Fools/La Esmeralda/Inconveniences Of Following A Pretty Girl/Phoebus/You Are Accused Before Us/Court Of Miracles/Notre Dame/Phoebus And Esmeralda/Grangaire And The Duke Of Egypt/Dam Claude's Confession/Hanging Of The Sorceress/Attack/Quasimodo's Marriage

NBLP 7125 - Motor-Booty Affair - Parliament [1978] (12-78, #23) Also issued as a picture disc [Casablanca NBPIX 7119]. Mr. Wiggles/Rumpofsteelskin/(You're A Fish And You're A) Water Sign/Aqua Boogie (A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop)//One Of Those Funky Things/Liquid Sunshine/The Motor-Booty Affair/Deep

NBLP 7126 - Music from Battlestar Galactica And Other Musical Compositions From Giorgio Moroder - Giorgio Moroder [1978] Theme From Battlestar Galactica/Destruction Of Peace/Transmitter-Part 1/Adama's Theme/It's Love, Love, Love/Transmitter-Part 2/Exploration/Theme From Battlestar Galactica//Evolution

NBLP 7127 - Sinful - Angel [1979] (3-79, #159) Don't Take Your Love/L.A. Lady/Just Can't Take It/You Can't Buy Love/Bad Time//Waited A Long Time/I'll Bring The Whole World To Your Door/I'll Never Fall In Love Again/Wild And Hot/Lovers Live On

NBLP 7128 - Ultimate - Ultimate [1979] (3-79, #157) Medley: Love Is The Ultimate-Touch Me Baby-Dancing In The Night//Ritmo De Brazil/Music In My Heart/Take Me To Chinatown

NBLP 7129 - Hoodoo Voodoo - C.D. Band [1979] Music Are You Ready/Salsa Get Up And Dance/Love Is Waiting//Hoodoo Voodoo/Stop Knocking Up My Rocket/Castles In The Sand/C.D. Band

NBLP 7130 - Highway - Sean Delaney [1978] Welcome To The Circus/High On The Liquor Of Love/Somebody Love Me/Baton Rouge/Old Man//You Beat Me To The Punch/Spotlights/It's Over/Walk On The Water/Dreams

NBLP 7131 - Just Blue - Space [1979] Just Blue/Final Signal/Secret Dreams/Symphony//Save Your Love For Me/Blue Tears/My Love Is Music

NBLP 7132 - My Kids - Meadowlark Lemon [1979] Play Children Play/My Kids/Happy Being Me/Po Folk's Disco/Learn To Love/God Put Love In Everybody/Make Life A Party/What Color Is Your Heart?/Earthmen

NBLP 7133 - Take Me Home - Cher [1979] (2-79, #25) Also released as a picture disc [Casablanca NBPIX 7133]. Take Me Home/Wasn't It Good/Say The Word/Happy Was The Day We Met//Git Down (Guitar Groupie)/Love And Pain/Let This Be A Lesson To You/It's Too Late To Love Me Now/My Song (Too Far Gone)

NBLP 7134 - Nothing Is Sacred - Godz [1979] (2-79, #189) Reissue of Millennium MNLP 8010. Gotta Muv/Festyvul Seasun/Rock Yer Sox Auf/I'll Bi Yer Luv/Luv Kage//He's A Fool/714/Hey Mama/Snakin'/I Don't Wanna Go Home

NBLP 7135 - Sleepless Nights - Brooklyn Dreams [1979] (3-79, #151) Reissue of Millennium MNLP 8011. Make It Last/That's Not The Way That Your Mama Taught You To Be/Medley: Sleepless Nights-Send Me A Dream/Fashion For Me/First Love//Street Man/Touching In The Dark/Long Distance/Coming Up The Hard Way/Heaven Knows

NBLP 7136 - Superman and Other Galactic Heroes - Meco [1979] Reissue of Millennium MNLP 8012. Main Title Theme/The Destruction Of Krypton/The Trip To Earth/Growing Up/March Of The Villians/The Flying Sequence And Can You Read My Mind/Chasing Rockets/Turning Back The World/End Title Theme/Reprise Love Theme From Superman/The Boy Wonder/The Caped Crusader/Lord Of The Jungle/The Amazing Amazon

NBLP 7137 - Body Shine - Munich Machine [1979] Party Light/Fallen Angel/Space Warrior//Let Your Body Shine/Reputation/Easy/Bolectro

NBLP 7138 - Look Out - Bad News Travels Fast [1979] Look Out/1959 Mysterious Lady/Play You A Love Song/Come To Me Babe/Good News Travels Faster//A Sigh/Virginia/Sweet Melody For Me/Here In The Night

NBLP 7139 - Nightlife Unlimited - Nightlife Unlimited [1979] Disco Choo Choo/Dance, Freak And Boogie//Love Is In You/Precious Moments

NBLP 7140 - Like an Eagle - Dennis Parker [1979] Like An Eagle/New York By Night/High Life//Medley: Why Don't You Boogie-I'm A Dancer/I Need Your Love

NBLP 7141 - They're Playing Our Song - Various Artists [1979] Fallin'/Workin' It Out/If He Really Knew Me/They're Playing Our Song: His/They're Playing Our Song: Hers/Right/Just For Tonight//Entr'Acte/When You're In My Arms/If He Really Knew Me (Reprise)/I Still Believe In Love/Fill In The Words/They're Playing Our Song: The Bows

NBLP 7142 - Agatha (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1979] Close Enough For Love/ Theme For Agatha/Goodnight/Decision/I Wish You Well/Main Title From Agatha/Harrowgate Charleston/Foot Chase And Climax/Old Sway Dixie/Diary/Theme For Agatha

NBLP 7143 - Doin' It - Alma Fay [1979] Don't Fall In Love/Gimme Your Love/Here's To Life//I Believed/It's Over/Brother Dan/Thank You

NBLP 7144 - Go West - Village People [1979] (4-79, #8) In The Navy/Go West/Citizens Of The World//I Wanna Shake Your Hand/Get Away Holiday/Manhattan Woman

NBLP 2-7145 - Stand Up Comic 1964-1968 - Woody Allen [1979] Two record set.

NBLP 7146 - Invasion of the Booty Snatchers - Parlet [1979] Ridin' High/No Rump To Bump/Don't Ever Stop (Lovin' Me, Needin' Me)//Booty Snatchers/You're Leaving/Huff-N-Puff

*NBLP 7147 - Beckmeier Brothers - Beckmeier Brothers [1979] All Of Me/Cryin' Shame/Fly Bird/How Could I Let You Leave Me/Rock And Roll Dancin'/Rosie/Snakes In The Grass/That's What I Like About My Baby/You Can Love

NBLP 7148 - Lady Night - Patrick Juvet [1979] Medley: Gay Paris-French Pillow Talk//Lady Night/Swiss Kiss/Viva California

*NBLP 7149 - Lenny and the Squigtones - Lenny & Squiggy [1979] Babyland (For Eva Squigman)/Creature Without A Head/Foreign Legion Of Love/Honor Farm/(If Only I Had Listened To) Mama/King Of The Cars/Love Is A Terrible Thing/Night After Night/Only Women Cry/Sister-In-Law/So's Your Old Testament/Squiggy's Wedding Day/Starcrossed/Vamp Off/Vamp On

NBLP 7150 - Bad Girls - Donna Summer [1979] (5-79, #1) Two record set. Hot Stuff/Bad Girls/Love Will Always Find You/Walk Away//Dim All The Lights/Journey To The Centre Of Your Heart/One Night In A Lifetime/Can't Get To Sleep At Night//On My Honor/There Will Always Be A You/All Through The Night/My Baby Understands//Our Love/Lucky/Sunset People

NBLP 7151 - Disco Fever - Sylvers [1979] Mahogany/Is Everybody Happy/Come And Stay All Night/Dance Right Now//Gimme Gimme Your Lovin'/I Feel So Good Tonight/Hoochie Coochie Dancin'/Forever

NBLP 7152 - Dynasty - Kiss [1979] (6-79, #9) I Was Made For Livin' You/2,000 Man/Sure Know Something/Dirty Livin'//Charisma/Magic Touch/Hard Times/X-Ray Eyes/Save Your Love

NBLP 7153 - I Got Rhythm - Tony Orlando [1979] Sweets For My Sweet/I Got Rhythm-Fascinatin' Rhythm/Moonlight/Bent On Keeping You/I Remember Yesterday/High Steppin'/They're Playing Our Song

NBLP 7154 - I Got It Bad - Leroy Gomez [1979] Little Girl/Get Up Boogie/I Got It Bad//High On the Moon/Give Me The Simple Truth/Lonely Night/Music Makes My Life

NBLP 7155 - Moondancer - Meco [1979] Moondancer/Love Me, Dracula/Grazing In The Grass//Spooky/Devil Delight/Living In The Night

NBLP 7156 - Play It Again Sam - Sam The Band [1979] Crystal Palace Ballroom/Take Me For A Little While/Y'r Such A Dancin' Queen/Love Comes Back//Where Did Our Love Go/Scarlet Fever/If We're Gonna Be Together Tonight- Tonight, Tonight (Medley)/The Legend (In The 20th Century)

NBLP 7157 - You Must Be Love - Love & Kisses [1979] Oh La La La La/Your Middle Name Is Money/Find Yourself A Dream//You Must Be Love (16:49)

NBLP 7158 - Party Girl - Pattie Brooks [1979] Party Girl/My Heart Belongs To You/Cause I Love, Love, Love You//Workin' It Out/If You Are My Man/Got To Go Disco/Leap Tall Buildings

NBLP 7159 - Feel It - Cindy & Roy [1979] Can You Feel It/Changin' Jobs//I Wanna Testify/While We Still Have Time/Gotta Love Somebody Else

NBLP 7160 - Forces of the Night - D.C. LaRue [1979] Forces Of The Night/Have A Good Time/It Makes Me Believe In Love Again/Forces Of The Night/Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm/On With The Dance/Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

NBLP 2-7161 - A Night at Studio 54 - Various Artists [1979] (7-79, #21) Two record set. Sides 1 & 4 are on disc 1; sides 2 & 3 are on disc 2. Pressed with a black custom label. Le Freak - Chic/Let's All Chant - Michael Zager Band/Y.M.C.A. - Village People/Disco Nights (Rock-Freak) - GQ//Take Me Home - Cher/I Love The Nightlife (Disco Round) - Alicia Bridges/I Found Love (Now That I Found You) - Love & Kisses/Last Dance - Donna Summer//Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn/I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl) - Instant Funk/Hot Shot - Karen Young/I Love America - Patrick Juvet//Souvenirs - Voyage/Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm - D.C. LaRue/In The Bush - Musique/Instant Replay - Dan Hartman/Shake Your Groove Thing - Peaches & Herb

*NBLP 7162 - Reality... What a Concept - Robin Williams [1979] (7-79, #10) Come Inside My Mind/Grandpa Funk/Hollywood Casting Session/Kindergarten Of The Stars/Nicky Lenin/Pop Goes The Weasel/Reverend Earnest Angry/Roots People/Shakespeare (A Meltdowner's Nightmare)/Tank You, Boyce/Touch Of Fairfax

NBLP 7163 - Third Album - Paul Jabara [1979] Medley: Disco Wedding- Honeymoon Disco//Medley: Foggy Day-Never Lose

NBLP 7164 - Hot Foot (A Funque Dizco Opera) - Harvey Scales [1979] Hot Foot (Theme)/Disco Fire/I Get Off On You/Rock Your Body//Dancing Room Only/Keeps Getting Better/(Show Up) For The Showdown

NBLP 7165 - Joy Ride - Brooklyn Dreams [1979] Hot Lovin' (Summer In The City)/For The Love Of The Music/Too Much For The Lady/Take Me Back//Your Love's So Good To Me/One And Only/Daingo/Love's Love Desire

NBLP 7166 - Bad Reputation - Ritchie Family [1979] Put Your Feet To The Beat/Bad Reputation//Medley: It's A Man's World-Where Are The Men/Sexy Man

NBLP 7167 - Winds of Change (Soundtrack) - Alec R. Costandinos [1979] Winds Of Change/Red Hot River Of Fire/Where Are You Going, Perseus?//Star Child/Future Legend/You Gave Me Dreams/Creation Of Man

NBLP 7168 - Joel Diamond Experience - Joel Diamond Experience [1979] Music Machine/Just As Long As I'm Dancin'/Tall In The Saddle/Finger Snaps/Body Language/I'm Only Human

NBLP 7169 - E=MC2 - Giorgio Moroder [1979] Baby Blue/What A Night/If You Weren't Afraid//I Wanna Rock You/In My Wildest Dreams/E=MC2

NBLP 7170 - Lightning - Lightning [1979] Disco Symphony/In And Out Of Love/Baby Without Your Love/I Love The Way You Love Me/One Step At A Time

NBLP 7171 - Street Babies - Platypus [1979] Dancing In The Moonlight/Street Babies/Love The Way You Funk/Don't Go Away//Dance Of You Can/Running From Love/Body And Soul

NBLP 7172 - T.J.M. - T.J.M. [1979] "T.J. M." is legendary disco mixer Tom Moulton; he said in a later interview that the vocals on "I Don't Need No Music" were done by Ron Tyson of the Temptations. I Don't Need No Music/Put Yourself In My Place//Small Circle Of Friends/Am I Dreaming

NBLP 7173 - Chain Lightning - Don McLean [unissued] Later issued as Millenium BXL 1-7756. Words And Music/Crying/It's Just The Sun/Lotta Lovin'/Chain Lightning//Your Cheating Heart/Wonderful Night/It Doesn't Matter Anymore/Since I Don't Have You/Genesis (In The Beginning)/It's A Beautiful Life

NBLP 7174 - Ronald McDonald Visits America - K.I.D.S. [1979]

NBLP 7175 - Another Sha Cha - Santa Esmeralda [1979] Medley: Another Cha Cha- Cha Cha Suite//Generation/Back To The Beginning/Answer

NBLP 7176 - I Can't Forget You - Joey Travolta [1980] John Travolta's brother. I Can't Forget You/Nice And Slow/Haven't We Come A Long Way/I'm Coming Home Again//I Want To Be Somebody's Baby/What Did Love Ever Do For You?/Givin' It Up/Nothing Comes Easy

NBLP 7177 - J. Michael Reed - J. Michael Reed [1980] Reach Out For Love/Dancin' In The Sky (In New York City)/Love's Everywhere/Down In The Islands (Soca)//Doll House Games/And That's Love/I'll Keep It Up/I Just Wanna Be (Inside You)/Around The World And Back Again

NBLP 7178 - Moonlight Madness - Teri DeSario [1979] (1-80, #80) Moonlight Madness/Heart Of Stone/With Your Love/Hold On, Hold On/Dancin' In The Streets [with KC]//Sell My Soul For You/Goin' Thru The Motions/Fallin'/Yes, I'm Ready [with KC]/You Got What It Takes

NBLP 7179 - Night Miracles - Kenny Nolan [1979] Motor Workout (You Got Horsepower)/Wine, Women And Champagne/Dancin' To Keep From Cryin'/Ride A Wild Horse/Night Miracles/Maybe I'm Mindless/Us And Love (We Go Together)/You're So Beautiful Tonight

NBLP 7180 - Four on the Floor - Four on the Floor [1979] There Goes My Baby/Gypsy Woman/Any Day Now/Glimmer Twins Medley: Let's Spend The Night Together-Lady Jane-Paint It Black-Under My Thumb

NBLP 7181 - Ordinary Man - Bad News Travel Fast [1979]

NBLP 7182 - Alec R. Costandinos & The Syncophonic Orchestra Featuring Alirol & Jacquet - Alec R. Costandinos & Syncophonic Orchestra Featuring Alirol & Jacquet [1979] Synergy/The Rite Of King Gymenaud/Pontius Pilate//For Amusement Only/Mangareva/Benedite

*NBLP 7183 - Live and Sleazy - Village People [1979] (10-79, #32) Two record set. Fire Island/Hot Cop/In Hollywood (Everybody Is A Star)/In The Navy/Macho Man/Ready For The 80's/Rock And Roll Is Back Again/San Francisco (You've Got Me)/Save Me/Save Me/Sleazy/Y.M.C.A.

NBLP 7184 - Prisoner - Cher [1979] Prisoner/Holdin' Out For Love/Shoppin'/Boys And Girls//Mirror Image/Hell On Wheels/Holy Smoke!/Outrageous

NBLP 7185 - Steal the Night - Cindy Bullens [1979] (12-79, #203) Full Tilt Rocker/Real To Real/Trust Me/Hurry Up Forever/Steal The Night Away//Too Close To Home/Powerless/Raincheck On Romance/Two-Track Mind/Holding Me Crazy

NBLP 7186 - Mike Heron - Mike Heron [1980] Brooklyn Miracle/Mexican Girl/Treat Your Woman Like A Star/Backfoot Side/Tale Of The Miracle//Lonely Never Win/A Beginner's Guide To Past Lives/Gaugin In The South Seas/Child In Your Eyes/Tearproof Days

NBLP 7187 - Burnin' Alive - Tony Rallo & the Midnite Band [1979] Holdin' On (Instrumental)/Burnin' Alive/Fais L'Amour//Holdin' On/Travelin' Flights Of My Mind/Say You Believe

NBLP 7188 - Make Your Move - The Captain & Tennille [1979] (11-79, #23) Love On A Shoestring/No Love In The Morning/Deep In The Dark/How Can You Be So Cold//Do That To Me One More Time/Happy Together (A Fantasy)/Baby You Still Got It/Never Make A Move Too Soon

NBLP 7189 - Loose Change - Loose Change [1979]

NBLP 7190 - Persia - Persia [1979]

NBLP 2-7191 - On the Radio: Greatest Hits, Volume I And II - Donna Summer [1979] (11-79, #1) Two record set, with large poster. Sides 1 & 4 are on disc 1 and sides 2 & 3 are on disc 2. On The Radio (short version, 4:00, from "Foxes")/Love To Love You Baby (4:07)/Try Me, I Know We Can Make It (3:24)/I Feel Love (3:20)/Our Love//I Remember Yesterday/I Love You/Heaven Knows/Last Dance//MacArthur Park/Hot Stuff/Bad Girls/Dim All The Lights/Sunset People//No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) [with Barbra Streisand] (11:44)/On The Radio (long version, 5:46)

NBLP 7192 - Strange Spirits - Skatt Brothers [1980] Dancin' For The Man/Fear Of Flying/Life At The Outpost/Midnight Companion//Old Enough/Someone's Taken My Baby/Strange Spirits/Walk The Night

NBLP 7193 - Tears - C.O.D. [1979] Tears/Groovin'/Good Time/I Just Want To Be With You/(We Are Fighting For) Survival//Yes I Will/(Puttin') My Heart On The Line/Night Rider

NBLP 7194-2 - Roller Boogie (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1980] Two record set. Hell On Wheels/Good Girls/All For One, One For All/Boogie Wonderland/We Got The Power/Top Jammer/Summer Love/Takin' Life In My Own Hands/Electronix (Roller Dancing)/Cunga/Evil Man/Lord Is It Mind?/Rollin' Up A Storm/Roller Boogie/Love Fire

*NBLP 7195 - Gloryhallastoopid (Or Pin the Tale on the Funky) - Parliament [1979] (12- 79, #44) Big Bang Theory/Colour Me Funky/Freeze (Sizzaleenmean)/(Gloryhallastoppid) Pink The Tale On The Funky/May We Bang You?/Party People/Theme From The Black Hole

NBLP 7196 - Music from Star Trek and the Black Hole - Meco [1980] Medley: Love Theme From Star Trek-Theme From Star Trek/Medley: Clear Motion-Space Sentry/Meteorites

NBLP 7197 - Mouth to Mouth - Lipps Inc. [1980] (4-80, #5) Studio group with producer/instrumentalist Steven Greenberg and vocalist Cynthia Johnson. Funkytown/All Night Dancing//Rock It/Powers

NBLP 7198 - All That Jazz (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1980] (3-80, #36) On Broadway - George Benson/Take Off With Us, Michelle - Sandhal Bergman & Chorus/Vivaldi Concert in G/Ponte Vecchio/Everything Old Is New Again - Peter Allen/South Mt. Sinai Street Parade/After You Are Gone - Leland Pulmer/There'll Be Some Changes Made - Ann Reinkring/Who's Sorry Now/Some Of These Days - Erzsebet Foldi/Going Home Now-Bye Bye Love - Ben Vereen & Roy Scheider

*NBLP 7199 - Bugs Tomorrow - Bugs Tomorrow [1980] Bitter Rice/Burn With The Fever/Children Of The Night/Chimpanzees/Everything's Tonight/Experience/Runnerup Couples/She Walked/Show Me/Summer Camp

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