Chess/MCA Album Discography (1984- )
Last update: November 4, 2005

MCA bought Sugar Hill, which included Chess, in 1984 or so. A lot of the original Chess albums were reissued by MCA, in many cases with the original cover graphics. The 1980s MCA/Chess label was dark blue with silver printing, the same design as was used by Sugar Hill, with "CHESS RECORDS" curving around the perimeter above the center hole.

These releases were numbered 9000 and above. All of these reissue albums used the Chess label even if the original appeared on Argo, Cadet or Checker. The first few albums said "Sugar Hill Records, Distributed by MCA," but soon that was dropped and just Chess/MCA was noted. Chess also issued a 91500 series, many of which were just renumbered issues of the 9100 series, with the same dark blue label, and a 92500 series for double LPs.

The 9100 series is still used today for issue of compact discs. By 1997, the issues were up to the high 9300s.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

9100 Series:

CH-9100 - Muddy and the Wolf - Muddy Waters & Howlin' Wolf [1984] Reissue of Chess CH-8200. The Muddy Waters tracks are taken from Fathers and Sons; the Howlin' Wolf tracks are taken from The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions. All Aboard - Muddy Waters (S)/Blow Wind Blow - Muddy Waters (S)/Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had - Muddy Waters (S)/Walkin' Thru The Park - Muddy Waters (S)/I'm Ready - Muddy Waters (S)/Long Distance Call - Muddy Waters (S)//Rockin' Daddy - Howlin' Wolf (S)/What A Woman - Howlin' Wolf (S)/Who's Been Talking - Howlin' Wolf (S)/The Red Rooster - Howlin' Wolf (rehearsal) (S)/The Red Rooster - Howlin' Wolf (S)/Highway 49 - Howlin' Wolf (S)/Do The Do - Howlin' Wolf (S)

CH-9101 - Rolling Stone - Muddy Waters [1984] Reissue of Chess CH-8202.

CH-9102 - Wizards from the South Side - Various Artists [1984] Reissue of Chess CH-8203. Down In The Bottom - Howlin' Wolf/Rollin' 'N' Tumblin' - Muddy Waters/Walkin' The Boogie - John Lee Hooker/Evans Shuffle (Ebony Boogie) - Muddy Waters/Mellow Down Easy - Little Walter/Evil - Howlin' Wolf/Still A Fool - Muddy Waters//Hate To See You Go - Little Walter/I Ain't Superstitious - Howlin' Wolf/She's Mine She's Fine - Bo Diddley/Just To Be With You - Muddy Waters/I'm A Man - Bo Diddley/Bring It On Home - Sonny Boy Williamson/Mannish Boy - Muddy Waters

CH-9103 - The Dells - Dells [1984] Reissue of Chess CH-8400. There Is/Oh What A Night (1969 version)/Love Is Blue-I Can Sing A Rainbow/Always Together/Stay In My Corner/Bring Back The Love Of Yesterday/The Love We Had Stays On My Mind/I Wish It Was Me You Loved/My Pretending Days Are Over/Open Up My Heart/Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation

CH-9104 - The Greatest Sides - Billy Stewart [1984] Reissue of Chess CH-8401. Summertime (S)/Over The Rainbow (S)/Temptation ‘Bout To Get Me (S)/Keep Lovin' (M)/We'll Always Be Together (S)/Moon River (S)/Secret Love (S)//I Do Love You (S)/Strange Feeling (S)/Cross My Heart (S)/Reap What You Sow (M)/Fat Boy (M)/Sitting In The Park (M)/Why Do I Love You So (S)

CH-9105 -

CH-9106 - His Greatest Sides, Volume 1 - Bo Diddley [1984]

CH-9107 - His Greatest Sides, Volume 2 - Bo Diddley [1984]

CH-9108 - But Not For Me: Ahmad Jamal Trio At The Pershing, Vol. 1 - Ahmad Jamal Trio [1984] Reissue of Argo LPS-628. But Not For Me/Surrey With the Fringe On Top/Moonlight In Vermont/Music Music Music/No Greater Love/Poinciana/Wood'yn You/What's New

CH-9109 - His Greatest Sides - Ramsey Lewis [1984]

CH-9110 - Her Greatest Sides, Volume 1 - Etta James [1984] Reissue of Chess CH-8402.

CH-9111 - Their Greatest Sides - Moonglows [1984] Reissue of Chess CH-8403.

CH-9112 - His Greatest Sides - Little Milton [1984]

CH-9113 - Folk Festival of the Blues Recorded Live - Various Artists [1984] Reissue of Argo LP-4031. Wee, Wee Baby - Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon and Buddy Guy/Sitting and Thinking - Muddy Waters/Worried Blues - Buddy Guy/Bring It on Home - Sonny Boy Williamson/Sugar Mama - Howlin' Wolf//Clouds in My Heart - Muddy Waters/May I Have a Talk With You - Howlin' Wolf/Got My Mojo Working - Muddy Waters/Don't Know Which Way to Go - Buddy Guy/She's 19 Years Old - Muddy Waters

CH-9114 - Whose Muddy Shoes - Elmore James & John Brim [1984] Reissue of Chess LP-1537, in mono. Ice Cream Man/Whose Muddy Shoes/Madison Blues/I See My Baby/You Got Me/My Best Friend/The Sun Is Shining//Rattlesnake/Be Careful/Dust My Broom/Tool Bag Boogie/Tough Times/Call It Stormy Monday

CH-9115 - Buddy Guy - Buddy Guy [1984]

CH-9116 - One Way Out - Sonny Boy Williamson [1984] Reissue of Chess CHV-417. Born Blind/Work With Me/You Killing Me/Keep It To Yourself/Don't Lose Your Eye/Good Evening Everybody/Too Close Together//Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide/I Wonder Why/This Is My Apartment/One Way Out/Like Wolf/Have You Ever Been In Love/I Know What Love Is All About

CH-9117 -

CH-9118 -

CH-9119 - The Best of Chess/Checker/Cadet Soul - Various Artists [1984] Summertime - Billy Stewart (S)/Hold On - Radiants (S)/Soulful Dress - Sugar Pie DeSanto (M)/Recovery - Fontella Bass (S)/The Entertainer - Tony Clarke (S)/The In Crowd - Ramsey Lewis Trio (S)/Take Me For A Little While - Jackie Ross (S)/I Had A Talk With My Man - Mitty Collier (S)//Rescue Me - Fontella Bass (S)/Voice Your Choice - Radiants (S)/Landslide - Tony Clarke (S)/Wade In The Water - Ramsey Lewis Trio (S)/Selfish One - Jackie Ross (S)/Don't Mess Up A Good Thing - Fontella Bass & Bobby McClure (M)/Wear It On Our Face - Dells (S)/I Fooled You This Time - Gene Chandler (M)

CH-9120 - The Best of Chess/Checker/Cadet Doo-Wop - Various Artists [1984] Let Me In -Sensations (E)/Peanut Butter - Marathons (M)/Knee Socks - Ideals (M)/Sincerely - Moonglows (E)/MTYLTT - Dream Kings (M)/I'm So Young - Students (M)/Long Lonely Nights - Lee Andrews & Hearts (M)//False Alarm - Revels (M)/I'll Be Home - Flamingos (M)/Over the Mountain Across the Sea - Johnny and Joe (E)/Happy Happy Birthday Baby - Tune Weavers (M)/Been So Long - Pastels (E)/Tippety Top - Rays (M)/White Cliffs of Dover - Blue Jays (M)

CH-9140 - Chess Sisters of Soul - Various Artists [1984]

CH-9167 - Billy Stewart Teaches Old Standards New Tricks - Billy Stewart [1984] Reissue of Chess LPS-1513. Temptation (S)/Exodus (S)/Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) (S)/Let's Fall In Love (S)/Somewhere (S)/Ol' Man River (S)//Every Day I Have The Blues (S)/Who Can I Turn To? (S)/Moonlight In Vermont (S)/Secret Love (S)/When I Fall In Love (S)/It's All Right With Me (S)

CH-9168 - Super Blues - Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters & Little Walter [1984] Reissue of Checker LP-3008. Long Distance Call/Who Do You Love/I'm A Man/Bo Diddley//You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover/I Just Want To Make Love To You/My Babe/You Don't Love Me

CH-9169 - The Super Super Blues Band - Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters & Howlin' Wolf [1984] Reissue of Checker LP-3010. Long Distance Call/Ooh Baby And Wrecking My Love Life/Sweet Little Angel//Spoonful/Diddley Daddy/The Red Rooster/Goin' Down Slow

CH-9170 - Two Great Guitars - Bo Diddley & Chuck Berry [1984] Reissue of Checker LPS-2991. Liverpool Drive - Chuck Berry (S)/Chuck's Beat - Chuck Berry & Bo Diddley (S)//When The Saints Go Marching In - Bo Diddley (S)/Bo's Beat - Bo Diddley & Chuck Berry (S)

CH-9171 - Chuck Berry's New Juke Box Hits - Chuck Berry [1984] Reissue of Chess LP-1456. All tracks mono. I'm Talking About You/Diploma For Two/Thirteen Question Method/Away From You/Don't You Lie To Me/The Way It Was Before//Little Star/Route 66/Sweet Sixteen/Run Around/Stop And Listen/Rip It Up

CH-9172 -

CH-9173- The Best of Chess/Checker/Cadet Rockabillies, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1984] Tall Dark Handsome Man - Bobby Sisco (M)/Suzy Q - Dale Hawkins (M)/Cool Off Baby - Billy Barrix (M)/True Love - Larry Diamond (M)/Sweet Talk - Rusty York (M)/Save It - Mel Robbins (M)/Why Did You Leave - Lou Josie (M)/Just Go Wild Over Rock & Roll - Bobby Dean (M)/Roses Are Blooming - Silvatones (M)/Pardon Mr. Gordon - Rod Bernard//Sugaree - Rusty York (S)/Jet Tone Boogie - Jet Tones (M)/Rock Yea - Del Saint & Devils (M)/Go Go Go - Bobby Sisco (M)/Vacation's Over - Lou Josie (M)/Are You With Me - Mel Robbins (M)/All Night Long - Johnny Fuller (M)/Nothing Shaking - Eddie Fontaine (M)/Love Me - Jimmy Lee & Wayne Walker (M)/Look Out Mabel - G.L. Crockett (M)

CH-9174 - New Orleans Rhythm and Blues - Various Artists [1984] Loud Mouth Annie - Myles and Dupont/Rhythmatic Rhythm - Charles Williams/Jockomo - "Sugarboy" Crawford/Mardi Gras - Mambo-Hawketts/Country Boy - Clarence Henry/Flat Foot Sam - T.V. Slim/Ding Dong Darling - Allen Brooks/Lawdy Mama - Edgar Blanchard//What Can I Do - Charles Williams/The Joke - Reggie Hall/Walk That Walk - Eddie Bo/I Cried All the Way Home - Charles Wwilliams/Foolish Woman - Allen Brooks/Oh Oh - Eddie Bo/This Should Go On Forever - Rod Bernard/Needing Your Love - Bobby Blanquet/Baby Please - Clifton Chenier

CH-9175 - Bobby Charles Chess Masters - Bobby Charles [1984] Watch It Sprocket/Yeah Yeah/You Know I Love You/Good Loving/I'd Like to Know/Ain't Got No Home/Time Will Tell/Take It Easy Greasy/You Can Suit Yourself//See You Later Alligator/On Bended Knee/I'll Turn Square for You/I Ain't Gonna Do It No More/Put Your Arms Around Me/Lonely Street/Mr. Moon/One Eyed Jack/Hey Good Looking

CH-9176 - Dale Hawkins - Dale Hawkins [1984]

CH-9177 -

CH-9178 -

CH-9179 -

CH-9180 - Rare and Unissued - Muddy Waters [1984]

CH-9181 - Blues from "Big Bill's" Copacabana: Recorded Live - Various Artists [1984] Reissue of Chess LP-1533. Even though this record claims to be recorded at a nightclub, this appears to be a reissue of Argo LP-4031, Folk Festival of the Blues. Wee Wee Baby - Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon & Buddy Guy/Sitting And Thinking - Muddy Waters/Worried Blues - Buddy Guy/Bring It On Home - Sonny Boy Williamson/Sugar Mama - Howlin' Wolf//Clouds In My Heart - Muddy Waters/May I Have A Talk With You - Howlin' Wolf/Got My Mojo working - Muddy Waters/Don't Know Which Way To Go - Buddy Guy/19 Years Old - Muddy Waters

CH-9182 -

CH-9183 - Chicago: 26 Golden Years - Howlin' Wolf [1984]

CH-9184 - Etta James Rocks the House - Etta James [1984] Reissue of Argo LPS-4032. Something's Got A Hold On Me/Baby What You Want Me To Do/What I Say/Money//Seven Day Fool/Sweet Little Angel/Ooh Poo Pah Doo/Woke Up This Morning

CH-9185 - The In Crowd - Ramsey Lewis Trio [1984] Reissue of Argo/Cadet LPS-757.

CH-9186 - St. Louis to Liverpool - Chuck Berry [1984] Reissue of Chess LPS-1488. Little Marie (S)/Our Little Rendezvous (E)/No Particular Place To Go (S)/You Two (S)/Promise Land (S)/You Never Can Tell (S)//Go Bobby Soxer (S)/Things I Used To Do (S)/Liverpool Drive (S)/Night Beat (E)/Merry Christmas Baby (E)/Brenda Lee (E)

CH-9187 - Have Guitar Will Travel - Bo Diddley [1984] Reissue of Checker LPS-2974. She's Alright (E)/Cops And Robbers (E)/Run Diddley Daddy (E)/Mumblin' Guitar (E)/I Need You Baby (E)//Say Man Back Again (E)/Nursery Rhyme (E)/I Love You So (E)/Spanish Guitar (E)/Dancing Girl (E)/Come On Baby (E)

CH-9188 -

CH-9189 - Blues Roots, Volume 16 - Willie Mabon [1984]

CH-9190 - More Rock ‘N' Roll Rarities - Chuck Berry [1984] Ain't That Just Like A Woman (S)/Rock And Roll Music (M, very clean original demo)/Down The Road A Piece (S)/Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (S, 7-29-61 version)/Route 66 (S, alternate version)/Sweet Little Rock And Roller (M, alternate version)//My Mustang Ford (S)/Sweet Little Sixteen (M, original demo)/I Got To Find My Baby (S)/I'm Talking About You (S)/House Of Blue Lights (M)/Go Go Go [with Martha Berry] (S)

CH-9191 -

CH-9192 - The Best of Little Walter - Little Walter [1984] Reissue of Checker LP-1428. All tracks mono. My Babe/Sad Hours/You're So Fine/Last Night/Blues With A Feeling/Can't Hold Out Much Longer//Juke/Mean Old World/Off The Wall/You Better Watch Yourself/Blue Lights/Tell Me Mamma

CH-9193 -

CH-9194 - Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley [1984] Reissue of Checker LP-1431. All tracks mono. Bo Diddley/I'm A Man/Bring It to Jerome/Before You Accuse Me/Hey Bo Diddley/Dearest Darling//Hush Your Mouth/Say Bossman/Diddley Daddy/Diddey Wah Diddey/Who Do You Love/Pretty Thing

CH-9195 - Moanin' in the Moonlight - Howlin' Wolf [1984] Reissue of Chess LP-1434. All tracks mono. Moanin' At Midnight/How Many More Years/Smokestack Lightnin'/Baby How Long/No Place to Go/All Night Boogie//Evil/I'm Leavin' You/Moanin' For My Baby/I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline)/Forty-Four/Somebody In My Home

CH-9196 - Go Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley [1984] Reissue of Checker LP-1436. All tracks mono. Crackin' Up/I'm Sorry/Bo's Guitar/Willie And Lillie/You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)/Say Man//The Great Grandfather/Oh Yea/Don't Let It Go/Little Girl/Dearest Darling/The Clock Strikes Twelve

CH-9197 - Muddy Waters Sings Big Bill Broonzy - Muddy Waters [1984] Reissue of Chess LP-1444. All tracks mono. Tell Me Baby/Southbound Train/When I Get To Thinking/Just a Dream (On My Mind)/Double Trouble//I Feel So Good/I Done Got Wise/Mopper's Blues/Lonesome Road Blues/Hey Hey

CH-9198 - Muddy Waters at Newport 1960 - Muddy Waters [1986] Reissue of Chess LPS-1449. All tracks live. Reissued on CD as Chess CHD-31269. I Got My Brand On You (S)/I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man (S)/Baby Please Don't Go (S)/Soon Forgotten (S)/Tiger In Your Tank (S)//I Feel So Good (S)/I've Got My Mojo Working (S)/I've Got My Mojo Working, Part 2 (S)/Goodbye Newport Blues (S)

CH-9199 - John Lee Hooker Plays And Sings The Blues - John Lee Hooker [1986] Reissue of Chess LP-1454. All tracks mono. The Journey/I Don't Want Your Money/Hey Baby/Mad Man Blues/Bluebird/Worried Life Blues//Apologize/Lonely Boy Boogie/Please Don't Go/Dreamin' Blues/Hey Boogie/Just Me And My Telephone

CH-2-9215 - Sugar Boy Crawford - Sugar Boy Crawford [1984] Reissue of Chess 2ACMB-209. (2-LP set) Overboard/I Don't Know What I'll Do/You Know I Love You/Stop/Watch Her Whip Her/Honey//I bowed on My Knees/Wandering Baby/No More Heartaches/What's Wrong/Love Love Love/Tropubled Mind Blues//Ooh Wee Sugar/There Goes My Baby/Jockomo/You You You/You Call Everybody Sweetheart/If I Loved You Darling//Get Away/Please Believe Me/For Me/Wondering/Night Rider/Long Lost Stranger

CH-9250 - Memphis Slim - Memphis Slim [1984] Reissue of Chess LP-1455. All tracks mono. I Guess I'm A Fool/Rockin' The Pad/Havin' Fun/Marack/Mother Earth//Really Got The Blues/Tijuana/I'm Crying/Reverend Bounce/Slim's Blues/Blues For My Baby

CH-9251 - Big Bill Broonzy and Washboard Sam - Big Bill Broonzy & Washboard Sam [1984] Reissue of Chess LP-1468. All tracks mono. Little City Woman - Big Bill Broonzy/Lonesome - Big Bill Broonzy/Jacqueline - Big Bill Broonzy/Romance Without Finance - Big Bill Broonzy/By Myself - Big Bill Broonzy/Shirt Tail - Big Bill Broonzy//Diggin' My Potatoes - Washboard Sam/Bright Eyes - Washboard Sam/Minding My Own Business - Washboard Sam/Never Never - Washboard Sam/Horseshoe Over My Door - Washboard Sam/I'm A Lonely Man - Washboard Sam

CH-9252 - We're Gonna Make It - Little Milton [1984] Reissue of Checker LPS-2995. We're Gonna Make It (S)/You're Welcome To The Club (S)/I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town (S)/Blues In The Night (S)/Country Style (S)/Who's Cheating Who? (S)//Blind Man (S)/Can't Hold Back The Tears (S)/Believe In Me (S)/Stand By Me (S)/Life Is Like That (S)/Ain't No Big Deal On You (S)

CH-9253 - The Blues, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1984] Reissue of Argo LP-4026. All tracks mono. Don't Start Me To Talking - Sonny Boy Williamson/First Time I Met The Blues - Buddy Guy/Worried Life Blues - Chuck Berry/My Babe - Little Walter/Walkin' The Boogie - John Lee Hooker/Hoochie Coochie - Muddy Waters//Reconsider Baby - Lowell Fulson/Smokestack Lightning - Howlin' Wolf/Juke - Little Walter/When The Lights Go Out - Jimmy Witherspoon/Just Make Love To Me - Muddy Waters/Spoonful - Howlin' Wolf

CH-9254 - Rock Rock Rock - Various Artists [1984] Reissue of Chess LP-1425. All tracks mono. I Knew From The Start - Moonglows/Would I Be Crying - Flamingos/Mabellene - Chuck Berry/Sincerely - Moonglows/Thirty Days - Chuck Berry/The Vow - Flamingos//You Can't Catch Me - Chuck Berry/Over and Over Again - Moonglows/Roll Over Beethoven - Chuck Berry/I''ll Be Home - Flamingos/See Saw - Moonglows/A Kiss From Your Lips - Flamingos

CH-9259 - Rockin' at the Hops - Chuck Berry [1984] Reissue of Chess LP-1448. All tracks mono. Bye Bye Johnny/Worried Life Blues/Down The Road A Piece/Confessin' The Blues/Too Pooped To Pop/Mad Lad//I Got To Find My Baby/Betty Jean/Childhood Sweetheart/Broken Arrow/Driftin' Blues/Let It Rock

CH-9266 - At Last! - Etta James [1987] Reissue of Argo LP-4003. Anything to Say You're Mine/My Dearest Darling/Trust in Me/Sunday Kind of Love/Yough Mary//I Just Want to Make Love To You/At Last/All I Could Do Was Cry/Stormy weather/Girl of My Dreams

CH-9268 - The Soul of Blues Harmonica - Walter "Shakey" Horton [1987] Groove Walk/Wee Baby Blues/It's Alright/Wrinkles/Hard Headed Woman//John Henry/Good Moanin' Blues/Friday Night Stomp/Gonna Bring It On Home/La Cucuracha

CH-9269 - Tell Mama - Etta James [1987] Reissue of Cadet LP-802. The cover says: "To preserve the integrity of the recording, the original monaural master was used for the reissue. Portions of this recording were originally mixed to mono and then reprocessed to stereo for original stereo release".

CH-9274 - The Real Folk Blues - Muddy Waters [1988] Reissue of LP-1501. Mannish Boy/Screamin' and Crying/Just to Be With You/Walking in the Park/Walking Blues/Canary Bird//Same Thing/Gypsy Women/Rollin' and Tumblin'/40 Days and 40 Nights/Little Geneva/You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had

CH-9279 - More Real Folk Blues - Howlin' Wolf [1988] Reissue of Chess LP-1512. Just My Kind/I've Got a Woman/Work for Your Money/I'll Be Around/You Can't Be Beat/You Gonna Wreck My Life//I Love My Baby/Neighbors/I'm the Wolf/Rocking Daddy/Who Will Be Next?/I Have a Little Girl

CH-9182 - The Best of Chess Vocal Groups, Volume One - Various Artists [1988] In My Diary - Moonglows/She's Gone - Dozier Boys (sl. hiss, prob. from disc)/I Wish You Would - Four Tops/Dream Of A Lifetime (Checker 915 version) - Flamingos/A Simple Prayer - Ravens/False Alarm - Re-Vels/Four O'Clock In The Morning - Stanley Mitchell & Tornadoes/Tell It To The Judge - Monotones/Long Lonely Nights - Lee Andrews & Hearts/Every Day Of The Week - Students (sl. hiss)/Blue Velvet - Moonglows (sl. hiss)/A Kiss From Your Lips - Flamingos

CH-9283 - The Best of Chess Vocal Groups, Volume Two - Various Artists [1988] Happy Happy Birthday Baby - Tune Weavers (M)/I'm So Young - Students (M, with intro. Somewhat hissy)/Book Of Love - Monotones (M)/Teardrops - Lee Andrews And The Hearts (M)/Ten Commandments Of Love - Harvey And The Moonglows (M, 4:01 unedited version with intro)/Let Me In - Sensations (M)/Over The Mountain Across The Sea - Johnnie & Joe (M)/High Heel Sneakers - Tommy Tucker (M)/Rinky Dink - Dave “Baby” Cortez (M)/Sally Go 'Round The Roses - Jaynettes (S, 45 version but without organ overdub)/No Particular Place To Go - Chuck Berry (S)/Road Runner - Bo Diddley (M)

CH-9284 - After School Session with Chuck Berry - Chuck Berry [1988] Reissue of Chess CH-1426. All tracks mono. School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell)/Deep Feeling/Too Much Monkey Business/Wee Wee Hours/Roly Poly/No Money Down//Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Berry Pickin'/Together We Will Always Be/Havana Moon/Down Bound Train/Drifting Heart

CH-9294 - Chess King of New Orleans - Paul Gayten [1989] You Better Believe It/Mother Roux/Down Boy/Nervous Boogie/For You My Love//The Sweeper/Music Goes ‘Round and ‘Round/Tickle Toe/Hot Cross Buns/The Hunch

CH-9295 - The London Chuck Berry Sessions - Chuck Berry [1989] Reissue of Chess CH-60020. Let's Boogie (S)/Mean Old World (S)/I Will Not Let You Go (S)/London Berry Blues (S)/I Love You (S)//Reelin' and Rockin' (S, live)/My Ding-A-Ling (S, live, almost no separation because the supporting instrumentation was on the extra tracks during the live performance, and they weren't used on this song. As a result, there is just some ambient reverb.)/Johnny B. Goode (S, live)

91500 Series:

CH-91507 - Full Bloom - Jackie Ross [1984] Reissue of Chess LP-1489. Selfish One/Everything But Love/Wasting Time/I Had a Talk With My Man/Be Sure You Know/Summertime//I've Got the Skill/Change Your Ways/Don't Take My Love/Haste Makes Waste/(I Wanna Hear It) From You/Misty

CH-91508 -

CH-91509 - Come a Little Closer - Etta James Reissue of Chess CH-60029.

CH-91510 - Bio - Chuck Berry Reissue of Chess CH-50043. Bio/Hello Little Girl Goodbye/Woodpecker/Rain Eyes//Aimlessly Driftin'/Got It And Gone/Talkin' About My Buddy

CH-91511 - Gettin' Down with Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Johnny "Guitar" Watson

CH-91512 - Music to Make Love By - Solomon Burke Reissue of Chess CH-60042. Music To Make Love By, Part 1/Let Me Wrap My Arms Around You/Come Rain Or Come Shine/You And Your Baby Blues//All The Way/Thanks I Needed That/Everlasting Love/Midnight And You/Music To Make Love By, Part 2

CH-91513 - "Unk" in Funk - Muddy Waters Reissue of Chess CH-60031.

CH-91514 -

CH-91515 - The Dells vs. The Dramatics - Dells/Dramatics Reissue of Cadet CA-60027. Love Is Missing From Our Lives - Dells/I'm In Love - Dells/Choosing Up On You - Dramatics/Strung Out Over You - Dells//Playin' The Love Game - Dells/Door To Your Heart - Dramatics/Don't Make Me No Promises - Dramatics/Tune Up - Dramatics/I Wish It Was Me You Loved - Dells

CH-91516 -

CH-91517 - The "New" Look - Fontella Bass Reissue of Checker LPS-2997. Our Day Will Come (S)/How Glad I Am (S)/Oh No Not My Baby (S)/Rescue Me (S)/Gee Whiz (S)/I'm A Woman (S)//Since I Fell For You (S)/Impossible (S)/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (S)/Soul Of The Man (S)/Come And Get These Memories (S)/I Know (S)

CH-91518 - First Annual Benefit for the Congressional Black Caucus - Various Artists Reissue of Chess CH-60037.

CH-91519 - Every Day I Have to Cry - Steve Alaimo [1984] Reissue of Checker LP-2986. Every Day I Have To Cry/I Don't Want To Cry/My Heart Cries For You/I Cried All The Way Home/Cry Me A River/I Wake Up Crying//Cry/She Cried/Don't Cry/Cry of the Wild Goose/Cry Myself To Sleep/Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying

CH-91520 - Shades of a Genius - Mitty Collier Reissue of Chess LPS-1492. Come Back Baby/I Had A Talk With My Man Last Night/Would You Have Listened/I Gotta Get Away From It All/My Babe/Hallelujah (I Love Him So)//Drown In My Own Tears/No Faith No Love/Together/Let Them Talk/Little Miss Loneliness/Ain't That Love

CH-91521 - Aretha Gospel - Aretha Franklin Reissue of Chess CH-8500. There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood/Precious Lord, Parts 1 & 2/You Grow Close/Never Grow Old/The day Is Past And Gone/He Will Wash You White As Snow/While The Blood Runs Warm/Yield Not To Temptation

CH-91522 - The Great Day - James Moody Reissue of Argo LPS-725.

CH-91523 - Sonny Stitt at DJ Lounge - Sonny Stitt Reissue of Argo LPS-683. McKie's/It All Depends On You/Blue Moon/Jay Tee/I'm In the Mood For Love/Free Chicken

CH-91524 - Soon I'll Be Done - Five Blind Boys Reissue of Checker LP-10003.

CH-91525 - Resting Easy - Soul Stirrers Reissue of Checker LP-10021.

CH-91526 - Their Greatest Sides, Vol. 1 - Violinaires

CH-91527 - Blessed Quietness - Ernest Franklin Reissue of Checker LP-10031.

CH-91528 - The 23rd Psalm - Reverend C.L. Franklin Reissue of Chess LP-20.

CH-91529 - The Eagle Stirreth in Her Nest - Reverend C.L. Franklin Reissue of Chess LP-21.

CH-91530 - The Prodigal Son - Reverend C.L. Franklin Reissue of Chess LP-23.

CH-91531 - Minnie Ripperton & Rotary Connection - Minnie Riperton

CH-91532 - Live at Club Soul Sound - Erskine Hawkins

CH-91533 - Two Great Experiences Together - Jimi Hendrix/Lonnie Youngblood

CH-91534 - Martha Sings Mahalia - Martha Bass Reissue of Checker LPS-10059.

CH-91535 - I'll Trust in the Lord - Harmonizing Four Reissue of Checker CK-10087.

CH-91536 - A Tribute to Sam Cooke - Soul Stirrers Reissue of Checker LPS-10063.

CH-91537 - God's Creation - Violinaires Reissue of Checker LPS-10057.

CH-91538 - Never Grow Old - Reverend C.L. Franklin & Aretha Franklin Reissue of Checker CK-10083.

CH-91539 - How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions - Reverend C.L. Franklin Reissue of Chess LP-63.

CH-91540 - And He Went a Little Farther - Reverend C.L. Franklin Reissue of Chess LP-64.

CH-91541 -

CH-91542 -

CH-91543 -

CH-91544 -

CH-91545 -

CH-91546 -

CH-91547 -

CH-91548 -

CH-91549 - Jug and Sonny - Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt [1984] Reissue of Chess LP-1445. I'm Not That Kind Of Guy (You're Not That Kind Of Girl) - Gene Ammons/I Cover The Waterfront - Sonny Stitt/Full Moon - Gene Ammons/Jam For Boppers - Gene Ammons/Don't Do Me Wrong - Gene Ammons//Don't Worry ‘Bout Me - Sonny Stitt/Baby Won't You Please Say Yes - Gene Ammons/Cha-Bootie - Gene Ammons/Tenor Eleven - Gene Ammons/The Last Mile (The Last Chance) - Gene Ammons

CH-91550 -

CH-91551 -

CH-91552 - Benny Goodman Rides Again - Benny Goodman [1984] Reissue of Chess LPS-1440. Mission To Moscow/Benny Rides Again/The Earl/Oh Baby/Fascinating Rhythm//Ev'rything I've Got/Whispering/All The Things You Are/You Do Something To Me/It Could Happen to You/Stereo Stomp

CH-91553 -

CH-91554 -

CH-91555 -

CH-91556 -

CH-91557 -

CH-91558 -

CH-91559 - Murray the K's Golden Gassers - Various Aritsts [1984] Reissue of Chess LP-1458 NYC. All tracks mono. We Belong Together - Robert & Johnny/Sincerely - Moonglows/So Young - Students/10 Commandments Of Love - Moonglows (3:56)/A Kiss From Your Lips - Flamingos/Book Of Love - Monotones//Happy Happy Birthday Baby - Tune Weavers/Let The Little Girl Dance - Billy Bland/Over The Mountain Across the Sea - Johnnie & Joe/Most Of All - Moonglows/I'll Be Home - Flamingos/Long Lonely Nights - Lee Andrews & Hearts

CH-91560 - The Flamingos - Flamingos [1984] Reissue of Checker LP-1433. All tracks mono. Dream Of A Lifetime/Ko Ko Mo/Whispering Stars/On My Merry Way/The Vow/Would I Be Crying//A Kiss From Your Lips/Shilly Dilly/Stolen Love/Chickie Um Bah/Nobody's Love/Chicka Boom That's My Baby

92500 Series:

CH2-92500 - The Great Twenty-Eight - Chuck Berry [1984] (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess CH-8201. Maybellene/Johnny B. Goode/Roll Over Beethoven/Thirty Days/Memphis/Brown-Eyed Handsome Man/Nadine/Little Queenie/No Particular Place To Go/Reelin' And Rockin'/Almost Grown/School Days/Oh Baby Doll/Too Much Monkey Business/Carol/Sweet Little Rock And Roller/You Can't Catch Me/Let It Rock/Bye Bye Johnny/Round And Round/Back In The USA/Beautiful Delilah/I'm Talking About You/Havana Moon/Rock And Roll Music/Sweet Little Sixteen/Come On/I Want To Be Your Driver

CH2-92501 - Blowin' Gold - John Klemmer [1984] (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess CH-8300. Excursion/My Love Has Butterfly Wings/My Heart Sings/Hey Jude/Third Stone From The Sun/Free Soul/Children Of The Earth/Flames/Summer Song/Rose Petals/A Mon Frere Africain/Gardens Of Uranus/All The Children Cried/Here Comes The Child/I Whisper A Prayer For Peace/Pulsations Of A Green Eyed Lady/Journey's End/La De Dah/Soliloquy For Tenor And Voice

CH2-92502 - The Golden Age of Rhythm & Blues - Various Artists [1984] (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2CH-50030. White Cliffs of Dover - Bluejays/Nadine - Coronets/Darling I Know - El- Rays/Sincerely - Moonglows/Shoo Doo Be Doo (My Loving Baby) - Moonlighters/Most of All - Moonglows//Newly Wed - Orchids/In My Diary - Moonglows/I'll Be Home - Flamingos/Show Me the Way - Five Notes/A Kiss From Your Lips - Flamingos/Give Me (A Simple Prayer) - Ravens/The Vow - Flamingos/Would I Be Crying - Flamingos/Ding Dong - Quintones/4 O'clock in the Morning - Tornadoes/I Want to Love - Sentimentals/Teardrops - Lee Andrews and the Hearts//Soft Shadows - Monotones/I'm So Young - Students/So Far Away - Pastels/False Alarm - Re-Vels/This Broken Heart - Sonics/Bad Girl - Miracles

CH2-92503 - Boss Blues Harmonica - Little Walter [1984] (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2CH-60014. Disc 1: My Babe/Sad Hours/You're So Fine/Last Night/Blues With A Feeling/Can't Hold Out Much Longer//Juke/Mean Old World/Off The Wall/You Better Watch Yourself/Blue Lights/Tell Me Mama; Disc 2:Back Track/It's Too Late Brother/Just A Feeling/Teenage Beat/Just Your Fool/Flying Saucer//I Got To Go/Shake Dancer/Too Late/Thunderbird/Ah'w Baby/Boom Boom Out Go the Lights

CH2-92504 - Lowell Fulson - Lowell Fulson (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2ACMB-204.

CH2-92505 - Jimmy Rogers - Jimmy Rogers (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2ACMB-207. Disc 1: Left Me With A Broken Heart/Blues All Day Long/Today Today Blues/The World's In A Tangle/She Loves Another Man/Hard Working Man//Chance To Love/My Little Machine/Mistreated Baby/What's The Matter/You're The One (early version)/If It Ain't Me; Disc 2: One Kiss/I Can't Believe/What Have I Done/My Baby Don't Love Me No More/Trace Of You (alternate take)/Don't You Know My Baby//Crying Shame/Give Love Another Chance/This Has Never Been/Rock This House/My Last Meal/You Don't Know/Can't Keep From Worrying

CH2-92506 - J.B. Lenoir - J.B. Lenoir (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2ACMB-208. Disc 1: Natural Man/Don't Dog Your Woman/Let Me Die With The One I Love/Carrie Lee/Mama What About Your Daughter/If I Give Me To You/Five Years//Don't Touch My Head/I've Been Down So Long/What Have I Done/Eisenhower Blues/Korea Blues/Everybody Wants to Know/I'm In Korea; Disc 2: Mama Your Daughter's Going to Miss Me/We Can't Go on This Way/Give Me One More Shot/When I Am Drinking/J.B.'s Rock/If You Love Me/Low Down Dirty Shame //Man Watch Your Woman/Mama Talk To Your Daughter/Sitting Down Thinking/Daddy Talk To Your Son/I Don't Know/Good Looking Woman/Voo Doo Boogie

CH2-92507 - Mad Man Blues - John Lee Hooker (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2CH-60011.

CH2-92508 - Sugar Boy Crawford - Sugar Boy Crawford (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2ACMB-209. Disc 1: Overboard/I Don't Know What I'll Do/You Know I Love You/Stop/Watch Her Whip Her/Honey//I Bowed On My Knees/Wandering Baby/No More Heartaches/What's Wrong/Love Love Love/Troubled Mind Blues; Disc 2: Ooh Wee Sugar/There Goes My Baby/Jockomo/You You You/You Call Everybody Sweetheart/If I Loved You Darling//Get Away/Please Believe Me/For Me/Wondering/Night Rider/Long Lost Stranger

CH2-92509 - Recapitulation - Kenny Burrell (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2ACMJ-408.

CH2-92510 - Charlie Parker Memorial Concert - Various Artists (2-LP set) Reissue of Cadet 2CA-60002.

CH2-92511 - Percussion Discussion - Max Roach & Art Blakey (2-LP set)

CH2-92512 - Double Exposure - Woody Herman (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2ACMJ-402.

CH2-92513 - Basic Grey - Al Grey (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2ACMJ-409.

CH2-92514 - Early Visions - Gene Ammons (2-LP set) Reissue of Cadet 2CA-60038.

CH2-92515 - Back Talk - Oliver Nelson & Lou Donaldson (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2ACMJ-404, which is a reissue of Argo LPS-737 and Cadet LPS-768.

CH2-92516 - Sun Set - Ahmad Jamal (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2ACMJ-407.

CH2-92517 - Greatest Hits - Moments (2-LP set) This material was originally on Stang/All Platinum, not Chess.

CH2-92518 - Blues/Rock Avalanche - Various Artists (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2CH-60015, Blues Rock Cookbook: Montreux Festival. All cuts live. Let It Rock - Chuck Berry/School Days - Chuck Berry/County Jail - Muddy Waters/Trouble No More - Muddy Waters/I Got My Mojo Workin' - Muddy Waters/Wrinkles - Lafayette Leake/Swiss Boogie - Lafayette Leake/(They Call It) Stormy Monday - Muddy Waters & T-Bone Walker/She Says She Loves Me - Muddy Waters & T-Bone Walker/I Got What It Takes - Koko Taylor/Wang Dang Doodle - Koko Taylor/Diddley Daddy - Bo Diddley/I Hear You Knockin' - Bo Diddley/You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover - Bo Diddley/Baby What You Want Me To Do - Bo Diddley/Early In The Morning - Bo Diddley

CH2-92519 - Chess Blues Rarities: Rare and Unissued Recordings - Various Artists (2-LP set)

CH2-92520 - Chicago Blues Anthology - Various Artists (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2CH-60012. Tough Times - John Brim/Anna Lee [Annie Lee Blues] - Robert Nighthawk/So Glad I Found You - Johnny Shines [Shoe Shine Johnny]/Having Fun - Memphis Slim/Goin' Away Baby - ?/I Don't Know - Willie Mabon/Dark Road - Floyd Jones/Dust My Broom - Elmore James/Eisenhower Blues - J.B. Lenoir/By Myself - Washboard Sam/Murmur Low - Big Boy Spires/Rattlesnake - John Brim/Jackson Town Gal - Robert Nighthawk/The World's In A Tangle - Jimmy Rogers/Chicago Bound - Jimmy Rogers/You Can't Live Long - Floyd Jones/You Know My Love - Otis Rush/Ten Years Ago - Buddy Guy/My Time After Awhile - Buddy Guy/Third Degree - Eddie Boyd/Korea Blues - J.B. Lenoir/I See My Baby - Elmore James

CH2-92521 - Rock and Roll Rarites - Chuck Berry [1986] Two record set consisting of alternate takes and unreleased stereo versions; also released on compact disc as CHD-92521. Disc 1: No Particular Place to Go (S)/Rock and Roll Music (M, alternate take)/It Wasn't Me (S)/Reelin' And Rockin' (M, original demo)/Come On (with Martha Berry) (S)//Johnny B. Goode (M, alternate version with false start)/Bye Bye Johnny (S)/Little Marie (S, with countoff)/Time Was (M)/Promised Land (S); Disc 2: Little Queenie (M, alternate version with studio talk)/You Never Can Tell (S)/Sweet Little Sixteen (M, alternate version with false start)/County Line (M)/Run Rudolph Run (M)//Nadine (Is It You?) (S)/Betty Jean (M)/I Want To Be Your Driver (S)/Beautiful Delilah (M, alternate version with studio talk)/Oh Yeah (M)

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