The Stereo Singles Project, Part 3
Compact-33 Little LPs (Juke Box EPs)

By Mike Callahan, Tim Neely, Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts, and Thomas Reed
Last update: November 25, 2015

The Beginning

By the spring of 1961, after the stereo 45s had come and gone, and the stereo-33 singles hawked by Columbia were showing very poor sales, the record industry was looking around for other formats that might catch on with the record-buying public. Parkway records announced in the May 15, 1961 issue of Billboard that they would be testing the market for a 33 1/3 rpm "compact double," essentially a 33 version of the tried and true 45 rpm EPs that had been around since the early 1950s. Their test case would be a new Chubby Checker offering, and Chubby was hot at the time. Each side would have 2 songs, and the discs would sell for $1.49. They would be mono. The Parkway disc would be viewed as a bellweather, and many other labels waited for the outcome of this experiment.

It failed miserably. Record stores didn't want to carry another format, and people were reluctant to buy it. None of the four songs charted from the compact double, though "Dance the Mess Around" charted from a regular 45. But that didn't stop some of the majors from jumping in to test the "compact double" market. Capitol issued about a dozen discs featuing their most popular artists' biggest hits. RCA-Victor started issuing compact doubles, too. These major labels found the same thing that Parkway did. They didn't sell.

In October, 1961, Archie Bleyer announced that he would release six "Little LPs" with three songs on each side, in mono, taken from hit artists in Cadence's back catalog. It was a new format and this was the first time the term "Little LP" had been used. Cadence put a series of ads (see left) in Billboard over the next several months, but when these hit the stores, they got the same chilly reception that the compact doubles received several months before. By spring, 1962, Bleyer gave up.

Mercury immediately liked the Cadence idea, though, and in November, 1961, barely a month after Cadence's announcement, started their own series of mono "Little LPs." They called them "Compact 6 Little LPs." The initial offering was ten different records, but Mercury abandoned the series almost immediately for lack of interest. The next fall, a Billboard story (9/22/62, page 4) noted that "A Mercury executive shudderingly recalled the experiment. 'Bombsville,' he said."

The First Generation

But somebody was listening. That somebody was in the form of Seeburg jukebox company. They liked the idea of Little LPs, but wanted them in stereo to play in a jukebox they had planned. They began working with various labels on a very hush-hush project, to produce some of these stereo Little LPs. Then in September, 1962, they began to tease the industry about a new jukebox that would be "revolutionary." The curtain was unveiled later in September on their new stereo jukebox console which could play Little LPs and had places to display album covers for them (see photo below). Seeburg gave credit to Cadence for the innovation of the Little LP, and pointed out that jukeboxes had largely become fixtures in adult rather than teenage venues, and Little LPs with adult content such as easy listening or country would sell very well in bars and other adult meeting places.

Immediately, the industry as a whole spoke up, as usual with divided opinions. Making Little LPs for jukebox purposes could be seen as a promotional tool to sell their albums. But nobody was jumping on any bandwagon that even remotely suggested they would be viable as a retail item in stores. Been there, done that, got the red ink. Everyone seemed to see making Little LPs for Seeburg — and whatever other jukebox manufacturer wanted them — would be a promotional jukebox-use-only sort of thing. Seeburg agreed, although by making the Little LPs available for jukebox operators through "one-stop" record distributors, it also meant that should members of the general public want these, they could be ordered through record stores. But no advertising aimed at the general public would be done.

Seeburg hit the ground running. Before the new jukebox was even available, they had signed up ABC-Paramount, Audio Fidelity, Cadence, Columbia, Command, Decca, Dot, Everest, Impulse, Jazzland/Riverside, Kapp, London/Monument, Mercury, RCA-Victor, Time, and Washington. The list of artists looked like a who's who of easy listening and classical music. Nary a rock and roller in the bunch. The discs would cost the jukebox operators $1.50 each and would be distributed mainly through Seeburg as well as the individual record labels' distributors. Seeburg would put together a catalog of available titles for jukebox operators.

By January, 1963, just a mere few months after the jukebox became available, that catalog included 233 different Little LPs. By 1964, Seeburg was openly gloating in the trade press about how their idea had been a success in the face of all the naysayers, and that they had sold in excess of 200,000 Little LPs. Seeburg noted in January, 1966, that they had spent over 5 million dollars on the program. By 1966, there would be over 1000 Little LPs in the catalog, and that didn't include the Little LPs in circulation specifically made for other jukebox companies like Wurlitzer or ATI.

But by October, 1967, Seeburg found that being a Little LP producer and distributor was getting to be a drag on their jukebox business. So they sold their catalog, inventory and distribution network to Robert Garmisa at Garmisa Distributing who would set up a new company (Garwin Sales) to take over their catalog and distribution (Billboard, 10/28/67, page 1, see right). Bobby Garmisa was enthusiastic, and promised that Little LPs would henceforth be released at the same time as the parent albums, not later as had been the case. Garmisa, it turned out, had underestimated the effect of problems such as a no-return policy on Little LPs, and the ambivalence of the one-stops to carrying the product, not to mention that the jukebox programmers and operators were not all sold on the idea of Little LPs.

By 1969, after more than a year of Little LP hassles, Garmisa finally gave up. "We thought it would be a cinch because we were record distributors and had a pulse on the business.," Garmisa later told Billboard (8/29/70, page 43). "But even our best release only sold 5,000 to 7,000 copies even though there's an estimated 500,000 jukeboxes. We invested 86 cents to $1 in each package, which didn't leave one-stops too much room to work, especially when we could not offer a return privilege."

When Garmisa left the Little LP business, he sold the 100,000 Little LPs he had in the erstwhile Seeburg inventory to WIND-Chicago newsman Henry Baskin (aka Bill Churchill), along with partner Reuben "Rube" Lawrence. Baskin began offering this older stock at 50 cents on the dollar through his new company Baskase Products. Baskin's stock, including Little LPs from Columbia/Epic. Soma, Bomar, Warner Bros., Atlantic, London, UA, Blue Note, Hilltop, and Reprise, was sold off piecemeal. By February, 1973, Lawrence noted that they had peddled some 50,000 Little LPs overseas to the UK and Sweden.

The zenith of the Little LP was the 1966-67 period. By 1969, however, with Garmisa exiting the business, output of Little LPs dropped to nearly zero. A few small manufacturers, like Thunderbird and Juke, issued some, but that was about it. For over a year, from 1969 to mid-1970, there were no firms actively producing and distributing large numbers of Little LPs for the big labels, and this marked the end of the first generation of the Little LPs.

The Second Generation

In the spring of 1970, two other companies were formed to issue Little LPs for the labels who wanted them. This was the beginning of the second generation of Little LPs, a phase where many fewer Little LPs were manufactured. Whereas in 1965-66, hundreds of Little LPs were being issued per year, output in the second phase, which lasted from 1970 to 1975, was reduced to averaging fewer than 80 per year. But the content shifted more toward rock music than during the first generation.

One of these companies was run by Bernie Yudkofsky of Gold-Mor distributing Co. In Englewood, NJ. Yudkofsky initially bought some of the stock from Baskase and started producing new releases for Columbia/Epic and London/Parrot (he had 9 new releases by August, 1970). Yudkofsky took a conservative approach to releases, stating, "Why should I do what was done years ago when the Little LP program was ruined – why should I flood the market?" By May, 1971, Gold-Mor had produced 26 new Little LPs, then released four more Little LPs, this time from RCA, in August, 1971. By January, 1973, Yudkofsky had released 57 titles (averaging about 24 titles a year).

Somewhat more active was Richard Prutting's Little LPs Unlimited, located in Northfield, IL. Little LPs Unlimited had nine releases out by May, 1970 (mostly from Decca and Atlantic), and by the end of August, 1970, had brought out 17 new Little LPs, manufacturing discs for Sun International in addition to Atlantic/Cotillion and Decca/Kapp. Little LPs Unlimited numbered their product, starting at #101. They had reached 48 (or LLP#148) by May, 1971, 62 by August, 1971, 70 by November, 1971, 102 by January, 1973, and 134 by November, 1973 (averaging about 54 titles per year).

The two newcomers disagreed on one thing. While Yudkofsky felt the covers (and labels) should accurately reflect the parent LP cover, including being in full color, Prutting did not think color covers were important, and his Little LPs had monochrome covers from the start. The Gold-Mor Little LPs for Columbia and London/Parrot at this point also started using the normal LP labels (example at left).

Both were of the opinion, however, that big hits did not belong on Little LPs, because they were already on the juke boxes. So the Little LP (at left) for Simon & Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water, for example, did not include the title track. These second-generation Little LPs often had only five songs, since full LPs of the time typically had only 10 songs instead of the 12 which was normal in the mid-1960s.

Although both Yudkofsky and Prutting talked up the success of their product in the trade press, a few things were happening that would have negative consequences later. In 1971, Seeburg began making jukeboxes that didn't play 33s, and although they could be converted to do so, the default was that Little LPs weren't popular enough to warrant hardware attention. The other jukebox makers weren't far behind. Also, because Little LPs could not be returned for credit like ordinary singles, buyers were very cautious before investing in them.

In May, 1972, Little LP Unlimited moved to Danbury, CT, and were planning to expand into quadraphonic Little LPs.

By 1973, the Little LP as a jukebox commodity was dying. Some of the same problems that killed off the first generation were still nagging the second. In August, 1973, Billboard (8/13/73, page 27) did a survey of jukebox programmers and found them quite apathetic about Little LPs. "Do you know someone that needs some? I'll sell them cheap," one operator sarcastically noted. They just weren't that popular with programmers, one-stops, or customers. The lack of popularity, according to Billboard, traced to both higher cost and lack of requests, a sure-fire two-barreled killer, going against all the principles of economic success.

The quadraphonic Little LPs didn't help, either, especially since there were few quad jukeboxes, and the customers were lukewarm about quad anyway. The two Little LP companies limped through 1974 and 1975 putting out very few titles, less than half what they were issuing a few years earlier. The Little LP chapter in music history ended by the end of 1975, with essentially no new titles in 1976.


Some of the big record companies — and the indies putting out punk rock in the early 1980s — have put out similar discs as specialty items for fans since then, but the Little LP era for jukeboxes was over.

As far as record collectors are concerned, they generally refer to Little LPs as "Jukebox EPs," because that's essentially what they were. Often the labels would say "promotion" or "for jukebox use only" on them, as did the OKeh example at right. For collectors, finding a reasonably priced Little LP today is fairly simple, since there were lots of them made in the 1960s and 1970s — as long as you're not too choosy about which Little LP you want. Sought-after items like Led Zeppelin or Rolling Stones discs can command premium prices, but they are usually still available.

Accurately dating the releases of these Little LPs can be tricky. Some web sites date them as coming out simultaneously with the parent LP, but this was rarely the case, due to the time it took to get them pressed, covers made, etc., which all took place after the parent LP was released. For example, Neil Young's Harvest LP hit the Billboard chart in early March, 1972, while the Little LP counterpart did not come out until September of that year. It was quite normal to have a delay of a month or longer before the Little LP was issued.

The dates of release shown in this discography are based on announcements in Billboard or by dating the "Seeburg Part Numbers" of Little LPs from the Seeburg Stereo Album Library catalog (the example shown at left is from the spring of 1966). These "part numbers" were assigned consecutively as the Little LPs entered the catalog

Often we have noted when the original LP was released for those Little LPs released years after the parent LP. Although many labels participated in the Little LP era, typically a label would release the Little LPs in bunches, not like full LPs which came out a few at a time fairly regularly. For example, the Chess labels (Chess, Checker, Argo/Cadet) released almost all their Little LPs in a bunch in 1963, even though some of the full LPs came out years earlier. Cadet put one out years later, but essentially labels would try out the format, and either like it or not. Similarly, Kapp came out with a slug of Little LPs in 1964, then stopped until the Second Generation Little LPs in 1970-72.

It should also be noted that some of these jazz Little LPs only have one song on each side, similar to the stereo-33 singles listed in Part 2. The difference is that while stereo-33s usually had a normal length song of around 3 minutes on each side, the Little LPs have songs perhaps in the 6-10 minute range on each side, and are usually numbered with Little LP designations, not stereo-33 designations.

To our knowledge, there has not been a systematically researched discography of Little LPs before this. As such, this can be considered a "work in progress," and will be updated as more information is gathered in the future. Certainly this discography does not claim to be complete at this point.

In the discography below, labels with large numbers of releases have been put on a separate page to maintain flow, and can be reached by clicking on the label photo or label name.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with any of these record labels. Should you be interested in acquiring the Little LPs (jukebox EPs) listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2014, 2015 by Mike Callahan.


Label Scan

Number - Artist - Title [Date of Release] Songs [LP Number, if significantly different]




The Amphora label was dark red with silver print. Although the label was usually called "Amphora," the label itself said "Decora Amphora"

DA-LLP-2001 - George Sontag - Pianorama [1963] Like Nell/It's Easy To Remember/It's Just One Of Those Things/It's All Right With Me//Careless-If I Knew Then-My Last Good-Bye/Siboney/Swingin' Kerry Dancers

AMP-LLP-303 - Werner Baumgart International Orchestra - Night Blaze [1964] Night Blaze/Cool It/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself A Letter//Just One of Those Things/Button Down/Do It Again


The Argo label was dark blue with silver print. Both the Jazz series and the blues series used the same label.

Jazz Series:

7-LPS-683 - Sonny Stitt - Sonny Stitt at the D.J. Lounge [1963] (LP rel. 1961) It All Depends On You//Jay Tee

7-LPS-685 - Ahmad Jamal - Ahmad Jamal's Alhambra [1963] (LP rel. 1961) Broadway//The Party's Over/Willow Weep For Me

7-LPS-687 - The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Sound of Christmas [1963] (LP rel. 1961) Sound Of Christmas/Sleigh Ride/What Are You Doing New Years Eve//(Side 2 titles unavailable)

Blues Series:

7-LPS-4013 - Etta James - Etta James [1963] Waiting For Charlie To Come Home/A Lover's Mourn/You Can Count On Me//Nobody But You/Let Me Know/My Dear


The Artistic LP label is shown at left.

225/226 [mono] - Various Artists - Original Golden Hits, Vol. 1 [1965] There She Goes - Jerry Wallace/Too Much Tequila - Champs/Midsummer Night's Dream - Jan & Dean/Limbo Rock - Champs//Linda Lu - Ray Bryant/You Were Mine - Fireflies/Angel Baby - Rosie & The Originals/Ko Ko Mo - Gene & Eunice

227/228 [mono] - Various Artists - Original Golden Hits, Vol. 2 [1965] Earth Angel - Penguins/Dance With Me Henry - Etta James/Eddie My Love - Teen Queens/Cherry Pie - Marvin & Johnny//Alley Oop - Hollywood Argyles/Heaven And Paradise - Don Julian & The Meadowlarks/Goodnight My Love - Jesse Belvin/Pachuco Hop - Chuck Higgins


Audio Fidelity

The Audio Fidelity label was silver with black print.

AFST 1877 - Al Hirt - Swingin' Dixie! At Dan's Pier 600 in New Orleans [1962] (LP rel. 1959) New Orleans/I Want A Butter And Egg Man//Mississippi Mud/Tailgate Ramble


The Bearsville Little LP used the regular tan Bearsville label.

SB 2066 (LLP #236) - Todd Rundgren - Something/Anything? [1/74] I Saw The Light/You Left Me Sore/Hello It's Me//Piss Aaron/It Takes Two To Tango (This Is For The Girls)/Sweeter Memories


The Bethlehem label was black with silver print.

BSS-7-6051 - Zoot Sims - Down Home [1963] (LP rel. 1960) Bill Bailey (5:13)//I Cried For You (6:50)

Blue Note

The Blue Note label was blue with white print on top, and white with blue print on the bottom. Early LLPs were put out under the Liberty Records ownership. Most of these had jazz-LP length songs on each side.

L1593 - Lou Donaldson - Blues Walk [1966] (LP rel. 1959)

L1595 - Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Somethin' Else [1962] (LP rel. 1959) Autumn Leaves//One For Daddy-O

L4003 - Art Blakey - Moanin' [1966] (LP rel. 1959)

L4011 - Jimmy Smith - The Sermon [1966] (LP rel. 1960)

L4044 - The Three Sounds - Moods [1962] (LP rel. 1961) Love For Sale//Green Dolphin Street

L4078 - Jimmy Smith - Midnight Special [1962] (LP rel. 1961) Midnight Special (7:05)//One O'Clock Jump (7:00)

L4124 - Donald Byrd - A New Perspective [1964] Elijah//Cristo Redentor

L4157 - Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder [1966] (LP rel. 1964]

L4185 - Horace Silver Quintet - Song For My Father [1966] (LP rel. 1965) Song For My Father/Que Pasa?

L4201 - Stanley Turrentine - Joy Ride [1966] (LP rel. 1965)

L4202 - Grant Green - I Want To Hold Your Hand [1964] I Want To Hold Your Hand//Corcovado

L4229 - Big John Patton - Got A Good Thing Goin' [1966]

At this point, the Blue Note label changes after Liberty changes to Liberty/U.A. Records.

UAS-2301 - Lou Donaldson - Everything I Play Is Funky [1970] (LP rel. 1969) Hamp's Hump/Minor Bash//Donkey Walk/West Indian Daddy


The Bluesway Little LPs used the yellow label with black print that their distributor, ABC-Paramount, was using.

EP-BLS 6008 - T-Bone Walker - Stormy Monday Blues [1968] I'm Gonna Stop This Night Life/Cold Hearted Woman/Stormy Monday//Treat Me So Low Down/I'm Still In Love With You/Confusion Blues

LP-BLS-6016 - B.B. King - Lucille [1968] You Move Me So/No Money, No Luck/I Need Your Love//Rainin' All The Time/I'm With You/Stop Putting The Hurt On Me


The Bomar label was either light or dark yellow, depending on the album, with black print. Bomar was a budget label run by Oscar "Bucky" Buchman, a Baltimore entrepreneur who owned the Redisco one-stop in that city. Bomar started in 1965 and closed out in 1971, when Buchman was offering stock on hand at 25 cents each. The RD prefix refers to Redisco.

RD 101 - The Ink Spots - Ink Spots [1965] (Reissued as Bomar LLP #260) If I Didn't Care/It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/I Love You Truly//With My Eyes Wide Open/Whispering Grass/Clementine

RD 102 - Various Artists - Salute to the Big Bands [1965] (Reissued as Bomar LLP #261)

RD 103 - Pearl Bailey - The Blues [1965] (Reissued as Bomar LLP #262) That Certain Feeling (E)/Hit The Road To Dreamland (E)/By Myself Alone (S)//Solid Gold Cadillac (E)/Haiti Blues (S)/Paris Blues (S)

RD 104 - Mel Torme - Velvet Moods [1965] (Reissued as Bomar LLP #263) I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/I've Got The World On A String/Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea//I Surrender Dear/I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me/I Can't Give You Anything But Love

RD 105 - Billy Daniels - The Magic of Billy Daniels [1965] (Reissued as Bomar LLP #264)

RD 106 - Noro Morales - Latin American Rhythms [1965] (Reissued as Bomar LLP #265) Exotic Cha Cha/Noro's Madness/Cha Cha Percussion//Morales Mania/Calypso Cha Cha/Ping Pong Mambo

RD 107 - Various Artists - Walk on the Wild Side: The Music of Elmer Bernstein [1965] (Reissued as Bomar LLP #266) Dove/Kitty/Somewhere In The Used To Be/Hallie's Jazz

RD 108 - Lionel Hampton - At the Vibes [1965] (Reissued as Bomar LLP #267) Flying Home (7:50)//Hamp's Boogie (7:34)

RD 109 - Lena Horne - The Great Lena Horne [1965] (Reissued as Bomar LLP #268) At Long Last Love/Don't Squeeze Me/Whispering//Little Girl Blue/More Than You Know/Beale Street Blues

RD 110 - The Finks - Whisky A Go-Go [1965] (Reissued as Bomar LLP #269) I Won't Dream/Beatnik/Twist St. Tropez//Keep Turning/Bambina/Blue Train


The Brave label was red with black print.

JBEP-1002 - Marvin Rainwater & Bill Guess - Marvin Rainwater & Bill Guess in Love's Prison [1963] Love's Prison/These Thoughts Of You/Bad Girl//Part Time Lover/I Saw Your New Love Today/That Aching Heart


The Brunswick label was black with silver print.

7-78005 - Jackie Wilson - Body and Soul [1962] Body And Soul/I Don't Know You Anymore/I Apologize//Crazy She Calls Me/The Tear Of The Year/I'll Be Around

7-78009 - Jackie Wilson - Soul Time [1965] No Pity (In The Naked City)/Mama Of My Song/Soul Time//Danny Boy/She's All Right/No Time Out

754119 - Jackie Wilson - Spotlight on Jackie Wilson [1965] Rags To Riches/Lonely Teardrops/You Don't Know Me//Until The Real Thing Comes Along/Pledging My Love/I Apologize


Cadence was the first label to issue Little LPs, putting out six mono compilations in the fall of 1961 (see story above). Those compilations had a copper-colored label with a white band around the edge, similar in design to the red Cadence label with the black band around the edge. Because these have no full-LP counterparts, we have shown the "covers" below (a one-sheet thin cardboard insert in a hard plastic sleeve).

CLLP-33-1 [mono] - Johnny Tillotson - This Is Johnny Tillotson [10/61] Poetry In Motion/Jimmy's Girl/True True Happiness//Earth Angel/Why Do I Love You So/Pledging My Love

CLLP-33-2 [mono] - Johnny Tillotson - Words and Music By Johnny Tillotson [10/61] Dreamy Eyes/Princess Princess/Much Beyond Compare//Well I'm Your Man/Cutie Pie/Without You

CLLP-33-3 [mono] - The Everly Brothers - Rockin' with the Everly Brothers [10/61] Bye Bye Love/('Til) I Kissed You/Bird Dog//Wake Up Little Susie/When Will I Be Loved/Problems

CLLP-33-4 [mono] - The Everly Brothers - Dream with the Everly Brothers [10/61] Let It Be Me/Devoted To You/Maybe Tomorrow//All I Have To Do Is Dream/I Wonder If I Care As Much/Take A Message To Mary

CLLP-33-5 [mono] - Chordettes - Never on Sunday [10/61] Never On Sunday/Faraway Star/Lollipop//Charlie Brown/To Know Him Is To Love Him/I Cried A Tear

CLLP-33-6 [mono] - Eddie Hodges - Eddie Hodges [10/61] I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door/Ain't Gonna Wash For A Week/Bandit Of My Dreams//Mugmates/Made To Love/I Make Believe It's You

After Archie Bleyer's late 1961 experiment with the six "Little LPs," he basically stopped because of lack of sales. The Seeburg jukebox company later talked Bleyer into pressing up thousands of copies of The First Family as a Little LP. Bleyer tried a few more after that, but not many. By then, the Cadence LLP label had changed to the regular then-current red Cadence label with black print.

CSBLL-1 - Vaughn Meader - The First Family [1962] This Little LP is rechanneled, using balance changes to put various voices on the left, center, or right. But Vote!! (E)/Economy Lunch (E)/Press Conference (E)//The Experiment (E)/After Dinner Conversations (E)/Relatively Speaking (E)/Motorcade (E) [Cadence CLP 25060]

CSBLL-2 - Archie Bleyer & His Orchestra - Moonlight Serenade [1963] (LP rel. 1961) Moonlight Serenade/April In Portugal/Twilight Time//Sunrise Serenade/The Third Man Theme /Ruby [Cadence CLP 25044]

CSLLP-13 - Don Shirley - Drown In My Own Tears [1963] (LP rel. 1962) Drown In My Own Tears/Stand By Me/I Got Rhythm//Amen/The Lonesome Road [Cadence CLP 25057]


The Cadet label was light blue with dark blue print.

7-LPS-796 - The Soulful Strings - Groovin' with the Soulful Strings [1967] Burning Spear/All Blues/Our Day Will Come//What Now My Love/Groovin'/Comin' Home Baby


The Canadian-American Little LP label was the promo label, black print on a white background, but it did not say "promotional copy" on it.

7-SCALP-1016 - Santo & Johnny - Santo & Johnny Wish You Love [1964] Since I Fell For You/There I've Said It Again/I Wish You Love//I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Our Day Will Come/More



The Capricorn label was brown with black print.

SCP 0111 (LLP #229) - The Allman Brothers Band - Brothers And Sisters [11/73] Come And Go Blues/Wasted Words//Jessica (7:02)

SCP 0116 (LLP #237) - Gregg Allman - Laid Back [1/74] Queen Of Hearts/Please Call Home//Don't Mess Up A Good Thing/Midnight Rider

SCP 0124 (LLP #249) - Marshall Tucker Band - A New Life [5/74] 24 Hours At A Time/Blue Ridge Mountain Sky//A New Life


LLP cover shown at left.

CHS-7-1009 - Lynn Anderson - The Best of Lynn Anderson [1968] If I Kiss You/Sing Me A Sad Song/No Another Time//Promises, Promises/Too Much Of You/There Oughta Be A Law


The Checker label was dark blue with silver print.

7-LPS-1437 - Sonny Boy Williamson - Down and Out Blues [1963] (LP rel. 1959) Don't Start Me To Talkin'/All My Love In Vain/The Key//Keep It To Yourself/Fattening Frogs For Snakes/Your Funeral And My Trial

7-LPS-2979 - Sugar Pie DeSanto - Sugar Pie DeSanto [1963] (LP rel. 1961) I Want To Know/I Don't Feel Sorry/I Still Care//Can't Let Go/Going Back To Where I Belong/Wish You Were Mine


Illustration at left is the LP label as the LLP version was unavailable.

CHS-1001 - Wayne Newton - Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast [1972] Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore/Baby I'm-A Want You/We'll Sing In The Sunshine//Take Good Care Of Yourself/Without You/Walkin' In The Sand


The Chess label was dark blue with silver print.

7-LPS-1469 - Howlin' Wolf - Howlin' Wolf [1963] Tell Me/Who's Been Talkin'/Spoonful//Shake For Me/Going Down Slow/Down In The Bottom

7-LPS-1476 - Various Artists - Dance Tunes from the Vault, Vol. 2 [1963] The (Bossa Nova) Bird - Dells/The Watusi - Vibrations/The Roach - Gene & Wendell//The New Hully Gully - Vibrations/Continental With Me Baby - Vibrations/Let's Twist Again - Steve Alaimo


The Chisa label was red and purple with black print.

C-60804 (LLP #135) - The Jazz Crusaders - Old Socks, New Shoes [2/71] Jackson/Hard Times/Why Do You Laugh At Me//Jazz!/Golden Slumbers


The Chrysalis Little LP used the regular green label with black print.

SCH 1044 (LLP #242) - Jethro Tull - Aqualung [3/74] Aqualung/Wond'ring Aloud//Locomotive Breath (LP length with piano intro)/Mother Goose


The Colgems label was red and white with black print.

CGLP-101 - The Monkees - The Monkees [1966] Theme From The Monkees/I Wanna Be Free/Take A Giant Step//Last Train To Clarksville/Saturday's Child/Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day

CGLP-102 - The Monkees - More of the Monkees [1967] I'm A Believer/Mary, Mary/When Love Comes Knockin' (At Your Door)//(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone/The Kind Of Girl I Could Love/She


Coliseum was distributed by London, and used their SBG- series of catalog numbers. Although we have not seen the Little LP label, it should be dark blue with silver print, like the London, Hi, or Parrot early labels.

SBG-39 - Camarata - Think Young [1965] Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows/What's New Pussycat?/Goin' Out Of My Head//I'll Never Find Another You/All Day And All Of The Night/Ferry 'Cross The Mersey [Coliseum DS 51001]

Columbia/Columbia Special Products



The Coral label was dark red (sometimes reddish brown) with silver print.

7-98109 - Pete Fountain - Pete Fountain's Music from Dixie [1962] Bye Bye Bill Bailey/I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/Song Of The Wanderer (Where Should I Go?)//Struttin' (With Some Barbeque/When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)/Hallelujah [Coral CRL 757401]

7-98110 - "Big" Tiny Little - Barroom Golden Favorites [1962] Beer Barrel Polka/There Is A Tavern In The Town/Bill Bailey//Sweet Violets/You've Got To See Mama Ev'ry Night/San Antonio Rose [Coral 757407]

7-98116 - Pete Fountain - Let The Good Times Roll [1962] Let The Good Times Roll/Georgia On My Mind/Talkin 'Bout You//Corrine Corrina/Angel Eyes/Down Home (In The Cotton Fields) [Coral CRL 757406]

7-98117 - "Big" Tiny Little - Movin' On [1962] Night Train/Old Style Religion/St. Louis Blues// [Coral CRL 757425]

7-98118 - Pete Fountain - Plenty of Pete [1963] Medley: Stardust-Is It True What They Say About Dixie?-When The Saints Go Marching In-Dixie//Jazz Me Blues/Blue Skies [Coral CRL 757424]

7-98120 - Pete Fountain & His Mardi Gras Strutters - South Rampart Street Parade [1963] South Rampart Street Parade/Basin Street Blues/Farewell Blues//The Darktown Strutter's Ball/Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet/Over The Waves [Coral CRL 757440]

7-98122 - "Big" Tiny Little - Honky-Tonk Hootenanny [1964] [Coral CRL 757448]

7-98123 - Pete Fountain - New Orleans at Midnight [1963] I Want To Be Happy/Rockin' Chair/Ballin' The Jack//Makin' Whoopee/Swing Low/Midnight Boogie [Coral CRL 757429]

7-98124 - Tito Guizar - Ay! Amor... [1964] El Rancho Grande/Ojos Verdes/Valencia//Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy)/La Negra Noche/Ojos Tristes [Coral 757437]

57459 - Phil Regan - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling [1965] That Tumble Down Shack In Athlone/When Irish Eyes Are Smiling/Little Town In The Ould County Down//Ireland Must Be Heaven/The Daughter Of Rosie O'Grady/Daughter Of Peggy O'Neill [Coral CRL 757459]

7-98129 - Pete Fountain - A Taste of Honey [1966] A Taste Of Honey/Theme From "The Yearling"/It's Been A Long, Long Time//Fountain In The Rain/Stand By Me/King Of The Road [Coral CRL 757486]

7-98149 - Pete Fountain - I've Got You Under My Skin [1967] I've Got You Under My Skin/Born Free/Mame//The Old French Quarter/Hanky Panky/My Blue Heaven [Coral CRL 757488]


The Cotillion Little LP label was black with silver print.

Cotillion SD 7-9018 (LLP #108) - Brook Benton - Brook Benton Today [5/70] My Way/Can't Take My Eyes Off You/We're Gonna Make It//I've Gotta Be Me/Life's Got It's Little Ups And Downs


The Curtom Little LP used the regular yellow Curtom label.

CRS 8014EP - Curtis Mayfield - Super Fly [1972] Pusherman/Think (Inst.)//Give Me Your Love (Love Song)/Eddie You Should Know Better/Junkie Chase (Inst.)


The Dearborn label was teal with black print, with a pink band near the edge of the label. The yellow Dearborn logo was at the top.

DSLP 7-1001 - The Sunsetters - Dancing After Sunset [1964] Sleepy Time Gal/My Love (La Paloma)/Goodbye To Rome//At Sundown/Blue Hawaii/Amapola

DSLP 7-1003 - Art Walunas - No Beer In Heaven [1966]

DSLP 7-1007 - The Sunsetters - Harbor Lights [1966] Harbor Lights/Among My Souvernirs/If I Had You//Yours/Isle Of Capri/When I Lost You


Decca (Germany)

Normally, we wouldn't list non-US Little LPs here, but this one was specifically in the Seeburg catalog in 1966, so it was available in the U.S. It had a red label with gold print.

DCD 81025 - Catarina Valente - Madison - Tamoure - Bossa Nova [1963] Madison In Mexico/Lup-Di-Lu/Hawaiian Melodie//Java Tamoure/Recado/Baiao


The Dolton label was blue with black print, with the logo at left.

BST 4-8010 - The Ventures - Twist with the Ventures [1963] Moon Dawg/Sunny River/Bumble Bee Twist//

BST 4-8018 - The Ventures - The Ventures Twist Party, Vol. 2 [1963] Instant Guitars/Counterpoint/Blue Tail Fly//Kicking Around/Twisted/The Twomp

BST 4-8019 - The Ventures - The Ventures Play Telstar/The Lonely Bull and Others [1963] The Lonely Bull/Calcutta/Telstar//Apache/Tequila/Green Onions

BST 4-8028 - Vic Dana - Shangri-La [1964]

BST 4-8031 - The Ventures - Walk Don't Run '64 [1964] House Of The Rising Sun/Night Train/Rap City//Walk Don't Run '64/One Mint Julep/The Creeper

BST 4-8034 - Vic Dana - Red Roses for a Blue Lady [1965]

BST 4-8037 - The Ventures - The Ventures A Go-Go [1965] (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/Louie Louie/La Bamba//The "In" Crowd/Wooly Bully/I Like It Like That


Dot used its normal label for the Little LPs; it was black with silver print, with the multi-color Dot logo on top. Numbers for the Little LPs were the same as the last three digits of the corresponding 12-inch LP (e.g., DLP-3399 (mono)/25399 (stereo) becomes DLP 399 for the Little LP).

DLP 399 - Pat Boone - I'll See You in My Dreams [1962] I'll See You In My Dreams/Peg O' My Heart/My Blue Heaven//That Old Black Magic/The Gypsy/Paper Doll

DLP 409 - Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra - Greatest String Band Hits [1962] Chinatown, My Chinatown/Alabama Jubilee/Happy Days Are Here Again//Baby Face/In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town/Oh! You Beautiful Doll

DLP 415 - Keely Smith - Because You're Mine [1962] Because You're Mine/Tell Me Why/The Loveliest Night Of The Year//No Other Love/Prisoner Of Love/Canadian Sunset

DLP 426 - Bobby Gordon - Old South - New Sounds [1962] Beautiful Dreamer/My Old Kentucky Home/Nelly Bly//Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair/Massa's In De Cold, Cold Ground/Gentle Annie

DLP 434 - Arthur Alexander - You Better Move On [1962] You Better Move On/Hey! Baby!/Funny How Time Slips Away//Lover, Please/The Wanderer/You're the Reason

DLP 497 - Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra - 1962's Greatest Hits [1963] Telstar/The Lonely Bull/Roses Are Red//Ramblin' Rose/The Stripper/Moon River

DLP 508 - Mills Brothers - The End of the World and Other Great Hits [1963] The End Of The World/He'll Have To Go/Cold, Cold Heart//El Paso/Are You Lonesome Tonight/I Can't Stop Loving You

DLP 510 - Lawrence Welk - 1963's Early Hits [1963]

DLP 558 - Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra - Greatest Boogie Woogie Hits [1964] Pinetop's Boogie Woogie/Honky Tonk Train/In A Little Spanish Town//Guitar Boogie/Beat Me Daddy. Eight To The Bar/Down The Road A Piece

DLP 561 - The Hoosier Hot Shots - The Original Hoosier Hot Shots [1964]

DLP 562 - Warren Luening - Lawrence Welk Presents Golden Trumpet Classics [1965] Memories Of You/Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider/Ciribiribin//I Can't Get Started/Hot Lips/When It's Sleepy Time Down South

DLP 565 - The Mills Brothers - Gems By the Mills Brothers [1964] I Still Get A Thrill/There's Danger In Your Eyes, Cherie!/Thinking Of You//Dream A Little Dream Of Me/If I Could Be With You/Sweethearts On Parade

DLP 567 - The Andrews Sisters - Great Country Hits [1964] Tennessee Waltz/Careless Hands/Cold, Cold Heart//I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes/Bouquet Of Roses/Your Cheatin' Heart

DLP 592 - Mills Brothers - "Say Si Si" and Other Great Latin Hits [1964] Say Si Si/Time Was/It Happened In Monterey//Perfidia/Yours/South Of The Border

DLP 593 - Billy Vaughn - Another Hit Album [1964] People/I'm Movin' On/Just A Closer Walk With Thee//Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy/The French Song/Memphis

DLP 594 - Pat Boone - Boss Beat [1964]

DLP 600 - Arthur Smith - The Original Guitar Boogie [1964] Guitar Boogie/I Surrender Dear/Three-Way Boogie//I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)/Panhandle Rag/Gettin' Ready

DLP 616 - Lawrence Welk - My First of 1965 [1965] Everybody Loves Somebody/Alley Cat/As Long As She Needs Me//Dear Heart/Theme Form "Bewitched"/Never On Sunday

DLP 621 - Johnny Maddox - Raggin' the Hits [1965] Pearly Shells/San Francisco Bay Blues/All My Loving//Everybody Loves Somebody/Hello, Dolly!

DLP 628 - Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra - Mexican Pearls [1965]

DLP 629 - Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra - Apples and Bananas [1965] Blue Velvet/Out Of A Clear Blue Sky/Hold My Hand//Apples And Bananas/The Kazoo Song/You're The Reason

DLP 631 - Eddie Fisher - Eddie Fisher Today! [1965] Red Roses For A Blue Lady/Who Can I Turn To/Hello Dolly//Once Upon A Time/Downtown/Dear Heart

DLP 635 - Jo Ann Castle - Hawaiian Ragtime [1965] On The Beach At Waikiki/Lovely Hula Hands/Songs Of The Islands//Pearly Shells/Beyond The Reef/My Little Grass Shack

DLP 636 - Arthur Smith - Great Country & Western Hits [1965] Send Me The Pillow You Dream On/What's He Doing In My World/I've Got A Tiger By The Tail//My Old Faded Rose/I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water/Engine Engine #9

DLP 654 - Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra - Moon Over Naples [1965] Moon Over Naples/Any Time/Love//A Walk In The Black Forest/Please/My Love, Forgive Me

DLP 663 - Lawrence Welk - Today's Great Hits [1965] Moonlight And Roses/Send Me The Pillow You Dream On/Heartaches By The Number//Summer Wind/A Taste Of Honey/Unchained Melody

DLP-680 - Dick Contino - Twilight Time (And Other Golden Hits) [1966] Dream/Rumors Are Flying/Sweet Georgia Brown//Twilight Time/Sleepy Time Gal/Stranger On The Shore

DLP 682 - Lawrence Welk & Johnny Hodges - Lawrence Welk & Johnny Hodges [1966]

DLP 699 - Mills Brothers - These Are the Mills Brothers [1966] There Goes My Heart/Do You Ever Think Of Me/I Want To Be The Lover//Poor Butterfly/Sentimental Teardrops/At Sundown

DLP-789 - Frankie Carle - Frankie Carle [1967] Lazy River/To Each His Own/Canadian Sunset//Young At Heart/Everybody Loves Somebody/Missouri Waltz

DLP 802 - Frankie Carle - Somewhere My Love [1967] Somewhere My Love/Somethin' Stupid/Strangers In The Night//Cabaret/You'll Never Know/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me

DLP 809 - Mills Brothers - Fortuosity [1967] The Bramble Bush/Cab Driver/Fortuosity//Sherry/More And More/Long Long Ago

DLP 811 - Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra - Golden Hits: The Best of Billy Vaughn [1967] Sail Along, Silv'ry Moon/Theme From A Summer Place/A Swingin' Safari//Moon Over Naples/La Paloma/Blue Hawaii

DLP 812 - Lawrence Welk - Golden Hits: The Best of Lawrence Welk [1967] Last Date/Apples And Bananas/Yellow Bird//Moon River/Baby Elephant Walk/Calcutta

DLP 817 - Johnny Maddox - Second Hand Rose [1967] Second Hand Rose/Sweet Little You/She's A Great, Great Girl//(side 2 titles unavailable)


This Dublin label, unlike several others of that name, was a US-based label that operated in 1964 and 1965. The label was black with silver print; the 45 label is shown at left.

100 - Pat Daly & Paddy Noonan - Delightful Irish Music and Song [1964] Irish Soldier Laddie/Reels: Masons-Apron-Donegal-Peter Street/Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen//Whistling Rufus/The Patriot Game/Highland Polkas

101 - Pat Daly & Tommy Delaney & His Band - Ireland's Favorite Entertainers [1965] Homeward Bound/Savoy Irish Medley/Take Me Back//Jigs (Haste To The Wedding, etc.)/Liverpool Lou/Reels (Speed The Plough, etc.)


LP 71 [mono] - Johnny Ace - The Johnny Ace Memorial Album [1963] The Clock/Cross My Heart/So Lonely//Pledging My Love/Never Let Me Go/Saving My Love For You

DLP-75 - Bobby Bland - Here's the Man!!! [1963] Your Friends/Ain't that Loving You/You're The One (That I Adore)//Presenting Dynamic Bobby Bland/Stormy Monday Blues

DLP-76 - Junior Parker - Driving Wheel [1963] Foxy Devil/Driving Wheel/Yonders Wall//Annie Get Your Yo-Yo/The Tables Have Turned/Seven Days

DLP-78 - Bobby Bland - Ain't Nothing You Can Do [1964] Ain't Nothing You Can Do/If I Hadn't Called You Back/Today//When You Put Me Down/Reconsider/Black Night


The first Dunhill label was yellow with black print, much like the ABC-Paramount labels at the time, since Dunhill was being distributed by ABC.

LP-DS-50005 - Barry McGuire - This Precious Time [1965] This Precious Time/California Dreamin'/Hide Your Love Away//Let Me Be/Do You Believe In Magic/Don't You Wonder Where It's At

LP DS-50006 - The Mama's & The Papa's - If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears [1965] Monday, Monday/I Call Your Name/Go Where You Wanna Go//California Dreamin'/You Baby/In Crowd

EP DS-50010 - The Mamas & The Papas - Mamas & Papas: Cass-John-Michelle-Dennie [1966] No Salt On Her Tail/Trip, Stumble And Fall/Dancing In The Street//I Saw Her Again/I Can't Wait/That Kind Of Girl

At this point, the label changes to black with silver print, with the Dunhill/ABC logo at the top enclosed with a rainbow box outline.

PRO-50031 - The Mamas & The Papas - The Papas & The Mamas [1968] Safe In My Garden/For The Love Of Ivy//Mansions/Dream A Little Dream Of Me

LP-DS-50032 - Richard Harris - A Tramp Shining [1968] MacArthur Park//Didn't We/If You Must Leave My Life

LP-DS-50037 - Steppenwolf - Steppenwolf The Second [1968] Faster Than The Speed Of Life/None Of Your Doing/Hodge, Podge, Strained Through A Leslie//Tighten Up Your Wig/28/Lost And Found By Trial And Error

SP-DS-50040 - Mama Cass - Dream a Little Dream of Me [1968] California Earthquake/Talkin' To Your Toothbrush/Blues For Breakfast//Long Time Loving You/Jane The Insane Dog Lady/Burn Your Hatred

LP-DS-50041 - Mickie Finn - Mickie Finn Plays George M. [1968] Harrigan/Mary's A Grand Old Name/Rose (A Ring To The Name Of Rose)//Barnum And Bailey Rag/My Town/Give My Regards To Broadway-You're A Grand Old Flag

LP-DS-50042 - Richard Harris - The Yard Went on Forever [1968]

LP-DS-50044 - The Brass Ring - Only Love [1969] Mrs. Robinson/This Guy's In Love With You/For Love Of Ivy//Do You Know The Way To San Jose?/Love Is Blue/Honey

From this point, Little LPs are produced by Little LPs Unlimited.

PRO-50106 (LLP #167) - The Mamas & The Papas - People Like Us [11/71] People Like Us/I Wanna Be A Star/Pearl//Pacific Coast Highway/Snowqueen Of Texas/Step Out

PRO-50107 (LLP #165) - The Grass Roots - Their 16 Greatest Hits [9/71] Midnight Confessions/Sooner Or Later/Where Were You When I Needed You//Temptation Eyes/Wait A Million Years/Heaven Knows

PRO-50108 (LLP #164) - Three Dog Night - Harmony [9/71] My Impersonal Life/Old Fashioned Love Song//Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer/Jaz

PRO-50158 (LLP #231) - Three Dog Night - Cyan [11/73] Happy Song/Play Children Play//Storybook Feeling/Ridin' Thumb



By the time Everest issued a handful of Little LPs in late 1962, the company had been going through some turmoil. It was founded in New York in 1958 as a company focused on stereo. It did well until 1960, then faded some until 1962, when the original owner, Harry Belock, sold the company to his former accountant Bernard Solomon, completing the deal February 20, 1962. Solomon proceeded to sell off all the studio equipment and move the label to Los Angeles. The label at left was the earliest label used in issuing the Little LPs, as it was a leftover label from the time before the sale, when the company was still in Long Island. Solomon used up the stock of these labels in 1962. The label was blue with silver print, with mountains in two small boxes. These Little LPs were stereo, and said so on the cardboard jacket, but not on the label.

A second label was used which gave the address as 8373 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, 69, Calif, which was the first address Solomon had upon moving to California in 1962. This label was blue with silver print, and had a mountain above the center hole with jagged sides which looked like lightning bolts. This label did not say stereo, either. The SDBR- prefix was on the cover, but not the label itself. This label was current for the Little LPs released in October and November, 1962.

A short time later, in December, 1962, the company moved to 1313 N. Vine Street in Hollywood and changed the label to light blue (or grey) with black print, with a large "STEREO" to the left of the center hole. It had the same graphics as the blue "lightning bolts" label just before it. The jackets still had the SDBR- prefix, but now the labels used an EVT- prefix. This was the label that was current in 1963, so those issued or re-issued after the first bunch would have this label. The Little LPs listed below are known to exist in a mixture of these three labels.

SDBR 19-6023 - Jo Jones Trio - Jo Jones Trio [1962] My Blue Heaven/Jive At Five/Philadelphia Sound//Close Your Eyes/I Got Rhythm, Part 1/I Got Rhythm, Part 2 [LP= Everest 1023]

SDBR 19-6054 - Russ Morgan - Music in the Morgan Manner [1962] Somebody Else Is Taking Her Place/There Goes That Song Again/The Object Of My Affections//Eli Green's Cake Walk/So Tired/Does Your Heart Beat For Me [LP=Everest 1054]

SDBR 19-6125 - Wild Bill Davis - Dis Heah [1962] (LP rel. 1961) Like Young/Jo-Do//Wenkie/St. Louis Blues [LP= Everest 1125]

SDBR 19-6137 - Gloria Lynne - Gloria Lynne at Basin Street East [1962] This Is My Beloved/Drinking Again/I Got Rhythm//It Just Happened To Me/Wouldn't It Be Loverly/I Get A Kick Out Of You [LP= Everest 1137]

SDBR 19-1201 - Johnny Long - Johnny Long's Golden Hits [1963] Shantytown/It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/We'll Build A Bungalow//Silver Dollar/Without Your Love/Peace Of Mind

SDBR 19-1203 - Gloria Lynne - Gloria "Blue" [1963] Birth Of The Blues/Stormy Monday Blues//Little Boy Of Mine/Condemned Without Trial/Trouble Is A Man

SDBR 19-1204 - Patsy Cline - Encores [1963] Love You Honey/Poor Mans Roses Or A Rich Man's Gold/Stranger In My Arms//Stop, Look and Listen/Fingerprints/Then You'll Know

SDBR 19-1208 - Gloria Lynne - Gloria Lynne at the Las Vegas Thunderbird [1963] So This Is Love/In Love In Vain/Sunday, Monday & Always//Here Today, Gone Tomorrow/Something Wonderful

SDBR 19-1215 - The Mankiff Brothers & Mike Miskiewicz - Who Stole the Keeshka [1963] Delancy St. Polka/Knishe Polka/Oy! Vey! Polka//Mazel Tov Polka/Everybody Dance Polka/Bagel And Lox Polka

SDBR 19-1219 - Peppino DiCapri - Pops By Peppino [1963] Te Volgo Stasera/Roberta/Torna Piccina Mia//Nessuno Al Mondo/Per Un Attimo/Parlami D'Amore Mariu

SDBR 19-1630 - Russ Morgan - Russ Morgan in Catalina [1963] Avalon/Mama's Gone Goodbye/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me//Do You Ever Think Of Me/Bye, Bye Blues/Josephine

Five Star

Five Star Records is a small (1-4 employees) record label out of Redwood City, California. They have been operating since 1953, and apparently are available for special contract recordings. One of these resulted in this Little LP that was undoubtedly heard (and may still be...) in jukeboxes near the MSU campus.

FSRS-3301 - Kenneth G. Bloomquist, Director - Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band [1963?] Traditional Spartan March To Stadium/State Fanfare-"Eat 'Em UP"-MSU Pre- Game Fight//Spartan Fanfare-MSU Fight Song-MSU Shadows


Fontana's Little LPs had the normal Fontana blue LP label with black print.

SRF-750-C - Gloria Lynne - Soul Serenade [1965] Soul Serenade/If I Loved You/Baby Won't You Please Come Home//Teach Me Tonight/People Will Say We're In Love/I'll Be Around

SRF-751-C - Gloria Lynne - Love and a Woman [1965] It May Sound Silly/Till There Was You/It's Just A Matter Of Time/The Whisperers/I Understand/A Sunday Kind Of Love

SRF-752-C - The New Vaudeville Band - Winchester Cathedral [1966] Winchester Cathedral/Tap Your Feet (And Go Bo-De-Do-De-Doo)/A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square//Whispering/That's All For Now Sugar Baby/Lilli Marlene

SRF-753-C - Gloria Lynne - Where It's At! [1966] Yesterday/Nothing Ever Changes/Lovin' Kind Of Man//Hey Candy Girl/Music Maestro Please/Country Girl


Glad-Hamp was owned by Lionel Hampton and his wife, Gladys. Although the label shown at left is the LP label, the Little LP label was the same.

GHS-1009 - Lionel Hampton - A Taste of Hamp [1965] Jazzland/Prelude To A Kiss/How Insensitive//Batida Diferente/Little Girl Blue/Jazz At The Fair


Gordy used their normal purple label for their Little LPs also. Inside the white circle around the center hole it read, "LITTLE LP STEREO."

G-60914 - Temptations - Temptin' Temptations [1965] My Baby/Since I Lost My Baby/Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)//The Girl's Alright With Me/Just Another Lonely Night/Don't Look Back

G-60917 - Martha & The Vandellas - Greatest Hits [1966] Come And Get These Memories/Love Is Like A Heat Wave/Dancing In The Street//Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things)/A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knockin' Everyday)/Nowhere To Run

G-60918 - The Temptations - Gettin' Ready [1966] Aint Too Proud To Beg/Get Ready/Not Now I'll Tell You Later//Say You/Lonely Lonely Man Am I/It's A Lonely World Without Your Love

G-60919 - The Temptations - Greatest Hits [1966] The Way You Do The Things You Do/My Girl/Ain't Too Proud To Beg/Beauty Is Only Skin Deep/The Girl's Alright With Me/Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)

G-60920 - Martha & The Vandellas - Watchout! [1967] I'm Ready For Love/One Way Out/Jimmy Mack//I'll Follow You/No More Tearstained Make Up/Tell Me I'll Never Be Alone

Grand Award - See Command.

Gregory (Terry-Gregory)

Terry-Gregory started as two labels, Terry and Gregory, which apparently merged in 1966. The first label was light blue-grey with black print. Some time shortly after the merger, all the Little LPs were re-issued with the new label name using a red label (see right). Many of these tracks ended up (uncredited) on Seeburg's generic Little LPs (see Seeburg, below).

LLP 1000 - Tommy Willis - Man with a Horn [1965] Man With A Horn/Hard/La-Dee-Dah//Aw Shucks/Twistin' Down The Lane/Misty

LLP 1001 - Sonny Hines - In Person [1965] All My Love Belongs To You/I Finally Found Someone To Believe In Me/Nothing Like Your Love//Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere/If I Had You/Let The Good Times Roll

LLP 1004 - Tommy Wills - Man with a Horn, Vol. II [1965] Honky Tonk/Maybe You'll Be There/Night Train//Diane/Mr. Moovin' In Groovin'

At this point, the label name changes to Terry-Gregory.

LLP 1005 - Tommy Wills - The Soulful Moods of Man with a Horn [1966] Mercy, Mercy, Mercy/Girl From Ipanema//Since I Fell For You/Shadow Of Your Smile


Heartbeat was a Chicago-based label owned by Seymour Schwartz (Seymour & His Heartbeat Trumpet). The label was gold with black print; a stereo-33 label is shown at left.

? - Sunsetters - Music After Sunset [9/63] Summertime In Venice/Moonlight Cocktails/Sophisticated Swing/Maryanna/Moonglow/Don't Blame Me

? - Seymour & His Heartbeat Trumpet - Seymour & His Heartbeat Trumpet [9/63] My Funny Valentine/Summertime/Our Nite To Love/Sleepy Time Down South/Making Whoopee/My Happiness


Early Hi Little LPs used a blue/dark blue label with silver print, a label similar to those used by London and their other distributed labels. The SBG series was a London series.

HSP-2 - Bill Black's Combo - Movin' [1962] My Babe/40 Miles Of Bad Road/Ain't That Lovin' You Baby//What'd I Say/The Walk/Witchcraft [Hi SHL-32005]

SBG-17 - Bill Black's Combo - Bill Black's Greatest Hits [1963] White Silver Sands/Joesphine/Hearts Of Stone//Blue Tango/Ole Buttermilk Sky/Don't Be Cruel [Hi SHL-32012]

SBG-18 - Ace Cannon - Looking Back [1963] (LP rel. 1962) Looking Back/Someday/Up A Lazy River//Volare/I Love You, Yes I Do/Jealous Heart [Hi SHL-32008]

SBG-22 - Bill Black's Combo - Bill Black's Combo Plays Tunes By Chuck Berry [1964] (London label) School Days/Roll Over Beethoven/Little Queenie//Thirty Days/Brown Eyed Handsome Man/Memphis, Tennessee [Hi SHL-32017]

SBG-26 - Bill Black's Combo - Bill Black's Combo Goes Big Band [1964] T.D.'s Boogie Woogie/Tuxedo Junction/Canadian Sunset//Leap Frog/In The Mood/So Rare [Hi SHL-32020]

SBG-28 - Willie Mitchell - Hold It! Here's Willie Mitchell [1964] Hold It/You Can't Sit Down/The Dog//20-75/Mashed Potatoes/Last Date [Hi SHL-32021]

SBG-29 - Jumpin' Gene Simmons - Jumpin' Gene Simmons [1964] Haunted House/Bony Maronie/Rock Around The Clock//Slippin' And Slidin'/Just A Little Bit/No Help Wanted [Hi SHL-32018]

SBG-31 - Ace Cannon - Ace Cannon Plays the Great Show Tunes [1964] Stranger In Paradise/Moonglow And Theme From Picnic/Around The World//Never On Sunday/Moon River/Love Is A Many Splendored Thing [Hi SHL-32019]

SBG-32 - Willie Mitchell - It's Dance Time [1965] In The Mood/Woodchopper's Ball/Apple Jack//Ram-Bunk-Shush/Since I Met You Baby/When My Dreamboat Comes Home [Hi SHL-32026]

SBG-36 - Ace Cannon - Ace Cannon Live [1965] Memphis/Moody River/You Can't Sit Down//Honky Tonk/Night Wagon/When The Saints Go Marching In [Hi SHL-32025]

SBG-41 - Bill Black's Combo - Mr. Beat [1965] Mr. Beat/It's All In The Game/Black Beat//Talk Back Tremblin' Lips/Spootin'/Oh Lonesome Me [Hi SHL-32027]

SBG-44 - Willie Mitchell - The Driving Beat [1966] Everything Is Gonna Be Alright/Nick-O- Demus/The Champion, Part 1//That Driving Beat/Fat Cat/Smiley [Hi SHL-32029]

SBG-46 - Ace Cannon - Sweet and Tuff [1966] Funny (How Time Slips Away)/More/Hang On Sloopy//Al Di La/Spanish Eyes/These Boots Are Made For Walkin' [Hi SHL-32030]

SBG-47 - Willie Mitchell - It's What's Happening [1966] Bad Eye/Shadow Of Your Smile/Secret Agent Man//Taste Of Honey/Hot Cha/What Now My Love [Hi SHL-32031]

SBG 48 - Bill Black's Combo - Bill Black's Combo Plays All-Timers [1966] Hey Good Lookin'/Bouquet Of Roses/Anytime//I Walk The Line/Half As Much/Love's Gonna Live Here [Hi SHL-32032]

SBG-49 - Ace Cannon - The Misty Sax of Ace Cannon [1966] Blowin' In The Wind/(others) [Hi SHL-32035]

SBG-50 - Bill Black's Combo - Black Lace [1966] You Call Everybody Darling/Jersey Bounce/Stardust//Stompin' At The Savoy/Moonlight Serenade/Rambler [Hi SHL-32033]

SBG-52 - Bill Black's Combo - King of the Road [1967] King Of The Road/Detroit City/Blue Hawaii//Sioux City Sue/Memphis, Tennessee/Pennsylvania Polka [Hi SHL-32036]

SBG 56 - Willie Mitchell - Willie Mitchell Live [1968] 20-75/My Girl/Mustang Sally//Tequila/Honky Tonk/Pin Head [Hi SHL-32042]

SBG-57 - Bill Black's Combo - Bill Black's Beat Goes On [1968] The Beat Goes On/Ode To Billie Joe/Let The Good Times Roll//Funky Broadway/The Letter/A Whiter Shade Of Pale [Hi SHL-32041]

SBG-59 - Willie Mitchell - Soul Serenade [1968] Soul Serenade/Ooh, Baby, You Turn Me On/Soul Finger//Papa's Got A Brand New Bag/Sunny/Respect [Hi SHL-32039]

SBG-60 - Ace Cannon - The Incomparable Sax of Ace Cannon [1968] By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Green, Green Grass Of Home/Turn On Your Love Light//Sleep Walkin'/Woman, Woman/Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got) [Hi SHL-32043]

SBG-64 - Bill Black's Combo - Turn On Your Love Light [1968] Simon Says/Bright Lights, Big City/Red Light/Big Boss Man/Shoo-Be-Do-Be-Do-Da-Day/The Horse [Hi SHL-32044]

SBG-65 - Willie Mitchell - Solid Soul [1968] Grazing In The Grass/Sunrise Serenade/Up- Hard//Monkey Jump/Strawberry Solo/Hideaway [Hi SHL-32045]

SBG-67 - Ace Cannon - Ace Cannon in the Spotlight [1968] You've Got Your Troubles/Goin' Away/Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp//I Wanna Live/Love Is Blue/Harper Valley P.T.A. [Hi SHL-32046]

SBG-71 - Bill Black's Combo - Soulin' the Blues [1968] Everyday I Have The Blues/Prowlin'/The Birds And The Bees//Things I Used To Do/Imperial Tempo/Last Train [Hi SHL-32047]

SBG-72 - Willie Mitchell - On Top [1969] Take Five/Poppin'/Canadian Sunset//Louie, Louie/I Say A Little Prayer/Sunshine Of Your Love [Hi SHL-32048]

At this point, the label switches to the regular black Hi label as the Little LPs are produced by Gold-Mor, but the SBG series continues.

SBG 81 - Al Green - Let's Stay Together [1972] How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/So You're Leaving//I've Never Found A Girl (Who Loves Me Like You Do)/What Is This Feeling/It Ain't No Fun To Me [Hi SHL-32070]

SBG-85 - Al Green - I'm Still in Love with You [1972] Love And Happiness/Oh Pretty Woman//For The Good Times/I'm Glad You're Mine [Hi XSHL 7-32074]

SBG-87 - Al Green - Call Me [1973] Funny How Time Slips Away/Love Is Like The Morning Sun//Have You Been Making Out O.K./Stand Up [Hi SHLX-32077]


Hickory used their normal LP label, which was black with silver print.

H LP 107 - Sue Thompson - Two of a Kind [1962] This Little LP is mono. Two Of A Kind/Bonaparte's Retreat/Mama Don't Cry At My Wedding//Big Daddy/That's Just Too Much/I Can't Help It


Hilltop used their normal yellow LP label.

SOP 6001 - Patsy Cline - Today, Tomorrow & Forever [2/65]

SOP 6002 - Webb Pierce - Just Webb Pierce [2/65]

SOP 6003 - Hank Locklin - Born to Ramble [2/65] I'm Gonna Copyright Your Kisses/To Whom It May Concern/Golden Wrist Watch//Let Me Be The One/Who You Think You're Foolin'/Our Love Will Show The Way

SOP 6012 - Johnny Horton - The Voice of Johnny Horton [2/65]

SOP 6017 - Floyd Tillman - Floyd Tillman Sings His Greatest Hits [2/65]

SOP 6019 - The Tillman Franks Singers - The Hank Williams Story [2/65]


Horizon was the label that gave us early Hoyt Axton with Jim (Roger) McGuinn playing live at the Troubadour in L.A. No, they didn't give us any of those tapes on Little LP, but they did issue a George Chakaris jukebox EP (remember, these were for adults). The label was the normal black Horizon label with silver print.

STA-1 - George Chakaris - The Gershwin Songbook [1962] I Got Rhythm/Embraceable You/Stairway To Paradise//But Not For Me/Love Walked In/They All Laughed


The Imperial Little LP releases were all put out in the 1964-66 period, and they used the Imperial stereo LP label of the time. In the small white circle around the center hole, it said, "STEREO LITTLE LP".

LP 4-2091 - Fats Domino - Fats Domino Swings [1964] Bo Weevil/My Blue Heaven/Whole Lotta Loving//Blueberry Hill/Blue Monday/I'm In Love

LP-4-2232 - Rick Nelson - Million Sellers [1964] Travelin' Man/Never Be Anyone Else/It's Late//Young Emotions/Hello Mary Lou/Yes Sir, That's My Baby

LP-4-2264 - Johnny Rivers - At the Whisky a-Go-Go [1964]

LP-4-2274 - Johnny Rivers - Here We A-Go-Go Again [1964]

LP-4-2268 - Slim Whitman - Country Songs/City Hits [1964] I'll Hold You In My Heart/I Fall To Pieces/I Can't Stop Loving You//No Other Arms, No Other Lips/Bouquet Of Roses/Just Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)

LP-4-2287 - Sandy Nlson - Drums a Go-Go [1964]

LP-4-2293 - Johnny Rivers - Johnny Rivers Rocks the Folk [1964] Mr. Tambourine Man/Green, Green/Blowin' In The Wind//Where Have All The Flowers Gone/Michael (Row The Boat Ashore)/Tall Oak Tree

LP-4-2298 - Sandy Nelson - Boss Beat [1965] Boss Beat/Hang On Sloopy (My Girl Sloopy)/Down In The Boondocks//A Lover's Concerto/A Taste Of Honey/Treat Her Right

LP-4-2300 - Mel Carter - (All of a Sudden) My Heart Sings [1966] (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings/I Miss You So/Hold My Hand//Band Of Gold/I Wish I Didn't Love You So/Love Is All We Need

LP-4-2303 - Slim Whitman - More Than Yesterday [1966]

LP-4-2304 - Frank Pourcel - Our Man in Paris [1966]


The Impulse label was orange with black print.

EP AS-1 - J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding - The Great Kai & J.J. [1962] This Could Be The Start Of Something/Blue Monk//I Concentrate On You/Going, Going, Gong

EP AS-15 - Count Basie & His Kansas City 7 - Count Basie and His Kansas City 7 [1962] Secrets/Shoe Shine Boy//Count's Place

EP AS-28 - The Coleman Hawkins Sextet - Desafinado [1962] I Remember You/Stumpy Bossa Nova//I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover/Samba Para Bean

EP AS-29 - Chico Hamilton Quintet - Passin' Thru [1963] The Second Time Around/El Toro//Passin' Thru/Transfusion

EP AS-34 - Coleman Hawkins Quartet - Today and Now [1963] Go Li'l Liza//Swingin' Scotch

EP AS-40 - John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman - John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman [1963] My One And Only Love//Lush Life

EP AS-52 - Sonny Stitt/ & Paul Gonsalves - Salt and Pepper [1965] Salt And Pepper, Part 1/Salt And Pepper, Part 2//Theme From "Lord Of The Flies"/S'Posin'

EP AS-64 - Clark Terry - The Happy Horns of Clark Terry [1965] Ellington Medley: Don't Get Around Much Anymore-Perdido-I'm Beginning To See The Light/Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me/Impulsive/Jazz Conversations

EP AS-70 - Milt Jackson - Jazz N' Samba [1965] Jazz 'N' Samba/I've Got It Bad And That Ain't Good/Blues For Juanita/Oo-Oo Bossa Nova/Kiss And Run

EP AS-73 - Shirley Scott - Everybody Loves a Lover [1965] Everybody Loves A Lover/Blue Bongo/The Feeling Of Jazz//Sent For You Yesterday/Little Miss Know It All

EP AS-74 - Johnny Hartman - The Voice That Is! [1965] The More I See You/Let Me Love You/The Day The World Stopped Turning/Joey, Joey, Joey/Sunrise, Sunset

EP AS-78 - Lionel Hampton - You Better Know It [1965] Cute/Trick Or Treat/Taste Of Honey/Sweethearts On Parade/Pick A Rib

EP AS-83 - Lambert, Hendricks and Ross - Sing a Song of Basie [1965] It's Sand, Man/One O'Clock Jump/Little Pony//Down For Double/Down For The Count/Avenue C

EP AS-87 - Coleman Hawkins - Wrapped Tight [1965] Wrapped Tight/Out Of Nowhere/Red Roses For A Blue Lady//Marchetta/And I Still Love You/Bean's Place

EP AS-88 - Elvin Jones - Dear John C [1965] Dear John C/Smoke Rings/Love Bird//This Love Of Mine/Ballade/Everything Happens To Me

EP AS-93 - Shirley Scott - Latin Shadows [1966] Latin Shadows/Who Can I Turn To/Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps//Can't Get Over The Bossa Nova/Soul Sauce/Noche Azul

EP AS-95 - John Coltrane - Ascension [1966] Ascension, Part 1//Ascension, Part 2

EP AS-96 - Pee Wee Russell Quartet with Marshall Brown - Ask Me Now! [1966] Ask Me Now/I'd Climb The Highest Mountain/Prelude To A Kiss//Some Other Blues/Angel Eyes/Calypso Walk

EP AS-100 - Various Artists - The Definitive Jazz Scene, Vol. 2 [1966] Without A Song - Ray Charles//Blues Company - Manny Albam/Anything I Do - Tommy Flanagan

EP AS-103 - John Lee Hooker - It Serves You Right to Suffer [1966] Country Boy/Bottle Up And Go//Money/It Serves You Right To Suffer


Label shown at left is just one of many, many variations used by Jay Jay Records over the decades it was in business. Jay Jay, owned by Walter "Li'l Wally" Jagiello, was a phenomenon in churning out Li'l Wally albums, sometimes ten a year. Jagiello, along with Frankie Yankovic, were the first two members of the Polka Hall of Fame.

S 5019 - Li'l Wally - I Wish I Was Single Again [1964] I Wish I Was Single Again/Just Because Polka/Who'd You Like To Love You//Tick Tock Polka/Happy Anniversary/I'm In Love With You

S 5023 - Li'l Wally - Beautiful Polka Music [1964] 2500 Polka/I Have The Blues/Lover Lover//Aye Aye Aye/Be Merry Polka/Looking For A Sweetheart

S 5078 - Li'l Wally - Li'l Wally's Greatest 15 Hits, Vol. 1 [1964] Ooh La-La/Please Believe Me/Happy Birthday//Lovely Girl/Sophie Polka/Wilted Bush

S 5079 - Li'l Wally - Oh, Boy, Polka Joy [1964] Polka Joy/Fighting Wife/Ee-I-Oh Polka//Balloon Polka/Lost My Doll/No Beer In Heaven

S 5086 - Li'l Wally - Bartender Songs and Others [1965]

S 5088 - Li'l Wally - No Beer in Heaven [1965]

WJS 8000 - Walter Jagiello [Li'l Wally] - The Great Jagiello Sound [1965]


Jazzland was a label owned by Riverside, and when Little LPs started to be issued, Jazzland and Riverside shared the SE-2050 series, which started with SE-2051 and went to SE-2077. The numbers not listed below are Riverside issues.

SE-2051 - Red Garland - The Nearness of You [1962] Where Or When (6:09)//Long Ago & Far Away/Lush Life [Jazzland 62]

SE-2052 - George Shearing & Montgomery Brothers - George Shearing with the Montgomery Brothers [1962] (LP rel. 1961) No Hard Feelings/Enchanted//Double Deal/And Then I Wrote [Jazzland 55]

SE-2053 - Nat Adderley Quartets - Naturally! [1962] (LP rel. 1961) Seventh Son/Images/Oleo [Jazzland 47]

SE-2064 - Junior Mance Trio - Junior Mance at the Village Vanguard [1962] (LP rel. 1961) 63rd Street Theme (6:22)/Smokey Blues (6:39) [Jazzland 41]

SE-2068 - Red Garland Quintet - Red's Good Groove [1963] Red Garland with Blue Mitchell, Pepper Adams. Sam Jones, and Philly Joe Jones. Red's Good Groove//Falling In Love With Love [Jazzland 87]


Jerden's label was yellow with black print.

JRLS-7004 - Paul Revere & The Raiders - In the Beginning [1966] Shake Rattle And Roll/Work With Me Annie/So Fine//Mojo Workout/Blues Stay Away/Irresistable You


Kapp used their usual LP label for their Little LPs, but with a large "Little LP" overprint. Although the stereo-33 singles used the banner "33 Stereo 33", some Little LPs were issued with that label.

KBS 955 - The Chad Mitchell Trio - Mighty Day On Campus [1964] Mighty Day/Rum By Gum/The Whistling Gypsy//Super Skier/Puttin' On The Style/On My Journey

KBS 956 - Roger Williams - Songs of the Soaring 60's [1964] ("33 Stereo 33" label) Portrait Of My Love/Sailor//Main Theme From Exodus/Theme From A Summer Place

KBS 957 - Jack Jones - Lollipops and Roses [1964] This Was My Love/Love Letters//Lollipops And Roses/There Will Never Be Another You

KBS 958 - Jane Morgan - More Golden Hits [1964] Moon River/With Open Arms/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams//The Day The Rains Came/Blue Hawaii/The Second Time Arouns

KBS 959 - Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen - It's Trad [1964] ("33 Stereo 33" label.) I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby And My Baby's Crazy 'Bout Me/March Of The Siamese Children/Potato Head Blues//I Shall Not Be Moved/Vilia/Margie

KBS 960 through KBS 968 were used for stereo-33 singles.

KBS 969 - Louis Armstrong Hello Dolly [Part 1] [1964] Hello, Dolly!/Blueberry Hill/Be My Life's Companion//I Still Get Jealous/Hey, Look Me Over/You Are Woman, I Am Man

KBS 972 - Roger Williams - For You [1964] Theme From "The Eleventh Hour"/Danke Schoen/On The Trail//I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Liza/Theme From "Irma La Douce": Look Again

KBS 973 - Jack Jones - She Loves Me [1964] She Loves Me/Real Live Girl/I Believe In You//Wouldn't It Be Loverly/Hit The Road To Dreamland/Close Your Eyes

KBS 974 - David Rose - The Wonderful Music of David Rose [1964] Sunrise Serenade/The Peanut Vendor/Stormy Weather//Intermezzo/Fascination/Deep Purple

KBS 975 - Jack Jones - Wives and Lovers [1964] Wives And Lovers/Charade/Come Rain Or Come Shine//Fly Me To The Moon/Angel Eyes/I'm Moody

KBS 976 - Roger Williams - The Solid Gold Steinway [1964] Dominique/Maria Elena/Felicia//Toccata/Teakwood Nocturne/Theme From "The Cardinal"

KBS 977 - Louis Armstrong - Hello Dolly [Part 2] [1964] It's Been a Long Long Time/Hey, Look Me Over/Moon River//Someday/Jeepers Creepers

KBS 979 - Roger Williams - Academy Award Winners [1964] The Last Time I Saw Paris/Gigi/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah//It Might As Well Be Spring/Buttons And Bows/You'll Never Know

KBS 985 - The Searchers - This Is Us [1964] Don't Throw Your Love Away/Hungry For Love/This Empty Place//Hi-Heel Sneakers/It's In Her Kiss/Sea Of Heartbreak

At this point, the label changes to the new Kapp label with the red hat in a white box to the left of the center hole.

KBS 986 - Roger Williams - Only For Lovers [1964] Only For Lovers/Love Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu)/Talk To The Animals//Gentle On My Mind/Up-Up And Away/Theme From "Elvira"

KBS 987 - Burt Bacharach - Plays His Hits [1964] Wives And Lovers/What's New Pussycat/Trains And Boats And Planes//Walk On By/Always Something There To Remind Me/Blue On Blue

After a six-year hiatus, Kapp finally put out a couple of additional Little LPs. By 1970, MCA, by now the owner of the Kapp label, was consolidating the catalog series for its owned labels into a series using the Decca catalog sequence. The first Little LP below, by Roger Williams, actually had the black Decca label. The Sonny & Cher Little LP had the regular 1970s multi-color Kapp label shown at left.

Kapp/Decca DL 734758 (LLP #117) - Roger Williams - Themes from Great Movies [8/70] Come Saturday Morning/Windmills Of Your Mind/Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head//Jean/Midnight Cowboy/What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?

34875 (LLP #184) - Sonny & Cher - All I Ever Need Is You [5/72] More Today Than Yesterday/I Love What You Did With The Love I Gave You/Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling//Crystal Clear-Muddy Waters/United We Stand/All I Ever Need Is You


King used their normal stereo label, which was blue with silver print.

KSS-7-723 - Bill Doggett - Back Again with More [1965] (LP rel. 1960) Smokie/The Slush/Night Train, Part 1//Night Train, Part 2/Buttered Popcorn/Bugle Nose

KSS-7-767 - Little Willie John - The Sweet, The Hot, The Teen-Age Beat [1963] (LP rel. 1961) Take My Love (I Want To Give It All To You)/Autumn Leaves/(I've Got) Spring Fever//So Lovely/Flamingo/Every Beat Of My Heart

KSS-7-773 - Freddy King - Let's Hide Away and Dance Away with Freddy King [1963] (LP rel. 1961) Hide Away/Sen-Sa-Shun/San-Ho-Zay//The Stumble/Swooshy/Just Pickin'

KSS-7-780 - James Brown - Shout and Shimmy [1963] Shout And Shimmy/Have Mercy Baby/Good, Good, Lovin'//Dancin' Little Thing/Just Won't Do Right/You Don't Have To Go

KSS-7-786 - Earl Bostic - By Popular Demand [1963] Avalon/Body And Soul/That Old Black Magic//Third Man Theme/The Key/Answer Me

KSS-7-791 - The Stanley Brothers - Folk Song Festival [1963] Drunken Driver/String, Eraser And Blotter/Just Dreaming//Cold Icy Fingers/There Is A Trap/I'm Only Human

KSS-7-793 - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - The Jumpin' Hank Ballard [1963] Get Ready/I'm Learning/What's Your Name//Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache)/She's The One/Your Lovin'

KSS-7-802 - Little Willie John - Little Willie John at a Recording Session [1963] Until Again My Love/Doll Face/Don't Play With Love//Bill Bailey/With Out A Friend/My Baby's In Love With Another Guy

KSS-7-804 - James Brown & His Famous Flames - Tour the U.S.A. [1963] Mashed Potatoes USA/Choo-Choo Locomotion/Joggin' Along//Sticky/In The Wee Hours/Cross Firing

KSS-7-812 - Bob Kames - Bob Kames Goes Western [1963] San Antonio Rose/My Adobe Hacienda/You Are My Sunshine//Don't Fence Me In/Sioux City Sue/Deep In The Heart Of Texas

KSS-7-815 - Hank Ballard - The 1963 Sound of Hank Ballard [1963] The Rising Tide/The House On The Hill/Dr. Lover//Now What 'Cha Gonna Do/That Low Down Move/Come On Baby Let's Shake It

KSS-7-821 - Freddy King - Bossa Nova and Blues [1963] You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree/The Bossa Nova Watusi/It Hurts To Be In Love/Is My Baby Mad At Me/The Welfare (Turns Its Back On You)/One Hundred Years


Liberty used the black label with the rainbow colors on the left side. Around the center hole was a white disc, in which was written "STEREO LITTLE LP."

LST 4-7138 - Bud & Travis - Spotlight on Bud & Travis [1962]

LST 4-7203 - Julie London - Sophisticated Lady [1962] Sophisticated Lady/Blame It On My Youth/Another Old Fashioned Please//Bewitched/If I Should Lose You/Absent Minded Me

LST-7216 - Si Zentner & His Orchestra - Up a L:azy River [1962] Nice 'N' Easy (Twist)/Heart And Soul/Up A Lazy River//Perfidia/Blue Moon/Blue Tango

LST 4-7240 - Matt Monro - Matt Monro [1962]

LST-4-7246 - Matt Monro - Softly As I Leave You [1966]

LST 4-7279 - Eddy Heywood - Manhattan Beat [1963] Sidewalks Of New York/When We're Alone/There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York//Manhattan/Spanish Harlem/Naked City Theme

LST 4-7284 - Si Zentner - Waltz in Jazz Time [1963] The Sweetest Sounds/Lover/Belle Of The Ball//Waltz In Jazz Time/Willow Weep For Me/Paradise

LST-7286 - Timi Yuro - The Best of Timi Yuro [1963] Hurt/Smile/Insult To Injury//Just Say I Love Him/The Love Of A Boy/I Apologize

LST-4-7291 - Julie London - Julie's Golden Greats [1966]

LST 4-7300 - Julie London - The End of the World [1963]

LST 4-7318 - Vikki Carr - Color Her Great! [1963] How Does The Wine Taste/Somewhere In The Night/Bye Bye Blackbird//May I Come In/Quiet Nigh/I Wonder

LST 4-7338 - Spike Jones - Washington Square [1964] Washington Square/Green Green/Maria Elena//September Song/Blowin' In The Wind/The Alley Cat Song

LST 4-7342 - Julie London - Julie London [1964] Since I Fell For You/Fools Rush In/You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry//I Wish You Love (Que Kreste T Il De Nos Amours?)/Charade/Wives And Lovers

LST 4-7354 - Miss Vikki Carr - Discovery! [1964] Surrey With The Fringe On Top/What Are You Afraid Of/How Insensitive (Insensatez)//Never Will I Marry/Put Your Arms Around Me/Bluesette

LST-4-7359 - Mrs. Mills - My Mother the Ragtime Piano Player [1966]

LST 4-7370 - Spike Jones - My Man [1964] My Man/Paradise/I'm In The Mood For Love//The Stripper/The Glow Worm/Ballin' The Jack

LST 4-7378 - Martin Denny - Latin Village [1964]

LST 4-7387 - The Johnny Mann Singers - Invisible Tears [1964] Invisible Tears/Everybody Loves Somebody/The Girl From Ipanema//Al-Di-La/Shangri-La/Hello, Dolly

LST 4-7388 - The Chipmunks - The Chipmunks Sing The Beatles' Hits [1964] Please Please Me/Do You Want To Know A Secret/Twist & Shout//A Hard Day's Night/I Saw Her Standing There/I Want To Hold Your Hand

LST-4-7415 - Martin Denny - Golden Hawaiian Hits [1966]

LST-4-7427 - Si Zentner - The Best of Si Zentner [1966]

LST 4-7437 - Matt Monro - Yesterday [1966] Yesterday/Singin' In The Rain/How D'Ya Do//Just Yesterday/Til Then My Love/As Long As I'm Singing

LST 4-7439 - The T-Bones - No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In) [1966] Hole In The Wall/Let's Hang On/Lies/Fever/Don't Think Twice, It's All Right/No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)

Premier Series

LSS 4-4018 - Tommy Garrett - 25 Pianos Play Evergreens of Broadway [1962]

LSS 4-4020 - Si Zentner & Martin Denny - Exotica Suite [1963] Temple Pagent/Tiki/Calabash Annie//Bali Monkey Dance/Pagan Ritual/Jungle Train

LSS 4-4024 - Felix Slatkin - Hoedown! [1963] Turkey In The Straw/Maiden's Prayer/Golden Slippers//Chicken Reel/Listen To The Mockin' Bird/Arkansas Traveler

LSS-4-4030 - Tommy Garrett - Maria Elena [1963] Maria Elena/Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White/The Breeze And I//Poinciana/Brazil/Amapola


LS-301-C - The Three Sounds - Beautiful Friendship [1965] Shortnin' Bread/Hot Cha/Hittin' Another Jug//Beautiful Friendship/Cute, Part I/Cute, Part II

LS-302-C - The Oscar Peterson Trio - Eloquence [1965] Moanin'/Lovers' Promenade/Children's Tune/Autumn Leaves

LS-303-C - Gerry Mulligan - Feelin' Good [1965] The Second Time Around/Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone/P.S. I Love You//Love Is The Sweetest Thing/I'll Walk Alone

LS-304-C - The Oscar Peterson Trio - With Respect to Nat [1965] What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry/It's Only A Paper Moon/Orange Colored Sky/When My Sugar Walks Down The Street/Walkin' My Baby Back Home/Sweet Lorraine

LS-305-C - Art Blakey - Hold On, I'm Comin' [1966] Day Dream/Mame/Walkin' My Cat Named Dog//Hold On, I'm Comin'/She Blew A Good Thing/Got My Mojo Working

Little LPs Unlimited


MCA/MCA Special Markets

The MCA label was blue with black print. These were all produced by Little LPs Unlimited.

MCA 34961 (LLP #207) - Elton John - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player [5/73] Daniel/Teacher I Need You//High Flying Bird/Crocodile Rock

MCA Special Markets 34985 (LLP #274) - Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra - The Best of Bert Kaempfert [1/75] Strangers In The Night/L-O-V-E/Red Roses For A Blue Lady//Bye Bye Blues/That Happy Feeling/Remember When (We Made These Memories)

MCA Special Markets 34986 (LLP #277) - Brenda Lee - Her Greatest Hits [3/75] I Want To Be Wanted/As Usual/Too Many Rivers//Johnny One Time/I'm Sorry/Coming On Strong

MCA Special Markets 34987 (LLP #278) - Wayne King & His Orchestra - The Best of Wayne King & His Orchestra [3/75] Embassy Waltz/Cecilia/I Could Have Danced All Night//Goofus/Lazy River/The Waltz You Saved For Me

MCA Special Markets 34988 (LLP #276) - Olivia Newton-John - Let Me Be There [3/75] If Not For You/Let Me Be There/Take Me Home Country Roads//Help Me Make It Through The Night/Love Song/Just A Little Too Much

MCA Special Markets 34989 (LLP #275) - Neil Diamond - His 12 Greatest Hits [3/75] Shilo/Stones/Cracklin' Rosie//Song Sung Blue/Soolaimon


The Mega Little LPs used the regular Mega yellow and red label with black print. These were produced by Little LPs Unlimited.

LLP-192 - Bill Black's Combo - Juke Box Favorites [8/72] Canadian Sunset/Cry/Proud Mary//Honky-Tonk/Alley Cat/One Mint Julep [Mega M31-1014]

LLP-193 - Benny Goodman - Let's Dance Again [8/72] (What Can I Say) After I Say I'm Sorry/Liza (All The Cloud'll Roll Away)/On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)//This Guy's In Love With You/Octopus's Garden/I Will Wait For You [Mega M51-5002]



Merrimac Music Industries, Ltd., of Los Angeles, was a budget label with a repertoire of "background music" interspersed with the usual junk label material. They announced in Billboard (11/19/66, page 82; 12/3/66, page 86) that they would be releasing the following 30 little LPs. Merrimac, a tape duplicating company and manufacturer of 16-2/3 rpm "background music" records for Seeburg, had been one of the first to take a public anti-bootlegging stance in the fall of 1966, but nobody, including the government, seemed to care (much to everyone's regret a few years later). These 30 Little LPs — if they were actually released at all — sank so fast we've never seen any of them.

R-1 - Al Herbert - Al Herbert & The Iguana Brass [Vol. 1] [11/66]
R-2 - Al Herbert - Al Herbert & The Iguana Brass [Vol. 2] [11/66]
R-3 - Million Dollar Violins - Raoul Moreno Conducting [Vol. 1] [11/66]
R-4 - Fred Astaire with The David Rose Orchestra - Medley [11/66]
R-5 - Ray McKenzie & His Orchestra - Ray McKenzie & His Orchestra [11/66]
R-6 - Million Dollar Violins - Raoul Moreno Conducting [Vol. 2] [11/66]
R-7 - Carol Lawrence - Carol Lawrence [11/66]
R-8 - Francis Bay - Francis Bay & The Brussels World's Fair Orchestra [Vol. 1] [11/66]
R-9 - Million Dollar Violins - Raoul Moreno Conducting [Vol. 3] [11/66]
R-10 - The Ink Spots - The Ink Spots [11/66]
R-11 - Francis Bay - Francis Bay & The Brussels World's Fair Orchestra [Vol. 2] [11/66]
R-12 - Million Dollar Violins - Raoul Moreno Conducting [Vol. 4] [11/66]
R-13 - The Hi-Lo's - The Hi-Lo's [11/66]
R-14 - Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra - Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra [11/66]
R-15 - Million Dollar Violins - Raoul Moreno Conducting [Vol. 5] [11/66]
R-16 - Andre Previn - Andre Previn [11/66]
R-17 - "King" Henderson & His Orchestra - "King" Henderson & His Orchestra [11/66]
R-18 - Million Dollar Violins - Raoul Moreno Conducting [Vol. 6] [11/66]
R-19 - Billy Daniels - Billy Daniels [11/66]
R-20 - Francis Bay - Francis Bay & His Orchestra [Vol. 3] [11/66]
R-21 - Million Dollar Violins - Raoul Moreno Conducting [Vol. 7] [11/66]
R-22 - Pete Jolly & His Friends - Pete Jolly & His Friends [11/66]
R-23 - Mel Halvert & His Orchestra - Mel Halvert & His Orchestra [11/66]
R-24 - Nick Carras & His Orchestra - Nick Carras & His Orchestra [Vol. 1] [11/66]
R-25 - Mel Torme - Mel Torme [11/66]
R-26 - Ray Eberle - Ray Eberle [11/66]
R-27 - Nick Carras & His Orchestra - Nick Carras & His Orchestra [Vol. 2] [11/66]
R-28 - Enzo Stuarti - Enzo Stuarti [11/66]
R-29 - Muggsy Spanier & His Dixieland Band - Muggsy Spanier & His Dixieland Band [11/66]
R-30 - Dick Haymes - Dick Haymes [11/66]


MGM used their black label with silver print. The SLM series used the 4-digit number from the full albums.

SLM-3776 - Connie Francis - My Thanks to You [1962] These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)/The Very Thought Of You//Now Is The Hour/Cruising Down The River/A Tree In The Meadow

SLM-4058 - Harry James - The Solid Gold Trumpet of Harry James [1962]

SLM-4079 - Connie Francis - Country Music Connie Style [1962] I'm Movin' On/She'll Have To Go/I'm A Fool To Care//I Really Don't Want To Know/Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)/He Thinks I Still Care

SLM-4089 - Conway Twitty - R&B '63 [1963]

SLM-4099 - David Rose & His Orchestra - More! More! More! of "The Stripper" and Other Fun Songs for the Family [1963]

SLM-4103 - Pat Thomas - Desifinado [1963] Desafinado (Slightly Out Of Tune)/Carnival/I Wish You Love//Recardo Bossa Nova/Could Be/Once Again

SLM-4137 - Harry James & His Big Band - Double Dixie [1963] The Truth/My Inspiration/Cornet Chop//My Monday Date/Squeeze Me/Weather Bird

SLM-4145 - Connie Francis - Greatest American Waltzes Sung By Connie Francis [1963] Remember/My Buddy/You Can't Be True Dear//Always/Beautiful Ohio/Three O'Clock In The Morning

SLM-4168 - Hank Williams - The Very Best of Hank Williams [1963] (Mono with stereo instrumental overdubs.)

SLM-4316 - Hank Williams, Jr. - Ballads of the Hills and the Plains [1965]

SLM-4335 - Erroll Garner - Now Playing: Erroll Garner - A Night at the Movies [1965] I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)/Just A Gigolo/As Time Goes By//It's Only A Paper Moon/Charmaine/Sonny Boy

SLM-4355 - Connie Francis - Jealous Heart [1966] Jealous Heart/Do I/If You Ever Get Lonely//My Foolish Heart/Nevertheless/So Long, Good Bye

SLM-4377 - Hank Williams - The Legend Lives Anew: Hank Williams with Strings [1966] I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/You Win Again/Kaw-Liga//Lovesick Blues/Let's Turn Back The Years/I'm Sorry For You, My Friend

SLM-4379 - Roy Orbison - The Classic Roy Orbison [1966] Losing You/Twinkle Toes/Wait//Growing Up/Where Is Tomorrow/Never Love Again

SLM-4382 - Connie Francis - Movie Greats of the 60's [1966] Strangers In The Night/Forget Domani/The Second Time Around//


MEP-7011 - The Tikis with Len Wade - In Town Tonight [1964] Popsicle Boy/Valley Of Tears/Jolly Roger//Big Feet/All That Talk/My Bonnie



Moonglow used their orange LP label with black print.

SD 71004 - The Righteous Brothers - The Best of the Righteous Brothers [1965] Little Latin Lupe Lu/Georgia On My Mind/Bye Bye Love//Fannie Mae/My Prayer/This Little Girl Of Mine


Motown used their usual blue label with the map at the top.

Distributed by Seeburg:

S 616 - Mary Wells - Greatest Hits [1965] Two Lovers/The One Who Really Loves You/You Beat Me To The Punch/You Lost The Sweetest Boy/My Guy/What's Easy For Two Is So Hard For One

S 620 - Choker Campbell - Hits of the Sixties [1965] Baby Love/Where Did Our Love Go/Baby I Need Your Loving//That's What My Love Is Made Of/Pride And Joy

S 621 - The Supremes - Where Did Our Love Go [1965] He Means The World To Me/Baby Love/Ask Any Girl//Where Did Our Love Go/Come See About Me/Run Run Run

S 623 - The Supremes - A Bit of Liverpool [1965] You Can't Do That/Can't Buy Me Love/Bits And Pieces//You've Really Got A Hold On Me/Because/How Do You Do It

MT 60627 - The Supremes - More Hits By the Supremes [1965]

MT 60632 - Billy Eckstine - The Prime Of My Life [1965]

MT-60645 - The Supremes - I Hear a Symphony [1966] I Hear A Symphony/Yesterday/My World Is Empty Without You//Everything Is Good About You/He's All I Got/A Lover's Concerto

MT-60647 - Four Tops - Four Tops on Top [1966] Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever/Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)/I Got A Feelin'//Matchmaker/Michelle/In The Still Of The Night

MT-60649 - The Supremes - The Supremes A Go-Go [1966] You Can't Hurry Love/Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart/This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)/I Can't Help Myself/Come And Get These Memories/Money (That's What I Want)

MT 60650 - The Supremes - The Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland [1967]

MT 60651 - Various Artists - A Collection of 16 Original Big Hits, Vol. 5 [1966]

MT 60655 - Various Artists - The Motown Sound, Vol. 6 [1967] Stop In The Name Of Love - Supremes/It's The Same Old Song - Four Tops/This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) - Isley Brothers//Ain't That Peculiar - Marvin Gaye/Going To A Go-Go - Miracles/Uptight (Everythin's Alright) - Stevie Wonder

Distributed by Little LPs Unlimited:

M-60717 (LLP #134) - The Supremes & The Four Tops - The Magnificent 7 [2/71] Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing/Knock On My Door/Without The One You Love//Everyday People/For Your Love/Together We Can Make Such Sweet Music

M-60718 (LLP #132) - The Jackson 5 - Third Album [1/71] Mama's Pearl/Goin' Back To Indiana//I'll Be There/Oh, How Happy

M-60724 (LLP #133) - Diana Ross - Everything Is Everything [2/71] My Place/Baby It's Love/The Long And Winding Road//How About You/I'm Still Waiting/Everything Is Everything


The Ode Little LPs used the then-current Ode LP label. These were produced by Little LPs Unlimited.

LLP-77009 (LLP #149) - Carole King - Tapestry [5/71] You've Got A Friend/Smackwater Jack//Will You Love Me Tomorrow?/Where You Lead

LLP-77013 (LLP #180) - Carole King - Music [3/72] Brother Brother/Song Of Long Ago/Brighter//Growing Away From Me (Cover mistakenly claims "Some Kind of Wonderful")/Sweet Seasons


The Okeh label was white with black print, with the purple OKeh logo at the top. Under the logo, it read "STEREO LITTLE LP" and around he bottom of the label it read, "For jukebox use only 33 1/3 RPM stereo".

4-14106 - Major Lance - Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um [1964] It's All Right/Think Nothing About It/Little Young Lover//I'm The One/That's What Mama Say/Gypsy Woman

4-14107 - Walter Jackson - It's All Over [1965] A Blossom Fell/Opportunity/I Don't Want To Suffer//The4re Goes That Song Again/Then Only Then/This World Of Mine

Old Town

The Old Town label was their blue LP label with black print. Unfortunately, they didn't bother to put record numbers on the front jacket or the label. The numbers on the label were the matrix numbers, and were different for each side of the record. We have used the full LP numbers for reference.

2006 - Arthur Prysock - A Portrait of Arthur Prysock [1963] Am I Asking Too Much/Jet/Ebb Tide//I'll Be Around/Autumn Leaves/Are You Ready For A Laugh

2007 - Arthur Prysock - Everlasting Songs for Everlasting Lovers [1964]

2008 - Arthur Prysock - Intimately Yours [1964] The More I See You/You Always Hurt The One You Love/Teardrops In The Rain//I've Got The Blues So Bad/Love Is A Many Splendored Thing/Cottage For Sale

2009 - Arthur Prysock - A Double Header with Arthur Prysock [1965] Let It Be Me/Let Me Call You Sweetheart/Who Can I Turn To//They Say You're Laughing At Me/There Goes My Heart/All Or Nothing At All

2010 - Arthur Prysock - In a Mood with Arthur Prysock [1965] House By The Side Of The Road/My First Love/Because Of You//I'll Close My Eyes/My Funny Valentine/Bewildered

Pacific Jazz

The first eight Little LPs issued on Pacific Jazz had their black label with silver print. They used a special 7100 series not related to the full LP catalog numbers. They were all issued at the same time in 1963.

7101 - Richard Holmes - Groove! [1963] (LP rel. 1961) Deep Purple (6:50)//Good Groove (7:10) [Pacific Jazz ST-23]

7102 - Les McCann & Gerald Wilson Orchestra - Les McCann Sings [1963] (LP rel. 1961) Wonder Why/Deed I Do/But Not For Me//Sweet Georgia Brown/On The Street Where You Live/Bye Bye Blackbird [Pacific Jazz ST-31]

7103 - Curtis Amy & Paul Bryant - The Blues Message [1963] (LP rel. 1960) Blues Message (8:02)//Searchin' (7:34) [Pacific Jazz ST-9]

7104 - Les McCann & Joe Pass - On Time [1963] (LP rel. 1962) On Time/Bernie's Tune//Maidchen/So What [Pacific Jazz ST-56]

7105 - Les McCann - Les McCann Plays the Shampoo (At the Village Gate) [1963] The Shampoo/Woodyn//Somebody Stole My Chitlins/Filet Of Soul [Pacific Jazz ST-63]

7106 - Bud Shank & Clare Fischer - Brasamba [1963] Brasamba/Autumn Leaves//If I Should Lose You/Otem A Noite [Pacific Jazz ST-64]

7107 - The Gerald Wilson Big Band - The Moment of Truth [1963] Milestones/Nancy Jo//Moment Of Truth/Josefina [Pacific Jazz ST-61]

7108 - The Jazz Crusaders - The Jazz Crusaders at the Lighthouse [1963] (LP rel. 1962) Congolese Sermon (7:04)//Weather Beat (7:10) [Pacific Jazz ST-57]

By 1966, Pacific Jazz had updated their look with a new logo. This was used on the cover of first four Little LPs issued in 1966, but the label used was that of the sister label World Pacific, probably because they needed to get these first four out and the new Pacific Jazz labels weren't ready. The labels used had the World Pacific logo on the left and the Pacific Jazz number on the right. Around the center hole was a white circle, inside of which it read, "STEREO LITTLE LP." The catalog numbers correspond to the full LP numbers.

ST-4-0097 - Les McCann - Spanish Onions [1966] (World Pacific label; Pacific Jazz cover) El Soulo/Get Them Grits//I Am In Love

ST-4-0098 - The Jazz Crusaders - Live at the Lighthouse '66 [1966] (World Pacific label; Pacific Jazz cover) Blues Up Tight (6:30)//Scratch (7:55)

ST-4-0099 - The Gerald Wilson Orchestra - Feelin' Kinda Blues [1966] (World Pacific label; Pacific Jazz cover) Yesterday/Do Anything You Wanna/When I'm Feeling Kinda Blue//Well, Son, Shuffle/Yeh Yeh/I Got You (I Feel Good)

ST-4-0101 - Gil Fuller & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra - Night Flight [1966] (World Pacific label; Pacific Jazz cover) Sweets For My Sweet/Seesaw/Batucada Surgiu//Night Flight/A Patch Of Blue/Tin Tin Deo

At this point, the label changes to the new Pacific Jazz label. It had the new Pacific Jazz logo on the left. In the circle around the center hole, it read, "Little LP STEREO."

ST-4-0105 - Richard "Groove" Holmes - Tell It Like It Tis [1966] Secret Love (6:35)//Hittin' The Jug (7:15)

ST-4-106 - The Jazz Crusaders - Talk That Talk [1966] Walk On By/Studewood/I Can't Believe That You Love Me//Uptight (Everything's Alright)/Hey Girl

ST-4-0107 - Les McCann - A Bag of Gold [1966] (Shades Of) Spanish Onions/Gone On And Get That Church//The Truth (6:45)

ST-4-0111 - The Gerald Wilson Orchestra - The Golden Sword [1966] The Golden Sword/The Feather//Carlos/La Mentira

ST-4-0113 - Buddy Rich - Swingin' New Big Band [1966] Uptight/Sister Sadie//Readymix/Critic's Choice


Palomar was distributed by London Records. The Little LP cover is shown at left. We have not seen the label, but it should be dark blue with silver print, like the other London-distributed labels at that time (e.g., the Parrot label below).

SBG-38 - Don Randi - Mexican Pearls [1965] Spanish Harlem/Bass Blues/Follow Me//Mexican Pearls/I Don't Want To Be Kissed/Grandpa's Still [Palomar GS 34002]


Parkway tried a bold experiment in 1961, putting out a 33 1/3 rpm ep, testing the market for 4-songs at $1.49. The experiment failed, so Parkway didn't try it again.

PC-5001 [mono] - Chubby Checker - The Jet [5/61] The Ray Charles-ton/The Mess Around//The Jet/The Continental Walk


Parrot used the London SBG- sequence. The first Parrot label was blue or dark blue with silver print. This was used until 1969.

SBG-35 - Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual [1965] It's Not Unusual/I Need You're Loving/Watcha Gonna Do//Memphis Tennessee/Skye Boat Song/Worried Man [Parrot PAS 71004]

SBG-53 - Engelbert Humperdinck - The Last Waltz [1967] The Last Waltz/Two Different Worlds/Misty Blue//Am I That Easy To Forget/A Place In The Sun/If I Were You [Parrot PAS 71015]

SBG-58 - Various Artists - Greatest Hits from England, Vol. 2 [1968] Release Me - Engelbert Humperdinck/Tell Her No - Zombies/No Arms Can Ever Hold You - Bachelors//A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Procol Harum/I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman - Whistling Jack Smith/Telstar - Tornados [Parrot PAS 71017]

SBG-62 - Tom Jones - The Tom Jones Fever Zone [1968] Delilah/I Wake Up Crying/It's A Man's Man's World//Danny Boy/Don't Fight It/Get Ready [Parrot PAS 71019]

SBG-63 - Engelbert Humperdinck - A Man Without Love [1968] By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Up Up And Away/Call On Me//Can't Take My Eyes Off You/What A Wonderful World/The Shadow Of Your Smile [Parrot PAS 71022]

SBG-70 - Tom Jones - Help Yourself [1969] Help Yourself/I Can't Break The News To Myself/The Bed//I Get Carried Away/If I Promise/All I Can Say Is Goodbye [Parrot PAS 71025]

SBG-73 - Engelbert Humperdinck - Engelbert [1969] Love Can Fly/Let Me Into Your Life/Through The Eyes Of Love//Marry Me/To Get To You/You're Easy To Love [Parrot PAS 71026]

SBG-75 - Tom Jones - This Is Tom Jones [1969] Wichita Lineman/Fly Me To The Moon/Dance Of Love//Hey Jude/I'm A Fool To Want You/Let It Be Me [Parrot PAS 71028]

SBG-76 - Tom Jones - Live in Las Vegas [1969] Turn On Your Love Light/Bright Lights And You Girl/I Can't Stop Loving You/Help Yourself//Hard To Handle/Twist And Shout [Parrot PAS 71031]

SBG-77 - Engelbert Humperdinck - Engelbert Humperdinck [1969] Cafe/A Time For Us/Didn't We//Aquarius-Let The Sunshine In/The Signs Of Love/Love Letters [Parrot PAS 71030]

At this point, the label switches to the normal Parrot label mainly due to the discs being made by Gold- Mor instead of Seeburg/Garmissa. Gold-Mor owner Bernie Yudkofsky believed the packages should reflect the covers and labels of the parent LPs. Some of the earlier numbers have been reissued with this label.

SBG-78 - Tom Jones - Tom [6/70] You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'/I Can't Turn You Loose/If I Rules The World//The Impossible Dream/Proud Mary/Let There Be Love [Parrot PAS 71037]

SBG-80 - Engelbert Humperdinck - We Made It Happen [6/70] Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head/My Cherie Amour/Something//Love Me With All Your Heart (Quando Caliente El Sol)/Everybody's Talkin'/Just Say I Love Her [Parrot XPAS 71038]

SBG-82 - Engelbert Humperdinck - Live at the Riviera, Las Vegas [1971] Help Me Make It Through The Night/My Prayer/You'll Never Walk Alone//My Wife The Dancer/Just A Little Bit Of You/It's Impossible [Parrot XPAS 71051]

SBG-83 - Tom Jones - Live at Caesar's Palace [1971] Bridge Over Troubled Water/My Way//Dance Of Love/Cabaret/Soul Man [Parrot 2SPAS 71049/50]

Phase 4 - See London

Philadelphia International

Philadelphia International used their usual green label with black print.

ZS7 31648 - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - If You Don't Know Me By Now [1972] Ebony Woman/Let It Be You//I Miss You/Be Real

ZS7 31793 - Billy Paul - 360 Degrees of Billy Paul [1972] Am I Black Enough For You/I'm Gonna Make It This Time//I'm Just A Prisoner

Z8Q 31793 [SQ Quadraphonic] - Billy Paul - 360 Degrees of Billy Paul [1973]

Z8Q 32407 [SQ Quadraphonic] - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Black and Blue [1973]

Z8Q 32408 [SQ Quadraphonic] - The O'Jays - Ship Ahoy [1973]


The first Philips label was black with silver print. This label was used up to and including PHS-810-C.

PHS-800-C - Woody Herman - Woody Herman 1963 [1963] Camel Walk (8:15)//Sig Ep/Tunin' In

PHS-801-C The Woody Herman Quartet - Swing Low, Sweet Clarinet [1963] (Reissue of Mercury SR-822-C.) Rose Room/Don't Be That Way/On The Sunny Side Of The Street//Sweet Lorraine/Summit Ridge Drive [Philips 600-004]

PHS-802-C - Ruth Brown - Along Comes Ruth [1963] (Reissue of Mercury SR-823-C.) Jim Dandy/Why Don't You Write Me/(others) [Philips PHS 600 028]

PHS-803-C - The Serendipity Singers - The Many Sides of the Serendipity Singers [1964] Beans In My Ears/Soon It's Gonna Rain/The New Frankie & Johnny Song//Mill Girls Don't Sing Or Dance/Six Foot Six/Down Where The Winds Blow [Philips PHS 600 134]

PHS-804-C - Teresa Brewer - Golden Hits of 1964 [1964] Where Did Our Love Go/Chapel Of Love/Suspicion//Everybody Loves Somebody/My Guy/My Boy Lollipop [Philips PHS 600-147]

PHS-805-C - Shirley Bassey - The Spectacular Shirley Bassey [1965] (Blue Philips label) How About You/My Funny Valentine/Take My Love, Take My Love//As I Love You/If You Don't Love Me/You, You Romeo [Philips PHS 600 168]

PHS-806-C - Harry Secombe - Introducing the Phenomenal Voice of Harry Secombe [1965] If I Ruled The World/Make Believe/You'll Never Walk Alone//Falling In Love With Love/Younger Than Springtime/Stranger In Paradise [Philips PHS 600 175]

PHS-807-C - Ian & the Zodiacs - Ian & the Zodiacs [1965] Good Morning Little School Girl/The Crying Game/Jump Back//So Much In Love With You/Baby, I Need Your Lovin' [Philips PHS 600 176]

PHS-808-C - Nina Simone - Pastel Blues [1965] Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out/The End Of The Line/Trouble In Mind//Tell Me More And More And Then Some/Chilly Winds Don't Blow [Philips PHS 600 187]

PHS-809-C -

PHS-810-C - 4 Seasons - Gold Vault of Hits [1965] Dawn (Go Away)/Rag Doll/Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye)//Lets Hang On/Big Man In Town/Save It For Me [Philips PHS 600 196]

At about this point, the label changes to blue with silver print. Several of the earlier releases were re-issued with the blue label, such as shown at near left.

PHS-811-C - Teresa Brewer - Gold Country [1966] Ain't Had No Living/Once A Day/Another//Make The World Go Away/Anymore/Baby [Philips PHS 600 216]

PHS-812-C - Walter Wanderley - Brazilian Blend [1967] Go-Go Theme (Tema Do Vava')/Forget Damani/White Ball//Rd Roses For A Blue Lady/Medley - Charade-Just For Tonight/I'll Do The Samba With You [Philips PHS 600 227]

PHS-813-C - Paul Mauriat & His Orchestra - Blooming Hits [1967] Love Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu)/Somethin' Stupid/This Is My Song//There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World)/Penny Lane/Puppet On A String [Philips PHS 600 248]

Series changes to PL-2700 Series

PL-2700 - Dusty Springfield - The Look of Love [1968] The Look Of Love/Give Me Time/Chained To A Memory//Sunny/What's It Gonna Be/If You Go Away

PL-2701 - Nina Simone - The Best of Nina Simone [1969] I Loves You Porgy/Four Women/Don't Let Me Be Understood//I Put A Spell On You/See-Line Woman/Break Down And Let It All Out [Philips PHS 600 298]

PL-2702 - The Mystic Moods Orchestra - One Stormy Night [1969] (LP rel. 1966) The Dream/Hot Bagel/Minstrel Boy//Fire Island/Sayonara/One Stormy Night [Philips PHS 600 205]

PL-2703 - Paul Mauriat & His Orchestra - Doing My Thing [1969] Hey Jude/Irresistiblement/Elenore//Those Were The Days/Abraham Martin & John/I Say A Little Prayer

PL-2704 - 4 Seasons - Genuine Imitation Life Gazette [1969] Wall Street Village Day/Mrs. Stately's Garden//Idaho/Something's On Her Mind/Wonder What You'll Be

PL-2705 - The 4 Seasons - Edizione D'Oro [1969] Sherry/Big Girls Don't Cry/Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow//I've Got You Under My Skin/Silence Is Golden/Walk Like A Man


The Plantation Little LPs used the usual Plantation LP label.

PEP-1 - Jeannie C. Riley - Harper Valley P.T.A. [1968] Harper Valley P.T.A./Shed Me No Tears/Widow Jones//No Brass Band/The Cotton Patch/The Little Town Square


Prima was Louis Prima's company, and used a black label with silver print.

P-5001 - Louis Prima with Gia Maione and Sam Butera & the Witnesses - Prima Show in the Casbar [1963] Solitude/You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me/Las Vegas Woman//You'll Never Get Away/Imagination/Che-La-Luna

P-5002 - Sam Butera - Thinking Man's Sax [1964] Talk Of The Town/The Nearness Of You/Thinking Man's Sax//Blueberry Hill/You Belong To Me/Georgia On My Mind

P-EP-5006 - D'Artega - Flight of the Fiddles [1964] Wingin' The Strings/After You/Try A Little Tenderness//Flight Of The Fiddles/I Hadn't Anyone Till You/Zing Went The Strings

P-5007 - Gia Maione - This Is Gia [1965] After You/Come Closer To Me/When Your Lover Has Gone//Unforgetable/Tender Is The Night/Moonglow

P-5008 - Warren Kime Octet - Pieces of Eight [1965] Pieces Of Eight/Nova Bossa Nova/Three Little Words//Gone With The Wind/Der Flugelhorns/You Stepped Out Of A Dream

Project 3

The Project 3 label was red and white with black print.

Stereo Issues

PR 5033SD-EP - Yank Lawson & Bob Haggart - Enoch Light Presents The World's Greatest Jazz Band [Volume I] [1971?] Sunny/This Is All I Ask/Mrs. Robinson//Baby Won't You Please Come Home/Panama/Up, Up And Away

PR 5039SD-EP (LLP #246) - Yank Lawson & Bob Haggart - Extra!: The World's Greatest Jazz Band, Volume II [3/74] Love Is Blue/Alfie/Wolverine Blues//Savoy Blues/South Rampart Street Parade

PR 5044SD-EP - Tony Mottola - Guitar Factory [1971] Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday/Something/Lay, Lady, Lay//Bluesette/Bewitched/Tequila

PR 5049SD-EP (LLP #146) - Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - Big Band Hits of the 30's [4/71] I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/Snowfall/Moonlight Serenade//Begin The Beguine/Let's Dance/Woodchoppers Ball

PR 5059SD-EP (LLP #182) - Enoch Light & The Light Brigade -Big Hits of the 20's [3/72] If You Knew Susie/Tea For Two/Chicago//Toot, Toot Tootsie/Charleston/Ain't She Sweet

Quad Issues

PR 5041QS-EP (LLP #QD-264) [QS Quadraphonic] - Tony Mottola - The Tony Touch: The Best of Tony Mottola [9/74] I'll Never Fall In Love Again/Help Yourself/This Guy's In Love With You//Goin' Out Of My Head/Lush And Lovely/Dream A Little Dream Of Me

PR 5056QS-EP (LLP #QD?) [QS Quadraphonic] - Enoch Light - Big Band Hits of the 30's & 40's [1974]

PR 5059QS-EP (LLP #QD-?) [QS Quadraphonic] - Enoch Light & The Light Brigade -Big Hits of the 20's [1974] If You Knew Susie/Tea For Two/Chicago//Toot, Toot Tootsie/Charleston/Ain't She Sweet

PR 5065QS-EP (LLP #QD-263) [QS Quadraphonic] - Sammy Kaye - If You've Got the Time [9/74] (LP rel. 1972) Everything Is Beautiful/We've Only Just Begun/For The Good Times//I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing/You've Got Me Crying Again/Good Times Go Right On

PR 5071QS-EP (LLP #QD240) [QS Quadraphonic]- Dick Jurgens - Here's That Band Again [1/74] You Are Always In My Heart/Red Wing/Cinderella//Somebody Stole My Gal/Young At Heart/Hindustan

PR 5076QS-EP (LLP #QD209) [QS Quadraphonic] - Enoch Light - Big Band Hits of the 40's & 50's [5/73] Satin Doll/You Made Me Love You/On A Slow Boat To China//Heartaches/Sentimental Journey/Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White


The Ranwood label was blue with black print. It had a rainbow colored band around the label's edge.

Distributed by Garwin Sales:

R-003 - Lawrence Welk - Love Is Blue [1968] Love Is Blue/Green Tambourine/Goin' Out Of My Head//We Can Fly/Spooky/Talk To The Animals [Ranwood R-8003]

R-006 - Ray Anthony - Great Country Music Hits [1969] Love Is For The Two Of Us/Almost Persuaded/Truck Stop//Slipping Around/Stand By Your Man/Houston [Ranwood R-8059]

Distributed by Little LPs Unlimited:

R-007 (LLP #188) - Myron Floren - Great Polka Hits [5/72] Friendly Tavern Polka/Circus Polka/Clarinet Polka//Village Inn Polka/Red Wing/Finger Tip Polka [Ranwood R-8047]

R-008 (LLP #212) - Lawrence Welk - Reminiscing [5/73] Bubbles In The Wine/Maria Elena/Josephine//If I Love You/Helena Polka/Carolina In The Morning [Ranwood R-5001]

R-009 (LLP #245) - Ray Anthony - My Sweet Lord [3/74] If I Didn't Care/In The Mood/Oh! What It Seemed To Be//Samba Pa Ti/My Sweet Lord/At Last [Ranwood R-8078]


The RCA-Camden Little LP label was similar in design to the RCA label below, but was green with black print.

CAS-801 - Living Guitars - Folk-Dixie Jamboree [1964] Skip To My Lou/500 Miles/Down By The Riverside//Saturday Night/Abilene/Blowin' In The Wind

CAS-831 - Malcolm Dodds - Try a Little Tenderness [1964] Try A Little Tenderness/Never Leave Me/Tender Is The Night//Call Me Irresponsible/Shangri-La/Misty



The Regina Little LP label was gold with black print.

LRS-2301 - Jack LaForge - You Fascinate Me So [1964]

LRS-2313 - Jack LaForge - Promise Her Anything [1964] Promise Her Anything/Love, Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere/When Your Lover Has Gone//A Time To Love/Everybody Loves My Baby/Let's Fall In Love



This was not the same label as the more famous New Orleans-based Ric Records. This was a mid- 1960s label out of Nashville, "RIC" being an acronym for "Recording Industries Corporation." The label was gold with black print. The LP label is shown at left.

SLP-1001 - Alex Zanetis - Alex Zanetis Writes and Sings the Story of the Oil Fields [1964]

SLP-1003 - Pat O'Brien - Pat O'Brien [1964]

SLP-1007 - The Four Amigos - Live! At the Hungry i [1964]

SLP-1008 - Roosevelt Grier - Soul City [1964]


The Riverside label was black with silver print. Riverside and its sister label Jazzland shared the catalog sequence for Little LPs, which started with SE-2051 and ran to SE-2077. Jazzland releases are indicated below, and can be found under the Jazzland label.

SE-2051-2053 (Jazzland releases)

SE-2054 - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson - Back Door Blues [1962] Bright Lights, Big City/This Time/Hold It!//Back Door Blues/Audrey

SE-2055 - Sonny Terry - Talkin' 'Bout the Blues [1962] (LP rel. 1958) In The Evening/Move To Kansas City/John Henry//Custard Pie/I Woke Up This Mornin' And I Could hardly See/Old Woman Blues [Riverside 12 644]

SE-2056 - Johnny Griffin - White Gardenia [1962] White Gardenia/Detour Ahead//Good Morning, Heartache/No More

SE-2057 - Cannonball Adderley Sextet - The Cannonball Adderley Sextet in New York [1963] (LP rel. 1962) Gemini/Planet Earth [Riverside S9 404]

SE-2058 - The Montgomery Brothers - Groove Yard [1962] (LP rel. 1961) Back To Back (6:39)//Groove Yard/Doujie [Riverside S9 362]

SE-2059 - Father Joseph Dustin - Songs Father Taught Me [1962] (LP rel. 1961) Lover/Humoresque-Glow Worm/Bill Bailey//Shine On Harvest Moon/Stephen Foster Medley [Riverside S9 7509]

SE-2060 - Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Quintet Plus [1963] (LP rel. 1961) Winetone/Who Cares? [Riverside S9 388]

SE-2061 - The Bobby Timmons Trio - The Bobby Timmons Trio Live at the Village Vanguard [1962] So Tired//Popsy

SE-2062 - Milt Jackson & Wes Montgomery - Bags Meets Wes [1962] Stairway To The Stars/Blue Roz//Jingles (6:56) [Riverside S9 407]

SE-2063 - Jim Robinson's New Orleans Band - New Orleans: The Living Legends [1962] (LP rel. 1961) Ice Cream/In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree//Mobile Stomp/Bugle Boy March [Riverside S9 369]

SE-2064 (Jazzland release)

SE-2065 - Ernest Maxin Orchestra - Great Themes from Great Movies [1963] (LP rel. 1962) High Hopes/The Tender Trap/Third Man Theme//Moonglow/On The Beach/Hold My Hand

SE-2066 - Various Artists - The Compositions of Miles Davis [1963] (LP rel. 1962) Tune Up - Wes Montgomery/Four - Sam Jones//Nardis - Cannonball Adderley/Milestones - Mark Murphy [Riverside S9 3503]

SE-2067 - Cannonball Adderley Sextet - Jazz Workshop Revisited [1963] Jive Samba/Mellow Bruno [Riverside S9 444]

SE-2068 (Jazzland release)

SE-2069 - Various Artists - The Compositions of Horace Silver [1963] (LP rel. 1962] [Riverside S9 3509] Sister Sadie - Nat Adderley/Senor Blues - Joe Harroitt//Strollin' - Blue Mitchell/Filthy McNasty - Junior Mance

SE-2070 - Various Artists - The Compositions of Charlie Parker [1963] (LP rel. 1962) Blue Bird - Sam Jones/Donna Lee - Clark Terry Quintet//Au Private - Cannonball Adderley/Scrapple From The Apple - Blue Mitchell [Riverside S9 3506]

SE-2071 - Various Artists - The Compositions of Dizzy Gillespie [1963] (LP rel. 1962) Groovin' High - Cannonball Adderley/A Night In Tunisia - Eddie Jefferson//Anthropology - Barry Harris/Con Alma - Les Spann [Riverside S9 3508]

SE-2072 - Mongo Santamaria & His Afro-Latin Group - Go, Mongo [1963] (LP rel. 1962) Happy Now/Chombolero//Congo Blue (7:26) [Riverside S9 423]

SE-2073 - Ray Barretto - Latino! [1963] Carnival/Summertime//Sugar's Delight/Descarga La Moderna [Riverside S9 3520]

SE-2074 - Charlie Byrd - Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros [1963] (LP rel. 1962) Yvone/Meditacao/O Barquinho//Samba Triste/Ho-Ba-La-La/Voce E Eu [Riverside S9 436]

SE-2075 - Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Caravan [1963] (LP rel. 1962) This Is For Albert (8:15)//Skylark/In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning [Riverside S9 439]

SE-2076 - Wes Montgomery - Full House [1963] (LP rel. 1962) Full House (9:14)//Cariba (9:35) [Riverside R9 434]

SE-2077 - Cannonball Adderley with Bill Evans - Know What I Mean? [1963] (LP rel. 1962) Waltz For Debby/Venice//Who Cares? [Riverside S9 433]


The 1963 Roulette label was pink with black print, with a Roulette logo at the top.

SEPR 1-326 - Count Basie - String Along with Basie [1963] Song Of The Islands/Blues Bittersweet//Stringing The Blues/Blue And Sentimental [Roulette SR-52051, rel. 1960]

SEPR 1-329 - Maynard Ferguson - Maynard '63 [1963] In Retrospect/Knarf//Sin Blues/Let's Try [Roulette SR 52090]

SEPR 1-332 - Johnny Smith - Johnny Smith Plays the Songbook of Jimmy Van Heusen [1963] I Could Have Told You/Oh You Crazy Moon/Imagination//I Thought About You/Polka Dots And Moonbeams/Nancy [Roost 2250]

SEPR 1-333 - Maynard Ferguson & Chris Connor - Two's Company [1963] (LP rel. 1961) Send For Me/When The Sun Comes Out/Can't Get Out Of This Mood//I Feel A Song Coming On/Guess Who I Saw Today/New York's My Home [SR-52068]

SEPR 1-334 - Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington - The Great Reunion of Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington [1963] It Don't Mean A Thing/Solitude//Don't Get Around Much Anymore/I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good, Part I/I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good, Part II [Roulette SR 52103]

The 1964 Roulette label was reddish orange with black print, with no logo or any graphics.

SBG-269 - Dinah Washington - Dinah Washington [1964] What's New/Somebody Else Is Taking My Place/I'll Never Stop Loving You//He's My Guy/To Forget About You/Tht Old Feeling[Roulette SR- 25269]

SBG-272 - Willie Bobo - Let's Go Bobo [1964] Let's Go Bobo/Wild Rice/Twist The Monkey's Tail//The Hip Monkey/Get Crackin'/Be's The Other Way [Roulette SR 25272]

Round Records

The label for the EP-33 below was a custom label featuring a full-length photo of Grateful Dead member Jerry Garcia.

RR-102 - Jerry Garcia - Sampler for Deadheads [1974] Music and interviews with Garcia, Robert Hunter, and other band members.



Smash used the usual red label with black print.

SRS-701-C - Billy Mitchell - This Is Billy Mitchell [1963] J&B/Tamra//Just Waiting/Slam [SRS 67027]

SRS-702-C - Roger Miller - Dang Me [1964] Chug-A-Lug/The Moon Is High (And So Am I)/Dang Me/If You Want Me To/I Ain't Comin' Home Tonight/

SRS-703-C - James Brown - Grits and Soul [1965] Devil's Hideaway/Wee Wee/Mr. Hip/Grits/Tempted/There [Smash SRS 67057]

SRS-704-C - Pete Drake - Pete Drake & His Talking Steel Guitar & Singing Strings [1965] Only You (And You Alone)/Let It Be Me/Welcome To My World/Dear You/Lonely Street/Blue Velvet [Smash SRS 67064]

SRS-705-C - Roger Miller - The Return of Roger Miller [1965] Love Is Not For Me/You Can't Roller Skate (In A Buffalo Herd)/(And You Had A) Do-Wacka-Do//There I Go Dreamin'/Ain't That Fine/King Of The Road [Smash SRS 67061]

SRS-706-C - Roger Miller - Golden Hits [1965] King Of The Road/Dang Me/Chug-A-Lug//Engine, Engine #9/Do-Wacka-Do/You Can't Roller Skate (In A Buffalo Herd) [Smash SRS 67073]

SRS-707-C - James Brown - James Brown Plays New Breed [1966] New Breed/Lost In The Mood Of Changes/Hooks//Jabo/Fat Bag (Part 1)/Fat Bag (Part 2) [Smash SRS 67080]


Soma used their regular yellow LP label for the Little LPs.

Amos Heilicher's Minneapolis label was known for rock music, but put out a slew of middle-of-the- road Little LPs in late 1965. Heilicher bought up the catalogs of several labels, including Chicago's Heartbeat label from Seymour Schwartz, and the Somerset catalog formerly owned by Pennsylvanian David Miller. Somerset was the original label for the 101 Strings catalog. For the 101 Strings and other Somerset artists, Heiliger used a Soma/Somerset label.

SO 7-100 - Seymour & His Heartbeat Trumpet - Golden Trumpet Hits, Vol. 1 [1965]

SO 7-101 - Seymour & His Heartbeat Trumpet - Golden Trumpet Hits, Vol. 2 [1965]

SO 7-102 - Seymour & His Heartbeat Trumpet - Golden Trumpet Hits, Vol. 3 [1965] Some Of These Days/Melancholy Baby/Alexander's Ragtime Band//Marie Elena/Japanese Sandman/My Buddy

SO7-103 - Seymour & His Heartbeat Trumpet - "Maria Elena" and Other Golden Trumpet Hits [1965] I Want A Girl (Just Like The One Who Married Dear Old Dad)/My Wonderful One/Somebody Loves Me//Danny Boy/After You've Gone/Always [Soma SMG-1244]

SO 7-104 - 101 Strings - Million Sellers 60's [1965]

SO 7-105 - 101 Strings - Million Sellers 50's [1965]

SO 7-106 - 101 Strings - Million Sellers 40's [1965]

SO 7-107 - 101 Strings - Million Sellers 30's [1965]

SO 7-108 - Monty Kelly & Buddy Cole - Pops Concert [1965]

SO 7-109 - Hollywood Theater Orchestra - Music Man/South Pacific [1965]

SO 7-110 - 101 Strings - Exodus & Other Themes [1965]

SO 7-111 - 101 Strings - My Fair Lady [1965]

SO 7-112 - Buddy Cole - Dance Band Hits [1965]

SO 7-113 - George Montalba - American Theater [1965] Oklahoma/1880-1900 Medley/This Is The Army//(side 2 titles unavailable)

SO 7-114 - 101 Strings - I Love Paris [1965]

SO 7-115 - 101 Strings - Broadway Cocktail Party [1965]

SO 7-116 - Big Band Sound - Golden Age of Dance Bands [1965]

SO 7-117 - 101 Strings - The Soul of Mexico [1965]

SO 7-118 - 101 Strings - Fly Me to the Moon [1965] Fly Me To The Moon/That's My Desire/Long Ago, And Far Away//Alone Together/So Late/Body And Soul

SO 7-119 - 101 Strings - World's Greatest Standards [1965]

SO 7-120 - 101 Strings - American Waltzes [1965]

SO 7-121 - 101 Strings - The Fire and Romance of South America [1965]

SO 7-122 - 101 Strings - Hawaiian Paradise [1965]

SO 7-123 - 101 Strings - Italian Hits [1965]

TG-1000 - Tommy Wills Combo - Man with a Horn [1965]


The Soul Little LPs used the regular purple Soul label.

S 60701 - Jr Walker & The All Stars - Shotgun [1965] Shotgun/(I'm A) Road Runner/Shake And Fingerpop//Cleo's Mood/Do The Boomerang/Cleo's Back

S 60702 - Jr. Walker & The All Stars - Soul Session [1966]

S 60703 - Jr. Walker & The All Stars - Road Runner [1966] (I'm A) Road Runner/How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)/Last Call//Pucker Up Buttercup/Baby You Know You Ain't Right/Twist Lackawanna

S 60704 - Jimmy Ruffin - Jimmy Ruffin Sings Top Ten [1967]


Spark was another of the London distributed labels, so the label was dark blue with silver print.

SBG-16 - Murphy Campo & The Jazz Saints - Bourbon St. - That's My Beat [1963] Hindustan/Farewell Blues/Sweet Georgia Brown//Struttin' With Some Barbecue/The Preacher/New Orleans Parade [Spark KS 94001]


Starday used their usual yellow label with black print for their Little LPs.

SJB-333 - Johnny Bond - Ten Little Bottles [1965] Ten Little Bottles/Sick, Sober And Sorry/Three Sheets In The Wind//Barrel House Bessie/Beer Cicles/Sadie Was A Lady

SJB-335 - George Jones - George Jones [1965] The Color Of The Blues/Gonna Come Get You/Long Time To Forget//Uh Uh No/Don't Do This To Me/That's The Way I Feel

SJB-357 - Various Artists - That's Truckdrivin' [1965] Giddyup Go Answer - Minnie Pearl/Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun - Red Sovine/Johnny Overload - Johnny Bond//Girl On The Billboard - Red Sovine/Highway Man - Johnny Bond/That's Truck-Drivin' - Slim Jacobs

SJB-363 - Red Sovine - Giddy-Up Go [1966] Step Aside/I'm The Man/Giddy-Up Go//More From Habit Than Desire/The Last Foxhole/I Think I Can Sleep Tonight


The Stax Little LP label was their normal yellow stereo LP label with black print.

SD 70706 - Carla Thomas - Comfort Me [1966] Comfort Me/Yes, I'm Ready/I'm For You//A Woman's Love/Let It Be Me/Forever

SD 70709 - Carla Thomas - Carla [1966] B-A-B-Y/For Your Love/Baby What You Want Me To Do//Let Me Be Good To You/What Have You Got To Offer Me/I Got You Boy

SD 70716 - Otis Redding & Carla Thomas - King & Queen [1967] Tramp/Let Me Be Good To You/Lovey Dovey//New Year's Resolution/Bring It On Home To Me/Ooh Carla, Ooh Otis


The Sue label was orange with black print.

S-LLP 1020 - Jimmy McGriff - Jimmy McGriff at the Organ [1964] Kiko/All Day Long/When You're Smiling The Whole World Smiles With You//Hello Betty/Close Your Eyes/Shiney Stockings

Sun International

This was, of course, Shelby Singleton's resurrection of the original Sun Records. It had a yellow and brown label with black print.

SUN-EP-108 (LLP #155) - Jerry Lee Lewis - The Golden Cream of the Country [5/71] One Minute Past Eternity/Cold Cold Heart/Ramblin' Rose/(3 others)

SUN-EP-114 (LLP #117) - Jerry Lee Lewis - A Taste of Country [8/70] You Win Again/I Can't Seem To Say Goodbye/Am I To Be The One//As Long As I Live/I Love You So Much It Hurts/Night Train To Memphis

SUN-EP-118 (LLP #116) - Johnny Cash - The Legend [8/70] Guess Things Happen That Way/Hey Porter/Ballad Of A Teen-Age Queen//Get Rhythm/Come In Stranger/Folsom Prison Blues


Sussex used their current multi-color label.

SXBX 7014EP - Bill Withers - Still Bill [1972] I Don't Know/Another Day To Run//Lonely Town, Lonely Street/I Don't Want You On My Mind


The Swan label was black with silver print.

SEP-515 - Walter Gates & His Orchestra - My Man [1964] I Ain't Got Nobody/A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody/Am I Blue//Second Hand Rose/I Can't Get Started/My Man

Terry-Gregory - See entry for Gregory Records, above.


The Tamla Little LPs used the regular yellow Tamla label.

TM 60252 - Marvin Gaye - Greatest Hits [1965] Can I Get A Witness/You're A Wonderful One/Pride And Joy/Stubborn Kind Of Fellow/I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby/Hitch Hike

TM 60253 - The Marvelettes - Greatest Hits [1965] Don't Mess With Bill/Locking Up My Heart/Forever/

TM 60254 - Miracles - Greatest Hits from the Beginning [1965] Mickey's Monkey/You've Really Got A Hold On Me/I Like It Like That/Shop Around/I've Been Good To You/What's So Good About Good Bye

TM 60267 - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Going to A Go-Go [1965] Tracks Of My Tears/Going To A Go Go/Ooo Baby Baby//My Girl Has Gone/Choosey Beggar/In Case You Need Love

TM 60274 - The Marvelettes - The Marvelettes [1967] The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game/When You're Young And In Love/I Know Better/He Was Really Sayin' Somethin'/The Day You Take One (You Have To Take The Other)/Keep Off No Trespassing

TM 60266 - Marvin Gaye - Moods of Marvin Gaye [1966] I'll Be Doggone/Little Darling/Take This Heart Of Mine//Hey Diddle Diddle/One More Heartache/Ain't That Peculiar

TM 60272 - Stevie Wonder - Down to Earth [1967]

Telefunken (Germany)

Although pressed in Germany, these Little LPs were available here through the Seeburg catalog. The Telefunken label was red with gold print.

TLE 14252 - Various Artists - Mal Richtig Tanzen (Let's Dance) No. 2 [1963] Glory Of Love/Habanera/Exactly Like You//Eso Es El Amor/Marie/Rio Nights

TLE 14253 - Various Artists - Mal Richtig Tanzen (Let's Dance) No. 3 [1963] Lady Be Good/Whistling Cha Cha/Sympathie//La Violetera/Sam's Song/Cachita


The Thunderbird label was orange with black print. The first two releases did not have the bird in white, while later releases did.

TH7-9001 - Brad Swanson - The Whispering Organ Sounds of Brad Swanson [1969] Theme From A Summer Place/Hello Dolly/Red Roses For A Blue Lady//Somewhere My Love/More/Sunrise, Sunset

TH7-9002 - Brad Swanson - Peg O' My Heart [1969] Give Me A Little Kiss, Will Ya, Huh?/I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover/Love//Dream A Little Dream Of Me/Maria Elena/Let Me Call You Sweetheart

TH7-9003 - Brad Swanson - Those Were the Days [1970] Those Were The Days/Five Foot Two/Cecelia//Carolina In The Morning/In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town/Lies

TH7-9004 - Brad Swanson - Favorite Hits [1970] You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/3 O'Clock In The Morning//What Ever Will Be Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)/Two Hearts In 3/4 Time/Sometimes


Time's label was red with black print.

S/2014 - Hugo Montenegro - Bongos & Brass [1962] (LP rel. 1960) Hall Of The Mountain King/Lonesome Road/One O'Clock Jump//Limehouse Blues/Cottontail/Lover

S/2051 - Hugo Montenegro - Montenegro in Italy [1962] Medley: Ah, Marie-Tarantella/Medley: Chella Lla La Pansa-Torno A Sorrento//La Danza/Medley: Non Dimenticar-Funiculi, Funicula

S/2061 - Gordon Jenkins - France - Process 70 [1962] Under Paris Skies/Fascination/Je Ne Connais Pas Las Fin//Danse Avec Moi/The River Seine/Paris Canaille

S/2062 - Hugo Montenegro - Hugo Montenegro - Process 70 [1962] Palm Canyon Drive/Flight Of The Bumblebee/Dark Eyes//Cry Me A River/Rags To Riches/I Concentrate On You

S/2064 - Billy May - Billy May - Process 70 [1962] Pennies From Heaven/I Believe In You/Bashful Billie//Once Again/Oglan Oglan/Theme From "Advise And Consent"

S/2065 - Various Artists - New Themes from Motion Pictures - Process 70 [1962] Theme From "Advise And Consent" - Billy May/Theme From "Lolita" - Gordon Jenkins/Theme From "Road To Hong Kong" - Billy May//76 Trombones - Hugo Montenegro/It Might As Well Be Spring - Hugo Montenegro/Let Me Entertain You - Maury Lewis


T-Neck used their then-current orange label.

TNS 3009EP - The Isley Brothers - Brother, Brother, Brother [1972] Brother, Brother/Put A Little Love In Your Heart/Sweet Seasons//Love Put Me On The Corner/Keep On Walkin'

Z8Q 32453 [SQ Quadraphonic] - The Isley Brothers - 3+3 [1974]

United Artists

United Artists considered most of their Little LPs to be promotional discs, therefore used the white promotional label with black print. Not all the labels said promotion on them, and occasionally, the Little LP would be released with the normal black label, such as shown near left.

Main Pop Series

UALP 9-6385 - Ferrante & Teicher - The People's Choice [1965] Everybody Loves Somebody/Love Me With All Your Heart/Charade//Girl From Ipanema/And I Love Her/Call Me Irresponsible

UALP 9-6405 - Al Caiola - Have Guitar - Will Travel [1965] Midnight In Moscow/Japanese Sandman/Sheik Of Araby//Lady Of Spain/Arrivederci Roma/Brazil

UALP 9-6429 - Jimmy Roselli - Life & Love Italian Style [1965] Anema E Core/'A Tazza 'E Cafe/Just Say I Love Her//There's No Tomorrow (O Sole Mio)/Guaglione/Maria, Mari (Oh Marie)

UALP 9-6451 - Jimmy Roselli - Saloon Songs [1965] Carolina In The Morning/The Gang That Sang "Heart Of My Heart"/Down By The Old Mill Stream//I'm Sorry I Made You Cry/Margie/I Want A Girl (Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad)

UALP 9-6467 - Jimmy Roselli - New York: My Port of Call [1966]

UALP 9-6470 - Lena Horne - Lena in Hollywood [1966] It Had Better Be Tonight/Never On Sunday/Wives & Lovers//A Fine Romance/Singin' In The Rain/It's A Mad, Mad. Mad, Mad World

UALP 9-6480 - Count Basie & His Orchestra - Basie Meets Bond [1966] From Russia With Love/Thunderball//The Golden Horn/Goldfinger

UALP 9-6526 - Ferrante & Teicher - You Asked for It [1966] The More I See You/Three Over Four/Work Song//You Don't Have To Say You Love Me/Lara's Theme From "Dr. Zhivago"

UALP 9-6530 - Del Reeves - Gettin' Any Feed for Your Chickens [1966] Take Good Care Of Her/Laughter Keeps Running Down My Cheeks/Swinging Doors//

UALP 9-6544 - Jimmy Roselli - The Italian Album [1966] Lusingame/Rusella 'E Maggio!//Aggio Perduto 'O Suonno/Scapricciatiello

UALP 9-6585 - Jimmy Roselli - Saloon Songs, Vol. 2 [1967]

UALP 9-6596 - Louis Prima - Louis Prima on Broadway [1967] Mame/Illya Darling/Cabaret//Hello Dolly/On A Clear Day/My Cup Runneth Over

UALP 9-6624 - Ferrante & Teicher - In the Heat of the Night [1967] In The Heat Of The Night/The World We Knew/You Only Live Twice//Cabaret/All You Need Is Love/Alfie

UALP 9-6635 - Del Reeves - The Best of Del Reeves [1968] Girl On The Billboard/Belles Of Southern Bell/Women Do Funny Things To Me//A Dime At A Time/Gettin' Any Feed For Your Chickens/Down In The Boondocks

UALP 9-6642 - Bobby Goldsboro - Honey [1968] Honey/Rub To Me/Why Don't You Believe Me//Little Green Apples/Pledge Of Love/Beautiful People

UALP 9-6659 - Ferrante & Teicher - A Bouquet of Hits [1968] By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Sunny/Love Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu)//The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly/Honey/Goin' Out Of My Head

UALP 9-6665 - Jimmy Roselli - 3 A.M. [1968]

UALP 9-6668 - Bobbi Martin - Harper Valley P.T.A. [1968] Harper Valley P.T.A./I Love Him/Little Green Apples//She'll Have To Go/He Called Me Baby/I Think Of You


UALP 9-5147 - Francis Lai - A Man and a Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme) (Soundtrack) [1966] A Man And A Woman (Orchestra)/Today It's You (Vocal)/Stronger Than Us (Orchestra)//A Man And A Woman (Vocal)/Today It's You (Orchestra)/124 Miles An Hour (Orchestra)

UALP 9-5172 - Ennio Morricone - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Soundtrack [1967] The Good, The Bad & The Ugly/The Story Of A Soldier/The Carriage Of The Spirits//The Sundown/Marcia Without Hope/The Ecstasy Of Gold

The Little LPs released after 1969 had the tan United Artists label. Most if not all these later Little LPs had promotional designations. UA also put out a series of promo LLPs (Mini-LPs), some of which are listed below.

UAS-2303 - Ike & Tina Turner - What You Hear Is What You Get: Live at Carnegie Hall [1971] I've Been Loving You Too Long (8:35)//A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knockin' Everyday)/Respect

SP-69 (Mini-LP #3) - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - All the Good Times [1971] (2-LLP set) Disc 1: Baltimore/Sixteen Tracks//Slim Carter/Fish Song/Jamaica, Say You Will; Disc 2: All The Good Times/When Will I Be Loved/Mobile Link//Interview: Uncle Charley vs. All The Good Times- Acoustic Instruments-Traditional Music-Colorado Consciousness-Live Recording (12:20)

SP-72 (Mini-LP #5) - Bobby Womack - Understanding [1972] Woman's Gotta Have It/Thing Called Love//Simple Man (5:50)

United Artists Special Projects

Similar to other labels' "Special Products" divisions, UA also produced records for hire. The Little LP below was sponsored by Maxwell House coffee.

GSEP-2 - 12,000 Girl Scouts - Sing America's National Favorites [1965] The Star Spangled Banner/America The Beautiful/God Bless America/America Our Heritage//Round-Up Is Here/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Peace I Ask Of Thee, O River/Kum-Ba-Yah


The Vanguard Little LP label was black with silver print, with a design similar to their LP label.

VLP 2123 - Joan Baez - Joan Baez in Concert, Vol. 2 [1964] Don't Think Twice/Long Black Veil/Queen Of Hearts//Once I Had A Sweetheart/Portland Town/Jackaroe


The Vee-Jay label for the Little LPs was black with a rainbow-color band around the edge. The print was silver.

Pop/R&B Series

VJS 1031 - Bill Henderson - Bill Henderson [1963] (LP rel. 1961) My How the Time Goes By/Never Kiss And Run//Am I Blue/Sleepin' Bee

VJS-1050 - Jimmy Reed - Just Jimmy Reed [1963] Too Much/I'll Change That Too/Good Lover//Oh, John/Kansas City Baby

Jazz Series

VJS-3031 - Eddie Harris - Eddie Harris Goes to the Movies [1963] Tonight/I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry/Secret Love//Moonglow/Be My Love/Gone With The Wind


V6-8493 - Kai Winding - Suspense Themes in Jazz [1962] Night Side/Stella By Starlight/Hatari//Baby Elephant Walk/Blues Theme From "Reprieve"/Laura

SLV-4061 - Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie - Ella & Basie [1963] I'm Beginning To See The Light/Satin Doll/Deed I Do//Ain't Misbehavin/My Last Affair/Honeysuckle Rose

SLV-4070 - Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington - Ella at Duke's Place [1965] Imagine My Frustration/Cotton Tail//Duke's Place/Something To Live For

SLV-8429 - The Oscar Peterson Trio with Milt Jackson - Very Tall [1962] John Brown's Body//Work Song

SLV-8430 - Sonny Rollins Trio - Sonny Rollins Brass [1963] Who Cares?/Love Is A Simple Thing/Grand Street

SLV-8444 - Ray Brown - Ray Brown [1963] Work Song/Day In–Day Out//It Happened In Monterey/Thumbstring

SLV-8545A - Stan Getz & João Gilberto, Part 1 - Getz/Gilberto [1963] (Also rel. as BBU-8545) The Girl From Ipanema/To Hurt My Heart//Desafinado/Doralice

SLV-8545B - Stan Getz & João Gilberto, Part 2 - Getz/Gilberto [1963] (Also rel. as BBU-8545) Cocovado/O Grande Amour//So Danco Samba/Vivo Sohando

SLV-8551 - Kai Winding - More [1963] Hero/China Nights/More//Sukiyaki/Tube Wail/Pipeline

SLV-8600 - The New Stan Getz Quartet featuring Astrud Gilberto - Getz Au Go Go [1964] Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars)/Voce E Eu (Vocal)/The Telephone Song (Vocal)//Only Trust Your Heart (Vocal)/A Singing Song

SLV-8616 - Count Basie - Basie Picks the Winners [1964] My Kind Of Town/I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)/I Won't Cry Anymore//Watermelon Man/I'm Walking

SLV-8653 - Wes Montgomery - Tequila [1966] Tequila/The Big Hurt//How Insensitive/The Thumb


LP label shown at left.

60402 - The Abbey Tavern Singers - We're Off to Dublin in the Green [1966] We're Off To Dublin In The Green/Mick McGuire/Twenty Men From Dublin Town//The Captain Of The Gallant Forty Twa'/Whack Fol De Diddle Dee/The Orange And The Green


The Volt label was yellow with black print.

SD 70412 - Otis Redding - Otis Blue [1965] Respect/Down In The Valley/I've Been Loving You Too Long//My Girl/Satisfaction

SD 70413 - Otis Redding - The Soul Album [1966] One More Day/It's Growing/Treat Her Right//Any Ole Way/634-5789/Scratch My Back

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. considered Little LPs to be promotional discs, and so they initially used their promo label for them, with the word "Promotion" on the bottom of the label. It was white with a broad red stripe across the middle; it had black print.

S 1403 - Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell - The Excitement of Jimmy Dorsey [1962]

S 1459 - Robert Preston & Shirley Jones - The Music Man (OST) [1962]

S 1473 - Peter, Paul & Mary - (Moving) [1963] Settle Down (Goin' Down The Highway)/Gone The Rainbow/Pretty Mary//This Land Is Your Land/Man Come Into Egypt/Morning Train

S 1478 - Allan Sherman - My Son the Celebrity [1963] Won't You Come Home Disreili?/Medley: Barry Is The Baby's Name-Horowitz-Get On The Garden Freeway/Let's All Call Up A.T.&T. And Protest To The President March//Mexican Hat Dance/When I Was A Lad/Me

S 1480 - Original Soundtrack - Gypsy [1963] Overture/Small World/You'll Never Get Away From Me//Everything's Coming Up Roses/If Mama Was Married/Together Wherever We Go

S 1489 - Emilio Pericoli - Emilio Pericoli Sings the Golden Hits of Italy [1963] Come Back To Sorrento/Mattinata/Anema E Core//Non Dimenticar/Oh Marie/Arrivederci Roma

S 1501 - Allan Sherman - My Son the Nut [1963] Headaches (Heartaches)/You're Getting To Be A Rabbit With Me (You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me)/Eight Foot Two, Solid Blue (Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue)//I See Bones (C'Est Si Bon)/You Went The Wrong Way, Old King Louie (You Came A Long Way From St. Louis)/Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh (A Letter From Camp)

S 1504 - Joanie Sommers - Sommers' Seasons [1963] Autumn Serenade/Winter In New England/Autumn In Rome//Spring! Spring! Spring!/The Long Hot Summer/Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year

S 1505 - Tex Beneke, Ray Eberle & The Modernaires with Paula Kelly - Something Old - Something New - Something Borrowed - Something Blue: Music in the Style Made Famous by Glenn Miller [1963]

S 1506 - Jimmy Durante - September Song [1963]

S 1507 - Peter, Paul & Mary - In the Wind [1963] Tell It On the Mountain/Blowin' In the Wind/Very Last Day//Freight Train/All My Trials/Quit Your Low Down Ways

S 1508 - The Kirby Stone Four - Wow! [1963]

S 1515 - Jackie Davis - Jackie Davis Plus Voices [1963]

At about this point, label changes to the then-current promo label, black print on white, with black spokes around the edge.

S 1582 - Marilyn Michaels - The Fantastic, Exciting Debut of Marilyn Michaels [1965] Something I Dreamed Last Night/What Now My Love/Hooray For Love

S 1602 - Vic Damone - You Were Only Fooling [1965] You Were Only Fooling/I'll Never Find Another You/A Stranger In The World//Why Don't You Believe Me/Please Help Me, I'm Falling/Dream On Little Dreamer

S 1615 - Peter, Paul & Mary - See What Tomorrow Brings [1965] If I Were Free/Betty And Dupree/Tryin' To Win//Hangman/On A Desert Island (With You In My Dreams)/Early Mornin' Rain

At about this point, the label changes to the regular olive Warner Brothers label with a W7 logo.

S 1719 - Petula Clark - The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener [1968] The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener/Smile/Answer My Love//I Could Have Danced All Night/At The Crossroads/The Cat In The Window (The Bird In The Sky)

S 1729 - Mason Williams - The Mason Williams Phonograph Record [1968] (Green label with Warner-7 Arts logo.) Overture/All The Time/Baroque-A-Nova//She's Gone Away/The Prince's Panties/Long Time Blues

S 1739 - Harper's Bizarre - The Secret Life of Harper's Bizarre [1968] (Green label with Warner-7 Arts logo.) Battle Of New Orleans/Las Mananitas/Sentimental Journey//I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise/Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat/Green Apple Tree

S 1743 - Petula Clark - Petula [1968] Have Another Dream On Me/Your Love Is Everywhere/One In A Million//The Sun Shines Out Of Your Shoes/Days/Why Can't I Cry?

S 1751 - Peter, Paul & Mary - Late Again [1968] Moments Of The Soft Persuasion/Too Much Of Nothing/Reason To Believe//She Dreams/Hymn/I Shall Be Released

S 1767 - The Association - Greatest Hits [1968] The Time It Is Today/Everything That Touches You/Along Comes Mary//Enter The Young/No Fair At All/Windy

At this point, the label changes to the regular olive Warner Brothers label with a WB logo

Distributed by Little LPs Unlimited:

2S 1858 (LLP #120) - The Everly Brothers - The Everly Brothers Show [11/70] ( Til) I Kissed You/Wake Up Little Susie/ Cathy's Clown//Mama Tried/Bowling Green/Walk Right Back

S 2561 (LLP #150) - James Taylor - Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon [5/71] Places In My Past/Love Has Brought Me Around/Hey Mister, That's Me Up On The Jukebox//Mud Slide Slim/Isn't It Nice To Be Home Again/Riding On A Railroad

At about this point, the label changes to the full color Warner Bros label with the Burbank walkway scene.

S 1893 (LLP #226) - The Grateful Dead - American Beauty [9/73] Sugar Magnolia/Operator/Till The Morning Comes//Truckin'/Friend Of The Devil

WB S 2683 (LLP #210) - Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell - Dueling Banjos (Deliverance Original Soundtrack) [5/73] Eight More Miles To Louisville/Dueling Banjos/Little Maggie//Pony Express/Buffalo Gals/Eighth Of January

S 2685 (LLP #208) - Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies [5/73] No More Mr. Nice Guy/Mary Ann/Raped And Freezin'//Hello Hooray/Billion Dollar Babies

S 2694 (LLP #221) - The Doobie Brothers - The Captain and Me [9/73] China Grove/Busted Down Around O'Connelly Corners/Long Train Runnin'//Without You/Natural Thing

S 2695 (LLP #241) - Black Sabbath - Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath [3/74] Looking For Today/Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath//Sabbra Cadabra

S 2699 (LLP #223) - Seals & Crofts - Diamond Girl [9/73] Standin' On A Mountain Top/Jessica/Dust On My Saddle//We May Never Pass This Way (Again)/Diamond Girl

S 2701 (LLP #214) - Deep Purple - Made in Japan [7/73] Smoke On The Water//Highway Star

S 2724 (LLP #230) - Uriah Heep - Sweet Freedom [11/73] Dreamer/One Day//If I Had The Time/Circus

S 2748 (LLP #235) - Alice Cooper - Muscle of Love [1974] Working Up A Sweat/Never Been Sold Before//Muscle Of Love/Teenage Lament '74

S 2750 (LLP #247) - The Doobie Brothers - What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits [5/74] Eyes Of Silver/Pursuit On 53rd St/Spirit//Road Angel/Tell Me What You Want (And I'll Give You What You Need)

S 2761 (LLP #248) - Seals & Crofts - Unborn Child [5/74] Rachel/King Of Nothing/Desert People//The Story Of Her Love/Dance By The Light Of The Moon

S 2766 (LLP #250) - Deep Purple - Burn [5/74] Burn//Lay Down, Stay Down/You Fool No One

Promotional EP Examples (mono):

PRO-237 [plays at 45 rpm] - Allan Sherman - Allan Sherman Live!! (Hoping You Are the Same) [1966] Second Hand Nose/Dodgin' The Draft//When I'm In The Mood For Love/A Waste Of Money

PRO-265 [plays at 45 rpm] - Peter, Paul & Mary - Album 1700 [1967] (Sent with paper picture sleeve) Rolling Home/Leaving On A Jet Plane//The House Song/The Song Is Love


Album label shown at left.

702 - Sonny Terry - Talkin' 'Bout the Blues [1962] (Reissue of Riverside SE-2055) In The Evening/Kansas City/John Henry//Custard Pie/I Woke Up This Mornin'/Old Woman Blues

World Pacific

The World Pacific label was black with silver print, with the logo at the left in a blue field. This label was also used for several Pacific Jazz Little LPs.

ST-4-1812 - The Folkswingers - 12 String Guitar! [1966] (LP rel. 1963) Walk Right In/If I Had A Hammer/Blowin' In The Wind//Cottonfields/Midnight Special/Dark As A Dungeon

WPS-4-1837 - Billy Larkin & The Delegates - Hole In The Wall [1966] (LP rel. 1965) Hole In The Wall/The "In" Crowd/In The Midnight Hour//A Taste Of Honey/Agent Double-O-Soul/And I Love Her

WPS-4-1839 - The Mariachi Brass - A Taste of Tequila [1966] Flowers On The Wall/Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa/Come A Little Bit Closer//Tequila/Mexico/La Bamba

WPS-4-1840 - Bud Shank - Michelle [1966] Michelle/Love Theme, Umbrellas Of Cherbourg (I Will Wait For You)/Sounds Of Silence//You Didn't Have To Be So Nice/Girl/Turn! Turn! Turn!

Thanks to Roger Bieri, Ed Bishop, Sandra Bond, Michael McKenna, Steve Ordinetz and Steffen Plöhn.

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