The Stereo Singles Project, Part 1
Early Stereo 45s Discography (1958-1961)

By Mike Callahan and Thomas Reed
Last update: February 17, 2016

What a Mess...

This is an attempt at a complete, comprehensive discography of stereo 45s issued in the United States between the years 1958 and 1961. We welcome additions and corrections. Both the major labels and smaller Independent labels issued stereo 45s. Columbia was a big exception for the majors, still stubbornly holding on to the 33-1/3 speed they introduced in 1948 and shunning their rival RCA's upstart 45 rpm speed.

Ampex ad, 1955 During the years just after stereo was first demonstrated on vinyl disc (it had been available on reel-to-reel tape for several years before Audio Fidelity demonstrated the first stereo disc at Times Auditorium in New York City on December 13, 1957), the stereo single was pretty much experimental with about one stereo copy for every several hundred or even a thousand mono copies. Part of this was due to the higher cost of pressing up these special stereo disks, but also it was due to low demand by listeners. As stereo 45s were not compatible with mono 45s, expensive special stereo equipment was needed, which most households didn't have and couldn't afford. Basically, the general household of the late 1950s and early 1960s simply were not ready for the stereo 45.

If the households were not ready for it, neither were the record labels, who scrambled to launch "the next big thing." Were these things pressed and sold the same as mono singles? How shall we number them? Distribute them? Are they mostly for the new stereo juke boxes, or is there a commercial market?

There was little consistency to the releases across labels. Some companies used the same numbering system as the mono issues with just an "S" added to front or back of the number, or sometimes they couldn't make up their minds. In the case of ABC-Paramount, for example, they started with the S-9968 number, tried 45-9975S for a few issues, then finally settled on 45-S-9983 as their numbering format. Other companies had a special numbering system that differed completely from their mono counterparts, such as Dot, who started the 45-200 series for their stereo 45s, while mono counterparts were in the 15000 series. When a company just added an "S" to the mono counterpart for a stereo issue, it does not follow that all mono numbers from that series were issued in stereo, so the stereo discography often has gaps in the sequence.

Some companies had the same labels as the mono counterparts with a stereo overprint, such as Jamie, while other companies had a special label design for their stereo issues, such as Original Sound. Some labels, such as Capitol, used the same design but changed colors for the stereo version. Most stereo singles had mono counterparts, but both RCA and Roulette had stereo 45 series with no mono counterparts. And Roulette even changed one of their stereo 45 series to stereo 33s, using a continuation of the same stereo numbering sequence. What confusion for discographers!

Some record companies also printed up custom stereo sleeves for their stereo 45s (several examples of stereo sleeves are presented on this page). Apparently, some companies (like Warner Bros, shown at right), were caught off guard and used their stereo EP sleeves for early stereo single releases. Others, like Brunswick, even used the stereo EP blanks for labels (below, left).

The major labels seem to focus on issuing classical, jazz and adult contemporary popular male or female vocalists on the stereo 45. The majors generally ignored Rock And Roll, Rockabilly and Rhythm and Blues for stereo 45 releases. For example, artists such as Eddie Cochran (Liberty), Gene Vincent (Capitol), Buddy Knox (Roulette), Jimmy Bowen (Roulette), and Frankie Lymon (Roulette) all recorded in stereo for companies that released stereo 45s during this period, and they had single releases during the stereo 45 era, but had no stereo 45s issued. There were several reasons for this. First, the R&R, R&B and rockabilly artists were often still recording in mono (or having their recordings mixed to mono), so no stereo masters may have been available. This was the case for RCA Victor's biggest star Elvis Presley during 1958 and 1959, because most of Presley's pre-Army singles had either been recorded in mono or had only been mixed to mono at that time (some have been mixed to stereo years later). There was also research by record companies that indicated that the teenagers of the time didn't have the money or interest that adults had to purchase the stereo 45s. For these reasons, executives generally aimed the fledgling stereo 45s at the adult market, just as they did the stereo albums of the time.

About this Discography

This discography started as an article in Goldmine Magazine by Mike Callahan in 1979. Much research has been done since that article, by both Mike and Tom Reed, along with many others whose names appear at the bottom of this page, to bring the discography to its current state. As we've mentioned, we invite additions and corrections at the link below.

In order to be listed, a stereo single had to be issued commercially and in the standard 45 format (7" record with a "big hole"). Compact 33 stereo singles and jukebox stereo singles (with small hole) are covered in part 2 of this discography. 7" stereo extended play releases and any other odd formats are not included, with the exception of the Roulette series that started as stereo 45s, but changed to stereo 33s. Releases outside the United States are added as noted, but the non-US list at the bottom of this discography is not meant to be comprehensive.

Items in the discography below with "(U)" after the number are unconfirmed as to their actual release. They have been listed in Billboard or other guides as a stereo 45, but we have not verified their actual release. We would appreciate your notifying us if you can verify they actually exist.

The Billboard designations of stereo single availability was, shall we say, somewhat less than fastidiously accurate. Whoever did the listings, it was apparently an "other duties as assigned" kind of thing. Mistakes were made, and once the mistake was made, it followed that song every week until it left the charts; they were never corrected. For example, Columbia, who put out only stereo-33s, was listed some weeks as having stereo-45s. Weeks would go by with no new reporting, then all of a sudden lots of "new" singles would appear. And I suspect that some of the "phantom" stereo singles are mistakes from misreading the reporter's notes. For example, King Records reported Ruby Wright's "Three Stars" availability as a stereo single (it was not indicated as such on the Hot 100), but the availability being assigned instead to Tommy Dee's bigger hit of the same name. Likewise with King's version of Ruby Wright's "Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye" accidentally being assigned to the more popular Kathy Linden version. Ella Fitzgerald's "Mack the Knife" stereo-33 was accidentally reported as a stereo- 45, and on and on. After chasing phantom singles for over 50 years, sometimes you just conclude it was a mistake.

That said, because of the really small numbers of each of these singles released, especially starting in 1960, some actual releases may never turn up today. For that reason, we have not listed the 1960-61 singles with the designation "(U)" even if we've never seen a copy, unless there is a compelling reason to believe they were not issued. We have turned up few copies of the stereo 45s of 1960-61 other than those released on RCA or Mercury.

Songs noted as "(E)" in the list below are known to be rechanneled on the stereo single. We would also appreciate notification if any additional songs on stereo 45s are rechanneled.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with any of these record labels. Should you be interested in acquiring the stereo singles listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2014 by Mike Callahan.


Label Scan

Number - Artist - Songs - [Mono Number, if different] - (First listing in Hot 100 as stereo 45)

"Full Frequency Stereo"

Standard ABC-Paramount black label with silver print and multi-color logo. Both sides of the special stereo sleeve are shown at left.

The Cliff Richard stereo single "Living Doll" was announced in a pre-release advertisement, but was probably not issued, possibly because the master ABC-Paramount got from England was unexpectedly mono. The stereo 45 of "Lady Luck" might be the only place to get the song in stereo, but nobody we know has ever found a copy. Lloyd Price's "Come Into My Heart" and "Wont'cha Come Home" are both true stereo on the stereo-45, and rarely found elsewhere in stereo. All the 1960 ABC-Paramount stereo singles are quite rare.

S-9968 - Eydie Gorme - Who's Sorry Now/Toot Toot Tootsie, Goodbye [rel. 12/58]
S-9971 - Eydie Gorme - The Voice In My Heart/Separate Tables [rel. 12/58]
45-9975S - Ferrante And Teicher - Aflame/How High The Moon [rel. 12/58]
45-9976S - The Keymen - Like Help Man/Sentimental Journey [rel. 12/58]
45-9977S - The Keymen - Miss You/Isle Of Capri [rel. 12/58][Electrola STE 21 132 (Ger)]
45-S-9983 - Teddy Randazzo - It's Magic/Richer Than I [rel. 12/58]
45-S-9987 - Paul Anka - (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings/That's Love [rel. 12/58]
45-S-9988 - De Castro Sisters - Teach Me Tonight Cha Cha/The Things I Tell My Pillow [rel. 12/58] [Electrola STE 21 130 (Ger)]

45-S-9972 - Lloyd Price - Stagger Lee/You Need Love [Electrola STE 21101 (Ger)]
45-S-9990 - Candido In Indigo - Blue Prelude/Softly, But Blue
45-S-9996 - Johnny Nash - As Time Goes By/The Voice Of Love (5/18/59)
45-S-9997 - Lloyd Price - Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)?/Is It Really Love
45-S-10005 - Steve Lawrence - Only Love Me/Loving Is A Way Of Life
45-S-10006 - Eydie Gorme - I'm Yours/Don't Take Your Love From Me
45-S-10008 - Eydie Gorme & Steve Lawrence - Sentimental Me/You Can't Be True Dear
45-S-10009 - George Hamilton IV - The Steady Game/Can You Blame Us
45-S-10,011 - Paul Anka - I Miss You So/Late Last Night (5/18/59)
45-S-10,018 - Lloyd Price - Personality/Have You Ever Had The Blues (5/18/59)
45-S-10,022 - Paul Anka - Lonely Boy/Your Love (6/1/59)
45-S-10,032 - Lloyd Price - I'm Gonna Get Married/Three Little Pigs (8/10/59)
45-S-10,040 - Paul Anka - Put Your Head On My Shoulder/Don't Ever Leave Me (8/31/59)
45-S-10,042 (U) - Cliff Richard - Living Doll/Apron Strings
45-S-10,058 - Steve Lawrence - Pretty Blue Eyes/You're Nearer (11/23/59)
45-S-10,062 - Lloyd Price - Come Into My Heart/Wont'cha Come Home (10/26/59, 11/9/59)
45-S-10,064 - Paul Anka - It's Time To Cry/Something Has To Change (11/23/59)

45-S-10,075 (U) - Lloyd Price - Lady Luck/Never Let Me Go (2/1/60, 3/7/60)
45-S-10,082 - Paul Anka - Puppy Love/Adam And Eve (2/22/60)
45-S-10,085 - Steve Lawrence - Footsteps/You Don't Know
45-S-10,132 - Paul Anka - Hello Young Lovers/I Love You In The Same Old Way (9/19/60, 9/19/60)
45-S-10,134 - Jo Ann Campbell - Kookie Little Paradise/Bobby, Bobby, Bobby (9/19/60)
45-S-10,135 - Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind/Carry Me Back To Old Virginny (10/17/60)
45-S-10,141 - Ray Charles - Them That Got/I Wonder (2/6/61)
45-S-10,147 - Paul Anka - Summer's Gone/I'd Have To Share (10/17/60)
45-S-10,168 - Paul Anka - The Story Of My Love/Don't Say You're Sorry (2/6/61)

Grey label with black print, like Abner stereo LPs.

The singles are true stereo. "Hey Little Girl" on the stereo single is the full-length 45 version in stereo, unlike the album master, which is the same take, but fades about 15 seconds earlier.

S1026 - Dee Clark - Just Keep It Up/Whispering Grass (5/25/59)
SR-1029 - Dee Clark - Hey Little Girl/If It Wasn't For Love (9/21/59)

The standard mono label is shown.

The single below was reported to Billboard as available as a stereo single, but we have never seen a copy. Ace actually did record in stereo in 1959, so it's not impossible that this could have been a stereo single; we just haven't come across a copy.

567 (U) - Jimmy Clanton - My Own True Love/Little Boy In Love (8/24/59)

Yellow label with black print.
The single below had two different artists on the two sides of the record.

370 - Kurt Jensen & The Starlight String Ensemble/Al Stefano & His Latin Orchestra - I Gave My Heart To You/Let Me Love You Tonight

The standard red mono label is shown.
Like its sister label, Keen, the stereo single released in 1958 was issued on blue vinyl.

5-4024 - Rene Bloch Orchestra - Frenesi/Wa-Pa-Cha [Blue vinyl]

Blue label with silver print.
The version of "Plain Jane" on the stereo 45 is not the same "ping pong" stereo mix on the Bobby Darin album, but a 2-track mix with vocals and instruments separated and reverb added. A rumor that "Poison Ivy" was also issued on stereo 45 is unsubstantiated.

SD-45-6132 - The Coasters - Charlie Brown/Three Cool Cats
SD-45-6133 - Bobby Darin - Plain Jane/While I'm Gone

Bel Canto
Black label with silver print.
These were actually issued before September, 1958, and were considered the first stereo singles by any label.

Bel Canto
June, 1958:
45-01 - Larry Fotine & His Orchestra - Almost Square/Little Bird
45-02 - Larry Fotine & His Orchestra - Bye Bye Blues/The Breeze
45-03 - Larry Fotine & The Beale Street Buskers - Plain Vanilla/Charleston Forever
45-04 - Larry Fotine & The Beale Street Buskers - Monkey Shine/Chicken Rag

Yellow label with black print or blue label with silver print.
The Dick Stabile sides were recorded in 1955, and the single was released on the yellow label. "Porgy" (later reissued as "I Loves You Porgy") was released on the blue label. It was also in stereo on an early stereo LP. A constant cymbal brush sounds very much like surface wear on this record, but it is not.

45-11004 - Dick Stabile & His Orchestra - Poor Butterfly/Without A Song
45-11021 - Nina Simone - Porgy [later reissued as "I Loves You Porgy"]/Love Me Or Leave Me (8/24/59)

Big Top
Black label with silver print.
Although the first single was rechanneled, the second (3029) is true stereo and very collectable. Furthermore, "Paradise" exists in true stereo from an unknown source, presumed to be a stereo 45, but its existence is unconfirmed.

Big Top
45-3016 - Sammy Turner - Lavender Blue (E)/Wrapped Up In A Dream (E) (7/6/59)
45-3029 - Sammy Turner - Always/Symphony

45-3032 (U) - Sammy Turner - Paradise/I'd Be A Fool Again

Black label with silver print, like the stereo LPs.
Brunswick used the EP stereo label blank for the single, the only one issued by the label.

7-98063 - Jackie Wilson - You Better Know It/Never Go Away [9-55149] (9/21/59)

Buena Vista
Standard black mono label with silver print shown.
The two singles below are from Walt Disney movies.

Buena Vista
334 - The Commanders (Sleeping Beauty Soundtrack) - Once Upon A Dream/Sing A Smiling Song
335 - Camarata (Grand Canyon Suite Soundtrack) - On The Trail/Trumpeter's Prayer

Orange label with silver print, mono label shown at left.
The single below was listed in some catalogs, but it was unlikely to have been actually released in stereo. Cameo did record some things in stereo as early as 1958, but Bobby Rydell's hit recordings were generally done at Reco Art studios, which only had mono equipment at the time.

167 (U) - Bobby Rydell - Kissin' Time/You'll Never Tame Me

The first stereo single releases by Capitol, issued in late April, 1959, had a red label with silver print, with Capitol logo on top. The label had the same design as the old 1950s purple label, but with a different color.
After the first six singles released, S4168-S4193 below, Capitol released two more soon after (S4167, S4194), then waited until November, 1959, to release three more.

Most or all of the first batch of Capitol stereo 45s were also issued as stereo DJ singles, using a white label with black print.

April-May, 1959:
S4167 - The Kingston Trio - Tijuana Jail/Oh Cindy (5/18/59)
S4168 - Johnny Otis Show - Castin' My Spell/Telephone Baby
S4176 - Ray Anthony - The Bunny Hop/Walkin' To Mother's
S4184 - Nat "King" Cole - You Made Me Love You/I Must Be Dreaming (5/25/59)
S4189 - Peggy Lee - Hallelujah, I Love Him So/I'm Lookin' Out the Window
S4192 - Ronnie And Roy - Here I Am/Big Fat Sally
S4193 - Bobby Hammack - Little Child/Rhythm
S4194 - Earl Holliman - Wanna Kiss You To-Night/I'm In The Mood For Love

Three more stereo single releases came out in November, 1959. They had a gold label with black print, with the Capitol logo on the left side of the center hole. This resembled the new Capitol purple label design introduced about that time.

Stereo DJ versions of these three had silver labels with black print.

November, 1959:
S4301 - Nat King Cole - The Happiest Christmas Tree/Buon Natale
S4302 - Tennessee Ernie Ford - Love Is The Only Thing/Sunny Side Of Heaven
S4303 - The Kingston Trio - Coo Coo-U/Green Grasses

Standard tan Carlton label with black print. Special stereo sleeve shown at left.
At least some copies of 512 are not marked stereo on the label, but play in true stereo and have "ST" in the runout groove area. "Starry Eyed" was rechanneled on the Gary Stites album, so if that single exists, it is likely to be rechanneled.

508 - Gary Stites - Lonely For You/Shine That Ring (6/8/59)
512 - Anita Bryant - Til There Was You/Little George (Got The Hiccoughs) (6/29/59)
514 - Jack Scott - The Way I Walk/Midgie (6/29/59)
516 - Gary Stites - A Girl Like You/Hey Little Girl (7/20/59)
518 - Anita Bryant - Six Boys And Seven Girls/Blessings Of Love (10/26/59)
519 - Jack Scott - There Comes A Time [alternate version]/Baby Marie [added stereo percussion] (10/12/59)
521 (U) - Gary Stites - Starry Eyed/Without Your Love (11/3/59)
523 - Anita Bryant - Promise Me A Rose/Do-Re-Mi (1/6/60)

527 - Monty Kelly & His Orchestra - Summer Set/Amalia (2/29/60)
528 - Anita Bryant - Paper Roses/Mixed Emotions (4/11/60)

Standard blue Carousel label with silver print:

C-144 - Jimmy Carroll - Angelina/Anita [C-44]
C-366 - Ziggy Lane - Have You Read the Bible, Today?/The Good Life [C-66]
C-466 - Good Fortune Cookies/Artie Malvin & The Sand Pipers - Children's Marching Song/Tom Thumb's Tune

Early issues used the standard early pink Chancellor label with black print:
"I'm a Man" has been reported to be a stereo single, but is not confirmed. Chancellor stereo singles we have heard have all been true stereo.

S-C 1029 (U) - Fabian - I'm A Man/Hypnotized
S-C 1031 - Frankie Avalon - Venus/I'm Broke (5/18/59)
S-C 1033 - Fabian - Turn Me Loose/Stop Thief (5/18/59)
S-C 1036 - Frankie Avalon - Bobby Sox To Stockings/A Boy Without A Girl (5/25/59, 5/25/59)

Later Chancellor issues used the new standard black label with silver print.

1959 (continued):
45-C1037 - Fabian - Tiger/Mighty Cold (To A Warm Warm Heart) (6/8/59)
45-S-C1040 - Frankie Avalon - Just Ask Your Heart/Two Fools [alternate version] (8/31/59)
45-S-C1041 - Fabian - Come On And Get Me/Got The Feeling [alternate version] (9/7/59, 9/21/59)
45-S-C1044 - Fabian - Hound Dog Man/This Friendly World (11/16/59, 11/23/59)
45-S-C1045 - Frankie Avalon - Why/Swingin' On A Rainbow (11/23/59, 12/21/59)

45-S-C1047 - Fabian - String Along/About This Thing Called Love (2/22/60, 2/29/60)
45-S-C1056 - Frankie Avalon - Togetherness/Don't Let Love Pass Me By (10/17/60, 10/17/60)

The Concert-Disc label was gold with black print.
Concert-Disc, located in Wilmette, Illinois, was originally a stereo tape label (Concertapes). A May, 1959, advertisement promoted ten stereo 45s drawn from their albums. No artists or song titles were listed.

Concert -Disc
WEB-2001 - Mike Simpson & His Big Band - "C" Jam Blues/Lover
JS-2002 - Jay Norman Quintet - It's Alright With Me/Taking A Chance On Love
WEB-2006 - Mike Simpson & His Big Band - Take The "A" Train/Cherokee
WEB-2010 - Mike Simpson & His Big Band - Take It Easy Mambo/The Cricket

Standard gold Colpix label with black print.
The single is true stereo.

SCP - 119 - Jimmy Darren - Angel Face/I Don't Wanna Lose Ya (8/24/59)

Standard grey Command label with black print.

RS 5002 SD - The Dixie Rebels starring "Big Jeb" Dooley - South Rampart Street Parade/Basin Street Blues

White label mono copy with black print is shown.

"Stereo Records" was the stereo arm of Contemporary Records.

Stereo Records S-806 - Shelly Manne - Peter Gunn/Slow And Easy [Contemporary C45-367] [rel. 2/59]

The Counterpoint label was dark red with silver print.
The single noted that it was "compatible stereo," playing both in stereo and mono. A story in the December 29, 1958 Billboard noted that the company said "Both sides have been gimmicked to emphasize stereo sound."

CPT 12-010 - Serena Shaw - Angela/What's Love

Standard blue mono label with silver print is shown:
The single below was reported in Billboard as available on stereo 45, but existence is questionable. The listing may be a mixup due to "Three Stars" by Ruby Wright being reported as available on a stereo single by King Records. The Ruby Wright version charted a few weeks before Billboard started noting stereo singles, so notes on what was available may have been misinterpreted.

1057 (U) - Tommy Dee - Three Stars/I'll Never Change (5/18/59)

Black label with silver print, mono label shown.
"Wonderland By Night" may be a mixup with a stereo-33 (Decca was not known to issue stereo-45s during that time), or it may be an error due to the stereo-45 of the Louis Prima version being reported.


7-31141 (U) - Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra - Wonderland By Night/Dreaming Time Blues (11/28/60)

Blue label with silver print.

De Luxe
45-S-6185 - Otis Williams & His Charms - Tears Of Happiness/I Knew It All The Time
45-S-6187 - Otis Williams & His Charms - Blues Stay Away From Me/Funny What True Love Can Do

Green Dolton label with black print.
The single is true stereo.

S-22-3 - The Fleetwoods - Graduation's Here/Oh Lord, Let It Be (6/1/59)

"Ultra Stereophonic Record"
Black label with silver print.
First release was January, 1959.

45-200 - Pat Boone - With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair/Good Rockin' Tonight [15888]
45-201 - Billy Vaughn - Blue Hawaii/Tico Tico [15879]
45-202 - Billy Vaughn - Trade Winds/Hawaiian War Chant [15900]
45-203 - Pat Boone - For A Penny/The Wang Dang Taffy-Apple Tango [15914] (5/18/59)
45-204 - Lawrence Welk's Little Band - Swingin' Bugler/Bell Boogie [15924]
45-205 - Billy Vaughn - Your Cheatin' Heart/Lights Out [15936]
45-206 - Louis Armstrong And Danny Kaye - The Five Pennies Saints/Just The Blues [15941]
45-207 - Pat Boone - Twixt Twelve And Twenty/Rock Boll Weevil [15955] (6/15/59)
45-208 - Billy Vaughn - Blues Stay Away From Me/All Night Long [15960]
45-209 - Louis Prima And Keely Smith - Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen/I Don't Know Why [15956] (7/20/59)
45-210 - Louis Prima And Keely Smith - I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)/Night And Day [15978]
45-211 - Pat Boone - Fools Hall Of Fame/Brightest Wishing Star [15982] (9/21/59)
45-212 - Billy Vaughn - After Hours/(It's No) Sin [15993]
45-213 - Lawrence Welk/Lennon Sisters - Every Night When You Say A Prayer/Thank The Lord For This Thanksgiving [15995]
45-214 - Dick Stabile - Mack The Knife/Nola [15996]
45-215 -
45-216 -
45-217 - Marian McGuire - Drums/Hold My Hand [15999]
45-218 - Pat Boone - Beyond The Sunset/Faithful Heart [16006]

45-219 - Billy Vaughn - Chopsticks/You're The Only Star (In My Blue Heaven) [16021]
45-220 - Pat Boone - (Welcome) New Lovers/Words [16048] (2/22/60, 3/21/60)
45-221 - Pat Boone - Spring Rain/Walking The Floor Over You [16073]
45-222 - Fontane Sisters - Come Home Eddie/Lover's Leap [16086]
45-223 - Keely Smith - Close/Tea Leaves [16089]
45-224 - Mills Brothers - Highways Are Happy Ways/I Got You [16091]
45-225 - Billy Vaughn - He'll Have To Go/Look For A Star [16106]
45-226 - Pat Boone - Candy Sweet/Delia Gone [16122]
45-227 - Debbie Reynolds - Please/I'll Pretend [16119]

The following were reported to Billboard to have been issued on stereo single, but the stereo catalog numbers are not known. They could be numbers higher than 227 in the S-200 series, or they may not have been issued at all.

1960 (continued):
16103? (U) - Dodie Stevens - No/A Tisket, A Tasket [16103] (9/19/60)
16133? (U) - Billy Vaughn - Theme From The Sundowners/Old Cape Cod [16133] (10/17/60)
16145? (U) - Lawrence Welk - Last Date/Remember Lolita [16145] (11/28/60)
16151? (U) - Louis Prima - Wonderland By Night/Ol' Man Moses [16151] (11/28/60)
16152? (U) - Pat Boone - Dear John/Alabam [16152] (11/28/60)

Standard End multi-color "dog" label.

E-1046 - The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You/At The Prom (6/15/59)
E-1047 - Little Anthony And the Imperials - A Prayer And A Jukebox/River Path (6/15/59)
E-1055 - The Flamingos - Love Walked In/Yours

Orange label with black print, mono label shown.
This single was listed as available on Billboard's Hot 100, but has not been found after extensive searching. It was probably an error due to the Ruby Wright version of the song (which didn't chart) being reported as available on stereo-45 by King Records.

8571 (U) - Kathy Linden - Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye/Heartaches At Sweet Sixteen (5/18/59)

Blue label with silver print.
The Federal stereo 45s we've heard, including those by James Brown, are true stereo.

45-S-12349 - The Turbo-Jets - Bingo/In Reverse
45-S-12352 - James Brown & His Famous Flames - I've Got To Change/It Hurts To Tell You
45-S-12359 - Cliff Davis - Let It Roll (Part 1)/Let It Roll (Part 2)
45-S-12361 - James Brown & His Famous Flames - Good Good Lovin'/Don't Let It Happen To Me
45-S-12362 - Kenny Martin - Ask Me/Is It All Over
45-S-12363 - Johnny Pate - Date With Pate/Lonesome Road

Grand Award
Blue label with silver print.
All singles below are stereo only except 3002, which has a mono counterpart.

Grand Award
G.A. S.D. 3000 - Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - Ain't She Sweet/Charleston
G.A. S.D. 3001 - Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - Toot Toot Tootsie/I Love My Baby, My Baby Loves Me
G.A. S.D. 3002 - Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - I Want To Be Happy Cha Cha/Cara Mia Cha Cha [1020]
G.A. S.D. 3003 - Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - How High The Moon Cha Cha/Lover Cha Cha
G.A. S.D. 3004 - Bobby Byrne w/ Glenn Miller Orchestra - Tuxedo Junction/Sunrise Serenade
G.A. S.D. 3005 - Knuckles O'Toole - Kitten On The Keys/Old Piano Roll Blues
G.A. S.D. 3006 - Knuckles O'Toole - Raggin' The Scale/Canadian Capers
G.A. S.D. 3007 - Charles Magnante - La Comparsa/Espana Cani
G.A. S.D. 3008 - Luigi Chianti - Summertime In Venice/Chella 'Lla
G.A. S.D. 3009 - Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - Rain/S'Wonderful
G.A. S.D. 3010 -
G.A. S.D. 3011 - Cookie Carr - Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart/Walkin' My Baby Back Home
G.A. S.D. 3012 - The Gumdrops - For You/To Make A Mistake Is Human
G.A. S.D. 3013 - Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - Tenderly/Someone To Watch Over Me
G.A. S.D. 3014 -
G.A. S.D. 3015 -
G.A. S.D. 3016 - Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming/?

White label with red print; mono label shown.
We have not seen this single, but both sides were true stereo on his Carlton album.

208 (U) - Paul Evans - Happy Go Lucky Me/Fish In The Ocean (5/2/60)

Silver label with black print.
Both sides are true stereo. Regular Heartbeat mono releases used a gold label.

HS-37 - Seymour & His Heartbeat Trumpet - That Old Gang Of Mine/Happy Birthday

Hi Fi
Red label with black and silver print.
The Arthur Lyman songs were stereo on Hi-Fi albums.

SR-550 - The Arthur Lyman Group - Taboo/Dahil Sayo (7/20/59)
SR-564 - The Arthur Lyman Group - Bahia/Jungle Jalopy

Standard white Hunt label with green print.
Although this stereo single was released the same time as the mono single was a hit, the true stereo version of "Guitar Boogie Shuffle" here is an alternate version.

S-H-324 - The Virtues - Guitar Boogie Shuffle [alt version]/Guitar In Orbit (5/18/59)

Jamie used their standard label with a stereo overprint. Earliest stereo 45 used the standard yellow label with black print.
Some of the Jamie stereo singles are rechanneled. Jamie 1117 is probably rechanneled.

For Jamie 1126 and later, the later standard yellow and white label with black print was used.
Jamie 1126 is rechanneled, and Jamie 1130 is true stereo. "Ciao, Ciao, Bambina" may be a stereo remake.

1117 - Duane Eddy - The Lonely One (E?)/Detour (E?)
1126 - Duane Eddy - Forty Miles Of Bad Road (E)/The Quiet Three (E) (6/29/59, 7/20/59)
1127 - Jacky Noguez - Ciao, Ciao Bambina/De Serrait Dommage (7/20/59)
1130 - Duane Eddy - First Love, First Tears/Some Kind-A Earthquake (9/28/59, 10/5/59)
1144 - Duane Eddy - Bonnie Come Back/Lost Island

"StereoSonic Hi-Fi"/"Diamond Jubilee Stereo Series"
Black label with silver print.
Singles 9000-9007 below were released about October, 1958. We have heard several of these singles, all of which were true stereo. Most releases in this series are stereo-only.

45-9000 - Della Reese & Kirk Stuart - You're Just In Love/When I Grow Too Old To Dream [5346]
45-9001 - Lois Kahn - My Baby Cares Just For Me/I'll See You In My Dreams
45-9002 - Don Rondo - Diane/Charmaine
45-9003 - Don Rondo - Peg O' My Heart/Ramona
45-9004 - Bobby Sherwood - The Lady Is A Tramp/Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered
45-9005 - Mark Monte & The Continentals - Medley: Adele-Wham/Medley: Cachita-M Bumbane
45-9006 - Frank Ortega Trio - The Third Man Theme/The Gypsy
45-9007 - Della Reese - Stormy Weather/Lover Man
45-9008 - Sy Oliver Orchestra - One O'Clock Jump/In A Spanish Town Cha Cha [5349]
45-9009 - Don Rondo - Dolores/Margie

The first stereo single (S-100) used the then-current maroon and silver label.

The later singles used the standard dark red and silver label.
Both the Jerry Keller and Jane Morgan singles are true stereo (we have not heard S-100).

S-100 - Roger Williams & The Happy Harts - Dearer Than Dear/The Key To The Kingdom

KS-277X - Jerry Keller - Here Comes Summer/Time Has A Way (7/20/59)
KS-284X - Jane Morgan - With Open Arms/I Can't Begin To Tell You (8/24/59)

Gold label with black print.
The first two stereo singles were issued on blue vinyl. Stereo single sleeve is also shown at left. All are true stereo.

5-2006 - Sam Cooke - Win Your Love For Me [alternate version without backing singers]/Love Song From 'Houseboat' [blue vinyl]
5-2007 - Milton Grayson & Herb Alpert's Orchestra - Beggar Boy/As Long As Life Goes By [blue vinyl]

5-2018 - Sam Cooke - Everybody Likes To Cha Cha Cha/Little Things You Do (5/18/59)
5-2022 - Sam Cooke - Only Sixteen/Let's Go Steady Again (6/8/59)

The first single, "Rainbow Riot," had a yellow label with black print.
All the King stereo singles we have heard have been true stereo.

Later singles had a dark blue label with silver print.

45- 5159 - Bill Doggett - Rainbow Riot (Part 1)/Rainbow Riot (Part 2) [yellow label]

45-S-5169 - Don Reno & Red Smiley - Country Latin Special/Wall Around Your Heart
45-S-5176 - Bill Doggett - Monster Party/Scott's Bluff
45-S-5187 - Trini Lopez - Rock On/Since I Don't Have You
45-S-5189 - Lorez Alexandria - You're My Thrill/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself A Letter)
45-S-5192 - Ruby Wright - Three Stars/I Only Have One Lifetime
45-S-5195 - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - Kansas City/I'll Keep You Happy (5/18/59)
45-S-5200 - Don Reno & Red Smiley & The Tennessee Cutups - I Wouldn't Change You If I Could/Little Rock Getaway
45-S-5202 - Bob Kames - Carolina Moon/After The Ball
45-S-5203 - Earl Bostic - Up There In Orbit (Part 1)/Up There In Orbit (Part 2)
45-S-5204 - Bill Doggett - Ocean Liner/The Madison
45-S-5205 - Teddy Humphries - Firm Foundation/What A Night
45-S-5206 - Lorez Alexandria - Ain't Misbehavin'/Love Is Just Around The Corner
45-S-5208 - Ruby Wright - Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye/Don't Take Me For Granted
45-S-5209 - Earl Bostic - Dancing In The Dark/La Cucaracha Cha Cha
45-S-5211 - Wes Voigt - Ev'rything's The Same/I'm Movin' In
45-S-5215 - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - Sugaree/Rain Down Tears
45-S-5219 - Little Willie John - Leave My Kitten Alone/Let Nobody Love You
45-S-5222 - Cozy Cole - Blop Up/Blop Down
45-S-5223 - Moon Mullican - Goodnight Irene/Mona Lisa
45-S-5224 - The Delmore Brothers - Blues Stay Away From Me/Muddy Water
45-S-5227 - Bill Doggett - After Hours/Big City Drag
45-S-5229 - Earl Bostic - Feeling Cool/Who Cares
45-S-5231 - Wes Voigt - I'm Ready To Go Steady/The Wind And The Cold Black Night
45-S-5234 - Trini Lopez - Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die/I'm Grateful
45-S-5336 - Lynn Hope - Full Moon/Tenderly
45-S-5237 - Five Royales - Tell Me You Care/Wonder Where Your Love Has Gone

Standard Laurie red and white label.
These 1959 releases were true stereo. Laurie has later released these singles with the same label and stereo designation, but the later pressings were mono.

3027S - Dion And The Belmonts - A Teenager In Love/I've Cried Before
3028S - The Mystics - Hushabye/Adam And Eve (6/29/59)

Black label with silver print.
Although "The Chipmunk Song" was mixed to stereo years later, it is not known whether the stereo single of "The Chipmunk Song" released in 1959 is true stereo. The original hit version of "Quiet Village" was a mono recording. All stereo versions of the song, including on stereo 45, stereo 33, or album, have been the 1959 stereo remake.

S-77162 - Martin Denny - Quiet Village [1959 remake]/Llama Serenade [55162] (5/18/59) [Also issued in England as London 45-SLU-4004]
S-77188 - The Fleetwoods - Come Softly To Me [alternate mix with bongos]/I Care So Much [55188] (5/18/59) [Also issued in England as London 45-SLU-4003]
S-77199 - Martin Denny - Martinique/Sake Rock [55199] (7/27/59)
S-77200 - David Seville & The Chipmunks - Ragtime Cowboy Joe/Flip Side [55200] (7/20/59)
S-77212 - Martin Denny - The Enchanted Sea/Stranger In Paradise [55212] (10/26/59)
S-77250 - The Chipmunks - The Chipmunk Song/Alvin's Harmonica [55250] (12/14/59)

Blue label with silver print; mono label shown.

45-1851 - Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra - The Children's Marching Song/The Inn Of The Sixth Happiness
45-1877 - Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra - Scotland The Brave/Comin' Thru The Rye

45-1953 - Mantovani & His Orchestra - Theme From "Exodus"/Karen (11/28/60)

Standard red mono label with gold print is shown:
Although the singles below were included in a Billboard ad as available on stereo 45, their existence has not been verified.

5014 (U) - Cozy Cole - Turvy I/Turvy II
5016 (U) - Cozy Cole - Topsy Turvy/Bad

Purple label with silver print:

SM 117 - The Tassels - To A Solder Boy (E)/The Boy For Me (E) (8/3/59)

Mercury had at least two special sleeve designs for the stereo singles, shown at left. The Mercury stereo singles we have heard have all been true stereo except Johnny Preston's "Cradle of Love". Many of these stereo singles were also issued in New Zealand using the same catalog numbers on a black Mercury label with silver print.
Blue label with silver print, like Mercury stereo LPs.

SS-10000 - The Gaylords - Again/How About Me [71399] [rel. 1/59]
SS-10001 - The Platters - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/No Matter What You Are [71383] [rel. 1/59]
SS-10002 - Patti Page - Trust In Me/Under The Sun Valley Moon [71400] [rel. 1/59]
SS-10003 - The Diamonds - She Say (Oom Dooby Doom)/From The Bottom Of My Heart [71404] [rel. 1/59]
SS-10004 - Dick Contino - Dream/Yesterdays [71402] [rel. 1/59]
SS-10005 - Brook Benton - Endlessly/So Close [71443] (6/1/59)
SS-10006 - Patti Page - With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming/My Mother's Eyes [71469] (7/20/59)
SS-10007 - The Platters - Remember When/Love Of A Lifetime [71467] (7/6/59)
SS-10008 - Dinah Washington - What A Diff'rence A Day Makes/Come On Home [71435] (6/15/59)
SS-10009 - Sil Austin - Danny Boy/It's The Talk Of The Town [71442] (6/15/59)
SS-10010 - Eddie Heywood - Soft Summer Breeze/Castillian Rhapsody [71462]
SS-10011 - Boyd Bennett - Boogie Bear/A Boy Can Tell [71479]
SS-10012 - Brook Benton - Thank You Pretty Baby/With All My Heart [71478] (8/3/59)
SS-10013 - Sarah Vaughan - Broken Hearted Melody/Misty [71477]
SS-10014 - George Jones - Who Shot Sam?/Into My Arms Again [71464] (8/3/59)
SS-10015 - Dinah Washington - Unforgettable/Nothing In The World [71508] (10/26/59)
SS-10016 - Patti Page - Goodbye Charlie/Because Him Is A Baby [71510] (10/26/59)
SS-10017 - The Diamonds - The Twenty Second Day/Young In Years [71505]
SS-10018 - The Platters - Where/Wish It Were Me [71502] (9/7/59, 9/14/59)
SS-10019 - Brook Benton - So Many Ways/I Want You Forever [71512] (10/19/59)
SS-10020 - Sarah Vaughan - Smooth Operator/Maybe It's Because [71519]
SS-10021 - Phil Phillips - Verdie Mae/Take This Heart [71531]
SS-10022X45 - The Platters - My Secret/What Does It Matter [71538]
SS-10023X45 - David Carroll & His Orchestra - Waltzing Matilda/Sometimes I'm Happy [71535]

SS-10024X45 - The Platters - Harbor Lights/Sleepy Lagoon [71563] (2/8/60, 2/22/60)
SS-10025X45 - Brook Benton & Dinah Washington - Baby You Got What It Takes/I Do [71565] (2/8/60)
SS-10026X45 - Sarah Vaughan - Eternally/You're My Baby [71562] (2/8/60, 2/15/60)
SS-10027X45 - Johnny Preston - Cradle Of Love (E)/City Of Tears [71598]
SS-10028X45 - Dinah Washington - It Could Happen To You/The Age Of Miracles [71560] (4/11/60)
SS-10029X45 - June Valli - Apple Green/Oh Why [71588]
SS-10030X45 - Brook Benton - The Ties That Bind/Hither, Thither And Yon [71566] (4/11/60, 4/18/60)
SS-10031X45 - The Platters - Ebb Tide/Apple Blossom Time [71624]
SS-10032X45 - Dinah Washington And Brook Benton - A Rockin' Good Way/I Believe [71629] (6/6/60)
SS-10033X45 - Rusty Draper - Mule Skinner Blues/Please Help Me, I'm Falling [71634]
SS-10034X45 - Patti Page - One Of Us (Will Weep Tonight)/What Will My Future Be [71639] (6/6/60)
SS-10035X45 - Dinah Washington - This Bitter Earth/I Understand [71635] (9/19/60)
SS-10036X45 - Johnny Preston - Feel So Fine/I'm Starting To Go Steady [71651] (9/19/60)
SS-10037X45 - Brook Benton - Kiddio/The Same One [71652] (9/19/60, 9/19/60)
SS-10038X45 - The Platters - Red Sails In The Sunset/Sad River [71656] (9/19/60)
SS-10039X45 - Clyde McPhatter - I Just Want To Love You/You're For Me [71692]
SS-10040X45 - Patti Page - I Wish I'd Never Been Born/I Need You [71695] (10/17/60)
SS-10041X45 - Dinah Washington - Love Walked In/I'm In Heaven Tonight [71696]
SS-10042X45 - The Platters - To Each His Own/Down The River Of Golden Dreams [71697] (10/17/60)
SS-10043X45 - Sarah Vaughan - Close To You/Out Of This World [71702]
SS-10044X45 - The Clebanoff Strings - The Green Leaves Of Summer (Theme from "The Alamo")/Where The Hot Wind Blows [71711]

Unknown Numbers:
The two singles below were reported as stereo singles in Billboard, but there is no record of them in The Mercury Labels by Ruppli & Novitsky. "Ta Ta" would have been in the sequence at the same place as "I Just Want To Love You"/"You're For Me," so the Mercury paperwork may be in error. On the other hand, both of these may have been reported to Billboard as available even though they weren't.

SS-10039X45? - Clyde McPhatter - Ta Ta/I Ain't Givin' Up Nothin' [71660] (9/19/60)
?? - Brook Benton - This Time Of Year/Nothing In The World [71554] (12/21/59)


Issued as a special stereo DJ 45 with a blue label/silver print.
This was issued in September, 1958, as a demonstration disc to disc jockeys only. It came with a special promotional pink picture sleeve with black printing stating: "MGM Records is FIRST with a SINGLE STEREO DISC." While technically, this was not true, as Bel Canto had released stereo singles before this, MGM's promo disc was the first stereo single from the major labels, edging out RCA-Victor's release of Perry Como's "Mandolins In The Moonlight" by mere days. This single was also later issued commercially with the assigned number SK-50109 with the standard yellow label with black printing.

K-12706 - Joni James - There Goes My Heart/Funny [rel. 9/58]

Yellow label with black print:

SK-50,100 - Fran Warren - Sunday Kind Of Love/Don't Let It Break Your Heart [rel. 11/58]
SK-50,101 - Morty Craft & His Orchestra - Early Autumn/It's Melody Time [rel. 11/58]
SK-50,102 - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra - Spanish Rock/In A Persian Market [rel. 11/58]
SK-50,103 - Maurice Chevalier - Louise/The Yankee Doodle Boy [rel. 11/58]
SK-50,104 - Tommy Edwards - It's All In The Game/Love Is All We Need [rel. 11/58]
SK-50,105 - David Rose & His Orchestra - Gigi/The Night They Invented Champagne [rel. 11/58]
SK-50,106 - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra - Flying Home/Cherokee (Indian Love Song) [rel. 11/58]
SK-50,107 - Conway Twitty - It's Only Make Believe/I'll Try [rel. 11/58]
SK-50,108 - Art Mooney & His Orchestra - Night Train/A Fiddle, A Rifle An Axe [rel. 11/58]
SK-50,109 - Joni James - There Goes My Heart/Funny [12706] [rel. 11/58]

SK-50,110 - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra - Chief Rocky Boy/Song From 'Some Came Running' [12745] [rel. 2/59]
SK-50,111 - Joni James - There Must Be A Way/Sorry For Myself [12746] [rel. 2/59]
SK-50,112 - Tommy Edwards - Morning Side Of The Mountain/Please Mr. Sun [12757] [rel. 2/59] (5/18/59)
SK-50,113 - Jaye P. Morgan - Are You Lonesome Tonight/Miss You [12752] [rel. 2/59]
SK-50,114 - Jimmy Newman - What'cha Gonna Do/So Soon [12749] [rel. 2/59]
SK-50,115 - Conway Twitty - The Story Of My Love/Make Me Know You're Mine [12748] [rel. 2/59]
SK-50,116 - The Morgan Brothers - Nola/Guiding Star [12747] [rel. 2/59]
SK-50,117 - Connie Francis - My Happiness/Never Before [12738] [rel. 2/59]
SK-50,118 - David Rose & His Orchestra - Chief Rocky Boy/Sorry For Myself [rel 2/59; stereo only]
SK-50,119 - Metropolitan Jazz Quartet - Perfidia/Goin' With Carmen [rel. 2/59; stereo only]
SK-50,120 - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra - Bistro Bounce/The Old Man And The Sea
SK-50121 - Connie Francis - Lipstick On Your Collar/Frankie [12793] (5/18/59, 5/18/59)
SK-50122 - Tommy Edwards - My Melancholy Baby/It's Only The Good Times [12794] (5/18/59, 6/1/59)
SK-50123 - Art Mooney & His Orchestra - Smile/Sunset To Sunrise [12802]
SK-50124 - Andre Previn & David Rose - Like Young/Young Man's Lament [12792] (6/1/59)
SK-50125 - Conway Twitty - Hey Little Lucy!/When I'm Not With You [12785]
SK-50126 - Tommy Edwards - I've Been There/I Looked At Heaven [12814] (8/10/59, 8/24/59)
SK-50127 - Jaye P. Morgan - Somebody Else Is Taking My Place/Somebody Loves Somebody Wins [12815]
SK-50128 - Clyde McPhatter - Twice As Nice/Where Did I Make My Mistake [12816] (8/24/59)
SK-50129 - Connie Francis - You're Gonna Miss Me/Plenty Good Lovin' [12824] (8/31/59, 9/21/59)
SK-50130 - Conway Twitty - Danny Boy/Halfway To Heaven [12826] (9/28/59)
SK-50131 - Joni James - Are You Sorry/What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me [12828]

After this point, the newly-introduced black label with multi color logo is used:

SK-50132 - Andre Previn & David Rose - Young And Tender/Too Young To Be True [12840]
SK-50133 - Connie Francis - God Bless America (S)/Among My Souvenirs (E) [12841] (11/16/59, 11/23/59)
SK-50134 - Clyde McPhatter - Let's Try Again/Bless You [12843] (12/21/59)
SK-50135 - Joni James - Little Things Mean A Lot/I Laughed At Love [new 1959 version; mono 45 is 1958 version-mono only] [12849] (1/4/60)

The following stereo singles were reported to Billboard as stereo singles, but they are not listed in the MGM files (as noted by Ruppli and Novitsky's The MGM Labels, A Discography, either on 45 or 33. They may have been issued on numbers higher than 50135.

SK-? - Tommy Edwards - Honestly And Truly/(New In) The Ways Of Love [12837] (11/3/59, 11/16/59)
SK-? - Tommy Edwards - Don't Fence Me In/I'm Building Castles Again [12871] (2/22/60)
SK-? - Connie Francis - Mama/Teddy [12878] (2/22/60, 2/29/60)
SK-? - Charles Wolcott - Ruby Duby Du/Leatherjacket Cowboy [12944] (11/28/60)
SK-? - Conway Twitty - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/The Flame [12962] (11/28/60)

The following singles have been listed in Billboard or other lists, but have not been found and their existence is questionable:

SK-? - Connie Francis - If I Didn't Care/Toward The End Of The Day [12769]
SK-? - Joni James - I Still Get A Thrill/Perhaps [12779] (5/18/59)
SK-? - Sheb Wooley - Sweet Chile/More [12781] (7/6/59)
SK-? - Conway Twitty - Mona Lisa/Heavenly [12804]
SK-? - Joni James - I Still Get Jealous/Prayer Of Love [12807] (8/3/59)

Standard early Monument black label with silver print.
The single is true stereo.

S-45-403 - Billy Grammer - Bonaparte's Retreat/The Kissing Tree (5/18/59, 5/18/59)

Omega Disk
Yellow label with black print.

Omega Disk
OSRS-101 - Pola Chappell - Guaglione/Ciurri Ciurri

OSRS-131 - The Big Bay Band - Jungle Drums/Strike Up The Band
OSRS-132 - The Big Bay Band - Love For Sale/Opus # 1
OSRS-133 - The Big Bay Band - Topaz/Mangos
OSRS-134 - The Francis Bay Orchestra - St. Louis Blues March/Blue Skies March
OSRS-135 - Dick Marx Quintet - The Mickey Mouse Theme/Joey, Joey, Joey
OSRS-136 - Ernestine Anderson - Limehouse Blues/Azure Te (Ris Blues)
OSRS-137 - Dick Marx Quintet - Cool/All Of You
OSRS-138 - Francis Bay Big Band - Baby Don't 'Cha Go 'Way Mad/Stompin' At The Savoy
OSRS-139 - The Francis Bay Big Band - Patricia/Guaglione
OSRS-140 - The Francis Bay Big Band - Stardust/Frenesi
OSRS-141 - The Francis Bay Big Band - Sleep Little Train/Adios
OSRS-142 - The Francis Bay Big Band - Summit Ridge Drive/Cross Your Heart
OSRS-143 - Brussels World's Fair Orchestra - Laura/Stella By Starlight
OSRS-144 - Brussels World's Fair Orchestra - Autumn In Rome/The Song From "Moulin Rouge"
OSRS-145 - Inex Jones And Oscar Moore - Dancing On The Ceiling/Too Marvelous For Words
OSRS-146 - Lloyd Mumm & His Orchestra - Tonight We Love/Till The End Of Time
OSRS-147 - Lloyd Mumm & His Orchestra - The Poor People Of Paris/La Ronde
OSRS-148 - Lloyd Mumm & His Orchestra - Lichtensteiner Polka/Clarinet Polka
OSRS-149 - Lloyd Mumm & His Orchestra - Hey Mr. Banjo/The Girl Friend
OSRS-150 - Lloyd Mumm & His Orchestra - Josephine/Louise
OSRS-151 - Ernestine Anderson - St. Louis Blues (Part 1)/St. Louis Blues (Part 2)
OSRS-152 - Inez Jones With The Oscar Moore Quintet - Don't Worry 'Bout Me/Where Or When
OSRS-153 - Inez Jones With The Oscar Moore Quintet - Big Fat Butterfly/Since I Fell For You
OSRS-154 - Andre Montero - Paradise/Danny Boy
OSRS-155 - The Francis Bay Orchestra - Begin the Beguine/Moonglow
OSRS-156 - The Francis Bay Orchestra - Lover/Intermission Riff
OSRS-157 -
OSRS-158 -
OSRS-159 -
OSRS-160 -
OSRS-161 - The Francis Bay Orchestra - Daybreak/On The Trail
OSRS-162 - The Francis Bay Orchestra - April In Portugal/Mambo Jambo
OSRS-163 - The Francis Bay Orchestra - Lullaby Of Birdland/How High the Moon
OSRS-164 - The Francis Bay Orchestra - The Peanut Vendor/Machito
OSRS-165 -
OSRS-166 - Lloyd Mumm & His Orchestra - Bubbles In The Wine/Champagne Waltz
OSRS-167 - The Francis Bay Orchestra - Sweet Sue Cha Cha/Night And Day
OSRS-168 - The Francis Bay Orchestra - Chattanooga Choo Choo Cha Cha/On The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Cha Cha
OSRS-169 - The Francis Bay Orchestra - Will You Still Be Mine/All I Do Is Dream Of You
OSRS-170 - Lloyd Mumm & His Orchestra - Beer Barrel Polka/Pizzicato Polka
OSRS-171 - Lloyd Mumm & His Orchestra - In A Little Spanish Town/Missouri Waltz
OSRS-172 - Lloyd Mumm & His Orchestra - Elmer's Tune/The Happy Whistler
OSRS-173 - Lloyd Mumm & His Orchestra - Tea For Two/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
OSRS-174 - Lloyd Mumm & His Orchestra - Full Moon & Empty Arms/I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
OSRS-175 - The Jazzbos And Phil Gomez - La Cucaracha/When The War Break Out In Mexico
OSRS-176 - The Monn-Keys - Catch A Falling Star/In The Middle Of An Island
OSRS-177 - The Monn-Keys - Last Train To San Fernando/Puttin' On The Style
OSRS-178 - Los Gatos Ritmos - Return To Paradise/Cool Mambo

OSRS-701 - Mike Scott - Dance The Night Away/Dig!
OSRS-702 -
OSRS-703 - Joe Green - Brother James And Bernadine/Lover's Saxaphone

OSRS-704 - The Francis Bay Orchestra - Mr. Lucky/Playboy's Theme
OSRS-705 - The Monn Keys - Early Bird/Wedding Day
OSRS-706 - Ken Ramsey - Ping Pong 1/Ping Pong 2
OSRS-707 - The Francis Bay Orchestra - Rhythm and Blues And Pipes/The Chase Theme

Standard red label with black print.

SR 524 - George Wright - Black And Blue/Five Foot Two
SR 525 - Arthur Lyman Group - Sweet Leilani/Hawaiian War Chant
SR 526 - The Surfers - Blue Hawaii/Leahi
SR 527 - Harry Zimmerman's Band - Tin Roof Blues/Tiger Rag
SR 528 - Harry Zimmerman's Band - Darktown Strutters Ball/The Breeze And I

SR 533 - The Arthur Lyman Group - 76 Trombones/House On A Haunted Hill

SR 605 - Harry Zimmerman's Band - Beer Barrel Polka/Pennsylvania Polka
SR 712 - George Wright - Aunt Blanche's Boogie/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams

Original Sound
Light blue label with red print, with "STEREO" repeated in the background.
The Preston Epps single "Bongo Rock," reported to Billboard, is probably not true stereo if it exists. The Little Bobby Rey single is true stereo, but includes instruments from the multitrack mixed out of the mono 45.

Original Sound
SOS-04 (U) - Preston Epps - Bongo Rock/Bongo Party (6/1/59)
SOS-08 - Little Bobby Rey - Rockin' "J" Bells/Corrido De Auld Lang Syne (Dance Of The New Year)

White label with red print mono version shown.
Darla was a longtime member of "Our Gang" as a child, starting in the 1930s.

Ray Note
PR-25 - Darla Hood - My Quiet Village/Red Dress [26]

RCA Victor "Living Stereo"
Standard black RCA label with silver print and full-color "Nipper" logo at the top.

Many of the Neil Sedaka stereo singles are difficult to find. The Elvis Presley stereo singles are collector's items and command premium prices. RCA sometimes also used special stereo single sleeves, such as those shown at right.

61-7000 series has a 47-7000 mono counterpart.

61-7353 - Perry Como - Love Makes The World Go 'Round/Mandolins In The Moonlight [rel. 9/58]
61-7356 - Henri Rene & His Orchestra - Blue Flame/Point Of No Return [rel. 10/58]
61-7360 - Esquivel - It Had To Be You/Begin The Beguine
61-7361 - Esquivel - Night And Day/Ballerina
61-7362 - Ralph Flanagan - Where Or When/Hot Toddy
61-7363 - Eddie Fisher - I Am In Love/Time On My Hands
61-7364 - Jaye P. Morgan - Just You, Just Me/All I Do Is Dream Of You
61-7365 - The Ames Brothers - I Don't Know Why/It's Only A Paper Moon [Also issued as a stereo 45 in Germany]
61-7366 - Bob Scobey's Frisco Jazz Band - Shine On Harvest Moon/Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet
61-7367 - The Eddie Heywood Trio - Summertime/Just One Of Those Things
61-7368 - Billy Butterfield - The Whiffenpoof Song/Linger Awhile
61-7370 - Demonstration Disc - Sounds In Space

61-7440 - The Little Thumpers - Baia/Buck Dance
61-7442 - Henry Mancini - Fallout/Dreamsville
61-7454 - Hugo Winterhalter - On A Slow Boat To China/You're So Far Away Baby
61-7464 - Perry Como - Tomboy/Kiss Me & Kiss Me & Kiss Me
61-7469 - Jesse Belvin - Guess Who/My Girl Is Just Enough Woman For Me (5/18/59)
61-7492 - Gogi Grant - The Ride Back From Boot Hill/A Restless Pair [Also issued as a stereo 45 in Germany]
61-7499 - Chico Holiday - Young Ideas/Cuckoo Girl (5/18/59) [also issued in Germany with slightly different mix.]
61-7512 - Henry Mancini - Spook/Timothy
61-7518 - Hugo & Luigi - La Plume De Ma Tante/Honolulu Lu (6/8/59)
61-7519 - Barbara Evans - Pray For Me Mother/Souvenirs
61-7525 - Caterina Valente - Where/La Strada Del' Amore
61-7541 - Perry Como - I Know/You Are In Love (6/8/59)
61-7542 - Eddy Arnold - Tennessee Stud/What's The Good (Of All This Love) (7/20/59)
61-7543 - Jesse Belvin - It Could Have Been Worse/Here's A Heart
61-7555 - The Browns - The Three Bells/Heaven Fell Last Night (7/27/59)
61-7559 - Johnny Restivo - The Shape I'm In/Ya Ya [Also issued as a stereo 45 in Germany ]
61-7578 - Ray Peterson - My Blue Angel/Come And Get It
61-7585 - Homer & Jethro - The Battle Of Kookamonga/Waterloo (9/7/59)
61-7588 - The Isley Brothers - Shout (Part 1)/Shout (Part 2) (9/21/59)
61-7591 - Della Reese - Don't You Know/Solder, Won't You Marry Me? (9/21/59)
61-7595 - Neil Sedaka - Oh Carol/One Way Ticket
61-7599 - Hugo Winterhalter & His Orchestra - Theme From "A Summer Place"/Blue Strings
61-7601 - Johnny Restivo - I Like Girls/Dear Someone
61-7603 - Jimmie Driftwood - The Bear Flew Over The Ocean/John Paul Jones
61-7614 - The Browns - Scarlet Ribbons/Blue Bells Ring (11/3/59)
61-7619 - Eddy Arnold - Sittin' With Sitting Bull/Did It Rain
61-7620 - Rex Stewart & Dickie Wells - Let's Do It/Little Sir Echo
61-7639 - Hugo & Luigi - Just Come Home/Lonesome Stranger (12/14/59)
61-7643 - Jim Reeves - He'll Have To Go/In A Mansion Stands My Love (1/18/60)
61-7644 - Della Reese - Not One Minute More/You're My Love (12/14/59)
61-7645 - Rod Lauren - If I Had A Girl/No Wonder (12/21/59)
61-7650 - Perry Como - Ave Maria/The Lord's Prayer
61-7655 - The Ames Brothers - China Doll/Christopher Sunday (2/15/60)

61-7670 - Perry Como - Delaware/I Know What God Is (2/15/60, 2/15/60)
61-7684 - Chet Atkins - Teensville/One Mint Julep (2/15/60)
61-7690 - Don Gibson - Just One Time/I May Never Get To Heaven (3/7/60)
61-7692 - Hank Locklin - Please Help Me, I'm Falling/My Old Home Town (9/19/60)
61-7700 - The Browns - The Old Lamplighter/Teen-Ex (5/9/60)
61-7701 - Sam Cooke - Teenage Sonata/If You Were The Only Girl (3/14/60)
61-7705 - Henry Mancini - Mr. Lucky/Floating Pad (4/4/60)
61-7706 - Della Reese - Someday/Faraway Boy (3/21/60)
61-7709 - Neil Sedaka - Stairway To Heaven/Forty Winks Away (3/28/60)
61-7714 - Mario Lanza - Drink, Drink, Drink/Serenade
61-7720 - Rod Lauren - Listen My Love/This I Know
61-7727 - Eddy Arnold - My Arms Are A House/Little Sparrow
61-7728 - Tony Martin - My Sin/Once When The World Was Mine
61-7730 - Sam Cooke - You Understand Me/I Belong To Your Heart
61-7731 - Hoyt Johnson - Eca-La/Too Shy
61-7736 - Floyd Robinson - Boys & Girls/Sonja
61-7740 - Elvis Presley - Stuck On You/Fame And Fortune (4/4/60, 4/11/60) [Also issued as a stereo 45 in Germany]
61-7742 - The Ames Brothers - Carnival/Happy Pair
61-7744 - Homer & Jethro - He'll Have To Go/Sink The Bismarck
61-7745 - Ray Peterson - Tell Laura I Love Her/Wedding Day
61-7747 - Chet Atkins - Slinkey/Rainbow's End
61-7750 - Della Reese - There's No Two Ways About It/Everyday
61-7756 - Jim Reeves - I Know One/I'm Gettin' Better
61-7758 - Johnny Restivo - I Can't Take It/That's Good-That's Bad
61-7762 - Don Gibson - Far Far Away/A Legend In My Time
61-7766 - The Ames Brothers - Ring Them Bells/You Are My Love
61-7767 - Skeeter Davis - (I Can't Help You) I'm Falling Too/No Never (9/19/60)
61-7768 - Perez Prado & His Orchestra - Oh Oh Rosie/Rockambo Baby
61-7774 - Mickey And Sylvia - Sweeter As The Day Goes By/Mommy Out De Light
61-7775 - Floyd Cramer - Last Date/Sweetie Baby (10/17/60)
61-7777 - Elvis Presley - It's Now Or Never/A Mess Of Blues (9/19/60) [Also issued as a stereo 45 in Japan as Victor SX-1073]
61-7781 - Neil Sedaka - You Mean Everything To Me/Run Samson Run (9/19/60, 9/19/60)
61-7783 - Sam Cooke - Chain Gang/I Fall In Love Every Day (9/19/60)
61-7784 - Della Reese - And Now/There's Nothing Like A Boy (9/19/60)
61-7789 - Floyd Robinson - A Girl Like You/Why Can't It Go On
61-7790 - Homer & Jethro - Please Help Me, I'm Falling/Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini
61-7795 - Bob Thompson - Theme From The Sundowners/Cora's Melody
61-7800 - Jim Reeves - Am I Losing You/I Missed Me
61-7801 - The Ames Brothers - Where The Hot Wind Blows/Suzie Wong
61-7804 - The Browns - Send Me The Pillow (That You DreamOn)/You're So Much A Part Of Me (11/28/60)
61-7805 - Don Gibson - Sweet Dreams/Same Street (11/28/60)
61-7810 - Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight?/I Gotta Know (11/28/60, 11/28/60)
61-7811 - Mickey & Sylvia - What Would I Do/This Is My Story (2/6/61)
61-7816 - Sam Cooke - Sad Mood/Love Me
61-7818 - Johnny Restivo - Two Crazy Kids/Give A Little Whistle (And I'll Be There)
61-7819 - Rosemary Clooney - Hey Look Me Over/What Makes My Fancy
61-7827 - Floyd Robinson - Out Of Gas/Magic Lamp
61-7829 - Neil Sedaka - Calendar Girl/The Same Old Fool (2/6/61)

61-7833 - Della Reese - The Most Beautiful Words/You Mean All The World To Me (2/20/61)
61-7835 - Boots Randolph - Big Daddy/Bongo Band
61-7850 - Elvis Presley - Surrender/Lonely Man [Also issued as a stereo 45 in Germany & in Japan as Victor SX-1076]

61-8500 series is stereo only and has no mono counterpart.

61-8500 - Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Emperor Waltz/On The Beautiful Blue Danube
61-8501 - Boston Pops - Barcarolle/Sabre Dance (with picture sleeve)

61-8502 - Boston Pops - Jalousie/Ritual Fire Dance
61-8503 - London Proms Symphony Orchestra - Clair De Lune/Meditation (with picture sleeve)
61-8504 - Jan Peerce - Because/The Bluebird Of Happiness
61-8505 - Mario Lanza - Funiculi Funicula/Maria Mari
61-8506 - Morton Gould - Estrellita/Stars In My Eyes (with picture sleve)
61-8507 - Robert Russell Bennett - Beneath The Southern Cross/Guadalcanal March (with picture sleeve)
61-8508 - Boston Pops - Fantasia on 'Greensleeves'/Mexican Hat Dance (with picture sleeve)
61-8509 - Boston Pops - Moonglow And Theme From "Picnic"/Hernando's Hideaway (with picture sleeve)
61-8510 - Boston Pops - 76 Trombones/Strike Up The Band
61-8511 -
61-8512 - Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy - Indian Love Call/Ah Sweet Mystery Of Life (with picture sleeve) (true stereo remakes)
61-8513 - Harry Belafonte - In The Evening Mama/Hallelujah, I Love Her So (with picture sleeve)
61-8514 - Bing Crosby/Rosemary Clooney - On A Slow Boat To China/Hindustan (with picture sleeve)
61-8515 - George Melachrino - Riders In the Sky/Red River Valley
61-8516 - Hugo Winterhalter - Delicado/The Peanut Vendor
61-8517 - Larry Elgart - Heartaches/Beyond The Blue Horizon (with picture sleeve)

61-8518 - Perry Como - Route 66/You Came A Long Way From St. Louis
61-8519 - Chet Atkins - Tennessee Waltz/Goodnight Irene
61-8520 - Perez Prado - Taking A Chance On Love/You're Driving Me Crazy
61-8521 -
61-8522 - Henry Mancini - Spook!/Blues For Mother's
61-8523 - The Three Suns - I'm Shootin' High/Breezin' Along With The Breeze
61-8524 - Jane Powell & Robert Merrill - I Remember It Well/I Could Have Danced All Night (with Jan Peerce & Phil Harris)
61-8525 - Stanley Wilson Orchestra - The Mugger/The Chase
61-8526 - Harry Belafonte - Jamaica Farewell/'Day O
61-8527 - Buddy Morrow Orchestra - Richard Diamond/Riff Blues

Standard red ROC label with black print.

S 51012 - Jerry Jerome & His Orchestra - Can-Can Meringue/Making Whoopee Cha Cha


Standard Roulette label, with "STEREO" on both sides of the center hole for some issues, while others had only the stereo designation on the right side.
The SSR-4000 series had an R-4000 mono counterpart.

SSR-4088 - Count Basie & His Orchestra - Swingin' The Blues/Every Tub

SSR-4152 - Cathy Carr - I'm Gonna Change Him/The Little Things You Do (6/8/59)
SSR-4154 - Ronnie Hawkins - Forty Days/One Of These Days (6/8/59)
SSR-4158 - Jimmie Rodgers - Ring-A-Ling-A-Lario/Wonderful You (6/1/59, 6/15/59) [Also issued as a stereo single in Canada as Apex S9-76510]
SSR-4160 - The Playmates - What Is Love?/I Am (7/6/59)
SSR-4166 - Count Basie - The Big Walk/Rat Race
SSR-4167 - Pearl Bailey - Summertime/I Got Rhythm
SSR-4170 - Billy Eckstine And Count Basie - Lonesome Lover Blues/I Want A Little Girl
SSR-4177 (U) - Ronnie Hawkins - Mary Lou/Need Your Lovin' (9/21/59)
SSR-4191 - Jimmie Rodgers - Tucumcari/The Night You Became Seventeen (10/26/59)
SSR-4203 - Count Basie Swings, Joe Williams Sings - Shake Rattle And Roll/Ain't No Use

SSR-4218 - Jimmie Rodgers - Waltzing Matilda/Tender Love And Care (TLC) (1/18/60)

Standard Roulette label, with "STEREO" only to the right of the center hole.
The SSR-8000 series is stereo only and has no mono counterpart.

SSR-8001 - Jimmie Rodgers - Bo Diddley/Solder, Won't You Marry Me [rel. 12/58]
SSR-8002 - Tryee Glenn - Teach Me Tonight/There Will Never Be Another You [rel. 12/58]
SSR-8003 - Count Basie - Jumpin' At The Woodside/Rusty Dusty Blues [rel. 12/58]
SSR-8004 - Joe Williams - Can't We Talk It Over/Say It Isn't So [rel. 12/58]
SSR-8005 - Joe Newman - I'll Get By/Old Devil Moon [rel. 12/58]
SSR-8006 - Count Basie - Fantail/The Kid from Red Bank [rel. 12/58]
SSR-8007 - Jimmie Rodgers - Froggy Went A-Courtin'/Liza [rel. 12/58]
SSR-8008 - Tyree Glenn - Sweet And Lovely/All Of Me [rel. 12/58]
SSR-8009 - Count Basie - Duet/After Supper [rel. 12/58]

SSR-8010 - Jimmie Rodgers - St. James Infirmary/Just A Wearyin' For You
SSR-8011 - Tyree Glenn - That's All/I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
SSR-8012 - Count Basie featuring Joe Williams - Five O'Clock In The Morning/Hallelujah, I Love Her So
SSR-8013 - William Kealoha - Lovely Hula Hands/Hawaiian War Chant
SSR-8014 - Harry "Sweets" Edison - Paradise/It Happened In Monterey
SSR-8015 - Count Basie & Johnny Williams - Honeysuckle Rose/Ain't Misbehavin'
SSR-8016 - Maynard Ferguson - Secret Love/Don'cha Go 'Way Mad
SSR-8017 - Joe Newman - Star Eyes/?
SSR-8018 - Don Redman & The Knights Of The Roundtable - After You're Gone/?

At this point, Roulette shifted the SSR-8000 series from stereo 45 releases to its stereo-only compact 33 releases. These were usually released in sets of five, with juke box title strips and a 5x5-inch slick of the album cover.

SSR-33-8019 - Count Basie - Every Tub/Swinging The Blues
SSR-33-8020 - Count Basie - The Midnight Sun Never Sets/A Square At The Round Table
SSR-33-8021 - Count Basie - Speaking Of Sounds/Her Royal Highness
SSR-33-8022 - Count Basie - Cute/Pony Tail
SSR-33-8023 - Count Basie - What Did You Win/Ain't No Use
SSR-33-8024 - Jimmie Rodgers - Ghost Riders In The Sky/Wagon Wheels
SSR-33-8025 - Jimmie Rodgers -
SSR-33-8026 - Jimmie Rodgers -
SSR-33-8027 - Jimmie Rodgers -
SSR-33-8028 - Jimmie Rodgers -
SSR-33-8029 - Joe Williams - Travelin' Light/Confessin' The Blues
SSR-33-8030 - Joe Williams - Key To The Highway/Lyin' Woman
SSR-33-8031 - Joe Williams - Chains of Love/Mean Mistreater
SSR-33-8032 - Joe Williams - Keep Your Hand On Your Heart/Tomorrow Night
SSR-33-8033 - Joe Williams - Night Time Is The Right Time/Mean Old World
SSR-33-8034 - Maynard Ferguson - Teach Me Tonight/Let's Face The Music And Dance
SSR-33-8035 - Maynard Ferguson - It Could Happen To You/The Party's Over
SSR-33-8036 - Maynard Ferguson - You Don't Know What Love Is/It's Only A Paper Moon
SSR-33-8037 - Maynard Ferguson - The Masquerade Is Over/My Foolish Heart
SSR-33-8038 - Maynard Ferguson - Don't Take Your Love From Me/Let's Do It

SSR-33-8039 - Count Basie - Jackson County Jubilee/Vine Street Rumble
SSR-33-8040 - Count Basie - The Wiggle Walk/Sunset Glow
SSR-33-8041 - Count Basie - Paseo Promenade/Meetin' Time
SSR-33-8042 - Count Basie - Blue Five Jive/Rompin' At The Reno
SSR-33-8043 - Count Basie - Miss Missouri/Katy-Do
SSR-33-8044 - Sarah Vaughn - Ain't No Use/Have You Met Miss Jones?
SSR-33-8045 - Sarah Vaughn - Everytime I See You/You Stepped Out Of A Dream
SSR-33-8046 - Sarah Vaughn - Jump For Joy/What Do You See In Her
SSR-33-8047 - Sarah Vaughn - I'm Gonna Laugh You Out Of My Life/When Your Lover Has Gone
SSR-33-8048 - Sarah Vaughn - Trouble Is Man/Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams

Royal Roost
Blue label with silver print.
Although we have not heard the single below, both sides should be stereo, as they were taken from an early stereo album.

Royal Roost
6001 - The Johnny Smith Trio - The Nearness Of You/It Might As Well Be Spring

Red label with silver print.

45-1801 - Bobby Donaldson - The Surrey With The Fringe On Top/Oh What A Beautiful Morning
45-1802 - A.K. Salim - Blu-Shout/Blu-Baby

45-1803 - Wilbur Harden - I Have Dreamed/I Whistle A Happy Tune
45-1804 - A.K. Salim - Payday/Joybox

These 45s were made for the Seeburg stereo juke boxes.

1004 - The Seeburg Spotlite Band - Hound Dog/Saddle Soap
1010 - The Seeburg Spotlite Band - Aw Shucks/Michael Row Your Boat Ashore
7008 - C&W Series (No artists given) - Something Very Rare/Under The Double Eagle

Stereo singles used the regular red-and-white 45 label with a large "STEREO" to the lower left of the center hole.

"Our Love's No Ordinary Thing" on the single below was taken from a 1961 film titled Angel Baby. The film's musical director was Wayne Shanklin, who ran Signet Records.

3-280 - Heine Beau & His Orchestra - Tango Apache/Our Love's No Ordinary Thing

Early singles used a light blue label with black print.

SS 101 - The Midtowners - Takes Two To Stereo/I Could Of Danced All Night [rel. 12/58]
SS 102 - The Dave Mackay Trio - Blues For Polly-O/Doxie [rel. 12/58]
SS 103 - The Dick Carey Orchestra - You Do Something For Me/Touche [rel. 12/58]
SS 104 - The Louie Metcalf Orchestra - Come After Breakfast/Basin Street Blues [rel. 12/58]
SS 105 - Marty Napoleon & His Music - Makin' Whoopie/Autumn Leaves [rel. 12/58]
SS 106 - The Ruby Braff Sextet - Someday Sweetheart/You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To [rel. 12/58]
SS 107 - Joe Marsala - [rel. 12/58]
SS 108 - Dick Todd - Sweet Lorraine/If I Could Be With You [rel. 12/58]
SS 109 - The Big Three - Pennies From Heaven/St. Louis Blues [rel. 12/58]
SS 110 - [rel. 12/58]

Later issues used a royal blue and silver label with silver print.

SS 111 - Budd Johnson & The Voices Five - You're Driving Me Crazy/On The Alamo
SS 112 - The Do-Ray-Mi Trio - On A Slow Boat To China/Saturday Night Fish Fry [Also issued in Canada through the Compo Company]
SS 113 - Budd Johnson - Castle Rock/It Had To Be You
SS 114 -
SS 115 - The Do-Ray-Mi Trio - Old Man River/Oh-Wee

Orange label with black print.

101 - Blair-Smythe Society Orchestra - Moonlight Becomes You/Stairway To The Stars
102 - Blair-Smythe Society Orchestra - Moon Over Miami/Stareyes
103 -
104 - Blair-Smythe Society Orchestra - Moonlight In Vermont/Stardust
105 -
106 - Blair-Smythe Society Orchestra - Orchids In The Moonlight/How High The Moon
107 - Lenny Herman - Singin' In The Rain/Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey
108 - Lenny Herman - Tico-Tico/Misirlou
109 - Lenny Herman - Say It With Music/Crazy Rhythm
110 - Lenny Herman - Once In A While/New World Theme
111 - Lenny Herman - Margie/Lover Come Back To Me
112 - Lenny Herman - Humoresque/Roses Of Picardy
113 - 7 Lemons On The Rocks - Tin Roof Blues/Indiana
114 -
115 - 7 Lemons On The Rocks - Confessin'/Royal Garden Blues
120 - Adam Loski & His Polka Band - Beer Barrel Polka/Domino Polka
122 - The Gene Harris Trio - The Waters Of Minnetonka/It's Only A Paper Moon
123 - The Gene Harris Trio - Ballin' The Jack/I Love You
124 - The Gene Harris Trio - It Might As Well Be Spring/I'm Beginning To See The Light

Standard yellow Tico label with black print.

SST-3001 - Marco Rizo - The Swingin' Shepherd Blues/The Peanut Vendor

Standard black and white Todd label with red logo, with a large silver "STEREO" to the left of the center hole and an "AURAPHONIC SOUND" banner at the top.
"Auraphonic Sound" was Todd's slogan for stereo.

45-1022 - Jerry Wald - Sheba/Moon Over Miami
45-1027 - Clyde McCoy - Hot Eyes Of Texas/Just Before Dawn

Top Rank
Early issues (at least to 2014) used a gold and white label with red print and a red logo at the left."STEREO" was indicated to the right of the center hole.

At least one issue (specifically, 2028) used the standard red and white Top Rank label with black print and the grey logo to the left of the center hole. Stereo was indicated to the left of the center hole.
"Bulldog" (2026) on a stereo single was reported to Billboard, but remains a phantom, as its existence has not been confirmed even after extensive searching. If it exists, it may have the red label. It has not been released in true stereo elsewhere, so it may have been cancelled because no true stereo master was available.

Later issues (2031 and above) used the gold and white label with black print and the red logo, but the stereo notation was moved to the left under the logo in much smaller letters.

Top Rank
RA-2006-ST - The Knightsbridge Strings - Cry/My Prayer (gold) (8/3/59)
RA-2014-ST - The Knightsbridge Strings - Wheel Of Fortune/Cow Cow Boogie (gold)
RA-2026-ST (U) - The Fireballs - Bulldog/Nearly Sunrise (1/18/60)
RA-2028-ST - Jack Scott - What In The World's Come Over You/Baby, Baby (red) (1/18/60)

RA-2031-ST - The Knightsbridge Strings - Blues From 'American In Paris'/Fiddler's Boogie (gold)
RA-2038-ST - The Fireballs - Kissin' (S)/Foot-Patter (E) (gold)
RA-2041-ST - Jack Scott - Burning Bridges/Oh, Little One

20th Fox
Standard blue and white 20th Fox "clouds" label with black print.
The Al Martino single is true stereo. The Harry Simeone reissue is probably rechanneled. Although 20th Fox re-recorded the song in stereo, this was not done until the early 1960s.

20th Fox
45-132 - Al Martino - I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart/Two Hearts Are Better Than One (6/29/59)
45-121 [reissue] - The Harry Simeone Chorale - The Little Drummer Boy/Die Lorelei (12/14/59)

Black and silver label.
The single is rechanneled.

UR-2013S - The Falcons - You're So Fine (E)/Goddess Of Angels (E) (5/25/59)

United Artists
The earliest stereo 45 below had a light blue label with black print:

"King Size Guitar" had a red label with black print:
"Exodus" may have the black United Artists label, since by that time they had changed label designs.

United Artists
UA 1154 - The Wild-Cats - Gazachstahagen (E)/Billy's Cha Cha (E)
UA 1169 - The Wild-Cats - King Sized Guitar/Dancing Elephants

UA 1274 - Ferrante and Teicher - Exodus/Twilight (11/28/60)

Grey label with black print.

SR-309 - Wade Flemons - Hold Me Close/You'll Remain Forever

Standard black Verve label with silver print, but a large "STEREOPHONIC" banner appears across the bottom of the label:
The items below marked (U) were inferred from the mono series and missing stereo numbers, but are unconfirmed.

VS-700X45 - Sam Alessie - Adorable Cha Cha/Aha Oho [V-10161]
VS-701X45 - Gene Krupa - Petite Fleur/Big Noise From Winnetka [V-10162]
VS-702X45 - Ella Fitzgerald - Little Jazz/Teardrops From My Eyes [V-10166]
VS-703X45 - The Fraternity Brothers - Military Love Song/Oo-Be-Doo-Bee-Dow [V-10164]
VS-704X45 - Gary Crosby - Sentimental Journey/After The Lights Go Down Low [V-10163]
VS-705X45 - Sam Alessi - How About It Baby/Let Them Talk [V-10165]
VS-706X45 - Randy Sparks - I Never Had A Chance/These Thousand Hills [V-10167]
VS-707X45 - The Fraternity Brothers - Nevertheless/Blues Serenade [V-10168]
VS-708X45 - Chuck Hix - Sandy/Sixteen [V-10169]
VS-709X45 - Ella Fitzgerald - Stairway To The Stars/I'm Thru With Love [V-10171]
VS-710X45 - Dizzy Gillespie - Swing Low Sweet Cadillac, Part 1/Swing Low Sweet Cadillac, Part 2 [V- 10172]
VS-711X45 - Gary Crosby - The Happy Bachelor/This Little Girl Of Mine [V-10175]
VS-712X45 - Mel Torme - Frenesi/At The Crossroads [V-10174]
VS-713X45 - Randy Sparks - Make Her Mine/The Cracker Jack Ring [V-10177]
VS-714X45 (U) - The Fraternity Brothers - Carina/Honey Bee [V-10176]
VS-715X45 - Louis Bellson - Drummer's Holiday/Lulu's Back In Town [V-10178]
VS-716X45 - Anita O'Day - Night And Day/Get Out Of Town [V-10179]
VS-717X45 - Ella Fitzgerald - But Not For Me/You Make Me Feel So Young [V-10180]
VS-718X45 - Louis Armstrong - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen/That Old Feeling [V-10182]
VS-719X45 - Mel Levin - Fight On For Old.../Three Horned Flink [V-10183]
VS-720X45 - Sylvie Mora - Miserlou/Summertime [V-10184]
VS-721X45 - Johnny Twig - Gina/Sax-O-Phun [V-10185] (1960)
VS-722X45 - Ella Fitzgerald - The Christmas Song/The Secret Of Christmas [V-10186]
VS-723X45 - Johnny White - The Christmas Seal Song/Seal Boogie [V-10187]
VS-724X45 - The Dispoto Sisters - Willie Claus/Whistling Neath The Mistletoe [V-10188]
VS-725X45 - Ella Fitzgerald - Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar/Like Young [V-10189]
VS-726X45 - Chuck Hix - Is You Is (Or Is You Ain't My Baby)/Ballad Of A Bad Man [V-10190]
VS-727X45 - Randy Sparks - Birminham Train/A Girl Like You [V-10191]
VS-728X45 - Ernie Heckscher Orchestra - Mack The Knife/Limehouse Blues [V-10193]
VS-729X45 - Oscar Peterson Trio - On The Street Where You Live/I Could Have Danced All Night [V- 10192]
VS-730X45 - Nelson Riddle Orchestra - Walking The Dog/March Of The Swiss Soldiers [V-10194]

VS-731X45 (U) - The Fraternity Brothers - Dearest Darling/Moonlight And Roses [V-10195]
VS-732X45 (U) - Randy Sparks - Big Night/South Coast [V-10196]
VS-733X45 - Sylvie Mora - Taboo/One For My Baby [V-10197]
VS-734X45 - The Ink Spots - Secret Love/A Little Bird Told Me [V-10198]
VS-735X45 - Louis Bellson - Satin Doll/Drum Foolery [V-10199]
VS-736X45 -
VS-737X45 (U) - The Hollywood Saxophone Quartet - The Maid With The Flaxen Hair/Serenade Comique [V-10201]
VS-738X45 (U) - The Dispoto Sisters - Let's Have A Party Tonight/Timber [V-10202]
VS-739X45 (U) - The Paul Smith Quartet - Do-Re-Mi/My Favorite Things [V-10203]
VS-740X45 - The Four Holidays - Love Ya' Baby/I Don't Wanna Go To School [V-10204]
VS-741X45 -
VS-742X45 -
VS-743X45 - Sammy Davis - Ain't That A Kick In The Head/Eee-O Eleven [V-10219]
VS-744X45 - Ella Fitzgerald - How High The Moon (Part 1)/How High The Moon (Part 2) [V-10220]
VS-745X45 - Russell Garcia - Theme From "The Time Machine"/London 1900 [V-10217]

Although "Mack the Knife" by Ella Fitzgerald was reported in Billboard to have been issued on a stereo 45, this was apparently an error. It was released in April, 1960, as a stereo-only 7" 33-1/3 rpm stereo single with no mono counterpart. It may have been planned as one of the two missing numbers (741, 742) above, but changed at the last minute.

Verve VS-902 - Ella Fitzgerald - Mack The Knife/Cool Breeze (5/2/60)

Warner Bros.
Gold label with black print.
Warner used stereo EP sleeves for the stereo 45 singles. The WB stereo 45s we've heard have been true stereo. The promo of S 5145, at least, is on gold vinyl.

Warner Bros.
S 5025 - Don Ralke - 77 Sunset Strip [different recording from mono hit 45]/Sebastian
S 5032 - Tab Hunter - Apple Blossom Time/My Only Love
S 5047 - Edward Byrnes/Connie Stevens - Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)/You're The Top (5/18/59)
S 5050 - The Mary Kaye Trio - You Can't Be True Dear/Because Of You
S 5051 - Tab Hunter - There's No Fool Like A Young Fool/I'll Never Smile Again (5/25/59)
S 5060 - Warren Barker/Frank Comstock - Richard Diamond Theme/The D. A.'s Man Theme
S 5077 - Don Ralke/Pete Candoli & His Orchestra - 77 Sunset Strip (Alternate?)/77 Sunset Strip Cha Cha
S 5087 - Edd Byrnes - Like I Love You/Kookie's Mad Pad (8/31/59)

S 5145 - Bill Haley & His Comets - Tamiami/Candy Kisses
S 5151 - Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown/Always It's You (4/18/60, 5/14/60)

Standard red Warwick label with black print.
The "Red River Rock" stereo single is rechanneled. "Reville Rock" has appeared later in true stereo, so it is possible that was stereo on the single below.

M 509ST - Johnny & The Hurricanes - Red River Rock (E)//Buckeye (E) (8/24/59)
M 513ST - Johnny & The Hurricanes - Reville Rock/Time Bomb (11/3/59)

World Pacific
First label is gold with black print, with "STEREO" in block letters above the company logo. This label was used for 101-106 and 108-110.

The second label is also gold with black print, but "Stereo Phonic" is in decorative letters above the company logo. This label was used for 107, and for 111 and later.

World Pacific
101 - The Chico Hamilton Quintet - Some Enchanted Evening/Bali Ha'i
102 - The Chico Hamilton Quintet - Caravan/Soft Winds
103 - The Mastersounds - Fate/Gesticulate
104 - Gerry Mulligan - Disc Jockey Jump/Crazy Day
105 - The Gerry Mulligan - Chet Baker Quartet - Ornithology/Jersey Bounce
106 - Johnny Mandel - Georgia On My Mind/Bill Holman Hooray For Love
107 - Chet Baker/Bud Shank Orchestra - Jimmy's Theme/Fairmont
108 - Gil Evans - St. Louis Blues/King Porter Stomp
109 - The Chico Hamilton - Freddie Gambrell Trio - In The Still Of The Night/Five Minutes More
110 - The Mastersounds - The Champ/Charlie Mariano Sextet Seeburg Blues
111 - The Chico Hamilton Quintet - A Train & Perdido/It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing
112 - The Mastersounds - Getting To Know You/Shall We Dance
113 - Annie Ross And Zoot Sims - Everything I Got Belongs To You/I Was Doing All Right
114 - Bud Shank - Laurindo - I Didn't Know What Time It Was/Choro In A
115 - Jackie Davis And Gerald Wilson - Funky Organ Blues/Richie Crabtree Hey Now
116 - Gil Evans - Davenport Blues/Joy Spring
117 - Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks & Annie Ross - Love Makes the World Go 'Round/Now's The Time
118 - Buddy Bregman - My Buddy/I Love Paris
119 - Buddy Bregman - Too Close For Comfort/Baubles, Bangles And Beads
120 - Gerry Mulligan And Chet Baker - Surrey With The Fringe On Top/When You Lover Has Gone

World Wide
Gold label with black print.

World Wide
45-2501 - Candido In Indigo - Blue Prelude/Softly, But Blue [Reissued on ABC-Paramount 45-S- 9990]
45-2502 - Antonio Tain, His Trumpet & His Orchestra - Espana Cani/El Gallito

45-2503 - Main St. Concert Band - There Is A Tavern In The Town/Sidewalks Of New York
45-2504 - Main St. Concert Band - H-a-r-r-i-g-a-n-Annie Rooney/Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly
45-2505 - Main St. Concert Band - Tarantelle/O Sole Mio
45-2506 - Main St. Concert Band - The Band Played On/After The Ball-Goodnight Ladies
45-2507 - Coleman Hawkins & Jack Teagarden - Evening At Papa Joe's/There Is Nothing Like A Dame
45-2508 - Frank Wess - Marmaduke/Parker's Mood


This is a select discography of stereo 45s that were issued outside of the U.S., many of which have no apparent U.S. counterpart. This discography is not comprehensive.

Apex (Canada)
Blue label with silver print. Stereo sleeve also shown at left. The mono pressing has a maroon/silver label.


Apex Records was a major label and record company in Canada. Their heyday was the 1950s and 1960s. In addition to releasing their own (mostly French) artists, the company also issued releases by the smaller independent labels in the United States. Once such label they distributed was Roulette Records. They issued this Jimmie Rodgers 45 in stereo in June, 1959. Apex released a huge volume of singles, but this is the only stereo 45 known, and the copy illustrated on this page is quite rare.

S9-76510 - Jimmie Rodgers - Ring-A-Ling-A-Lario/Wonderful You

Brunswick (Germany)
Black label with gold print.

250 200 - Bill Haley & His Comets - Mack The Knife/Music! Music! Music!

Columbia (Germany)
Light blue label with black print

STC 21 108 - Paul Anka - That's Love/?
STC 21 311 - Paul Anka - Put Your Head On My Shoulder/Lonely Boy

Coral (Germany)
Orange label with black print.

280 315 - Jackie Wilson - Talk That Talk/?

Electrola (Germany)
Red label with black print.

STE 21 101 - Lloyd Price - Stagger Lee/You Need Love [ABC-Paramount 45-S-9972]
STE 21 103 - Boy Berger - All The Same/Sugar Baby
STE 21 130 - De Castro Sisters - Teach Me Tonight Cha Cha/The Things I Tell My Pillow [ABC- Paramount 45-S-9988]
STE 21 132 - The Keymen - Miss You/Isle Of Capri [ABC Paramount 45-9977S]

Heliodor (Germany)
Black label with gold print.

403 001 - The Chordettes - Charlie Brown/I Cried A Tear
403 046 - Frankie Avalon - Just Ask Your Heart/?

London (Germany)
Black label with gold print.

SDL 200 254 - Billy Vaughn - Your Cheating Heart/Aloha Oe

London (UK)
Black label with silver print.

45-SLW 4001 - Duane Eddy - Peter Gunn/Yep!
45-SLU 4002 - Pat Boone - For A Penny/The Wang Dang Taffy-Apple Tango
45-SLU 4003 - The Fleetwoods - Come Softly To Me/I Care So Much

Oriole (UK)
Blue label with silver print.

45-SCB 1605 - Michael Freedman - Exodus-Main Theme/Serenata

Polydor (Germany)
Red label with black print.

220 004 - Max Greger - Orangen Aus Jaffa/Hey! Eula
220 013 - Bert Kampfert - Morgen (One More Sunrise)/Nur Du, Du, Du Allien
220 176 - Peter Kraus - Doll-Doll-Dolly/Susi Sagt Es Gaby

220 262 - Peter Kraus - Va Bene/Sag Mir Was Du Denkst

Pye (UK)
Purple label with silver print.

7NRS.15320 - The Sound Of Ed White - Coral Reef/Tropical Blue

RCA Victor (Germany)
Black label with silver print.

61-9255 - Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney - Isle Of Capri/How About You
61-9267 - Pim Maas - Kansas City/All Right Baby

W & G (Australia)
Yellow label with black print.

WG-SPN-S-914 - Ted Weems - Heartaches/Mickey

Thanks to Sandra Bond, Alan Carner, Fred Clemens, Bob Compeau, Tom Diehl, Raymond Eklund, Jr., Ron Furmanek, David Gideon, James Harrod, John M., Andy Merey, Terry A. Parkening, John R. Preston, Randy Price, Andy Serra, Wes Smith, Kent Teffeteller, Tony Watson, and Frank Wright

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