Liberty Records Discography, Part 5
(Stereo/Mono Cross-Reference)

By David Edwards and Mike Callahan Last update: April 3, 1999

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LST-7001 stereo, LRP-3081 mono - Forbidden Island - Martin Denny [1958]

LST-7002 stereo, LRP-3038 mono - Hi-Fi Shades of Gray - Jerry Gray Orchestra [1958]

LST-7003 stereo, LRP-3042 mono - Music For the Girl You Love - Pete King [1958]

LST-7004 stereo, LRP-3096 mono - Julie - Julie London [1958]

LST-7005 stereo, LRP-3084 mono - Fantastica - Russ Garcia Orchestra [1958]

LST-7006 stereo, LRP-3077 mono - Exotica Volume 2 - Martin Denny [1958]

LST-7007 stereo, LRP-3037 mono - Solid! South Pacific - Bobby Hammack [1958]

LST-7008 - Mr. Accordion - Dom Frontiere [1958] Stereo only.

LST-7009 stereo, LRP-3079 mono - Ain't We Got Fun - Four Grads [1958]

LST-7010 stereo, LRP-3057 mono - Dixie Small Fry In Hi-Fi - Bill Hollingsworth [1958]


LST-7012 stereo, LRP-3043 mono - About the Blues - Julie London & Russ Garcia [1958]

LST-7013 stereo, LRP-3089 mono - At the Hollywood Palladium - Jerry Gray & Orchestra [1958]

LST-7014 stereo, LRP-3045 mono - Double or Nothin' - Howard Rumsey [1958]

LST-7015 stereo, LRP-3063 mono - Essence of Romance - Spencer-Hagen Orchestra [1958]

LST-7016 stereo, LRP-3069 mono - Alone With You - Irv Orton [1958]


LST-7018 - Swinger's Holiday - Vic Schoen [1958]

LST-7019 stereo, LRP-3066 mono - Sidewalks of Rome - Rud Wharton [1958]

LST-7020 stereo, LRP-3093 mono - Latin Fever - Jack Costanzo [1958]

LST-7021 stereo, LRP-3090 mono - Swingin' In Hi-Fi - Al Anthony [1958]


LST-7023 stereo, LRP-3087 mono - Primitiva - Martin Denny [1959]


LST-7025 - Terror Tales - Martha Wentworth [1959] Stereo only.

LST-7026 stereo, LRP-3085 mono - Polka Festival - Bruno "Junior" Zielinski [1959]

LST-7027 stereo, LRP-3006 mono - Julie Is Her Name - Julie London [1959]

LST-7028 stereo, LRP-3004 mono - I Hear a Rhapsody - John Duffy [1959]

LST-7029 stereo, LRP-3012 mono - Lonely Girl - Julie London [1959]

Further releases used the corresponding numbers in the 3000/7000 series.

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