Design Album Discography, Part 4: The Stereo Spectrum Label
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: December 20, 2003

The Stereo Spectrum label was actually the pre-1965 Design label's stereo series. It started in 1959, and early issue numbers on the Stereo Spectrum SS- series had no numerical correspondence with the mono Design counterpart albums. The covers for the Design mono and Stereo Spectrum stereo versions were the same. The confusion of having two different numbering systems was finally cleared up when Pickwick (owner of Design and Stereo Spectrum) chose to drop the SS- series and began numbering the Stereo Spectrum counterparts in a corresponding SDLP- series to match the Design DLP- series.

The Stereo Spectrum label was gold with black print, boasting "In AuthentiPhonic Stereo Process." This was probably a good way to say the records were rechanneled instead of in real stereo, as most of the contents were. From the low DLP- 100 numbers to the low DLP-200 numbers, the Stereo counterparts had a "Stereo Spectrum" banner across the top, but Stereo Spectrum labels could be found in Design label jackets for any stereo album released before the red label came into use in late 1965.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

SS "Stereo Spectrum" Series:

DS-1 - Holiday in New York - Dr. Harlow White, Your Stereo Host [1959] Demonstration disc with black cover with gold glitter.

SS-12 - South Pacific - Cyril Holloway & Royal Farnsworth Orchestra [1959] Till There Was You/76 Trombones/Music Man/Goodnight My Someone/Lida Rose/(7 others)




SS-16 - Invitation to the Dance - Al Donahue & His Society Orchestra [1959] Issued in mono as DLP-51. String Of Pearls/When The Saints Go Marching In/Autumn Leaves/Baila Cha Cha Cha/(others)


SS-18 - Stan Getz: Design Spotlight Series - Stan Getz [1959]


SS-20 - Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture - D'Artega & New York Festival Symphony Orchestra

SS-21 - Midnight Moods - Norman Roye [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-70 and in compatible stereo as Design DCF-1027.

SS-22 - Flamenco - Various Artists [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-88.




SS-26 - Connee Boswell Sings the Irving Berlin Song Folio - Connee Boswell Issued in mono as Design DLP-68 and in compatible stereo as Design DCF-1023.





SS-31 - Marches of John Philip Sousa and Others - 99 Men in Brass [1959]


SS-33 - George Gershwin: An American in Paris/Porgy and Bess - Suzanne Auber (Piano) with Robert Russell Bennett & His Orchestra


SS-35 - Music of the Sensational Sixties - Don Elliott & His Orchestra [1958] Issued in mono as Design DLP-69 and in compatible stereo as Design DCF-1028. Out Of This World/Stardreams/I'm Glad There Is You/Stella By Starlight/Blues For Max//Voca Jazz/Moon Love/Echoes Of Webster Hall/What's The Use Of Wond'rin/Opus Hokus Pokus


SS-37 - The Music of Leroy Anderson - Warren Edward Vincent & Royal Farnsworth Symphony Pops Orchestra [1959] Also issued in stereo as Design DCF-1012. Syncopated Clock/Belle Of The Ball/Blue Tango/Fiddle-Faddle/The Penny-Whistle Song/Serenata//Sleigh Ride/Forgotten Dreams/The First Day Of Spring/Song Of The Bells/Sandpaper Ballet/Saraband

SS-38 - Holiday in Havana - Noro Morales Orchestra [1959]



SS-41 - Rogers & Hammerstein's "Flower Drum Song" - Bill Hyer & Complete Cast [1959] Reissue of Bell BLP/SBLP-13, where the cast was credited as Cely Carillo, Edna McGriff, Jean Arnold, Wayne Sherwood, Artie Malvin, and June Ericson, with orchestra conducted by Al Goodman. Here the cast is credited as Bill Hyer, Patricia Wong, Marchicko Lee, Rose Katagiri, Jonathon Hallee, Berea Lum, Gene Sands Chorus, Sound Stage Orchestra, conducted by Dean Franconi. Also issued in stereo as Design DCF-1011, and in mono as Design DLP-98, and later issued as Hi-Life HLP/SHLP-13 with no cast credits and orchestra conducted by Jimmy Carroll. Overture/Love Look Away/A Hundred Million Miracles/I Enjoy Being A Girl/I Am Going To Like It Here/Like A God/You Are Beautiful/Chop Suey/Don't Marry Me/Grant Avenue/The Other Generation/Sunday/Finale



SS-44 - Connee Boswell Sings the Rodgers and Hart Song Folio - Connee Boswell

SS-45 - Songs of Faith - Alan Dean [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-102. Nearer My God To Thee/Abide With Me/Onward Christian Soldiers/Ave Maria (Schubert)/Adeste Fideles/Rock Of Ages//The Lord's Prayer/Goodnight, Sweet Jesus/Holy, Holy, Holy/Ave Maria (Gounod)/Wither Thou Goest/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You

SS-54 - Mimi Benzell & Felix Knight Sing Cole Porter's "Can Can" and "Kiss Me Kate" - Mimi Benzell & Felix Knight with Warren Vincent Conducting [1959] Issued in mono as Design DLP-111, and in compatible stereo as Design DCF-1009. Side 1 is "Can Can" and Side 2 is "Kiss Me Kate". Allez Vous En - Mimi Benzell & Felix Knight (S)/C'Est Magnifique - Mimi Benzell (S)/I Love Paris - Felix Knight (S)/It's All Right With Me - Mimi Benzell (S)/If You Loved Me Truly - Mimi Benzell & Felix Knight (S)//Wunderbar - Mimi Benzell & Felix Knight (S)/So In Love - Mimi Benzell (S)/Why Can't You Believe - Mimi Benzell (S)/Were Thine That Special Face - Felix Knight (S)/Where Is The Life That Late I Led? - Felix Knight (S)

SS-71 - Sacred Country and Western Songs - Texas Jim Robertson [19??] Keep On The Sunnyside/It Is No Secret/The Story Of Life's Other Side/You Gotta Walk The Straight And Narrow/The Air, The Sunshine, And The Rain/Old Time Religion//Great Speckled Bird/Rock Of Ages/Softly And Tenderly/Jesus, Tender Shepherd/When It's Round Up Time In Heaven/A Cowboy's Dream

At approximately this point, Design stereo issues continue to use the Stereo Spectrum label, but are numbered as Design SDLP- issues corresponding to the mono catalog numbers. Outer jackets say Design, while the label says Stereo Spectrum. Later, many of these albums are reissued using the red Design label.

SDLP-144 - The Ink Spots - Ink Spots

SDLP-145 - Spotlight on Ray Charles - Ray Charles [196?] Rocking Chair Blues/Back Alley Blues/Here Am I/Mixed Up Blues/If I Give You My Love/Can't You See Darling, What You're Doing To Me/Jumpin' With Teddy/Going Down Slow/Honkin' Blues

SDLP-146 - Spotlight on Sammy Davis, Jr. & Joya Sherrill - Sammy Davis, Jr. & Joya Sherrill Possibly a repackaging of Design DLP-22.

SDLP-147 - Spotlight on the Original Dorsey Brothers Orchestra - Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra

SDLP-148 - Spotlight on Eddie Condon & Dixieland All Stars - Eddie Condon/Dixieland All Stars [1962] That's A Plenty - Eddie Condon (E)/Ballin' The Jack - Eddie Condon (E)/Wherever There's Love - Eddie Condon (E)/Royal Garden Blues - Eddie Condon (E)/(Way Back Home In) Indiana - Eddie Condon (E)//When The Saints Go Marching In - Dixieland All Stars (S)/Deep Royal Blues - Dixieland All Stars (S)/Billboard Dixieland - Dixieland All Stars (S)/Sunset In Paradise - Dixieland All Stars (S)

SDLP-149 - Spotlight on Lou Monte and the Botti-Endor Quartet - Lou Monte/Botti-Endor Quartet

SDLP-150 - Spotlight on Della Reese & Gloria Lynn - Della Reese/Gloria Lynn

SDLP-151 - Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole - David Oistrakh

SDLP-152 - Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No. 1 - Emil Gilels

SDLP-153 - Spotlight on Jazz All Stars - Various Artists

SDLP-154 - Spotlight on the Ink Spots - Ink Spots [19??] If I Didn't Care/We Three/Do-Nuts/Diane/A Thousand Dreams//Do I Worry?/Back In Your Own Back Yard/Life Is Just A Gamble/Charmaine/Forever Now

SDLP-155 - Spotlight on Ray Charles, Volume II - Ray Charles/George Brown Orchestra

SDLP-156 - Burl Ives and the Folksingers Three - Burl Ives/Folksingers Three

SDLP-157 - Spotlight on Lionel Hampton & His Big Orchestra - Lionel Hampton

SDLP-158 - Spotlight on Andre Previn - Andre Previn & His Orchestra

SDLP-159 - Spotlight on The Champs & The Fabulous Cyclones - Champs/Fabulous Cyclones [1962] Too Much Tequila - Champs/Streamliner - Champs/Wing Ding - Champs/Club House - Champs/Low Down - Champs//Boogie Guitar - Fabulous Cyclones/Rocking & Picking - Fabulous Cyclones/Moon Journey - Fabulous Cyclones/Blue & Mean - Fabulous Cyclones/Gone & Out - Fabulous Cyclones



SDLP-162 - Nat King Cole and Phil Flowers Sing - Nat King Cole/Phil Flowers [1963?]

SDLP-163 - The Happy Organ - Dave "Baby" Cortez [1963?] The Happy Organ/Fiesta/Lonely Blues/(others)

SDLP-164 - Orbiting with Roy Orbison & Bristow Hopper - Roy Orbison/Bristow Hopper [1963]

SDLP-165 - Rockin' with Jerry Lee Lewis featuring Frank Motley & His Crew and Curly Bridges - Various Artists [1963]


SDLP-167 - West Side Story - Dean Franconi & His Sound Stage Orchestra [1963] Overture & Maria/Tonight//I Feel Pretty/I Have A Love & Finale

SDLP-168 - Gisele MacKenzie Sings Dominique in French and English - Gisele MacKenzie [1964]

SDLP-169 - John Fitzgerald Kennedy: The Presidential Years 1960-1963 - Original Speeches - Documentary [1964]

SDLP-170 - Merseyside Sound! - Beats [1964]

SDLP-171 - Hello Dolly - Johnny Mack [1964]


SDLP-173 - The Fabulous Beats Go Country Style - Beats [1964]

SDLP-174 - The Big Sound! - Sy Oliver & His Orchestra [1964]

SDLP-175 - Fly Me to the Moon - Roberta Sherwood [1964]

SDLP-176 - Jimmy Clanton & Bristow Hopper - Jimmy Clanton/Bristow Hopper [1964]

SDLP-177 - My Funny Valentine - Gloria Lynne [1964]

SDLP-178 - The Young Lovers - Various Artists [1964] Pretty Girl - Tommy Roe (E)/The Room - Tommy Roe (E)/Sheila - Tommy Roe (E)/Fatty-Fatty - Bobby Rydell (E)/Happy Happy - Bobby Rydell (E)//Dream Age - Bobby Rydell (E)/A Winner Can Lose - Bobby Rydell (E)/Cholly Wolly Chang - Ray Stevens (E)/That's What She Means To Me - Ray Stevens (E)/Part Of The Time - Ray Stevens (E)

SDLP-179 - Let's Dance Latin Cha Cha Cha - Various Artists [1964]

SDLP-180 - Discotheque! - Various Artists [1964]

SDLP-181 - The Heart and Soul of Jan & Dean and Friends - Jand & Dean/Friends [1964] The stereo version of this album has the rare true stereo versions of several Jan and Dean Challenge sides not released in stereo elsewhere. Friends is apparently the name of the other band, as they are not otherwise identified. Heart And Soul - Jan & Dean (S)/Something A Little Bit Different - Jan & Dean (S)/Big Pearl - Friends/Dawn Of Love - Friends/Roll & Shout - Friends/Satellite - Friends/Down At The Shack - Friends/Deep Love - Friends//Wanted One Girl - Jan & Dean (S)/Midsummer Night's Dream - Jan & Dean (S)/Uh Oh - Friends/Lovely Lips - Friends/Yes Let's Fly - Friends/Baby Indeed I Do - Friends/High And Low - Friends/Fortune Teller - Friends

SDLP-182 - Pete Fountain & The New Orleans All Stars - Pete Fountain/New Orleans All Stars [1964]

SDLP-183 - Charlie Parker/Stan Getz/Wardell Gray with Frank Motley & Dexter Gordon - Various Artists [1964] Amazingly, the front slick has the label name misspelled as "Designs". Dark Eyes - Charlie Parker/Salt Peanuts - Charlie Parker/And The Angels Swing - Stan Getz/Don't Worry 'Bout Me - Stan Getz/Double Or Nothing - Wardell Gray/J.C.'s Theme - Wardell Gray/High And Low - Wardell Gray/Motley's Jazz - Wardell Gray/Gray's Theme - Wardell Gray/Go Tenor - Wardell Gray


SDLP-185 - The 4 Seasons/Johnny Rivers/Neil Sedaka/The J Brothers - Various Artists [1964] Come Si Bella - 4 Seasons/This Is Real - 4 Seasons/Ring A Rock - Neil Sedaka/Fly, Don't Fly On Me - Neil Sedaka/Hole In The Ground - Johnny Rivers/You're The One - Johnny Rivers/You're My Angel - J Brothers/When I'm Alone - J Brothers/Ya Running, But I'll Getcha - J Brothers/I'm Not Gonna Waste My Tears - J Brothers

SDLP-186 - Swingin' Teen Sounds of Ronnie Dove & Terry Phillips - Ronnie Dove/Terry Phillips [1964] Several of the Terry Phillips cuts were co-written by Lou Reed. I'll Be Around - Ronnie Dove/ / No Greater Love - Ronnie Dove/ / - Terry Philips : This Rose - Terry Philips/Flowers For The Lady - Terry Philips/This I Promise You - Terry Philips//Saddest Song - Ronnie Dove/Party Doll - Ronnie Dove/Wild One - Terry Philips/Everybody's Sweetheart - Terry Philips/You - Terry Philips

SDLP-187 - Soundsville - Various Artists [1964] All tracks co-written by Lou Reed. Don't Turn My World Upside Down - J Brothers/Soul City - Hi-Lifes/Teardrop In The Sand - Hollywoods/Wonderful World Of Love - Liberty Men/You're Driving Me Insane - Roughnecks//First Impression - Hi-Lifes/I'm Gonna Fight - Hi-Lifes/I've Got A Tiger In My Tank - Beachnuts/Cycle Annie - Beachnuts/Johnny Won't Surf No More - Jeannie Larimore/It's Hard For A Girl In A World Full Of Men - Connie Carson



SDLP-190 - Shindig - Various Artists [1965] The same cover photo was used again later (Design 217) as part of a sequence of photos. This Is Real - Four Seasons (E)/Snow Deer - Floyd Cramer (E)/No Greater Love - Ronnie Dove (E)/Something A Little Bit Different - Jan & Dean (E)/Pony Time - Don Covay (E)//Bonnie B - Jerry Lee Lewis (E)/Set Me Free - Irma Thomas (E)/Come On And Love Me - Chuck Jackson (E)/Friendship Ring - Solomon Burke (E)/Just A Dream - Jimmy Clanton (E)

SDLP-191 - Hullabaloo - Various Artists [1965] Problem Child - Roy Orbison (E)/My Pillow - Roger Miller (E)/I Still Remember - Bobby Freeman (E)/Please Love Me - Betty Everett (E)/Cradle Of My Arms - Gene Pitney (E)//Now That You've Gone - Maxine Brown (E)/Such A Mess - Lloyd Price (E)/Let It Live - Garnet Mimms (E)/Dreaming Dreams - Brook Benton (E)/Out Here - Clovers (S)

SDLP-192 - Joe Tex/Brook Benton/Marvin Davis - Various Artists [1965]

SDLP-193 - Jan Howard, Patsy Cline, Maddox Bros. & Rose - Various Artists [1965] Reissued as Design 626 and International Award 241. In Care Of The Blues - Patsy Cline/Hungry For Love - Patsy Cline/I Don't Wanna - Patsy Cline/I Wish I Could Fall In Love Again - Jan Howard/Many Dreams Ago - Jan Howard//Weeping Willow - Jan Howard/I've Got My Pride - Jan Howard/Philadelphia Lawyer - Maddox Brothers & Rose/No One Is Sweeter Than You - Maddox Brothers & Rose/I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again - Maddox Brothers & Rose

SDLP-194 - Discotheque au Go Go - Johnny Rivers [1965] Hole In The Ground/(others)


SDLP-196 - Kings of the Steel Guitar - Various Artists [1965] Reissued as Design 627. Oriental Twist - Pete Wade/Orange Blossom Special - Leon McAuliff/Columbus Stockade - Leon McAuliff/Sweetnin' - Herb Remington/Yes, He's Gone - Herb Remington//A Light Touch - Herb Remington/Big Dance at the Windmill Greasin' - Herb Remington/Hilo March - Jenks Carmen/Kahila March - Jenks Carmen/Hillbilly Hula - Jenks Carmen

SDLP-197 - Country Chart Toppers - Various Artists [1965] Hot Dog - Buck Owens/My Pillow - Roger Miller/Big City - Wynn Stewart/Falling For You - Wynn Stewart/Couples Only - Wynn Stewart//Wishful Thinking - Wynn Stewart/Uncommonly - Ott Stephens/Each Time You Cross My Mind - Ott Stephens/You Got Troubles - Ott Stephens/Snow White Cloud - Ott Stephens

SDLP-198 - Music for Pussycats (And You Know Who You Are!) - Various Artists [1965]

SDLP-199 - Country Time - George Jones/Gene Pitney [1965] Maybe Little Baby - George Jones/You Are The One - George Jones/Sweet Dreams - George Jones/Any Old Time//Cradle Of My Arms - Gene Pitney/Please Come Back To Me Baby - Gene Pitney/I'll Find You - Gene Pitney/I'm Going Back To My Love - Gene Pitney/

SDLP-200 - Champagne Time! - Lawrence Welk [1965]


SDLP-202 - Harmonicats - Harmonicats [1965]

SDLP-203 - Organ Greats - Jimmy Smith/Dave "Baby" Cortez [1965] Jimmy's Jam Jam - Jimmy Smith (M)/Swing Jim, Swing - Jimmy Smith (M)/I Can't Give You Anything But Love - Jimmy Smith (M)/Scotty, Part I - Dave "Baby" Cortez (E)/Scotty, Part II - Dave "Baby" Cortez (E)//Jamin', Part I - Dave "Baby" Cortez (M)/Soulsville Express - Dave "Baby" Cortez (M)/Little Parts Melody - Dave "Baby" Cortez (M)/Skins And Sounds - Dave "Baby" Cortez (M)/Jamin', Part II - Dave "Baby" Cortez (M)


SDLP-205 - Polka! - Frankie Yankovic/Buddy Kolaski [1965] Jolly Fellows Polka/Fang Polka/Ely Polka/High Low/Copper Polka/(others)

SDLP-206 - Thunderball & Other Secret Agent Themes - Jazz All Stars [1965] Thunderball/From Russia With Love/The Spy Who Came In From The Cold/Win Lose Or Spy/Undercover Agent Theme//I Spy/Icpress File Theme/Theme From The Man From U.N.C.L.E./The Sabateur/Majorica Express

SDLP-207 - Folk '66 - Various Artists [1965] Town And Country - Barry McGuire & New Christy Minstrels (S)/Ride Around Little Doggies - Barry McGuire & New Christy Minstrels (S)/House In New Orleans - Judy Henske (S)/Over The Hills And Everywhere - Judy Henske (S)//Blues For A Hoot - Hoyt Axton (S)/The Fifth Day Of July - Hoyt Axton (S)/I Love A Melody - Limeliters (E)/My Baby And A Lemon 'N' Lime - Limeliters (E)

SDLP-208 - The Surfsiders Sing the Beach Boys Songbook - Surfsiders [1965]

SDLP-209 - South Pacific - Mal Hasset & His Orchestra

SDLP-210 - Where the Action Is! - Various Artists [1965] So Long, Stay Well - Barry McGuire/Wanted, One Girl - Jan & Dean/I Never Knew - Roy Orbison/Back Home Again - Floyd Cramer/You're The One - Johnny Rivers//It Hurts Me So - Jerry Lee Lewis/Ring-A-Rock - Neil Sedaka/Please Come Back Baby - Gene Pitney/Greenback Dollar - Glen Campell/Come On Honey, Let's Dance - Freddie Scott

SDLP-211 - Hullabaloo Au-Go-Go!!! - Various Artists [1965] Town And Country - Barry McGuire/Domino - Roy Orbison/Coma Si Bella - Four Seasons/I'm Going Back To My Love - Gene Pitney/Dream Age - Bobby Rydell//Pretty Girl - Tommy Roe/Jimmy's Jam - Jimmy Smith/Tender and Fair - Glen Campbell/I'll Be Around - Ronnie Dove/A Blessing to You - Freddie Scott

Note: At approximately this point, the Design label switches to the red label and the Stereo Spectrum label is discontinued.

DLP-600 Country Series:

SDLP-601 - Country and Western Stars: Greatest Country and Western Music - Various Artists [1962] Reissued in the late 1960s with a different cover and the artists names as a title. Little Miss Heartache - Carl Belew/Just Bumming Around - Jimmy Dean/Picking Sweethearts - Jimmy Dean/Water Boy Blues - Maddox Brothers & Rose/Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down - Maddox Brothers & Rose//Walking After Midnight - Patsy Cline/Ain't No Wheels On This Ship - Patsy Cline/The Letter You Promised To Write - Ferlin Husky/Flowers Speak Louder Than Words - Ferlin Husky/Send Me The Pillow You Dream On - Carl Belew

SDLP-602 - Original Country & Western Stars: T. Texas Tyler - T. Texas Tyler [1962] Kiss Me Like Crazy/Ten-Ten-Tennessee Line/That's What You Mean To Me/A Million Tear Drops/Tattler's Wagon//River Girl/Pretender/Nothing At All/Just Out Of Reach/Golden Wrist Watch

SDLP-603 - Original Country and Western Stars: Hank Locklin - Hank Locklin [1962] Queen Of Hearts/Mysteries Of Life/Paper face/Send Me The Pillow You Dream On/I'm Lonely Darling//Come Share The Sunshine With Me/No One Is Sweeter Than You/A Year Of Time/Let Me Be The One/Born To Ramble

SDLP-604 Country & Western Stars: Wynn Stewart & Webb Pierce - Wynn Stewart/Webb Pierce [1962] Big City - Wynn Stewart/Falling For You - Wynn Stewart/Couples Only - Wynn Stewart/Playboy - Wynn Stewart/Wishful Thinking - Wynn Stewart//Jilted Love - Webb Pierce/Heebie Jeebie Blues - Webb Pierce/Jinx In Love - Webb Pierce/High Geared Daddy - Webb Pierce/I've Loved You Forever It Seems - Webb Pierce

SDLP-605 - Country & Western Stars: Country & Western Music - Various Artists [1962] Forgotten Heartaches - Ferlin Husky/Wise Guys - Ferlin Husky/Three Cigarettes In An Ash Tray - Patsy Cline/Polynesian Baby - Bobby Austin/Under The Spell Of Love - Johnny & Joanie Mosby//Paper Love Affair - Jimmy Dean/New Step It Up And Go - Maddox Brothers & Rose/You've Been Talking In Your Sleep - Maddox Brothers & Rose/I Gotta Go Get My Baby - Marvin Rainwater/Daddy's Glad You Came Home - Marvin Rainwater

SDLP-606 - Country & Western Stars: Country & Western Music, Volume II - Various Artists [1962] A Friend Of Mine - Ferlin Husky/Cross Eyed Gals From The Ozarks - Ferlin Husky/Be Honest With Me - Billy Brown/Still Going Steady - Johnny & Joanie Mosby/I Wish I Could Fall In Love Again - Jan Howard//Many Dreams Ago - Jan Howard/Sweet Darling - Jimmy Dean/Above And Beyond The Call Of Love - Wynn Stewart/Korea's Mountain Northland - Marvin Rainwater/Painted Gold - Marvin Rainwater

SDLP-607 - Country & Western Stars: Country & Western Music, Volume III - Various Artists [1963] Deck Of Cards - T. Texas Tyler/My Old Hound Dog - Stuart Hamblen/Let Me Know - Slim Willet/Hot Rod Race - Charlie Ryan/I Can't Run Away - Frankie Miller//Beer Drinkin' Blues - Rocky Bill Ford/I Wished A Thousand Times - Ferlin Husky/I Gotta Go Get My Baby - Carl Belew/Mama Says It's Naughty - Maddox Brothers & Rose/I Dreamed You Were Here Last Night - Frankie Miller

SDLP-608 - Country and Western Stars: Country & Western Music, Volume IV - Various Artists [1963] Ace In The Hole - Stuart Hamblen/Remember Me - T.Texas Tyler/Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes - Slim Willet/Chicken House Boogie - Charlie Ryan/I Don't Know - Frankie Miller//Aggrivatin' Woman - Rocky Bill Ford/Never Again - Ferlin Husky/Just Out Of Reach - Carl Belew/Shimmy Shakin' Daddy - Maddox Brothers & Rose/Every Time I'm Kissing You - Carl Belew

SDLP-609 - Country & Western Stars: Country & Western Music, Volume V - Various Artists [1963] Hot Rod Lincoln - Charlie Ryan/Careless Love - T. Texas Tyler/Blue Bonnets In Her Golden Hair - Stuart Hamblen/Tell Me Now - Slim Willet/I Don't Know What To Tell My Heart - Frankie Miller//Crying Heart Blues - Ferlin Husky/You're The Only Good Thing - Carl Belew/If You Don't Believe I'm Leaving - Ferlin Husky/Hangover Blues - Maddox Brothers & Rose/If I'd Known Then What I Know Now - Carl Belew

SDLP-610 - Story of a Broken Heart By Johnny Cash - Various Artists [1963] Mean Eyed Cat - Johnny Cash/Story Of A Broken Heart - Johnny Cash/Luther's Boogie - Johnny Cash/Get Rhythm - Johnny Cash/I Can See An Angel - Frank Simon//Honky Tonk Merry Go Round - Frank Simon/Weeping Willow - Jan Howard/I've Got My Pride - Jan Howard/Castle Of Love - Bobby Austin/Wall Of Loneliness - Bobby Austin

SDLP-611 - Tennessee - Various Artists [1963] Includes songs by Carl Perkins, Carl Belew, Huelyn Duvall, and Frank Simon.

SDLP-612 - Melodies of the Plains - Rex Allen [Sr.]

SDLP-613 - Hootenanny: A Bluegrass Special - John Duffy & Country Gentlemen [196?] Nine Pound Hammer/Pallet On The Floor/East Virginia Blues/Eddie On The Freeway/500 Miles/Knoxville Girl/Red Wing/Nearer My God To Thee/Katie Dear/You Left Me Alone


SDLP-615 - Praise the Lord - Various Artists [196?] He Set Me Free - Maddox Brothers & Rose/I'd Rather Have Jesus - Maddox Brothers & Rose/Praise The Lord - T. Texas Tyler/The Old Country Church - T. Texas Tyler/ Since I Gave My Heart To Jesus - T. Texas Tyler/A Wonderful Time Up There - Wally Fowler/Victory Thru Jesus - Wally Fowler/From The Crib To The Cross - Eddie Dean

SDLP-616 - You Must Have That Pure Religion - Various Artists

SDLP-617 - I Can't Stand to Be Alone - Various Artists

SDLP-618 - Here Comes the Bride - Various Artists

SDLP-619 - Country and Western Jamboree - Various Artists [196?] Back Home In Indiana - Floyd Cramer/Breaking Hearts - Carl Belew/Come On In - Stewart family/Heartaches For A Dime - Wynn Stewart/If Your Conscience Can't Stop You - Jan Howard//Fireman's And Engineer's Ball - T. Texas Tyler/Time To Cry - Johnny Sea/The Key - David Houston/Heart Of Stone - Ferlin Husky/Mean Mean Son Of A Gun - Johnny Horton

SDLP-620 - Country Music Hall of Fame - Various Artists

SDLP-621 - Gene Pitney & Melba Montgomery - Gene Pitney & Melba Montgomery

SDLP-622 - Home on the Strange - Billy Strange [196?] With Speedy West on steel guitar. Ridin' Down The Canyon/When Payday Rolls Around/Cool Water/Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle//Home On The Range/Beside The Rio Grande/A Cowboy Has To Sing/El Rancho Grande/Deep In The Heart Of Texas



By approximately this point, Design label changes to the red label and the Stereo Spectrum label is discontinued.

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