Jewel Album Discography, Part 1:
LP-5000 Blues Series

By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: November 13, 2006

Bobby Charles Stan Lewis founded Jewel Records in 1963, but didn't release any singles until 1964. He started off his new Jewel label with #728, which was his store's address (728 Texas Street in Shreveport, Louisiana), with a single by Louisiana singer/songwriter Bobby Charles (Guidry), who had written the hits "See You Later Alligator" and "Walking to New Orleans." The first single was "Everybody's Laughing"/"Everybody Knows" [Jewel 728], which got some airplay locally, but nothing nationally. The followup, "Goodnight Irene"/"I Hope" [Jewel 729] fared much the same. Lewis tried one more on Jewel near the end of 1964, "Oh Lonesome Me"/"One More Glass Of Wine" [Jewel 740], before switching him to the new Paula subsidiary.

John Fred Gourrier was a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and as a teenager pieced together a band with ever-changing personnel to play at high school dances and such. He used his first and middle names and called the group "John Fred and the Playboys." In late 1958, when he was 17 years old, he was offered a contract by Sam Montalbano's Montel Records, and shipped to New Orleans to record a single at Cosimo's Studios with studio musicians ("uhh, you can leave the Playboys at home for now..."). If that single, "Shirley" [Montel 1002], which reached #82 nationally, sounded a lot like Fats Domino, there's good reason. Fats had just completed his recording of his new single "Whole Lotta Loving" and left the studio when John Fred walked in and used much of the same studio band to record "Shirley." That explains the band, but his nasal vocal was also definitely Domino-esque, and the explanation for that was obviously that he grew up listening to Fats on the radio and singing his tunes in clubs.

John Fred Although fairly successful for a young unknown kid on an unknown independent label, "Shirley" was a one-shot success (three other attempts on Montel went nowhere). The Playboys drifted away and went on with their lives, Gourrier going to college and playing basketball (his father Fred had played baseball in the Detroit Tigers organization). About four years later, in 1963, Fred put together another "Playboys" band and recorded a blues remake of John Lee Hooker's "Boogie Chillun" for "Rocky" Robin's N-Joy label out of West Monroe, Louisiana. They titled it "Boogie Children" [N-Joy 1005], and included a part of Frankie Lee Sims' "Walking with Frankie." The record sold some in the region, but not enough to chart nationally.

Robin, with virtually zero distribution, brought the record to Stan Lewis, the most prominent distributor in the area. Lewis eventually signed John Fred and his band to his new Jewel Records label and reissued the single on Jewel. Lewis first issued a bluesy single by John Fred & the Playboys, "There Goes That Train"/"Dial 101 (Cause I Still Love You)" as Jewel 730. Oddly, Lewis apparently also issued another single by the group with the same catalog number, "The Fool"/"There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight," a coupling of country sides, perhaps testing the different markets for where the group would sell. For the next offering, Lewis issued a pair of 45s and split the band for naming purposes so he could release two singles simultaneously. Jewel 736 was credited to John Fred, "Lenne"/"You're Mad at Me," while Jewel 737 was the reissue of the N-Joy master, "Boogie Children"/"My First Love," credited just to the Playboys. The fourth and last Jewel single by the group was "How Can I Prove It to You"/"Wrong to Me," issued as Jewel 743 in 1964. This time, the credits were to "John Fred and his Playboy Band" to avoid confusion (and possible legal action, no doubt) with Gary Lewis' backing band. Like Bobby Charles, Lewis shifted John Fred and His Playboy Band to the Paula label in 1965.

In all, Stan Lewis issued 13 singles on Jewel in 1964. Other than those by Bobby Charles and John Fred, the rest were fairly forgettable, featuring artists like Butch Andrews, Denis Noris, Banny Price, Ed Forsythe, Sonny Joe Ivo, and the Five Jets.

The next year, after making the shift of some artists to the pop/country oriented Paula, Lewis issued 14 more singles on Jewel, mostly blues-oriented material. He signed Ted Taylor, Peppermint Harris, Cookie and His Cupcakes, and Jerry McCain, among others. His first national chart record, though, was by the Carter Brothers, with "Little Country Boy" [Jewel 745], which reached #21 on the R&B charts in the summer. Other new artists for 1965 on Jewel were Tom & the Cats, the Objectives, and Little Charles.

At the start of 1966, after a single by the Curtis Griffin Band to start the year ("Move On"/"I Gotta Lump", Jewel 755), Stan Lewis moved into a new field with gospel. The next three singles [Jewel 756-758] were by Rev. Willie Morganfield (a cousin of McKinley Morganfield, aka Muddy Waters). After these singles, Lewis started a gospel series starting with Jewel 101, "Days Past and Gone"/"Tell Jesus What You Want" by the Traveling Echoes. Morganfield's future work appeared on this gospel series. Although Jewel's new gospel series only issued 6 singles in 1966, it would eventually include almost 300 singles and provide the largest and most active series of singles and albums for the Jewel/Paula/Ronn company. The gospel series is covered in the Jewel label discography, Part 2.

Including the three Willie Morganfield singles, Jewel issued 21 singles in 1966 on the 728 Blues Series. Other new artists for Jewel in 1966 included Johnny Mosley, Elmore James, Frank Frost, the Starettes, George "Wild Child" Butler, Billy Joe Young, and Johnny & Jon.

Lightnin' Hopkins The year 1967 brought fifteen more singles and the start of an LP series. New artists included Cliff Wagner, Lonnie & Floyd, Ray Agee, Bobby Powell, Big Mac, and blues guitarist Sam "Lightnin'" Hopkins. It was Hopkins who was given the first album on Jewel, Blue Lightnin' [Jewel LP/LPS-5000], and in fact the next two albums, also. Houston-based Hopkins developed a unique guitar style where he would simulate bass, rhythm, lead, and even percussion as he played solo. He also had a unique approach to recording, where he asked to be paid a flat fee for his recordings, with no contracts or royalties. He would do one take of each song, and one take only. His sessions for Jewel would usually include about 20 songs each. Hopkins and Stan Lewis got along well (an instrumental on the second Jewel album was called "Uncle Stan, the Hip Hit Record Man"), and Lewis remarked that he probably recorded more songs by Hopkins than any other artist.

The Jewel Blues series only issued five singles in 1968, and nine in 1969. New artist signings for 1968- 69 included the Wallace Brothers, Roman Carter (of the Carter Brothers), Olav Harper, Little Joe Blue, and R&B veteran Lowell Fulson. Over the next few years, Lewis would also sign blues veterans Charles Brown, John Lee Hooker, Memphis Slim, and others. The series lasted until Jewel 852 in 1977, which was John Lee Hooker's "Stand By, Parts 2 & 2".

The Jewel label for the blues series was green, ranging from dark green to light blue-green. It had black print, with the Jewel logo on top.

This Jewel label should not be confused with the Jewel Recording label that operated out of Cincinnati, Ohio, and was run by Rusty York.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Jewel LP/LPS 5000 Blues Series:

LP/LPS 5000 - Blue Lightnin' - Lightnin' Hopkins [1967] Found My Baby Crying/Move On Out, Part 1/Back Door Friend/Fishing Clothes/Morning Blues//Gambler's Blues/Wig Wearing Woman/Lonesome Dog Blues/Last Affair/Move On Out, Part 2

LP/LPS 5001 - Talkin' Some Sense - Lightnin' Hopkins [1968] Long Way From Home/Lightnin' Strikes One More Time/Uncle Stan, The Hip Hit Record Man/You're Gonna Miss Me/The Purple Puppy/Walking Blues//Vietnam War (Pts. 1 & 2)/I'm Tired Of Trouble/Talkin' Some Sense/My Suggestion/Lonesome Lightnin'

LPS 5002 - The Great Electric Show and Dance - Lightnin' Hopkins [1968] You're Too Fast/Love Me This Morning/Ride In Your New Automobile/Breakfast Time/Lovin' Arms/Rock Me Mama/Mr. Charlie, Part 1/Mr. Charlie, Part 2/Play With Your Poodle

LPS 5003 - In a Heavy Bag - Lowell Fulsom [1969] Look At You Baby/Why Don't We Do It In The Road/Sleeper/Lady In The Rain/My Baby/Man On The Run/Don't Destroy Me/This Feeling/Trouble Everywhere/Cheating Woman/Man In Motion

LPS 5004 - Born with the Blues - Memphis Slim [1970] Recorded in France in 1969. Born With The Blues/Get Ready/I Wanna Dance/Chicago Bounce No. 2/Misery/Memphis Slim U.S.A./My Baby Left Me/Rocking The House/Letter Home/ye, Bye! Will Be On My Way/Grinder Man Blues

JCD 5004 - Born with the Blues - Memphis Slim [1997] Reissue of above on CD with a new cover. Born With The Blues/Get Ready/I Wanna Dance/Chicago Bounce No. 2/Misery/Memphis Slim U.S.A./My Baby Left Me/Rocking The House/Letter Home/Bye, Bye! Will Be On My Way/Grinder Man Blues

LPS 5005 - I Feel Good - John Lee Hooker [1971] Reissued on CD in 1995 as Jewel JCD-5005 with the same cover and content. I Feel Good/Baby Baby/Dazie Mae/Stand By/Going Home//Look Back Over My Day/Roll And Tumble/Baby Don't Do Me Wrong/Come On Baby

LPS 5006 - Blues N' Brown - Charles Brown [1972] Reissued on CD in 1995 as JCD-5006 with a new cover (see below). For You/When Did You Leave Heaven/I Don't Know/Graveyard Song/Trouble Blues//Jilted/Changeable Woman Blues/Black Night/Falling In Love/Moonlight And Shadows

JCD 5006 - Blues N' Brown - Charles Brown [1995] Reissue of above on CD. For You/When Did You Leave Heaven/I Don't Know/Graveyard Song/Trouble Blues/Jilted/Changeable Woman Blues/Black Night/Falling In Love/Moonlight And Shadows

LPS 5007 - The Crap Shootin' Rev - Pigmeat Markham [1972] Introduction & Your Wife Is Dirty/The Crap Shootin' Rev/The Peeping Tom/Indian Time/The Double Crosser/Signifying Baby Seals

LPS 5008 - Southern Country Boy - Little Joe Blue [1972] Just Love Won't Do/I'm Not Your First Love/Right There Where You Left It/Only A Fool/Gonna Walk On//Encourage Me Baby/If You'd Only Let Me Love You/Southern Country Boy/Little Joe Blue/Sometime Tomorrow

LPS 5009 - I've Got the Blues - Lowell Fulsom [1973] Teach Me/I've Got The Blues/Every Second A Fool Is Born/Don't Leave Me/Change Of Heart//Fed Up/Searchin' Out/Crying Won't Help/Too Soon/Stoned To The Bone/The Last One To Know

LPS 5010 - Sad and Lonesome - Sunnyland Slim [1973] Got A Thing Going On/Smile On My Face/My Past Life/Depression Blues/Got A Bad Break/Blow Walter Blow [with Walter Houston]//Brown Skin Woman/Sad And Lonesome/Be My Baby/Fine Brown Frame/Messin' Around With The Blues/It's You Baby

LPS 5011 - The Meek Roosevelt Sykes - Roosevelt Sykes [1973] Shaking The Boogie/Too Smart Too Soon/Honeysuckle Rose/Springfield Blues/Tall Heavy Mama/I Am In Love With A Lover//New Orleans Stomp/Safety Pin Blues/Man Is In Trouble/Dangerous Man/Roosevelt's Mood/Blue Bass

LPS 5012 - Will the Real Pigmeat Markham Please Sit Down - Pigmeat Markham [1973] Comedy.

LPS 5013 - Frank Frost - Frank Frost [1973] Got My Mojo Working/My Back Scratcher/Feel Good Babe/Things You Do/Pocket Full Of Money/Ride With Your Daddy Tonight//Janie On My Mind/Never Leave Me At Home/Didn't Mean No Harm/Pretty Baby/Five Long Years

LPS 5014 - Merry Christmas Baby - Various Artists [1985] Merry Christmas Baby - Charles Brown/Lonesome Christmas, Parts 1&2 - Lowell Fulsom/Please Come Home For Christmas - Charles Brown/Please Come Home For Christmas - Uniques/Winter Wonderland - Ronnie Kole Trio/White Christmas - Violinaires/The Bells - Bobby Powell/Little Jesus Boy - Violinaires/Christmas In Heaven - Charles Brown/Silent Night - Ronnie Kole Trio/Bing Bong - Bobby Powell

LPS 5015 - Jewel Spotlights the Blues, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1985] Southern Country Boy - Carter Brothers/My Back Scratcher - Frank Frost/Dust My Broom - Elmo James/Back Door Friend - Lightnin' Hopkins/Standing On the Threshold - Little Joe Blue//Put It All In There - George "Wild Child" Butler/Sleeper - Lowell Fulson/Night Time Is The Right Time - Big Joe Turner/Rough Dried Woman, Part 1 - Big Mac/Rough Dried Woman, Part 2 - Big Mac (instrumental)

JCD 5015 - Jewel Spotlights the Blues, Volume One - Various Artists [1994] Reissue on CD with two bonus tracks. Southern Country Boy - Carter Brothers (S)/My Back Scratcher - Frank Frost (M)/Dust My Broom - Elmore James (E)/Back Door Friend - Lightnin' Hopkins (S)/Standing On the Threshold - Little Joe Blue (M)/Put It All In There - George "Wild Child" Butler (S)//Sleeper - Lowell Fulson (S)/Night Time Is The Right Time - Big Joe Turner (S)/Rough Dried Woman, Parts 1 & 2 - Big Mac and Hubert Sumlin (M)/Sex Appeal - Willie Dixon (S)/The Mojo - J.B. Lenoir (M)

LPS 5016 - Jewel Spotlights the Blues, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1985] Spider In My Stew - Buster Benton/Nothing Takes The Place Of You - Toussaint McCall/Stand By - John Lee Hooker/Mr. Charlie - Lightnin' Hopkins/Mathilda - Cookie & His Cupcakes/Sweet 94 - Buster Benton/Gonna Walk On - Little Joe Blue/Breakfast Time - Lightnin' Hopkins/Money Is The Name Of The Game - Buster Benton/My Baby - Lowell Fulson/I Feel Good - John Lee Hooker

JCD 5016 - Jewel Spotlights the Blues, Volume Two - Various Artists [1985] Reissue of above on CD, with somewhat different track lineup. Spider In My Stew - Buster Benton (S)/You Sure Can't Do - Buddy Guy (M)/Double Trouble - Otis Rush (M)/Mr. Charlie - Lightnin' Hopkins (S, with 2:17 spoken intro)/Matchbox - Ike Turner (M)/New Way Of Lovin' - Willie Dixon (S)/Gonna Walk On - Little Joe Blue (M)/Breakfast Time - Lightnin' Hopkins (S)/Money Is The Name Of The Game - Buster Benton (S)/My Baby - Lowell Fulson (S)/I Feel Good - John Lee Hooker (S)/Blue Guitar - Earl Hooker (M)/Everything Gonna Be Alright - Magic Sam (M)

From this point, issues are compact disc and cassette only. CD numbers are given where known:

JCD-5017 - The Funny Sides of Moms Mabley - Moms Mabley [1998] Old Men/Soul Food/Children/Hip To Be Square/Backhanded In Church/Everything Is So High

JCD-5018 - Live at the Apollo - Moms Mabley [1998] Talkin' Bout Men/Hellen Hunt/Everybody's Crazy/Good Old Days/Friends/Air Plane Trip/White House Lawn/Fortune Teller

JCD-5019 - Super Soul Legends, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1997] Shake A Hand - Ike & Tina Turner/Good Woman Go Bad - Barbara Carr/Black Water Gold - African Music Machine/Right On Jody - Bobby Patterson/Make Up For Lost Time - Montclairs/I Can See Clearly Now - Ric Harris/Cold Woman - Ernie Johnson/School Of Life - Cicero Blake/Tell It Like It Is - Aaron Neville/Bright Lights, Big City - Jimmy Reed

JCD-5020 - Super Soul Legends, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1997] Boogie Children - John Fred & His Playboys/How Do You Spell Love - Bobby Patterson/That's How Strong My Love Is - Tommie Young/Can We Slip Away Again - Clarence Carter/Party All Night - Ernie Johnson/Kiss And Say Goodbye - Jerry Green/Making Nassau Fruit Punch - African Music Machine/Dreaming Out Of Season - Montclairs/Goin' To Get It On - Little Johnnie Taylor/Nothing Takes The Place Of You - Toussaint McCall

JCD-5021 - Super Soul Legends, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1998] Soul Shake - Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson/Treat Her Right - Roy Head/I Was In The Neighborhood - Clarence Carter/Never Been To Spain - Ike & Tina Turner/Baby You Know I'm Gonna Miss You - Montclairs/Never My Love - Johnnie Taylor/Take Time To Know Him - Tommie Young/Clever Girl - Carl Sims/A Girl From France - African Music Machine/C.C. Rider - Bobby Powell

JCD-5022 - Super Blues Legends, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1998] Everybody Knows About My Good Thing - Little Johnny Taylor/Recession Blues - B.B. King/No Do Right - T. Bone Walker/Baby Baby - John Lee Hooker/Harp & Soul - Frank Frost/You Threw Away Your Lifeline - Clay Hammond/Mr. Charlie - Lightnin' Hopkins/Crazy About That Mini Skirt - Jimmy Reed/Honey Hush - Joe Turner/Something Strange Is Going On In My House - Ted Taylor

JCD-5023 - Super Blues Legends, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1998] Trouble Blues - Charles Brown/Born With The Blues - Memphis Slim/ Encourage Me Baby - Little Joe Blue/Dust My Broom - Elmore James/Losing Boy - Eddie Giles/She's A Good 'Un - Bobby Rush/Slip Away Again - Clarence Carter/Jimmie - Artie "Blues Boy" White/Lonesome For A Dime - Buster Benton

From this point, issues become sporatic, with some catalog numbers not issued. Known numbers are listed below:

JCD-5026 - Live at the Ritz - Moms Mabley [1998] Live At The Ritz, Part 1//Live At The Ritz, Part 2

JCD-5030 - Cookin' Cajun Style - Justin Wilson & Bud Fletcher [1998] Comedy. Cookin' Cajun Style, Part 1/Cookin' Cajun Style, Part 2/Truckin' Cajun Style

JCD-5039 - Alonse de Zydeco de la Louisianne - Mark "Bon Ton" St. Mary [1995] Alonse De Zydeco De La Louisianne/Jolie Blon, Tee Jolee/Sha Baba/Pounds Of Blues/Call Me Crazy Boogie/Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye/Zydeco Pas Salee (Beans Not Salty)/Moi Seado (My Syrup)/Josephine I Know/My Heart Aches For You/I Laugh To Hide A Broken Heart/Zydeco Boogie

JCD-5040 - The Zydeco Blazers - Zydeco Blazers [1995] My Woman Wanna Zydeco/Pop That Thing/Don't Bother Me/Take My Girl To The Dance/The Blaze/Leroy's Purple Shoes/Can't Do It By Myself/Let Me Pass Through Your Window/Pookie Two-Step/There You Go

JCD-5044 - Dance Club Hits, Volume 1 - Conway Brothers [1996] Raise The Roof/Together/Get Live/You're The One/Turn It Up/Over And Over/I'm Your Puppet/Call Me

JCD-5050 - El Embrujado (Bewitched) - True-King Band [1995] El Embrujado/La Chiflada/La Barca/Con Un Polvo/La Manosa/Cansancio/Born To Loose Again/Corazon' Malo/No Me Hagas Menos/Poca-Loca-Polka

JCD-5052 - Cajun Hits, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1998] D&W Special - Donald Thibodeaux/Road Of Broken Hearts - Gervis Stanford/I Dreamed Last Night - Lennis & Gervis Soileau/Unknown Two-Step - Lennis & Gervis Soileau/Hey Mom - Joh Theriot/I'd Like To See You Tonite - Les Cadjins/Musician Waltz - Lennis & Gervis Soileau/Flower Of My Heart - Bayou Teche/Pine Grove Special - Ernest Thibodeaux/Cajun Boogie - Lulu Cormier

JCD-5053 - Hit & Run Zydeco - Corey & Hot Peppers [1995] Hit And Run/Zydeco Turnaround/Time After Time/It's All Good/Get Out Of The Way/You Better Not Try It/My Baby's Gone/Nothing Else Matters/Faites Pas Tout/Warm Up

JCD-5054 - The Real Thing - Buddy Ace [1996] Fingerprints/Houston Town/For The Good Times/Take 'Em Up/I Kicked The Habit/I Wonder/Pleasing You/It's The Real Thing/Do What You Think Is Best/I Love Your Funki Sole/Take 'Em Up (alternate version)/I Kicked The Habit (alternate version)

JCD-5055 - I Should Care - Sonny Stitt [1996] Reissue of Paula LPs 4004.Got To Get Over/Soul Girl/Jeep Blues/I Know That You Know/I Should Care/Eight Track Blues/Gone With The Wind

JCD-5056 - Moody's Mood for Love - James Moody [1995] Reissue of Paula LPS 4003. Don't Let Me Be Lonely/Good Sense Of Humor Man/First Thing In The Morning/Country City Country//World Is A Ghetto/Trilby/You're Right As Rain/Moody's Mood

JCD-5057 - Rockin' 50s & 60's - Various Artists [1996] Matilda - Cookie & His Cupcakes/Not Too Long Ago - Uniques/Judy In Disguise - John Fred & His Playboys/I'm Leaving It All Up To You - Dale & Grace/All These Things - Uniques/Shirley - John Fred & His Playboys/Stop And Think It Over - Dale & Grace/Got You On My Mind - Cookie & His Cupcakes/Bare Footin' - Robert Parker/Nothing Takes The Place Of You - Toussiant McCall/Blueberry Hill - Fats Domino/Harlem Shuffle - John Fred & His Playboys

JCD-5058 - Truck Stop Country - Ink Spots [1996] Reissue of Paula LPS-2212. Truck Stop/We Three/Your Cheatin' Heart/He'll Have To Go/Do I Worry/Ain't No Big Thing/If I Didn't Care/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/Green Green Grass Of Home/Cold Cold Heart

JCD-5059 - Honey Hush - Joe Turner [1996] CD version. Honey Hush/I Love You Baby/Hello Joe/Mornin' Glory/Movin' On Down/I've Been Up On The Mountain/Night Time Is The Right Time/B Flat Blues/Honey Hush (alternate version)/I've Been Up On The Mountain (alternate version)/Night Time Is The Right Time (alternate version)

JC-5059 - Honey Hush - Joe Turner [1997] Cassette version. Shake Rattle And Roll/Chains Of Love/Roll Em Hawk/Piney Brown Blues/Cherry Red/Nothin' From Nothin'/Honey Hush/Corrine Corrine/TV Mama/Wee Baby Blues/Squeeze Me Baby

JCD-5060 - Now That I Found a Good Thing - Fontella Bass [1996] Reissue of Paula LPS-2213. Rescue Me (1971 version)/To Be Free/Hold On This Time/I Want Everyone To Know/Now That I Found A Good Thing/I Need To Be Loved/Talking About Freedom/I Need Love/Wiping Tears/Who You Gonna Blame/My God My Freedom My Love

JCD-5066 - More Treasures from the Vault - Various Artists [1999] Three O'Clock Blues - B.B. King/Sweet Sixteen - B.B. King/Recession Blues - B.B. King/Don't Break Your Promise - B.B. King/Bowlegged Woman, Knock-Kneed Man - Bobby Rush/Good Boy - T-Bone Walker/Will My Gal Be Home Tonight - T-Bone Walker/No Do Right - T-Bone Walker/Get It On With Me - Bobby Rush/Don't Keep Me Waiting - B.B. King/Open House At My House - Little Joe Blue/Tickle Britches - B.B. King

JCD-5067 - Dance Club Hits, Volume 2 - Tierra & Tony Valor [1997] Party Animal/You're In Love/Mind Games/We Belong Together/Love Has Come My Way/I Want To Love Just You/Dome Esa Cosa/Midnight Affair/Come And Get It On/L And T/Funky Song

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