Jewel Album Discography, Part 2:
Gospel LP-0001 and LP-2000 Series

By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: November 10, 2006

The Jewel gospel series was the most prolific of all the series on the Jewel, Paula, or Ronn labels. It started in early 1966, with a number of singles on Jewel by Rev. Willie Morganfield [Jewel 756-758]. Stan Lewis then started two new series, a Jewel 101 series for gospel singles, and a Jewel LP/LPS- 0001 series for gospel albums. Whereas the singles were predominately music, the albums were a combination of gospel music and sermons. In the 1990s, Jewel re-released many of these gospel albums and sermons on CD or cassette.

The Jewel label was a blue-green color, sometimes leaning more to green and other times leaning more to blue. The gospel LPs tended toward a blue label. It had black print, with the Jewel logo on top.

This Jewel label should not be confused with the Jewel Recording label that operated out of Cincinnati, Ohio, and was run by Rusty York.

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LP/Cassette Cover

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

LP 0001 - Life's Railroad Crossing - Rev. David Robinson [1966] Sermon.

LP 0002 - Willie Morganfield's Gospel Favorites - Willie Morganfield [1966]

LP 0003 - How Sweet It Is - Rev. O.L. Holliday [1966] Sermon.

LP 0004 - Two Sermons - Rev. David Robinson [1966] Sermons.

LP 0005

LP 0006 - Clear Shining After Rain - Rev. Jasper Williams [1967] Sermon.

LP 0007

LP 0008

LP 0009

LP 0010 - Rev. Willie Morganfield with the Christian Unity Church Choir - Rev. Willie Morganfield [1967] Praise Him/That's Why I Love The Lord/I Surrender/I've Got God's Word/When The War Is Over/All Alone/This God I Serve/It's A Shame/What Are You Waiting For/On Judgment Day

LP 0011 - Sick of Love - Rev. O.L. Holliday [1967] Sermon.

LPS 0012 - On the Battlefield - Traveling Echoes [1967] On the Battlefield/Walk in Gethsemane/Prayer Changes Things/Holy Spirit/No Never No More/You Ought to Been There/Do Lord/You Don't Know Like I Know/I Want to Thank You Lord/Stand Up for Jesus/When Jesus Came/Highway to Heaven

LP 0013

LP 0014

LP 0015 - Jesus' Funeral - Rev. Jasper Williams [1968] Sermon.

LP 0016 - You Better Get Right - Rev. Willie Morganfield [1968] You Better Get Right/Meeting God Face To Face/Down By The Riverside/My Way Provider/I Can't See Why/Give Me A Little More Faith//Serving The Lord/Glory Glory Hallelujah/My King/Jesus Loves Everyone/Don't Let Old Satan Block Your Way/Walk With Me

LP 0017 - Freedom After Awhile - Rev. O.L. Holliday [1968] Sermon.

LP 0018 - The Meadowlark Singers - Meadowlark Singers [1968]

LP 0019

LP 0020

LP 0021 - The Prayer That Was Offered Too Late - Rev. Jesse White [1968] Sermon.

LPS 0022 - The Beloved Prostitute - Rev. Jasper Williams [1968] Sermon.

LPS 0023

LPS 0024 - I'm Black and I'm Proud - Rev. Jasper Williams [1968] Sermon.

LPS 0025 - Looking and Seeking - Traveling Echoes [1969]

LPS 0026 - The Heavenly Home Gathering - Rev. O.L. Holliday [1969] Sermon.

LPS 0027

LPS 0028 - In Times Like These - Rev. Arthur Sims [1969] I Know I've Got Religion/The Lord Will Make A way/I'm Ready To Serve The Lord/I Gave Up Everything/It's Another Day's Journey/Stay On The Battlefield/In Times Like These/Precious Lord

LPS 0029

LPS 0030 - Soul Gospel - Clarence Fountain: Former Lead Singer of the Five Blind Boys of Alabama [1969] Lord, You've Been So Good To Me/The Lord Will Make A Way/Yes He Will/Do What You Can Today/Lift Him Up/Last Mile Of The Way//Danny Boy/Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone/This Little Light Of Mine/Looking Back/Shady Green Pastures/Never Walk Alone

LPS 0031 - Jesus Is in Town - Rev. Johnny L. Jones [1969] Sermon and singing.

LPS 0032 - The Milky White Way - Rev. Oris Mays [1969] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3032. The Milky White Way/Close To Thee/Joy Bells/Nobody Can Turn Me Around/Stand Still/Take Your Burdens To The Lord/All The Way/City Called Heaven/Calvary/If You Hold On

LPS 0033 - In the Gospel Light - Clarence Fountain [1970]

LPS 0034

LPS 0035 - In Memory of Laura - "Pop" Ridley & Traveling Echoes [1970]

LPS 0036

LPS 0037

LPS 0038 - If Walls Could Talk - Rev. Jasper Williams [1970] Sermon.

LPS 0039 - Only the Strong Shall Survive - Rev. Samuel Butler [1970] Sermon.

LPS 0040

LPS 0041

LPS 0042

LPS 0043 - Satan's Estimate of Human Nature - Rev. E.L. McKinney [1971] Sermon.

LPS 0044 - Soul Brother, Soul Sister, Soul Devil - Rev. O.L. Holliday [1971] Sermon.

LPS 0045

LPS 0046

LPS 0047

LPS 0048 - A Change Is Gonna Come - Meditation Singers [1971] Trouble's Brewin'/Good Old Gospel Music/Greatest God I Know/Soulful Prayer/Hold Out Till Tomorrow/Look At Yourself/Getting High On The Lord/A Change Is Gonna Come/That's My Child

LPS 0049 - The Golden Calf - Rev. C.L. Franklin [1971] Sermon. Opening Chant/The Golden Calf, Part 1//The Golden Calf, Part 2/The Lord Will Make A Way

LPS 0050

LPS 0051 - The New Sound of the Brooklyn Allstars - Brooklyn Allstars [1972] Reissued on CD as Jewel JCD-3051. Let Me Lean On You/We Need God/Keep On Praying/God Leads Us/A Prayer For Today/My God (Is A Confidential God)//Words Of God/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Meet Me In Galilee/Glory To His Name/Did You Stop To Pray This Morning/Let's Rap

LPS 0052 - Serving the Lord - Rev. Willie Morganfield [1972] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3052. Lord, Thank You Sir/Serving The Lord/Lord If You Please/Time Is Not Long/Everything Changes But The Lord/I'll Go/Are You Satisfied/I Can't Let My Savior Down/He Works That Way/God Had Done So Much For Me/Separation Day

LPS 0053 - The Upper Way - Violinaires [1972] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3053. You've Been Good To Me/All The Way/Lonely Soldier/Today/Take Care//The Upper Way/Solid Rock/Tomorrow May Be Too Late/Crucifixion (He Never Said A Word)/Doing My Thing

LPS 0054 - Songs from the Ship - Rev. Clay Evans & His 150-Voice Choir [1972] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3054. Bringing In The Sheaves/It's Real/Room At The Cross/Tell The World About This/I'm Saved//Rest For The Weary/Abide With Me/Holy, Holy, Holy/Hallelujah Hosanna/Bye And Bye

LPS 0055 - Alive in Person - Clarence Fountain [1972] Introduction-Everyday, Every Hour/Peace In The Valley/Somebody Bigger Than You And I/Old Ship Of Zion/Battle Ax/All Of My Life/Close To Thee/Precious Lord/Closing Comments

LPS 0056 - I Came to Preach a Sermon - Rev. Johnny "Hurricane" Jones [1972] Sermon and singing.

LPS 0057 - Freedom - Alberta Walker & the Caravans [1972] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3057.

LPS 0058 - Let Your Hair Down - Rev. C.L. Franklin [1972] Sermon.

LPS 0059 - Only a Look - Rev. C.L. Franklin with Aretha Franklin [1972] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3159. Father, I Stretch My Hands To Thee/Mother Loves Her Children/Only A Look/Someday/The Lord's Prayer/I've Been In The Storm So Long/I'll Get Home Someday/Never Grow Old/While The Blood Runs Warm In My Veins/If You Just Hold Out Until Tomorrow/Oh To Be Kept By Jesus/I've Decided To Make Jesus My Choice/I've Decided To Make Jesus My Choice (Reprise)

LPS 0060

LPS 0061 - Taking the Thruway with God - Rev. C.L. Moore [1972] Sermon and singing.

LPS 0062 - Do You Know the Man from Galilee - Bell Jubilee Singers [1972]

LPS 0063 - Close to Thee - Ernest Franklin [1972] My Lord And I/Bless This House/In Times Like These/Close To Thee/(others)

LPS 0064 - Emmaus Journey - Rev. Clay Evans [1972] Sermon and singing.

LPS 0065 - The All-Powerful Name - Rev. Willie Morganfield [1972] Sermon and singing. Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3065. Prelude/Lord Thank You Sir/The All Powerful Name/Serving The Lord

LPS 0066 - He Still Lives in Me - Roscoe Robinson [1972] I'm A Soldier/The Lord Will Make A Way/Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad/All Over God's Heaven/(others)

LPS 0067 - I've Got My Ticket - Brooklyn Allstars [1973]

LPS 0068 - The Lord's Prayer - Rev. C.L. Franklin [1973] Sermon.

LPS 0069 - Just Telling the Truth - Martha Jean [1973] Release Those You Love/I Am/There's No Failure In God/Get Together And Learn To Live/(others)

LPS 0070

LPS 0071 - Alright - Meditation Singers [1973] Everything Is Gonna Be Alright/Oh God I'm Thankful/Since I Found Jesus/He Will Take Care Of You/Trouble Will Be Over/I Love My Jesus/A Mother's Prayer/Why/Jesus Is Always On My Side

LPS 0072 - While I Can - Rev. Willie Morganfield [1973] On My Way To See Jesus (Yes I Am)/Beauty/Remember To Tell Them/While I Can/(others)

LPS 0073 - Spirit and Soul - Violinaires [1973] Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind On Jesus)/Nobody Knows/Lift Him Up/Condition/Precious Lord/God Has Been Good/He's Alright With Me/My Father Is Gone/Mother, I Thank You

LPS 0074 - You Upset Me, Baby - Rev. Johnny L. "Hurricane" Jones [1973] Sermon and singing.

LPS 0075 - Keith Barrow - Keith Barrow [1973]

LPS 0076 - The Greatest Love Story - Rev. C.L. Franklin [1973] Sermon.

LPS 0077 - At His Best - Clarence Fountain [1973]

LPS 0078 - Walk Tall - Brooklyn Allstars [1973] In The Ghetto/Serving The Lord/On The Battlefield/Old Rugged Cross/Soldier's Prayer/If Loving God Is Wrong/Trying To Get Home/God Specializes/A Change In Me/Once A Day

LPS 0079 - A Bigot Meets Jesus - Rev. C.L. Franklin [1973] Sermon and singing. Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee/A Bigot Meets Jesus, Part 1//A Bigot Meets Jesus, Part 2/Old Ship Of Zion

LPS 0080 - If You Dance to the Music, You've Got to Pay the Piper - Rev. O.L. Holliday [1973] Sermon and singing.

LPS 0081

LPS 0082 - Build Your Own Fire - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [1973] Sermon.

LPS 0083 - The Eagle Stirs Her Nest - Rev. C.L. Franklin [1973] Sermon. Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3083. Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee/The eagle Stirs Her Nest, Part 1//The eagle Stirs Her Nest, Part 2

LPS 0084 - Strength, Power, and Love - Soul Stirrers [1974] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3084. Lord, I Thank You/Lord Oh Lord I Believe/I'm Traveling On/I'm Trying To Be Your Friend/Strength, Power And Love//Oh Lord, I'm Trying/Have You Tried God's Love/The Year King Uzziah Died/Song Of Hezekiah/I'm Trusting His Word

LPS 0085 - Doing Your Thing - Rev. Johnny L. Jones [1974]

LPS 0086 - Heritage, Volume 1 - Soul Stirrers [1974] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3086. Time Waits On No Man/Come And Go To That Land/Savior Don't Leave Me/I'd Trade A Lifetime/Lord, Remember Me//Lead Me To Calvary/Never Leave Me Alone/Joy To My Soul/I'm Thankful/I Love The Lord

LPS 0087 - The Real Thing - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [1974] Sermon.

LPS 0088 - Straddle the Fence - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [1974] Sermon.

LPS 0089 - Promise of the Holy Ghost - Rev. James Griffin [1974]

LPS 0090

LPS 0091 - Miracles from the Ship - Rev. Clay Evans [1974]

LPS 0092 - On the Mainline - Hopson Family [1974]

LPS 0093 - He Didn't Have to Do It - Warren Donell Hickman [1974]

LPS 0094 - The Dynamic Ernest Franklin - Ernest Franklin [1974] I Have Something Within/Hold Out Till Tomorrow/Till Jesus Comes/Sermonette/We've Come A Long Way//Kickin' Life/I've Been Changed/'Tis So Sweet/I'm Happy With Jesus/Two Wings

LPS 0095 - The Bell Jubilee Sound - Bell Jubilee Singers [1974]

LPS 0096 - The Fantastic Violinaires - Violinaires [1974] Keep On Keepin' On/I'll Always Love Them/It Makes Me Feel Good/Thank You Thank You/Tell Me How Long/This is a Lonesome Road/It's Never Too Late/Rain Rain Rain/There Goes My Everything/I'm Not Worried

LPS 0097 - A Dirty Fighter - Rev. Amos Waller [1974] Sermon.

LPS 0098

LPS 0099

LPS 0100 - The Answer to Watergate - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [1974] Sermon. The Answer To Watergate, Part 1//The Answer To Watergate, Part 2

LPS 0101 - Soul, Spirit and Song - Clarence Fountain [1974] Me And Jesus/Sending Up My Timber/Have A Little Talk/So Glad/It Is No Secret/Over In Zion/Why/Have A Little Faith/Oh! Happy Day/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/I Come To The Garden

LPS 0102 - Servants of God - Rev. O.C. Johnson [1974]

LPS 0103 - The Ten Commandments - Brooklyn Allstars [1974] I'm Glad You're Mine/Guide Me, O Great Jehovah/Somewhere Around The Throne Of God/The Ten Commandments/Since I Met Jesus/You'll Never Walk Alone//Something Within Me/Glad I Know God/Sweet Love/Move On Up A Little Higher/He'll Understand And Say Well Done/Storehouse Of His Love

LPS 0104 - If Loving You Is Wrong - Rev. Johnny L. "Hurricane" Jones [1974] Sermon and singing.

LPS 0105 - Live Vibrations from the Ship - Rev. Clay Evans [1975]

LPS 0106 - Satan Goes to Prayer Meeting - Rev. C.L. Franklin [1975] I Stretch My Hands To Thee/Satan Goes To Prayer Meeting (sermon)/I Will Trust In The Lord

LPS 0107 - Hold on to God's Unchanging Hand - Bronner Bros. [1975]

LPS 0108 - Blessed Assurance - Clarence Fountain [1975] The Battle Hymn Of The Republic/Blessed Assurance/Time Is Winding Up/Jesus Gave Me Water/I Saw The Light/God Specializes/Ain't No Way/Where Could I Go/He'll Understand/I Tried

LPS 0109 - He Touched Me - Brooklyn Allstars [1975] Ressued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD- 3109. The Same God/I'm A Pilgrim/Let Me Lean On You/The Baddest Man In Town/I Gave It All Up For You//I'm Gonna Walk Right Out In His Name/He Touch Me/I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray/God Don't Like It And I Don't Either/God Bless Our Home

LPS 0110 - What in Hell Do You Want - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [1975] Sermon. Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3110. What in Hell Do You Want, Part 1//What in Hell Do You Want, Part 2

LPS 0111 - A Time to Laugh - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [1975] Sermon.

LPS 0112 - I Don't Want to Do Wrong - Bill Moss & Celestials [1975]

LPS 0113 - Heritage, Volume 2 - Soul Stirrers [1976] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3113. Resting Easy/We Shall Be Free/Lead Me Jesus/The Judgement/Praying Ground//Nearer My God To Thee/Be With Me Jesus/The Lord Will Make A Way/He Cares/He'll Welcome Me

LPS 0114 - Mother Is on That Train - Ernest Franklin [1976] Deliverance Will Come/Bless This House/Yes God Is Real/Mother Is On That Thrain/(others)

LPS 0115 - God Will Supply - Rev. Clay Evans [1976] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3115.

LPS 0116 - A Message to My Friends - Violinaires [1976] A Message To My Friends/Sunshine/I Don't Know What This World Is Coming To/I've Come Too Far/Why Not Tonight/Children Are You Ready/He's Alive/Send Me, I'll Go/Take Time To Pray

LPS 0117 - Secret Storm - Rev. Johnny "Hurricane" Jones [1976] Sermon and singing.

LPS 0118 - Dorothy Norwood at Her Best - Dorothy Norwood [1976] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3118. You Never Have To Walk Alone/Jesus Is The Answer/He Knows How Much/Master's Plan/Lord, Bring Me Down/I Heard The Voice/Heaven Help Us All/Winding Up

LPS 0119 - Stormy Weather - Rev. Amos Waller [1976] Sermon. Recorded at the Mercy Seat Missionary Baptist Church, Chiocago, Illinois. Stormy Weather, Part 1//Stormy Weather, Part 2

LPS 0120 - A Child of God - Rev. Oris Mays [1976]

LPS 0121 - Mother of My Children - Bill Moss & Celestials [1976]

LPS 0122 - Job's Greatest Problem - Rev. Clay Evans [1977?] Sermon and singing.

LPS 0123 - Silver 25th Anniversary - Rev. Clay Evans [1977?]

LPS 0124 - Working for the Lord - Harmonizing Four [1977?] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3124.

LPS 0125 - Bell Grove Baptist Choir - Rev. Willie Morganfield [1977] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3125.

LPS 0126 - Meet the Blind Boys [aka I Never Heard a Man] - Blind Boys of Mississippi [1977] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3126. I Never Heard A Man/I Believe He Died For Me/You Ought To Been There/Mother Told Me 'Bout Jesus/I Can't Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand)/I'm Just Another Soldier/It's Been Done/Where He Leads Me/Save A Seat For Me/Walk Together Children

LPS 0127 - Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Blind Boys of Alabama [1977] Issued on CD as Jewel JCD-3127. There's Got To Be A Change Made/Messiah/Morning Train/I'll Always Be In Love With God/If You Don't Pray For Me/Everybody's Going Somewhere/Lord, Don't Move That Mountain/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/Brokenhearted Mother

LPS 0128 - I'm Going to Sit Down - Ernest Franklin [1977] Jesus Every Hour/I'm Going To Sit Down/What Then/I made A Vow/99 1/2/My Mansion/How Sweet It Is/America/He'll Understand

LPS 0129 - The Price Is Right - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [1977] Sermon.

LPS 0130 - Memorial Album - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [1977] Guide Me O Great Jehovah/Altar Call/Room At The Cross/Precious Lord, Take My Hand/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Someone Who Cares/I Know I've Been Changed

LPS 0131 - Welcome the Vibrant Lillie Jenkins - Lillie Jenkins [1977]

LPS 0132 - Where Has He Gone - Rev. Johnny "Hurricane" Jones [1977?] Sermon and singing.

LPS 0133 - Testify for Jesus - Archie Dale & Tones of Joy [1977?]

LPS 0134 - He's a Friend - Dorothy Norwood [1978] There's Got To Be Rain In Your Life/There Is Someone Who Cares For You/Love A Man Like This/God Is Good To Me/He's A Friend/Come And Go With Me/That's God For You/Spread A Little Sunshine

LPS 0135

LPS 0136 - Rev. Clay Evans Preaches Every Kind in the Net - Rev. Clay Evans [1978] Sermon and singing.

LPS 0137? - Rev. Amos Waller Preaches Champion of Live - Rev. Amos Waller [1978]

LPS 0138 - The Violinaires - Violinaires [1978] I'll Never Forget That Day/Memories/Shadrach, Meshach And Abednego/Coming Up Thru The Years/Our Hero/Long White Robe/Old Time Religion/A Man Needs God's Grace/I Want The World To Know

LPS 0139

LPS 0140 - Going Thru the Roof - Rev. C.L. Franklin [1978] Sermon and singing. Father, I Stretch My Hands To Thee/Going Thru The Roof, Part 1//Going Thru The Roof, Part 2/Glad, Glad, So Glad

LPS 0141 - Reading of the Last Minutes - Rev. O.L. Holliday [1978] Sermon.

LPS 0142 - Prayer Meeting at Sister Mary's House - Rev. Johnny "Hurricane" Jones [1978] Sermon.

LPS 0143 - Golden Moments in Gospel - Clarence Fountain [1978] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3143. Where Jesus Is/Only Believe/You've Got To Move/He Touched Me/On The Battlefield/Pray For Me/Beams Of Heaven/If It Wasn't For The Lord/Use Me Lord/Amazing Grace

LPS 0144 - Mt. Pisgah Remembers Roberta Martin Live - Roberta Martin with Mt. Pisgah Mass Baptist Choir [1979] Praise God/What A Friend/I'm So Grateful/What A Mighty God/(others)

LPS 0145 - Common-Law Marriage - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [1979] Sermon.

LPS 0146 - Everything Will Be Alright - Rev. Clay Evans [1979]

LPS 0147

LPS 0148 - Golden Jubilee - Harmonizing Four [1979] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD- 3148. Golden Jubilee/Learning To Lean On Jesus/I'll Fly Away/I Believe/What A Blessing In Jesus I've Found//Lord Teach Me Day By Day/Children Of God/Draw Me Nearer/He Gave Me Life/ Just A Closer Walk With Thee

LPS 0149

LPS 0150 - You Ought to Take Time Out - Rev. Clay Evans [1979]

LPS 0151 - At the Meeting - Ernest Franklin [1979]

LPS 0152 - Don't Forget to Pray - Violinaires [1979]

LPS 0153 - You Can't Wash the Blood Off Your Hands - Rev. C.L. Franklin [1979] Sermon and singing. You Can't Wash The Blood Off Your Hands, Part 1//You Can't Wash The Blood Off Your Hands, Part 2/Were You There When They Crucified My Lord

LPS 0154 - The Bible - Rev. Willie Morganfield [1980?] Sermon. Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3154. The Bible, Part 1//The Bible, Part 2

LPS 0155 - The Tide of Life - Blind Boys of Mississippi [1980?] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3155. The Tide Of Life-Steal Away/Oh Well! What Can You Do/Do It Right Now/I Never Heard A Man/All You Got To Do [with Lloyd Woodard]/A Worker For The Lord/Please Remember Me/Thank The Lord I'm Singing Again/Peace Among The Nations/He's My Friend/Whisper A Prayer

LPS 0156

LPS 0157 - As the World Turns - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [1980] Sermon. As The World Turns, Part 1//As The World Turns, Part 2

LPS 0158

LPS 0159 - Best from the Ship, Volume 1 - Rev. Clay Evans [1980]

LPS 0160 - Too Many Babies in the Church - Rev. Clay Evans [1980] Sermon.

LPS 0161 - I'll Make It Alright - Blind Boys of Mississippi [1980] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3161. I'll Make It Alright/Miracles/Blind Boys Prayer/Soul You Save/Pilot Of The Airways/I'm Going On With Jesus/Done What The Doctor Could Not Do/All I'm Living For/Learning To Lean

LPS 0162 - Born Again - Violinaires [1980] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3162. Born Again/Dr. Jesus/When The Roll/Come To Jesus Right Now/Keep On Serving God/I Can't Refuse/A Christian Way/Jesus I'll Never Forget (What You've Done For Me)

LPS 0163 - Rest from the Ship - Rev. Clay Evans [1980]

LPS 0164 - The Clark Road Baptist Church - Rev. Clay Evans [1980]

LPS 0165 - Come on the Lord's Side - Bill Moss & Celestials [1980]

LPS 0166

LPS 0167 - I Stood on the Banks of Jordan - Rev. Oris Mays & Bostonians [1980] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3167. I Stood On The Banks Of Jordan/Robed In White Velvet/Save A Seat For Me/Thank You Lord For Choosing Me/Don't Tell Me God Can't Fix It/Lead Me, Guide Me

LPS 0168

LPS 0169 - On Fire for God - Destiny [1981]

LPS 0170

LPS 0171 - Shine on Me - Rev. Clay Evans [1981]

LPS 0172 - 10th Annual Praise and Rededication Concert - Southeast Inspirational Choir [1982] I Am Thine, O Lord/Till He Comes/He Sends The Spirit/The Way Out/Happy With Jesus/My Liberty/Coming Home Again/Find Jesus/Medley

LPS 0173 - The Wine Is Running Out - Rev. Clay Evans [198?] Sermon and singing. Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3173. Room At The Cross/The Wine Is Running Out (Sermon)/Shine On Me/I'm Saved/God Will Supply/Down Here Waiting

LPS 0174 - He Knows How Much We Can Bear - Rev. Clay Evans [198?]

LPS 0175

LPS 0176 - Working for the Lord - Randolph Watson [198?] Jesus Is Lord/I'm Glad/Jesus Is The Rock/Working For The Lord/(others)

LPS 0177 - In the Gloryland - Phillis Kennedy Bolden with the New Children of Christ [198?] In The Gloryland/No Way Lord/All I Need/You Got To Know Jesus/If It Had Not Been/Tell Men/I Need The Lord/Over There

LPS 0178 - If You Think God Is Dead, Look Around - Rev. Oris Mays & Bostonians [198?] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3178.If You Think God Is Dead, Look Around/I Dreamed Of A City/Jesus Paid It All/I Got A Home/Too Close/Praise God/Whatever It Takes

LPS 0179

LPS 0180 - Rev. Ernest Franklin with the South Central Mass Choir - Rev. Ernest Franklin [198?] Reissued on CD in 1996 as Jewel JCD-3180. Glory, Glory/To God Be The Glory/I've Come A Long Way/I Must Tell Jesus/I Need The Lord/Walk The Road To Glory/I've Been Born Again/I'll Never Turn Back

LPS 0181 - Stay on the Battlefield - Mighty Sons of Glory [198?] Stay On The Battlefield/Jesus Will See You Thru/He'll Make A Way/Jesus Loves Me/Don't Forget The Bridge (That Brought You Over)/How Could I Ever Stray/I Want To Be Ready/There Is Someone Who Cares For You

LPS 0182 - I'm Depending on You Lord - Leomia Boyd & Gospel Music Makers [1983] I'm Depending On You Lord/Stranger In The City/Come Go With Me/Joy Of My Salvation/Higher In Jesus' Love//Feed Me Jesus/Goin' On A Long Journey/Home Going/Walking On The Wild Side/Trust In The Lord

LPS 0183 - I'll Go - Southeast Inspirational Choir [1983] I'll Go/Lord Here We Are/Full Joy/Higher In The Lord/Show Me The Way/Jesus Is The Light/Hallelujah

LPS 0184 - Be Still and Know that I Am God - Rev. Clay Evans [198?]

LPS 0185 - Changed - Leomia Boyd [198?] I Am Surviving/Changed/Jesus, I Am Yours/Somebody Need The Lord//Everything To Me/He Keeps Doing Great Things/Need More Love/Look Down The Road

LPS 0186 - Be Thou Faithful - Southeast Inspirational Choir [198?] Be Thou Faithful/Jesus I Love You/Our Charge/By Faith//I Have Been Set Free/Think On These Things/Shall Not Slumber Nor Sleep/Great Is They Faithfulness

LPS 0187 - I Saw a New Heaven and New Earth - Rev. C.L. Franklin [198?] Sermon and singing.

LPS 0188 - We Are Getting Careless with Our Love - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [198?] Sermon and singing. We Are Getting Careless With Our Love, Part 1//We Are Getting Careless With Our Love, Part 2/Closing Testimony/Thank You For One More Day-I Know I've Been Changed

LPS 0189 - Live in Paradise - Bright Star Male Chorus [198?] Blessed Assurance/Holy, Holy, Holy/Maranatha/Running/Oh Lord/Have Mercy/Let Jesus Fix It/Don't Stop The Rain/Thank You For The Song/Saved/Take It To The Lord

LPS 0190 - 15th Annual Praise and Rededication - Southeast Inspirational Choir [1985] Holy Spirit/That's Just His Way/Sweet Fellowship/My Redeemer Liveth//Life Lifted Me/Rock Of Ages/One Look At Jesus/This May Be The Last Time

LPS 0191 - The Stars of Faith of Black Nativity - Stars of Faith of Black Nativity [198?]

LPS 0192 - Rock My Soul - Rev. Ernest Franklin [198?] Rock My Soul/Holy Quiteness/God Is Not Dead (He's Everywhere)/Sailing On The Sea Of Your Love/This Is My Prayer/Lord I Want You To Move/Lord It Came To Me/Rock My Soul

LPS 0193 - 23 Psalms - Rev. C.L. Franklin [198?] Sermon.

LPS 0194 - The Prodigal Son - Rev. C.L. Franklin [198?] Sermon.

LPS 0195

LPS 0196

JCD 3197 - All Things Are Possible - Blind Boys of Alabama [1996]

JCD 3198

JCD 3199 - The Book of Daniel - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [1997]

JCD 3200

JCD 3201 - The Book of Ezekiel - Rev. C.L. Franklin [1997] Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee/How Great Thou Art/The Book Of Ezekiel (sermon)/Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee (Reprise)

JCD 3202

JCD 3203 - Love in Action - Rev. Willie Morganfield [1997] Sermon and singing. Precious Lord/What Is This?/Introduction Of Rev. Willie Morganfield/Love In Action (sermon)

Jewel 800 Series:

LPS 0800 - Jehovah Is His Name - Inez Andrews [1986] Reissued on CD in 1995 as JCD-3800. God Is Working Miracles/Jehovah Is His Name/I Made It/Step By Step/Don't Waste Your Time/Lord Don't Move The Mountain/Lord Jesus/It Was Jesus/Something Within

Jewel LP 2000 Series:

LPS 2000 - I Owe Him Me - Rev. Oris Mays [1972] I Owe Him Me/Put Your Hand In The hand/Jesus Brought Me Out/Resting In Beulah Land/(others)

LPS 2001 - Yes, I Know the Man from Galilee - Napolean Brown [1972]

LPS 2002 - The Road Is Rough - Essie Moss [1981]

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