The Stereo Singles Project, Part 2
Stereo-33 Singles Discography (1959-1964)

By Mike Callahan, Thomas Reed, Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts, and Tim Neely
Last update: February 13, 2016

The idea of 7" singles playing at 33-1/3 rpm was hardly new when Columbia re-introduced that format to the public in 1959. Back in the late 1940s, when Columbia and RCA-Victor were battling to see which speed would replace the 78, Columbia went all the way and started issuing their now-microgroove singles on the 33 speed (see example, below right). They even added radial "rumble strips" around the label to keep them from slipping when on a changer. But they were just weren't popular with record buyers and 45s quickly won out for singles. Columbia had to be content with a victory on albums. By mid-1952, the 7" 33 singles were banished from Columbia's catalog (they had never been in other catalogs).

Early Columbia 33-1/3 rpm single When rival RCA-Victor jumped in on the stereo 45s in a big way in 1958, Columbia sat back and waited. Ultimately, they totally refused to give in to RCA's stereo-45 singles, although the did start issuing stereo EPs in February, 1959. Instead, they re-introduced their brainchild 33-single, this time in stereo, during the summer of 1959.

A bad idea is also a bad idea ten years later, usually. The record buying public still disliked the 33s. As singles, you couldn't put your thumb through a stack of them to keep from dropping them, and the fidelity wasn't much improvement, if any, to most customers' ears. Within a very few months, Columbia's dream of a single-speed industry (at 33-1/3, of course) failed completely.

By the start of 1960, the only solid customer the stereo-33 single had was the juke box operators, who stocked their stereo juke boxes with them. All the record labels began shipping stereo-33 singles to the juke box people in little packets of five discs, along with title strips for the juke boxes and 5x5-inch slick photos of the album from which the packet was derived. The juke box folks loved it.

A vast majority of the stereo-33 singles listed in this discography started as part of a 5-disc package for juke boxes. By 1962, the idea of selling stereo-33 singles at the local record store was about done, and the juke boxers started going for stereo EPs and "Little LPs" with three songs on each side, costing the listener 25 cents instead of one song for 10 cents. The Little LPs lasted much longer than the stereo- 33 singles, reaching into the 1970s.

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Label Scan

Number - Artist - Songs - (First listing in Hot 100 as stereo-33 single)


The first ABC-Paramount label used for the stereo-33 singles was yellow with black print with a horizontal line above the center hole in which "STEREO" was printed. The Leon McAuliff set below had the same design, but was more of a tan color with black print.

ABC-Paramount seems to have issued all their stereo-33 singles in five record juke box sets. These were sent out in a kraft paper mailing envelope as shown at left.


From the Paul Anka album My Heart Sings [ABC-Paramount ABCS-296]:

ABCS 296-1 - Paul Anka - (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings/Under Paris Skies
ABCS 296-2 - Paul Anka - Autumn Leaves/Pigalle
ABCS 296-3 - Paul Anka - C'Est Si Bon/Comme Ci, Comme Ca
ABCS 296-4 - Paul Anka - Melodie D'Amour/I Miss You So
ABCS 296-5 - Paul Anka - I Love Paris/If You Love Me

From the Ray Charles album The Genius Hits The Road [ABC-Paramount ABCS-335]:

ABCS 335-1 - Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind/Alabama Bound
ABCS 335-2 - Ray Charles - Basin Street Blues/Mississippi Mud
ABCS 335-3 - Ray Charles - Moonlight In Vermont/New York's My Home
ABCS 335-4 - Ray Charles - Moon Over Miami/California, Here I Come
ABCS 335-5 - Ray Charles - Deep In The Heart Of Texas/Chattanooga Choo Choo

From the Jon Thomas album Heartbreak [ABC-Paramount ABCS-351]:

ABCS 351-1 - Jon Thomas - Hey, Hey Baby/Doo Fopa Doo
ABCS 351-2 - Jon Thomas - Heartbreak (It's Hurtin' Me)/Teasin'
ABCS 351-3 - Jon Thomas - Ruby/Kick It!!
ABCS 351-4 - Jon Thomas - Fallin' Out Blues/Buffalo Blues
ABCS 351-5 - Jon Thomas - Lil' Pooch/I Will


From the Ray Charles album Dedicated To You [ABC-Paramount ABCS 355]:

ABCS 355-1 - Ray Charles - Margie/Nancy
ABCS 355-2 - Ray Charles - Rosetta/Stella By Starlight
ABCS 355-3 - Ray Charles - Cherry/Josephine
ABCS 355-4 - Ray Charles - Marie/Candy
ABCS 355-5 - Ray Charles - Diane/Sweet Georgia Brown

From the Erroll Garner album Dreamstreet [ABC-Paramount ABCS-365]:

ABCS 365-1 - Erroll Garner - When You're Smiling/Sweet Lorraine
ABCS 365-2 - Erroll Garner - Just One Of Those Things/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
ABCS 365-3 - Erroll Garner - Oklahoma Medley, Part I/Oklahoma Medley, Part II
ABCS 365-4 - Erroll Garner - Dreamstreet/The Lady Is A Tramp
ABCS 365-5 - Erroll Garner - Come Rain Or Come Shine/Mambo Gotham


From the album Ray Charles and Betty Carter [ABC-Paramount ABCS-385]:

ABCS 385-1 - Ray Charles & Betty Carter - Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye//Goodbye/We'll Be Together Again
ABCS 385-2 - Ray Charles & Betty Carter - Cocktails For Two/People Will Say We're In Love
ABCS 385-3 - Ray Charles & Betty Carter - Side By Side/Baby, It's Cold Outside
ABCS 385-4 - Ray Charles & Betty Carter - Together/For All We Know
ABCS 385-5 - Ray Charles & Betty Carter - It Takes Two To Tango/Just You, Just Me

From the Leon McAuliff album Cozy Inn [ABC-Paramount ABCS-394]:

ABCS 394-1 - Leon McAuliff - Cozy Inn/Ain't Gonna Hurt No More
ABCS 394-2 - Leon McAuliff - Choo Choo Ch'Boogie/Honky Tonk Song
ABCS 394-3 - Leon McAuliff - Hoodle Addle/Kansas City
ABCS 394-4 - Leon McAuliff - Rockin' Robin/Sittin' On Top
ABCS 394-5 - Leon McAuliff - Green Door/Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

From the Ray Charles album Modern Sounds In Country & Western Music [ABC-Paramount ABCS-410]:

ABCS 410-1 - Ray Charles - You Don't Know Me/Bye, Bye Love
ABCS 410-2 - Ray Charles - Half As Much/I Love You So Much It Hurts
ABCS 410-3 - Ray Charles - Born To Lose/Just A Little Lovin'
ABCS 410-4 - Ray Charles - It Makes No Difference Now/Worried Mind
ABCS 410-5 - Ray Charles - You Win Again/Careless Love

At this point, the label design changes, eliminating the horizontal line.

From the Ray Charles album Modern Sounds In Country & Western Music, Vol. 2 [ABC-Paramount ABCS-435]:

ABCS 435-1 - Ray Charles - Take These Chains From My Heart/You Are My Sunshine
ABCS 435-2 - Ray Charles - Your Cheating Heart/No Letter Today
ABCS 435-3 - Ray Charles - Someday/I'll Never Stand In Your Way
ABCS 435-4 - Ray Charles - Don't Tell Me Your Troubles/Making Believe
ABCS 435-5 - Ray Charles - Oh Lonesome Me/Hang Your Head In Shame


From the Frank Fontaine album Songs I Sing On The Jackie Gleason Show [ABC-Paramount ABCS-442]:

ABCS 442-1 - Frank Fontaine - When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver/I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
ABCS 442-2 - Frank Fontaine - Heart Of My Heart/Daddy's Little Girl
ABCS 442-3 - Frank Fontaine - If You Were The Only Girl In The World/Mary's A Grand Old Name
ABCS 442-4 - Frank Fontaine - That Old Gang Of Mine/I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
ABCS 442-5 - Frank Fontaine - Easter Parade/Beautiful

From the Fats Domino album Here Comes... Fats Domino [ABC-Paramount ABCS-455]:

ABCS 455-1 - Fats Domino - When I'm Walking (Let Me Walk)/I Got A Right To Cry
ABCS 455-2 - Fats Domino - There Goes My Heart Again/Just A Lonely Man
ABCS 455-3 - Fats Domino - Red Sails In The Sunset/Bye Baby, Bye Bye
ABCS 455-4 - Fats Domino - Forever, Forever/I'm Livin' Right
ABCS 455-5 - Fats Domino - I Can't Go On Without You/Land Of 1,000 Dances

From the Ray Charles album Ingredients In A Recipe For Soul [ABC-Paramount ABCS-465]:

ABCS 465-1 - Ray Charles - Busted/Where Can I Go?
ABCS 465-2 - Ray Charles - Born To Be Blue/That Lucky Old Sun
ABCS 465-3 - Ray Charles - Ol' Man River/A Stranger In Town
ABCS 465-4 - Ray Charles - Ol' Man Time/In The Evening
ABCS 465-5 - Ray Charles - You'll Never Walk Alone/Over The Rainbow


From the Fats Domino album Fats On Fire [ABC-Paramount ABCS-479]:

ABCS 479-1 - Fats Domino - I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire/You Know I Miss You
ABCS 479-2 - Fats Domino - The Land Of Make Believe/Old Man Trouble
ABCS 479-3 - Fats Domino - Love Me/Mary, Oh Mary
ABCS 479-4 - Fats Domino - Gotta Get A Job/The Fat Man
ABCS 479-5 - Fats Domino - Valley Of Tears/I'm A Fool To Care

From the Ray Charles album Sweet And Sour Tears [ABC-Paramount ABCS-480]:

ABCS 480-1 - Ray Charles - Teardrops From My Eyes/Don't Cry Baby
ABCS 480-1 - Ray Charles - Baby, Don't You Cry/Cry Me A River
ABCS 480-1 - Ray Charles - Cry/I Cried For You
ABCS 480-1 - Ray Charles - A Tear Fell/No One To Cry To
ABCS 480-1 - Ray Charles - You've Got Me Crying Again/After My Laughter Came Tears


The stereo-33 singles had the Argo tan label with black print, logo at left.


From the Ahmad Jamal album Happy Moods [Argo LPS-662]:
101-S - Ahmad Jamal - Raincheck/Time On My Hands
102-S -
103-S -
104-S -
105-S - Ahmad Jamal - Speak Low/Never Stop Loving You

From the Ramsey Lewis Trio album Stretching Out [Argo LPS-665]:
106-S - The Ramsey Lewis Trio - A Portrait Of Jennie/When The Spirit Moves You
107-S - The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Little Liza Jane/This Is My Night To Dream
108-S - The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Scarlet Ribbons/Here 'Tis
109-S - The Ramsey Lewis Trio - My Ship/Put Your Little Foot Right Out
110-S - The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Solo Para Ti/These Foolish Things


Blue label with silver print.


From the Acker Bilk albums Only You [Atco SD 33-150] (SL-300) and Call Me Mister [Atco SD 33-158] (SL-301):

SL-300 - Acker Bilk - Nature Boy/La Vie En Rose
SL-301 - Mr. Acker Bilk - Diamantina/I'll Be Seeing You


Orange label with black print.


From the Jackie Wilson album Jackie Sings the Blues [Brunswick BL 754055] :

7-38105 - Jackie Wilson - Please Tell Me Why/Doggin' Around
7-38106 - Jackie Wilson - Nothin' But The Blues/Passin' Through
7-38107 - Jackie Wilson - Excuse Me For Lovin'/She Done Me Wrong
7-38108 - Jackie Wilson - Sazzle Dazzle/Please Stick Around
7-38109 - Jackie Wilson - Come On And Love Me Baby/It's Been A Long Time

From the Jackie Wilson album A Woman, A Lover, A Friend [Brunswick BL 754059] :

7-78000 - Jackie Wilson - Your One And Only Love/You Cried
7-78001 - Jackie Wilson - The River/When You Add Religion To Love
7-78002 - Jackie Wilson - One Kiss/(You Were Made) For All My Love
7-78003 - Jackie Wilson - Am I The Man/Behind The Smile Is A Tear
7-78004 - Jackie Wilson - We Kissed/(So Many) Cute Little Girls

Blue Note

Although Blue Note issued quite a few stereo-33s with one song on each side, these songs were typically long jazz pieces, so the records are classified as Little LPs even though they have only one song on each side. See the Little LP page.


The first stereo-33 singles had the maroon label with silver print.

Cadence released some five-disc juke box packages, but apparently issued other stereo-33 singles as well. The package envelope for the Chordettes juke box set is shown at left.


CSP-1: This package draws from three different Andy Williams albums. Discs 2501-2503 are from Lonely Street [Cadence CLP-25030], 2504 is from To You, Sweetheart, Aloha [Cadence CLP25029], and 2505 is from The Village of St. Bernadette [Cadence CLP- 25038]:

2501 - Andy Williams - Unchained Melody/I'm So Alone
2502 - Andy Williams - You Don't Know What Love Is/Say It Isn't So
2503 - Andy Williams - In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning/When Your Lover Has Gone
2504 - Andy Williams - Blue Hawaii/Moon Of Manakoora
2505 - Andy Williams - I Believe/You'll Never Walk Alone

CSP-2: From The Chordettes Sing Never on Sunday [Cadence CLP-25056]. Our copy of this package contains 2606-2608, 2610, and 2511. Originally issued with 2606-2610, Archie Bleyer undoubtedly got pushback from the juke box operators that the big hit "Never on Sunday" wasn't in the package, but was advertised on the slick he provided for display. He apparently removed 2609 and substituted a new single, 2511.

2606 - The Chordettes - The Exodus Song/Theme From Goodbye Again (Say No More-It's Goodbye)
2607 - The Chordettes - Tammy/True Love
2608 - The Chordettes - Fascination/Around The World
2609 - The Chordettes - Que Sera, Sera/Theme From "A Summer Place"
2610 - The Chordettes - The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart)/Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo
2511 - The Chordettes - Never on Sunday/Wooden Heart

When Cadence changed to the red label in 1962, the stereo-33 singles changed labels, also.


From the Andy Williams album Andy Williams Sings Rodgers and Hammerstein [Cadence CLP- 25005]:

25005-33 - Andy Williams - People Will Say We're In Love/We Kiss In A Shadow


The First Capitol stereo-33 label was black with silver print. There was a vertical line down the left side of the label, with the Capitol logo directly left of the center hole. This label design was used until Capitol album 1660 in early 1962 (with the exception of 1417 - see below). Capitol issued stereo-33 singles primarily in batches of five for juke box use, but there are a few exceptions.


From the Ray Anthony album Sound Spectacular [Capitol ST-1200]:

X1-1200 - Ray Anthony - Annie Laurie/Deep River
X2-1200 - Ray Anthony -
X3-1200 - Ray Anthony - Kerry Dance/Blue Bells Of Scotland
X4-1200 - Ray Anthony -
X5-1200 - Ray Anthony - Swing Low/Chop Sticks

From the Hank Thompson album Song for Rounders [Capitol ST-1246]:

X1-1246 - Hank Thompson -
X2-1246 - Hank Thompson -
X3-1246 - Hank Thompson -
X4-1246 - Hank Thompson - Bummin' Around/Little Blossom
X5-1246 - Hank Thompson - Rovin' Gambler/May I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Mister?

From the Kay Starr album Losers Weepers [Capitol ST-1303]:

X1-1303 - Kay Starr - I Should Care/Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
X2-1303 - Kay Starr - I Miss You So/I'm A Fool To Care
X3-1303 - Kay Starr - A Faded Summer Love/Don't Take Your Love From Me
X4-1303 - Kay Starr - When I Lost You/When A Woman Loves A Man
X5-1303 - Kay Starr - Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall/

From the Jonah Jones Quartet album Jumpin' with a Shuffle [Capitol ST-1404]:

X1-1404 - The Jonah Jones Quartet - You're Driving Me Crazy/Lazy River
X2-1404 - The Jonah Jones Quartet - Nine Twenty Special/More Than You Know
X3-1404 - The Jonah Jones Quartet - Misty/Entratter's Blues
X4-1404 - The Jonah Jones Quartet - The Great Lie/One For My Baby
X5-1404 - The Jonah Jones Quartet - The Lonesome Road/My Monday date

From the Kinston Trio album String Along [Capitol ST-1407]:

X1-1407 - The Kingston Trio - When I Was Young/Leave My Woman Alone
X2-1407 - The Kingston Trio - This Mornin', This Evenin', So Soon/Everglades
X3-1407 - The Kingston Trio - Buddy Better Get On Down The Line/South Wind
X4-1407 - The Kingston Trio - Who's Gonna Hold Her Hand/To Morrow
X5-1407 - The Kingston Trio - Colorado Trail/The Tattooed Lady

The singles for Nice 'N' Easy used a purple "throwback" label, a label Capitol had abandoned in 1959. The stereo-33 singles for X-1303 were also known to use this label.

From the Frank Sinatra album Nice 'N' Easy [Capitol ST-1417]:
The singles below were originally pressed on the purple Capitol label, then reissued on the black label with the logo at left.

X1-1417 - Frank Sinatra - How Deep Is The Ocean/That Old Feeling
X2-1417 - Frank Sinatra - Fools Rush In/I've Got A Crush On You
X3-1417 - Frank Sinatra - She's Funny That Way/Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)
X4-1417 - Frank Sinatra - Try A Little Tenderness/Embraceable You
X5-1417 - Frank Sinatra - Mam'selle/Dream

From the Dakota Staton album Softly [Capitol ST-1427]:

X1-1427 - Dakota Staton - You're Mine You/Dedicated To You
X2-1427 - Dakota Staton - Solitude/Close Your Eyes
X3-1427 - Dakota Staton - The Very Thought Of You/Be Anything
X4-1427 - Dakota Staton - Congratulations To Someone/Old Folks
X5-1427 - Dakota Staton - Body And Soul/I Can't Get Started With You

From the Kay Starr album Kay Starr: Jazz Singer [Capitol ST-1438]:

X1-1438 - Kay Starr - I Never Knew/My Man
X2-1438 - Kay Starr - Breezin' Along With The Breeze/All By Myself
X3-1438 - Kay Starr - Hard Headed Hannah/Me Too (Ho-Ho! Ha-Ha!)
X4-1438 - Kay Starr - Happy Days And Lonely Nights/I Only Want A Buddy–Not A Sweetheart
X5-1438 - Kay Starr - My Honey's Lovin' Arms/I Would Do Anything For You

From the Frank Sinatra album Come Swing with Me [Capitol ST-1439]:

X1-1439 - Jackie Gleason - Breezing Along With The Breeze/Smile
X2-1439 - Jackie Gleason - (Here Am I) Broken Hearted/It Had To Be You
X3-1439 - Jackie Gleason - Speak Low/Limehouse Blues
X4-1439 - Jackie Gleason - Because Of You/On The Street Where You Live
X5-1439 - Jackie Gleason - Too Close For Comfort/Lover Man

From the Kingston Trio album The Last Month of the Year [Capitol ST-1446]:

XE 1-1446 - The Kingston Trio - The Last Month Of The Year/We Wish You A Merry Christmas
XE 2-1446 - The Kingston Trio - Go Where I Send Thee/We Sing Noel
XE 3-1446 - The Kingston Trio - The White Snows Of Winter/All Through The Night
XE 4-1446 - The Kingston Trio - Follow Now, Oh Shepherds/Somerset Gloucestershire Wassail
XE 5-1446 - The Kingston Trio - Bye Bye Thou Little Tiny Child/Mary Mild

From the Peggy Lee album Ola Ala Lee [Capitol ST-1475]:

X1-1475 - Peggy Lee - Come Dance With Me/Just Squeeze Me
X2-1475 - Peggy Lee - By Myself/You're So Right For Me
X3-1475 - Peggy Lee - Fantastico/Together Wherever We Go
X4-1475 - Peggy Lee - Ole/Love And Marriage
X5-1475 - Peggy Lee - I Can't Resist You/Non Dimenticar


From the Frank Sinatra album Sinatra's Swingin' Session [Capitol ST-1491]:

X1-1491 - Frank Sinatra - When You're Smiling/It All Depends On You
X2-1491 - Frank Sinatra - Blue Moon/S'Posin'
X3-1491 - Frank Sinatra - It's Only A Paper Moon/My Blue Heaven
X4-1491 - Frank Sinatra - I Concentrate On You/Should I
X5-1491 - Frank Sinatra - You Do Something To Me/September In The Rain

From the Harry James album The Hits Of Harry James [Capitol ST-1515]:

XE1-1515 - Harry James - You Made Me Love You/I've Heard That Song Before
XE2-1515 - Harry James - Trumpet Blues/Cherry
XE3-1515 - Harry James - I'm Beginning To See The Light/Sleepy Lagoon
XE4-1515 - Harry James - Two O'Clock Jump/I Cried For You
XE5-1515 - Harry James - Music Makers/Ciribiribin

From the Jackie Gleason album The Gentle Touch [Capitol ST-1519]:

XE1-1519 - Jackie Gleason - Cheatin' On Me/Looking For A Boy
XE2-1519 - Jackie Gleason - Will You Still Be Mine?/Until The Real Thing Comes Along
XE3-1519 - Jackie Gleason - By Myself/I Went Out Of My Way
XE4-1519 - Jackie Gleason - I Remember It Well/I Don't Want To Cry Anymore
XE5-1519 - Jackie Gleason - Oh! Look At Me Now/Everybody Loves My Baby

From the Peggy Lee album Basin Street East Proudly Presents Miss Peggy Lee [Capitol ST-1520]:

X1-1520 - Peggy Lee - Fever/Moments Like This
X2-1520 - Peggy Lee - The Second Time Around/Medley: One Kiss-My Romance-The Vagabond King Waltz
X3-1520 - Peggy Lee - I Got A Man/Yes Indeed!
X4-1520 - Peggy Lee - Them There Eyes/I Love Being Here With You
X5-1520 - Peggy Lee - Day In-Day Out/But Beautiful

From the Hank Thompson album An Old Love Affair [Capitol ST-1544]:

X1-1544 - Hank Thompson -
X2-1544 - Hank Thompson -
X3-1544 - Hank Thompson -
X4-1544 - Hank Thompson - I'd Like To Tell You/Paying Off The Interest With My Tears
X5-1544 - Hank Thompson -

From the Judy Garland album Judy at Carnegie Hall [Capitol SWBO-1569]:

X1-1569 - Judy Garland - When You're Smiling/A Foggy Day
X2-1569 - Judy Garland - Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody/Swanee
X3-1569 - Judy Garland - Chicago/After You've Gone
X4-1569 - Judy Garland - San Francisco/That's Entertainment
X5-1569 - Judy Garland - Come Rain Or Come Shine/Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart

From the Frank Sinatra album Come Swing with Me [Capitol ST-1594:

X1-1594 - Frank Sinatra - Day By Day/Sentimenal Journey
X2-1594 - Frank Sinatra - Five Minutes More/Almost Like Being In Love
X3-1594 - Frank Sinatra - American Beauty Rose/Yes Indeed
X4-1594 - Frank Sinatra - Don't Take Your Love From Me/On The Sunny Side Of The Street
X5-1594 - Frank Sinatra - Paper Doll/I've Heard That Sound Before


From the album Nancy Wilson/"Cannonball" Adderley [Capitol ST 1657]:

XE 1-1657 - Nancy Wilson & "Cannonball" Adderley - Save Your Love For Me/Never Will I Marry
XE 2-1657 - Nancy Wilson & "Cannonball" Adderley - The Old Country/Happy Talk
XE 3-1657 - Nancy Wilson & "Cannonball" Adderley - The Masquerade Is Over/A Sleepin' Bee
XE 4-1657 - Nancy Wilson & "Cannonball" Adderley - One Man's Dream, Part I/One Man's Dream, Part II XE 5-1657 - Nancy Wilson & "Cannonball" Adderley - I Can't Get Started, Part I/I Can't Get Started, Part II

From the album Jonah Jones/Glen Gray [Capitol ST-1660]:

XE 1-1660 - Jonah Jones Quartet & The Glen Gray Casa Loma Orchestra - Baubles, Bangles & Beads/Echoes Of Harlem
XE 2-1660 - Jonah Jones Quartet & The Glen Gray Casa Loma Orchestra - Two O'Clock Jump/I Can't Get Started
XE 3-1660 - Jonah Jones Quartet & The Glen Gray Casa Loma Orchestra - Hot Lips/After You've Gone
XE 4-1660 - Jonah Jones Quartet & The Glen Gray Casa Loma Orchestra - West End Blues/Ciribiribin
XE 5-1660 - Jonah Jones Quartet & The Glen Gray Casa Loma Orchestra - Sugar Blues/Tenderly

Starting here, the stereo-33 singles used a black label with the Capitol logo at the bottom, and a large "33" at the top.

From the Jean Shepard album Heartaches and Tears [Capitol ST-1663]:

XE 1-1663 - Jean Shepard -
XE 2-1663 - Jean Shepard -
XE 3-1663 - Jean Shepard -
XE 4-1663 - Jean Shepard - Second Best/I Lost You After All
XE 5-1663 - Jean Shepard - I'd Like To Know (Where People Go)/If You Were Losing Him To Me

From the Peggy Lee album Blues Cross Country [Capitol ST1671]:

XE 1-1671 - Peggy Lee - Kansas City/Basin Street Blues
XE 2-1671 - Peggy Lee - I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City/Los Angeles Blues
XE 3-1671 - Peggy Lee - The Grain Belt Blues/New York City Blues
XE 4-1671 - Peggy Lee - Goin' To Chicago Blues/San Francisco Blues
XE 5-1671 - Peggy Lee - Boston Beans/St. Louis Blues

From the Frank Sinatra album Point of No Return [Capitol ST-1676]:

XE 1-1676 - Frank Sinatra - September Song/When The World Was Young
XE 2-1676 - Frank Sinatra -
XE 3-1676 - Frank Sinatra - There Will Never Be Another You/Somewhere Along The Way
XE 4-1676 - Frank Sinatra - It's A Blue World/?
XE 5-1676 - Frank Sinatra - These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)/Somewhere Along The Way

From the Sam Butera album Continental Twist [Capitol ST-1677]:

X1-1677 - Sam Butera & The Witnesses -
X2-1677 - Sam Butera & The Witnesses -
X3-1677 - Sam Butera & The Witnesses - Skinny Minny/Perdido
X4-1677 - Sam Butera & The Witnesses - Twistin' The Blues/Tag That Twistin' Dolly
X5-1677 - Sam Butera & The Witnesses -

From the Kay Starr album I Cry By Night [Capitol ST-1681]:

XE1-1681 - Kay Starr - I'm Alone Because I Love You/Baby
XE2-1681 - Kay Starr - I Cry By Night/Baby Won't You Please Come Home
XE3-1681 - Kay Starr - My Kinda Love/Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)
XE4-1681 - Kay Starr - It Had To Be You/Nevertheless
XE5-1681 - Kay Starr - What Do You See In Her/I'm Still In Love With You

From the Kingston Trio album Best of the Kingston Trio [Capitol ST-1705]:

SM 1705 - The Kingston Trio - Billy Goat Hill/Take Her Out Of Pity

From the Judy Garland album The Garland Touch [Capitol ST-1710]:

X1-1710 - Judy Garland - Lucky Day/I Happen To Like New York
X2-1710 - Judy Garland - Judy At The Palace, Part 1/Judy At The Palace, Part 2
X3-1710 - Judy Garland - Comes Once In A Lifetime/Sweet Danger
X4-1710 - Judy Garland - You'll Never Walk Alone/More Than You Know
X5-1710 - Judy Garland - Do I Love You?/It's A Great Day For The Irish

From the Lou Rawls & Les McCann Ltd. Album Stormy Monday [Capitol ST-1714]:

XE-1-1714 - Lou Rawls & Les McCann Ltd. -
XE-2-1714 - Lou Rawls & Les McCann Ltd. -
XE-3-1714 - Lou Rawls & Les McCann Ltd. -
XE-4-1714 - Lou Rawls & Les McCann Ltd. - 'Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do/Lost And Lookin'
XE-5-1714 - Lou Rawls & Les McCann Ltd. -

From the George Shearing Quintet Album San Francisco Scene [Capitol ST-1715]:

XE-?-1715 - George Shearing Quintet - Lullaby Of Birdland, Part 1/Lullaby Of Birdland, Part 2
XE-2-1715 - George Shearing Quintet - Monophraseology/My New Mambo
XE-?-1715 - George Shearing Quintet - Love Child/Love In Vain
XE-?-1715 - George Shearing Quintet - Love Letters/Love Is The Sweetest Thing
XE-?-1715 - George Shearing Quintet - Jumpin' With Symphony Sid/Cocktails For Two

From the Glen Gray album Sounds of the Great Bands, Vol. 5: They All Swung the Blues [Capitol ST-1739:

SXE-1-1739 - Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra - Bugle Call Rag/Floyd's Guitar Blues
SXE-2-1739 - Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra - Dippermouth Blues/Uptown Blues
SXE-3-1739 - Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra - C Jam Blues/The New No Name Jive
SXE-4-1739 - Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra - Swingin' The Blues/Night Train
SXE-5-1739 - Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra - Blowin' Up A Storm/Farewell Blues

From the Four Freshmen album The Swingers Four Jazz Favorites [Capitol ST-1753]:

XE-1-1753 - The Four Freshmen -
XE-2-1753 - The Four Freshmen -
XE-3-1753 - The Four Freshmen - Dynaflow/Let's Take A Walk Around The Block
XE-4-1753 - The Four Freshmen -
XE-5-1753 - The Four Freshmen -

From the George Shearing album Concerto for My Love [Capitol ST-1755]:

XE 1-1755 - George Shearing with Orchestra and Choir -
XE 2-1755 - George Shearing with Orchestra and Choir -
XE 3-1755 - George Shearing with Orchestra and Choir -
XE 4-1755 - George Shearing with Orchestra and Choir -
XE 5-1755 - George Shearing with Orchestra and Choir - I Wish You Love/?

From the King Curtis album Country Soul [Capitol ST-1756]:

SXE-1-1756 - King Curtis - I'm Movin' On/Tumbling Tumbleweeds
SXE-2-1756 - King Curtis - Walking The Floor Over You/Your Cheatin' Heart
SXE-3-1756 - King Curtis - Night Train To Memphis/Tennessee Waltz
SXE-4-1756 - King Curtis - Any Time/Home On The Range
SXE-5-1756 - King Curtis - High Noon/Raunchy

From the Barbara Dane album On My Way [Capitol ST-1758]:

XE 1-1758 - Barbara Dane - The Hammer Song/Mama Don't Allow No Twistin'
XE 2-1758 - Barbara Dane - Goodbye Daddy Goodbye/Draggin' My Heart Around
XE 3-1758 - Barbara Dane - Cakewalking Babies From Home/Wild Women Don't Have The Blues
XE 4-1758 - Barbara Dane - This Little Light Of Mine/Hurry Up Sundown, Let Tomorrow Come
XE 5-1758 - Barbara Dane - Take It Slow And Easy/I'm On My Way

From the Laurindo Almeida album Viva Bossa Nova! [Capitol ST-1759]:

SXE 1-1759 - Laurindo Almeida & The Bossa Nova All Stars - Naked City Theme/Maria
SXE 2-1759 - Laurindo Almeida & The Bossa Nova All Stars - Petite Fleur/Teach Me Tonight
SXE 3-1759 - Laurindo Almeida & The Bossa Nova All Stars - Lollipops And Roses/Moon River
SXE 4-1759 - Laurindo Almeida & The Bossa Nova All Stars - Desafinado/Mr. Lucky
SXE 5-1759 - Laurindo Almeida & The Bossa Nova All Stars - One Note Samba/Theme From "Route 66"

From the Jonah Jones album Jazz Bonus [Capitol ST-1773]:

SXE-1-1773 - Jonah Jones - Soft Winds/June Night
SXE-2-1773 - Jonah Jones - Lady Of Spain/Fiddlesticks
SXE-3-1773 - Jonah Jones - Jus' Swingin'/Cool Mute
SXE-4-1773 - Jonah Jones - Cutty Sark/Jersey Bounce
SXE-5-1773 - Jonah Jones - Baba Au Rhum/Hot Toddy

From the Hank Thompson album Cheyenne Frontier Days [Capitol ST-1775]:

XE 1-1775 - Hank Thompson & The Brazos Valley Boys - Drop Me Gently/Annie Over
XE 2-1775 - Hank Thompson & The Brazos Valley Boys -
XE 3-1775 - Hank Thompson & The Brazos Valley Boys -
XE 4-1775 - Hank Thompson & The Brazos Valley Boys - Recipe For A Heartache/Darling What More Can I Do
XE 5-1775 - Hank Thompson & The Brazos Valley Boys - Hangover Tavern/Teach Me How To Lie

From the Ray Anthony album I Almost Lost My Mind: The Soul Of Big City Rhythm & Blues [Capitol ST-1783]:

SXE 1-1783 - Ray Anthony - Blue Velvet/Long Lonely Nights
SXE 2-1783 - Ray Anthony - Since I Met You Baby/Trouble In Mind
SXE 3-1783 - Ray Anthony - Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)/Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'
SXE 4-1783 - Ray Anthony - God Bless The Child/The End
SXE 5-1783 - Ray Anthony - Prayers/Midnight Flyer

From the Nat King Cole album Ramblin' Rose [Capitol ST-1793]:

XE 1-1793 - Nat King Cole - Wolverton Mountain/Twilight On The Trail
XE 2-1793 - Nat King Cole -
XE 3-1793 - Nat King Cole -
XE 4-1793 - Nat King Cole -
XE 5-1793 - Nat King Cole -

From the Kingston Trio album New Frontier [Capitol ST-1809]:

SXE-1-1809 - The Kingston Trio - Some Fool Made A Soldier Of Me/To Be Redeemed
SXE-2-1809 - The Kingston Trio - Honey Are You Mad At Your Man/Adios Farewell
SXE-3-1809 - The Kingston Trio - Poor Ellen Smith/My Lord What A Mornin'
SXE-4-1809 - The Kingston Trio - Long Black Veil/Genny Glenn
SXE-5-1809 - The Kingston Trio - The First Time/Dogie's Lament


From the Jimmy Pruett album Good Time Piano [Capitol ST-1822]:

SXE-1-1822 - Jimmy Pruett -
SXE-2-1822 - Jimmy Pruett - My Gal Sal/A Shanty In Old Shanty Town
SXE-3-1822 - Jimmy Pruett -
SXE-4-1822 - Jimmy Pruett -
SXE-5-1822 - Jimmy Pruett -

From the Nancy Wilson album Broadway My Way [Capitol ST-1828]:

SXE-1-1828 - Nancy Wilson -
SXE-2-1828 - Nancy Wilson -
SXE-3-1828 - Nancy Wilson - Getting To Know You/My Ship
SXE-4-1828 - Nancy Wilson -
SXE-5-1828 - Nancy Wilson -

From the Jackie Gleason album Movie Themes: For Lovers Only [Capitol ST-1877]:

SM-1877 - Jackie Gleason - Colette/Mutiny On The Bounty


SXE-1-2008 - Nat King Cole - Day In-Day Out/Bidin' My Time
SXE-2-2008 - Nat King Cole -
SXE-3-2008 - Nat King Cole - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/Something Makes Me Want To Dance With You
SXE-4-2008 - Nat King Cole -
SXE-5-2008 - Nat King Cole -

From the Sonny James album The Minute You're Gone [Capitol ST-2017]:

X1-2017 - Sonny James - The Minute You're Gone/I Guess I'm Crazy (For Lovin' You)
X2-2017 - Sonny James - Gold And Silver/I Gotta Have My Baby Back
X3-2017 - Sonny James - Going Through The Motions (Of Living)/Big Hurts Can Come From Little White Lies
X4-2017 - Sonny James - Tying The Pieces Together/Dawn
X5-2017 - Sonny James - Twenty Feet Of Muddy Water/Bad Times A Comin'

From the Al Martino album Living a Lie [Capitol ST-2040]:

SXE-1-2040 - Al Martino - Living A Lie/Are You Lonesome Tonight
SXE-2-2040 - Al Martino - Careless/Don't Cry Joe
SXE-3-2040 - Al Martino - Mexicali Rose/The More I See You
SXE-4-2040 - Al Martino - You Can't Hide The Truth/I'm In The Mood For Love
SXE-5-2040 - Al Martino - Room Full Of Roses/Lies

Capitol also released mono-33 singles, with a similar label to the stereo-33 singles.


Grey label with black print.

Carlton apparently issued only the five-disc juke box sets for their stereo-33 single releases.


Set No. 1: From the album Anita Bryant [Carlton STLP 12/118]:

ST 118-1 - Anita Bryant - Till There Was You/Just In Time
ST-118-2 - Anita Bryant - Hello Young Lovers/Mr. Wonderful
ST 118-3 - Anita Bryant - Anyone Would Love You/The Party's Over
ST 118-4 - Anita Bryant - Promise Me A Rose (A Slight Detail)/Blessings Of Love
ST 118-5 - Anita Bryant - Love Look Away/Small World


Set No. 2: From the Paul Evans album Paul Evans Sings Folk Songs of Many Lands [Carlton STLP 12/130]:

ST 130-1 - Paul Evans - Kevin Barry/Wearing Of The Green
ST 130-2 - Paul Evans - Golden Vanity/Tzena Tzena
ST 130-3 - Paul Evans - Wee Cooper O'Fife/The Bomb
ST 130-4 - Paul Evans - Mr. Hangman/British Grenadiers
ST 130-5 - Paul Evans - Wayfarin' Stranger/Poor Boy


Columbia, of course, started the 33-1/3 rpm (mono) single in the late 1940s, as noted at the top of this page. When stereo singles came out in 1958 on 45s, Columbia bided their time until mid-1959, when they re-introduced the 33 single, this time in stereo.

Columbia started by issuing two special promotional singles, each with a different artist on each side. On each side of these promo singles, and also on the sleeve, the following information was printed:

"This is a completely new kind of record combining two great innovations - the convenient 33 RPM Lp speed and exciting Stereophonic sound. You can play this record interchangeably with your 12-inch stereophonic Lp albums. It is one of many new STEREO SEVEN releases available at your record shop."

Stereo Seven Promotional Issues:

August, 1959

S-7 - Johnny Mathis - Stranger In Paradise//Mitch Miller & The Gang - Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland

November, 1959:

SS-7 - Johnny Mathis - The Best Of Everything//Percy Faith & His Orchestra - Theme From "A Summer Place" (2/8/60)

Columbia also issued a six-pack of promotional stereo-33 singles in a cardboard carrier box. These had different artists on each side of the singles, and the "new kind of record" blurb on each label. They didn't have record numbers, just a master number on each side.


Johnny Mathis - Stranger in Paradise (ZSV-62118)/Mitch Miller - Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland (ZSV- 62141)
Mitch Miller - I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (ZSV-62119)/Johnny Mathis - Hello, Young Lovers (ZSV-62120)
The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Blue Rondo Ala Turk (ZSV-62121)/Billy Butterfied & Ray Conniff - Rosalie (ZSV-62122)
The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five (ZSV-62123)/Billy Butterfied & Ray Conniff - South of the Border (ZSV-62124)
Les Elgart & His Orchestra - Cherokee (ZSV-62125)/The Percy Faith Strings - Autumn Leaves (ZSV- 62126)
Les Elgart & His Orchestra - Poinciana (ZSV-62127)/The Percy Faith Strings - Laura (ZSV-62128)

Commercial Issues:

Columbia announced in the August 3, 1959, issue of Billboard that they were releasing eleven new stereo-33 singles commercially. These all had a multi-color "Stereo Seven" label with black print. These commercial singles did not have the juke box package numbers shown for the juke box issues below. The singles started showing up in Billboard the week of September 7 (dates in parentheses are first Hot 100 reference to stereo single). By the end of 1959, only two Columbia stereo- 33 singles had been mentioned on the Hot 100. By February 8, 1960, Billboard started listing stereo-33s.

This initial batch of stereo-33 singles offered to the general public included:


S7 30339 - Johnny Horton - Battle Of New Orleans/All For The Love Of A Girl
S7 30410 - Johnny Mathis - Small World/You Are Everything To Me
S7 30421 - Duke Ellington - Anatomy Of A Murder/Flirtibird
S7 30427 - Johnny Cash - I Got Stripes/Five Feet High And Rising (9/7/59)
S7 30430 - Frankie Laine - Diablo/Valley Of 100 Hills
S7 30434 - Tony Bennett - Smile/You Can't Love 'Em All
S7 30441 - Mitch Miller - Goodnight Irene/On Top Of Old Smoky
S7 30443 - The Four Lads - Locket In My Pocket/Real Thing
S7 30444 - Kirby Stone Four - Volare/I Love Paris
S7 30445 - Percy Faith - Song From Moulin Rouge/Bouquet
S7 30447 - Ray Conniff - Love Is A Many Splendored Thing/Please

Columbia issued a number of additional "stereo seven" singles over the years that were available commercially and not part of the juke box packages. These include the singles listed below. They did not have a juke box designation at the left of the label.

S7 30355 - Johnny Mathis - Someone/Very Much In Love
S7 30438 - Johnnie Ray - I'll Never Fall In Love Again/You're All That I Live For (9/21/59)
S7 30459 - The Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Battle Hymn Of The Republic/?

S7 30476 - Guy Mitchell - Heartaches By The Number/Two (2/8/60)
S7 30483 - Johnny Mathis - Misty/The Story Of Our Love
S7 30491 - Johnny Mathis - The Best Of Everything/Cherie
S7 30511 - Marty Robbins - El Paso/Running Gun (2/8/60)
S7 30532 - Spencer Ross - Tracy's Theme/Thanksgiving Day Parade (2/8/60)
S7 30533 - Stonewall Jackson - Mary Don't You Weep/Run (2/8/60)
S7 30534 - Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra - Sabre Dance/Gypsy Fiddler
S7 30568 - Johnny Horton - Sink The Bismarck/The Same Old Tale The Crow Told Me (5/9/60)
S7 30571- The Brothers Four - Greenfields/Angelique-O (3/14/60)
S7 30583 - Johnny Mathis - Starbright/All Is Well (3/14/60)
S7 30589 - Marty Robbins - Big Iron/Saddle Tramp (3/14/60)
S7 30684 - Johnny Mathis - Maria/Hey Love
S7 30725 - Guy Mitchell - My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You/Silver Moon Upon The Golden Sands (9/19/60)
S7 30764 - Johnny Mathis - My Love For You/Oh That Feeling(9/19/60)
S7 30771 - Marty Robbins - Five Brothers/Ride, Cowboy, Ride (9/19/60)
S7 30808 - Brothers Four - The Green Leaves Of Summer/Beautiful Brown Eyes (11/28/60)
S7 30809 - Marty Robbins - Ballad Of The Alamo/A Time And A Place For Everything (10/17/60)
S7 30816 - Jerry Murad's Harmonicats - Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White/Lonely Love (2/6/61)
S7 30866 - Johnny Mathis - How To Handle A Woman/While We're Young

S7 30876 - Buzz Clifford - Baby Sittin' Boogie/Driftwood (2/6/61)
S7 30922 - Marty Robbins - Don't Worry/Like All Other Times (2/6/61)
S7 30980 - Johnny Mathis - You Set My Heart To Music/Jenny
S7 31008 - Marty Robbins - Jimmy Martinez/Ghost Train
S7 31048 - Johnny Mathis - Laurie My Love/Should I Wait (Or Should I Run To Her)
S7 31065 - Marty Robbins - It's Your World/You Told Me So
S7 31238 - Johnny Mathis - My Kind Of Christmas/Christmas Eve

S7-31246 - Marty Robbins - Sometimes I'm Tempted/I Told The Brook
S7 31261 - Johnny Mathis - Sweet Thursday/One Look
S7 31420 - Johnny Mathis - Marianna/Unaccustomed As I Am
S7 31498 - Andy Williams - Tonight/The Second Time Around
S7 31499 - Andy Williams - It Might As Well Be Spring/Three Coins In The Fountain
S7 31509 - Johnny Mathis - That's The Way It Is/I'll Never Be Lonely Again
S7 31582 - Johnny Mathis - Gina/I Love Her That's Why

S7 31666 - Johnny Mathis - What Will My Mary Say [also issued as "What Will Mary Say"]/Quiet Girl
S7 31799 - Johnny Mathis - Every Step Of The Way/No Man Can Stand Alone
S7 31836 - Johnny Mathis - Sooner Or Later/In Wisconsin
S7 31916 - Johnny Mathis - I'll Search My Heart/All The Sad Young Men

Starting in 1963, some stereo-33 singles had the orange or red Columbia labels with black print, and were numbered for the album from which they were taken. Others, which had regular series numbers, had a green label.


Orange/red label:
3-8853 - Johnny Cash - (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)/Remember The Alamo
3-8854 - Barbra Streisand - Lover Come Back/Any Place I Hang My Hat
3-8958 - Andre Previn - Around The World/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

Green label:
3-38975 - Tony Bennett with the Ralph Sharon Trio - When Lights Are Low/On Green Dolphin Street
3-39005 - Andy Williams - Show Me/Wouldn't It Be Loverly
3-39020 - Marty Robbins - Change That Dial/You Won't Have Her Long
3-42069 - Miles Davis - It Ain't Necessarily So/I Loves You, Porgy

Juke Box Stereo Seven (JS7) Packages

Columbia had extensive Stereo Seven releases targeted at juke box operators. The labels of these singles had the juke box package designation number (starting with "JS7-") on the left side of the label, in addition to the regular S7 number (see left).

We have not confirmed all the package numbers, nor have we identified all the tracks on each record. Any help in this area will be appreciated. Our guesses at the package numbers have a question mark after the number.

Each group of juke box stereo-33 singles was packaged in a kraft paper envelope such as shown at left. The five-disc envelopes also contained the juke box title strips and a 5"x5" color photo of the album cover from which the single package was taken. These photos were used in some juke boxes to draw attention to the album and songs. There were apparently 85 such packages issued, or at least the numbers go up to 85. We haven't identified them all. There were also some issued on Epic.

We have not identified all the tracks for each record, although the record numbers and artists are known for the most part. Any help in this area will be appreciated. The packages by Trio Los Panchos and Los Cincos Latinos, while listed in the US catalog sequence, may not have been released in the US.


JS7-1: From the Johnny Mathis albums Heavenly and Faithfully [Columbia CS-8152/8219]:

Note: This package contained one additional Johnny Mathis stereo single.
S7 30598 - Johnny Mathis - Heavenly/Hello, Young Lovers
S7 30599 - Johnny Mathis - Misty/Stranger In Paradise
S7 30600 - Johnny Mathis - Tonight/Maria
S7 30601 - Johnny Mathis - Secret Love/And This Is My Beloved


JS7-2: From the Ray Conniff albums Conniff Meets Butterfield and Concert In Rhythm, Volume II [Columbia CS-8155/8212]:

S7 30602 -
S7 30603 - Ray Conniff Singers - Love Is The Sweetest Thing/Rosalie
S7 30604 - Billy Butterfield & Ray Conniff - You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby/South Of The Border
S7 30605 - Ray Conniff & His Orchestra & Chorus - An Improvisation On "Liebestraum"/An Improvisation On "None But The Lonely Heart"
S7 30606 - Ray Conniff & His Orchestra & Chorus - Warsaw Concerto/One Fine Day

JS7-3: From Mitch Miller & the Gang's album Fireside Sing Along with Mitch [Columbia CS-8184]:

S7 30607 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - That Old Gang Of Mine/Down By The Old Mill Stream
S7 30608 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen/Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland
S7 30609 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - Juanita; Sweet Genevieve/When You And I Were Young, Maggie
S7 30610 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - Now Is The Hour/I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover
S7 30611 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - Sing Along/Baby Face

JS7-4: From the Dave Brubeck Quartet albums Gone with the Wind and Southern Scene [Columbia CS- 8156/8235]:

S7 30719 - Dave Brubeck Quartet - Gone With The Wind/Camptown Races
S7 30720 - Dave Brubeck Quartet -
S7 30721 - Dave Brubeck Quartet - Deep In The Heart Of Texas/Little Rock Getaway
S7 30722 - Dave Brubeck Quartet - Ol' Man River/At The Darktown Strutter's Ball
S7 30723 - Dave Brubeck Quartet - Oh, Susanna/Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair

JS7-5: From the Miles Davis albums Porgy and Bess and Kind Of Blue [Columbia CS-8085/8163]:

S7 30735 - Miles Davis - I Loves You Porgy/Freddy Freeloader/
S7 30736 - Miles Davis - Bess You Is My Woman Now/It Ain't Necessarily So
S7 30737 - Miles Davis - There's A Boat That's Leaving Soon For New York/So What
S7 30738 - Miles Davis -
S7 30739 - Miles Davis -

(JS7-6) See Epic SE-6.

(JS7-7) See Epic SE-7.


JS-9: From the Johnny Mathis 2-LP set The Rhythms and Ballads of Broadway [Columbia C2S-803]:

S7 30828 - Johnny Mathis - Everything's Coming Up Roses/I Wish I Were In Love Again
S7 30829 - Johnny Mathis - You Do Something To Me/Let's Misbehave
S7 30830 - Johnny Mathis - I Could Have Danced All Night/A Cock-Eyed Optimist
S7 30831 - Johnny Mathis - I Just Found Out About Love/Let's Do It
S7 30832 - Johnny Mathis - I Am In Love/Love Eyes

JS7-10: Probably from the Andre Previn Trio album Give My Regards to Broadway [Columbia CS-8330]:

S7 30833 - Andre Previn & His Trio -
S7 30834 - Andre Previn & His Trio -
S7 30835 - Andre Previn & His Trio -
S7 30836 - Andre Previn & His Trio -
S7 30837 - Andre Previn & His Trio -

JS-11: From the Les Elgart album Designs for Dancing [Columbia CS-8291]:

S7 30838 - Les Elgart - Stumbling/The Nearness Of You
S7 30839 - Les Elgart - Moonglow/
S7 30840 - Les Elgart - East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)/
S7 30841 - Les Elgart - Designs For Dancing/Stella By Starlight
S7 30842 - Les Elgart - Anything Goes/The Mar-Cha-Cha

JS7-12: From the Johnny Cash albums Ride This Train and The Fabulous Johnny Cash [Columbia CS-8255/CS-8122]:

S7 30843 - Johnny Cash - Loading Coal/Slow Rider
S7 30844 - Johnny Cash - Lumberjack/Dorrance Of Ponchartrain
S7 30845 - Johnny Cash - When Papa Played The Dobro/Going To Memphis
S7 30846 - Johnny Cash - Old Doc Brown/Boss Jack
S7 30847 - Johnny Cash - One More Ride/Run Softly, Blue River


JS7-13: From the Carl Smith album The Carl Smith Touch [Columbia CS-8332]:

S7 30848 - Carl Smith - I'm Not In Her Plans Anymore/Cut Across Shorty
S7 30849 - Carl Smith -
S7 30850 - Carl Smith -
S7 30851 - Carl Smith -
S7 30852 - Carl Smith - What A Way To Live/Past

J7-14 Leased to Columbia-Mexico.

J7-15 (mono): From the El Trio Los Panchos album Los Favritos de Todo El Mundo (Everybody Loves the Trio Los Panchos) [Columbia-Mexico EX-5012]:

Note: This was released with the yellow mono Columbia-33 labels. The outer bag says "Stereo Seven" and the title strips say "stereo," but this is a mono set. This set was leased to Mexico.
7 30884 - Trio Los Panchos - Quizas, Quizas, Quizas/Quien Sera
7 30885 - Trio Los Panchos - La Malaguena/Cielito Lindo
7 30886 - Trio Los Panchos - El Rancho Grande/Estrellita
7 30887 - Trio Los Panchos - Me Voy Pa'l Pueblo/Siboney
7 30888 - Trio Los Panchos - La Paloma/La Golondrina

J7-16 (mono): From the Cuco Sánchez album Hits [Columbia-Mexico EX 5021]:

Note: This was released with the yellow mono Columbia-33 labels. The outer bag says "Stereo Seven" and the title strips say "stereo," but this is a mono set. This set was leased to Mexico.
7 30889 - Cuco Sánchez -
7 30890 - Cuco Sánchez -
7 30891 - Cuco Sánchez -
7 30892 - Cuco Sánchez - Del Cielo Cayo Una Rosa/Cuando Es Puro El Amor
7 30893 - Cuco Sánchez -

J7-17: Leased to Columbia-Argentina. Possibly from the Los Cinco Latinos album Himno Al Amor [Columbia-Argentina EX 5022]:

7 30894 -
7 30895 -
7 30896 -
7 30897 -
7 30898 -

JS7-18: From the Dave Brubeck/Jimmy Rushing album Brubeck and Rushing [Columbia CS-8353]:

S7 30899 - Dave Brubeck Quartet with Jimmy Rushing - There'll Be Some Changes Made/My Melancholy Baby
S7 30900 - Dave Brubeck Quartet with Jimmy Rushing - Blues In The Dark/I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You)
S7 30901 - Dave Brubeck Quartet with Jimmy Rushing - Ain't Misbehavin'/Evenin'
S7 30902 - Dave Brubeck Quartet with Jimmy Rushing - All By Myself/River, Stay 'Way From My Door
S7 30903 - Dave Brubeck Quartet with Jimmy Rushing - You Can Depend On Me/Am I Blue?

JS7-19: From the Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs album Foggy Mountain Banjo [Columbia CS-8364]:

S7 30904 - Flatt & Scruggs - Ground Speed/Home Sweet Home
S7 30905 - Flatt & Scruggs - Sally Ann/Reuben
S7 30906 - Flatt & Scruggs - Cripple Creek/Lonesome Road Blues
S7 30907 - Flatt & Scruggs - Fireball Mail/John Henry
S7 30908 - Flatt & Scruggs - Bugle Call Rag/Cumberland Gap

JS7-20: From the Ray Conniff album Memories are Made of This [Columbia CS-8374]:

S7 30909 - Ray Conniff - Memories Are Made Of This/Tammy
S7 30910 - Ray Conniff - Young love/Three Coins In The Fountain
S7 30911 - Ray Conniff - Moments To Remember/My Foolish Heart
S7 30912 - Ray Conniff - Love Me Tender/Around The World
S7 30913 - Ray Conniff - Unchained Melody/Only You (And You Alone)

JS7-21 From the Mitch Miller album TV Sing Along with Mitch [Columbia CS-8428]:

S7 31020 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - California, Here I Come-Avalon/I Found A Million Dollar Baby (In A Five And Ten Cent Store)
S7 31021 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - Breezin' Along With The Breeze/Happy Days Are Here Again
S7 31022 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly-I've Got Rings On My Fingers/Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear
S7 31023 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - The Love Nest/Would You Like To Take A Walk?
S7 31024 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby-If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)/It's Only A Paper Moon

JS7-22: Probably from the Andre Previn album A Touch of Elegance: The Music of Duke Ellington [Columbia CS-8449]:

S7 31074 - Andre Previn -
S7 31075 - Andre Previn -
S7 31076 - Andre Previn -
S7 31077 - Andre Previn -
S7 31078 - Andre Previn -

JS7-23: From Mitch Miller & the Gang's album Your Request Sing Along with Mitch [Columbia CS-8471]:

S7 31079 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along/Cecilia
S7 31080 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - Under The Bamboo Tree/Back In Your Own Back Yard
S7 31081 - Mitch Miller & The Gang -
S7 31082 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi/Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?
S7 31083 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - It's Been A Long, Long Time/By The Beautiful Sea

JS7-24: From the Doris Day album Bright and Shiny [Columbia CS-8414]:

S7 31084 - Doris Day - I Want To Be Happy/Bright And Shiny
S7 31085 - Doris Day -
S7 31086 - Doris Day - Happy Talk/Gotta Feelin'
S7 31087 - Doris Day - Ridin' High/On The Sunny Side Of The Street
S7 31088 - Doris Day -

JS7-25: From the Brothers Four album Roamin' with the Brothers Four [Columbia CS-8425]:

S7 31089 - The Brothers Four - Hey, Hey, My Honey/Low Bridge
S7 31090 - The Brothers Four - The Lillies Grow High/Ballad Of Sam Hill
S7 31091 - The Brothers Four - Abilene/Frogg
S7 31092 - The Brothers Four - Betty And Dupree/Pastures Of Plenty
S7 31093 - The Brothers Four - Island Woman/This Land Is Your Land

JS7-26: From the Miles Davis album Porgy And Bess [Columbia CS-8085]:

S7 31094 - Miles Davis - De Buzzard Song/Gone
S7 31095 - Miles Davis - Gone, Gone, Gone/Summertime
S7 31096 - Miles Davis - Bess, Oh Where Is My Bess/Fishermen, Strawberries And Devil Crab
S7 31097 - Miles Davis - It Ain't Necessarily So/Here Comes De Honey Man
S7 31098 - Miles Davis - I Loves You Porgy/There's A Boat That's Leaving Soon For New York

JS7-27: From the Duke Ellington album Blues in Orbit [Columbia CS-8241]:

S7 31099 - Duke Ellington - Three J's Blues/Smada
S7 31100 - Duke Ellington - Pig's Eye's Blues/Sweet And Pungent
S7 31101 - Duke Ellington -
S7 31102 - Duke Ellington -
S7 31103 - Duke Ellington -

JS7-28: From the album Johnny Horton's Greatest Hits [Columbia CS-8396]:

S7 31104 - Johnny Horton - North To Alaska/Whispering Pines (2/6/61)
S7 31105 - Johnny Horton - Johnny Reb/The Mansion You Stole
S7 31106 - Johnny Horton - The Battle Of New Orleans/When It's Springtime In Alaska
S7 31107 - Johnny Horton - Sink The Bismarck/All For The Love Of A Girl
S7 31108 - Johnny Horton - Comanche (The Brave Horse)/Jim Bridger

JS7-29: From the Johnny Cash album There Was a Song [Columbia CS-8254]:

S7 31109 - Johnny Cash - Seasons Of My Heart/I Couldn't Keep From Crying
S7 31110 - Johnny Cash - My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You/Time Changes Everything
S7 31111 - Johnny Cash - Transfusion Blues/I'd Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall)
S7 31112 - Johnny Cash - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/I Will Miss You When You Go
S7 31113 - Johnny Cash - Just One More/Honky Tonk Girl

JS7-30: From the Harmonicats album Peg O' My Heart [Columbia CS-8437]:

S7 31114 - Jerry Murad's Harmonicats -
S7 31115 - Jerry Murad's Harmonicats -
S7 31116 - Jerry Murad's Harmonicats -
S7 31117 - Jerry Murad's Harmonicats -
S7 31118 - Jerry Murad's Harmonicats -

JS7-31: From the Ray Conniff album Somebody Loves Me [Columbia CS-8442]:

S7 31119 - Ray Conniff Singers - Somebody Loves Me/Golden Earrings
S7 31120 - Ray Conniff Singers - You're The Cream In My Coffee/The Green Leaves Of Summer
S7 31121 - Ray Conniff Singers -
S7 31122 - Ray Conniff Singers -
S7 31123 - Ray Conniff Singers -

JS7-32: From the Marty Robbins album Just a Little Sentimental [Columbia CS-8466]:

S7 31124 - Marty Robbins - To Each His Own/I Can't Help It
S7 31125 - Marty Robbins - Answer Me My Love/Clara
S7 31126 - Marty Robbins - Half As Much/Unchained Melody
S7 31127 - Marty Robbins - Are You Sincere?/Guess I'll Be Going
S7 31128 - Marty Robbins - To Think You've Chosen Me/Too Young

JS7-33: From the Les Elgart album Half Satin - Half Latin [Columbia CS-8367]:

S7 31149 - Les Elgart Orchestra - The Ja-Da Cha Cha/Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
S7 31150 - Les Elgart Orchestra - Beat Junction/Sidewinder
S7 31151 - Les Elgart Orchestra - Love For Sale/When You Were Sweet Sixteen
S7 31152 - Les Elgart Orchestra - The Touch Of Your Lips/Let Me Call You Sweetheart
S7 31153 - Les Elgart Orchestra - I'll Remember April/Together

JS7-34: From the Jerry Vale album I Remember Buddy [Columbia CS-8069]:

S7 31163 - Jerry Vale -
S7 31164 - Jerry Vale - I Still Get A Thrill (Thinking Of You)/Peg O' My Heart
S7 31165 - Jerry Vale -
S7 31166 - Jerry Vale -
S7 31167 - Jerry Vale -

JS7-35: From the Les Brown album The Lerner and Loewe Bandbook [Columbia CS-8394]:

S7 31168 - Les Brown & His Band of Renown - Thank Heaven For Little Girls/I Could Have Danced All Night
S7 31169 - Les Brown & His Band of Renown -
S7 31170 - Les Brown & His Band of Renown -
S7 31171 - Les Brown & His Band of Renown - On The Street Where You Live/Gigi
S7 31172 - Les Brown & His Band of Renown - Follow Me/I Loved You Once In Silence

JS7-36: From the Billy Walker album Everybody's Hits But Mine [Columbia CS-8424]:

S7 31185 - Billy Walker -
S7 31186 - Billy Walker - They'll Never Take Her Love From Me/I'll Take The Chance
S7 31187 - Billy Walker -
S7 31188 - Billy Walker - Molly Darling/Gonna Find Me A Bluebird
S7 31189 - Billy Walker - There Stands The Glass/Jambalaya

JS7-37: From the Marty Robbins album Just A Little Sentimental [Columbia CS-8466]. This is a reworking of JS7-32.

S7 31190 - Marty Robbins - Just A Little Sentimental/Hurt
S7 31191 - Marty Robbins - To Each His Own/I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
S7 31192 - Marty Robbins - Answer Me My Love/Half As Much
S7 31193 - Marty Robbins - Unchained Melody/Are You Sincere?
S7 31194 - Marty Robbins - To Think You've Chosen Me/Too Young

JS7-38: From the Aretha Franklin album Aretha with the Ray Bryant Combo [Columbia CS-8412]:

S7 31202 - Aretha Franklin - Won't Be Long/Love Is The Only Thing
S7 31203 - Aretha Franklin - Sweet Lover/All Night Long
S7 31204 - Aretha Franklin - Who Needs You?/Right Now
S7 31205 - Aretha Franklin - Maybe I'm A Fool/It Ain't Necessarily So
S7 31206 - Aretha Franklin - Today I Sing The Blues/(Blue) By Myself

JS7-39: From the Les Elgart album It's De-Lovely [Columbia CS 8459]:

S7 31267 - Les Elgart & His Orchestra - The Most Beautiful Girl In The World/It's De-Lovely
S7 31268 - Les Elgart & His Orchestra - The Continental (You Kiss While You're Dancing)/I Concentrate On You
S7 31269 - Les Elgart & His Orchestra - Trees/In The Still Of The Night
S7 31270 - Les Elgart & His Orchestra - Poor Butterfly/Green-Up Time
S7 31271 - Les Elgart & His Orchestra - Sermon/Looking For A Boy

JS7-40: From the Tony Bennett album My Heart Sings [Columbia CS-8458]:

S7 31272 - Tony Bennett - Dancing In The Dark/Don't Worry 'Bout Me
S7 31273 - Tony Bennett - I'm Coming Virginia/(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings
S7 31274 - Tony Bennett - You Took Advantage Of Me/Close Your Eyes
S7 31275 - Tony Bennett - Stella By Starlight/More Than You Know
S7 31276 - Tony Bennett - My Ship/Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be)

JS7-41: From the Banjo Barons' album Banjo Party [Columbia CS-8489]:

S7 31296 - The Banjo Barons -
S7 31297 - The Banjo Barons -
S7 31298 - The Banjo Barons -
S7 31299 - The Banjo Barons -
S7 31300 - The Banjo Barons -

JS7-42: From The Dave Brubeck album Time Further Out [Columbia CS- 8490]:

S7 31312 - Dave Brubeck Quartet -
S7 31313 - Dave Brubeck Quartet -
S7 31314 - Dave Brubeck Quartet -
S7 31315 - Dave Brubeck Quartet -
S7 31316 - Dave Brubeck Quartet -

JS7-43: Possibly from the Trio Los Panchos album Guty Cardenas [Columbia-Mexico EX 5070]:

S7 31317 - Trio Los Panchos -
S7 31318 - Trio Los Panchos -
S7 31319 - Trio Los Panchos -
S7 31320 - Trio Los Panchos -
S7 31321 - Trio Los Panchos -

J7-44: Leased to Columbia-Mexico.

7 31322 -
7 31323 -
7 31324 -
7 31325 -
7 31326 -


JS7-45: From the Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem album Hearty and Hellish [Columbia CS-8571]:

S7 31327 - The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - Irish Rover/Courtin' In The Kitchen
S7 31328 - The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - Johnny McEldoo/Jug Of This
S7 31329 - The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - Whiskey You're The Devil/Mountain Dew
S7 31330 - The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - When I Was Single/God Bless England
S7 31331 - The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - Rising Of The Moon/Mr. Moses Ri-Tooral-I-Ay

JS7-46: From the Ray Bryant album Dancing the Big Twist [Columbia CS-8546]:

S7 31339 - Ray Bryant & His Combo - Twist City/Just A Little Bit Of Twist
S7 31340 - Ray Bryant & His Combo - Twist On (Part I)/Twist On (Part II)
S7 31341 - Ray Bryant & His Combo - Twistin' On A Cat's Paw/Big Susie
S7 31342 - Ray Bryant & His Combo - Mo-Lasses/Fast Twist
S7 31343 - Ray Bryant & His Combo - Do That Twist (Early In The Morning), Part I/Do That Twist (Early In The Morning), Part II

JS7-47: From the Johnny Mathis album Live It Up! [Columbia CS-8511]:

S7 31344 - Johnny Mathis - Live It Up/Just Friends
S7 31344 - Johnny Mathis - Why Not/On A Cold And Rainy Day
S7 31344 - Johnny Mathis - I Won't Dance/Johnny One Note
S7 31344 - Johnny Mathis - Crazy In The Heart/Too Much Too Soon
S7 31344 - Johnny Mathis - Hey Look Me Over/Love

JS7-48: From the Dukes of Dixieland album Breakin' It Up On Broadway [Columbia CS-8528]:

S7 31356 - The Dukes Of Dixieland - Runnin' Wild/Old Fashioned Love
S7 31357 - The Dukes Of Dixieland - How Are Things In Glocca Mora?/Oh Lady Be Good
S7 31358 - The Dukes Of Dixieland - Ain't Misbehavin'/Hey Look Me Over
S7 31359 - The Dukes Of Dixieland - The New Ashmolean Marching Society And Students Conservatory Band/I Can't Give You Anything But Love
S7 31360 - The Dukes Of Dixieland - From This Moment On/Adrift On A Star

JS7-49: From Mitch Miller & the Gang's album Rhythm Sing Along with Mitch [Columbia CS-8527]:

S7 31364 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - Jeepers Creepers/Swanee
S7 31365 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - Barney Google/We're In The Money
S7 31366 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - Let's Put Out The Lights And Go To Sleep/Ain't We Got Fun
S7 31367 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - You're An Old Smoothie/Tea For Two
S7 31368 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - I Want To Be Happy/I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

JS7-50:From the Jack Pleis album Stage Left, Stage Right [Columbia CS-8462]:

S7 31370 - Jack Pleis - On The Sunny Side Of The Street-I'm Feeling Blue, Exactly Like You/Cabin In The Sky-Do What You Wanna-Taking A Chance On Love
S7 31371 - Jack Pleis - Through The Years-You're Everything-Drums In My Heart/I Married An Angel- Did You Ever Get Stung-Spring Is Here
S7 31372 - Jack Pleis - Heat Wave-Not For All The Rice In China-Easter Parade/A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody-Tell Me Little Gypsy-Mandy
S7 31373 - Jack Pleis - An Old Flame Never Dies-Good Bye Jonah-You And I Know/Irene-Castles And Dreams-Alice Blue Gown
S7 31374 - Jack Pleis - I Can't Give You Anything But Love-I Must Have That Man-Diga Diga -Do/Rio Rita/The Kick Along-The Rangers Song

JS7-51: From the Miles Davis albums Someday My Prince Will Come and In Person, Vol. 1 [Columbia CS-8456/8469]:

S7 31377 - Miles Davis - Someday My Prince Will Come/Old Folks
S7 31378 - Miles Davis - Pfrancing, Part I/Pfrancing, Part II
S7 31379 - Miles Davis - I Thought About You/Drad-Dog
S7 31380 - Miles Davis - Teo, Part I/Teo, Part II
S7 31381 - Miles Davis - Bye Bye Blackbird/If I Were A Bell

JS7-52: From the Les Paul & Mary Ford album Warm And Wonderful [Columbia CS-8488]:

S7 31385 - Les Paul & Mary Ford - Makin' Whoopee/'Deed I Do
S7 31386 - Les Paul & Mary Ford - A Cottage For Sale/Chasing Shadows
S7 31387 - Les Paul & Mary Ford - After You've Gone/It's Been A Long, Long Time
S7 31388 - Les Paul & Mary Ford - Am I Blue/You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me
S7 31389 - Les Paul & Mary Ford - Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/East Of The Sun

JS7-53: From the album Ray Price Sings San Antonio Rose [Columbia CS-8556]:

S7 31428 - Ray Price - San Antonio Rose/A Maiden's Prayer
S7 31429 - Ray Price - Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now/My Confession
S7 31430 - Ray Price - Bubbles In My Beer/Home In San Antone
S7 31431 - Ray Price - You Don't Love Me/You Don't Care What Happens To Me
S7 31432 - Ray Price - The Kind Of Love I Can't Forget/Time Changes Everything

JS7-54: From the Duke Ellington album All American in Jazz [Columbia CS-8590]:

S7 31433 - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Back To School/I've Just Seen Her
S7 31434 - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Which Way?/If I Were You
S7 31435 - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Once Upon A Time/Nightlife
S7 31436 - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Our Children/I Couldn't Have Done It Alone
S7 31437 - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - We Speak The Same Language/What A Country!

JS7-55: From the Andy Williams album Moon River and Other Great Movie Themes [Columbia CS-8609]:

S7 31458 - Andy Williams - Love Is A Many Splendored Thing/A Summer Place
S7 31459 - Andy Williams - Maria/Never On Sunday
S7 31460 - Andy Williams - Moon River/The Exodus Song
S7 31461 - Andy Williams - Tonight/The Second Time Around
S7 31462 - Andy Williams - It Might As Well Be Spring/Three Coins In The Fountain

JS7-56: From the Ray Conniff album 'S Continental [Columbia CS-8576]:

S7 31463 - Ray Conniff - The Continental/Beyond The Sea
S7 31464 - Ray Conniff - Swing Little Glow Worm/The Poor People Of Paris
S7 31465 - Ray Conniff - Strange Music/Tico-Tico
S7 31466 - Ray Conniff - The White Cliffs Of Dover/Morgen
S7 31467 - Ray Conniff - Green Eyes/Lisbon Antigua

JS7-57: From the Jerry Vale album I Have But One Heart [Columbia CS-8597]:

S7 31468 - Jerry Vale - Roman Guitar (Chitarra Romana)/'O Sole Mio (My Sunshine)
S7 31469 - Jerry Vale - Just Say I Love Her (Dicitencello Vule)/Mala Femmina
S7 31470 - Jerry Vale - Return To Me (Ritorna A Me)/Mama (Mamma)
S7 31471 - Jerry Vale - You Alone (Solo Tu)/I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart (Ti Amo–Ti Voglio Amor)
S7 31472 - Jerry Vale - I Have But One Heart ( O Marenariello)/Come Back To Sorrento (Torna A Surriento)

JS7-58: Probably from the Carl Smith album Easy to Please [Columbia CS-8540]:

S7 31473 - Carl Smith -
S7 31474 - Carl Smith -
S7 31475 - Carl Smith -
S7 31476 - Carl Smith -
S7 31477 - Carl Smith -

JS7-59: From the Duke Ellington & Count Basie album First Time! [Columbia CS-8515]:

S7 31478 - Duke Ellington/Count Basie - Battle Royal, Part I/Battle Royal, Part II
S7 31479 - Duke Ellington/Count Basie - Wild Man/B D B
S7 31480 - Duke Ellington/Count Basie - Jumpin' At The Woodside/To You
S7 31481 - Duke Ellington/Count Basie - Take The "A" Train/Until I Met You
S7 31482 - Duke Ellington/Count Basie - Segue In C, Part I/Segue In C, Part II

JS7-60: From the Percy Faith album The Music of Brazil [Columbia CS-8622]:

S7 31535 - Percy Faith - Brazil/Delicado
S7 31536 - Percy Faith - Little Dreamer/Tico-Tico
S7 31537 - Percy Faith - The Bandit/Baia
S7 31538 - Percy Faith - Amorada/Ba-Tu-Ca-Da
S7 31539 - Percy Faith - Maxixe/The Minute Samba

JS7-61: From the Andre Previn album The Faraway Part Of Town [Columbia CS-8586]:

S7-31540 - Andre Previn - Where Are You/Strangers When We Meet
S7-31541 - Andre Previn - A Place In The Sun/Trav'lin' Light
S7-31542 - Andre Previn - Gone With The Wind/Over The Rainbow
S7-31543 - Andre Previn - When Your Lover Has Gone/Where, I Wonder
S7-31544 - Andre Previn - Near To No One/Meet Me Halfway

JS7-62: From the Steve Lawrence album Come Waltz With Me [Columbia CS-8670]:

S7-31545 - Steve Lawrence - Remember/Come Waltz With Me
S7-31546 - Steve Lawrence - Girl Of My Dreams/Eternally
S7-31547 - Steve Lawrence - It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/I'll Always Be In Love With You
S7-31548 - Steve Lawrence - Let Me Call You Sweetheart/Fascination
S7-31549 - Steve Lawrence - I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now/The Endless Night (Greensleeves)

JS7-63: From the album Portrait of Jimmy Dean [Columbia CS-8694]:

S7-31550 - Jimmy Dean - Basin Street Blues/Please Pass The Biscuits
S7-31551 - Jimmy Dean - Have You Ever Been Lonely/Nobody
S7-31552 - Jimmy Dean - I Was Just Walking Out The Door/The Dark Town Poker Club
S7-31553 - Jimmy Dean - You're Nobody Until Somebody Loves You/Kentucky Means Paradise
S7-31554 - Jimmy Dean - Little Black Book/Old Pappy's New Banjo

JS7-64: From the Ray Conniff album Rhapsody In Rhythm [Columbia CS-8678]:

S7-31555 - Ray Conniff - Lady Of Spain/Beautiful Love
S7-31556 - Ray Conniff - Moonlight And Roses/Love Walked In
S7-31557 - Ray Conniff - Take Me In Your Arms/Malaguena
S7-31558 - Ray Conniff - Imagination/Kiss Of Fire
S7-31559 - Ray Conniff - To My Love/My Romance

JS7-65: Probably from the Tony Bennett album I Left My Heart in San Francisco [Columbia CS-8669]:

S7-31560 - Tony Bennett -
S7-31561 - Tony Bennett -
S7-31562 - Tony Bennett -
S7-31563 - Tony Bennett -
S7-31564 - Tony Bennett -

JS7-66: From Mitch Miller & the Gang's album Night Time Sing Along With Mitch [Columbia CS 8664]:

S7-31565 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - Don't Bring Lulu/Sweet Georgia Brown
S7-31566 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - You Oughta Be In Pictures/The Streets Of New York
S7-31567 - Mitch Miller & The Gang -
S7-31568 - Mitch Miller & The Gang -
S7-31569 - Mitch Miller & The Gang -

JS7-67: Probably from the Anita Bryant album In a Velvet Mood [Columbia CS-8685]:

S7 31570 - Anita Bryant -
S7 31571 - Anita Bryant -
S7 31572 - Anita Bryant -
S7 31573 - Anita Bryant -
S7 31574 - Anita Bryant -

JS7-68: From the Dukes of Dixieland album Dixieland Hootenanny! [Columbia CS-8671]:

S7 31575 - The Dukes Of Dixieland - On Top/Sleeves
S7 31576 - The Dukes Of Dixieland - Charming Billy/Sometimes I Feel
S7 31577 - The Dukes Of Dixieland - Lazy Jane/Darling Nellie
S7 31578 - The Dukes Of Dixieland - John Brown's Other Body/The Color Of My True Love's Hair
S7 31579 - The Dukes Of Dixieland - Little Blue Jug/Tavern In The Country

JS7-69: From the album The Real Ambassadors [Columbia Masterworks OS-2250]:
Note: "The Real Ambassadors" are Louis Armstrong & His Band, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, Dave Brubeck and Carmen McRae.

S7 31587 - Various Artists -
S7 31588 - Various Artists - Remember Who You Are/My One Bad Habit
S7 31589 - Various Artists -
S7 31590 - Various Artists -
S7 31591 - Various Artists -

JS7-70: From the Mahalia Jackson Christmas album Silent Night [Columbia CS-8703]:

S7 31643 - Mahalia Jackson - Sweet Little Jesus Boy/A Star Stood Still (Song Of The Nativity)
S7 31644 - Mahalia Jackson - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/Christmas Comes To Us All Once A Year
S7 31645 - Mahalia Jackson - Joy To The World!/O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles)
S7 31646 - Mahalia Jackson - O Little Town Of Bethlehem/What Can I Give
S7 31647 - Mahalia Jackson - Go Tell It On The Mountain/Silent Night, Holy Night


JS7-??: From the Ray Conniff album The Happy Beat [Columbia CS-8749]:

S7 31681 - Ray Conniff -
S7 31682 - Ray Conniff -
S7 31683 - Ray Conniff -
S7 31684 - Ray Conniff -
S7 31685 - Ray Conniff -

JS7-71: From the Billie Holiday album Lady in Satin (with Ray Ellis & His Orchestra) [Columbia CS-8048]:

S7 31706 - Billie Holiday - I'm A Fool To Want You/For Heaven's Sake
S7 31707 - Billie Holiday - You Don't Know What Love Is/I Get Along Without You Very Well
S7 31708 - Billie Holiday - Violets For Your Furs/For All We Know
S7 31709 - Billie Holiday - You've Changed/It's Easy To Remember
S7 31710 - Billie Holiday - But Beautiful/I'll Be Around

JS7-72: From the various artists album Who's Who in the Swingin' Sixties [Columbia CS-8565]:

S7 31711 - The Dave Brubeck Quartet - In Your Own Sweet Way//Sir Charles Thompson - Tain't What You Do
S7 31712 - Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra with The Dave Brubeck Trio - Since Love Had Its Way//Mose Allison - Ask Me Nice
S7 31713 - Carmen McRae - If The Moon Turns Green//Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - Mr. P.C.
S7 31714 - Andre Previn - Misty//J.J. Johnson Quartet - Bloozineff
S7 31715 - Duke Ellington - Asphalt Jungle Twist//Lionel Hampton - I Can't Get Started

JS7-73: From the Andre Kostelanetz album Stereo Wonderland of Sound, Fire and Jealousy [Columbia CS-8698]:

S7 31716 - Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra - Jalousie (Jealousy)/Cielito Lindo
S7 31717 - Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra - Malaguena/Cordoba
S7 31718 - Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra - Adios/Spanish Dance No. 1
S7 31719 - Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra - Ritual Dance Of Fire/Caminito
S7 31720 - Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra - Bolero Part I/Bolero Part II

JS7-74: From the Percy Faith album Exotic Strings [Columbia CS-8702]:

S7 31721 - The Percy Faith Strings - Baubles, Bangles And Beads/Poinciana
S7 31722 - The Percy Faith Strings - Dancing In The Dark/Nightingale
S7 31723 - The Percy Faith Strings - The Night Was Made For Love/Chico Bolero
S7 31724 - The Percy Faith Strings - I Get A Kick Out Of You/Flamingo
S7 31725 - The Percy Faith Strings - Orchids In The Moonlight/My Shawl

JS7-75: From the Mary Kaye Trio album Our Hawaii [Columbia CS-8710]:

S7 31726 - The Mary Kaye Trio - Lei Aloha Maka Mai (Forever More)/Akaka Falls
S7 31727 - The Mary Kaye Trio - Sea Breeze (Puamana)/El Nei
S7 31728 - The Mary Kaye Trio - Beyond The Reef/Hooheno Keia No Beauty (The Beauty Hula)
S7 31729 - The Mary Kaye Trio - A Maile Lei For Your Hair/Pleeza No Peencha Da Hula Girls
S7 31730 - The Mary Kaye Trio - Tha Hawaiian Wedding Song/And So For Now, Aloha

JS7-76: From the Johnny Mathis album Rapture [Columbia CS-8715]:

S7 31731 - Johnny Mathis - Rapture/Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow
S7 31732 - Johnny Mathis - Moments Like This/You've Come Home
S7 31733 - Johnny Mathis - Here I'll Stay/My Darling, My Darling
S7 31734 - Johnny Mathis - Stars Fell On Alabama/I Was Telling Her About You
S7 31735 - Johnny Mathis - Lost In Loveliness/Stella By Starlight

JS7-77: From the Les Brown album The Richard Rodgers Bandbook [Columbia CS-8714]:

S7 31742 - Les Brown & His Band Of Renown - I Could Write A Book/I Didn't Know What Time It Was
S7 31743 - Les Brown & His Band Of Renown - My Funny Valentine/I Married An Angel
S7 31744 - Les Brown & His Band Of Renown - Have You Met Miss Jones/Spring Is Here
S7 31745 - Les Brown & His Band Of Renown - People Will Say We're In Love/Little Girl Blue
S7 31746 - Les Brown & His Band Of Renown - My Romance/The Lady Is A Tramp

JS7-78: From the Marty Robbins album Devil Woman [Columbia CS-8718]:

S7 31747 - Marty Robbins - Devil Woman/Time Can't Make Me Forget
S7 31748 - Marty Robbins - In The Ashes Of An Old Love Affair/The Hands You're Holding Now
S7 31749 - Marty Robbins - Worried/Little Rich Girl
S7 31750 - Marty Robbins - Progressive Love/Love Is A Hurting Thing
S7 31751 - Marty Robbins - Kinda Halfway Feel/The Wine Flowed Freely

JS7-79: From the Tony Bennett album I Wanna Be Around [Columbia CS 8800]:

S7 31759 - Tony Bennett - I Wanna Be Around/I've Got Your Number
S7 31760 - Tony Bennett -
S7 31761 - Tony Bennett -
S7 31762 - Tony Bennett - Someone To Love/Quiet Nights (Corcovado)
S7 31763 - Tony Bennett -

JS7-80: From the Tony Bennett album This Is All I Ask [Columbia CS 8856]:

S7 31867 - Tony Bennett -
S7 31868 - Tony Bennett -
S7 31869 - Tony Bennett -
S7 31810 - Tony Bennett -
S7 31811 - Tony Bennett -

JS7-81 From the Mitch Miller album Holiday Sing Along with Mitch [Columbia CS-8501]:

S7 31897 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/Frosty The Snowman
S7 31898 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/Sleigh Ride
S7 31899 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Winter Wonderland
S7 31900 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!/Silver Bells
S7 31901 - Mitch Miller & The Gang - Jingle Bells/White Christmas

Starting at about this point, label changes to blue and white label with black print.

1963 (continued):

JS7-82: From The Andy Williams Christmas Album [Columbia CS 8887]:

S7 31905 - Andy Williams - White Christmas/Happy Holiday-The Holiday Season
S7 31906 - Andy Williams - It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year/The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
S7 31907 - Andy Williams - A Song And A Christmas Tree (The Twelve Days Of Christmas)/Kay Thompson's Jingle Bells
S7 31908 - Andy Williams - O Holy Night/The First Noel
S7 31909 - Andy Williams - The Little Drummer Boy/
JS7-83: From the Les & Larry Elgart album Big Band Hootenanny [Columbia CS-8912]:

S7 31941 - Les & Larry Elgart - Walk Right In/If I Had A Hammer
S7 31942 - Les & Larry Elgart - A Worried Man/Washington Square
S7 31943 - Les & Larry Elgart - Where Have All The Flowers Gone/Blowin' In The Wind
S7 31944 - Les & Larry Elgart - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine/The Green Leaves Of Summer
S7 31945 - Les & Larry Elgart - Four Strong Winds/Greensleeves


JS7-84: From the Andy Williams & Williams Brothers album The Wonderful World of Andy Williams [Columbia CS-8937]:

S7 31972 - Andy Williams - Canadian Sunset/Sing A Rainbow
S7 31973 - Andy Williams - Dream/Wives And Lovers
S7 31974 - Andy Williams - Pennies From Heaven/First Born
S7 31975 - Andy Williams - Noelle/Let It Be Me
S7 31976 - Andy Williams - September Song/Softly, As I Leave You

JS7-85: From the Eydie Gorme album Gorme Country Style [Columbia CS-8920]:

S7 31983 - Eydie Gorme - I Really Don't Want To Know/I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
S7 31984 - Eydie Gorme - The End Of The World/I'm Sorry
S7 31985 - Eydie Gorme -
S7 31986 - Eydie Gorme - Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)/Crazy
S7 31987 - Eydie Gorme - Make The World Go Away/I Can't Stop Loving You

The Columbia Hall of Fame Series [mono-33 singles]

Columbia also issued a mono-33 series called the "Hall of Fame" Series, which was made up of reissues of big hits: It had a black label with gold print, and came with a gold Hall of Fame sleeve. We have listed the first nine singles as examples. This series was reissued on 45 rpm and extended considerably over the years.


3-33001 - Johnny Mathis - It's Not For Me To Say/Chances Are
3-33002 - Mitch Miller - The Yellow Rose Of Texas/March From The River Kwai-Colonel Bogey
3-33003 - Tony Bennett - Because Of You/Cold Cold Heart
3-33004 - Johnny Horton - The Battle Of New Orleans/North To Alaska
3-33005 - Guy Mitchell - Singing The Blues/Heartaches By The Number
3-33006 - Johnny Cash - Five Feet High And Rising/Don't Take Your Guns To Town
3-33007 - Percy Faith & His Orchestra - The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart)?/The Theme From "A Summer Place"
3-33008 - Rosemary Clooney - Hey There/Come On-A My House
3-33009 - Frankie Laine - Jezebel/Your Cheatin' Heart

Columbia also issued a number of mono-33 singles, using an orange label with black print. A representative is illustrated below. (These mono-33s are shown as examples only. No attempt is made here to assemble a complete mono-33 discography.). Promotional copies of these mono-33 singles had a yellow label with black print.

Columbia (Mono-33 Singles - Examples)

3-41812 - Rob And Roy - Look Away/It Doesn't Matter Anymore

3-42133 - Marlowe Morris Quintet - On The Trail (Part 1)/On The Trail (Part 2)


Black label with silver print. Apparently Chancellor put out one juke box package.


From the Frankie Avalon album ...Now About Mr. Avalon [Chancellor CHS-5022]:
CHLX 5022-1 - Frankie Avalon - The Music Stopped/Our Love Is Here To Stay
CHLX 5022-2 - Frankie Avalon - Lotta Livin' To Do/I Wish You Love
CHLX 5022-3 - Frankie Avalon - Sail A Crooked Ship/It Started All Over Again
CHLX 5022-4 - Frankie Avalon -
CHLX 5022-5 - Frankie Avalon - Opposites Attract/What Is This Thing Called Love


White label with gold and black print.


MP 1SD - Enoch Light & His Orchestra - Rio Junction (Bossa Nova)/Take The "A" Train

From the Urbie Green album The Persuasive Trombone of Urbie Green [Command RS 815 SD]:
SE#21SD - Urbie Green - At Last/Dream
SE#22SD - Urbie Green - I've Heard That Song Before/Moonlight Serenade

From the Ray Charles Singers album Something Wonderful [Command RS 827 RD]:
SE#41SD - The Ray Charles Singers - Misty/East Of The Sun
SE#42SD - The Ray Charles Singers - My Old Flame/Paradise
SE#43SD - The Ray Charles Singers - For All We Know/I'm Over Here
SE#44SD - The Ray Charles Singers - Don't Blame Me/My Ideal
SE#45SD - The Ray Charles Singers - Embraceable You/Goodbye


Early stereo-33 singles used the orange label with black print.


From the Pete Fountain/"Big" Tiny Little album Mr. New Orleans Meets Mr. Honky Tonk [Coral CRL 757334]:

7-98069 - Pete Fountain & "Big" Tiny Little -
7-98070 - Pete Fountain & "Big" Tiny Little -
7-98071 - Pete Fountain & "Big" Tiny Little - Oh Lady Be Good/Limehouse Blues
7-98072 - Pete Fountain & "Big" Tiny Little - Honeysuckle Rose/Darktown Strutter's Ball
7-98073 - Pete Fountain & "Big" Tiny Little - Sweet Sue, Just You/Georgia On My Mind

From the Teresa Brewer album Naughty, Naughty, Naughty [Coral CLP 757329]:

7-98074 - Teresa Brewer - I've Got Rings On My Fingers/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
7-90075 - Teresa Brewer - Naughty, Naughty, Naughty/When I Lost You
7-90076 - Teresa Brewer - Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me)/Shine On Harvest Moon
7-98077 - Teresa Brewer - Honeymoon/When You Wore A Tulip (And I Wore A Big Red Rose)
7-90078 - Teresa Brewer -


From the "Big" Tiny Little album "Big" Tiny Little in Person [Coral CRL 757390]:

7-98102 - "Big" Tiny Little - When You're Smiling/Ace In The Hole
7-98103 - "Big" Tiny Little - Spaghetti Rag/Begin The Beguine
7-98104 - "Big" Tiny Little - Georgia On My Mind/Many Tears Ago
7-98105 - "Big" Tiny Little - Canadian Capers/Ooh! Looka There, Ain't She Pretty
7-98106 - "Big" Tiny Little - Last Call/When It's Sleepy Time Down South

From the McGuire Sisters album Songs Everybody Knows [Coral CRL 757415]:

7-98111 - The McGuire Sisters - Make Someone Happy/Mama's Gone, Goodbye
7-98112 - The McGuire Sisters - Little Things Mean A Lot/You're Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do)
7-98113 - The McGuire Sisters - Old Devil Moon/If Love Is Good To Me
7-98114 - The McGuire Sisters - I Really Don't Want To Know/White Rose
7-98115 - The McGuire Sisters - The Breeze/Goodbye


Teal label with black print and the yellow and black logo at the top. There are probabaly four more singles in this set, as Dearborn did put out juke box records.


From the Sunsetters album Dancing After Sunset [Dearborn SDLP-1001]:
D5S-1 - The Sunsetters - Blue Hawaii/Amapola


Flat black label with silver print.

Most of Decca's stereo-33 singles were packaged as five-disc juke box packages. Example juke box package sleeve shown at left.


From the Webb Pierce album Webb with a Beat [Decca DL 74015]:

7-38095 - Webb Pierce - I Ain't Never/?
7-38096 - Webb Pierce - I'll Never Have To Be Alone/I've Got My Fingers Crossed
7-38097- Webb Pierce - Whirlpool Of Love/No Love Have I
7-38098 - Webb Pierce - Is It Wrong For Loving You/I'm Tired
7-38099 - Webb Pierce - In The Jailhouse Now/Poison Love

From the Kitty Wells album Kitty's Choice [Decca DL 78979]:

7-38110 - Kitty Wells -
7-38111 - Kitty Wells -
7-38112 - Kitty Wells -
7-38113 - Kitty Wells -
7-38114 - Kitty Wells - My Happiness/Tennessee Waltz

From the Red Foley album Let's All Sing with Red Foley & the Anita Kerr Singers [Decca DL 78847]:

7-38115 - Red Foley - It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/I Want A Girl
7-38116 - Red Foley - On Top Of Old Smoky/Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)
7-38117 - Red Foley - Wedding Bells/Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag
7-38118 - Red Foley - Goodnight Irene/Let Me Call You Sweetheart
7-38119 - Red Foley - Moonlight Bay/Sleepy Time Gal
7-38139 - Red Foley - Smiles/When You're Smiling

From the Roberta Sherwood album Get Away From Those Swingin' Doors [Decca DL 78986]:

7-38176 - Roberta Sherwood - Dirty Hands, Dirty Face/Saloon
7-38177 - Roberta Sherwood - I Waited A Little Too Long/My Melancholy Baby
7-38178 - Roberta Sherwood - When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New/Till We Meet Again
7-38179 - Roberta Sherwood - If I Had My Life To Live Over/Just A Girl That Men Forget
7-38180 - Roberta Sherwood - I Wish I Had My Old Time Sweetheart Back Again/You're In Love With Everyone

From the Ernest Tubb album Ernest Tubb's Record Shop [Decca DL 74042]:

7-38181 - Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadours - You Win Again/Do It Now
7-38182 - Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadours - White Silver Sands/A Guy Named Joe
7-38183 - Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadours - Mr. Blues/Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
7-38184 - Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadours - Who Will Buy The Wine/Am I That Easy To Forget
7-38185 - Ernest Tubb & His Texas Troubadours - The Kind Of Love She Gave To Me/Why I'm Walkin'

From the Henry Jerome album Brazen Brass [Decca DL 74056]:

7-38186 - Henry Jeome & His Orchestra - Stompin' At The Savoy/Dance Of The Hours Cha Cha Cha
7-38187 - Henry Jeome & His Orchestra -
7-38188 - Henry Jeome & His Orchestra -
7-38189 - Henry Jeome & His Orchestra -
7-38190 - Henry Jeome & His Orchestra -

From the album Goldie Hill [Decca DL 74034]:

7-38191 - Goldie Hill - Twice As Blue/?
7-38192 - Goldie Hill -
7-38193 - Goldie Hill - It's So Lonely/Honky Tonk Music
7-38194 - Goldie Hill - Don't Just Stand There/Driftwood On The River
7-38195 - Goldie Hill -

From the Wayne King album Songs of the Islands [Decca DL 74023]:

7-38196 - Wayne King & His Orchestra - Song Of The Islands (Na Lei O Hawaii)/Blue Hawaii
7-38197 - Wayne King & His Orchestra - The Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ka Kali Nei Au)/Aloha Oe
7-38198 - Wayne King & His Orchestra - Trade Winda/Sweet Leilani
7-38199 - Wayne King & His Orchestra - Lovely Hula Hands/Paradise Isle
7-38200 - Wayne King & His Orchestra - Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight/To You Sweetheart, Aloha

From the Earl Grant album The Magic Of Earl Grant [Decca DL 74044]:

7-38201 - Earl Grant - It's Magic/Not One Minute More
7-38202 - Earl Grant - Unforgettable/My Dream Is Yours
7-38203 - Earl Grant - Teach Me Tonight/Fascination
7-38204 - Earl Grant - Evening Rain/Try A Little Tenderness
7-38205 - Earl Grant - The Folks Who Live On The Hill/No Other Love

From the Wilburn Brothers' album Side By Side [Decca DL 74774]:

7-38213 - The Wilburn Brothers (Teddy & Doyle) - Sugartime/You, Little Sweet, Little You

From the Kitty Wells album Seasons Of My Heart [Decca DL 74075]:

7-38216 - Kitty Wells - Seasons Of My Heart/Most Of All

From the Webb Pierce album Walking The Streets [Decca DL 74079]:

7-38223 - Webb Pierce - Drinkin' My Blues Away/Let Me Be The First To Know
7-38224 - Webb Pierce - I Think Of You/You Make Love To Everyone
7-38225 - Webb Pierce - All Night Long/Down Panama Way

From the Brenda Lee album This Is Brenda [Decca DL 74082]:

7-38230 - Brenda Lee - If I Didn't Care/Build A Big Fence

From the Kitty Wells album Heartbreak U.S.A. [Decca DL 74171:
7-38244 - Kitty Wells - Heartbreak U.S.A./Heart To Heart Talk
7-38245 - Kitty Wells - Heartaches By The Number/I've Got A New Heartache

7-38246 - Kitty Wells -
7-38247 - Kitty Wells -
7-38248 - Kitty Wells - Cold, Cold Heart/The Best Of All My Heartaches

From the Ernest Tubb album All Time Hits [Decca DL 74046]:

7-38250 - Ernest Tubb - Tennessee Saturday Night/Signed, Sealed And Delivered
7-38251 - Ernest Tubb -
7-38252 - Ernest Tubb -
7-38253 - Ernest Tubb - Candy Kisses/

From the Webb Pierce album Fallen Angel [Decca DL 74144]:

7-38259 - Webb Pierce - A Rose And A Thorn/Fallen Angel

From the Red Foley album Company's Comin' [Decca DL 74140]:

7-38264 - Red Foley - We Live In Two Different Worlds/Georgia Town Blues
7-38265 - Red Foley - Trouble In Mind/Brother Bill


From the Brenda Lee album Emotions [Decca DL 74104]:

7-38271 - Brenda Lee - Will You Love Me Tomorrow/Around The World
7-38272 - Brenda Lee - Georgia On My Mind/I'm Learning About Love

From the Brenda Lee album Emotions [Decca DL 74104]:

7-38275 - Brenda Lee - If You Love Me (Really Love Me)/Just Another Lie
7-38276 - Brenda Lee - When I Fall In Love/Crazy Talk
7-38277 - Brenda Lee - Swanee River Rock/Around The World
7-38278 - Brenda Lee - Will You Love Me Tomorrow/Georgia On My Mind
7-38279 - Brenda Lee - Cry/I'm In The Mood For Love

From the Jan Garber album Dance To The Songs Everybody Knows [Decca DL 74119]:

7-38286 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You/Lucky Day
7-38287 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Dream/Falling In Love Again
7-38288 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra -
7-38289 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Beyond The Blue Horizon/Little Sir Echo

From the Sammy Kaye album Dance To My Golden Favorites [Decca DL 74121]:

7-38296 - Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra - I'm A Big Girl Now/Blueberry Hill
7-38297 - Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra - The Old Lamp-Lighter/Room Full Of Roses

From the various artists album America's Greatest Music Makers A Various Artists Album [Decca DL 74126]:

7-38309 - Irving Fields Trio - Mama's Mambo (Mama Bin Ich Farliebt)//Pete Fountain & His Band - Hindustan
7-38310 -
7-38311 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - On A Slow Boat To China//"Big" Tiny Little - When My Dreamboat Comes Home


From the Sammy Kaye album Sexy Strings and Subtle Saxes [Decca DL 74215]:

7-34004 - Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra - Time On My Hands/Penthouse Serenade
7-34005 - Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra - The Touch Of Your Lips/Whispering
7-34006 - Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra - Love (Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere)/Hold Me
7-34007 - Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra - Come Closer To Me/C'Est Si Bon
7-34008 - Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra - What Is This Thing Called Love/Don't Blame Me

From the Wayne King album Dance to Music from Hollywood and Broadway [Decca DL 74232]:

7-34009 - Wayne King & His Orchestra - The Sound Of Music/Back Street
7-34010 - Wayne King & His Orchestra - Tender Is The Night/You Are Beautiful
7-34011 - Wayne King & His Orchestra - Moon River/Theme From "Carnival"
7-34012 - Wayne King & His Orchestra - This Nearly Was Mine/Maria
7-34013 - Wayne King & His Orchestra - Fanny/I Could Have Danced All Night

From the Webb Pierce album Hideaway Heart [Decca DL 74218]:

7-34014 - Webb Pierce - Hideaway Heart/That's My Heart's Desire
7-34015 - Webb Pierce - Cow Town/Strong Chains Of Love
7-34016 - Webb Pierce - First To Have A Second Chance/Broken Engagement
7-34017 - Webb Pierce - Tennessee Waltz/Tender Years
7-34018 - Webb Pierce - I'm Walking Behind You/?

From the Jan Garber album Dance Program [Decca DL 74196]:

7-34019 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Calcutta/Together
7-34020 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Never On Sunday/Theme From "Carnival"
7-34021 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Wonderland By Night/Wooden Heart
7-34022 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - San Antonio Rose/Yellow Bird
7-34023 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Heart And Soul/My Kind Of Girl

From the Brenda Lee album Sincerely, Brenda Lee [Decca DL 74216]

7-34060 - Brenda Lee - You Always Hurt The One You Love/Lazy River
7-34061 - Brenda Lee - You've Got Me Crying Again/It's The Talk Of The Town
7-34062 - Brenda Lee - Send Me Some Lovin'/How Deep Is The Ocean
7-34063 - Brenda Lee - I'll Always Be In Love With You/Fools Rush In
7-34064 - Brenda Lee -Hold Me/I'll Be Seeing You

From the Earl Grant album Earl After Dark [Decca DL 74188]:

7-34065 - Earl Grant - All The Way/Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
7-34066 - Earl Grant - Mood Indigo/Old Devil Moon
7-34067 - Earl Grant - Bali Ha'i/Get Out Of Town
7-34068 - Earl Grant - Then I'll Be Tired Of You/A Hundred Years From Today
7-34069 - Earl Grant - On The Street Where You Live/Robbin's Nest

From Vincent Edwards Sings [Decca DL 74311]:

7-34070 - Vincent Edwards - When I Fall In Love/I'll Walk Alone
7-34071 - Vincent Edwards - Try A Little Tenderness/I Got It Bad
7-34072 - Vincent Edwards - Lonesome Road/How Deep Is The Ocean
7-34073 - Vincent Edwards - As Time Goes By/Stormy Weather
7-34074 - Vincent Edwards - Everybody's Got A Home But Me/Unchained Melody

From Cross Country [Decca DL 74294]:

7-34075 - Webb Pierce - Heartaches By The Number/You Are My Life 7-34076 - Webb Pierce - Waterloo/Cry, Cry Darling
7-34077 - Webb Pierce - I'm Letting You Go/Free Of The Blues
7-34078 - Webb Pierce -
7-34079 - Webb Pierce - I Close My Eyes/I'm Falling In Love With You

From the Jan Garber album College Songs Everybody Knows [Decca DL 74319]:

7-34080 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Brave Old Army Team (Army)/The Eyes Of Texas (Texas University)
7-34081 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Across The Field-The Victors/Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech
7-34082 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Glory To Georgia/On Wisconsin
7-34083 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Fight On (USC)/Yale Boola Song-Princeton Cannon Song
7-34084 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Anchors Aweigh-Washington And Lee Swing/Hail West Virginia

From the Patsy Cline album Sentimentally Yours [Decca DL 74282]:

7-34087 - Patsy Cline - Heartaches/That's My Desire
7-34088 - Patsy Cline - Your Cheatin' Heart/Anytime
7-34089 - Patsy Cline - You Made Me Love You/You Belong To Me
7-34090 - Patsy Cline - You Were Only Fooling/Half As Much
7-34091 - Patsy Cline - Lonely Street/I Can't Help It

7-34097 - Wayne King & His Orchestra - The Waltz You Saved For Me/?

7-34127 - Red Foley - Oh Didn't He Ramble/Hiding Alone
7-34129 - Red Foley - Everybody's Somebody's Fool/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

7-34130 - Patsy Cline - The Wayward Wind/Foolin' Around
7-34131 - Patsy Cline - I Love You So Much It Hurts/South Of The Border
7-34132 - Patsy Cline - Crazy/Seven Lonely Nights
7-34133 - Patsy Cline - True Love/San Antonio Rose
7-34134 - Patsy Cline - Walking After Midnight/Have You Ever Been Lonely


From the Webb Pierce album I've Got A New Heartache [Decca DL 74358]:

7-34135 - Webb Pierce - I've Got A New Heartache/?
7-34136 - Webb Pierce - What Good Will It Do/One More Time
7-34137 - Webb Pierce - Walk On By/Are You Sincers
7-34138 - Webb Pierce - I Can't Stop Loving You/?
7-34139 - Webb Pierce - If I Lost Your Love/?

From the Johnny and Jack album Smiles and Tears [Decca DL 74308]:

7-34140 - Johnny & Jack - Poison Love/Waterloo
7-34141 - Johnny & Jack - The Moon Is High And So Am I/A Little Bitty Tear
7-34142 - Johnny & Jack - Thirty-Six, Twenty-Two, Thirty-Six/Slow Poison
7-34143 - Johnny & Jack - Foolin' Around/You'll Never Get A Better Chance
7-34144 - Johnny & Jack - Sweet Baby/Smiles And Tears

From the Bobby Gordon album Warm and Sentimental [Decca DL 74394]:

7-34146 - Bobby Gordon - I'll Be Seeing You/I Get The Blues When It Rains
7-34147 - Bobby Gordon - You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You/Singing The Blues
7-34148 - Bobby Gordon - Bobby's Blues/Rememb'ring
7-34149 - Bobby Gordon - All Alone/After You've Gone
7-34150 - Bobby Gordon - I Can't Give You Anything But Love/You're Not The One And Only

From the Toni Arden album Italian Gold [Decca DL 74375]

7-34175 - Toni Arden - Just Say I Love Him/Amena E Core
7-34176 - Toni Arden - Summertime In Venice/Come Prima
7-34177 - Toni Arden - Quando, Quando, Quando/Padre
7-34178 - Toni Arden - Ritorna A Me (Return To Me)/Al Di La
7-34179 - Toni Arden - Mama/Guaglione

From the Kitty Wells Christmas album Christmas Day with Kitty Wells (with the Jordanaires) [Decca DL 74349]:

7-34185 - Kitty Wells - Dasher (With The Light On His Tail)/C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S
7-34186 - Kitty Wells - Santa's On His Way/Christmas Ain't Like Christmas Anymore
7-34187 - Kitty Wells - Jingle Bells/Here Comes Santa Claus
7-34188 - Kitty Wells - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Blue Christmas
7-34189 - Kitty Wells - Ole Kris Kringle/White Christmas

From the Rick Nelson album For Your Sweet Love [Decca DL 74419]:

7-34193 - Rick Nelson - For Your Sweet Love/Gypsy Woman
7-34194 - Rick Nelson - Pick Up The Pieces/Every Time I See You Smiling
7-34195 - Rick Nelson - One Boy Too Late/Everytime I Think Of You
7-34196 - Rick Nelson - Let's Talk The Whole Thing Over/I Got A Woman
7-34197 - Rick Nelson - What Comes Next?/I Will Follow You

From the Brenda Lee album Let Me Sing [Decca DL 74439]:

7-34198 - Brenda Lee - Night And Day/The End Of The World
7-34199 - Brenda Lee - Our Day Will Come/You're The Reason I'm Living
7-34200 - Brenda Lee - Where Are You/When Your Lover Has Gone
7-34201 - Brenda Lee - I Wanna Be Around/Out In The Cold Again
7-34202 - Brenda Lee - At Last/There Goes My Heart

From the Loretta Lynn album Loretta Lynn Sings [Decca DL 74457]:

7-34215 - Loretta Lynn - Success/The Minute You're Gone
7-34216 - Loretta Lynn - The Other Woman/Alone With You
7-34217 - Loretta Lynn - Why I'm Walking/Act Naturally
7-34218 - Loretta Lynn - The World Of Forgotten Peopl/A Hundred Proof Heartache
7-34219 - Loretta Lynn - Color Of The Blues/Lonesome 7-7203

7-34220 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Remember Me/I'll Remember April

7-34221 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra -
7-34222 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra -
7-34223 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra -
7-34224 - Jan Garber & His Orchestra -


From the Bobby Gordon album Young Man's Fancy [Decca DL 74507]:

7-34230 - Bobby Gordon, His Clarinet & Strings - How About Me/My Melancholy Baby
7-34231 - Bobby Gordon, His Clarinet & Strings - Little White Lies/I Wish You Love
7-34232 - Bobby Gordon, His Clarinet & Strings - Do You Ever Think Of Me/Again
7-34233 - Bobby Gordon, His Clarinet & Strings - Young At Heart/Whispering
7-34234 - Bobby Gordon, His Clarinet & Strings - Nevertheless/Champagne And Tears

From the Bing Crosby album Merry Christmas [Decca DL 78128]

7-34261 - Bing Crosby - Silent Night/Adeste Fideles
7-34262 - Bing Crosby - White Christmas/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
7-34263 - Bing Crosby - I'll Be Home For Christmas/Jingle Bells
7-34264 - Bing Crosby - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town/Silver Bells
7-34265 - Bing Crosby - Christmas In Killarney/Mele Kalikimaka

From the Brenda Lee Christmas album Merry Christmas From Brenda Lee [Decca DL 74583]:

7-34266 - Brenda Lee - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree/This Time of Year
7-34267 - Brenda Lee - Jingle Bell Rock/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
7-34268 - Brenda Lee - Winter Wonderland/Silver Bells
7-34269 - Brenda Lee - A Marshmallow World/Blue Christmas
7-34270 - Brenda Lee - Christmas Will Be Just Another Day/Frosty The Snowman

From the Ernest Tubb album Blue Christmas [Decca DL 74518]:

7-34271 - Ernest Tubb - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Christmas Is Just Another Day For Me
7-34272 - Ernest Tubb - White Christmas/Christmas Island
7-34273 - Ernest Tubb - Blue Christmas/Merry Texas Christmas, You All
7-34274 - Ernest Tubb - I'll Be Walking The Floor This Christmas/Lonely Christmas
7-34275 - Ernest Tubb - C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S/I'll Be Trimming The Christmas Tree With Teardrops

From the Earl Grant album Just One More Time [Decca DL 74576]:

7-34277 - Earl Grant - Tuxedo Junction/Li'l Darlin'
7-34278 - Earl Grant - Then You'll Know/Georgia On My Mind
7-34279 - Earl Grant - Just One More Time/I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
7-34280 - Earl Grant - Don't You Know/Stand By Me
7-34281 - Earl Grant - Lean Baby/After Hours


Black label with silver print with color logo.


From the Pat Boone album Great! Great! Great! [Dot DLP 25346]:

1520 - Pat Boone - Stagger Lee/El Paso
1521 - Pat Boone - Cathy's Clown/Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
1522 - Pat Boone - The Wayward Wind/Tweedlee Dee
1523 - Pat Boone - Running Bear/Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
1524 - Pat Boone - White Silver Sands/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands


Early releases had an orange label with black print.


From the Roy Hamilton album Spirituals [Epic BN 654]:

S 70372 - Roy Hamilton - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen/Down By The Riverside
S 70376 - Roy Hamilton - Blow, Gabriel, Blow/Sing You Sinners

SE-1: From the Roy Hamilton/Neal Hefti album Why Fight the Feeling? [Epic BN 545]:
S 7038? - Roy Hamilton - I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart/I Get The Blues When It Rains
S 70384 - Roy Hamilton - Change Partners/Let's Do It


EA-2: From the Roy Hamilton album You Can Have Her [Epic BN 595]:

S 70460 - Roy Hamilton - You Can Have Her/On My Way Home
S 70461 - Roy Hamilton - I'll Never Be Free (S)/Jungle Fever (E)
S 70462 - Roy Hamilton - I Need Your Lovin'/Dreams Oh Dreams
S 70463 - Roy Hamilton - Down By The Riverside/Crazy Feelin'
S 70464 - Roy Hamilton - Don't Let Go/I'll Live True To You

At this point, the label changes color from orange to yellow.

SE-6: From the Roy Hamilton album Soft 'N Warm [Epic BN 578]:

S 70582 - Roy Hamilton - All The Way/A Friend Of Yours
S 70583 - Roy Hamilton - Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)/I Fall In Love Too Easily
S 70584 - Roy Hamilton - If You Were The Only Girl/Homesick-That's All
S 70585 - Roy Hamilton - Nancy/Put Your Dreams Away
S 70586 - Roy Hamilton - I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night/Angel Eyes

SE-7: From the Georgia Gibbs LP Georgia Gibbs' Greatest Hits [Epic BN 26059] (Rerecordings of Mercury hits):

S 70645 - Georgia Gibbs - Ballin' The Jack/Deed I Do
S 70646 - Georgia Gibbs - Kiss Of Fire/Candy Kisses
S 70647 - Georgia Gibbs - Tweedle Dee/When You're Smiling
S 70648 - Georgia Gibbs - Baubles, Bangles And Beads/How About Me
S 70649 - Georgia Gibbs - I Will Follow You/Kansas City

From the Dave Bailey Quintet album 2 Feet In The Gutter [Epic BA 17021]:

A7 17021-1 - The Dave Bailey Quintet - Comin' Home Baby, Part 1/Comin' Home Baby, Part 2
A7 17021-2 - The Dave Bailey Quintet - Two Feet In The Gutter, Part 1/Two Feet In The Gutter, Part 2
A7 17021-3 - The Dave Bailey Quintet - Shiny Stockings, Part 1/Shiny Stockings, Part 2
A7 17021-4 - The Dave Bailey Quintet - Lady Iris B, Part 1/Lady Iris B, Part 2
A7 17021-5 - The Dave Bailey Quintet - Coffee Walk, Part 1/Coffee Walk, Part 2


Blue label with silver print.


Set No. 1: From the Gloria Lynne albums Miss Gloria Lynne, (29343, 29344, 29347) and Lonely and Sentimental (29345, 29346) [Everest SDBR-1022/1063]:

29343 - Gloria Lynne - Perdido/June Night
29344 - Gloria Lynne - Bye Bye Blackbird/April In Paris
29345 - Gloria Lynne - For All We Know/'Tis Autumn
29346 - Gloria Lynne - Little Girl Blue/Am I Blue
29347 - Gloria Lynne - Without A Song/They Didn't Believe Me


Set No. 2: From the Gloria Lynne album I'm Glad There Is You [Everest SDBR-1126]:

29436 - Gloria Lynne - I'm Glad There Is You/Sweet Pumpkin'
29437 - Gloria Lynne - What'll I Do/Old Man River
29438 - Gloria Lynne - Trouble Is A Man/I See Your Face Before Me
29439 - Gloria Lynne - Stella By Starlight/All Night Long
29440 - Gloria Lynne - Birth Of The Blues/Young And Foolish


Set No. 3: From the Gloria Lynne album This Little Boy of Mine [Everest SDBR-1131]:

29441 - Gloria Lynne - My Romance/This Little Boy Of Mine
29442 - Gloria Lynne - There Is No Greater Love/The Jazz In You
29443 - Gloria Lynne - The Humming Blues/I Know My Love
29444 - Gloria Lynne - Dreamy/Getting To Know You
29445 - Gloria Lynne -


Set No. 4: From the Gloria Lynne album Live at Basin Street East [Everest SDBR-1137]:

191137A/B - Gloria Lynne - And This Is My Beloved/In Other Words
191137C/D - Gloria Lynne - Drinking Again/I Get A Kick Out Of You
191137E/F - Gloria Lynne - I Got Rhythm/It Just Happened To Me
191137G/H - Gloria Lynne -
191137I/J - Gloria Lynne - Wouldn't It Be Loverly/It Never Entered My Mind


Set No. 5: From the Gloria Lynne album Gloria Lynne at the Las Vegas Thunderbird [Everest SDBR-1208]:

MP 61208 - Gloria Lynne - End Of A Love Affair/This Could Be The Start Of Something Big


Gold label with black print.

Heartbeat was Seymour Schwartz' label out of Chicago. Schwartz billed himself as Seymour & His Heartbeat Trumpet. They put out one jukebox package.


Set No. 1:

H-7001 - Seymour (His Heartbeat Trumpet) - All Alone/Manhattan
H-7002 - Seymour (His Heartbeat Trumpet) - Fascination/It's Been A Long, Long Time
H-7003 - Seymour (His Heartbeat Trumpet) - My Wonderful One/Coquette
H-7004 - Seymour (His Heartbeat Trumpet) - Maria Elena/Our Love Is Here To Stay
H-7005 - Seymour (His Heartbeat Trumpet) - My Buddy/The Heartbeat March


Black label with silver print.

Hi apparently put out two jukebox packages.


Set No. 1: From the Bill Black's Combo album That Wonderful Feeling [Hi SHL-32004]:

33-S 2029 - Bill Black's Combo - Old Time Religion/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
33-S 2030 - Bill Black's Combo - Do Lord/When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
33-S 2031 - Bill Black's Combo - Down By The Riverside/It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)
33-S 2032 - Bill Black's Combo - When The Saints Go Marching In/Nobody Knows (The Trouble I've Seen)
33-S 2033 - Bill Black's Combo - This Old House/Just A Closer Walk With Thee


Set No. 2: From the Bill Black's Combo album Let's Twist Her [Hi SHL-32006]:

33-S 2045 - Bill Black's Combo - Twist Her/Night Train
33-S 2046 - Bill Black's Combo - The Hucklebuck/Corrina, Corrina
33-S 2047 - Bill Black's Combo - Johnny B. Goode/Royal Twist
33-S 2048 - Bill Black's Combo - My Girl Josephine/Twisteroo
33-S 2049 - Bill Black's Combo - Twist With Me Baby/Slippin' & Slidin' (Twist)


Orange and black label with black print.


From the Ray Charles album Genius + Soul = Jazz [Impulse A-S-2]:

A2S-1 - Ray Charles - From The Heart/I've Got News For You
A2S-2 - Ray Charles - Moanin'/Let's Go
A2S-3 - Ray Charles - One Mint Julep/I'm Gonna Move To the Outskirts Of Town
A2S-4 - Ray Charles - Strike Up The Band/Stompin' At The Savoy
A2S-5 - Ray Charles - Mister C/Birth Of The Blues


Jamie used their standard label with a stereo overprint. In the case of the stereo-33s below, they used the 45 rpm label blank, so the label said both 45 rpm and 33-1/3 rpm!


The juke box package below was taken from several Duane Eddy albums on Jamie.

JLP-71 - Duane Eddy - Lonesome Road/I Almost Lost My Mind
JLP-72 - Duane Eddy - Loving You/Anything
JLP-73 - Duane Eddy - Peter Gunn/Along The Navajo Trail
JLP-74 - Duane Eddy - Hard Times/Along Came Linda
JLP-75 - Duane Eddy - The Battle/You Are My Sunshine


The Jazzland label was black with silver print.


From the Chet Baker album Chet Baker with Fifty Italian Strings [Jazzland JLP 921S]:

2000 - Chet Baker - I Should Care/The Song Is You
2001 - Chet Baker - Violets For Your Furs/When I Fall In Love
2002 - Chet Baker - Goodbye, Part 1/Goodbye, Part 2
2003 - Chet Baker - Autumn In New York/Street Of Dreams
2004 - Chet Baker - Forgetful/Angel Eyes


From the Johnny Griffin/Eddie Davis album Tough Tenors [Jazzland JLP 931S]:

2005 - Johnny Griffin & Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Tickle Toe, Part 1/Tickle Toe, Part 2
2006 - Johnny Griffin & Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Save Your Love For Me, Part 1/Save Your Love For Me, Part 2
2007 - Johnny Griffin & Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Twins, Part 1/Twins, Part 2
2008 - Johnny Griffin & Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Funky Fluke, Part 1/Funky Fluke, Part 2
2009 - Johnny Griffin & Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Soft Winds, Part 1/Soft Winds, Part 2

Black label with silver print.

Kapp used the KBS-900 series as a catch-all for stereo-33 singles, stereo EPs, and stereo Little LPs. For that reason, the series below contains more than just stereo 33s. It is believed that these were packaged into one 5-disc juke box set by Roger Williams and four other singles were issued outside the juke box sets (both KBS-959 and KBS-969 were Little LPs).


Set No. 1: From the Roger Williams album Songs of the Soaring Sixties [Kapp KS 3251]:

KBS-960 - Roger Williams - Green Fields/Sailor (Your Home Is The Sea)
KBS-961 - Roger Williams - Main Theme From "Exodus"/Are You Lonesome Tonight?
KBS-962 - Roger Williams - Portrait Of My Love/My Little Corner Of The World
KBS-963 - Roger Williams - Green Leaves Of Summer/Theme From "A Summer Place"
KBS-964 - Roger Williams - Theme From Carnival/Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini

Misc. Stereo-33 Singles:

KBS-965 - Joe Harnell & His Orchestra - One Note Samba/I Left My Heart In San Francisco
KBS-966 - Jack Jones - My Romance/They Didn't Believe Me
KBS-967 - Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen - The Good Life/Theme From "A Summer Place"
KBS-968 - The Chad Mitchell Trio - The Unfortunate Man/The Great Historical Bum


Black label with silver print.

Kent put out at least two "Artist of the Week" packages; the ones below were taken from Crown LPs.

Set No. 1: From the B.B. King album B.B. King Wails [CrownCST-147]:

BB 100-1 - B.B. King - I Got Papers On You Baby/We Can't Make It
BB 100-2 - B.B. King - Treat Me Right/I Love You So
BB 100-3 - B.B. King - You're On The Top/What Way To Go
BB 100-4 - B.B. King - Long Nights/I'll Survive
BB 100-5 - B.B. King - If I Love You/I'm The King

Set No. 2: From the Jimmy Witherspoon album Jimmy Witherspoon Sings the Blues [Crown CST-215]:

JW 200-20 - Jimmy Witherspoon - Please Hurry Home/She Moves Me
JW 200-21 - Jimmy Witherspoon - Card Playing Blues/Riding Blues
JW 200-22 - Jimmy Witherspoon - Sad Life/Story From My Heart And Soul
JW 200-23 - Jimmy Witherspoon - Boogie Woogie Woman/You Gotta Crawl Before You Can Walk Slow
JW 200-24 - Jimmy Witherspoon - Playful Baby/I Need Somebody

Blue label with silver print.

King issued at least four juke box sets, and there may have been additional sets. The sets were mostly pulled from several albums.


Set No. 1: Earl Bostic

S-7 1602 - Earl Bostic - April In Paris/Flamingo
S-7 1603 - Earl Bostic - Because Of You/The Way You Look Tonight
S-7 1604 - Earl Bostic - Stranger In Paradise/Harlem Nocturne
S-7 1605 - Earl Bostic -
S-7 1606 - Earl Bostic - I Cover The Waterfront/Autumn Serenade

Set No. 2: Bill Doggett

S-7 1607 - Bill Doggett - Night Train/My Foolish Heart
S-7 1608 - Bill Doggett - A Sinner Kissed An Angel/Makin' Whoopee
S-7 1609 - Bill Doggett - The Madison/After Hours
S-7 1610 - Bill Doggett - Ocean Liner/Zee
S-7 1611 - Bill Doggett - The Eagle Speaks/Mr. Ballard

Set No.3: From the Stanley Brothers album The Stanley's in Person [King 719 Stereo]:

S-7 1613 - The Stanley Brothers - Wildwood Flower/Little Benny
S-7 1614 - The Stanley Brothers -
S-7 1615 - The Stanley Brothers & The Clinch Mountain Boys - Finger Poppin' Time/It's Raining Here This Morning

Set No.4: Hank Ballard & The Midnighters

S-7 1619 - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - Let's Go Again (Where We Went Last Night)/These Young Girls
S-7 1620 - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - I Must Be Crazy/Move-Move-Move
S-7 1621 - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - The Hoochi-Coochi-Coo/Mona Lisa
S-7 1622 - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - Don't Go I Love You So/Summertime

S-7 1626 - Earl Bostic - April In Portugal/Blue Tango


Standard Laurie red and white label.

ST 7-606 - The Dave Carey Quintet - Misty/New Sun In The Sky

ST 7-607 - Dion & The Belmonts - In The Still Of The Night/All The Things You Are
ST 7-608 - Dion & The Belmonts - Swinging On A Star/In Other Words
ST 7-609 - Dion & The Belmonts - A Teenager In Love/I'm Through With Love
ST 7-610 - Dion & The Belmonts - I've Cried Before/September Song
ST 7-611 - Dion & The Belmonts - When You Wish Upon A Star/Any Day


The Liberty stereo-33 singles were manufactured for juke box use, and were packaged in groups of five.

The first issues used a black label with silver print with multi-color strip down the left side. There was a white circle around the center hole, and inside the circle was printed "Stereo 33" in red.


The J-33000 series was prepared for Seeburg juke boxes. Each song had a Seeburg master number on the label (SB-1 to SB-20).

This five-disc set was taken from several Martin Denny albums.

J-33001 - The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny - Chattanooga Choo Choo/Ruby
J-33002 - The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny - The Enchanted Sea/Beyond The Reef
J-33003 - The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny - Stranger In Paradise/Pagan Love Song
J-33004 - The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny -
J-33005 - The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny - Ebb Tide/Hawaiian

This five-disc set was taken from several Julie London albums.

J-33006 - Julie London - Lonesome Road/Goodbye
J-33007 - Julie London - When I Fall In Love/The More I See You
J-33008 - Julie London - Blue Moon/Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan
J-33009 - Julie London - Bye Bye Blues/Basin Street Blues
J-33010 - Julie London - Daddy/Bye Bye Blackbird

Later issues used a black label with silver print with multi-color strip down the left side and a white horizontal bar across the label. There was a no white circle around the center hole.


The series numbering changes here to the J-77000 series, but the numbers continue from 10 to 11. The singles below were prepared for AMI juke boxes, and had an AMI master number on the label for each song, starting with AMI- 21.

From the Martin Denny album Quiet Village [Liberty LST-7122]:

J-77011 - The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny - Stranger In Paradise/Hawaiian War Chant
J-77012 - The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny - Coronation/Sake Rock
J-77013 - The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny - Martinique/Paradise Found
J-77014 - The Exotic Sounds Of Martin Denny - Tune From Rangoon/My Little Grass Shack Cha Cha
J-77015 - The Exotic Sounds Of Martin Denny - Quiet Village [alt]/Happy Talk

From the Julie London album Your Number Please [Liberty LST-7130]:

J-77016 - Julie London - Makin' Whoopie/It Could Happen To You
J-77017 - Julie London - When I Fall In Love/It's A Blue World
J-77018 - Julie London - They Can't Take That Away From Me/One For My Baby
J-77019 - Julie London - Angel Eyes/Love Is Here To Stay
J-77020 - Julie London - Two Sleepy People/The More I See You

From the Bob Wills with Tommy Duncan & The Texas Playboys album Together Again [Liberty LST-7173]:

J-77021 - Bob Wills - Take Me Back To Tulsa/The Kind Of Love I Can't Forget
J-77022 - Bob Wills - Stay A Little Longer/Time Changes Everything
J-77023 - Bob Wills - San Antonio Rose/You Don't Love Me But I'll Always Care
J-77024 - Bob Wills - Spanish Two Step/Keeper Of My Heart
J-77025 - Bob Wills - Ida Red Likes The Boogie/Goodnight Little Sweetheart

From the Gene McDaniels album A Hundred Pounds of Clay [Liberty LST-7191]:

J-77026 - Gene McDaniels - 100 Pounds Of Clay/It's All In The Game
J-77027 - Gene McDaniels - Take Good Care Of Her/Are You Sincere
J-77028 - Gene McDaniels - Portrait Of My Love/Till There Was You
J-77029 - Gene McDaniels - Send For Me/Angels In The Sky
J-77030 - Gene McDaniels - You Belong To Me/Make Me A Present Of You


From the Timi Yuro album Make the World Go Away [Liberty LST-7319]:

S4-7319 - Timi Yuro - She's Got You/Are You Sure

Liberty also issued mono-33 singles. An example is shown at left. These used the C-33000 series.

C-33018 - Johnny Burnette - Big Big World/Ballad Of The One Eyed Jacks


Blue label with silver print.


From the Anthony Newley album Tony [London PS 244]:

9535 - Anthony Newley - Yes! We Have No Bananas/All Or Nothing at All
9536 - Anthony Newley - Pop Goes The Weasel/I Should Care
9537 - Anthony Newley - I Was Never Kissed Before/Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag
9538 - Anthony Newley - Bye Bye Blackbird/Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
9539 - Anthony Newley - Basin Street Blues/Who Can Say


Blue label with silver print.

Essentially all of Mercury's stereo-33 singles were packaged in groups of five for juke box use.

Most stereo-33 singles on Mercury used their normal paper sleeve (far left). Some issues came in a special stereo-33 sleeve as shown at near left.


From the Platters album Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries [Mercury SR 60245]:

C-7000 - The Platters - Trees/Tumbling Tumbleweeds
C-7001 - The Platters - Lullaby Of The Leaves/Jeannine (I Dream Of Lilac Time)
C-7002 - The Platters - Whispering Grass (Don't Tell The Trees)/I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time
C-7003 - The Platters - Orchids In The Moonlight/A Little White Gardenia
C-7004 - The Platters - Rose Of Picardy/When You Wore A Tulip (And I Wore A Big Red Rose)

From the Dinah Washington album I Concentrate On You [Mercury SR 60604]:

C-7005 - Dinah Washington - Fool That I Am/Crazy Love
C-7006 - Dinah Washington - Lord, You Made Us Human/I Concentrate On You
C-7007 - Dinah Washington -
C-7008 - Dinah Washington - While We're Young/?
C-7009 - Dinah Washington -

From the Brook Benton album Songs I Love to Sing [Mercury SR 60602]:

C-7010 - Brook Benton - Moonlight In Vermont/It's Been A Long, Long Time
C-7011 - Brook Benton - Why Try To Change Me Now/Lover Come Back To Me
C-7012 - Brook Benton - September Song/
C-7013 - Brook Benton - They Can't Take That Away From Me/Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
C-7014 - Brook Benton - I'll Be Around/I Don't Know Enough About You

From the Quincy Jones album The Great, Wide World of Quincy Jones [Mercury SR 60221]:

C-7015 - Quincy Jones & His Orchestra - Lester Leaps In/Ghana
C-7016 - Quincy Jones & His Orchestra - Everybody's Blues/Caravan
C-7017 - Quincy Jones & His Orchestra - Eesom/
C-7018 - Quincy Jones & His Orchestra - Chant Of The Weed/
C-7019 - Quincy Jones & His Orchestra -


From the Dinah Washington album For Lonely Lovers [Mercury SR 60614]:

C-7020 - Dinah Washington - Hurt/You've Got Me Crying Again
C-7021 - Dinah Washington - Harbor Lights/You Taught Me
C-7022 - Dinah Washington - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying/Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
C-7023 - Dinah Washington - I Wish I Didn't Love You So/It Shouldn't Happen To A Dream
C-7024 - Dinah Washington - The Sun Forgot To Shine This Morning/Don't Go To Strangers

From the Patti Page album Patti Page Sings Country And Western Golden Hits [Mercury SR 60615}:

C-7025 - Patti Page - I'm Walking The Floor Over You/Crazy Arms
C-7026 - Patti Page - I Walk The Line/Jealous Heart
C-7027 - Patti Page - Just Because/Please Help Me, I'm Falling
C-7028 - Patti Page - Y'All Come/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
C-7029 - Patti Page - Release Me/Dark Moon

From the Sarah Vaughan album Vaughan and Violins [Mercury SR60038]:

C-7030 - Sarah Vaughan - Misty/That's All
C-7031 - Sarah Vaughan - Day By Day/Please Be Kind
C-7032 - Sarah Vaughan - Love Me/The Thrill Is Gone
C-7033 - Sarah Vaughan - The Midnight Sun Will Never Set/I'll Close My Eyes
C-7034 - Sarah Vaughan - Gone With The Wind/Live For Love

From the Buddy Morrow album Night Train [Mercury SR 60009]:

C-7035 - Buddy Morrow - Night Train/Back Home
C-7036 - Buddy Morrow - One Mint Julep/Midnight March
C-7037 - Buddy Morrow - I'll Close My Eyes/Rib Joint
C-7038 - Buddy Morrow - Mangos/With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair
C-7039 - Buddy Morrow - With A Song In My Heart/Hey Mrs. Jones

From the David Carroll album Let's Dance, Dance, Dance [Mercury SR 60649]:

C-7040 - David Carroll & His Orchestra - Swingin' On A Rainbow/Gadabout
C-7041 - David Carroll & His Orchestra - Come Closer To Me/Let's Dance Dance Dance
C-7042 - David Carroll & His Orchestra - Red Top/Huckleberry Duck
C-7043 - David Carroll & His Orchestra - Muskrat Ramble/It's A Wonderful World
C-7044 - David Carroll & His Orchestra - Night Train/Castle Rock

From the album George Jones' Greatest Hits [Mercury SR 60621]:

C-7045 - George Jones - White Lightning/Treasure Of Love
C-7046 - George Jones - Why Baby/Hearts In My Dream
C-7047 - George Jones - The Window Up Above/Color Of The Blues
C-7048 - George Jones - Don't Stop Music/Tall Trees
C-7049 - George Jones - Who Shot Sam/Accidentally On Purpose

From the Eddie Layton album Great Organ Hits [Mercury SR 60639]:

C-7050 - Eddie Layton - Mr. Lucky/The Happy Organ
C-7051 - Eddie Layton - Ain't Misbehavin'/Tico Tico
C-7052 - Eddie Layton - Granada/You Can't Be True Dear
C-7053 - Eddie Layton - Twilight Time/
C-7054 - Eddie Layton -

From the Dinah Washington album September In The Rain [Mercury SR 60638]:

C-7055 - Dinah Washington - September In The Rain/Without A Song
C-7056 - Dinah Washington - As Long As I'm In Your Arms/This Heart Of Mine
C-7057 - Dinah Washington -
C-7058 - Dinah Washington -
C-7059 - Dinah Washington -


From the Platters album Song for the Lonely [Mercury SR 60669]:

C-7060 - The Platters - It's Love, Love, Love/It's Magic
C-7061 - The Platters - You'll Never Know/Love Is
C-7062 - The Platters - Love Is Just Around The Corner/All The Things You Are
C-7063 - The Platters - True Lover/Song For The Lonely
C-7064 - The Platters - Immortal Love/Keep Me In Love

From the Dinah Washington album Tears And Laughter [Mercury SR 60661]:

C-7065 - Dinah Washington - Bewitched/Mood Indigo
C-7066 - Dinah Washington - Am I Blue/I'm A Fool To Want You
C-7067 - Dinah Washington - Secret Love/Tears And Laughter
C-7068 - Dinah Washington - If I Should Lose You/You Do Something To Me
C-7069 - Dinah Washington - Wake The Town And Tell The People/I Just Found Out About Love

From the Brook Benton album There Goes That Song Again [Mercury SR 60673]:

C-7070 - Brook Benton - When I Grow Too Old To Dream/There Goes That Song Again
C-7071 - Brook Benton - I Love Paris/All Of Me
C-7072 - Brook Benton - I Didn't Know What Time It Was/Trouble In Mind
C-7073 - Brook Benton - Breezin' Along With The Breeze/I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)
C-7074 - Brook Benton - After You've Gone/I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)

From the Billy Eckstine album Don't Worry 'Bout Me [Mercury SR 60736]:

C-7075 - Billy Eckstine - What Kind Of Fool Am I?/Till There Was You
C-7076 - Billy Eckstine - It Isn't Fair/(Love Is) The Tender Trap
C-7077 - Billy Eckstine - Beauty Of True Love/
C-7078 - Billy Eckstine - Guilty/Don't Worry 'Bout Me
C-7079 - Billy Eckstine -

From the Smothers Brothers album Two Sides of the Smothers Brothers [Mercury SR 60675]:

C-7080 - The Smothers Brothers - Loredo/Chocolate
C-7081 - The Smothers Brothers - Map Of The World/Cabbage
C-7082 - The Smothers Brothers - Where The Lilacs Grow/Stella's Got A New Dress
C-7083 - The Smothers Brothers - If It Fits Your Fancy/Four Winds And The Seven Seas
C-7084 - The Smothers Brothers - Apples, Peaches And Cherries/Sailor's Lament

From the Dinah Washington album Dinah Washington Sings Fats Waller [Mercury SR 60202]:

C-7085 - Dinah Washington - Christopher Columbus/Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do
C-7086 - Dinah Washington - Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat/Ain't Cha Glad
C-7087 - Dinah Washington - Ain't Misbehavin'/Squeeze Me
C-7088 - Dinah Washington - Everybody Loves My Baby/Black And Blue
C-7089 - Dinah Washington - I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling/Honeysuckle Rose


From the album Brook Benton's Golden Hits, Volume 2 [Mercury SR 60774]:

C-7090 - Brook Benton - Lie To Me/Hotel Happiness
C-7091 - Brook Benton - Still Waters Run Deep/Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)
C-7092 - Brook Benton - Hit Record/Shadrack
C-7093 - Brook Benton - The Boll Weevil Song/Frankie And Johnny
C-7094 - Brook Benton - Revenge/Walk On The Wild Side

From the Platters Christmas album Christmas with the Platters [Mercury SR 60841]:

C-7095 - The Platters - White Christmas/Jingle Bells Jingle
C-7096 - The Platters - Christmas Time/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
C-7097 - The Platters - Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Blue Christmas
C-7098 - The Platters - Come Home For Christmas/Jingle Bell Rock
C-7099 - The Platters - Winter Wonderland/Auld Lang Syne

From the Roy Drusky album Yesterday's Gone [Mercury SR 60919]:

C-7100 - Roy Drusky - Yesterday's Gone/Lonely Street
C-7101 - Roy Drusky - Tender Years/It Was Fun While It Lasted
C-7102 - Roy Drusky - The End Of The World/Before I Lost You
C-7103 - Roy Drusky - Burning Memories/Yesterday
C-7104 - Roy Drusky - Our Last Night Together/Take Good Care Of Her

From the Faron Young album Faron Young Aims at the West [Mercury SR 60840]

B-11001 - Faron Young - Rawhide/New Mexico


The MGM stereo-33 singles were all issued for use in Seeburg stereo juke boxes. They were issued in groups of five singles, each taken from one or more MGM albums at the time.

Seeburg Juke Box Stereo-33 Series


From the Conway Twitty albums Saturday Night with Conway Twitty [MGM SE-3786]:

SB-1 - Conway Twitty - Restless/Just Because
SB-2 - Conway Twitty - Beach Comber/Trouble In Mind
SB-3 - Conway Twitty - Hey Miss Ruby/Foggy River
SB-4 - Conway Twitty - Platinum High School/Hallelujah, I Love Her So
SB-5 - Conway Twitty - Eternal Tears/Tell Me One More Time

From the Connie Francis albums Connie Francis Sings Country & Western Golden Hits [MGM SE-3795]:

SB-6 - Connie Francis - Singing The Blues/Half As Much
SB-7 - Connie Francis - Hearts Of Stone/Let Me Go Lover
SB-8 - Connie Francis - Heartbreak Hotel/There's No Tomorrow
SB-9 - Connie Francis - I Almost Lost My Mind/Come Back To Sorrento
SB-10 - Connie Francis - Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody/Come Back To Sorrento

From the Mark Dinning albums Teen Angel [MGM SE-3828]:

SB-11 - Mark Dinning - The Blackeyed Gypsy/I Lost
SB-12 - Mark Dinning - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/I'm Too Young To Die
SB-13 - Mark Dinning - Danny Boy/(It's) Not Like It Was With You
SB-14 - Mark Dinning - You Thrill Me (Through And Through)/A Life of Love
SB-15 - Mark Dinning - Remember/It Just Depends On You

From the Joni James albums 101 Strings and Joni on Broadway [MGM SE-3839]:

SB-16 - Joni James - Hey There/'Til There Was You
SB-17 - Joni James - Bali Ha'i/I've Grown Accustomed To His Face
SB-18 - Joni James - Isn't It Romantic?/If I Loved You
SB-19 - Joni James - Mr. Wonderful/Baubles, Bangles And Beads
SB-20 - Joni James - Hello Young Lovers/Bewitched

From the Harry James album Harry James...Today! [MGM SE-3848]:

SB-21 - Harry James - Satin Doll/Undecided
SB-22 - Harry James - Ensemble/King Porter Stomp
SB-23 - Harry James - Eyes/Take The 'A' Train
SB-24 - Harry James - Jersey Bounce/End Of Town Blues
SB-25 - Harry James - Rockin' In Rhythm/Lester Leaps In

From the Bing Crosby/Louis Armstrong album Bing And Satchmo [MGMSE-3882]:

SB-26 - Bing & Satchmo - Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/Muskrat Ramble
SB-27 - Bing & Satchmo - Me And Brother Bill/Dardanella
SB-28 - Bing & Satchmo - The Preacher/Little Ol' Tune
SB-29 - Bing & Satchmo - Let's Sing Like A Dixieland Band/At The Jazz Band Ball
SB-30 - Bing & Satchmo - Bye Bye Blues/Rocky Mountain Moon

From the Connie Francis album More Italian Favorites [MGM SE-3871]:

SB-31 - Connie Francis - Guaglione/Senza Mama
SB-32 - Connie Francis - Just Say I Love Him/Funiculi, Funicula
SB-33 - Connie Francis - Summertime In Venice/Roman Guitar
SB-34 - Connie Francis - Torero/Nights Of Splendor
SB-35 - Connie Francis - Return To Me/The Loveliest Night Of The Year

From the Larry Elgart album Sophisticated Sixties [MGM SE-3891]:

SB-36 - Larry Elgart Orchestra - City Lights/Just One Of Those Things
SB-37 - Larry Elgart Orchestra - Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me/That's All
SB-38 - Larry Elgart Orchestra - Bye Bye Blues/Too Close For Comfort
SB-39 - Larry Elgart Orchestra - Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now/Cheatin' On Me
SB-40 - Larry Elgart Orchestra - This Heart Of Mine/Doodle Do Do


From the Art Mooney album Spectacular Voices with Banjos [MGM SE-3899], which featured 1960 re-recordings of many of his early 1950s hits:

SB-41 - Art Mooney & His Orchestra - Who's Your Little Who-zis?/Sound Off (The Duckworth Chant)
SB-42 - Art Mooney & His Orchestra - I'm Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover/Baby Face
SB-43 - Art Mooney & His Orchestra - Charley My Boy/Doodle Doo Doo
SB-44 - Art Mooney & His Orchestra - Yearning (Just For You)/Heartaches
SB-45 - Art Mooney & His Orchestra - Honey Babe/Daddy

From the Somethin' Smith & the Redheads album Ain't We Got Fun Kinda Songs [MGM SE- 3941]:

MSS 600 - Somethin' Smith & The Redheads - Keepin' Out Of Mishief Now/Ain't We Got Fun
MSS 601 - Somethin' Smith & The Redheads - We'll Meet Again/By The Waters Of The Minnetonka
MSS 602 - Somethin' Smith & The Redheads - Casey Jones/Silver Dollar
MSS 603 - Somethin' Smith & The Redheads - Mississippi Mud/Old Pals Are The Best Pals After All
MSS 604 - Somethin' Smith & The Redheads - Strip Polka/Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans

From the Bing Crosby album El Señor Bing [MGM SE-3890P]:

MSS 605 - Bing Crosby - Medley: In The Still Of The Night-I Could Have Danced All Night/Medley: Down Argentina Way-What A Difference A Day Makes
MSS 606 - Bing Crosby - Medley: Ramona-Amapola/Medley: C'Est Magnifique-Taking A Chance On Love
MSS 607 - Bing Crosby - Medley: Heavenly Night-My Shawl/Medley: Pagan Love Song-Cuban Love Song
MSS 608 - Bing Crosby - Medley: Again-Allez-Vouz-En (Go Away)/Medley: Marta-The Rose In Her Hair
MSS 609 - Bing Crosby - Medley: Malagueña-Andalucia/Medley: How High The Moon-Old Devil Moon


From the Connie Francis album Greatest American Waltzes Sung By Connie Francis [MGM SE-4145]. These last five singles in the series were mono.

SB-46 - Connie Francis - Anniversary Waltz/Remember
SB-47 - Connie Francis - You Can't Be True Dear/My Buddy
SB-48 - Connie Francis - Always/Beautiful Ohio
SB-49 - Connie Francis - Three O'Clock In The Morning/Melody Of Love
SB-50 - Connie Francis - Fascination/In Apple Blossom Time

Pacific Jazz

Blue label with silver print.


A6201 - Curtis Amy-Frank Butler Sextet - Groovin' Blue, Part 1/Groovin' Blue, Part 2
A6204 - Carmell Jones & Harold Land - Sad March, Part 1/Sad March, Part 2
C6213 - Richard Holmes & Gene Ammons - Groovin' With Jug/Juggin' Around
C6214 - Richard Holmes & Gene Ammons - Morris The Minor, Part 1/Morris The Minor, Part 2
C6215 - Richard Holmes & Gene Ammons - Hey You, Part 1/Hey You, Part 2

The following package was released for AMI juke boxes. It is drawn from several Les McCann albums. #201 through 210 are on the World Pacific label.

AMI-211 - Les McCann, Ltd. - The Truth (Part 1)/The Truth (Part 2)
AMI-212 - Les McCann, Ltd. - Fish This Week (But The Next Sunday Chitlins)/Vacushna
AMI-213 - Les McCann, Ltd. - C Jam Blues/Big Jim
AMI-214 - Les McCann, Ltd. - The Shout/I Am In Love
AMI-215 - Les McCann, Ltd. - Gone And Git That Church (Part 1)/Gone And Git That Church (Part 2)

7103 - Curtis Amy & Paul Bryant - The Blues Message (8:02)/Searchin'

RCA Victor

Black label with silver print; no "Nipper" logo at the top.


From the Chet Atkins album Chet Atkins' Workshop [RCA-Victor LSP-2232]:

VP-1-2232 - Chet Atkins - Lambeth Walk/In A Little Spanish Town ('Twas On A Night Like This)
VP-2-2232 - Chet Atkins - Marie/Whispering
VP-3-2232 -
VP-4-2232 - Chet Atkins - Lullaby Of Birdland/Sleep
VP-5-2232 - Chet Atkins - Tammy/Goofus


From the Al Hirt album Al (He's the King) Hirt and His Band [RCA-Victor LSP-2354]:

VP-1-2354 - Al (He's The King) Hirt & His Band - I Love Paris/One O'Clock Jump
VP-2-2354 - Al (He's The King) Hirt & His Band - The King's Blues/Jazz Me Blues
VP-3-2354 - Al (He's The King) Hirt & His Band - Three Little Words/The Old Folks At Home
VP-4-2354 - Al (He's The King) Hirt & His Band - Laura/Christopher Columbus
VP-5-2354 - Al (He's The King) Hirt & His Band -

From the Henry Mancini album Breakfast at Tiffiny's [RCA-Victor LSP-2362]:

VP-1-2362 - Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - Moon River/Sally's Tomato
VP-2-2362 - Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - Mr. Yunioshi/The Big Blow Out
VP-3-2362 - Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - Hub Caps And Tail Lights/Something For Cat
VP-4-2362 - Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - Breakfast At Tiffany's/Holly
VP-5-2362 - Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - The Big Heist/Moon River Cha Cha

From the Harry Belafonte album Jump Up Calypso [RCA-Victor LSP-2388]:

VP-1-2388 - Harry Belafonte - Sweetheart From Venezuela/Go Down Emanuel Road
VP-2-2388 - Harry Belafonte - Jump In The Line/Kingston Market
VP-3-2388 - Harry Belafonte - Gloria/The Land Of The Sea And Sun
VP-4-2388 - Harry Belafonte - Going Down Jordan/Angelina
VP-5-2388 - Harry Belafonte - Monkey/These Are The Times

From the Limeliters album The Slightly Fabulous Limeliters [RCA LSP-2393]:

VP-1-2393 - Limeliters - Western Wind/Vikki Dougan
VP-2-2393 - Limeliters - Lass From The Low Country/Gunslinger
VP-3-2393 - Limeliters - Whispering Gypsy/Aravah, Aravah
VP-4-2393 - Limeliters - Mama Don't Low/The Time Of A Man
VP-5-2393 - Limeliters - Hard Ain't It Hard/Medley: Hard Travelin'-Mount Zion

From the Chet Atkins album Down Home [RCA LSP-2450]:

VP-1-2450 - Chet Atkins - I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow/Never On Sunday
VP-2-2450 - Chet Atkins - Tuxedo Junction/Give The World A Smile
VP-3-2450 - Chet Atkins - Salty Dog Drag/I'm A Pilgrim
VP-4-2450 - Chet Atkins - Trambone/Steel Guitar Rag
VP-5-2450 - Chet Atkins - Little Feet/Blue Steel Blues

From the Jim Reeves album A Touch of Velvet [RCA-Victor LSP-2487]:

VP-1-2487 - Jim Reeves - Have You Ever Been Lonely/?
VP-2-2487 - Jim Reeves - Welcome To My World/?
VP-3-2487 - Jim Reeves - (It's No) Sin/I Fall To Pieces
VP-4-2487 - Jim Reeves - All Dressed Up And Lonely/Easy To Forget
VP-5-2487 - Jim Reeves - Wild Rose/I'm A Fool To Care

From the Various Artists album Stereo Action Unlimited! [RCA LSP-2489]:

VP-1-2489 - Marty Gold & His Orchestra - Did You Ever See A Dream Walking//Dick Schory's Percussion Ensemble - Running Wild
VP-2-2489 - Leo Addeo & His Orchestra - Dancing Tambourine//Vic Schoen & His Orchestra - And The Band Played On
VP-3-2489 - Keith Textor Chorus & Percussion - Lonesome Road//Guitars Unlimited Plus 7 - Espresso
VP-4-2489 - Marty Gold & His Orchestra - The 3rd Man Theme//Dick Schory's Percussion & Brass Ensemble - Hernando's Hideaway
VP-5-2489 - Ray Martin & His Orchestra - Jericho//Leo Addeo & His Orchestra - Every Little Movement

From the Ann-Margret album The Vivacious One [RCA LSP-2551]:

VP-1-2551 - Ann-Margret - Thirteen Men/Jim Dandy
VP-2-2551 - Ann-Margret - The Rock And Roll Waltz/There'll Be Some Changes Made
VP-3-2551 - Ann-Margret - Make Love To Me/Tell Me, Tell Me
VP-4-2551 - Ann-Margret - Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone/C'Est Si Bon
VP-5-2551 - Ann-Margret - Inka Dinka Doo/Begin The Beguine

From the Sam Cooke album Twistin' the Night Away [RCA-Victor LSP-2555]:

VP-1-2555 - Sam Cooke - Twistin' The Night Away/Sugar Dumpling
VP-2-2555 - Sam Cooke - Twistin' In The Kitchen With Dinah/A Whole Lotta Woman
VP-3-2555 - Sam Cooke - Movin' And A'Groovin'/Twistin' In The Old Town Tonight
VP-4-2555 - Sam Cooke - Somebody Have Mercy/Camptown Twist
VP-5-2555 - Sam Cooke - Soothe Me/That's It - I Quit - I'm Movin' On

From the Harry Belafonte album The Many Moods of Belafonte [RCA-Victor LSP- 2574]:

VP-1-2574 - Harry Belafonte - Tongue Tie Baby/Who's Gonna Be Your Man
VP-2-2574 - Harry Belafonte - Long About Now/Bamotsweri
VP-3-2574 - Harry Belafonte - I'm On My Way To Saturday/Betty An' Dupree
VP-4-2574 - Harry Belafonte - Lyla, Lyla/Zombie Jamboree
VP-5-2574 - Harry Belafonte - Try To Remember/Dark As A Dungeon

From the Various Artists album Diamonds By the Dozen, Country Style [RCA-Victor LSP-2668]:
VP-1-2668 - The Browns - Down In The Valley//Gene Autry - You Are My Sunshine
VP-2-2668 - Jim Reeves - That Silver-Haired Daddy Of Mine//Chet Atkins - Steel Guitar Rag
VP-3-2668 - Skeeter Davis - Your Cheatin' Heart//Sons of the Pioneers - El Paso
VP-4-2668 - Hank Locklin - I Can't Stop Loving You//Eddy Arnold - The Wreck Of The Old 97
VP-5-2668 - Hank Snow - Roll Along Kentucky Moon//Del Wood - Camp Meetin' Time

From the Al Hirt & Ann-Margret album Beauty and the Beard [RCA LSP-2690]:

VP-1-2690 - Al Hirt & Ann-Margret - Personality/Tain't What You Do
VP-2-2690 - Al Hirt & Ann-Margret - Bill Bailey/My Baby Just Cares For Me
VP-3-2690 - Al Hirt & Ann-Margret - Everybody Loves My Baby/Little Boy (Little Girl)
VP-4-2690 - Al Hirt & Ann-Margret - Best Man/Row Row Row
VP-5-2690 - Al Hirt & Ann-Margret - Baby, It's Cold Outside/Just Because

From the Al Hirt album Honey in the Horn [RCA-Victor LSP-2733]:
VP-2733 - Al (He's The King) Hirt - Java/I Can't Get Started

From the George Hamilton IV album Abilene [RCA-Victor LSP-2788]:
VP-2778 - George Hamilton IV - Tender Hearted Baby/?

From the Floyd Cramer album Floyd Cramer at the Console [RCA-Victor LSP-2883]:

VP-1-2883 - Floyd Cramer - White Silver Sands/Take Me
VP-2-2883 - Floyd Cramer - Have You Ever Been Lonely/Cocoanut Grove
VP-3-2883 - Floyd Cramer - Near You/Vaya Con Dios
VP-4-2883 - Floyd Cramer - On the Rebound/Moon River
VP-5-2883 - Floyd Cramer - Tricky/Last Date

From the Al Hirt album Cotton Candy [RCA LSP-2917]:

VP-1-2917 - Al Hirt - Cotton Candy/Hello Dolly
VP-2-2917 - Al Hirt - Django's Castle/Last Date
VP-3-2917 - Al Hirt - Walkin'/Too Late (Trop Tard)
VP-4-2917 - Al Hirt - Rumpus/Melissa
VP-5-2917 - Al Hirt - Walkin' With Mr. Lee/12th Street Rag

From the Al Hirt album Sugar Lips [RCA-Victor LSP-2965]:

VP-1-2965 - Al Hirt - Sugar Lips/The Girl From Ipanema
VP-2-2965 - Al Hirt - Tenderly/Milano
VP-3-2965 - Al Hirt - Pink Confetti/Back Home Again in Indiana
VP-4-2965 - Al Hirt - New Orleans, My Home Town/September Song
VP-5-2965 - Al Hirt - Night Life/Looking For The Blues

RCA also had a mono 33 series using the 37- prefix, corresponding to the 47- prefix for 45s. The label was a special black compact-33 single label with silver print and a full-color "nipper" logo at the top. The single below (shown as an example only) was the original version of the later Pat Boone hit.

37-7860 - David Dante - Speedy Gonzales/K-K-K Katy

Standard tan Reprise label with black print.


From the Frank Sinatra album Swing Along with Me [Reprise R9 1002]:

R-40,001 - Frank Sinatra - Falling In Love With Love/Don't Cry Joe
R-40,002 - Frank Sinatra -
R-40,003 - Frank Sinatra - I Never Knew/Don't Be That Way
R-40,004 - Frank Sinatra - Moonlight On The Ganges/It's A Wonderful World
R-40,005 - Frank Sinatra -

From the Frank Sinatra album I Remember Tommy [Reprise R9 1003]:

R-40,006 - Frank Sinatra - Imagination/It's Always You
R-40,007 - Frank Sinatra - East Of The Sun/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
R-40,008 - Frank Sinatra -
R-40,009 - Frank Sinatra - It Started All Over Again/Without A Song
R-40,010 - Frank Sinatra - Daybreak/Take Me

From the Frank Sinatra album Sinatra and Strings [Reprise R9-1004]:

R-40,011 - I Hadn't Anyone Till You/Night And Day
R-40,012 -
R-40,013 - Come Rain Or Come Shine/It Might As Well Be Spring
R-40,014 - Prisoner Of Love/That's All
R-40,015 - All Or Nothing At All/Yesterdays


From the Dean Martin album French Style [Reprise R9 6021]:

R-40,016 - Dean Martin - C'Est Si Bon/April In Paris
R-40,017 - Dean Martin - Mimi/The Poor People Of Paris
R-40,018 - Dean Martin - River Seine/The Last Time I Saw Paris
R-40,019 - Dean Martin - Mam'selle/C'Est Magnifique
R-40,020 - Dean Martin - Gigi/I Love Paris

From the Wynona Carr album Wild, Wonderful Wynona [Reprise R9-6023]:

R-40,021 - Wynona Carr - Oh, How I Love You/Strange
R-40,022 - Wynona Carr - So Long/Bring Back The Blues
R-40,023 - Wynona Carr - That Lucky Old Sun/I Wanna Be Around
R-40,024 - Wynona Carr - Love, Love, Love/Willow Weep For Me
R-40,025 - Wynona Carr - Don't Come Crying To Me/I Gotta Stand Tall


From the Dennis Day album Shillelaghs and Shamrocks [Reprise R9 6065]:

R-40,031 - Dennis Day -
R-40,032 - Dennis Day -
R-40,033 - Dennis Day - Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's An Irish Lullaby)/Galway Bay
R-40,034 - Dennis Day - Danny Boy/The Boys From The Country
R-40,035 - Dennis Day - Medley: My Wild Irish Rose-When Irish Eyes Are Smiling/Mrs. McGrath

From the Frank Sinatra/Count Basie album Sinatra-Basie [Reprise R9 1008]:

R-40,036 - Frank Sinatra - Pennies From Heaven/Please Be Kind
R-40,037 - Frank Sinatra - (Love Is) The Tender Trap/Looking At The World Thru Rose Colored Glasses
R-40,038 - Frank Sinatra - My Kind Of Girl/I Only Have Eyes For You
R-40,039 - Frank Sinatra - Nice Work If You Can Get It/Learnin' The Blues
R-40,040 - Frank Sinatra - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter/I Won't Dance

R-40,050 - Frank Sinatra - My Kind Of Girl/Please Be Kind
R-40,051 - Erroll Garner - Lover Come Back To Me/Misty
R-40,052 - Sammy Davis, Jr. - Bye Bye Blackbird/We Kiss In A Shadow

Promotional set from the Dean Martin album Everybody Loves Somebody [Reprise RS 6130]:

S 190 - Dean Martin - Everybody Loves Somebody/Your Other Love
S 191 - Dean Martin - Shutters And Boards/Baby-O
S 192 - Dean Martin - A Little Voice/My Heart Cries For You
S 193 - Dean Martin - Corrina/Siesta Fiesta
S 194 - Dean Martin - Things/A Face In The Crowd

Promotional set from the Trini Lopez album Trini Lopez at P.J.'s [Reprise RS 6093]

S-195 - Trini Lopez - A-Me-Ri-Ca/Bye Bye Blackbird
S-196 - Trini Lopez - If I Had A Hammer/Unchain My Heart
S-197 - Trini Lopez - This Land Is Your Land/Granada
S-198 - Trini Lopez - La Bamba/Cielito Lindo
S-199 - Trini Lopez - Gotta Travel On-Volare/What'd I Say

Reprise also released mono 33s. They used the same label, but without the white circle in the middle.

R-40,050 - Frank Sinatra with Count Basie & His Orchestra - My Kind Of Girl/Please Be Kind

Black label with black print.


From the Johnny Griffin album The BIG Soul Band [Riverside S 1179]:

2010 - Johnny Griffin & The Soul-Band - Wade In The Water/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
2011 - Johnny Griffin & The Soul-Band - Meditation, Part 1/Meditation, Part 2
2012 - Johnny Griffin & The Soul-Band - Holla/Jubilation
2013 - Johnny Griffin & The Soul-Band - So Tired, Part 1/So Tired, Part 2
2014 - Johnny Griffin & The Soul-Band - Deep River, Part 1/Deep River, Part 2

From the Cannonball Adderley albums The Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San Francisco (2015- 18) and Them Dirty Blues (2019) [Riverside S 1157/S 1170]:

2015 - Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Spontaneous Combustion, Part 1/Spontaneous Combustion, Part 2
2016 - Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Hi-Fly, Part 1/Hi-Fly, Part 2
2017 - Cannonball Adderley Quintet - You Got It, Part 1/You Got It, Part 2
2018 - Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Bohemia After Dark, Part 1/Bohemia After Dark, Part 2
2019 - Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Them Dirty Blues, Part 1/Them Dirty Blues, Part 2

From the Billy Taylor album Billy Taylor with Four Flutes [Riverside S 1151]:

2020 - Billy Taylor - The Song Is Ended/St. Thomas
2021 - Billy Taylor - Back Home, Part 1/Back Home, Part 2
2022 - Billy Taylor - Blue Shutters, Pat 1/Blue Shutters, Part 2
2023 - Billy Taylor - Lady Be Good, Part 1/Lady Be Good, Part 2
2024 - Billy Taylor - One For The Woofer, Part 1/One For The Woofer, Part 2

From the Bobby Timmons album Soul Time [Riverside S9 334]:

2025 - Bobby Timmons with Blue Mitchell - Soul Time, Part 1/Soul Time, Part 2
2026 - Bobby Timmons with Blue Mitchell -
2027 - Bobby Timmons with Blue Mitchell -
2028 - Bobby Timmons with Blue Mitchell -
2029 - Bobby Timmons with Blue Mitchell -

From the Cannonball Adderly album The Cannonball Adderley Quintet at the Lighthouse [Riverside S9 344]:

2030 - Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Big "P", Part 1/Big "P", Part2
2031 - Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Blue Daniel, Part 1/Blue Daniel, Part 2
2032 - Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Exodus, Part 1/Exodus, Part 2
2033 - Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Azule Serape, Part 1/Azule Serape, Part 2
2034 - Cannonball Adderley Quintet - What Is This Thing Called Love, Part 1/What Is This Thing Called Love, Part 2

From the Nat Adderley album That's Right! [Riverside S9 330]:

2035 - Nat Adderley - The Old Country/Night After Night
2036 - Nat Adderley - Chordination, Part 1/Chordination, Part 2
2037 - Nat Adderley - Tadd/You Got It
2038 - Nat Adderley - That's Right, Part 1/That's Right, Part 2
2039 - Nat Adderley - Don't Leave Me Breathless/The Folks Who Live On The Hill

Roulette shifted the SSR-8000 series from stereo 45 releases to its stereo only compact 33 releases. SSR-8001 to SSR-8018 are 45 rpm stereo singles covered on the stereo 45 page.


From the Count Basie album Chairman of the Board [Roulette SR-52032]:

SSR-33-8019 - Count Basie - Every Tub/Swinging The Blues
SSR-33-8020 - Count Basie - The Midnight Sun Never Sets/A Square At The Round Table
SSR-33-8021 - Count Basie - Speaking Of Sounds/Her Royal Highness
SSR-33-8022 - Count Basie - Cute/Pony Tail
SSR-33-8023 - Count Basie - What Did You Win/Ain't No Use

From the Jimmie Rodgers album Twilight on the Trail [Roulette SR-25081]:

SSR-33-8024 - Jimmie Rodgers - Ghost Riders In The Sky/Wagon Wheels
SSR-33-8025 - Jimmie Rodgers -
SSR-33-8026 - Jimmie Rodgers -
SSR-33-8027 - Jimmie Rodgers -
SSR-33-8028 - Jimmie Rodgers -

From the Joe Williams & Count Basie album Just the Blues [Roulette SR 52054]:

SSR-33-8029 - Joe Williams - Travelin' Light/Confessin' The Blues
SSR-33-8030 - Joe Williams - Key To The Highway/Lyin' Woman
SSR-33-8031 - Joe Williams - Chains of Love/Mean Mistreater
SSR-33-8032 - Joe Williams - Keep Your Hand On Your Heart/Tomorrow Night
SSR-33-8033 - Joe Williams - Night Time Is The Right Time/Mean Old World

From the Maynard Ferguson album Let's Face the Music and Dance [Roulette SR-52055]:

SSR-33-8034 - Maynard Ferguson - Teach Me Tonight/Let's Face The Music And Dance
SSR-33-8035 - Maynard Ferguson - It Could Happen To You/The Party's Over
SSR-33-8036 - Maynard Ferguson - You Don't Know What Love Is/It's Only A Paper Moon
SSR-33-8037 - Maynard Ferguson - The Masquerade Is Over/My Foolish Heart
SSR-33-8038 - Maynard Ferguson - Don't Take Your Love From Me/Let's Do It


From the Count Basie album Benny Carter's Kansas City Suite [Roulette SR-52056]:

SSR-33-8039 - Count Basie - Jackson County Jubilee/Vine Street Rumble
SSR-33-8040 - Count Basie - The Wiggle Walk/Sunset Glow
SSR-33-8041 - Count Basie - Paseo Promenade/Meetin' Time
SSR-33-8042 - Count Basie - Blue Five Jive/Rompin' At The Reno
SSR-33-8043 - Count Basie - Miss Missouri/Katy-Do

From the Sarah Vaughan album The Divine One [Roulette SR-52060]:

SSR-33-8044 - Sarah Vaughn - Ain't No Use/Have You Met Miss Jones?
SSR-33-8045 - Sarah Vaughn - Everytime I See You/You Stepped Out Of A Dream
SSR-33-8046 - Sarah Vaughn - Jump For Joy/What Do You See In Her
SSR-33-8047 - Sarah Vaughn - I'm Gonna Laugh You Out Of My Life/When Your Lover Has Gone
SSR-33-8048 - Sarah Vaughn - Trouble Is A Man/Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams


Morty Craft's label used a purple label with orange print for their stereo-33 singles..


From the Ruby Braff album You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me [Stere-O-Craft]:

205 - Ruby Braff & His Trumpet - You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me/Someday Sweetheart
206 - Ruby Braff & His Trumpet - When Your Love Has Gone/Let's Do It
207 - Ruby Braff & His Trumpet - Swing That Music/You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
208 - Ruby Braff & His Trumpet - Taking A Chance On Love/Cabin In The Pines
209 - Ruby Braff & His Trumpet - If Dreams Come True/Lazy


Strand used their regular orange label with silver print.


From the Jack Haskell album Jack Haskell Swings for Jack Paar [Strand SLS-1020]:

1-25054 - Jack Haskell - I Love You/It's Delovely
2-25054 - Jack Haskell - Nobody Else But Me/Little Girl
3-25054 - Jack Haskell - Make Believe/Moonlight Saving Time
4-25054 - Jack Haskell - The Lady's In Love With Me/Just Friends
5-25054 - Jack Haskell - I Hadn't Anyone Till You/I'll See You In My Dreams


The Tempo label was black with silver print. The Brother Bones version of "Sweet Georgia Brown" was used by the Harlem Globetrotters as their theme song.

From the Brother Bones album Bones on the Beat [Tempo 7004]:

T-AC-1 - Brother Bones - Sweet Georgia Brown/Bye Bye Blues
T-AC-2 - Brother Bones - Poor Butterfly/Lou-Easy-An-I-A
T-AC-3 - Brother Bones - Me And My Shadow/Black Eyed Susan Brown
T-AC-4 - Brother Bones - Margie/How Am I To Know?
T-AC-5 - Brother Bones - Running Wild/Charleston


Time used their regular red label with black print. They did not number the discs other than the master number (which differs for each side), so we have numbered them below with the parent LP number and the order the singles appear on the jukebox title sheets. These numbers do not appear on the label.


From the Jerry Fielding album Magnificence in Brass [Time S-2042]:

S-2042-1 - Jerry Fielding & His Orchestra - City Of Brass/Moonlight In Vermont
S-2042-2 - Jerry Fielding & His Orchestra - Cheek To Cheek/When The Saints Go Marching In
S-2042-3 - Jerry Fielding & His Orchestra - Isn't It Romantic/Frenesi
S-2042-4 - Jerry Fielding & His Orchestra - The Magic Circle/Ritual Fire Dance
S-2042-5 - Jerry Fielding & His Orchestra - Skyliner/Shadow Waltz

United Artists

Black label with silver print.


From the Highwaymen album Hootenanny with the Highwaymen [United Artists UAS- 6294]:

UA 679 S - The Highwaymen - Roll On, Columbia, Roll On/The Tale Of Michael Flynn


Black label with silver print and rainbow band around edge of label.

There were apparently two 5-disc juke box sets issued, one for Dee Clark and one for Jerry Butler. Both of these sets were selected from several of the artist's albums. Volume is low on these discs, with fidelity nowhere near as good as on the Abner stereo 45s, which were excellent.


Set no. 1: Dee Clark:

DC-1 - Dee Clark - Lucky Me/Count On Me
DC-2 - Dee Clark - I Can't Dream/What Kind Of Fool
DC-3 - Dee Clark - Hold On/Always Together
DC-4 - Dee Clark - They're Talkin'/Come To California (label misprint says DC-41)
DC-5 - Dee Clark - Cindy/Portrait Of My Love

Set No. 2: Jerry Butler:

JB-1 - Jerry Butler - Aware Of Love/?
JB-2 - Jerry Butler - September Song/Butterfly
JB-3 - Jerry Butler -
JB-4 - Jerry Butler - I'm A-Tellin' You/I See A Fool
JB-5 - Jerry Butler - Without Your Love/?

Black label with silver print, with a large "STEREOPHONIC" banner appears across the bottom of the label.


The following juke box package draws from a number of Ella Fitzgerald albums on Verve:

VS-900 - Ella Fitzgerald - You Go To My Head/Tenderly
VS-901 - Ella Fitzgerald - Like Young/Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar
VS-902 - Ella Fitzgerald - Mack The Knife/Cool Breeze
VS-903 - Ella Fitzgerald - They Can't Take That Away From Me/Let's Call The Whole Thing Off
VS-904 - Ella Fitzgerald - Oh, Lady Be Good/Little Jazz

From the album An Evening with Oscar Peterson [Verve MGV-2048 - mono]:

VS-905 - Oscar Peterson - Bye Bye Blackbird/Golden Striker
VS-906 - Oscar Peterson - Blues For Big Scotia/O.P.
VS-907 - Oscar Peterson - I Could Have Danced All Night/On The Street Where You Live
VS-908 - Oscar Peterson - Night And Day/Just A Sittin' And A Rockin'
VS-909 - Oscar Peterson - I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm/Oh, Lady Be Good

From the Anita O'Day/Billy May album Anita O'Day Swings Cole Porter with Billy May [Verve V6- 2118 - stereo]:

VS-916 - Anita O'Day with Billy May - Just One Of Those Things/Love For Sale
VS-917 - Anita O'Day with Billy May - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To/Easy To Love


From the Ella Fitzgerald album Ella in Hollywood [Verve MGV-4052 - mono]:

VSS-605 - Ella Fitzgerald - Baby, Won't You Please Come Home/This Could Be The Start Of Something Big
VSS-606 - Ella Fitzgerald - It Might As Well Be Spring/Stairway To The Stars
VSS-607 - Ella Fitzgerald - Satin Doll/I've Got The World On A String
VSS-608 - Ella Fitzgerald - You're Driving Me Crazy/Just In Time
VSS-609 - Ella Fitzgerald - (If You Can't Sing It) You'll Have To Swing It/Blue Moon

Verve also had a mono-33 single series. It had a similar label to the stereo-33 singles, but without the stereophonic banner. An example is given below.

From the Jimmy Smith album Hobo Flats [Verve V 8544]:

MOS-1000 - Jimmy Smith - I Can't Stop Loving You/Trouble In Mind

Warner Bros.

From the Peter, Paul & Mary album (Moving) [Warner Bros. WS-1473]:
PRO 149 - Peter Paul & Mary - Morning Train/Gone The Rainbow

World Pacific

Red label with silver print.

The following two juke box packages prepared for Seeburg were taken from various albums on World Pacific. Each package includes a slick promoting the various artists collection Swingin' Like Sixty [World Pacific 1289/90]:

Package No. 1

S-201 - Lambert-Hendricks-Ross - Airegin/Love Makes The World Go Round
S-202 - Annie Ross - Jackie/Where
S-203 - Annie Ross - I Was Doin' Alright/Everything I've Got Belongs To You
S-204 - Jon Hendricks - Social Call/I'll Die Happy
S-205 - Annie Ross - All I Need Is A Boy/How About You

Package No. 2

S-206 - The Les McCann Trio - Little Girl From Casper/They Can't Take That Away From Me
S-207 - The Mastersounds - Doodlin'/Misty
S-208 - Gil Evans - Theme//The Teddy Edwards Quartet - Symphony Sid
S-209 - The Chico Hamilton Quintet - Satin Doll//Bud Shank & Laurindo Almedia - Choro In "A"
S-210 - The Gerry Mulligan Quartet - When Your Lover Has Gone//The Gerry Mulligan Octet - Disc Jockey Jump

The numbering continues on the Pacific Jazz label.

Thanks to Sandra Bond, Lees Browne, Jr., Ed Bishop, Ken Cromer, Tom Diehl, Raymond Eklund, Jr., Barry Margolis, Royal Pemberton and Kevin Segura.

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